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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 2, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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that home and that the neighborhood is safe. >>well for scale on long live in san carlos with the latest details scale. >>dam in canada home has been on an occupied for quite some time now which is why a deputy is on the scene throughout the night. the city's and carla says there is no threat to the public. but the materials are still at the property. authorities have now blocked off this home on cedar street in san carlos. >>after the city was informed thursday about radioactive material inside the property. i just knew his house by a. >>get a boat out from any of these and tennis on his house that over time came down, but we never really met a man. >>neighbors did not know the homeowner. but city officials say the man living inside this home died earlier this year his family notified the city about the possible hazmat situation around noon, authorities entered the home before 03:00pm and close down avenues as a precaution, the policeman just came up to her door and just shows that week that there's a potential
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hazardous waste down the street and if we'd like to evacuate. please do, but you don't actually have to go. paul and kristen had to be live a few houses down our phone was blowing up a lot of concern neighbors. this is a busy and street, especially at school pick-up time. >>so a lot of people are asking and to be asked to evacuate or not without any information of what it was with a little. we just didn't have any information. >>they had to say the scene cleared around 5 in the afternoon. >>in the end authorities found the radioactive material inside canisters located in the shed. >>in the backyard, though the material does not present a threat to the public. it does require state response for collection and disposal. offici the materials tomorrow morning we're live in san carlos scale on kron 4 news caleb authorities said what exactly this radioactive material is because there's all kinds of different things out there.
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>>can a it is unknown what exactly it is we do know that the materials are contained. >>and state officials will safely remove it tomorrow. >>all right get along live for us in san carlos. thank you gail. >>well tonight, the woman police accused of pretending to be a nanny has been arrested emeryville police say darlie marianna month to call though use the name of a legitimate professional nanny who had been vetted by the state. they say month a call on the other hand has a criminal history that goes back 40 years. surveillance video from a family home in san francisco, help police track down the suspect that family says she gave them a name which was not hers. police say records show not to has been arrested for fraud narcotics and possession of stolen property additionally, oakland police have a warrant out for her arrest for identity theft and in titian intentionally hurting a child. we're talking about. >>we're talking about allowing people to live here.
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>>over city leaders are celebrating a decrease in gun violence mayor libby schaff along with local community leaders and gun experts shared a new report showing homicides in oakland have dropped significantly from forres dance was there for the discussion he joins us live in oakland with more on this day. >>well pam in cannes this some new report highlights of the city of oakland was able to reduce gun violence as homicides have been going off in other major cities and they're hoping that this discussion and this report helps those cities understand oakland's success. >>bucking the trend on gun violence as other major cities across the country see an increase in the number of homicides, not. >>is not on the top 10 most violent cities in america.
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because today we are. >>oakland mayor libby shaft joined a panel of other bay area leaders to discuss how the city is made progress fbi statistics show since 2012 there has been a nearly 50% drop in homicides in the city chefs as a holistic and humanitarian approach including the cease-fire initiative have been major factors in the decline, we arrest our way out. >>incarceration or punishment. it is about us. communication. >>shep added that the community city leaders and police all play an important role. among the crowd at the event where members from moms demand action. a group that advocates for gun sense in america, the city of stockton has also taken on the cease-fire initiative stockton's mayor michael tubb says funding is crucial to ending gun violence. 10 years
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year year >>advocates say that this report communities that are most impacted by gun violence said it is possible to reduce aamodt homicides in their cities. it's just a collaboration between the community and city leaders and police that's the latest here live in oakland and torn kron 4 news. >>our lives matter that's the message from the student was sent dozens of them in sacramento today who hit the streets there. the group says it wants to bring attention to police the gun reform as well as gun violence in schools. >>the students blocked traffic at the tower bridgt before
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marching to the state capital today. the group is pushing for passage of assembly bill 3, 9, 2, that bill would limit the situations where officers could legally use deadly force. but some opponents of the bill say it would create unrealistic standards when officers need to be able to make split-second decisions. tonight oscar grant's mother is reacting to the just unsealed report on the shooting death of her son. >>that happened at the fruitvale bart station on the platform there more than a decade ago and grant's mother tells kron forcefully chagall she's grateful. the truce is finally out. >>if he was alive today oscar grant would be a fathea in his 30's raising his daughter who is about to turn 15 years old sadly, the reality is that oscar didn't make it past the age of 22. and though his mother wanda johnson is still heartbroken she says her son's death has resulted in positive performs at the bart police department passengers can now issue complaints about
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officers through a citizen review board. the officer that killed graham is no longer with the department and neither is the officer who an independent internal affairs investigative report says escalated the tense moments leading up to the deadly shooting o oscar grant our police force. >>need to be revamped that there's needs to be more training. there needs to be more sensitivity training as well, there needs to be psychological training. there needs to be education. all those things play a factor. and my son losing his life being killed. >>senselessly the report completed back in 2009 remain confidential until this week. johnson says it confirms her son was unarmed that officer yohannes messerli lidelyto use taser as his attorneys argued in court when he shot 10 fact the tasedineed to be pulle tried to say that and we know that that was just a
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fabrication. >>even from the reports written that in fact he didn't mean to shoot and kill off skirt he didn't mean to do exactly what he was trained to do johnson says she works to bring law enforcement agencies and their communities together to prevent any more senseless violence through her nonprofit organization. >>the oscar grant foundation felipe should all kron 4 news. >>outside on this thursday night looking out over san francisco's embarcadero with the beautiful bay bridge in the background on a clear night. >>she summed it up or right our day we've got to another nice day for friday. but as we get the weekend things start to get a little bit on the nippy side but yeah spam said little hazy out there in spots but otherwise, mostly clear and we're going to see a couple patches of fog returned to the bay and the coastline overnight tonight. the temperatures today really nice. think the warmest day of
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the week today, maybe we cool by one or 2 degrees tomorrow that's about it so if you love to they love tomorrow 2 is 2 degrees warmer and conquer 2 degrees warmer in san francisco 4 degrees warmer in livermore these temperatures very within the coastline lot of 70's 77 degrees in redwood city 74 about the 76 in san jose 82 degrees in concord 81 in laos 74 degrees in the napa valley cool up toward the temperature of 61 degrees in half moon bay. alright, number wise we've got 69 degrees and the san jose now 60 in livermore so still comfortable in some of the interior valleys but cooled off now as overnight lows. getting a little chilly in some of the valley's i think overnight tonight still clearing things out and well you're going to see some of the clearing and that will give way to some cooler temperatures as we head to the early morning hours. system off the coastline now bring us a few high clouds across our skies we'll see more of those clouds in the coming days that system gets a little bit closer but tonight that low clouds and fog mainly along the coastline in the bay. i think the valley stay,
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mostly clear except for those high clouds and then mostly sunny and it's going to be warm again tomorrow so beautiful friday, but then the clouds roll in the temperature really a cool down over the weekend. air quality looks great on friday get out there and enjoy it is going to be beautiful sunny day outside and yeah looking good blues scoot out of town with a little bit of a sea breeze so yeah we're getting ready for another a nice friday outside but things will change this weekend as this cutoff low finally going to work its way toward the coastline already seen some of those high clouds stream across our skies but one more day of some warm weather as high pressure builds in overhead after that things begin to change the low approaches the coastline but tomorrow join that sunshine and temperatures up in the 70's and 80's in many spots right here we go overnight tonight we're going to see some that patchy fog develop and early tomorrow morning and then maybe couple high clouds from time to time but not going to be much then things really begin to change as we get into saturday. look at all the clouds gathered some fog there first then you see that low spiraling in toward the coastline. having a little further south of the bay area but certainly something to watch out for over the next
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couple days. in san jose should be a fantastic day the santa clara valley, temperatures up in the mid 70's, there also as you make your way into a in the san francisco. we are going to see some patchy fog early on and then some sunshine in the afternoon. and how about oakland the nice to day out there temperatures up in the upper 60's by the afternoon, some comfortable temperatures there. but there are changes on the way it is pam has been forecasting. there's a slight chance of showers this weekend. so we're going to get the rest up and forecasts and o just add a couple things to it. coming up in a few minutes only that kate thank the north a man is now charged with murder in connection to a dui crash that killed a woman the crash happened on saturday night on butterfield road in san anselmo. >>police say 30 year-old james boswell hit 72 year-old carolyn marie allen while she was walking her 2 dogs, one of the dogs also died boswell was arraigned on dui charges. he said to enter a plea later this month police say he has a prior dui conviction in los
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angeles. there will be no new charges or no charges at all filed in last week's shooting that killed a man in pittsburgh. cost cuts county prosecutors declined to file criminal charges against jason posey saying he acted in self-defense police say the shooting happened april 22th at a tire shop in the 1500 block of little pass road. emergency crews found a 36 year-old victim shot several times he later died at a hospital. police say the victim and the suspect knew each other, and they argued for several minutes before the shooting. >>happening now a warning for students walking near the u c berkeley campus police say groups of armed robbers are targeting students. they topol force has a view on what people need to know about the 2 most recent roberts. >>2 separate groups of u c berkeley students walking near the campus. our rob within 90 minute. i'm free. >>suspects pulled up in a vehicle next so many of those around them are approached them some kind of way and they're armed with handguns. the man in their property.
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>>scary stuff, scary stuff. the first incident happened around 12:30am thursday, a group of floor their backpacks itself alludes here the 2700 block of jenny legs to give up their property and they got are underway. berkeley police say they have limited descriptions of the 3 armed suspects the same goes for the vehicle about an hour and a half later a second group 3 male students robbed of their backpacks and cell phones, a good at good plea limited descriptions of the suspects in that case as well, although the 2 crimes are similar in both happening within the same proximity and time frame. police say they do not think the 2 robberies are connected. so we're looking into but it does not appear to be the case you know it is r students who live in this area voice their concerns i mean. >>at this point it's kind of that it's almost on campus and i think that everyone at least around like this part of campus has been
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aware there's been abeen happen say it both robberies the victims gave up their personal belongings without a struggle no one was injured in either case. near the cal campus in berkeley has it meant you'd kron 4 news. a man who was operated in home care facility on brenda way in palmer park for 30 years is under arrest. >>for is allegedly committing sex-crimes at that facility, here's what we know right now 68 year-old keith marcum was placed under arrest for allegedly committing continuous sexual-abuse on a child sodomy child cruelty with possible injuries and possession of child pornographer e this all after 2 former residents of the facility accused of years of sexually and physical abuse. detectives say when they searched his home they found more than 600 images of child born marcum was booked in his home county jail and is set to be arraigned. monday morning. a man was rushed to the hospital after falling into the kill away a crater at hawaii volcanoes national park
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last night. according to park added crossed over a metal barrier near an area known as steaming blocks when he fell about 70 feet the drop is about 300 feet but officials say the man was stopped by a small ledge in the crater national parks service in hawaii fire department personnel worst together to rescue the man. officials say the man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. >>you might remember this story of a viral video of so-called barbecue, becky this made headlines all over the nation one year ago, and now the barbecue or so she went after my calling police are planning a community event they want to commemorate what happened at oakland's lake merritt and illustrate that they are taking a negative situation and turning it into a positive one. well boys, michelle cakes and shows us. >>lady right here wants to sit here and call the police on >>a barbecue >>well it's been one year
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since jennifer shell t the becky called the d the world oakland police on a family barbecuing at lake merritt went off at 3 hours and 25 minutes and cheesy caps a lie. >>little things to us like a. when the police get a year you know you got to see. you your days are numbered kenzie smith's wife took this cell phone video. >>they say barbecue becky a white woman told them they were trespassing, not welcome and told them they be going to jail for barbecuing something smith has done at the lake since he was a kid we were both looking each other. >>trying to figure out how we were going to get out of this situation no citations and no arrests were given that day. >>instead of community came together to support each other and sparked a nationwide discussion on bias crime reporting. smith is writing a book and now sits in the parks and recreahow far they've come since the incident on may
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12 he's asking everyone to come out on mother's day for a family fun event at the lake. we want to stop a want to stop. >>the intrusiveness we want to you know come combat want to we want everyone to understand why we turned a negative into a positive and we're going to continue doing so in oakland california organizers are asking for donations to make sure that this is an event that will be free for everybody if you'd like to donate all of that information. >>is on our web site in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>homeless advocates insist what they hope to build on the site of an old grocery store in san jose is not a homeless shelter, but rather a permanent housing project but most to neighbors are opposing this plan. >>our grillo to shows us now here in the studio he has details and reaction to all of this grant if you've been around the block you may remember what this used to be the old dick's 2 per market 4th and younger just north of japan town it is being considered for the project that could house formerly
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homeless people in as many as 100 permanent apartments but neighbors in that area are pushing back now some of them saying that the 4 or 5 story development in that community is just a bad idea. >>even if it was just 120 apartments period. i would be concerned that with this particular population in very concerned to we all have to do our part here in san jose because every corner you see homeless people. there were some noise. >>neighbors kron four talked to said they're worried about more traffic more crime drug use and yes, their property values. others feel the project could make the existing homeless problem, even worse, but the nonprofit group pushing this plan says those fears are simply based on misconceptions will keep you posted. tell you where this goes next have come back to you. >>the moody giuliani or kellyanne conway or any of the other people who sacrifice or once decent reputation for the groue to a liar who sits in
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the oval office. >>in national news tonight, hawaii senator hirono not holding back saying she doesn't believe attorney general william barr is telling the truth. this before bars, no show before the house judiciary committee today as sara murray explains democrats are now threatening to hold bar in contempt. >>house speaker nancy pelosi, the highest-ranking democrat calling the nation's top law enforcement officer a liar, attorney general of the united states of america was not telling the truth to the congress of the united states. that's a crime. hoin contempt re on the attorney general after he refused to appear before the house judiciary committee today as bar headed r come to o creating their own made for con steve cohen, a tennessee democrat munched on a bucket of fried chicken during the hearing and flooded a ceramic chicken to drive his point
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home. >>chicken bar should have shown up today and answered questions. >>are skipping the hearing after democrats demanded he faced questions from staff lawyers in a 30 minute block on top of the 5 minute rounds of questions from lawmakers that he took ability to hear from bill maher today as republicans slammed the performance of their democratic colleagues is stan. to a circus political stunt. >>to say we want to look like an impeachment hearing. >>house judiciary chairman jerry never threatened contempt proceedings over not giving the committee an unredacted version of mueller's report by yesterday's subpoena deadline have no choice but to move quickly to hold the attorney general in contempt. >>if he still was a fails to negotiate in good faith. >>but it's clear he plans to drag this out now the first to fight for an unredacted version of the mueller report and then try to negotiate with
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the justice department before holding bar in contempt. as for house speaker nancy pelosi, she's only accusing bar of lying after he claimed in previous testimony to be unaware of whether the special counsel's team was frustrated with his 4 page summary of their findings and you lie to congress. >>and anybody else did that would be considered a crime. nobody is above the law not the president of the united states and not the attorney general. >>a justice department spokeswoman fired back saying the baseless attack on the attorney general is reckless irresponsible and false. >>meantime he's a congressman and presidential candidate eric swalwell is also calling for bars impeachment he tweeted today quote it's time to begin impeachment proceedings against a g barr he prejudiced the reports falsely accused the fbi of spying lied to congress and missed a subpoena deadline at every step to step he has acted as trump's lawyer when he swore to be america's he must go. 1045 looking for a
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job, it's a great time to get the career of your dreams find out what hot jobs are in high demand here in the bay area plus how the family of a team now plans to keep her memory alive 3 years since her disappearance and after the break san francisco's crooked street is one step closer to costing you money if you want to drive ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪ ♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present.
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plan to make people pay to
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drive down san francisco's crooked part of lombard street is a step closer to reality and not too soon for the people who live in that area. >>let's go for charles clifford tells us neighbors are happy that finally officials are taking action on their behalf. >>well on thursday, the state assembly in sacramento, past that the san francisco lombard street reservation and pricing system which is a possible plan to charge visitors to lamar street here a fee to drive down the street and also they may have to make a reservation ahead of time now that plan now moves on to the state senate where than it if it passes the senate it goes to the governor to be signed. if all of that happens. then it will come back to san francisco where the city will need to hammer out specifics for how this plan will work in the course of a year about 2 million people, a drive up and down lombard street or visit lombard street and that has put a lot of wear and tear on the roads and sidewalks nearby is also creating a problem for residents here who sometimes have trouble getting into their houses now i talked to several people who live nearby say they are in favor of this reservation pricing
10:26 pm
system, including one man who says the problem has gotten out of hand but really it's just sometimes a common courtesy issue right you can't even park in your own driveway, when you've got kids that are ready to go to better at lunch or. >>you can't get out of the house he it's just a it's just really gotten to the point where. it's very difficult to manage it. >>now if you're wondering why the state legislature is getting involved in this issue there is a state law that says that no entity like a city can charge to use a public road unless they go through the legislarure. in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >>a financial boost to better protect the bay area for wildfires. the difference one county can expect to see soon over the next 2 years plus it looks like the measles outbreak is not slowing down at least in california. and we have a very important tenet 10 coming up. we're going to forecast all the way to
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>>young woman vanished without a trace 3 years ago this month. now the family of pearl pinson wants to do something to honor the missing delay whoa teenager only on for tonight kron four sistine while but has the details on ereir plans to try to make forgotten. >>the past above 7 80 is the last place people saw then 15 year-old pearl pinson walking to school. witnesses saw her struggle with a man and then
10:30 pm
saw the girl with green hair being dragged across the overpass never to be seen again, everybody. >>in this town knows this is pros overpass this is pearl's place and we want to make it official. >>in memory of pro there are fake flowers along the fence and graffiti on the walls, but her family want something more that here. they want to rename the overpass after pearl. >>her family has started a petition to show the community support. it has hundreds of signatures rose pinson tells me a renaming project feeds the city and cal trans approval and collecting $6,000. but it is important for her family to make this happen. >>so bay knows what happened to how to prevent they have been s following up on tips. but detectives tell me. no new information as to where earl is has come in recently. >>police killed pros alleged abductor in a shootout in southern california. likely
10:31 pm
any clues might have died with him may 25th will mark 3 years since pearl went missing and try my best to stay strong through all this it's one step at a time each day. >>ms. pray that wherever where she is that good or bad we spread it will get a closer so we can clear bring home our put it to rest. >>to her family renaming the overpass with the girl is never forgotten. in valais whoa justine waltman kron 4 news. >>measles still on the rise here in california with new numbers from the department of public health coming out today, our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains where the latest cases are showing up. >>2 more measles cases reported in california, this week, the department of public health says the latest cases are in los angeles and orange counties. the reports come after an active week for measles in the southern part of the state a warning issued thursday to recent movie goers at an amc theater in orange county into southern
10:32 pm
california universities quarantined last week still the majority of the now 40 reported cases are scattered across northern california mainly in unvaccinated adults, the state public health department urging international travelers to make sure they vaccinated california is contributing to the more than 700 reported measles cases across the country according to the centers for disease control and prevention. the number marking the worst year for measles in the us in nearly 30 years, the latest numbers in california in the first 5 months of the year are nearly double the 22 cases reported in all of 2018. for now the department is updating its case count numbers weekly, but the department says it start to see more and more cases. >>it will start updating those numbers more frequently reporting actually zavala kron 4 news. >>and those latest california numbers comes as a measles outbreak has quarantined a cruise ship the free winds, a cruise ship owned by the church of scientology is now heading back to its home port.
10:33 pm
that's after a confirmed case of measles caused the ship to be quarantined in saint lucia, a doctor in saint lucia said because of the highly infectious nature of measles they made the decision not to allow the passengers to disembark. >>san francisco mayor london breed has announced an almost $630 million earthquake fond to prepare for the next big one expected to hit the bay area sometime in the near future. the proposed bond would fund a seismic projects to strengthen the infrastructure of public safety building such as police and fire stations, san francisco voters could see the proposed million earthquake safety and emergency resilience bond on the march 2020 ballot. reid says this is a critical investment in public safety. >>having safe police stations fire stations. first responders very important but it's it's it seems really neces >>maybe some of the big corporations that are housed here in san francisco can participate in that. so it's
10:34 pm
not such a burden on the taxpayer. >>mayor breed will introduce the bond at the board of supervisors meeting tuesday, and if it's approved the bond will then be placed on the ballot. the last. >>for certain moran county neighborhoods is going to change dramatically over the next year and a half all in the name of wildfire prevention. calfire moran was just awarded a million grant to come back overgrown vegetation. this crowd for kelly reports, the idea is to make these areas easier for firefighters to get in and easier for residents to get out during a wildfire. >>some of the streets are so narrow and tight that we can't get a normal fire engine up the hills. >>todd lando with the nonprofit fire safer ran is showing me one of the narrow winding roads and the manner while beautiful makes access difficult for firefighters.
10:35 pm
it's one of 7 neighborhoods one extending from fairfax east a quarter madeira about to get a make over that he says is long overdue this is. sepp showing their own. >>section of street right here will be cutting back all of the vegetation that leans out over the roadway to provide better access. like all this of all above us right now what we're going to be looking for is at least 14 feet of clearance overhead. 10 feet of clearance on the side of the roads. anything that hangs out over the pavement itself will be removed as part of this grand we've been concerned for decades in the fire service about the education encroaching on roadways. it's been a difficult overcome in the communities they moved here because they love their trees, we know that the people who live in fairfax or a smelly. >>it's part of our environment they see it this way. but there's really been a change over generations, those trees are now encroaching on roadways where they work historically we need to cut that back we need to improve the access will be working
10:36 pm
cooperatively with homeowners as the majority of the work will be on private property in front of people's homes. >>in the public right of way part of the reason there's been so much over growth over the years is because so many homeowners didn't realize they're responsible for maintaining it the work is expected to be finished by the 2020 fire season. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>the remaining snowpack in the sierra nevada is significantly deeper than usual the california department of water resources says it was a 188% of average for the spot where the data was gathered at phillips station near lake tahoe snowpack was at 47 inches. and the snow water equivalent was 27 and a half inches. the ratings are used to predict snowmelt runoff and spring and summer which supplies roughly a 3rd of by california. >>well we want to check in with laura's car know on the weather and is actually a little rain in the forecast. >>and that's scary pam i don't want to put more pressure on myself but this may be the
10:37 pm
most important. >>tenet end of the year we've got mother's day in the forecast metal is always a big one. outside right now we've got a couple ofcpatches of fog trying to form along the coastline, not as much as last night. but we will see couples patches developing overnight. some changes in the not too distant future here we go your long-range forecast as we take you through the next couple of days you see the little swirl off the coastline we've been tracking that all week that's a cut off low tomorrow, lots of sunshine up some patchy fog early on saturday, a change to get close enough we start to see the influence we get more of a sea breeze that fog moves along the coastline, some mid to high level clouds also rotating on through and then as we get to sunday. yeah, there's a slight chance we could see some showers rotating on through right around that system doesn't look like a huge rain event but certainly a parts of the south bay, especially you may be affected by that, but we'll keep our eyes on that over the next few days as we get the middle of next week and changes again high pressure starts to build in. and you through begin to warm up this weekend. yeah there's a slight chance of showers on sunday warming up again the
10:38 pm
middle of next week. how about mother's day the following weekend. moms are going like that mostly sunny skies temperatures near 80 degrees or it's a big story tonight indonesia is moving forward with plans to move its capital a long-term plan was approved this week for the government to abandon overcrowded and sinking and polluted jakarta. >>our grant lotus joins us now in the studio with details on what's ahead grant talk about these rising miami beach parts of the bay area all over the world really gonna have to face some of the same issues. >>indonesia though is special president joko widodo approve this plan this week saying it is a big job that could take some 10 years and require $33 billion to pull to move the cap outside of indonesia's most populist island java. 2 other alternatives were discussed like moving it to a location. near jakarta or staying out in relocating all government l ne
10:39 pm
around the presidential palace, the site for a possible new capital has not been announced from the flooding and rapidly sinking due to uncontrolled ground water extraction the capital city jakarta is asian mega city it is creaking though under the weight of dysfunction only 4% of jakarta's wastewater is treated. that's according to the government causing massive pollution to flow into rivers and contaminating the groundwater that supplies the city just a mess. nearly half the city sits below sea level making it extremely vulnerable to flooding. and as the land dips lower sea levels as we mentioned have gotten higher due to climate change all of that means entire areas of jakarta, the capital could very well be under water by 2050. complicating things city's inequality. you see one wealthy communities. pump groundwater they cause gradual
10:40 pm
caving a low lying coastal areas which are often occupied by residents who cannot afford to live in the central business district now. california senator and democratic presidential candidate. kamala harris, sounding off today on twitter about the proposed move saying quote this is unsustainable we can't keep relocating our cities. we must fix the problem. another reason why the united states must act now rejoin the paris climate agreement and pass the green new deal. if indonesia goes through with this plan it would not be the first country to move its capital though these others enough for the same reasons, nigeria moved its capital in 1991 are did the same in 2005 can pan back to you all right. ested for kidnapping police say the teen hopped into a car and drove off but in the >>was a 5 year-old and a 3 year-old police say the mother left her car running while she ran into the home to grab something when she came out the car was gone turns out it was an alert police officer was in the area who spotted
10:41 pm
the suspect. >>we had an officer in the journal vicinity of where this car theft happened. >>an. >>he saw a young mail driving vehicle and that driver just pull over on the sidewalk and got out of the vehicle. and our officer thought something just wasn't right. >>well, that's for sure police say the boy tried to run away, but officers are able to catch him. he has now been booked for kidnapping and car theft. >>day 13 state employees received the highest honor california can give to its employees. today all 13 were given the medal of valor award for acts of heroism among the awardees chp officers who rescued people from fires a firefighter who helsed save 2 men from the las vegas mass shooting. and a tree maintenance worker who rescued a mother and 3 children trapped in their car during the ranch fire. leon from the
10:42 pm
fight and realize true intensity of the flames. >>the medal of valor award is sponsored by cal hr the program started back in 1959 and since then 640 state employees have received the honor. >>still ahead unemployment is so low that recruit or recruiters are going to unusual lengths to try to attract employees look at the bay area blue collar employers struggling to find people and coming up in sports and fortunately, the sharks can take 2 from the avalanche in colorado. how the ad shut down
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>>the strong local economy is making for a pretty robust job market data scientists are in demand and so our forklift operators kron four dropped flat has a snapshot of some of the bay area's hottest jobs right n w. what was the last time were. >>she drives for work computers >>skilled with like excel in my companies like that so week in office like receptionist. >>san jose's adecco staffing services is helping taylor another job seekers in what branch manager sean kelly says is acandidate's job market and we have a 2.8% unemployment rate right now
10:46 pm
which is as you know extremely low so right now our candidates have a choice of where they go adecco lindy dot com and other listings show that in the tech sector data scientist an ai jobs are in demand after attack the most jobs may be in health care home health aides is on the rise. clinical assistance and then you know back to the office to your back office medical assistance as are on a high rise for position construction is another hot sector, san jose's barry swenson and other builders have openings for most skilled and unskilled workers says vice president dave gibbons across the board superintendents project managers cost estimate ers project engineers all those. >>other in high demand people coming out of school are getting very good salaries and uh it's really hard to find qualified people out there is a lot they were consequences here play on it. >>i know that if this policy changes. >>one of the very hottest jobs out there right now is
10:47 pm
interpreter or translator, the courts are hiring and so is silicon valley says annabel of the federation of california translators there's that. >>kind technology that is exported in use worldwide and that information and your apps and everything that has to be translated into the language of the user in another country artificial intelligence is not going away. and it's something that everybody needs to embrace it's here it's staying with us. >>we're moving to hugely a i job market the rise of e-co in demand, nonprofit work is a hot sector and career counselors are finding work. >>and it's so expensive here that i'd like it you make the $2 for a bump in pay taylor
10:48 pm
murphy another applicants are learning about hiring incentives like help paying off student loans. few jobs pay enough to support a typical bay area mortgage these days, but the high cost of housing is driving wages up. >>not for everybody but it's a good time to be looking for a job we get calls 2 to 3 to 4 times a day from new customers needing people. >>so that gives candidates, a little bit more opportunity and i go she ate that pay when they're such a small candidate pool. >>but don't get lost in the fact that there's no jobs because it's quite quite the opposite actually. >>in san jose from flood kron 4 news. time now for. >>brought to you by xfinity making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at. >>about the sharks. >>couldn't quite pull it off tonight couldn't quite pull it off. >>good thing is that they always say it's a long. >>syria and now here we go my just not seeing this helps we
10:49 pm
could got much better much better let's start all over now the sharks a chance to take over this series with a 3 one lead. >>coming back to san jose but the avalanche. we're in a groove in the mile high city brent burns beer tattoos and all ready to go scoreless in the second period, martin jones makes a couple of saves but nathan mackinnon it finishes off the rebound one nothing colorado now late in the second. given the chance for the sharkies logan couture gets a great shot on goal but philipp grubauer on the spot with a pad save 32 in the game for him. still once if colorado in the 3rd abs with on one chance but khalid wilson cleans it up for the power play goals up to in the 3rd. the sharks. paul jones eric johnson makes them pay with the empty netter to put it away seconds left. things got physical between brenden dillon and wilson a lot of fight for the sharks, but they come up empty final score
10:50 pm
avalanche with a 3 goal shut out the series tied at 2. what's your from sharks. goalie martin jones. >>we're disappointed for sure is going turn for us, they're supposed to tough to over to 2 here we got home ice for soy so. just got to curb is a 6 game. >>now game 5 saturday will be at the tech now to some more years the chance of one last practice before heading to houston look at steph curry throw out of the red steve carr says he added the fingers on his non shooting had taped up what was still a full participant warriors have a chance to finish this series in texas complete a sweep, especially if kevin duran keeps playing the way he does he's led the team in scoring over the last 6 games with playoff career highs of 45. and 50 coach kerr and katie pl given the stakes in competition. we've already faced between the clippers and houston, he stepped up his game even more.
10:51 pm
to me this is the best i've ever seen. yeah, i think he's the best player in the league. >>audi's tonight sixers raptors game 3 joelle and be dominated from the tip. the windmill slam and the plane celebration. but he wasn't done knocked down 3 traits finished with 33 points 10 rebounds. >>and a lot of dancing along the way philly takes down toronto won 1695 to one in the series game 4 sunday in philly. >>finally tonight, special congratulations to this year's class of the bay area sports hall of fame. the 2019 induction ceremony tonight at the saint francis. you see this year's class standing next to the plaques and what a group of great spread. gilbert dave jason kidd tina turner tara vanderveer kron four proud to be the organizations broadcast partner and you can see the feature stories we did on each of the inductees online on kron four dot com will also be showing bay area sports night every night at 7
10:52 pm
on on regulations greek classroom there yet and right atd a keen internal so you can still pick up football take right there all right, thank thank you, let's check in about. >>yeah and you know we've got some of that fog form along the coastline now but we're going to get a good friday for
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
>>the borough rescued after being found injured in the middle of a road in riverside county today officials with animal services believe the
10:55 pm
borough is only one or 2 days old and was likely separated from her mom, she's being fostered by a registered vet technician who has several other girls on her property. animal services says when she's healthy enough she may be put up for adoption that is one cute girl may the 4th officially be with you. the california legislature voted today to declare may 4th star wars day in recognition of. >>a disney theme park is set to open later this month. here's a picture of a charity group dressed up a storm troopers at the capitol he probably guess this is a play on the star wars phrase may the force be with you. the resolution says star wars land is the largest single site expansion in disneyland history. it says it could generate $14 million in tax revenue for the city of anaheim every year by the way disneyland started taking reservations for the new star wars park today, but you only need to get a reservation if you plan on visiting before june 23th.
10:56 pm
>>all right time for one last weather check. we've got some patchy fog trying to form out there right now look at the haze begin to move inside the bay and some fog along the coastline. our seymour that overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning when you get up then it goes away we've got a lot of sunshine by the middle they should be beautiful friday to get out enjoy 60's in the bay 70's and some of the valleys by noontime and 50's along the coastline warm afternoon 70's low 80's. well inland once again so some beautiful weather all around the bay area your 4 zone is looking good cool by the coastline in pacifica inside the bay sunshine and 60's and the burlingame 69 in foster 70 in p redwood city, south bexar move in the mid upper 70's by the afternoon. and thenup those num little bit more 81 degrees and live more about 77 in pleasanton 70 degrees in union city and about 70 degrees in walnut creek 82 in concord in the north bay go enjoy some sunshine and some beautiful weather all day long 70's 80's going to be calling. nice
10:57 pm
friday around the bay area just cool along the coas%line if you head in that direction bring a light sweater with the of my knee, the temperatures there in the 50's but otherwise in the warm and were up in the 80's. temperatures go to cool down quite a bit over the weekend slight chance of showers on sunday, partly cloudy in the monday. mother's day right now. i think it's looking good just about as good as it's going to know i better not mess that termites, feasting on homes 24/7.
10:58 pm
we're on the move. roger.
10:59 pm
hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good. termites never stop trying to get in, we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. hello, america. i'm duke roscoe.
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