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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  May 1, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>>we're getting our first look at the updated plan for california's high speed rail and officials are asking for more money and more time to get it done the rewards plan follows governor knew some requests for changes to the embattled project, our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains how lawmakers are reacting now. >>in the high speed rail authorities update to lawmakers wednesday, the board president aims to keep it on track the project update shows the line between bakersfield tumor said will be ready by 20 28 with the construction cost increase of one billion the authority plans to phase in la and san francisco. but the update shows the project has no money committed or appropriated after 2030 assemblyman jim patterson is calling on the governor to halt funding for the project
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and making it up as they go along again they have no idea what they are doing let alone in 9 years from now this is a. >>i absolutely and trust operation that i think has lost all credibility another concern for lawmakers was the project's use of private consultants handling public money in the update. the board president says state staff will replace private consultants for management and oversight before the report's release wednesday, the governor said he was not ready to comment his feet. >>the governor said he would make himself available after the report was released later wednesday afternoon. but his office says as of right now they're not sure when exactly that's happening. reporting to ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>this just and pg e says it will set up a million fund to help survivors of recent wildfires of fires that were started by pg e equipment pg e
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says wildfire assistance program will provide relief to those people who lost property during massive blazes over the last 2 years. the plan requires approval in federal bankruptcy court the utility filed for bankruptcy in january saying it faced at least billion in legal claims from fire victims. according to a moos cnn poll. >>president trump's approval rating stands at its highest level since april of 2017. the poll found 43% of those surveyed approve of the job president trump is doing 52% disapprove this poll was taken after special counsel robert mueller's report was released. those surveyed about the report were split on its results. 48% believe president trump obstructed justice during the course of mueller's investigation 45% said he did not. and this just into the newsroom bart is experience a major delays at san francisco stations in the and in the east bay direction due to
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equipment problems on a train at the powell street station we will keep you updated on this story as it continues to develop. >>all right let's step outside to get another check of the weather around the bay area. >>pretty nice day out there. yeah lawrence, what's ahead or just about that yeah we're going to see some warmer weather over the next couple days high pressure now just kind of nudge its way over the bay area now lazy out over the bay as we've got another the sea breeze out there to bring some of that the moisture off the ocean's waters, but we are going to be in for a pretty nice night some patchy fog likely to form tonight least along the coastline, just you can see a little finger fog there along the immediate coast not to be much and as we had the afternoon that starts to disappear again even some sunshine along the coastline. and a few more clouds as we head into friday, but lots of sunshine inside the bay. it's a very warm temperatures there along the coastline will be a little cool humza 50's and 60's into san francisco about 58 in daly city 57 in pacifica with some patchy fog in the morning giving way to sunshine in the afternoon, 65 and burning game and then you head down to a peninsula temperatures warming up nicely 71 woodside 72 apollo upper
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70's in the interior valleys probably mid 70's in the santa clara valley. and some very nice weather in fact maybe sneak up the low 80's in the live more by tomorrow afternoon 75 in dublin about 70 degrees in richmond 80 degrees in concord 73 in sonoma 74 beautiful napa valley and 76 degrees in santa rosa. >>after a very busy yesterday today is kind of a rest day for our team, yeah time to look back a little >>it's really good to analyze good to say oh there's no controversy rate that's always nice to see and it's also good to see the rockets have not issued an audit of last night's game. the dominant story line is the warriors are locked in. there's a chance they could sweep the series let's go back to game to a match of the gave us some alarming news early on steph curry left in the 1st quarter after dislocating his left middle finger. he'd come back and with 20 points and james harden forced to leave after
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getting swiped across the face by draymond green that left him with a cut above his left eye in return, but said he could barely see all gave us the indications are it will be fine going for the 2nd half. >>the rockets hung around with a chance or 2 strong went on a 12 to run in the final minutes, kevin, duran a team high 29 points. katie on his strong outing and dream on loving the minimal cheddar about the rest. >>i love how stay poised to it all you know i think we've been we only was able to do that because we were going for series you know so. who was able to finish on home, we know these guys even more that their creative thoughts on the road even more dangerous car embarrassing for the game of basketball. how much has been talked about a lot follows an officiating light. what about the new man stop and no one talked anything about schemes last 2 days fall costs i think
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bowties which is locked in all coming out a plan again to the best belair a guard, your credit to both close a bowl teams that uh. >>game 3 saturday in houston meanwhile, the nhl waste no time in rolling through their playoff the sharks back on the ice tomorrow with an opportunity to leave colorado a 3, one series lead, san jose looked sharp last night a 4 to wind things like patrick from logan couture since 2010 his 43 playoff goals is second in the league just behind alex, ovechkin the key now. >>to not following up that performance with a left out. >>you play to cs for. >>very cool now on to some baseball a's on a nightmare road trip trying to snap a five-game losing streak, let's go back to fenway a's in a series finale with the sox
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picking up at the top the second signs of life from the a's offense lowrie on a base hit to right. chris davis comes home open strikes first ones at bottom of the 4th mitch moreland dial shack yesterday staffer seconds opposite field over the green monster. my fires pulled after giving up 3 runs through 5 a's fall, 7, 3, they have now lost 6 in a row yet to win on this trip. next stop, pittsburgh also want to mention. giants playing the dodgers tonight and finally the raiders hit with some bad news long before the season begins, running back isaiah crowell the former jet who signed the team this offseason reportedly tore his achilles during a workout today expected to be done for the season indications are the raiders may be looking at resigning, doug martin to go along with new first-round pick. josh jacobs and that story about spread by break i thank you mark. >>coming a police honor and officers in a ceremony in san jose what
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tastier... i was literally born for this. ♪ you had me at fried chicken pacifier. try my new spicy chicken strips combo today. with 100% all-white meat chicken. >>dozens of officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty from force charles clifford was at the ceremony. >>well here in san jose on wednesday, the police department held its annual service to honor officers who have fallen in the line of duty. well since 1933 12 san jose officers have died while serving. the first was john bock back in 1933 the last was
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officer michael katherine in 2016 who died in a traffic accident. now at today's service there were family members of those fallen officers also san jose mayor sam liccardo spoke along with san jose police department chief eddie garcia. >>for all of us. >>to be dedicated to continue. worker, the attack, it was or i'm grateful for those put on every single morning. every with vacuum and. today is a reminder of what would be the sacrificing. >>the pain that comes with losing a brother sister officer cannot be measured. and to the call bravely probably. >>today service also featured a bell ringing ceremony, 21 gun salute and the flags here at police headquarters were lowered to half staff. so far in 2019 35 police officers have been killed in the line
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of duty nationwide. in san jose charles clifford kron 4 news. >>the lawmakers calling for the attorney general to resign after his contentious testimony on capitol hill today we'll break it down with our political analyst that's next. and if you are streaming us on crime caught on the news continues during the
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>>conflict of interest clear companies might entice like to which my conflict event i think the american public has seen quite well that you are biased in the situation you've not been objective. >>california senator kamala harris among the democrats demanding that attorney general william barr resign after special counsel robert mueller criticized barr's actions. the attorney general strongly defended his early characterization of the mueller report and also his conclusion that president trump did not obstruct justice during the russia investigation. >>omar jimenez is on capitol hill with more of the highlights from today's congressional hearing. >>contention on capitol hill as democrats denounce attorney general bill barr is handling the russia investigation you lie to congress minutes before bars testimony, the justice department released a march letter from special counsel robert mueller in it mueller says bar summary of the investigation in conclusion, the president did not obstruct justice quote did not fully capture the context nature and substance of this office's work in conclusions. i decided
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to simply state what the bottom line conclusions were is there a crime or isn't there. a crime. >>was there an underlying crime here now being a democrats pounced if you received a letter from bob mueller few days after your march 24th letter it was clear he had some general genuine concerns about would do it said and done to that point yet his concerns was he wanted more at i'm not trying to capture everything i'm just trying to state the verdict, 16. >>republicans say the focus shouldn't be on bar or the president but on protecting future elections might take away from this report is that we've got a lot of work to do to defend democracy against the russians and other bad actors on capitol hill. a march madness. >>o conditions say and now barr says he will not show up for testimony before the house tomorrow joining us to discuss all of this political analyst and former san francisco supervisor michael yaki do you think barr will actually show can the house compel him to show up what happens. well he's not going to show up
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tomorrow. the house is going to try to get into showbiz had never a couple days to think it over. but i think ultimately he won't go and i think that we're headed toward. >>a contempt of sight, a contempt citation against congress can have all sorts of consequences that police are which hardening attitudes are the democrats and pushing the more towards impeachment. >>so potentially this could one escalate the situation or to set a precedent where other people who are called to testify before congress don't show up either. either way it's not good for the country. >>no i mean this is about running out the clock if you watch the way that barr handle the questions from senator harris senator booker, he start by repeating there as the mclaren by walter that was turned away seconds and by the time it's over their 5 minutes are up so this is a game of delay the trying to hide and they're trying to keep witnesses from appearing. they made it clear that i can give up documents we're headed really toward a toward what you would only call a
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constitutional crisis. i think in a very short order so if other trying to run out the clock we still have for 2 years or so before the next election are they trying to round the clock that long and just avoid. >>any kind of hearings before the next election. >>well the calendar have to look at the supreme court calendar and when they actually will hear things and they're trying to rip what run this out to the october calendar until things happtn until next year which case and nothing look at the site into a way into the election by that time people are going to be distracted by other things they're trying to prevent anything from happening between now and our job and that's what really is going on right now and they're doing a pretty good job of that, but the democrats i believe are going to fit have figured this out and you're going to be seen a lot of contempt citations being issued you're going to be seen subpoenas being throwing out you're going to see i think increasing pressure to start impeachment proceedings because one of the arguments that we made by the trump administration that there's no
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underlying crime or investigation. there's no need for us to show up they need for us compel witnesses come forward, but impeachment brings with it a whole different standard and brings in all the nixon cases and all the nixon case is basically say you have to put you have to cut your up you can compel you are you must provide yuma show up all sorts of things that this president does not want to see happen. >>so michael what is your view on the take away from today's hearing you know most people don't follow all of this the way a lot of us in the news business do you do as a political analyst. >>what is the take away for the average when you say a constitutional crisis i mean that's that's severe enough that means a lot to our democracy. >>yeah, i know, but what was happening today was bar was basically repeating the talking points. no underlying crime. no collusion. he basically said we've done the investigation which is not true. he said we have reached conclusions which is not true. but it's a talking point that he wants to continue to make.
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so when the democrats run fight back against that it just creates noise noise gree a noise is that wants have his voice is background noise, political noise fighting. gridlock those are the things that they believe they can take to the bank and and have a good chance of winning next year. it's when you have though the clarity of something like impeachment which i believe is where people are going to certainly need pretty soon the clarity of impeachment brings a whole different ball game and i left and my gut feeling is that i was not a big fan of impeachment. i didn't think that it was going to be worth it but now given the delay tactics and the be a message even by the trump administration may be the only thing to bring the focus back on the mueller investigation and the or 11 counts of obstruction by the president. >>michael yaki on a windy day we appreciate you stopping by
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giving us your insight of course will be checking back with you as we move forward on this thanks again. thank you. thanks michael. >>and that cool breeze is kicking it along the coastline right now the winds will carry little fog too a warmer weather ahead, we'll talk about that 4 zone forecast is next and kron four is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day if you haven't tried kron on yet, here's what you missed it. 35 years. county oakland, san francisco and los heart. you know when you're at ross
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specialty store prices. at ross. yes for less. >>the mighty mississippi river is flooding into towns all across illinois, iowa and missouri look at these pictures the river is rising due to a combination of the melting snow and heavy rain, kristen holmes has the latest. >>the mississippi river sending floodwaters into riverside communities in iowa, illinois and missouri. in davenport, iowa, downtown streets turned into rivers tuesday after the river broke through a temporary barrier i heard him you know the levee broke. >>the water was about 4 feet deep the back door was open and they saw the water much in through the building first responders using boats to help evacuate people from cars and rooftops. >>after the surge i had an amazing family and helped us today. >>so just making sure they were all accounted for
6:55 pm
vehicles are accounted for and we grabbed what little possessions are handy and kind of land. >>city workers scrambling to reinforce the barriers between the river and the city in fear of more rain. >>we have more water on the way mother nature can be fairly this river is is a very surreal saying to watch just how quickly it's come up. >>the river is forecast to crest wednesday in davenport at 22.4 feet more than 4 feet higher than what is considered major flood stage for the town and nobody expects a levee breach so you know. >>when that happens you just family do to get in. >>and perhaps a warning for other communities and states downriver as the mississippi is expected to continue to rise. i'm kristen holmes reporting. >>well that is just brutal out there it is unprecedented flooding. yes slow-moving disaster mean you're watching the water drain all the way from a the northern parts of the state all the way down in louisiana, so you can see this map right here look at that all that red there that is long all the tributaries and
6:56 pm
all those leading into the mighty mississippi river and that's where you see the flooding, it's just hard to believe this that extensive that all along that line stretching all the way up towards chicago all the way down into memphis jackson right down to new orleans as we're seeing the flooding from alive this mighty mississippi river and that will continue over the next couple of weeks, there's just been so much snow this year. we are looking at some fog out there right now you can see that band just putting stuff together not much just patch stuff at this time big changes though coming our way see this low doesn't look like much, but as we get toward the latter part of the week. that's going to factor in the weather maybe bring his chance of rain but for the next couple days high pressure slip in a little bit more that will warm the temperatures up a couple more degrees maybe some 80's by tomorrow. is a warm sunshine. but watch what happens here. but this into motion here to see some nice dry weather for tomorrow, maybe some patchy fog into friday and then that area of low pressure starts to sneak toward the coastline winding on through bringing the chance of showers the bay area on sunday, not like a big rain maker but a chance of showers and stretching down to southern california before begins move on shore so things
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really get interesting as we head toward the weekend, let's enjoy these next couple of days temperatures go to work out very nice 80 degrees and conquer 80 in little more about 74 degrees in the napa valley 76 degrees in santa rosa, 71 in oakland tomorrow 76 and sunny and bright in san jose and 63 degrees and cooler in san francisco that over the next couple of days, we are going to see that sunshine continue to friday just couple patches of fog in the night morning hours giving way to sunshine in the afternoon. we will cool down the temperatures over the weekend. the storm system that's approaching this called a cut off low really hard to forecast we'll time that out over the next couple. >>thank you lord, thank you for being with us tonight at 6 we'll see it tonight at 8 o'clock have a nice ev
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jeopardy host alek trebek opens up about his battle with pancreatic cancer. >> deep, deep, sadness. and up roar. >> they confiscated his scoot er er battery at the airport. and then healthcare for those who attended a midnight screening. plus dronenado, the video three years in the making, how a drone was used to shoot a tornado for the first time. then, can you trust the person you hired to


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