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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  April 30, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>>victims families were obviously very emotional and crying today during those opening statements, those statements will actually continue tomorrow today we did hear from prosecutors and from harris's attorney. 36 people died during the go ship warehouse fire on 31th avenue in oakland back in 2016 today, prosecutors said derick almena and max terrorists or criminally responsible for the fire they were both charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter will mean is charged with illegally converting the industrial zone building into an unlicensed entertainment venue an artist live workspace while harris collected renton scheduled concerts they say the 4929 year old put the party goers at risk endangering them with the warehouses makeshift electrical system in florida stealing flammable ys. >>like are these tapestries wooden sculptures and pianos they said they gave victims no notice no time and no way to
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exit to survive. prosecutors say the warehouse said no city permits for residency or for concerts and say the 2 men charged in knowingly created a fire trap with inadequate means of escape defense attorneys allege the people most responsible for the fire though are the warehouses owners in oakland fire and police officers who knew about the dangers inside for each share each day the imax years in jail were ignoring the root of the problem. >>and what could have prevented this awful horrible tragedy harris's attorney described his client as christ like, and painted a picture of a sympathetic character. >>opening statements will continue tomorrow testimony is expected to begin on monday and the judge says that this trial is expected to last months in oakland, michelle kingston khan for news michelle. thank you. >>another big story tonight officials have confirmed that the body found in half moon bay on sunday is that of an east of a teenager who went
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missing a littlover a week ago. well boogie boarding at poplar beech authorities say 18 year-old naftali moy moy of hayward phil office will be boy while out with friends at the beach april 18th, his friends last saw him about 15 yards offshore floating face down and appearing to be unresponsive. they called 911 and that kicked off a search by the san mateo county sheriff's office and several other agencies, his body was discovered on sunday morning near the ritz carlton hotel. an investigation is underway after a body was found in the water near san francisco's pier, 39. officials received a call of a male body in the water just after 10 this morning. >>a police boat crew went in and pulled the body out right now the medical examiner's office is working to identify the man and determine the cause of death. a real traffic commuters this morning, a deadly motorcycle crash resulted in a backup that stretched across the east bay for hours well for shells clifford has details.
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>>well on tuesday morning, commuters headed into san francisco, the bay bridge we're stuck with delays sometimes reaching into the hours. this follows an early morning incident in which a motorcyclist was speeding through the bay bridge toll plaza some of the california highway patrol tried to pull this person over. there was a high speed chase all the way across the bay bridge that motorcyclist then crashed that is so low vehicle crashed i near the freeman accident san francisco that person was transported to hospital unfortunately they died from their injuries and the highway patrol had several is the bay bridge closed down throughout the morning. >>and that caused a serious backup of traffic standing. i across the east bay into oakland all the way up to richmond along a t and that traffic continued to be backed up for quite some time. now they were able to open some lanes by midday and reopen traffic pretty much back to normal. by early afternoon, however that backup persisted well into the afternoon. in oakland charles clifford a kron 4 news. >>in the south bay more than a
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dozen people were injured in a crash between 2 santa clara vta buses today it happened in san jose at the intersection of el nino west julian street. now that crash happened just before 6 45 this morning about 13 people were injured and 10 of them were taken to the hospital everyone is expected to be okay. police are looking into the cause of the crash but they say the drugs or alcohol were not a factor. >>2 people are dead and 4 others injured after a shooting at the university of north carolina at charlotte and we're learning when police found the suspect they were armed with a pistol, but quickly disarmed, according to quickly disarmed, according to local emergency medical are critical. police reportedly have the shooter in cusdy as we said the university took to twitter instructing all to comply with the police who were sweeping campus buildings following the shooting. one student tweeted out a video showing people running from the campus library as officers last tore
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that building the campus has been on lockdown since the shots were fired early th evening. >>the city of is trying to crack down on street racing and the legal side shows has kron four is at about reports now a new city ordinance we've taken forsman one step further by going out after the spectators have those events. >>since 2015 6 people have died as a result, the street racing inside shows in the city of san jose. sideshows often attract big crowds that can get out of hand putting participants, spectators and sometimes innocent bystanders are neighbors at risk. a new city ordinance would authorize police to criminalize attending these events as san jose mayor sam liccardo. >>now we've lost 6 young people to illegal street races and that is 6 too many. it is clear that these are horribly dangerous. we're losing too many young lives and we need to do more to be able to crack down.
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>>the new ordinance a spectator could be cited with a misdemeanor the be fined a $1000 and be given 6 months in jail or both anyone caught within 200 feet of a street racer sideshow would be considered a spectator and could be cited. >>the spectators themselves are helping to create the event whether they are advertising for the event by uploading video whether they're blocking off streets. 21 event to happen whether lookouts for the police. we know these events happened because of the people who are standing around. >>san jose police chief eddie garcia says that given the important role spectators play encouraging popularizing and facilitating street races and sideshows discouraging their participation would be an important first step in combating the problem. >>oftentimes individuals are doing the side shows exactly because people are watching the extent that we can ensure that the entire. event is really known to be legal they
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were able to take enforcement of individuals that are that are watching what's important. >>this so-called know spectator law has had some success in southern california, san jose's diverse bay area city to give it a try that is the new ordinance passes as the mayor expects it would take effect in about 60 days. the san jose rep flood kron 4 news. >>this take a live look outside right now on this tuesday evening looks kind of hazy out there, but it certainly was a lovely day lovely day little cold though as we get our first look at the 4 zone forecast with chief meteorologist for its current yeah, everybody get around the bay area you can see some of the haze out there right now looking back toward the golden gate bridge when for some of that fog to form and that will likely. >>happened overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning so not a bad day today a little cooler along the coastline. these are your highs only 15 degrees in san francisco 62 in half moon bay inside the bay. we have some 60's and some low 70's in the san jose and then well inland yet, 60's and some low 70's and the concord 72 degrees the warm spot. in
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antioch 73 and lay also we are looking at some changes coming our way as high pressure is going to take over the next few days that is going to warm up these temperatures outside right now is 59 degrees in san francisco, 61 degrees in oakland 63 in san jose 64 in livermore and 69 degrees so pleasant to conquer that breeze has making feel pretty cool out toward the coast and just inside the bay to 15 miles per hour gusts. a poll. the teen also the palo alto amount you and oakland and 10 miles per hour of the nation about we are going to see a nice evening out there if you're headed out the door grab a light jacket nothing to worry about little breeze approaching the coastline and inside the bay temperatures cooling off into the 50's and the 60's as we head toward 09:00pm that patchy fog likely to be in the thick it up and move into the night. >>well the wires are back on the hard court tonight for game 2 of the western conference semifinals on the fans at oracle arena are confident they'll get a win tonight. kaye rooney is live at oracle tonight with more lot of talk about the officiating kate.
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>>they can even though a lot of the talk as you said has been about the officiating when it comes down to it. don't care about that they really just want to see some fun basketball and with the way the team played in game one expectations for tonight are pretty high. i know, you know fans are always excited to see guys like steph curry kevin duran on the court. especially with the way kevin duran has been performing 5 straight gamesawith more than 30 points and even though a conversation about officiating. dominating the daily dialog. >>got i got to play hard they got to take care of the ball. the biggest thing that call that had the last games so they can do that we've got to win. they can have.
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>>well as you can see everyone here tonight is just excited for some more years basketball and to be here at oracle arena in the postseason especially since this is the last postseason here at oracle and can it is worth noting that every single more years and i talked to tonight to take golden state to win. >>all right kate, thank you for that update will be checking back with you again of course before the game starts and coming up a baby sea lion stranded on a busy freeway, how passing motorists were able to lend a hand to get the young putt to safety the man in charge of facebook talking privacy concerns today in san jose with mark zucrberg says the company is working on to keep people's information safe. and it's legal, but is it safe a legal, but is it safe a startling new report th you know when you're at ross
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>>contaminants in california drinking water could be increasing your risk of cancer test. the claim of a new study researchers from the environmental working group published the report. the group says currently water standards are designed to assess one contaminant at a time the drinking water rarely has only one contaminant the study says of all contaminants. president and water were considered the quick cancer risk from drinking california water would rise, specifically
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researchers said up 15,000 lifetime cancer cases would be related to california's wathr. if all of the contaminants were considered. and here's a look at the most problematic contaminants. according to the city arsenic tops the list was also includes a form of chromium and other radioactive elements. >>is the biggest change to the facebook app and website that we've made in the last 5 years. >>his book ceo mark zuckerberg is speaking in san jose today at the f 8 that's the company's annual conference unveiling everything from the new company logo to specifics about a new facebook dating service. soderbergh also talked about what has become the company's achilles heel how often do we talk about privacy and facebook well our grand lotus joins us now in studio with more on that talk about quite a bit famine teresa say it is a chance for facebook to give developers. >>a peek at the company's newest features and products a cupboard today told the san jose audience that facebook is working towards building a
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privacy-focused social platform. he also acknowledged the company's own shaky reputation when it comes to privacy. the social networking giant has been plagued with scandals the past 2 years, including a massive data breach as well as reports that facebook collected more than a million users email contacts without their consent and did not properly protect user passwords today zuckerberg said facebook has spent years trying to be the social town square. but now needs to be more of a private living room type option as well. >>the basic idea here is that you know in all of our lives. we have our our public spaces like our town squares and we have our private spaces like our living rooms. and in our digital lives. we also need. both public and private spaces. >>the living room metaphor is els occur berg is describing facebooks move away from public discourse into smaller group discussions. zuckerberg
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put it the future is private zuckerberg did pledge billion will be spent on data privacy and privacy measures this year. this coming as facebook is bracing for potential multibillion dollar fine from the ftc stemming from its role in the cambridge analytica scandal, theresa pan back to you. thank you very much want. >>on the peninsula baby sea lion was rescued after making its way on to highway 1 one the arrest during the commute this morning. you can see the animal in the back of a patrol car just after 8.30 chp officers responded to the animal trapped between the shoulder in a guardrail moderates had to stop and try and hurt and the sea lion and to safer ground. one man actually getting out of his car to shoo the c line along with a handkerchief town the marine mammal center worked with chp officers to finally rescue it.
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>>the line we'll need come something that joe hart and that's what we called a number s i had a couple different animals here and there but this. >>tomorrow vets determine the sea lions condition that will then moved to a rehabilitation pool to recover now. >>let's take a look outside right now this is a great night for baseball as we look out over the golden gate bridge things moving well there in d chief meteorologist learns colonel with our baseball fluffy at just about that time again time starting 6.45 dodgers and giants you always gotta love those games. the rivalry fantastically are headed out the game tonight. >>should be a beautiful night to do will be a little cool that breeze is blowing clear to start out your game some patchy fog developing in the goes down plan on the ten said temperatures going to be in the upper 50's for the game. all right we've got that see haze out there right now looking over a alcatraz back towards san francisco. you can
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see the on shore flow is kicked in and that is bringing some that moisture right off the ocean's waters, so temperatures took a hit in many spots in fact are down 7 degrees today in livermore 4 degrees cooler today over the past 24 hours in hayward cooler along the coastline saw these numbers running below the average for this time of year temperatures going checking in at 58 degrees today, oakland at 6470 degrees in san jose 68 in livermore 70 in concord and 69 degrees in santa rosa. the fog, it's right along the coastline, you can see them to happen bail granada sneaking around the corner here near a pacifica so we're going to see more that filling in overnight tonight and some of that beginning to slide just inside the bait tonight and then not as good as it was last night, but we see that patchy fog redeveloping along the coastline of the day tomorrow, mostly sunny and a bit breezy them we're going to keep those temperatures on the warm side this week at least away from the coastline and then over the weekend we are going to cool down those temperatures with a slight chance of some showers outside right now we've got 64 degrees in dublin
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in the 69 still pleasant evening and conquered 59 much cooler in the berkeley write down 61 degrees in oakland at this hour that low off the this is what's going to call a cut off low over the next couple days going under cut this ridge of high pressure begin to approach the coastline and then by this weekend could move right overhead to bring some clouds and a slight chance of showers but before that i percent a hold on the strength of the next couple days going to lead to some breezy conditions right along the coastline just inside the bay where you see a whole lot of sunshine and the temperatures will be warming up toward those going to be in the 40's and the 50's by day we're planning on a lot of 70's maybe some upper 70's by tomorrow afternoon. in the concord and live more about 75 degrees in san jose and 70 degrees in oakland. next couple days we're going to see plenty of sunshine up some patchy morning fog cooling down this weekend slight chance of showers on sunday. >>in southern california, the man accused in saturday's deadly synagogue shooting in power way appear before a judge today showing no emotion john earnest entered a not guilty plea at his arraignment
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in san diego county superior court. the 19 year-old faces a number of charges, including murder and attempted murder, one woman was killed 3 other people were hurt. prosecutors say john artis was arrested with a tactical vest a helmet and 50 on fired bullets and that he fired 8 to 10 times before his rifle jammed and he fled those who knew artists are shocked by the allegations they say he was an accomplished a student athlete anmusician. but he apparently became radicalized some time over the past 2 years online post by a person identified as earnest, spewed hatred toward the jewish community and praised the deadly shootings in new zealand and pittsburgh sixty-year-old lori kay was killed a rabbi an 8 year-old girl and her uncle were injured. and this is being held without bond he's expected back in court for a preliminary hearing in july. coming up tonight at 6.45 as we continue to look at this issue. a new report says anti semitic incidents at
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historically high levels we'll speak to an expert about what's causing these incidents and what can be done to stop them. >>and if it seems that are allergies says seem to be a lot more severe lately it's ok to blame it on the rain well more on why doctors say that this is worse allergy season in a decade.
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>>for your health the bay area's dealing with its worst allergy season in more than a
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decade. kron fours sarah stenson tells us what doctors are saying about the issue. >>here in heather farm park in walnut creek you can see the pollen in the air, it's just blowing in the wind. i spoke to several people here who have allergies they say the really starting to feel it ramp up. >>i was definitely noticing it this week for the first time it was definitely stronger and really have to make sure i was on top medication, runny nose and itchy eyes. >>the worst part about allergy symptoms is how it impacts your life. i spoke with one man who says that really impacts his wife can affect your big time she asserts you know sneezing in having a. allergy symptoms. she likes to the full she likes to swim so sometimes i can take her out of that. >>doctors say this allergy season will be the worst we've seen in the last 15 years in the bay area that's because of all the rain we've had in the last year to our landscapes of under those drought conditions
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and with the recent precipitation. there's new grows causing allergy symptoms to be stronger. then we're you sue. doctors say those who live in contra costa county will see the worst of the conditions. many people i spoke to say they use allergy medications to keep up with their symptoms to take over the counter and it's all good i i have co-workers to have to get allergy shots >>they have to go in every 2 weeks thankfully, i don't have to do that. >>she has to remember to take her the medicines are tech and a couple other things. >>doctors are advising people to keep up with your allergy medications even if you're only slightly feeling symptoms it's better to keep up with your medication rather than take them when symptoms are very severe in walnut creek sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>the equal rights amendment may be getting a second chance at life here on capitohill, lawmakers just have to first hearing on the issue and almost 4 decades. i'll have more on that story coming up.
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and after nearly 100 years in san francisco, locals ravioli says goodbye to customers today. we were there as a store closes doors to one last time another big night of various sports, the sharks play game 3 of their playoff series in the wires at home for game 00:02am tonight against the hous
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held the first hearing on the issue in decades in a congresswoman was leading the charge washington correspondents correspondent raquel martin has more on the debate underway. >>no more excuses no longer will we be on the menu we will have a seat at the table. women's rights supporters from across the country want to act the equal rights amendment to the us constitution. >>it is time for the constitution to reflect and powerful. >>principles of its first 3 words we. >>of the 32 word amendment would legislate gender equality making man and woman constitutionally equal by not having both a work. >>why not be in the constitution. so you can enforce sent the bill passed in 1972, but never got the required 38 states to ratify
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now there's a push to remove the deadline in a post me too era and with a record breaking number of women now in congress. >>lawmakers say it's time to pass the amendment just as congress. >>and you've put the has the absolute right to change deadline. >>and the first hearing on the issue in almost 4 decades, witnesses and activists urge congress to act some republican lawmakers didn't attend those who did argued if ratified the e r a would strengthen abortion rights up in the would mean the end of laws that protect the sanctity of every human life even republican supporters say those concerns are invalid people's >>has got people talking working together. >>democratic congresswoman debbie dingell think the house will support the e r a will have a tougher fight in the senate in washington, i'm recall martin. >>more than 40 priests in the catholic diocese of sacramento have been named as having been credibly accused of


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