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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  May 2, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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>>hoe of attorney general bill barr to another level has escalated tension show the fight over the mueller report isn't over a justice department spokesperson called pelosi's comments reckless and false because the day after senators grilled bar over his handling of special counsel robert mueller's report and amid this week's revelations that mueller took issue with how findings and put it in writing in late march, but in april bartel congress even know how mueller felt about his summary i don't know whether bob mueller supported my conclusions. >>barr was a no show at house judiciary committee hearing thursday objecting to democrats plans for staff attorneys to question him in addition to lawmakers. >>democrats mocked him. >>chicken bar should have shown up today and answered questions. >>the white committee chairman jerry nadler surprising to find out that he's actually lost confidence in himself and his capability to do its job. the episode, a part of a larger fight between the trump administration and hill
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democrats. >>administration may not dictate the terms of a hearing in this >>now are threatening to hold bar in contempt of congress over a subpoena for mueller's unredacted report in washington karen caifa kron 4 news. >>mayor and congressman and presidential candidate eric swalwell is joining other democrats in calling for bars impeachment he tweeted this today saying quote it's time to begin impeachment proceedings against a g barr he prejudge the report falsely accused the fbi of spying lied to congress and missed a subpoena deadline at every step he has acted as trump's lawyer when he's sworn to be america's heat and he must go. >>we are now learning leaders at the san diego santa got attacked by a gunman had sought federal money to improve security there of how bought son of god asked for a federal grant last year $150,000 was actually approved in september but it was only awarded late march, the senate got wanted to install gays and
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more secure doors. but a rabbi says the synagogue had no chance to start spending that money before the shooting a card. police say the accused gunman killed a woman and wounded an 8 year-old girl and 2 men during the passover service that took place last weekend. >>well as we've been telling you measles is still on the rise in california with new numbers from the department of public health out today, our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains where the measles are popping up now. >>2 more measles cases reported in california, this week, the department of public health says the latest cases are in los angeles and orange counties. the reports come after an active week for measles in the southern part of the state a warning issued thursday to recent movie goers at an amc theater in orange county into southern california universities quarantined last week still the majority of the now 40 reported cases are scattered across northern california mainly in unvaccinated adults, the state public health department urging
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international travelers to make sure they vaccinated california is contributing to the more than 700 reported measles cases across the country according to tisease co and prevention. the number marking the worst year for measles in the usn nearly 30 years, the latest numbers in california in the first 5 months of the year are nearly double the 22 cases reported in all of 2018. for now the department is updating its case count numbers weekly, but the department says it start to see more and more cases. >>it will start updating those numbers more frequently reporting actually zavala kron 4 news. >>i know check of the weather pretty spectacular out there we head to our chief meteorologist lawrence karnal or yeah about that we've been put together some great days over the past few lots of sunshine around the bay area couple high clouds up above that's a sign of maybe some changes in the works. weak weather system off the coast. i love more on that. but overnight tonight skies going stay mostly clear away from the coastline and just inside the bay will see couple patches of fog and forming
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right along the immediate maybe sneaking inside the bay not going to be much and then tomorrow that is going to sweep away leaving a lots of sunshine on a friday and again some warm temperatures to but saturday things change those clouds really start to gather, then you see that low will off the coastline that's a cut off low spending a little closer to bring us more clouds and cooler temperatures so tomorrow they enjoy its going to be gorgeous friday around the bay area sunshine into sepsis so after a couple patches of fog about 58 degrees in pacific a little cool on the coastline to warm things up inside the bay into the 60's and burning game 68 in samut hail 70 degrees and woodside sunny all day long in the santa clara valley about 77 degrees in campbell 77 also in san jose and 74 degrees in santa clara. maybe some low 80's and a little more about 76 in dublin, 77 in danville about 70 degrees in walnut creek 67 degrees in berkeley and the north bay looking nice and warm to has received plenty of 70's even a couple 80's well inland back along the coastline that breeze will blow in the afternoon keep you cooler 57 degrees. that's in some beach.
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>>again lose get ready for the game on saturday we can hardly wait se side along and break this out. >>yeah i think the nba did the team's a like okay, how you take 3 days off. but we want to see the warriors back on the court now the second round now moves to texas as the warriors left for houston after today's practice. now if you had any questions about the health of steph curry's finger check this out the mvp throwing it out today at the rim now he was not shooting at that still very cool to see now was taped up still a full participant in practice warriors have a chance to finish this series in houston and complete a sweep, especially if kevin duran keeps playing the way it does he's led the team in scoring over the last 6 games. but playoff career-h 4550 coach kerr and katie playing at a supreme level. >>i think this year. given the
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stakes in competition. so we've already faced between the clippers and houston, he stepped up his game even more. to me this is the best i've ever seen. yeah, i think he's the best player in the lealue. so first place. doesn't make it any better this of you also. something that we take pride in. to see low that we know it takes to win a road game in playoffs. >>game 3 saturday in houston out of the nfl life moves fast when you're rookie, the 40 niners welcoming their 2019 draft class to team headquarters today for rookie mini camp, nick bosa as the centerpiece. but another player to keep an eye on second round pick deebo samuel. in addition to having one of the greatest names in sport is a personal receiver with sure hands. it also chip in on special teams. he says
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he models his game after golden tate and anquan boldin and his mindset when playing turn each plane to a touchdown. >>it is the midto the i get when i get the ball my hands like i like i was thrown about how they way my father always say to get the ball in about the reasons is the ball so it was i might give every child within every team of playmakers like lived in does give you my views on a lot leave enough to feel like i'm still the same person knows most now 11 around it. >>a-z got to get along >>and raiders camp begins tomorrow. finally tonight we want to send out a special congratulations to this year's class of the bay area sports hall of fame. the 2019 induction ceremony, happening tonight at the saint francis you see this year's class standing next to their plaques. what a group of great spread. gilbert danger, vicki jason kidd tina turner and tara vanderveer kron 4 is proud to be the organizations broadcast partner you can see the feature stories we did on each of the inductees online on kron four dot com also be showing them on bay area sports night at 7 on kron on a
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scene talents double thank mark. >>coming up the 60's been practicing medicine for 65 years and has no intention of slowing down. why she says yes to keep on going. >>and next a mother says a judge threatened to take her baby away after she brought the 3 month-old child to court. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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mother says a judge threatened to take her baby away because she was breastfeeding in court a north carolina mother says oe without her 3 month-old because the infant is dependent on her. >>daniel bell says that her baby penelope penelope refuses to use a bottle so breastfeeding is the only way the child eats when bill went to traffic court with her baby she was feeding her in the slaying the bailiff then asked her to leave so she took her baby outside to her husband and when she returned she explained her situation to the judge. >>i leave her home, she's unable to eat. he then replied me that that >>and if i had any other excuse that he was going to take her that day and have pint intact. and that's when i walked out of the courtroom. >>look at that baby bill says the judge also told her not to bring the baby again. now she's in fear of going back to the courthouse. a spokesperson for the judge says there's no
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comment from the court. >>she was hit by a speeding car in her own front yard now on 9 year-old is out of the hospital has some strong words for the driver who hit her. >>and if you are streaming a song kron on and the news continues during the commercial break go to commen
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>>you may remember this story
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dramatic video capturing a car barreling through a yard and hitting a young girl who was playing outside when now about a month later that 9 year-old who was run over in georgia is out of the hospital and she has some very strong words for the suspects suspects who are accused of running away after that crash. rg washington reports. this is how a dairy anna holmes gets around these days. step my painful step with the help of a walker, whatever bone was injured in 3 places but derrion a doesn't remember much from that day she got hurt. >>the day a driver lost control and slammed into the 9 year-old and her friend while they played in the front among her many injuries, she also suffered a fractured skull with more we have she hopes to regain the use of her right leg. >>i don't into things i usually but. >>as for the suspect security video showed the 2 men running away. police eventually charged gabriel fordham with
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the crime. he's still behind bars while the other suspect remains on the loose, but gabriel fordham claims he lost control of the car because he was being carjacked by that other suspect was that his attorney told me they plan to ask the judge for a new hearing do you believe. >>he was being carjacked no ma'am the dairy on his mother was both of the men inside that car in prison. meanwhile, a dairy on the has this message for the man. >>who ran are over you romney over obama get better real soon. >>the trials underway. los angeles for a man known as the hollywood reporter and a hollywood star may be a part of the case against that suspect now or grant lotus's here and explains the link that act to ashton kutcher has all of this yet havoc and interesting case right for sure and investigators say one of the victims of the serial murder is ashton kutcher's ex girlfriend who was found dead in her hollywood hills home in 2001.
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when she was dating the actor she was stabbed 47 times almost decapitated. and today prosecutors began opening statements in the trial of michael gogar leo the air conditioning repairman is charged with stabbing deaths of 2 women in la as well as a teenager in chicago, this is video from court today and in a chilling moment in that courtroom. the prosecution said that the suspect would quote watch shadow stalked and hunted down his victims before stabbing them to death for sexually gratification they say he lived close to all of his victims at the time of the attacks. the 43 year-old has pleaded not guilty to the murders ashton kutcher by the way is among the possible. witnesses here the complex trial is expected to take about 6 months can pan back to you all right, thank you out of pocket costs for americans with your logical conditions have risen so rapidly over 12 years, a new study says. >>that doctors need better access to drug price
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information. researchers say the out of pocket costs for multiple sclerosis medications were 20 times higher in 2016 than in 2004 and it's not just m s patients. the study looked at 900,000 people over a 12 year period. specifically people with m s dementia parkinson's and epilepsy. each took at least one nor logical medication and were privately insured and each sought big price increases. researchers say doctors need to be aware of the costs so they can best advise and prescribe for their patients. they say age is just a number and one doctor in new york is proof of that file many people her age appreciate slowing down a bit. she says she has no intention of kicking up her heels chain dow introduces us to the unstoppable doctor melissa freeman who just celebrated. >>her 93th birthday. >>on a misty wednesday evening in the tidy building lobby of 10 lenox terrace in harlem friends and neighbors scrambled to celebrate a
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legend assuming they can still keep up with her. to no one's surprise doctor melissa freeman popped out of the elevator looking as they say sharp as a tack. the title doctor the result of what will next year be her 65th year practicing internal medicine, i'm only doing i am supposed to do. and that is to reach out to help as long as i had the opportunity do it i know that i must continue to do and doctor freeman just turned 93 years old. she still works several days a week running her own medical practice and attending a clinic where she specializes in treating opioid addiction. to see people. help students. sometimes does a
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shoe. jobs doctor freeman is the granddaughter of a freed slave who following the emancipation proclamation moved to new york city to start a family. doctor freeman continues this tradition of excellence and is recognized through several proclamations well wishes and now in the company of family friends and neighbors says she wants to keep going for as long as she can i do intend to do some other things and laws. wait a minute you're talking about doing more. yes, i have to do >>i have to do more. she said yeah amazing that there is she really is amazing. new significance in california. well star wars has officially recognized by the golden state and ron force now streaming live local news 24 hours a day if you haven't tried kron on yet, here's what you're missing. >>35 years. county oakland,
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>>actor peter mayhew who played chewbacca in the star world's the star wars films has died may his family said in a statement today he died at his home in texas on
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tuesday. he was 74 years old the 7 foot 3 may who played the shaky towering chewbacca sidekick to han solo and copilot of the millennium falcon in the original star wars trilogy. >>born and raised in england. maybe you had appeared in just one film and was working as a hospital orderly in london when george lucas found him and cast him in the 1977 star wars may the 4th be with you california lawmakers voted today to declare may 4th star wars day in recognition of the disneyland theme park it's set to open later this month, here's a picture of a charity group dressed well this is that picture but you're going to see some storm troopers at state capitol today, the resolution says its star wars land is the largest single site expansion in distant lands history. it says it could generate $14 million in tax revenue for the city of anaheim every year by the way disneyland started taking reservations for the new star wars park today. but you only need a reservation if you plan on visiting before june 23th
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as can be. >>that's to say the least let's take a look outside and see what's happening around the bay area right now looking out over san francisco in the bay still a pretty evening and even those a little hazy out in this picture or just south of right now changes ahead, but you know they're celebrating may the 4th be with you in the bay area have more on that in a new special segment. we've got cold. >>for fun things that will come up tomorrow, so we really look at that. yeah break hey we've got to your getaway forecast a lot of folks are trying to get away on the friday is now for extending our weekends as the weather gets a little bit nicer head of the monterey bay. we've got some temperatures running in the 50's and the 60's for highs tomorrow, if you're looking in that direction but there will be some low clouds and some fog southern california speaking and i'm 72 degrees 73 in pasadena's 72. in los angeles if you plan to head the high country you'll find some sunshine and a few clouds dry conditions still some of the ski slopes are open up there if you want to ski on the snow by dan hey
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schiavo like all also you can do that as well as we're going to see those temperatures running up into the 60's. outside right now just a little haze, some fog trying to form now we're going to see more of that as we head through the night tonight just some patchy fog along the coastline and just inside the bay otherwise just hazy conditions out there right now in the sea breeze really start to kick in today probably the warmest day of the week tomorrow going to be very close to maybe a degree or 2 cooler that over the weekend we're going to watch temperatures really begin to drop the still some of those winds kicking up now along the coast, 1020 miles per hour outside so little bit breezy in spots. temperatures not all that bad in fact still very very comfortable inland, 72 degrees and leyla to 70 in lot of 75 degrees in concord right now 73 in fremont and 71 degrees in livermore but here's where it gets very very interesting high pressure that has been bringing a lots of sunshine right here. but right down below a under cutting that ridge of high pressure what we call a cut off low that is going to wander toward the coastline. as we get into the next couple of days that will affect your weekend that
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will bring a few more clouds drop the temperatures. there's even a chance that we could see a couple rain drops header away as we head in toward lot of part of sunday but not tomorrow tomorrow going to be another great day enjoy the sunshine starting out couple patches of fog early plenty of sunshine in the afternoon with some warm temperatures all around the bay area watching this low pressure center here comes spending closer to the coastline and there we go we get to saturday see the clouds moving in and then that system brings the chance of some wraparound showers right there into sunday and some wraparound clouds into monday as well so changes coming our way for the weekend, let's enjoy a beautiful friday around the bay area could be very nice in a san
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ashton kutcher, star witness at the murder trial of an alleged serial killer. accused of murdering the woman he was dating >> she had been stabbed 47 times, and was lying dead behind the front door. then secrets of the measles cruise ship. owned by the church of scientology. tom cruise celebrated his birthday onboard. plus, vacation nightmare. >> the wealthy banker accused of ating a hotel worker to death breaks his silence. >> the just released photo. and inside joe jonas's


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