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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  May 1, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>>morning and thanks for joining us. so nice and early and james letter on may first by the way is crazier into manhattan. we'll find out what the weather is going to be like for the month ahead. that's a pretty long forecast >>can we just keep the same pattern. this right is that some are traffic to go to very battle check the bridge is so that's a win-win for so the whole month is looking great. that's wishful thinking i can tell you about the next couple of days because they're looking great that's for sure we are looking at nice skies above but you are also on the cooler side this morning to be kicking off may there's 3 c's about today, it is cooler than yesterday. it is a lot calmer than yesterday so those winds are as president. >>and it's clear to you can see a lot of the bay area not going to be so much cloud cover sitting across the bay
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this morning, your temperatures though are turning to the 40's redwood city of 47 degrees livermore dublin also at that mark san jose down to 49. the same time yesterday most of these temperatures were well up into the 50's so the air definitely is a little bit more of a bite to it as you're stepping outside 40's 50's to start some 70's already inland by noontime and we're going to see a lot of 70's by the afternoon today. so cooler start to the morning the warmer afternoon ahead gets your forecast is still to come. let's check the roll into san francisco shout we a little bit of a back up here and the cash lanes at the toll plaza so it's getting busy crowded but not bad. >>this is called a minor delays mostly in the cash lane, so once you get through this crowd and a great trip across the span. here's 92 it's busy as well more and more brake lights leaving hayward but no major issues to the peninsula and the rich friends, nfl bridge wide open here the tolls a very quick 8 minutes from the pay gates out to one oh one james started. >>thank you very much robin.
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happening now police in san jose are looking for 2 suspects in a deadly shooting. investigators have released new surveillance video hoping to track them down call for sarah stinson is live with more and taking a look at that sarah. >>in his new surveillance footage. they're really hoping the public can identify 2 men they believe killed another man back in december take a look at this video they're really hoping that you can help identified these 2 you can see them walking on the street moments before 49 year old mark jones was shot and killed by one of the suspects after a brief alter cation you can clearly see the 2 men in the video one suspect is wearing a dark colored hooded sweatshirt dark pants dark sneakers and with white soles and a light colored jacket the others wearing a dark colored hooded sweatshirt dark pants in the dark colored jacket. now police are still investigating the motive and circumstances surrounding the
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killing we do have a map so you can get a better idea of where this happened on east virginia and southard streets. one in the morning on december 5th ever since police have been trying to piece this all together with video from area cameras, but they're still in major need of help of identifying the 2 men as investigation is still ongoing and police have even said if someone can help say they know who these people are and it leads to their arrest they could actually get some type of cash rewards so will be live this morning continuing to fall it will put this video on our web site so you can go back and look at it. >>for now live in san jose sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>thank you sarah is 5 oh 3 right now and another big story a candlelight vigil is planned for today to remember the 2 people who were killed in a shooting at the university of north carolina, 4 others were also hurt when a gunman opened fire on campus yesterday. and the campus went
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into lockdown shots were fired into a classroom. the gunman was disarmed quickly because many officers were already there. they were nearby for a concert on campus. >>we trained for this type of an incident and were able to get to the building and our officers immediately. one officer immediately went to the suspect to take him down. >>all campus activities are canceled. now through the weekend. the man faces charges for the deadly synagogue shooting in southern california entered a not guilty plea. yesterday 19 year-old john earnest was arraigned, he's accused of killing 60 year-old lori k and injuring the rabbi and 8 year-old girl and her uncle at the temple, ernest they say fired 8 to 10 times but then his a r 15 style rifle jammed. and that's when he ran away people who know him say he
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became radicalized some time over the past 2 years online post by him spew hatred towards jews and praised the deadly shootings in new zealand and pittsburgh. >>here in the bay area, the defense will begin its opening statements this morning in the go ship trial that trial started yesterday in oakland with the prosecution laying out its case to the jury. derek al and max harris are both charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the fire that happened back in 2016 prosecutors say the men put party goers at risk by endangering them with the warehouses makeshift substandard electrical system. prosecutors also say the 2 men knowingly created a fire trap with inadequate means of escape. defense attorneys. we presume will say that the people most responsible for the fire are the warehouses owners and the oakland fire and police officers. >>it was an honor a privilege to finally get out in front. the jury of back tears as peers. >>tell the to the narrative
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that the prosecutors will tell you that public all this time it's false each day each day that is in jail were ignoring the root of the problem and what could have prevented this awful horrible tragedy. >>testimony is expected to begin next week. and we will have a reporter in the courtroom for day 2 of the trial you can get extended coverage of that throughout the day by tuning into our streaming service kron on and then of course later tonight, we'll have a recap during evening broadcasts. new this morning a kite surfer was rescued from the san francisco bay it happened after 8 o'clock last night near alcatraz the coast guard later brought him to safety at the sent a saint francis yacht club in san francisco. he was wearing a life jacket and luckily was uninjured. the body found in half moon bay on sunday is that of an east bay teen who disappeared while boogie boarding at a popular beach, 18 year-old nothing not all le moyne why of hayward
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fell off his bookie board while out with friends at that appearing on responsive. his body was later discovered near the ritz carlton hotel. why why was set to play football for the university of wyoming after signing with that team. back in december. time now 5. >>7 in the south bay amount biker is recovering. he was hurt while on a remote trail just south of los gatos he was riding along that manzanita and serpentine trail in south joe says he'll open space preserve. and firefighters got there they found it that he had been seriously injured he was taken by helicopter to a trauma center. >>to fight homelessness in san francisco gap sales for ceo marc benioff now pleading and pledging actually millions of dollars to this new initiative with problems will tran joining us live from the sales force tower with more on the announcement. well. >>he's doing it again these donated millions of dollars
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throughout the years and the latest donation james and area $30 million that comes from he and his wife sales force a leading advocate for homeless this as far as a solution to come up with it and right now the money we do know will not go towards the city of san francisco, but it will go actually tories you see san francisco for the researchers there this is part of an initiative to train researchers to have them figure out what is causing homelessness to try to come up with solution to train a new generation of researchers and how cool is this too get some former homeless people to get them in turn them into expert speakers so they can change public policy and work on societal issues as well many off this is just one of many things that he's done throughout the years the last 2 you might recall he is one of the leading advocates for prop c which designates about million to tackle homelessness
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in san francisco by taxing businesses with gross receipts over million and this is just one of many things that he plans to do they will make an announcement a little bit later this morning, including from u c. >>as so many on says he just wants to tackle the homeless issue, especially in san francisco when housing is a huge problem and on any given day there are about 7 1000 homeless people in our state. >>all right thank you very much well, 5 oh 9 is the time right now and let's get right to. >>the second game that years won it was amazing that everyone focused on the play whether than the rest think that's yeah that was the talk of last night. >>was actually the injuries to i watched the 1st half before had to go to bed and i of curry out let's get right to that he dislocated his middle finger. >>and that was kind of a scary moment because he had to leave he went back to the locker we know he's going to come back we did ended up having to take it up so is on the other hand
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is on the non shooting hand so that was at least good you want to point out i 20 points and then james, harden break there look at the idea of him and remote ago, football dream and raked harden's face actually because i little little band re on said that was not going you know he was like about that that was today everything i'm hard said he was almost blinded basically. >>and was shooting still that probably means to me that he very well. but in the end the war years to come away with the win final score one 15 one oh 9. >>so they have to 5 scored a combined 101 points for the warriors katie was on fire and clay had some pretty good clutch 3,005 to death. >>game is saturday in houston and still ahead on the ground for morning news. we're going to show you the new pickup spot. if you get an uber or lyft to pick you up at sfo, you can't just walk right out anymore. curbside yeah, new deal. and after nearly 100 years in the bay area lukas ravioli says good-bye i and a
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well known famous customer happened to be in town and get some of ravioli before too late and after the break controversy surrounding a high speed rail project is california ally lawmakers now calling for an investigation. >>and future cast showing dry skies in the days to so i'm looking for someone to make my chicken bigger,
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bye, mom. thanks for breakfast, mom. with quality ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella is sure to bring a smile to breakfast time. nutella, spread the happy. show your appreciation with a limited edition nutella jar! >>14 right now checking out the weather on this first day of major not crazy guy is a day for ul just started but you know april was a nice month as far as weather finally give us a little bit of break that we've been waiting for looks to at least be starting that way, although there's one chance of rain in the forecast to see are hinting at that will of sunday yesterday is that still on solid now it's it's time to be some light stuff, but yeah it's things are lining up you can see some showers on sunday so yeah, the tell them though we are nice and dry clear skies above the bay area clear calmer and cooler that's the way you can sum up this
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morning, it's not going to be that way into the afternoon though. >>that cooler aspect of it is going to reverse it is actually going to be quite the warmer day than it was for yesterday this afternoon clear skies above the bay area and high pressure building back in and we know what that means skies are going to be clear and dry and temperatures they're about to be rising in the days to come today already going to be warmer than yesterday was a couple of showers flaring up this afternoon up in the sierra nevada, but the bay area does remain dry today tomorrow into friday. so the rest your work week is finishing off on a very nice note. we are going to see that chance of shers into sunday though so enjoy the nice weather. these next few days, 60's for your highs in san francisco as wells up and down the peninsula. you'll see a lot more 70's on this map that he have the past couple of days, redwood city and seeing carlos each at 73 degrees south bay looking at numbers and san jose and campbell at 77 degrees. each freeman in pleasanton 74 for your daytime highs and up
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towards berkeley holding on to the upper 60's wall surrounding areas well into the 70's for your highs today napa up to 76 well, but the shed 75 fairfield in vacaville where it was very breezy the past few days winds, ming down and temperatures rising novato and center fell 73 for each of your highs. here's your next 7 days a little bit of fog mixed in with that sunshine that we're going to be seeing a lot of in the days to come saturday, very nice 74 and partly cloudy then come sunday just a slight chance of rainfall looks to be some lighter stuff but things are lining up that you could see a few sprinkles out there to finish the weekend. robin. >>a pretty decent right here on the san mateo bridge we're taking a look and 92 there it is in little bit of action in the center of i just a tow truck with some flashing lights as long as it's not blocking. we're good or i fear drive here from hayward over to the peninsula looks pretty good tow truck, good and maybe taking off right now, but the
5:17 am
reports of any major issues on the span, no major issues from oakland to san francisco. we're checking out west down 80 there is a backup as you can see cash lanes fast track lanes are all a little crowded. but overall this is a decent commute. we had a minor accident that's gone 12 minutes for the drive to fremont street want to take you over to fremont because we have this new crash. it's northbound 6 80 at washington. it's moving over to the center divide which is great news, but you can see a little bit of a backup leading up to the scene but no delays for you going south south is a commute direction from concord towanda creek alamo danville you're fine and 6.80 sohere and then for one on one a little busy answering morgan hill you see some slowing their north on 1, one approaching cochran, but that's normal. it's only 11 minutes for morgan hill to south san jose james star you. >>5.17 right now in a california lawmer is calling for an investigation into the high speed rail what high speed doesn't exist yet the
5:18 am
big fraud corruption. all being charges 2 words of the assembly man is associated with that project reforms actually zavala explains. >>billions over budget and more than a decade behind schedule assemblyman jim patterson is calling for an investigation into the high speed rails private consultants making it up as you go along. >>handing over the decisions to handle billions of dollars of public money by private consultants who had everything to gain. by telling us that they were doing just 5. >>the central valley, lawmakers concerned about corruption and fraud after recent reports revealed the bullet train tracks are being built on regular speed rail for now patterson pointed to concerns of consultants covering up the facts and inflating estimated ridership numbers to the legislature would keep writing checks that's why i investigation it is required and quite frankly if they political party in charge of california. does not
5:19 am
open an investigation on this then they will be complicit. in a cover up paterson calling on the governor and attorney general to take action in response to high speed rail authority ceo said in a statement he welcomed last year state audit and welcomes the audit's results now he said they're working closely with the auditor to implement all recommendations related to their partnership with the rdp he says he's committed to ensuring the state workers are doing state work. >>well consultants provide the expertise needed from the private sector, he says back in march he ordered an office by office reviews positions to ensure our form is tied to a proper function. he says that review will be done by the end of the fiscal year the high speed rail authority is expected to give lawmakers a full project update wednesday. in sacramento actually isabella kron 4 news. >>and the on to of a missing boy in california are pleading not guilty to charges of killing the boy the twin sisters appeared in court yesterday. 6 year-old duke flores is still missing. but
5:20 am
investigators believe that he was killed and put in a dumpster. volunteers are continuing to look for him in a landfill and san bernardino county. the child is autistic and was declared missing after deputies did a welfare check at his home last week. his mother says that she hadn't seen him in more than a week a 6 year-old boy happening at 7 o'clock this morning. attorney general william barr is going to be questioned during a senate judiciary committee hearing. he's expected to defend the way he characterized special counsel robert mueller's report. it ernie joe released a four-page summary of the mueller investigation in it. he said that there was not enough proof for obstruction of justice prosecution against president trump. wheeler last night that robert mueller objected to bars letter. clearing president trump of obstruction. this will be bars first time in front of congress since that redacted version of the mueller report was released.
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>>the news the show empire has been renewed for another season we're going to tell you what that means though for actor jussie smollett and after the break. the latest move by the trump administration to stop human smuggling at the u s mexico border.
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preventing new flea infestations on your pet. frontline plus. the number 1 name in flea and tick protection. >>on this wednesday morning first day of may and looking pretty good out there you do have some low clouds hanging out above san francisco this morning, not near as much
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cloud cover as yesterday and not near as windy as yesterday was either winds calming down today going to be a really pleasant one especially when you factor, warmer temperatures and this afternoon. obviously not a warmer start to the morning though look at napa in have been bay 11 to 15 degrees cooler than at the same time yesterday so a lot of us are down into the 40's. i am talking a nice warm forecast ahead of us though that i think you'll enjoy still to come. robert. >>all right. thank you johnny want to check the bay bridge to drive into san francisco is. yeah we had a full house here cash lanes fast-track claims are all backed up. so it's going to be a crowded commute coming in, but if you take it every day you know that this is the norm and tony backed up to west grand pretty decent across the upper deck. so i don't have any bad news to report here at 12 minutes to make it off to fremont street and your drive times the great shore at the limit 24 west leaving wanted creek, nice and smooth through the caldecott 5.80 trouble free and then them it's wide open 11 minutes in san leandro to downtown oakland james. thank
5:25 am
you robin. >>that security will begin cheek swabbing people at the border to establish family relationships. the dna pilot program would identify and prosecute people who are posing as families. but really are the goal is to combat human smuggling. officials say the rapid dna test can yield results in roughly an hour and a half. this pilot program is the trump administration's latest bid now to address the growing number of migrants at the border and to fight illegal immigration. >>the city of san jose now cracking down on illegal you know when you're at ross >>the city of san jose now and you realize great minds shop alike? yes. or when you find those name-brand shoes that everyone notices? oh, yeah! or when you get exactly what you need for your growing family? yes! that's yes for less. yep! yes, yes, yes, yes... yes! seriously, 20 to 60 percent off
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>>and check it out weather and traffic on this first day of may how are things starting off fantastic. so far we had a couple of minor accidents. so i am tracking residual delays but it's not a major hot >>and then on the weather front. we got on tap for today looking at great weather kicking off a new month on a good note, so hopefully. this is going to stay this way looking outside we do have some cloud cover overhead but not near as much as we had been seeing so san francisco berkeley other areas across the day that you're seeing in that shot. now looking too bad, it is cooler than yesterday was though temperatures in the 40's and 50's as a where we're sitting right now hayward fremont salmon tale all a 49 degrees berkeley or of 48 look at napa that's the first 30 have seen on this map in a while so it is definitely a chilly start
5:29 am
to this morning as for temperatures later today will be moving on upward and eventually there's a lot more 70's in your forecast and they were yesterday so from a cold or morning to a warmer afternoon. i've got all the updates you need. still ahead your forecast robbed all right checking in on one oh one want to check the trip between the north bay and san francisco. >>here's your connector, the golden gate bridge, it's doing fine right no problems here we're at 19 minutes, nevada to the tolls and the complete opposite at the beirut, so plaza in its path act in the headlights are just coming to a crawl. this goes back be on 80 by the way it's all the way out to west grand. it's not through the maze not yet little bit longer it's going to get there. but overall a decent commute across the upper deck and look at the start time so we have 5 8680 double a to fremont both look great. there is a minor accident northbound 6 80 at washington and free months a little bit of sluggish traffic there but southbound you're good at the nimitz you're good to 37 wide open. milpitas to sonny bill will have some more
5:30 am
them. this city council voted unanimously to go after spectators who watched the show's kron four christina tetreault is joining us with more on that christine a. >>now if you are one of those people who decide to go ahead and watch one of those shows or as one of the spectators you're looking at a fine of about a $1000 or 6 months in jail or a combo of the 2 it is now going to be a misdemeanor here in the city of san jose, something very large that the police chief as well as america cracking down on they want all law enforcement to really be. on the front lines of this because they say it's not just the actual street racers or the people are taking these but the spectators that make it such a spectacle. >>spectators themselves are helping to create the of that. whether they are advertising for the event by uploading
5:31 am
video whether they're blocking off streets to enable event to happen whether the lookouts for the police. we know these events happened because of the people who are standing around. >>now everyone that we spoke with in heard from yesterday at the meeting said that this has been a big issue here in the city of san jose since 2015 they have had to 6 deaths due to these type of side shows or street racing so this is again something that they very much want to crack down on and make sure that they get the now make it a preventive measures so that they do not continue to happen reporting live in san jose christina teatro kron 4 news. thank you very much. christine a 5.31 and new this morning in the east bay police have identified the woman they think stabbed in oakland police officer 41 year-old margaret good life. >>was arrested and she is charged with attempted murder on an officer. this stabbing happened last thursday as an officer was in plain clothes
5:32 am
and walking to his car after work. police say the good life was on probation. so yeah, she's being held without bail. the officer was treated for stab wounds to the neck. but is expected to recover. ravioli company is shutting down after more than 90 years in business in san francisco. 94 years this restaurant located on 22th in valencia has been serving it up to loyal customers and now they have to close its just a time to retire, the owner says during lunchtime yesterday you can see here customers jam the place getting their favorite dishes some leaving with boxes full of ravioli ease. customers including danny glover the actor yeah. >>he happened to be in town and left out because he could get those final treats. >>really is made over 90 something years this came as a shock i come here all the time i get my my pistol year get my
5:33 am
of my black allow here isn't like the end result, i'm glad that i have friends told me that they were closing down i just have to be in town by the time to come here right next week is gone and i know what happens is is it to ship. >>he so fancy pesto i get but what's bach allowed to even knop now i got to go find out hey i know ravioli and so does lukas but like i said the owner says it's time t retire it would be you know money and time if they remodeled and kind of move forward and to just be a whole nother chapter. >>that he can't do. >>alright end of an era. now let's go to the peninsula where we're expecting to learn the condition of a sea lion that was rescued on highway one to wonder sfo and there you see the little guy. >>this is the animal in the back of a patrol car, it was trapped between a shoulder and a guardrail yesterday morning that's where it was discovered the marine mammal center work with officers to safely rescue what so hopefully we'll be back in the wild before too long. the san francisco
5:34 am
airport while changing up the pickup location for rideshare drivers so starting in june all domestic rideshare pickups will be moved to the central hourly parking garage. it's part of an effort to combat congestion right there at the terminals. the new location is about a 3 minute walk from the exiting a firm exit in the concourse it should be too far out of the way passengers using lyft and uber already using the new area, but some say the signage to direct them there's inconsistency that's going to be fixed as a foe says it's working on that we're really going to be focused on signage and having individuals and some of those key decision points to ensure that customers can find their way. >>it successfully. >>right now more than a 3rd of airport traffic is coming from rideshare vehicles. national headlines tragedy at the university of north carolina at charlotte 2 people are dead and at least 4 others are injured after a shooting on campus. john lawrence explains what happened. police swarming the university of north carolina at charlotte campus
5:35 am
tuesday evening. >>shortly before 06:00pm the campus went on lockdown after shots were fired in a classroom setting we mourn. >>the loss of life. we pray for those who are being treated at the hospital. >>right now. >>chancellor philip to block calling this the saddest day in unc charlotte history. the charlotte mecklenburg police department has identified the suspect as christian terrell the gunman was found and disarmed quickly since many officers were already in the vicinity preparing for a waka flocka concert on campus we train for this type of an incident and were able to get to the building. >>and our officers immediately. one officer immediately went to the suspected taken down. >>campus activities are canceled through the weekend. a candlelight vigil for the
5:36 am
victims will be held wednesday night. i know the people. >>in this community. and they will be here. >>for each other. i'm john lawrence reporting. >>remembering former east bay congresswoman i ellen tacher she passed away earlier this week she served the east bay district from 1997 to 2009. and she has a long list of achievements, including being the youngest woman to hold the seat on the new york stock exchange. she resigned from coegress in 2009 when president obama appointed her to a job at the state department tauscher died on monday at stanford medical center. she had complications from pneumonia. she was just 67 years old. 5.36 and still ahead on the copper morning news, the new list of more than 40 priests accused of sexually abuse. >>and change is coming to
5:37 am
disneyland and that means when you go we're going to tell you something that you might really feel you need to do, but you can't not the park anymore john and temperatures they are chile's you definitely want to bundle up stepping out there this morning look at these 40's and 50's cooler than yesterday. >>talking a warmer day ahead though in your forecast and it's time to tackle the traffic on this hump day there's a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza spilling be on west grand so it's already pretty jammed up coming with this one little nexgard chew comes the confidence you're doing what's right to protect your dog from fleas and ticks for a full month. and it's the only chew fda approved to prevent infections that cause lyme disease. nexgard. what one little chew can do.
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>>on this wednesday morning first day of may and looking really nice this view from the lick observatory right now showing the view from above the clouds you can see that layer low lying clouds and sitting across the day as we kick off a brand new month now temperatures are cooler to start out the new month 40's for half moon bay. redwood city livermore freeman san jose on up to nevado and these numbers are a lot cooler than yesterday nap in half moon bay, most noticeably down from 24 hours ago now that may make you think it's about to be a cooler day ahead of us. but it is actually going to be a warmer one daytime highs. well up into the 70's. robin nice maybe all before little walker little hike later, thank you john. >>want to check in on traffic which is looking pretty good. we call this a decent commute right leaving hayward over to the peninsula, it's crowded yes, but major problems no no hot spots or anything to worry about so under 15 minutes to one on one, the bay bridge
5:41 am
back up is growing by the minute it's not through the maze, but it's right around west grand so be prepared for that but pretty decent across the upper deck and the return center fell bridge. this is a good one, no major delays here at the tolls it's only 8 minutes from the pay gates out to one on one. 60% of moms get generic gifts for mother's day. this year, get more for your... mom? mamá mommy ¡mom! mom! mommy moooom! moooom! at t.j.maxx we believe just because the name's the same, doesn't mean the gift should be. mom deserves better, and you do too. happy mother's day. get quality gifts she'll love, at prices you'll love... for less than the price of a dozen roses. ♪ ♪ maxx life at t.j.maxx
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5:44 am
residents reported a homes were damaged landscaping trees ripped up and you can see in the video exactly what we're talking about some buildings were total loss, no reported injuries thankfully, but the national weather service is going to send out some inspectors there to survey the damage and confirmed whether in fact that was a tornado that it sure looks like it wait for the official word. back here in the bay area of course we're keeping an eye on our on whether nothing years traumatic oh definitely not we did have some winds the past few days and we have 5 nothing more than just a nuisance and today they're really starting to die down. >>i would say today an improvement from where we even have been it's been a pretty pleasant week up to this point clear skies above the bay area with the exception of some low cloud cover which has drifted in the past few mornings continues to be the case this morning, your views, san francisco, clear enough you're not going to have any visibility issues as you're heading on into work this morning. clear skies a to be expected into the afternoon too because high pressure having been built up is going to keep us dry. it's also
5:45 am
resulting in temperatures that are going to be rising in the days to come today, a boost from yesterday and tomorrow going to be even warmer yet the mountains seeing a some light showers this afternoon clear skies for the bay though today tomorrow on into friday continued dry conditions to look forward to now after this saturday. we do see us an increasing cloud cover beginning and then come sunday, you really start to see that cloud cover increasing and even a chance of rainfall ahead of us. today's daytime highs back up into a range of 60's across the day 62 in daly city elder not at 63 looking at some low 70's in burlingame and further south on one oh one to redwood city and saying carlos at 73 mountain view at 74 today, south bay numbers in the upper 70's and campbell in san jose yesterday. it was low 70's. so big boost in temperatures there pleasanton snow in fremont 74 each east bay numbers all in all it's warmer than yesterday that's the way to sum it up concord near 80 degrees, pittsburgh also at
5:46 am
78. knapp at 76 and even warmer out to the coast with stinson beach returning to the 60's breaking down next 7 days temperatures tomorrow and friday even warmer yet nearing 80 degrees come saturday, we cool down and then for sunday, a slight chance of rain falls or best chance of rain in the forecast but still just some light showers to expect robin checking in on 1, 1, we want to take a peek at southbound traffic because that's the commute side. >>the commute direction looking good leaving nevado sandra fell mill valley on to sausalito and to the golden gate bridge, so now's a great time to go ahead and use it. it is wide open and a very quick 20 minutes to make your way from highway 37 to san francisco, the bay bridge traffic it's full of cash lanes fast lanes all stacked up this goes back be on 8.80. the on west grand and and it's starting to spill tore at the bottom of the base, not quite there yet little bit longer we're going to be there 14 minutes to make the drive off to fremont street. we're also
5:47 am
checking in on 92. we're taking a look at the san mateo bridge and we don't have any big problems here leaving hayward over to the peninsula. but it's crowded so 13 minutes and growing to make it over to want to one and then the richmond center fell bridge doing fine just now getting a little sluggisleading up to the tolls would only 8 minutes to make your way out to one on one 5 babies at the limit 6.80 looks nice. the minutes 25 minutes milpitas art san leandro to milpitas and then no problems leaving milpitas heading west on to 37 to sonny bill james. thank you very much. >>so the sacramento diocese has released the names of 40 local priests and deacons accused of sexually abuse. the diocese says the abuse spanned 7 decades. we've got really a shot ix with the story. >>i was 14 years old in 19 87 in the spring when he salted me. >>kurt hoffman was a freshman at jesuit high school in on the swim team when he says his coach brother william farrington sexually assaulted him on tuesday, the sacramento
5:48 am
diocese released the name of more than 40 priests and deacons accused of sexually abuse some dating from the 1950's up to 20 14, but the list didn't include farrington its name. my question is just. >>if the diocese has really interested in transparency. full disclosure and in the interest of supporting victims and and give encouraged to possible victims who are suffering silently out there to come forward. i'm shocked that farrington was not on this list. >>sharon 10 was named last year on the jesuit west province list of accused abusers. a spokesman for the diocese says revealing the names of accused abusers is important. >>we want people to see this because we need to be held accountable and the only way you can be held accountable is to own it and the tone for. >>hofmann's parents reported the assault a jesuit they say farrington was gone the very next day. but hartman says he later learned that arrington was transferred to leo a in the early 2 thousands were he
5:49 am
served as a freshman counselor once hoffman notified the school of fairing tense sexual-abuse arrington was removed and placed in los gatos where he remains at an infirmary up to the church to make sure that they get reported to civil law enforcemt and not be transferred to other places where they can prey upon kids. >>but was or when a shot at reporting the catholic church says the earliest reported incident occurred back in 1955. and the latest was in 2014. news empire actor jussie small it is not returning to the show at least not for a while the show's producers say the small it will not be featured in any new episodes in the short term small it was written out of the final 2 episodes after chicago police charged him with staging an attack on himself smollett denies those allegations and prosecutors ultimately dropped those charges against him. now the city of chicago suing him for the cost of that investigation. happening today, disney parks are going smoke free that means people
5:50 am
can not light up any more inside any disney theme park that covers domestic the parks water parks, and the espn wide world of sports complex. there will be designated smoking areas outside of the park's entrances and also today disney will on no longer allow large strollers so the size limit will be 31 inches wide by 52 inches long they will be measuring at the gate. the company says the idea is to reduce congestion and improve crowd flow. >>5.50 right now for your health this morning, certain sleeping pills are now going to have a new warning alerting you about serious side effects. the fda requiring new warnings on these drugs they see and the real popular lunesta son on me and because some of the side effects could result in death or injury sleepwalking sleep rising and then there's sleep eating sleep, cooking all kinds of stuff. you know you and these warnings on tvere and they do and they've always said taken
5:51 am
before bed and go to bat like don't you know stay up and do stuff still operate heavy machinery he has it takes effect and then if you're still walking around you do stuff you don't realize. >>well as we head to break, here's a quick live look outside san francisco international airport. they want the story to talk suppose the fact that uber and lift pick up and drop off now is going to be moved to different locations so stay tuned for our story on that in case you happen to be planning on heading out to the airport or catching an answer right back it is we order you have to be there are no uncertain monet
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
>>back in close to 06:00am now looking outside there are some low clouds across the bay area this morning, not as many of them is we had been seeing you can see the golden gate bridge out there underneath some of those clouds winds are one of the biggest differences from where we have been very much so on the calmer side across the bay today. something i think will enjoy a lot because it has been breezy lately that's for sure. pollen levels they're going to stay in a moderate range today into tomorrow before bursting into friday saturday and sunday on your weekend back to medium to high levels across the bay. robin. >>heavier traffic now leaving hayward on 7 tail bridge getting slow right around the toll plaza, a pretty much continues to states like this along the flat section of the bridge. so it's just a sign that traffic is really picking up but not bad to foster city, we're heading over to the richmoncenter fell bridge. now we have just a minor wait to hear the toll plaza but not bad at all. no major issues
5:55 am
across the span it's moves on into the north bay sandra fell 8 minutes right on time to make it out to one on one want to check in on the bay bridge the trip from oakland to san francisco. it's going to be slow from west grand but no major issues across the upper deck james. thank you very much robin. >>the morning news police in the south bay are hoping that this surveillance video. we'll help them find suspects in a homicide investigation will explain. plus we're learning more about a deadly shooting at the university in north carolina will have the latest on the investigation there and the huge donation that's going to help fight homelessness in san francisco.
5:56 am
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>>and thanks for joining us on this first day of may i'm sorry a pulse and i'm james fletcher time now is 06:00am if you're just waking up this morning which are probably get you updated on weather and traffic before we get to the news cat problem, what you see out there not so bad so get out there now if you can leave early do that because the bridges are filling in quickly okasan fogging greatest are like yesterday. not as gray, but a little bit of gray touch. and we are going to see some blue skies later on there's your cloudy conditions saying it now just below the lick observatore this is what a lot of us are seeing this morning and some of you over in the east bay hills are driving through. >>you above the clouds definitely not so bad at all that the kicking off this month. now temperatures most noticeably are cooler than yesterday concord berkeley san
6:00 am
mateo in redwood city among areas in the 40's. odds of san jose at 49 right now in napa sitting right at 40 degrees. this is a big drop in temperatures from where we were at yesterday now after a cooler start to this morning we're going to just the opposite later on and into the afternoon a much warmer day ahead 60's and 70's for your daytime highs and talk in a very nice forecast to close out the rest of the week. still ahead robin a morning commute to san francisco, not so bad we do have a backup that of course is growing up the bay bridge toll plaza. >>you see on the headlights and this goes back beyond west granite starting to spill back to the bottom of the maze and now little busy across the upper deck as well before and after treasure island to about mid span before picks up so it's officially slow 23 minutes or fremont street. we're also checking one on one coming from the peninsula to san francisco. it's wide open 7 minutes from brisbane to the 80 split and if you're taking 2.80, it looks great from daly city


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