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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 3, 2019 1:30am-1:59am PDT

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tonight, the surprise star wedding no one saw coming. >> whoo! a "game of thrones" star and a joe bro make their i dos. only we are with the elvis impersona impersonator. >> you got to catch him if he falls. why some accuse taylor swift of ip aring off beyonce. and did mariah hit a low note? and "night. is a spinoff in the works? a royal baby secret. has meghan's newborn arrived? and "16 candles" turns 35. our throwback with the cast then
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and now. >> what's up hot stuff? this is "entertainment tonight." joe jonas and sophie turner turn up the surprise wedding of the year. it all went down right here in this room at the little white wedding chapel in las vegas. only we are -- we are the only show with the man who officiated over the wedding. >> thank you very much. huh huh huh. >> i joseph. >> i joseph. >> take you sophie. >> take you sophie -- >> they were recorded by deejay diplo. >> with this ring, i thee wed. >> only we have the exclusive photos with the groomsmen nick and kevin and the elvis impersonator who jesse grice. was this preplanned? when did you know? >> i knew five minutes before
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the wedding ceremony. i didn't know who. they blocked off the chapel from 8:00 to 12:00. >> you see them, what goes through your mind? >> he's the guy who sings the ocean. >> after exchanging ring pops the newlyweds kept the party going. check out the couples' wedding certificate signed by the reverend himself. >> elvis got marry in the las vegas 52 years ago on may 1st, and this entire wedding only cost $600. plus a hefty tip for reverend elvis. >> they took care of you afterwards, didn't they? >> they were all right. yeah, i went straight to the casino. >> here's the best part -- there's a more formal wedding wn the plans for later this year, and that's going to take place in paris. for those i dos, sophie's including her bestie. >> macy told me she's planning
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what she's wearing. >> yes, she's my made of honor. >> the 23-year-old actress shared this advice on making it work. >> i think the key advice is to remember, just love and be loved. >> i love you. >> thank you. >> just knot, joe, his brothers and the j sisters took over the billboard music awards. ♪ >> priyanka rocking with the ladies before kissing hubby nick. joe and sophie vibing on his ex taylor. swift opening with "me." taylor is getting some hate for her performance. the beehive accused her of copying beyonce's coachella performance. the marching up and down, both pink and the leotard?the both he
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thing before. beyonce in 199 and taylor in 2009. last night she was definitely award show taylor. ♪ getting down and tearing up while fan girling over mariah. she mouthed we love you to the recipient whose twins stole the show from their nervous mom. >> them babies it's their birthday. can we say happy birthday? >> i would like a do-over. >> drake is now billboard's most decorated artist ever and lit up twitter name checking this "g.o.t." slayer. >> shout-out the aria target for putting that that work last week. >> now "game of thrones" fans are worry that had aria has been cursed by drake to die. by the way, michelle, if you're going to get married when you finally decide to get married you have to do it here with
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elvis. this is the place. >> see, you can find your own elvis. >> uh-huh. by the i woway, we almost went through an entire week without that, goldilock. in addition to nischelle's wedding another big event last night here in l.a. >> yont to know. i joined the "big bang" cast at their final premier last night. >> a special night. >> it is. >> i'm a little cried out. >> my mother, god bless her, she has been a puddle of tears. i know, this is hard for her. i'm sorry, mother. >> inside the party was rocking. we see those dance moves, kaley. but on the red carpet i got answers to some burning "big bang" questions. first, how will the series finale leave lot to fill in. i think you'll feel satisfied.
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>> there's this weird feeling of, oh, no, we are not done and in some ways we're not. >> what was life like before "big bang"? >> i was in wisconsin studying plumbing. i wanted to open up a design studio for bathrooms and spas. >> i graduated with my doctorate but was tudoring neuroscience and piano. >> could there be a spinoff? the cast is divided. >> i don't think so. >> not a whole lot going on. >> i think my bosses are here tonight. >> it has been discussed. >> if chuck said, let's do it, but other than that -- i don't like i'm in. g although he can't right now, htra.
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all right, well, we are gearingte before the series ends. you can join us for our special "big bang" finale show. >> nancy and i always argue over who's the biggest fan. >> i'm the biggest fan. royal baby watch now. seems meghan markle is in full nancy mode. who's there to help her get ready for little baby sussex? her mom doria. >> a royal source says her mom has been by her side since arriving. she's been helping her daughter and son-in-law settle into the recently renovated frogmore cottage. harry is said to be fond of doria and loves her company. they love their home and being able to walk freely. the palace announced harry will be making a trip to the ne werhich sparked speculation baby sussex
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has already arrived.ouy says th would announce when meghan went into labor. meanwhile, outside windsor castle, some die hard royal fans are interest in the any bit of baby news. >> it's exciting that the baby is being born and the sex and the name. in other royal news, happy birthday princess charlotte who turns 4 today. we are loving charlotte's fashion style, wearing laceless speakers with a floral dress. she bears a great resemblance to the queen at a similar age. coming up, joe and sophie aren't the only wedding. plus, did marie osmond just land one of tv's most coveted gigs? then, "big little l really like. >> don't hit me! >> don't worry about it!
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j-lo relives her favoritesc jane. then, dennis quaid plays a crazy stalker in "the intruder." >> if you lost everything that was important, wouldn't you just go for it? >> there were a couple of times it was terrifying. >> michael ealy and meagan good by their dream house, but the seller won't go away. >> we were in the middle of the scene and dennis says, spit opinion me. >> she looked at me, and i'm like, spit on him. >> and i'm like -- he was like, no, get a good one. i was like -- so i did. >> you also got to lick her face. how was that? >>. [ laughs ] >>. [ laughs ] i guess we -- there was a
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well, joe and sophie didn't have to only surprise wedding. that is jude law and his new bride after that he tied the knot at a town hall in london. jude was dressed a bit more casual than the last time we saw him filming "the new pope." if you can watch down the beach in a speedo feeling confident -- >> calm down. marie osmond is kicking off
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tonight's know and tell, because she has become the talk of "the talk." >> i have some things right now i'm excited about. >> rumor has it marie will be taking sara gilbert's spot at "the talk" table when she makes her exit. >> the big announcement is expected to happen on tuesday and marie is no stranger to the daytime talk, she cohosted donny and marie with her brother. they're wrapping up their ten-year vegas residency in november. then, emilia clarke dropped "game of thrones" news on kimmel last night. >> episode five -- find the ig best tv you can. >> her brother have a cameraman on the show. >> is she there during the love scene you had with jon snow? >> he's because he's literally in the next unit that's filming next
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door, and i'm like, no, it's good. >> then there was the time beyonce fan girled over her and it went terribly wrong. >> i was like, ugh, and that noise came how have my mouth. she was like, i thought you were cool. you're not, bye. nominees celebrated with a reception in l.a. ahead of the big show which will stream live. still ahead, blowing out esndles as "16 can which stars dated in real life and whatever happened to high school hunk jake ryan? derek hough on his hogwarts regret. and the stars of "big little lies" get brutally honest about each other. >> i don't like your new bangs but i love you. closed captioning provided by -- (woman) have you smelled this litter?
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i love this. the "charlie's angels" -- can drew barrymore, cameron diaz, lucy liu reunited at lu'syester. demi moore was there. she played the villain on "charlie's angels: full throttle." i love that movie so much. the cast of "big little lies," the ladies have gotten very close, and now we know just how close. >> friends should always tell
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you when your stanks are showing. if you're your spanx are showing and your girlfriend doesn't tell you she doesn't like you. >> friends should always tell the truth. >> i mean, the cold hard truth. a lot of times i would prefer it to be warm and fuzzy. >> i want to say, i do lie sometimes. i have different standards than laura dern. >> these real-life besties don't hold back. >> i'm always honest with my girlfriends about their breath. >> i'll be honest if i don't like their makeup. i don't like your new bangs but i love you and you have other charming qualities. >> "big little lies" premiered june 9th and each appears on a cover of instyle magazine. nicole carried around a bag of snacks, laura sang and reese tried standup comedy.
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their cast dinners lasted three hours. >> friendship should never guilt you into being bad. like, if you do not want to go out because you're definitely going out the next night. >> a friend should show up when i'm stuck here with a glass of wine at a desk. drinking by myself. what's happened? cheers. >> oh, such a great cast. i can't wait until the ladies get back. let's move on to the '80s rom com that gave us jake ryan. >> hotty. the classic is turning 35. molly ringwald and the cast sharing some behind the scenes secrets. and the ultimate thursday throwback gift. >> make a wish. ♪ >> it already came true. >> that whole experience was really amazing. you know, it was the first movie i did with john hughs and john was always taking the anthony
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michael hall out to the blues clubs to go see concerts. it was just really fun. it was like the best summer camp ever. >> last night at the dance my little brother paid a buck to see your underwear. >> molly's admirerer, aka farmer ted dated molly back in the day. >> she was amazing. she was a shy girl. a lot of people didn't know that. it was a counterbalance to making before i had an idea of what i'm doing. i still have no idea what i'm doing. >> what's his fav i remembe r cusack and darren. >> take those ridiculous things >> and i have lynn morris in the car. i was 15, but looked 12. i'm thinking, this is unbelievable. >> they were both teenagers when
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they shot this coming of age classic, but gedde watanabe who played long duck dong, welsh he was 28. >> open the door. >> no way jose! >> he told us a major behind the scenes secret -- he tricked the casting director in order to get the part. >> they didn't know i wasn't from a foreign country. they didn't know. they had no idea. it took a while before they realized that i was from ogden, utah. it was great. it was a lot of fun. >> all these years later the donger can still deliver his most memorable lines. >> what's happening, hot stuff? what's happening, hot stuff? yeah, i don't remember the accent anymore, either. >> donger need food. [ laughs ] >> yeah, you. >> a big question on everyone's mind, whatever happened to michael schoeffling who played hundredky jake ryan? >> it made me feel really good inside, and i hope it makes them feel good too. >> the last time "e.t." sat down
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with michael was for his 1991 film "wild hearts can't be broken." >> he chose a simpler life. he's a craftsman, builds furniture. he was a great guy. >> i have a new house. i need furniture. michael's 58 now. has two grown kids. i need you to come out of hiding. >> this is also important -- even the dech easy of sussex is a fan. she was spotted leaving london with a jake ryan t shirt. >> i that. internet, help me. tonight, dutch duerek hough the stage at the grand ole opry. before that only we caught up with derek at the children's pa at the ryan seacrest patient
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foundation for music, dancing and q&a. >> what is your favorite snack food? >> what's my favorite snack food? my favorite snack food is popcorn. >> mine too. >> i love popcorn. i love popcorn. >> i heard that you have a cameo in harry potter. >> that's right. i was in the first harry potter movie. i was in it as a virginia i had a robe, and a scarf and a tie. i actually might have taken it home from the original movie. do not do that, kids. for me, i'm an uncle of like 20. i have so many nieces and nep w nephews so i love kids. i'm going to have kids some day. to see the parents here, to see their strength, their love, it's beautiful. >> derek is going to make a great dad. >> he is. for more ways to help, you can
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>> ooh! >> oh, my god. i'm so sorry. i didn't mean to -- >> oh, safe to say jennifer lopez and jane fonda will never like shooting that scene from "monster in law." >> she really went for it and then i punched her in the eye by mistake. ouch. i just remember afterwards, jane had a blood blister right at the top of her eye. my nail like went up into her eye. and she didn't care. she is such a [ bleep ]. >> wait. is that a compliment? >> that is a compliment. >> a "g" too. >> bye, everybody.
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