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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  April 30, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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has been identified as 22 rear-old tristan and rutter l. >>very scary moments on a packed campus today. it's the last day of classes before exams and police have that shooter in custody tonight police say the suspect is not somebody who was on their radar cross for share stone has been. >>following details closely he's here with the you can only imagine how those students and staff felt so scared on campus. yes, certainly tough moments today, this is the 3rd time in 4 days that a shooting like this is dominated headlines and terrill that is has been identified as the shooter and the last hour. >>he is a dropout student went to school at this college last semester. >>the students running out and officers running into the university of north carolina at charlotte, this after a gunman opened fire shooting 6 people i can tell you the sadness. the entire community to know that the situation
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like this her and our campus i remember it was. >>2 of those shot were killed 3 others are in critical condition and one other person was injured. it's the 3rd time in 4 days we've seen a major shooting across the country. saturday, a shooter opened fire in a synagogue killing one and injuring 3 others near san diego sunday, a shooter opened fire on the streets of baltimore killing one and wounding 7 others at barbecues set up along the street in tuesday's college shooting police say the gunman was armed with a pistol. an officer went into the room with the man had fired a shot and disarmed them. many voicing outrage over yet another shooting we've been here before. >>rather it's a las vegas, sutherlin taxes are parkland are it's for. charleston. so
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you know now is charlotte this is a role on a road that we don't want to be on. and i'm so we have to begin to work as a community to work for change officers say the shooter at unc charlotte is now behind bars. >>he said nothing as he was caught and the motive in the case is on now. not harold's father posted years ago that his son is autistic. >>that suspect yelled something to reporters as he walked inside the police department. but those reporters weren't able to decipher what he said. grant vicki now back to thank you for that by the way first told you about the shooting with a push alert on our kron four app you can get updates on this story and stay connected on all breaking news by downloading that today. >>an emotional and dramatic start to the trial of 2 men charged in connection with a deadly oakland warehouse fire opening statements for the high profile trial of the ghost ship warehouse master
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tenant derick almena and creative director max harris began today that fire killed 36 people in oakland back in 2016 both harris. >>and all men are charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. ground force michelle kingston reports from the courthouse. >>36 people died during the go ship warehouse fire on 31th avenue in oakland back in 2016 today, prosecutors said derick almena and max harris or criminally responsible for the fire. they were both charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. they say the 4929 year old put the party goers at risk endangering them with the warehouses makeshift electrical system in florida ceiling flammable slyke are tapestries wooden sculptures and pianos prosecutors say the warehouse had no city permits for residency or for concerts. and say the 2 men charged knowingly created a fire trap with inadequate means of escape defense attorneys
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allege the people most responsible for the fire though are the warehouse's owner son opened fire and police officers who knew about the dangers inside for each day each day that max your joe word morning, the root of the problem. >>and what could have prevented this awful horrible tragedy. paris's attorney described his client as christ like and painted a picture of a sympathetic character it was an honor a privilege to finally get up in >>the jury of his peers. tell the truth. to the narrative that the prosecutors will tell you that public all this time, it's false. >>opening statements will continue on wednesday and testimony is expected to begin next week in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>tonight, the san jose city council just voted unanimously actually approve a new ordinance to crack down on street racing though sideshow says rob flat of a reports for us now. >>this move will take
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enforcement one step further by going after the spectators at those events. >>since 2015 6 people have died as a result of street racing inside shows in the city of san jose. sideshows san jose. sideshows often attract big crowds that participants, spectators and sometimes innocent bystanders are neighbors at risk. a new city ordinance would authorize police to criminalize attending these events as san jose mayor sam liccardo. >>now we've lost 6 young people to illegal street races and that is 6 too many. it is clear that these are horribly dangerous. we're losing too many young lives and we need to do more to be able to crack down. >>the new ordinance a spectator could be cited with a misdemeanor the be fined a $1000 and be given 6 months in jail or both anyone caught within 200 feet of a street
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racer sideshow would be considered a spectator and could be cited. >>the spectators themselves are helping to create the of that whether they are advertising for the event by uploading video whether they're blocking off streets. 21 event to happen whether lookouts for the police. we know these events happened because of the people who are standing around. >>san jose police chief eddie garcia says that given the important role spectators play encouraging popularizing and facilitating street races and sideshows discouraging their participation would be an important first step in combating the problem. >>oftentimes individuals are doing the side shows exactly because people are watching the extent that we can ensure that the entire. events is really known to be legal they were able to take enforcement of individuals that are that are watching what's important. >>this so-called know spectator law has had some success in southern california, san jose's diverse
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bay area city to give it a try. the new ordinance passes as the mayor expects it would take effect in about 60 days. the san jose rep flood kron 4 news. >>a go fund me page has raised nearly $240,000 for a 13 year-old girl who is in critical condition after being targeted by a driver in an alleged hate crime last week in sunnyvale again that little girl is a 7th grader at sunnyvale middle school. >>and was walking home from the library with her dad and brother a week ago when they were struck along with 4 other people isaiah peoples 34 has been charged with 8 counts of attempted murder. and he's being investigated for hate crime allegations by the fbi. the girl suffered the most serious injuries. it's been hospitalized for the last week. >>officials have confirmed that the body found in half moon bay on sunday is that of an east bay teenager who went missing a little over a week ago. well boogie boarding authorities say 18 year-old natale moin moin of hayward fell off as boogie board while out with friends at the beach
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that was on april 18th. his buddy saw him about 15 yards offshore floating face down they say he appeared to be unresponsive. it was a a football star they called 911 and that kicked off a search by the san mateo county sheriff's office and several other agencies. his body was discovered sunday morning near the ritz carlton in half moon bay. >>a traffic nightmare for bay bridge commuters this morning, a deadly motorcycle crash resulted in a backup that stretch across the east bay for hours conference charles clifford has details. >>well on tuesday morning, commuters headed into san francisco, the bay bridge we're stuck with delays sometimes reaching into the hours. this follows an early morning incident in which a motorcyclist was speeding through the bay bridge toll plaza some of the california highway patrol tried to pull this person over. there was a high speed chase all the way across the bay bridge that motorcyclist then crashed that is so low vehicle crash. i near the freeman accident, san
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francisco members was transported to hospital unfortunately they died from their injuries and the highway patrol had several is the bay bridge closed down throughout the morning. >>and that caused a serious backup of traffic standing. i across the east bay into oakland all the way up to richmond along a t and that traffic continued to be backed up for quite some time. now they were able to open some lanes by midday and reopen traffic pretty much back to normal. by early afternoon, however that backup persisted well into the afternoon. in oakland charles clifford a kron 4 news. >>police identified a woman arrested after an oakland police officer was stabbed 41 year-old margaret good life was charged today with attempted murder on a police officer, the stabbing was last thursday as the officer was walking to his car after work. police say good life was on probation and is being held without bail. the officer was treated for stab wounds to the neck he's expected to be okay but his name is not being released and a motive is not clear. >>fraud and corruption 2 words
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some state lawmakers are now associating with that high speed rail project current force capital bear reporter ashley zavala explains. what is leading a lawmaker to call for an investigation. >>millions over budget and more than a decade behind schedule assemblyman jim patterson is calling for an investigation into the high speed rails private consultants making it up as you go along. >>handing over the decisions to handle billions of dollars of public money by private consultants who had everything to gain by telling us that they were doing just fine. >>the central valley, lawmakers concerned about corruption and fraud after recent reports revealed the bullet train tracks are being built on regular speed rail for now paterson pointing to concerns of consultants covering up the facts and inflating estimated ridership numbers to the legislature would keep writing checks that's why i investigation that it is required and quite frankly if the. >>political party in charge of
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california. does not open an investigation on this and they will be complicit. in a cover up. >>paterson calling on the governor and attorney general to take action in response to high speed rail authority ceos said in a statement he welcomed last year state audit and welcomes the audit's results now he said they're working closely with the auditor to implement all recommendations related to their partnership with the rtp he says he's committed to ensuring the state workers are doing state work. well consultants provide the expertise needed from the private sector, he says back in march he ordered an office by office reviews positions to ensure our form is tied to proper function. he says that review will be done by the end of the fiscal year high speed rail authority is expected to give lawmakers a full project update wednesday. the sacramento actually develop kron 4 news. >>as lyft and uber pickups become increasingly popular airports across the suppose announcing today that it's time to make a change too much congestion right now more than a 3rd of airport traffic is coming from these rideshare
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services so starting in june a pickups will be in a separate area crown for snow. reports. >>right now if you're being picked up at sfo by uber or lyft you have 2 options, you're either picked up curbside or up here on level 5 of the central parking garage but starting the week of june 3rd all domestic pickups are going to be moved here. >>100% appear. while we'll see how that goes. >>for a lyft driver picking up passengers at sfo can be frustrating. >>the cars tend to bunch ah but a lot of drivers just want to pick people up in the street there that's not good either turtle's death we get too crowded too so they didn't they i don't know that partition that out some other way. >>starting the week of june 3rd that's exactly what francisco international airport plans to do in a bid to curb congestion all domestic rideshare pickups will be moved to the central hourly parking garage we've been studying this for several
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years we've been working with left on some different solutions. >>and really we're at a place now where it's going to take the relocation of all categories of bloomberg lift pickups into our career. >>and just to really achieve the roadway flow that we're looking for. >>that's a post spokesman doug e a cull says it's about a 3 minute walk for exiting the concourse to the pickup location. passengers using lyft and ber pool options are already using this new area. but some say the signage to direct him here is inconsistent have the signage isn't very good. so it's hard to find the location i was very confused i've been wondering around the terminal for about 20 minutes now to try and figure out how to get out here that's an issue sso says they're already working on you really going to be focused on signage and having individuals and some of those key decision points to ensure that customers can find their way. >>it successfully with 71. >>1000 vehicles moving through the air. now on any given day. drivers and passengers are hoping this traffic. i mean it makes a lot of sun. it's a
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good idea just depends how it all works out. >>sfo says drop-offs will remain the same and if you're an international traveler, you can still be picked up at that terminal. sfo noel bellow kron 4 news. >>there was a warm sunny beautiful day all across the bay as we take this live look over san francisco tonight sale lit up our chief meteorologist large cargo is here start to really see those micro climates take effect the of cold at the coast and pretty pretty warm in with you, i mean are right along the coastline to get that sea breeze and temperatures in the 50's today, but the you head inland. he had some 70's i think by tomorrow afternoon, maybe some low temperatures get closer 80 degrees in limbo. look what's off the coastline see this area of low pressure kind of spin around not a factor just ship that is going under cut high pressure rolled toward the coastline as we look toward the weekend. maybe we start to talk about a chance of rain as we head into late saturday and sunday but out there tonight, we've got some patchy fog forming again and the market climbs deadly coming into play such as we
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head in toward the late spring and summer months as we're going to see more fog and low clouds developing out there. and temperatures that they took a hit today and spaccia that sea breeze to start out with some fog early on down as much as 7 degrees in livermore from yesterday size 4 degrees cooler and both oakland hayward 3 degrees cooler in mount new in san francisco. so these numbers running below the average for this time of year 58 with a high in san francisco, 64 in oakland, 70 degrees still pleasant in san jose 68 in livermore 70 degrees in concord 69 for a high of santa rosa, these numbers likely going ahead above average at least in limb by tomorrow patchy fog reforming now begin to move back in along the coastline feeling a little move inside the bay overnight tonight. so really see and not as extensive cloud cover overnight still some patchy fog tomorrow morning when you wake up then becoming mostly sunny, a little breezy along the coastline. and then those warmer temperatures developing specially interior valleys. members outside right now cool 51 with some patchy fog in the city to 52 in san francisco, 57 degrees across the bay in oakland, a 53 in berkeley we
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are going to see some of that haze out there right now, but it's not really the plumes that's a little bit of the moisture developing just off the ocean water so really the air quality looking good. high pressure in control now looks like we've got some warmer days ahead will more on that coming up in a few minutes. you lawrence, the environmental protection agency is confirming tonight that that roundup weed killer. >>is safe for users even after all the legal claims from people who are blaming the herbicide for their cancer. >>the pga's draft findings today come after 2 recent us court verdicts have awarded multi million dollar claims to men who blame lie phosphate for their lymphoma by phosphate is the active ingredient in roundup. they're walked around up maker monsanto last year. reported us lawsuits from over 13,000 people over exposure to the weed killer. the a p a's draft finding say it that i'd like phosphate is not likely to be carcinogenic to humans. scientists say the agency is relying on industry-backed studies and ignoring research that points to higher risks of
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cancer. in southern california, the man accused in a deadly synagogue shooting appeared before a judge today, john earnest a not guilty plea at his arraignment in san diego county superior court. ernest face multiple charges, including murder and attempted murder. prosecutors say the 19 year-old opened fire on a passover gathering that she bought of power way a synagogue on saturday sixty-year-old lori k was killed a rabbi and 8 year-old girl and her uncle were injured. >>defendant drove to the show bond. how a synagogue in san diego county. he had terror on his mind. i wonder i see. >>this is being held without bond he's expected back in court for a preliminary hearing in july. special counsel robert mueller complained of a letter to attorney general bill barr about our summary of mueller's report on the russia
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investigation that is according to a source familiar with mueller's letter at the end of mueller's probe barr sent a four-page summary of mueller's report to congress and mueller wrote a letter to bar and indicated that the summary that barr wrote did not fully capture the 448 page report mueller's the report did conclude that neither president trump nor his campaign conspired to collude with russia in its election interference, but mueller left open the question of whether president trump obstructed justice or attempted to do so mueller though did detail occasions during which the president tried to derail the investigation into russian meddling bars critics have accused the attorney general of handling the report in a way they would be favorable to president trump. those critics will likely point to mueller's letter to barr as further evidence of that. meanwhile bar is scheduled to testify on the mueller report in front of the senate judiciary committee
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tomorrow. the top 2 democrats in congress are working with the president on something most sides seem support. >>the nation's infrastructure. it is expensive far as projects go it wasn't too long ago that their disagreement in money talks shut down the government omar jimenez has the latest now from washington. >>democratic leadership emerging from an infrastructure meeting with president trump seemingly satisfied building infrastructure of america's never been a partisan issue. >>and we hope to go for the very nonpartisan way for the future. >>they are words that big and bold proposal would invest not only in roads bridges highways water and more but also in broadband and the power grid that was good will in this meeting and that was. >>different than some of the other meetings that we've and the tone of previous meetings between these 3 definitely has been different. i was shut down the government have to run out and i around and just i am proud to shut down the
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government for border security checks. but tuesday's positive tones it's multiple ongoing investigations into the president in the wake of the mueller report in previous meetings the president is said of these investigations continue i can work with you he didn't bring it on. the group settled on a number of $2 trillion for the infrastructure package we're very pleased with positive headed to join recognizing. >>the trillions of dollars of a house need and they're set to meet again in 3 weeks to discuss how exactly that money will be spent. >>and how to pay for this was a very very good. start and we'll see we hope it will go to a constructive conclusion. >>in washington. a madness. >>could the 3rd time be the charm for former vice president joe biden he is looking to occupy the white house again i ran for president as a democrat twice before but as cnn's jessica dean reports for us tonight. >>he's now a clear front runner for the first time.
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>>tonight joe biden making his first trip to iowa since announcing his run for president. it's a crucial state that ended his 2008 presidential run. >>good news and bad news you're going to see a whole heck of a lot of money. no one's going to work harder and i were than joe biden to get your support and gain your confidence. >>the big difference. this time biden currently the front runner. proud of my record. fines entrance into the race has earned him a significant bounce in the polls, a new nationwide cnn poll shows biden 39% among democrats and independents who lean democratic. that's up 11 points from last month. and puts by more than 20 points ahead of his nearest competitor senator bernie sanders with most voters saying they could still change their minds but to help keep that momentum the campaign today releasing a new video
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featuring a very familiar voice this is an extraordinary man. with an extraordinary career. the biden campaign plans to lean heavily on his relationship with former president barack obama though obama has no plans to endorse during the primaries. a source tells cnn the obama team was made aware of the video rollout plan and did not object as violence. surges he's also laying out his plan on how to court trump voters with the economy doing so well. vast majority of working class and middle class people. >>there's not significantly better. it's not significantly better you know they're not being treated well is about restoring dignity. >>facebook and google say biden went on an online advertising spending spree after jumping into the race since then he spent nearly $800,000 on digital ads. >>coming up and how is being renewed for another season but will actor jussie small at returned details after the
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break. >>and changes are coming to the asylum process for migrants seeking a new start in the u s. >>plus after nearly a 100 years in san francisco lukas ravioli says goodbye to customers today and we were there's the store closed their doors for one last time. >>just some patchy fog around the bay area now, but we could have some storm clouds in the near future we'll talk about that 4 zone fore ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪ ♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy.
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>>san francisco institution has closed up shop really another mission district staple lukas ravioli it's been selling its handmade stuffed pasta sauces an italian delicacies. >>for more than 90 years is shut down the aircraft for his morning kelly was among the longtime customers, including actor danny glover lining up to grab a bite and say goodbye. >>here's video that shows what look like around lunchtime when the charming mission corner delicatessen was filled with mostly longtime customers who came to be waited on by workers wearing ol fashioned white smocks and paper. they left carrying out their favorites mostly the handmade ravioli and saw. that lucas was famous for some left with boxes stacked with food others with those i talk to say they were shocked at the news when the owners announced they were selling the building at 22th in valencia and closing up shop and they're hard broken that that day is finally here. >>this is an institution though they've here i remember
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i came in 1972. they were here. also the bizarre close and now it's so sad. i come here all the time i get my. >>still year i get my of my black allow here you might recognize that last shot for san francisco celebrity danny glover he was wearing a shirt made by another customer reading look around the only will be truly missed lucas is closing because the current owner who's had this business in his family for 3 generations is ready to retire. >>i have a lot mixed emotions, lot of people coming by saying thank you saying goodbye. a 100 year-old lady on my and remember the you would use a little girl. >>people are bringing in their babies for the only chance to see the store. people i've waited on for decades and decades. you know it is time for me to retire, you know it's difficult. >>a party message on the final boxes around the only sold offered their deepest
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appreciation to all the customers who walk through their doors. maureen kelly crump warnings. >>more than 40 priests in the catholic diocese of sacramento have now been named as having been credibly accused of sexually abused details on the newly released
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>>a list of more than 40 local priests and deacons has been released by the sacramento diocese. the diocese says these clergy members have been
9:31 pm
quote credibly accused of sexual-abuse a dicey says the reported abuse spanned 7 decades reporter. >>really the shacks has the story. >>i was 14 years old in 19 87 in the spring when he me. >>kurt hoffman was a freshman at jesuit high school in on the swim team when he says his coach brother william farrington sexually assaulted him on tuesday, the sacramento diocese released the name of more than 40 priests and deacons accused of sexually abuse some dating from the 1950's up to 20 14, but the list didn't include farrington to name my question is just. >>if the diocese is really interested in transparency. full disclosure and in the interest of supporting victims and is in giving courage to possible victims who are suffering silently out there to come forward. i'm shocked that farrington was not on this list farrington was named last year on the jesuit west province list of accused
9:32 pm
abusers. >>a spokesman for the diocese says revealing the names of accused abusers is important. >>we want people to see this because we need to be held accountable and the only way you can be held accountable, this to own it and the tone for it. >>hofmann's parents reported the assault a jesuit they say farrington was gone the very next day. but hartman says he later learned that barrington was transferred to leo a in the early 2 thousands were he served as a freshman counselor one talking and notified the school of very intense sexual-abuse arrington was removed and placed in los gatos where he remains at an infirmary up to the church to make sure that they get reported to civil law enforcement and not be transferred to other places where they can prey upon kids. >>that was early in the reporting. meanwhile police in alameda are looking for a suspect seen removing a doorbell camera from a home this happened on lafayette street near and live in you that camera captures the crime the person wearing a mask of
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sorts to cover his face police say they're not sure why this kyra move the camera. >>well the series empire is coming back next season. but it looks like jussie smollett is not returning fox entertainment and 20th century fox tv shared an update on the show in a joint statement today, the studio extend its well let's option to season 6. but quotes at this time there are no plans for the character of jamal to return that means producers are keeping their options open but at this point small lead will not be featured in the new episode small it was written out of the final 2 episodes of the show's current season after chicago police charged him with staging an attack on himself smell it denies the allegations and prosecutors dropped the charges against him. now the city is suing him for the cost of the investigation. the entire season finale airs next week. >>major changes could be on the way for migrants is seeking a new start in the united states president trump is calling for new immigration
9:34 pm
measures to address matters along the southern border. the president has sent the document that includes a number of measures which include judging asylum applications within a 6 month period and requiring fees for asylum and work permit applications. critics say the us has to follow its asylum laws for migrants who are fleeing for safety reasons. country was not asylum. but that we have to at least hear that. >>in a tweet president trump called us immigration laws. we can defective and dangerous and called mexico, one of the most dangerous countries in the world. chaos in venezuela gunshots, protests and a leader venezuela's opposition won is declaring quote the start of the end for president
9:35 pm
nicolas maduro he's calling on it he's calling it operation freedom asking the country's military to join and telling his supporters to take to the streets president trump tweeted saying the united states stands with the people of venezuela and their freedom. this is his administration is voicing support for glide up. meanwhile is not backing down he took to twitter saying that he has met with regional defense bodies which have expressed quote total loyalty. >>we've got some fog around the bay area now along the coastline, but some changes coming our way maybe couple raindrops we will talk about
9:36 pm
that the 4 zone forecast is coming up and high school teacher is on leave after authorities say he used his phe to record images of a naked 14 year-old girl in a tanning bed. and ahead in sports an update from oracle look at of dramas warriors rockets game to bring us. >>also
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>>brought to you by your northern california volkswagen dealers visit vw dealers dot
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com. >>and will open over the sharks who just went final round 2 game 3 and colorado schardt he's in the of san jose looking to go up to one after losing at the the couple first period 5 minutes in logan the lamp with the assist from timo meier who stopped nyquist's take a bow right there shark strike first year 3 minutes later meyer needs no outside help converts on assisted san jose, a 2 nothing lead. avalanche cut it to 2 one that about halfway through the 3rd game is leaving at the end of what would be denied somehow find a way to drop in the park to all the sharks didn't take long to respond to tour again turns on the red light san jose a 3 to 4 tour would finish with the hat trick as empty-netter in the final seconds made the final score for 2 sharks. what a series ran. so far san jose take to to one series lead game 4. thursday to the warriors part 2 of a series that's already packed with tense drama. >>an update from oracle score
9:40 pm
9690 warriors in the 4th warriors led by 9 at the break still off. despite steph curry and draymond green being in foul trouble late in the 2nd half curry left the game in the 1st quarter with a dislocated left middle finger james harden also left after being raked across both eyes. and as a cut over his left eyelid the full highlights later on now to the a's in boston try to avoid their 5th straight loss iconic fenway park, the oldest park in the majors a lot of 4. tune up in boston, mitch moreland tees up aaron brooks. 4 nothing red sox the top of the 8th. the sox been struggling early this year, but rick porcello just rolling along strikes out ramon a lorry looking for sela 6 to 8 innings of two-hit baseball gave up no runs punched out a final score 5 one boston the a's losing streak now at 5. giants dodgers happening now we'll break that down at 10. coming up on kron four sport attend will head to oracle when warriors rockets goes final
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highlights and reaction. more
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>>high school teacher in michigan is on leave tonight after authorities say he used his phone to record images of a nude 14 year-old girl in a tanning bed. >>the 42 year-old suspect was arraigned today on several counts the victim says she was terrified when she caught the suspect in the act a day earlier rachel mccrary reports.
9:44 pm
>>a country 14 year-old maya kim ball describes what she says she heard right before she made a shocking discovery in her tanning booth. >>there was a phone and i seen the phone in there. can record has and i so i start panicking. >>local authorities were alerted and made an at this mild profit and monday afternoon the genesee county sheriff's office say they arrested 42 year-old jacob m and or for. davis in high school gym teacher and former state championship football coach of new low throughout campbell's parents say that just adds insult to injury. >>you don't that the people that you least expect something to happen like to do these type of things are really the ones that do it. >>speechless. they know what to think when i heard it. finding out it's teacher.
9:45 pm
>>over has now been charged with 4 felony counts, including having child sexually abusive material. the genesee county sheriff says they've confiscated several of them and overs devices and are continuing to investigate you have to aware of your surroundings at all times even if you're in a closed. great what you would think to trust facility. you need look around and be aware give all says something has been taken away from her. she wants justice. >>it was rachel mccrary reporting for us tonight that doesn't appear the suspect in this case knew the victim. >>on the peninsula, a baby sea lion was rescued after making its way on the highway one to one right near sfo during the morning commute little guys lucky. little guy is cute it patrol car just after 8.30 chp
9:46 pm
officers responded the animal is scattered trapped between the shoulder in the guardrail good samaritans though, and pulled over and they were helping protect him. when they showed up to see they wrapped him in a couple towels and chp helps the sea lion was in good hands. they say he hopped right into the back of the patrol car is iffy new he should have been there the marine mammal center working with the chp on that rescue. i mean what's cuter rex tomorrow veterinary experts will determine what exactly this little guy's condition is they say looks pretty healthy though, and they'll then moved him to a rehab pool where he will be able to recover. >>now there are 4 zone forecast we're taking a live look outside right now at san francisco's embarcadero to joining us now chief meteorologist lawrence cargo. >>sea like the wet weather. >>awfully comfortable worried
9:47 pm
about the whole bag of that car to usually we got we got a shot we got a shot to get a few more showers that doesn't look like a huge storm like you might see in the middle of winter, you have to get some weekend plans you want to watch out for that we've got an air of low pressure coming our way. >>outside right now looking over sfo. we've got no deeays being reported there. we are start to see some patchy fog forming along the coastline. some that trying to sneak inside the bay to tomorrow. we start out some patchy fog them becoming mostly sunny in the san francisco, 61 degrees expected high there 70 in oakland about 75 degrees in san jose and very nice afternoon as the temperatures are going to start to warm up. but watch what happened right here got high pressure overhead years or long-range forecast that ridge eping us a mostly clear over the next couple days except for some patchy fog and then you see this guy right here this is that low pressure center that i'm talking about this called cutoff low. it is not handled very well by the computer models but this is the approach that it takes in the somewhat a couple models are started paying. bring a chance of rain as we get into sunday afternoon. police bands moving too doesn't he look huge. but certainly chance of some showers as we get into the
9:48 pm
latter part of the weekend that thing kind of just spirals down off the coast of baja as we head toward the middle of next week. temperatures tomorrow will be warmer, you're still look at the 60's in the san francisco, 58 the sun set cooler numbers along the coastline of course ofhe sea breeze there 60's inside the bay 67 burning game about 70 of foster city 71 in woodside and then plenty mid 70's into the south they should be a gorgeous day in the south bay tomorrow afternoon. bush an 80's says we get to in livermore tomorrow so those temperatures soaring in the upper 70's places like antioch to conquer to see some of those warmer numbers by the afternoon 77 degrees and fairfield about 75 in benicia about 71 degrees and 7 fell 68, 7 summit, plenty of sunshine and that cooler temperatures out along the coastline on the next couple of days, we're going to see some nice weather warm temperatures inland. so keeping you cool out along the coastline was some night morning low clouds and some fog and then as we get the weekend everybody star see a dip in the temperatures partly cloudy skies with a slight chance of showers on sunday. >>all right lawrence for your
9:49 pm
help tonight the bay area's dealing with his work first allergy season in more than a decade for sarah stinson tells us what doctors are saying about the problem. >>here at heather farm park in walnut creek you can see the pollen in the air, it's just blowing in the wind. i spoke to several people here who have allergies they say the really starting to feel it ramp up. >>i was definitely noticing it this week for the first time it was definitely stronger and really have to make sure i was on top medication, runny nose and itchy eyes. >>the worst part about allergy symptoms is how it impacts your life. i spoke with one man who says that really impacts his wife can affect your big time she asserts you know sneezing and having a. allergy symptoms. she likes to wear her full, she likes to swim so sometimes i can take her out of that. >>doctors say this allergy season will be the worst we've seen in the last 15 years in the bay area that's because of all the rain we've had in the
9:50 pm
last year to our landscapes of under those drought conditions and with the recent precipitation. there's new grows causing allergy symptoms to be stronger. then we're you sue. doctors say those who live in contra costa county will see the worst of the conditions. many people i spoke to say they use allergy medications to keep up with their symptoms to take over the counter and it's all good i i have co-workers have to get allergy shots >>they have to go in every 2 weeks thankfully, i don't have to do that. >>she has to remember to take her the medicines are tech and a couple other things. >>doctors are advising people to keep up with your allergy medications even if you're only slightly feeling symptoms it's better to keep up with your medication rather than take them when symptoms are very severe in walnut creek sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>contaminants in california drinking water could be increasing your cancer risk that's the claim of a new study researchers from the environmental working group published that report the group says currently water
9:51 pm
standards are designed to assess one contaminant at a time, the drinking water rarely has only one contaminant the study says that of all the contaminants present in water were considered the cancer risk from drinking california water would rise specifically researchers say up to 15,000 lifetime cancer cases could be related to california's water that is a fall that contaminates a or included and here's a look at the most problematic contaminants. arsenic that tops the list which also includes a form of chromium and other radioactive elements. >>up next. thank yous facing some backlash why some folks warned too happy with their
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>>skip the 5 done lot a's and the four-block cab rides that was the advice offered up on twitter from america's largest bank and some people say don't tell me how to live my life he added that tweet was posted to the chase bank account yesterday afternoon before it was the lead an apparent attempted to encouraging customers to save a few dollars by cutting unnecessary expensive expenses a chase call it monday motivation. but the post quickly became the target of backlash chase responded thanking twitter users for their feedback and pledged to be a little more sensitive on social media in the future appreciate feedback. the company is offering a paid internship to do absolutely nothing. a
9:55 pm
company called you've heard of it is paying summer interns to stay in bed, it is referred to as snooze turn and 7 in turn according to the company's website, the snooze turn will. >>test beds for optimal head and foot positions on adjustable bass is it also involves assessing the company's product out for activities that are better in bed such as binge watching reading typing and eating we think they're limiting it to that the company is accepting applications until may 3rd. he's got to get. >>you that someone would be up to no good trying to block traffic cameras, but no it's just too. seagulls they approached on a traffic camera in london today. and of course their viral sensations even though they blocked the view you have to admit they're pretty cute. a london transport spokesperson says the staff actually name the birds. say hello to graham and steve i guess or couple guy
9:56 pm
birds. transport for london calling them to have their newest colleagues that showed up during not peak times but beak time >>david bay bridge traffic camera has a spider idea that a lot of mornings will very simple spade a and that wraps up ground for these a night. >>but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour, pam moore is here with part 4 news at 10:00pm hello. the and grant thanks to you both next at 10 o'clock tragedy strikes on the campus of the university of north carolina charlotte, a gunman believed to be a student. >>opens fire killing 2 wounding others. we have been tracking this story since it broke stand by for a live report. plus opening arguments in the ghost ship trial resume tomorrow hear from the defense lawyer of max harris who claims his client should be acquitted of the charges and the lawyers are in a tight one right now with the rockets at oracle our sports director will be new and highlights as soon as he and his finished don't go away our 3. well for news of primetime starts right
9:57 pm
after the break.
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9:59 pm
>>chaos on a college campus as a man armed with a pistol opens fire in a classroom at the university of north carolina at charlotte. 2 people are dead 4 people
10:00 pm
injured 3 of them in critical condition tonight. thank you for joining us, i'm pam or and i'm grant lotus in today for can way that suspect has been identified as a 22 year-old student very scary moments on this pack campus today. >>it was the last day of classes before exams, the shooter has been arrested police say the suspect is not someone who was on their radar. well for share stone joins us live from the studio tonight with the latest details. >>grad this is the 3rd time in 4 days that a shooting like this has dominated headlines tristen terrill has been identified as the shooter. he is a dropout student who went to school at this college last semester. 22 year-old tristen terrill the suspect accused of shooting several people at the university of north carolina at charlotte. >>seen here being escorted into a north carolina police department i can't tell you the sadness. the entire community to


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