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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  May 1, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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mateo in redwood city among areas in the 40's. odds of san jose at 49 right now in napa sitting right at 40 degrees. this is a big drop in temperatures from where we were at yesterday now after a cooler start to this morning we're going to just the opposite later on and into the afternoon a much warmer day ahead 60's and 70's for your daytime highs and talk in a very nice forecast to close out the rest of the week. still ahead robin a morning commute to san francisco, not so bad we do have a backup that of course is growing up the bay bridge toll plaza. >>you see on the headlights and this goes back beyond west granite starting to spill back to the bottom of the maze and now little busy across the upper deck as well before and after treasure island to about mid span before picks up so it's officially slow 23 minutes or fremont street. we're also checking one on one coming from the peninsula to san francisco. it's wide open 7 minutes from brisbane to the 80 split and if you're taking 2.80, it looks great from daly city to the bottom of the 2.80
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extension in downtown san francisco james star you thank you robert. >>let's head to the south because happening right now police in san jose are looking for 2 suspects in a deadly shooting investigators have released new surveillance video hoping to track down the man kron four sarah stinson joining us live with a look at sarah. >>well a homeless man was shot and killed about 5 months ago and san jose police just released the surveillance footage because they are in desperate need of your help in identifying 2 suspects so take a look at this video so you can get a good idea of what the to look like investigators are hoping you will recognize the 2 and you can see 2 men walking on the street moments before 49 year old mark jones was shot and killed by one of the suspects after a brief altercation you can see clearly see the 2 men in the video one suspect is wearing a dark colored hooded sweatshirt dark pants and dark sneakers with white soles in
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light-colored jacket, the others wearing a dark colored hooded sweatshirt dark pants and dark color jacket, police are still investigating the motive and circumstances surrounding the killing. we also the map to show you where this happened on east virginia and south 3rd street at one in the morning on december 5th, even since then police have been trying to foot find out what happened in piecing it all together with video from area cameras, but they're still in major need of your help and they're even offering a cash reward if anyone can help give information that will lead to the arrest of the 2 men involved. now again we still don't know exactly why they believe these 2 men did it or what they have otherwise in the information but this investigation is ongoing. i'm live in san jose sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>news kate, thank you sarah to land another big story a candlelight vigil will happen today to remember the 2 people who died in a shooting
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yesterday at the university of north carolina. >>2 were killed and 4 were injured when a gunman opened fire on campus. and campus quickly went into a lockdown after those shots were fired into a classroom and the gunman was disarmed quickly because it turns out a lot of officers were already on campus for a nearby concert. >>we train for this type of an incident and were able to get to the building and our officers immediately. one officer immediately went to the suspected taken down. >>police identified the gunman as 22 year-old tristen tara l police of while they haven't told us anything about a possible motive so will tell you more soon as we find out more of what happened there at the car. a man facing charges in the deadly synagogue shooting in southern california entered a not guilty plea 19 year-old john ernest was arraigned yesterday he's accused of killing 16 year-old laurie kaye and
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injuring around by an 8 year-old girl and the girl's uncle. it when he opened fire in a san diego temple. police say he fired 8 to 10 times before his rifle ar 15 style gun jammed, and then he ran away and was actually shot and wounded by an off-duty border patrol agent who happen to be at the temple people who know them and say that he became radicalized some time over the past 2 years. and there are online post by him spewing hatred. towards jews and praising the deadly shootings that happened at a pittsburgh synagogue and in new zealand. >>time is 6 oh 4 and here in the bear the defense will begin its opening statement this morning in the go ship trial that trial started yesterday in oakland with the prosecution laying out its ca before the jury. derek elmen at that max harris both charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the fire that happened back in 2016 now with prosecutors talk to the jury they said that the
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man put party goers at risk by endangering them with the warehouses, makeshift electrical system. they also said that the 2 men knowingly created a fire trap. when they and knew that they were house had been adequate means of escape. now defense or attorneys are expected to argue that the people most responsible for the fire are the warehouses owners and oakland fire and police. >>it was an honor a privilege to finally get out in front. the jury of back tears as peers. >>tell the to the narrative that the prosecutors will tell you that public all this time it's false each day each day that and joe were ignoring the root of the problem and what could have prevented this awful horrible tragedy. >>testimony is expected to begin next week we'll be following the case and of course a reporter in the courtroom as well for day 2 of the trial today and you can get extended coverage of that throughout the day just tune into our online streaming app kron on and of course later tonight, we'll have a recap
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during evening. newscasts new this morning a kite surfer was rescued from the san francisco bay this all happened right around 8 o'clock last night near alcatraz the coast guard brought him safely to shore at the saint francis yacht club there in san francisco. he was wearing a life jacket and was found uninjured. that the body found in half moon bay on sunday is that of an east bay teen who disappeared while boogie boarding at poplar beech 18 year-old naphtali moimoi of hayward fell off his book the board while out with friends at the beach back on april 18th his friends last saw him, floating unresponsive offshore his body. it was later discovered at the ritz carlton hotel. one boy was set to play football for the university of wyoming. he had just signed with the team. this past december. >>in the south bay, a mountain biker is recovering he was her while riding on a remote trail just south of los gatos he was riding along the manzanita and serpent teen trail in the
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saint joe says he'll open space preserve area when he got hurt and firefighters had to save them. he had serious injuries and was taken by helicopter to a trauma center. >>66 right now and and more money is on the way to fight homelessness in san francisco, whole lot more sales for ceo marc benioff now pledging millions of dollars in that effort crawford's will transient is live from sales for center with more on this announcement. morton will. >>they came down in the overnight hours marc benioff in his life announcing that they are personally donating $30 million so this is not sales forced the company. but this is from the many office who are passionate about tackling the homeless problem in san francisco. the announcement was made not towards the city of san francisco as you might think know this actually goes towards. you see san francisco for the researchers there to try to tackle the homeless
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problem, it's a pervasive problem right so what they will be doing this is a 5 year initiative. they will research homelessness why does it happen why is it so hard to fix they will try to train. the next generation of researchers and my favorite part they'll try to work with form a homeless people to get them in and transform them make them into great public speaker, so they can go out there talk to lawmakers try to sway the opinions of society and dealing with homeless problems in san francisco. many off putting his money where his mouth is in fact it did this last year when he was a big supporter, a prop c which was passed by voters in san francisco, which taxes businesses that make over $50 million every year. >>and that money race is about million to tackle the homeless problem in san francisco. so you better believe this is just the very beginning of many projects for the benny office. they will make an
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announcement a little bit later this morning at least a formal announcement back to you. all right very good. thank you will. >>meanwhile in national news lawmakers are demanding the president and what they call the sabotage of health care. we have morgan right now to explain. >>because of medicaid rob can be with his family rather than in a nursing home for geneva stone and her family medicaid has been a lifesaver person rob suffers from a rare disease. she says medical bankruptcy was a real possibility before receiving medicaid and 2012 we have spent over a quarter of a million dollars out of pocket medical expenses but senate democrats say medicaid in america's health care system to protect millions of others like robert under attack for pennsylvania senator bob casey. the administration said that and their budget. >>they want to cut medicaid by one and a half trillion dollars and the trump administration's assault on the american healthcare system has reached new unprecedented
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levels connecticut senator chris murphy says the stakes are high the trump administration has involved in a lawsuit in texas that will put an end to the affordable care act and roll back medicaid expansion, the results of this lawsuit succeeding. >>would be a national humanitarian catastrophe despite demands from democrats for republicans and the president to save medicaid and the affordable care act. >>president trump plans are moving forward. it's even become part of its campaign speech we got the individual. >>mandate. the app. >>salute worst. part of obamacare eliminated. now we're going for the rest. >>in washington. gordon right. >>and still ahead on the crowd for morning news problems with california is plans for a high speed rail is it ever going to happen. the reason why lawmakers want an investigation. and dozens of priests in california more priest being accused of
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several salt we have the latest. and changes for the ride shares at sfo. so if you're going to get picked up after a flight don't wait out on the curb anymore, we'll tell you where you have to go. and we do have some cool temperatures this morning back down into the 40's but this afternoon just the opposite a warm and sunny afternoon. i had. >>and a stall on the bay bridge westbound their treasure island adding to all of this congestion heading into san francisco. now you're with this one little nexgard chew comes the confidence you're doing what's right to protect your dog from fleas and ticks for a full month. and it's the only chew fda approved to prevent infections that cause lyme disease. nexgard. what one little chew can do.
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traffic was not too bad now not too bad we do have a stall in the bay bridge. you ow that's just adding to the full traveling that's already there. >>so we call it a little hiccup just a little doubt over what happened yesterday on the bridge in right as huge difference between several lanes blocked in just a stalled makes us thankful for little small right so let's take a look at it it's westbound right around mets fan traffic is backing up through the tunnel down the
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eastern span through the tolls into the maze is putting more pressure on 80 once again, it's not a major problem. but it adds to this just crawling here at the pay grade so your drive time just bumped up to 24 minutes and growing to make it from the bottom of the oakland may's over to fremont street britain center fell bridge to getting heavy getting heavy right. no major issues so far but the cash lanes and the fast track lane starting to back up here toward castro. so we'll say 13 minutes and growing to make it to the nth bay once hot spots are major issues but we look at these freeways we just see that it's picking up getting a little crowded out there highway 4 through contra costa county 26 minutes antioch to concord 6.80 is fine going south won a once fine leaving san jose. you're averaging a very nice 33 minutes to make your way north from san jose to menlo park so we're off to a fantastic start what about the weather let's see how the forecast is shaping up with john travel. >>not off to a bad start in weather at all robin we are
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chillier this morning in a few clouds out there san francisco a bit of blue and a bit of cloudy skies too san jose also looking at just a few clouds overhead but no clouds to be taking in above bethel island down the east bay where the sun can be seen coming up over the horizon. so skies are going to be clear overall today than they have been the past couple of days. we've had clear afternoons but yesterday cloud cover at least hung out with us or much of the morning a little bit later than it did the day before. high pressure build back up across the state now what this means for us is we're in for a warm-up today already going to be noticeably warmer than yesterday was i know it's a cooler start to the morning. but that's not going to stay around this 40's and 50's you're feeling right now will give way to some 70's for much of the bay area skies really clear and future cast it almost looks like future cast isn't even working because we're now looking at a whole lot of clouds but it is it's just showing how clear the skies are temperatures today back up well into the 60's all across san francisco mission district is was financial district in the
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upper 60's today, further south of the peninsula, some upper 50's to 60's on the coast, while you head down one oh one and eventually you'll be looking at temperatures well into the 70's, redwood city in san carlos both at 73 today and after a day in the low 70's yesterday, the south bay looking at numbers in the upper 70's. campbell in san jose at 77 each. a nice warm up and temperatures for the east bay much like the rest of the bay area, mid 70's for the tri valley low 70's and oakland richmond in orinda while on that creek conquered on up to pittsburgh fairfield in vacaville. calmer warmer and just as clear as yesterday was this afternoon, good combination for getting out and enjoying petaluma and santa rosa, both up to 74. so expect warmer and nice dry skies today tomorrow on into friday saturday just a bit cooler and then come sunday, our coolest of days with our best chance of rainfall in just a slight chance of rain to finish the weekend friday and saturday, definitely are better days to plan your outdoor activities this weekend. daria.
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>>saint john in less than an hour attorney general bill barr is going to live or a long-awaited testimony about the mueller report before a senate committee, here's karen k filed with the latest. >>we learned last night that in the days following the release of bars 4 page letter to congress summarizing principal conclusions of the report that mueller sent a letter to barr expressing concerns that garden fully capture what was in the report. this coming as democrats have sharp criticism of mars handling of the report questions he'll have to answer here later today. >>attorney general bill barr before congress for the first time since the release of the mueller report. >>i'm committed to ensuring the greatest a great possible of transparency concerning the special counsel's investigation, consistent with the law. >>democrats eager to press the attorney general on his handling of the report the 10 episodes of potential obstruction of justice by president trump detailed in it and bars conclusion, there wasn't a case to prosecute
6:19 am
ahead of today's hearing in the republican controlled senata a letter revealed from alert a bar where mueller voiced concerns over barr's early characterization of the investigation in a four-page letter to congress there's also debate surrounding tomorrow's scheduled session in the democratic controlled house. the justice department balking at a request for additional questioning by house judiciary committee staff lawyers to move house republican leadership also criticized that there are more concerned about attorneys. >>talking to the attorney general the numbers themselves i think the priority priority should be members. >>committee democrats say it's not unprecedented. we have demonstrated there are lots of cases where that's what committees have done and yet. the attorney general seems to want to dictate to us. how we're going to conduct are hearing. >>democrats to stepping up their calls for special counsel mueller to come to capitol hill to testify. today is also the deadline for the justice department to comply with a subpoena issued by the house judiciary committee for
6:20 am
mueller's full unredacted report. >>it's likely to be ignored and democrats likely to take it to court now color the chairman of the house judiciary committee has also asked to see that letter that mueller sent a bar on capitol hill, i'm karen caifa. >>california lawmakers calling for an investigation now into the high speed rail project assemblyman jim patterson is calling for it after concerns arose over corruption and fraud. recent reports reveal the high speed train tracks will actually run regular speed trains for now. but the lawmaker says that's not what they were promised and he's accusing consultant of covering up the facts and inflating estimated ridership numbers so that the legislature would just keep writing checks. >>i think it investigation. it is required and quite frankly if the political party in charge of california does not open an investigation on this then they will be complicit. in a cover up. >>the high speed rail authority sent a letter to the
6:21 am
federal railroad administration to say it's complying. the high speed rail authority is expected to give lawmakers a full update on the project. >>the mother and on to of a missing boy in california are pleading not guilty. 2 charges of killing the boy. their twin sisters and they appeared in court yesterday for the death of 6 year-old duke flores his body has not been found. but investigators believe that he was killed and put in a dumpster and volunteers are still going through this landfill in san bernardino county looking for the remains the boy is autistic deputies decided after they did a welfare check at his home last week that they thought that. he was dead. his mother had told them that she hadn't seen him in more than a week. more than 40 priests in the catholic diocese of sacramento are named as being credibly
6:22 am
accused of sexually abused. this list contains the names of 44 pre cent to permanent deacons it was just published in the sacramento bee, 130 victims are listed over the past 70 years. the church gathered the record after bishop, gene the soto ordered staff to compile the list last year. a spokesperson for the diocese says revealing the names of the accused abusers is important. we want people to see this because we need to be held accountable. >>and the only way you can be held accountable is to own it and the tone for. >>the sacramento diocese runs from the oregon border all the way down to the lay how. while the department of homeland security will begin cheek swabbing people at the border in an effort to establish family relations. the dna pilot program would identify and prosecute people who are posing as families. the goal is to combat human smuggling. officials say the rapid dna test can yield results in roughly an hour and a half.
6:23 am
that pilot program is the trump administration's latest bid now to address the growing number of immigrants at the border and they say to fight illegal immigration. coming up on that awful morning news. >>where you'll have to catch an uber or lyft at san francisco international airport will have exactly what you need to know coming up. and here's a quick live look outside what you need to know about weather and traffic will have that in just a moment with robin winston and john trail. no one's journey begins with a trophy.
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>>the back 6.25, here's a look at the golden gate bridge this morning just a few clouds out there this view is a lot clearer than it was yesterday though you actually seeing a little bit of blue at this time, a couple of spots where you are running into some low cloud cover even fog overall though it's widespread impact low really cause a new to many visibility issues. so you should be fine on your drive into work this morning, skies once you head above in the low lying cloud cover actually quite clear that's the way they're going to stay today for the first day of may. we are looking at some great conditions for getting outside and are warmer temperatures this afternoon. >>robin all right we want to check in on a strain because we now have a 20 minute delay number one. behind schedule 20 minutes rolling into the south bay. no reason given so far, but rain 3, 5, 7, are on top time, but if you're waiting for number one, it's late to make sure you plan ahead. we want to check the bay bridge. if you don't want to be late rolling into san francisco you
6:27 am
need to leave early. there's a big backup here as you can see and we are recovering from a stall that was near mit span out of your way but you're backed up through the maze on to 5.80. the sure the nimitz and it's like this off and on all the way up to treasure island salif early we'll take a quick break and we'll be right. right. introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box.
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wednesday. >>a first a >>since ok but i do have some a strain delays number one is behind schedules all tell you why coming up okay, okay, and weather-wise are off to what a similar start the us still a nice mild day. yeah cooler start to today, but a warmer finish to it. >>very much so a nice mild trend this week that we're continuing to enjoy look at this he from look observatory shown in the law because it's just so pretty and reallyn shows what we do have going on across the bay a few more low clouds filtering in across the bay area. but those nice blue skies overhead that are going to be well through your afternoon ahead of us and temperatures under those blue skies, we'll be well up into the 70's but as for right now, it's still chilly so jackets are needed this morning. fremont salmon tale at 48 oakland at 49 degrees currently berkeley a 48. the lay how in concord each at 51 degrees right now so yeah, a cooler start to the day that
6:31 am
yesterday was skies clearing out already over san francisco and daytime highs later today from the 60's to the 70's a lot more 70's and yesterday even talking more about the rest your weekend the weekend to comes still have your forecast. robin thanks john a stray number one a little late this morning we found out why they had some signal issues taking off. >>so 20 minutes behind schedule rolling into the south bay right now trains 3, 5, 7 so far on time, but ace one late and the next stop should be great america. alright checking in on the bay bridge. we have a lot of heavy traffic here right end and it's recovering from a stall near mit span. so you're slow from the maze to mets fan. 17 minutes as your average off to fremont street and i'll give you one more bridge. the richmond center fell because it's heavier so traffic can be expected from harbor all the way up through the tolls 14 minutes and growing to make it out to one oh one james started. >>so san jose is trying something new to-crack down on sideshows instead of just
6:32 am
focusing on drivers are going to focus on the people supporting a yeah and they're going to come down i'm not going to prom for us christine, it hate row with more on how this is going to work christine a. >>now in a unanimous vote last night's city council up approved the fact that this will now be a misdemeanor if you just want to go ahead and watch one of the side shows it's basically street racing and it's been a big issue here in san jose. there have been 5 index since 2015 excuse me one more 6 since 2015 just in regards to street racing and that means people impacts is not just the racers but the big worry are the spectators it immediately. what city council saying putting those people in danger as well as putting the greater community in danger and really the big worries. the fact that you know the spectators are really making people on for this to continue happening in the community. >>spectators themselves are helping to create the of that. whether they are advertising for the event by uploading
6:33 am
video whether they're blocking off streets to enable event to happen whether the lookout for the police. we know these events happened because of the people who are standing around. >>if you are one of those spectators, you're looking at this at a potentially being charged with this as a misdemeanor. a $1000 or up to 6 months in jail for the combination of the 2. so this is something that san jose police department as well as all the law enforcement here. it's definitely cracking down on for more information go ahead. go ahead and click on the crime for dot com. reporting live in san jose christina teatro crime. >>thank you very much. christine a. so in the bay area, the defense will begin its opening statement this morning in the go ship trial that trial started yesterday in oakland with the prosecution laying out its case in front of the jury. derek al men and max harris, they're both charged with 36 counts of involuntary mansla ghter, one for each of the victims in that fire that broke out back in 2016.
6:34 am
prosecutors say the man put party goers at risk by endangering them with the warehouses makeshift electrical system. they say the 2 also knowingly created a fire trap because the facility had too few exits defense attorneys though say the people that should be blamed for that fire are the warehouses owners and oakland police and fire. >>it was an honor a privilege to finally get out in the jury of back tears as peers. >>tell the to the narrative that the prosecutors will tell you that public all this time, it's false each day each day that matters is in jail were ignoring the root of the problem and what could have prevented this awful horrible tragedy. >>testimony is expected to begin next week. and we of course will have a reporter in the kroger courtroom once again for day 2 of the trial today you can get extended coverage throughout the day just tune into our streaming service kron on to find out more dakota kron on dot tv and
6:35 am
course, we'll also recap today's events in our even broadcast as well. has ravioli company is shutting down after more than 90 years in san francisco, the 94 year-old restaurant located on 22th at valencia is closing earlier than expected. kron force morning kelly with the story. >>here's video that shows what look like around lunchtime when the charming mission corner delicatessen was filled with mostly longtime customers who came to be waited on by workers wearing old fashioned white smocks and paper hat. they left carrying out their favorites mostly the handmade ravioli and sauce so lucas was famous for some left with boxes stacked with food others with bags. those i talked to say they were shocked at the news when the owners announced they were selling the building at 22th in valencia and closing up shop and they're hot broken that that day is finally here. >>part of our history growing up in the city. you know just
6:36 am
like an institution, it seems like it said because one after another keeps closing. >>you know, it's i guess it's for the new generation, bad. it's it's sad for them because they will be able to experience it. >>i'm glad that i have friends told me that they were closing down ever to be in town if i did kind of come here right next week is gone a i know what happened was is it to ship you might recognize that last shot for san francisco celebrity danny glover he was wearing a shirt made by another customer reading. >>look around the only will be truly missed lucas is closing because the current owner who's had this business in his family for 3 generations is ready to retire. >>he says he's considered keeping the business open sitting just take too much time. and effort and money it's time for us to remodel once we take the permits we really should do the seismic upgrade 88 the fire department the health department. >>good take. virtually all my retirement money in another 20 years. as much as i'd like to.
6:37 am
yeah, it's just not feasible. >>a party message on the final boxes around the only sold offered their deepest appreciation to all the customers who walk through their doors maureen kelly crump warnings. >>on the peninsula we should learn the condition of this sea lion and that was rescued on highway one on one near sfo. there is in the back of the patrol car that he does jump right into it said thanks for saving me. he was trapped between the shoulder and the guardrail yesterday morning. >>and they wrapped up in blankets, there and they work with them to safely rescue him and he must be having have years and they look that's a lot of muscle and fat cute really cute very chic. speaking he could catch a flight but if you catch a flight you need a ride back and use the rideshare don't just go out to the curb and look at your cell phone and wait wait wait because that's not where they will be starting next month in june. all the rideshare pickups are
6:38 am
going to be in a whole separate area, not like right at the terminal coffers noel bellow shows you where you need to go. right now if you're being picked up at sfo by uber or lyft you have 2 options, you're either picked up curbside or up here on level 5 of the central parking garage. >>but starting the week of june 3rd all domestic pickups are going to be moved here. >>100% appear, wow we'll see how that goes. >>for lyft driver hahn's picking up passengers at sfo can be frustrating. >>that the cars tend to been shopping a lot of drivers just want to pick people up in the street there that's not good either the turtle's death we get too crowded too so the didn't they i don't know that partition that out some other way. >>starting the week of june 3rd that's exactly what san francisco international airport plans to do in a bid to curb congestion all domestic rideshare pickups will be moved to the central
6:39 am
hourly parking garage while we've been studying this for several years we've been working with uber and lyft in some different solutions. >>and really we're at a place now where it's going to take the relocation of all categories of uber and lyft pickups into our garage. >>dodge to really achieve the roadway flow that we're looking for. >>that's a post spokesman doug e a cool says it's about a 3 minute walk from exiting the concourse to the pickup location. passengers using lyft and uber pool options are already using this new area. but some say the signage to direct them here is inconsistent and the signage isn't very good. so. >>it's hard to find the location i was very confused, i've been wondering around the terminal for about 20 minutes now to try and figure out how to get out here that's an issue sfo says they're already working on a really going to be focused on signage and having individuals and some of those key decision points to ensure that customers can find their way it successfully with 71 side. >>1000 vehicles moving through the air more now on any given day. drivers and passengers are hoping this traffic-wise
6:40 am
yes, i mean it makes a lot of sense. stu good idea just depends how it all works out. >>sfo says drop-offs will remain the same and if you're an international traveler, you can still be picked up at that terminal at sfo noel bellow kron 4 news 06:40am. >>morning news. >>big change at disneyland all the disney theme parks will tell you what you can't do in there anymore. you know when you're at ross
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>>it is 06:42am and was a tornado that's the question this morning in missouri they a lot of damage that happened in the overnight hours. residents were homes and landscaping being ripped apart by strong winds, multiple buildings, a total loss in fact there is one example of that right there, nobody reported hurt which is great news. so this morning, the national weather service is going to send out a team to survey the damage and confirm if this was a tornado that struck that town so instead of like if nobody sees it is that the deals nobody actually sees it they just look at the damage and go was it so they base it on and then what the strength right strictly based on the damage the housing in a definitely determined based on the damage is but if you don't have the eyewitness report of it was angry they may find or not. >>they can be a little bit confusing, but it wasn't just missouri, but a severe tbreak of weather including some tornadoes elsewhere across the southeast last night too so there is a bu%y day elsewhere yesterday. i
6:44 am
felt less wind for show i want my dog and it wasn't is when you to feel even less today and warmer temperatures so i mean things are just get nicer here in the day a really nice way to close out the week in fact now blow much clearer than it was yesterday at this time very pleasant view from pleasant hill this morning skies are going to be clear into the afternoon a little bit sooner than they were yesterday and like dari and i were mentioning. yeah it's going to be a much calmer day as far as winds go to high pressure is built back in now and that's going help to keep us warmer and also just to keep this forecast pretty calm for the next couple of days. so enjoy that temperatures that will be very comfortable. calmer winds, clear skies. all the things you like to see during the start of may, plenty of sunshine today tomorrow and into friday the weekend is going to be shaken things up just a little bit was sunday offering up a slight chance of rainfall so do enjoy this weather while we have it 60's in san francisco just a touch warmer than and
6:45 am
tear one of just a couple of spots holding on to the 50's elsewhere it 60's and then a lot more 70's and yesterday redwood city and seeing carlos each up to 73 as for san jose and campbell it's closer to 80 now with 77 degrees for both cities daytime highs east bay warmer than yesterday was solid 70's low to mid 70's over and the tri valley gunner in the low 70's will walnut creek up to 77 danville at 76. so no and now mid 70's for you with pittsburgh in vacaville are 2 warmest of spots, egypt, a 78 today and some 60's and 70's for miranda and sonoma counties for your daytime highs, breaking down your next 7 days. we start this forecast, warm and sunny, the next 3 days and then the chance of rainfall on sunday which comes along with temperatures back into the upper 60's won't last for long though skies clear back out to start your next work week and by tuesday. it's mostly sunny and mid 70's, yet again. robin
6:46 am
thank you john still tracking some a strain delays it's not major. but number one is still laid a rolling through the south bay. so we've gone from a 20 minute delay. >>to a 15 minute delay for number one. what should be a pulling into the san jose or the next san jose stop in the next 15 minutes number 3 about 4 minutes late what i want to cross the golden gate looking good you will not be laid here, it's 23 minutes nevado to san francisco. so this is one of the better commutes for now favorites traffic 80 was well about so much. it's not a bad drive and it's just slow so it's really stacked up from the maze carpoolers are already thinning out the cash payers fast trackers still sitting in a big backup fair. checking in on some a drive times and freeways they look pretty good. we have moderate crowding for the shore for 24 leaving wannacry to the caldecott 5.80 under 20 minutes from castor valley to downtown oakland and the minutes working your way to downtown oakland, not bad at 12 minutes, we'll check more coming up back to you, thanks a lot rob and 6.49 and fire actor jussie smollett.
6:47 am
>>is not returning to the show and they've out at least for the time being the producers say. >>he's not featured his character in the new episodes. he was what read out of the final 2 episodes after the chicago police charged him with staging a hate attack on himself. he denies the allegations and prosecutors ended up dropping the charges against him. now the city of chicago though is suing him for the cost of the investigation. this morning, barry leaders are remembering former east bay, congresswoman l a ellen tauscher she passed away earlier this week, she served the east bay district from 1997 to 2009. ellen tauscher has a long list of achievements, including she was the youngest woman to hold a seat on the new york stock exchange. she resigned from congress in 2009 when president obama appointed her to a job with the state department. she died on monday at stanford medical center from complications from pneumonia, ellen tauscher was
6:48 am
just 67 years old. happening today big changes at disney world all the disney theme parks disneyland included no more smoking. you cannot light up inside any disney theme park, not even a designated area in the park and that covers all of their theme parks water parks, the espn wide world of sports complex. there will be smoking areas outside the park entrance. so as you know disease a big place. it's a world, it's a lance you have to actually leave the park to smoke. and remember we told you no more big strollers that takes effect starting today to the size is 31 inches wide by 52 inches. long and that's to reduce congestion and improve the crowd flow. >>for your health this morning, certain sleeping pills. now contain a new warning alerting you to some of the serious side effects that they could potentially cause so the fda is requiring these drugs on your screen to
6:49 am
now include these new warnings the move follows several reports of rare but serious injuries and deaths resulting from things like sleepwalking and sleep driving and other side effects as well doctors say the incidents can occur after the first dose of these medicines are going to be really careful. congressman. closer to adding equal rights amendments to the us constitution. the amendment gives equal protections to men and women and we have raquel martin now with more on the debate. >>no more excuses no longer will we be on the menu we will have a seat at the table, women's rights supporters from across the country one at the equal rights amendment to the us constitution. >>it is time for the constitution to reflect the powerful. >>principles of its first 3 words we p >>the 32 word amendment would legislate gender equality making men and woman constitutionally equal by not having both a regal work. >>why not be in the
6:50 am
constitution. so you can enforce sent the bill passed in 1972, but never got the required 38 states to ratify. >>now there's a push to remove the deadline in a post me too era and with record breaking number of women now in congress. >>lawmakers say it's time to pass the amendment just as congress. >>and you've already put deadline it has the absolute right to change deadline and the first hearing on the issue in almost 4 decades, witnesses and activists urge congress to act. >>some republican lawmakers didn't attend. >>those who did argued if ratified the e r e would strengthen abortion rights up in the would mean the end of laws that protect the sanctity of every human life even republican supporters say those concerns are invalid people right. has got people talking working together. >>democratic congresswoman debbie dingell think the house will support the e r a will have a tougher fight in the senate in washington, i'm recall martin.
6:51 am
>>skip the $5 lot hayes and uber rides that was the advice offered up on twitter from america's largest bank the tweet was posted by chase bank monday afternoon before it was quickly deleted. it was an apparent attempted encouraging customers to save a few dollars by cutting unnecessary expenses. but the post quickly became the target of backlash on social media and so chase responded pledging to be more sensitive on social media in the future. lord as we head to break markets have been open for a little over 20 minutes now and we're in positive territory, not by much 67 points to plus side right now 26,006 59 we'll keep an eye on the numbers, we'll take a quick break coming up on the cross for morning news tragedy strikes on the campus of the university of north carolina charlotte. >>we'll tell you what we know so far about the gunman who fatally shot 2 and wounded 4 others
6:52 am
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>>at 6.54 almost 7 o'clock on this wednesday morning first day of may and here's the tri valley plenty of sunshine overhead as this first day of may kick-off now temperatures they have been cooler down into the 40's for livermore right now 46 degrees. oakland at 49 san jose also down into the 40's to now these numbers are a lot cooler than they were yesterday napa 12 degrees cooler livermore in oakland. downey 2 degrees from yesterday now don't expect this cool down to last though maybe a cooler start to the
6:55 am
day but it's about to be a warmer finished to it with highs back in the 70's later on robert. >>a lot of slow traffic out there folks are heading toward getting stuck and slowdowns approaching our bridges our toll plaza we're checking out the return center fell bridge and it's at a crawl on 5 he was found starting back at marina continues right through the paye gates getting on to the bridge. it does not improve until at term it's dance along such a heavy traffic right now you're averaging 20 minutes from the pay gates out to want to one, here's the bay bridge we're checking out 80 west and some of this is typical commute traffic. some of it is residual delays from an earlier stall so just all gone, slow traffic still there you're backed up through the maze 5.80 from 24, 18 north connector is solid and if you come in from the shore freeway very busy from put all all the way down to oakland so make sure you leave early so you won't be late just getting word of a new accident north 1, one and capitol expressway, so that's going to slow you down leaving san jose looks like we only have one lane blocked the you know it's just
6:56 am
an from south san jose all the way into mountain view heading north so be prepared for that we'll check more freeways some slowdowns coming up are you. >>thanks a lot rob and at 6.55 and still ahead on the ground for morning news. opening statements in the go ship warehouse fire trial resumes today, we'll hear from the defense. i'm max harris on why he says his client should be acquitted. and find out why a california lawmaker wants an investigation into our state's high speed rail. and why it's still not built and taking a live look here at the san mateo bridge. you can go over this one just fine a lot of heavy traffic but it's moving. ,
6:57 am
6:58 am
put it in gear and take off. next thing you know, the phone is in your hand! stop! we should be holding the wheel, not holding the phone. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california.
6:59 am
you need to place yourself whilein the moment.ears, ♪ our products make the wins more victorious... and the rewards even sweeter. you need confidence in the appliances you select to build the home and life you love. our products and services bring moments like these to every family. shop top-brand appliances including kenmore at sears. ♪ we see two travelers so at a comfort innal with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at >>thanks for joining us at 7.
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variables that i change fletcher weather and traffic checks at the top of the hour with john and robin wright her the roads a little busy we have a crash in san jose n and a crash on the bay bridge saw crash on the bay bridge again, it's a minor one okay, i k. wait a minute and listen to the weather for says going to get a really nice out there yet again a little cooler than last week was. >>80's and 90's but it is a warm up nonetheless as we do you make your way back into the mid to upper 70's today, berkeley looks a lot clearer than it did yesterday at this time blue skies overhead and calmer winds too. now it may be a cooler start to the morning with your temperatures in the 40's and 50's but don't let that fool you we are still in for a warmer afternoon ahead of us so jackets definitely needed as you're stepping outside for this wednesday morning later on today though you'll be able to shed those and just enjoy some pleasant 70's. the bay looking at an average daytime high of


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