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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  April 30, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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injured 3 of them in critical condition tonight. thank you for joining us, i'm pam or and i'm grant lotus in today for can way that suspect has been identified as a 22 year-old student very scary moments on this pack campus today. >>it was the last day of classes before exams, the shooter has been arrested police say the suspect is not someone who was on their radar. well for share stone joins us live from the studio tonight with the latest details. >>grad this is the 3rd time in 4 days that a shooting like this has dominated headlines tristen terrill has been identified as the shooter. he is a dropout student who went to school at this college last semester. 22 year-old tristen terrill the suspect accused of shooting several people at the university of north carolina at charlotte. >>seen here being escorted into a north carolina police department i can't tell you the sadness. the entire community to know that the
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situation like this her and our campus i remember it was. >>2 of those shot were killed 3 others are in critical condition and one other person was injured. it's the 3rd time in 4 days we've seen a major shooting across the country. saturday, a shooter opened fire in a synagogue killing one and injuring 3 others near san diego sunday, a shooter opened fire on the streets of baltimore killing one and wounding 7 others at barbecues set up along the street in tuesday's shooting police say tara was armed with a pistol. an officer went into the room where he had fired at least one shot and disarmed him many voicing outrage over yet another shooting we've been here before. >>rather it's a las sutherlin taxes are parkland are it's for. charleston. so you know
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now is charlotte this is a role on a road that we don't want to be on it. and i'm so we have to begin to work as a community to work for change police say terrill said nothing as he was caught. >>the reporters say he did yell something towards them that they couldn't understand as he was being escorted by officers. now the suspect's father posted years ago that his son is autistic. >>the motive here though is still unclear grant pam. now back to you all right j r meanwhile in southern california. the man accused in saturday's deadly synagogue shooting up how a appeared before a judge today. >>john earnest entered a not guilty plea at his arraignment in san diego county superior court. the 19 year-old faces multiple charges, including murder and attempted murder, one woman was killed 3 other people were hurt. prosecutors say ernest was arrested with a tactical vest helmet and 50 and fired bullets in that he
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did shoot 8 to 10 times before his rifle jammed. and then he took off. people who know artists say they're scked to hear about these allegations they say he was an accomplished student athlete and musician. but he apparently became radicalized some time over the past couple years online posts by a person identifying as earnest, spewed hatred towards jews and they praise the deadly shootings in new zealand in pittsburgh pennsylvania. sixty-year-old laurie kaye was killed saturday. her rabbi, an 8 year-old girl and her uncle were injured earnest is being held without bond he's expected to be back in court for a preliminary hearing in july. >>an emotional and dramatic start to the trial of the 2 men charged in connection with the deadly oakland ghost ship warehouse fire opening statements for the high profile trial of the warehouse master tenant to recommend a and creative director max
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harris started today that fire killed 36 people in oakland back in 2016 both harris and all men are charged with 36 counts. >>of involuntary manslaughter kron four is michelle kingston reports. >>36 people died during the go ship warehouse fire on 31th avenue in oakland back in 2016 today, prosecutors said derick almena and max harris or criminally responsible for the fire. they were both charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. they say the 4929 year old put the party goers at risk endangering them with the warehouses makeshift electrical system in florida ceiling flammable slyke are tapestries wooden sculptures and pianos prosecutors say the warehouse had no city permits for residency or for concerts. and say the 2 men charged knowingly created a fire trap with inadequate means of escape defense attorneys allege the people most responsible for the fire though are the warehouse's
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owner son opened fire and police officers who knew about the dangers inside for each d each day that max your joe word morning, the root of the problem. >>and what could have prevented this awful horrible tragedy. paris's attorney described his client as christ like and painted a picture of a sympathetic character it was an honor a privilege to finally get up in >>the jury of his peers. tell the truth. to the narrative that the prosecutors will tell you that public all this time, it's false. >>opening statements will continue on wednesday and testimony is expected to begin next week in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>right now time to get a check on that 4 zone forecast as we take a live look outside the embarcadero in san francisco, all lit up on this tuesday night. >>all it up a little chilly out there tonight so long cool little a sea breeze kicking in and out there that is going to bring with it some fog
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overnight tied the knot a stick as it was last night still you can see some of that haze out there in a couple batches of fog trying to form a look from the berkeley hills back out over the bay towards san francisco we're going to see more that fog in the form but yet we had enough of the sea breeze today with low clouds and fog this morning kind of entrenched it took a little while burn off temperatures down a bit. 7 degrees cooler today from 24 hours ago all more for degrees cooler in a word in oakland 3 degrees cooler in the san francisco. so while these numbers really running below the average for this time of year not bad 50 degrees kind of cool of the san francisco 64 degrees though in oakland, 70 degrees in san jose 68 in livermore little bit below the average 70 in concord and 69 degrees. in santa rosa. so we are seeing some of the fat to form of fog forming right now you can see along the coast live so that fog beginning to move back in toward a pacifica daly city you're seeing it there right now and this can start to sneak inside the bay to do so we watch out overnight tonight is that fall will start to fill in just a little bit patchy fog early on tomorrow morning and then giving way to mostly sunny skies and a little bit breezy
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out there and then that during the weekday here we're seeing the kind of a warming trend, the next 2 days. we get to the weekend we talk about some cooler temperatures maybe even a chance of a couple raindrops temperatures outside right now a panel talking about a little cool spot 49 degrees and apple bay 47 with that fog in pacifica that feels cool that breeze 52 degrees in the san francisco, 57 in congress a 60 in brooklyn well inland and 55 degrees in fairfield we are going to see a pretty nice day as far as the atmosphere is concerned and no worries about all pollutants we're going to see a nice breeze and that will clear things out of their quality looking very good from the north south bay, the coast in the east bay as well. changes though come and look at this area of low pressure off the coastline doesn't look like much right here this little swirl here going under cut that ridge and as it does it will bring with them more clouds and least the potential for a chance of showers to look like a huge storm, but yes of covering drops as we get toward the weekend. but for tomorrow and the next couple days that rachel the's going to bring us some sunshine and some breezy
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conditions, especially along the coastline, but it will strengthen enough to warm the temperatures up away from the coast. so those highs going well into the 70's tonight. patchy fog up toward the beaches visibility dropping early tomorrow morning for the commute, least along the coastline you'll see a little finger fall just inside the bay. but as we head to the day that kind of just feels way to the coastline. it looks like some nice weather head. so those going to be the 40's 50's but by day we'll bring back some temperatures a upper 70's near 80 degrees in places like a little more in concord a lot of 70's inside the bay of plenty of sunshine but if you're planning to head out to the coastline. grab a light jacket maybe a fix lectured. it's going just 11 years in the 50's and low >>a former bay area congresswoman ellen tauscher has diedhe served her east bay district from 1997 to 2009. tauscher has a long list of accomplishments, including being the youngest and one of the first women to hold the seat on the new york stock
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exchange. she resigned from congress in 2009 when president obama appointed her to a job at the state department tauscher died yesterday at stanford medical nter after experiencing complications from pneumonia. she was 67 years old. the body found in half moon bay on sunday is that of an east bay teenager who went missing a little over a week ago while will be boarding. officials confirm that today, authorities say 18 year on top of that my my. hayward fell off of his boogie board while out with friends at the beach on april the 18th his friends last saw him about 15 yards offshore floating face down in appearing to be unresponsive. they called 911 and that kicked off a search by the san mateo county sheriff's office and several other agencies, his body was discovered sunday morning near the ritz carlton hotel. an investigation is under way because of a body found in the water near san francisco's pier, 39 officials received a call about a male body in the water just after 10 o'clock in the morning. a
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police boat crew went in and pulled the body out right now the medical examiner's office is working to identify the man t and to determine the exact cause of death. >>a go fund me page has raised nearly $240,000 for a 13 year-old girl who still in critical condition after being targeted by a driver and that alleged hate crime last week in sunnyvale the girl is a 7th grader at sunnyvale middle school and she was walking home from the library with her dad and brother week ago when they were hit along with 4 other people isaiah peoples who is 34 years old has been charged with 8 counts of attempted murder. the girl suffered the most serious injuries and has been hospitalized for the past week. police have identified a woman arrested after an oakland police officer was stabbed, 41 year-old margaret good life was charged today with attempted murder on a police officer that stabbing was last thursday as the officer was walking to his car after his shift. police say
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good life was on probation as being held without bail. the officer was treated for stab wounds to the neck but is expected to be okay. his name has not been released and a motive is not clear. >>an off-duty alameda county sheriff's deputy was slashed by someone with a knife at the eastman town center in oakland this morning, the deputy was coming in to work at the county social services office at the mall about 8 o'clock in the morning, but a male suspect was blocking the entrance when the deputy asked him to move he slashed the deputy across the hand with a knife and then fled. the deputy was treated for injuries coty to county sheriff's office has not released a description of the suspect. a man suffered life threatening injuries early this morning when someone attacked him following an argument in san francisco's west portal neighborhood. police responded to the assault about one 30 in the morning near west portal avenue in street according to police. an argument between the victim and the suspect
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turned violent when the suspect punched the victim a number of times and then slammed his head to the ground. the victim was taken to the hospital the suspect believed to be about 30 years old fled. police have not yet located him. >>now to warriors action big game game 2 against the rockets size again just an dingell to say taking a 2 nothing lead. course director mark covered his eyes as he has the highlights from tonight, we're all happy about this all very happy love to see that you know houston was a teen projected to give the warriors a real hard time in this series. but you love to see the warriors going up 2 nothing and you know after so much talk coming from houston side about the officiating. >>the warriors opted to let their championship play takeover james harden he and the rockets home. happy with the refs a game one kevin duran 3550 45 points inis last 3 games. 1st quarter though with steph curry dislocates the middle finger on his non shooting and had to leave the game. did return leader in the quarter now also
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in the first hard to get raked across the face by draymond green he stayed out on the floor for a while left with a cut on his eyelid the left side but like her he did return and play the remainder of the game the warriors of 9 at the break 3rd quarter klay thompson's back to back 3 pointers give the warriors a 15 point lead. but back come the rockets 4th quarter martin. step back that's the lead to 90 to 89 part in the 29, but golden state went on a 12 point run after that to pull off from 20 feet out he had 29 final score, one 15 1 oh 9 warriors they lead the series to nothing game 3 in saturday. here in houston on saturday curry finished with 20 points klay with 21. and again game 3 saturday houston, a coming up in sports a 10. we'll have reaction from the chance of a nice lead to take on the road camp pratt. thank you mark. >>we'll see later in sports meanwhile, as lyft and uber pickups become increasingly popular at airports across the country as a foe has certainly announced that trend today
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they announced it's time to make a change right now more than a 3rd of all airport traffic. it's coming from right your vehicle so starting in june all pick ups will be in a separate location kron four still well below reports. >>right now if you're being picked up at sfo by uber or lyft you have 2 options you're either picked up curbside or up here on level 5 of the central parking garage but starting the week of june 3rd all domestic pickups are going to be moved here. >>100% appear. and we'll see how that goes. >>for a lyft driver picking up passengers at sfo can be frustrating. >>the cars tend to bunch ah but a lot of drivers just want to pick people up in the street there that's not good either turtle's death get too crowded to serve the didn't they i don't know that partition that out some other way. >>starting the week of june 3rd that's exactly what francisco international airport plans to do in a bid to curb congestion all
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domestic rideshare pickups will be moved to the central hourly parking garage we've been studying this for several years we've been working with uber lyft and some different solutions. >>and really we're at a place now where it's going to take the relocation of all categories of bloomberg lift pickups into our career. >>and just to really achieve the roadway flow that we're looking for. >>that's a post spokesman doug e a cull says it's about a 3 minute walk from exiting the concourse to the pickup location. passengers using lyft and uber pool options are already using this new area. but some say the signage to direct him here is inconsistent have the signage isn't very good. so it's hard to find the location i was very confused i've been wondering around the terminal for about 20 minutes now to try and figure out how to get out here that's an issue sso says they're already working on you really going to be focused on signage and having individuals and some of those key decision points to ensure that customers can find their way. >>it successfully with 71. >>1000 vehicles moving through
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the air more now on any given day. drivers and passengers are hoping this works on traffic. i mean it makes a lot of sun just a good idea just depends how it all works out. >>sfo says drop-offs will remain the same and if you're an international traveler, you can still be picked up at that terminal. sfo noel bellow kron 4 news. >>in national special counsel robert mueller in a letter to attorney general bill barr has complained about barr's a summary of the mueller report on the russia investigation. that's according to a familiar with mueller's letter at the end of mueller's probe you might remember bar sent a four-page summary of the report to congress mueller apparently frustrated later wrote about that the summary did not fully capture his 448 page report. the report concluded that neither trump nor his campaign conspired with russia in this election interference. however, mueller left open the question of
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whether trump obstructed justice and detailed several occasions where trump tried to derail the investigation. bars critics have accused the attorney general of handling the report in a way that is favorable to trump. many of those critics are already pointing to mueller's letter to barr as further evidence of that and some are calling on bar to resign. meanwhile bar is slated to testify on the in front of the senate judiciary committee on wednesday. >>and the legal fight over president trump's financial history continues to grow the president 3 of his children and his business the trump organization are suing now to banks to block them from turning over financial records to congressional committees. 2 house committees issued subpoenas to capital one and deutsche bank requesting the information. the president's attorneys allege the subpoenas are nothing more than an excuse to harass the president. but in a statement, the democratic chairs of the house intelligence and financial services committees which issued the subpoenas hpcalled the lawsuit meritless
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as for the banks bank says it will comply with all subpoenas and court orders. capital one has yet to comment. the top 2 democrats in congress are working with the president on something both sides seem to support the nation's infrastructure. it is expensive project it was not too long ago the disagreement in money talk shut down the government. omar jimenez has the latest now from washington. >>democratic leadership emerging from an infrastructure meeting with president trump seemingly satisfied building infrastructure of america's never been a partisan issue. >>and we hope to go for very nonpartisan way and for the future. >>they are words that big and bold proposal would invest not only in roads bridges highways water and more but also in broadband and the power grid that was good will in this meeting and that was. >>different than some of the other meetings that we've and the tone of previous meetings between these 3 definitely has
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been different. i was shut down the government may have to run out and i answer out and just i am proud to shut down the government for border security checks. but tuesday's positive tones it's multiple ongoing investigations into the president in the wake of the mueller report in previous meetings the president is said of these investigations continue i can't work with you he didn't bring it on. group settled on a number of $2 trillion for the infrastructure package we're very pleased with positive headed to choi recognizing. >>the trillions of dollars of a house need and they're set to meet again in 3 weeks to discuss how exactly that money will be spent. >>and how to pay for this was a very very good. start and we'll see we hope it will go to a constructive conclusion. >>in washington. a >>a major changes may be on the way for migrants seeking a new start in the united states president trump is calling for new immigration measures to
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address matte along the southern border. the president says last month alone 100,000 illegal immigrants arrived at the border placing a strain on communities. trump sent a letter to the attorney general and the acting homeland security secretary, the document calls for a number of measures which include judging asylum applications with a 6 month period and requiring fees for asylum and work permit applications. this as the acting dhs secretary kevin the gallon and testified during a budget hearing before the house appropriations committee, he was asked about family separations at the border and responded saying detaining children for long periods of time is not the way to enforce immigration laws. >>nobody wants to tame children whether they're a company and are not for a long period of time. the notion that they want to know we want to detain them indefinitely or for a 180 days. it couldn't be further from the truth. what what does happen is that 21 days is not an adequate time period for a full proceeding was due process with access to
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counsel was getting documents from central america to be completed we're going to look at redoubling our efforts to make sure that that can be as expeditious as possible. indeed even taking a fresh look at at what can be done in 21 dals with council. >>acting secretary says that they are looking back through information from 2014 2015 when the average time a family was detained was about 45 days. >>world news now gunshots protests in chaos as the leader of venezuela's opposition log declares the start of the end for president nicolas maduro he's calling it operation freedom is asking the country's military to join in telling his supporters to take go the streets president trump tweeting his support saying the united states stands with the people of venezuela and their freedom and his administration is voicing support for glide went out i lied others the sooner maduro. >>it's gone the sooner. the
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justice and real economic. >>however maduro is not backing down she took to twitter saying that he has met with regional defense bodies which have expressed quote total loyalty. >>and tonight at 1045 years grace, the cover of more than 600 romance novels and now the bay area base cover model is opening up about his career as he plus a persistent even deadly problem sometimes out. >>san jose is looking to tackle sideshows and punish people who are even remotely involved. the equal rights amendment may be getting second chance at life here on capitol hill, lawmakers just had the first hearing on the issue and almost
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congress may be inching closer to adding the equal rights amendment to the us constitution a lot of people think it's already law but it's not. >>that amendment gives equal protections to men and women today, the house held the first hearing on the issue in decades in our washington dc correspondent come march has more on the debate. >>no more excuses no longer will we be on the menu we will have a seat at the table. women's rights supporters from across the country want to act the equal rights amendment to the us constitution. >>it is time for the constitution to reflect and
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powerful. >>principles of its first 3 words >>of the 32 word amendment would legislate gender equality making man and woman constitutionally equal by not having pay for equal work. >>why not be in the constitution. so you can enforce sent the bill passed in 1972, but never got the required 38 states to ratify now there's a push to remove the deadline in a post me too era and with a record breaking number of women now in congress. >>lawmakers say it's time to pass the amendment just as congress. >>already before the that has the absolute right to change deadline. >>and the first hearing on the issue in almost 4 decades, witnesses and activists urge congress to act some republican lawmakers didn't attend those who did argued if ratified the e r a would strengthen abortion rights up in the would mean the end of
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laws that protect the sanctity of every human life even republican supporters say those concerns are invalid >>has got people talking working together. >>democratic congresswoman debbie dingell think the house will support the e r a will have a tougher fight in the senate in washington, i'm recall martin. >>coming up more controversy surrounding the high speed rail project in california while lawmakers now calling for an investigation and after almost 100 years in san francisco, another institution. >>lukas ravioli is saying goodbye to customers today, including danny glover who was there from 4 was there's the store ready to close its doors one last time. and april coming to a close we're talking about
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>>fraud and corruption 2 words, a state lawmaker is now associate ing with a high speed rail project prom for us capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains what is leading one lawmaker to call for an investigation into that project. >>millions over budget and more than a decade behind schedule assemblyman jim patterson is calling for an investigation into the high speed rails private consultants making it up as you go along. >>handing over the decisions to handle billions of dollars of public money by private
10:31 pm
consultants who had everything to gain by telling us that they were doing just fine. >>the central valley, lawmakers concerned about corruption and fraud after recent reports revealed the bullet train tracks are being built on regular speed rail for now patterson pointed to concerns of consultants covering up the facts and inflating estimated ridership numbers so the legislature would keep writing checks that's why i investigation that it is required and quite frankly if the. >>political party in charge of california does not open an investigation on this and they will be complicit. in a cover up. >>paterson calling on the governor and attoiney general to take action in response to high speed rail authority ceos said in a statement he welcomed last year state audit and welcomes the audit's results now he said they're working closely with the auditor to implement all recommendations related to their partnership with the rtp he says he's committed to ensuring the state workers are
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doing state work. well consultants provide the expertise needed from the private sector, he says back in march he ordered an office by office reviews positions to ensure our form is tied to proper function. he says that review will be done by the end of the fiscal year high speed rail authority is expected to give lawmakers a full project update wednesday. the sacramento actually develop kron 4 news. >>a miserable morning commute for bay bridge drivers today, a deadly motorcycle crash resulted in a back up that reserve deep into the east bay for hours it started about 7 30 this morning, the highway patrol says a motorist was a motorcyclist was speeding through the bay bridge toll plaza when the chp tried to pull that person over the motorcyclist would not stop and led police on a chase across the bridge. the cyclists eventually crashed near the freeman street accident san francisco as cyclists was taken to the hospital and later died. the highway patrol had several lanes shut down causing that hours long delay. more than a dozen people injured in a crash involving 2 santa clara.
10:33 pm
vta busses that happened today about 6 45 this morning in san jose at the intersection of the alameda and west to julian street about 13 people were injured 10 of them were taken to the hospital, everyone is expected to be okay. police are looking into the cause of the crash was a drugs and alcohol were not involved. >>san jose city council just voted unanimously on a new ordinance to crack down on street racing inside shows like this one is called for is roughly uble reports now. this new city ordinance takes enforcement one step further going after people who are just standing around watching sideshows. >>since 2015 6 people have died as a result, the street racing inside shows in the city of san jose. sideshows often attract big crowds that can get out of hand putting participants, spectators and sometimes innocent bystanders are neighbors at risk. a new city ordinance would authorize police to criminalize
10:34 pm
attending these events as san jose mayor sam liccardo. >>now we've lost 6 young people to illegal street races and that is 6 too many. it is clear that these are horribly dangerous. we're losing too many young lives and we need to do more to be able to crack down. >>the new ordinance a spectator could be cited with a misdemeanor the be fined a $1000 and be given 6 months in jail or both anyone caught within 200 feet of a street racer sideshow would be considered a spectator and could be cited. >>the spectators themselves are helping to create the of that whether they are advertising for the event by uploading video whether they're blocking off streets. 21 event to happen whether the lookouts for the police. we know these events happened because of the people who are standing around. >>san jose police chief eddie garcia says that given the important role spectators play
10:35 pm
encouraging popularizing and facilitating street races and sideshows discouraging their participation would be an important first step in combating the problem. >>oftentimes individuals are doing the side shows exactly because people are watching the extent that we can ensure that the entire. event is really known to be legal they were able to take enforcement of individuals that are that are watching what's important. >>this so-called know spectator law has had some success in southern california, san jose's diverse bay area city to give it a try and if the new ordinance passes as the mayor expects it would take effect in about 60 days. the san jose rep flood kron 4 news. >>an and with a check on the weather tonight, this could be the last 10 to 10 for or maybe a couple months that has a chance of rain in the forecast yet last one for april right here we're looking all the way in the main house or get laid in the rain season. >>less of a chance to get the rain hasn't not unheard of we
10:36 pm
could get some showers in fact we do have a chance of some showers in the next 10 days outside right now some patchy fog forming along the coastline looking toward the golden gate bridge. the winds kind ofakicking up a little bit to help toward the coastline. but just more of a gentle breeze this evening but enough to bring some of that fog inside the bay overnight tonight, and it's tomorrow morning right here is where it gets a stunning long-range forecast high pressure trying to build overhead. it's going to continue to do so through tomorrow and then looks like to thursday and friday but look what spin off the coastline. this is what we call a cut off low an area low pressure off the coast in a bounce in between weather systems here and watch the track it begins to take as we head into the latter part of the weekend. that's right leaving a chance of showers some of these bands wrapped ourselves up in the bay area as we head into sunday, maybe some light showers then it starts to scoot to the south all the way up all as we headed toward a the middle of next week so things a little bit unsettled, just a chance of some showers are going to warm things up though the next couple days little fog and some sunshine going back down this weekend with a slight chance of showers on sunday. keeping a drier warmer toward the middle of next week. and
10:37 pm
francisco institution is closing up shop lucas ravioli company it has been selling hits delicious handmade stuffed pastas sauces. >>really all you're a tally and delicacies is shutting down now after more than 90 years confortable kelly along with actor in san francisco native danny glover were among the longtime customers lining up. >>to grab a bite and to say goodbye. >>here's video that shows what look like around lunchtime when the charming mission corner delicatessen was filled with mostly longtime customers who came to be waited on by workers wearing old fashioned white smocks and paper. they left carrying out their favorites mostly the handmade ravioli and saw. that lucas was famous for some left with boxes stacked with food others with those i talk to say they were shocked at the news when the owners announced they were selling the building at 22th in valencia and closing up shop and they're hard broken that that day is finally here.
10:38 pm
>>part of our history growing up in the city. you know just like an institution, it seems like it's sad because one after another keeps closing. >>you know, it's i guess it's for the new generation it's it's sad for them because they will be able to experience it. >>i'm glad that i have friends told me that they were closing down ever to be in town about a kind of come here right week is gone and i don't what happened was is in you might recognize that last shot for san francisco celebrity danny glover he was wearing a shirt made by another customer reading. >>look around the only will be truly missed lucas is closing because the current owner who's had this business in his family for 3 generations is ready to retire. he says he's considered keeping the business opened he said it would just take too much time. >>and effort and money it's time for us remodel once we take the permit side we really should do the seismic upgrade 88 the fire department the health department.
10:39 pm
>>good take verjee on my retirement money in another 20 years. as much as i'd like to the i just not feasible. >>a party message on the final boxes around the only sold offered their deepest appreciation to all the customers who walk through their doors maureen kelly crump warnings. >>doctors say this allergy season is the worst we've seen now in the past 15 years because of all the rain we've had the last year to our landscapes ev inter through drought conditions and with all the recent precept there is just all this new growth causing allergy symptoms to be stronger than what folks are custom to doctor say it will be the most intense for people who live in contra costa county with many people we talked to saying they're taking allergy medications to keep up with symptoms. >>take over the counter and it's all good. i i have co-workers to have to get allergy shots they have to go in every 2 weeks thankfully, i don't have to do that. >>she remember to take her.
10:40 pm
>>the medicines are tacking a couple other things. >>doctors are advising people who do experience allergy symptoms to start taking your medication right away and continue to do so. so the symptoms do not become severe. >>another big story tonight, lawmakers are demanding that the president and what they call the systematic sabotage of health care as our washington dc correspondent morgan wright reports tonight, this comes as the trump administration is throwing its weight behind a lawsuit in texas that lawsuit would put an end to the affordable care act threaten coverage for people with preexisting conditions and roll back medicaid expansion. >>because of the medicaid rob can be with his family rather than in a nursing home for geneva stone and her family medicaid has been a lifesaver person rob suffers from a rare disease. she says medical bankruptcy was a real possibility before receiving medicaid and 2012 we have
10:41 pm
spent over a quarter of a million dollars out of pocket medical expenses but senate democrats say medicaid in america's health care system to protect millions of others like robert under attack for pennsylvania senator bob casey, the administration said that and their budget that they want to cut medicaid by one and a half. >>trillion dollars and the trump ad inistration's assault on the american healthcare system has reached a new unprecedented levels, connecticut senator chris murphy says the stakes are high the trump administration is involved in a lawsuit in texas that will put an end to the affordable care act and roll back medicaid expansion, the results of this lawsuit succeeding. >>would be a national humanitarian catastrophe despite demands from democrats for republicans and the president to save medicaid and the affordable care act president trump plans are moving forward it's even become part of its campaign speech we got the individual. >>mandate. the have. >>so lou worse. part of
10:42 pm
obamacare eliminated. now we're going for the arrests. >>in washington gordon right. >>still ahead he posed to make dreams come true now this romance cover model wants to create his own dream a lifeguard force re
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>>this is someone whose name you may not know what you may
10:45 pm
recognize his chiseled physique jason baca is a romance cover model from the bay area we recognize them, we'll find out in but we'll after posing for more than 600 books see it says i did that but that sure back on retire and share some into the details with kron four cerissa stasio. >>just like the book some man's dreams jason baca has had quite a dreamy life gracing one romance novel cover. >>after another if someone were to ask you what what do you do for a living what do you do for love. >>a romance novel cover model. >>in fact the south bay native has embrace more women and struck more seductive poses than any other romance cover model ever. yes, i know what you're thinking. he has even surpassed this man the internationally known keen of the john fabio 25 the covers
10:46 pm
of belief. >>the i never really wanted to try to be better than fabio fabio was in his own world, i mean a guy like him and he's done so much. i mean he's a household not trying to compete with that my of my thing was trying to the best of that i can be and yes can you hear that in his voice jason baca with all of his fame and an is that could make d men full of desire to trade places. >>is exceptionally. >>humble about the whole no alcohol as empty calories, no sugar i just avoided all that stuff. >>baca met with me and sarah tell that where we had some fun heading into the library to look for some of his smoldering covers on the shelf this image to used until probably the year so that of. >>no one in the library realize the hunk here is really this man here baucus says he is rarely recognized for such a reticent renaissance man baca says he is breaking his silence talking to kron 4 news because that the right and still very
10:47 pm
ripped age of 45. he is retiring though. >>now the question is why. well, i mean you have to decide what is the time's right time. i mean you can just just keep going and going especially if you've reached your goal. i mean reached my goal it was like okay will have another. goal in mind with these book cover. >>but this is performing at this level is a full-time job. and after 10 plus years he says it's time to relax a bit as the reason why it's great to be retiring now because i love food. >>love you know haven't pasta. >>throughout the years between a lovingly looking into another model's eyes are seemingly lost in a moment of bliss baca has maintained an office job. he says for years no one knew about the other steamy side of him that school mean for the longest time you know the people of my job they didn't know what i do. >>you know with with it their side of me here doing that
10:48 pm
romance covers naga says for now it's time to focus on his office job and what comes next in live from it's this is what's good about having a regular job see i can go over right back into my regular job for 8 to 5. >>a little jason now. someday to be cool too. live in new hampshire. i love that i have been in new hampshire and i love to go out there and. and catch fish for a living, sound like a romance. no wonder that. >>well maybe full retirement isn't bach is destiny, quite yet in saratoga tree says stasio kron 4 news. >>time now for us. brought to you by xfinity making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment.
10:49 pm
>>to celebrate the victory that you're going to do it. >>we're all >>i definitely do it at 2 more games you can do it shirt on tonight right shared on that i want to transition the way the warriors are playing that mean that this series you don't want to overreact do anything now. you look good but did love and they look real good now it's unfortunate that going into game 2 the dominant story line centered on the officiating from the series opener as well as last year's western conference finals between these teams but for now. >>the talk will be held golden state has seized control of this series james harden and the rockets not happy with the rest in game, one. kevin durant 3550 45 points in his last 3 games 1st quarter steph curry dislocates the middle finger on his left hand had to leave the game but did return. later in the quarter finished
10:50 pm
with 20 points now in the first as well hard to get raked across the face by draymond green left with a cut on his left eyelid the like curry also returned and played the remainder of the game. the warriors of 9 of the half 3rd quarter klay thompson got hot, getting back to back 3 pointers to give the warriors a 15 point lead 21 for staff loved it. he was a fall trouble that's what he was on the bench. now the second the rockets 4th quarter and the staff at 3. the lead to 90 to 89 golden state party with 29. but the chance went on a 12 nothing ron after that to poll up from 20 feet he had 20 night final score, one 15 1 oh 9 warriors they lead the series 2 nothing game 3 saturday in houston to let you despite that quick >>you know we're fighting them also game they need 17 threes so it and all the win against a a great that no shots of the shots of paul really well from the three-point line.
10:51 pm
>>again game 3 saturday in houston out of some sharks also enjoying a great night in their round 2 series in colorado charges in the apps jose got to go to one after losing at the tank picking up in the first period 5 minutes in logan, good door. the lab his lips. this is from tina meier and gustav nyquist stark strike first 3 minutes later meyer iii no outside help could her chart assistant saturday off to nothing. you put it 2 to one that about halfway through the 3rd game is even better again one of these denied what is goal somehow finds a way to drop in the park to all. the sharkies responded quickly to work again turns on the red light san jose up 3 too she finished with the hatchery kings empty-netter in the final seconds made the final score for 2 sharks. what a series for the tour. so far san jose takes up to one series lead game 4 on thursday. now to some baseball giants and dodgers enjoying a. >>picture escapade at oracle
10:52 pm
park unfortunately, la would turn the lights off in the giants in a big way dodgers went off for 6 runs in the 6th. that was part of it he can hernandez polls what big to left field. 2 runs come in to make it 9, one giants fall, 10 3 and the a sin boss to try to avoid their 5th straight loss the 4th 2 nothing sox let's get to the video. mitch moreland face and aaron brooks, let's hope and you have the highlights there we go fenway park iconic now the 4 mitch moreland aaron brooks john 2 run homer 4 nothing lost it the top of the 8th, the boss he has struggled early this year, rick porcello though. >>rolling along tonight strikes omori on a look yourself getting in to see that to get these the final score. ivan red sox the a's losing streak. now. a fresh pair all right so sharks and doves give winds and here we go right so it's a good added
10:53 pm
a seems like a long time no way it is a long break. it is a very long great react. but hopefully uh we don't have all the chatter about the raf's over the next 3 to hit. he's so it's a second >>we've got some patchy fog now forming near the coastline. well we've got some you know when you're at ross and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off
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department store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less.
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at ross. and you find the same style you knoyou saw there... ross that's yes for less. yes! say yes to those spring trends you love, at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. >>an arizona state trooper saved 3 often bear cubs that were found on the side of the road to prove in essence an l
10:56 pm
a picked up the cuffs put them in the back seat of her squad car so they wouldn't get. then while live officers arrived and took the cubs on a 2 hour drive to the southern wildlife conservation center in scottsdale where they will say until fall. officials say the bears are about 4 months old while at the center they will learn basic skills which they would normally get from their mom. >>usually can lanes picking those guys up is a good guy. we've got some fog out there around the bay area now some that patchy fog forming inside the bay. >>and we're going to see more that it's tomorrow morning, not just because it was yesterday but waking up to get some patchy fog early on temperatures going to be in the 50's by the middle of day we're up in the 60's all 70's in some of the valleys then by the afternoon, upper 70's and some of the valley so we're going to warm things up tomorrow inland. even inside the bay, plenty of 70's and sunny skies along the coastline, a little cooler 50's and some 60 so here's your of 4 zone forecast about 58 degrees in the sunset, but 66 in the mission 63 in the
10:57 pm
marina 60 degrees in daly city breezy along the coastline, warmer temperatures inside the bay, couple numbers as you move your way down the a peninsula 72 pallotta 74 in mount to 75 degrees beautiful and sunny and bright and san jose 75 in pleasanton about the 76 degrees a walnut creek, 70 in san leandro in the north a those temperatures up in the 70's as well, but along the coastline will keep you cooler in the 50's and the 60's, your tent and as we look out into making you believe that april coming to a close slight chance of some showers this coming weekend with a very weak weather system sliding in on sunday and return to a dry weather pattern, warmer temperatures may be some 80's as we [button clicking]
10:58 pm
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