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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  May 3, 2019 5:00pm-5:29pm PDT

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>>carjacking spree that went on during the course of about 30 minutes in the san leandro case. there was a stabbing in our case. there was almost a stabbing. >>a violent crime spree in the east bay ends in a dangerous police have 2 teenagers in custody, but are still looking for other suspects. thanks for joining 5 everyone, i'm grant lotus and i it will kiss the i'm in a county sheriff's
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office says the crash that resulted from one of those carjackings could have ended up much much worse and as part of a troubling trend that they're seeing involving juveniles. conference has he made you reports. >>you're looking at what's left of this garage after a pair of teenage ckg suspect kraft's bid try to avoid being caught by police parsons avenue castro valley. >>2 elderly residents were inside the home where the crash occurred we're fortunate that nobody was killed inside the home. then a gas leak electrical power lines were also looking at are juvenile suspects were not seriously injured or killed as well police say it was a violent carjacking crime spree that be good right before midnight thursday, the parking lot of the bay library hero that studios treated drove at least 4. >>individuals approached his car smashed back window proceeded to a carjacking of one of the individuals. w a po carjackers were good.
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>>the victim treated for non life threatening will we put out the information of are our radio to other agencies to be on the lookout about 30 minutes later another carjacking a mother and her young daughter approached by juvenile suspects this time castro valley that carjacking was at knifepoint as well know what stabbed at that incident while responding to the call deputies from the alameda county sheriff's office. >>spotted both carjacked vehicles. >>there was a pursuit that went on for about 12 miles at high speeds. that pursuit ultimately crashed into a fence. in san leandro. second to that was this pursuit that crashed into this house here to juvenile bills, ages, 1617 were arrested. >>the other 2 teenage boys got away police say these types of violent crimes involving juveniles are part of a disturbing trend we are seeing a lot of juveniles committing crimes like this it's concerning these 2 are in
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custody will try to piece together who the other 2 outstanding or it castro valley has it led kron four to snow big story. we're following for you tonight police are revealing that someone tipped them off as to the location of a woman wanted on several felonies darlene monticalvo was arrested in kensington last night want to call vote is accused of posing as a nanny to to san francisco families is seen in this surveillance video. investigators say she has a criminal background and was wanted in oakland for several felonies including injury of a child. >>police say someone who saw the alert about the suspect recognized her and turned her in she's now in contra costa county jail and will be transferred to alameda county jail in the coming days grant. >>and that is so disturbing new video that if you are shared with us it shows a fight between a young girl here you see her. >>in the backpack and a boy this isn't a city bus in benicia and it it apparently happened in front of the nation middle school on wednesday that girl was just punching that. boy repeatedly the girl is wearing a black
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shirt and pink ammo pants and she was going after him he looks in the video like he was trying to push her off of him that she was punching him. the girl eventually ends up walking away gets off the bus is a crowd begins to form towards the back a crowd for viewer tells us this is not the first time this has happened on a bus there. it is not clear what led to that altercation solano county transit did respond to the video releasing a statement saying in part safety of our passengers and operators is our number one priority we equip all of our vehicles with surveillancu cameras and radios for our operators to communicate when they need assistance. they say the bus operator followed safety protocol and they're working with the nation middle school regarding this incident. >>happening now chp on the lookout for the gunman who shot 2 people in a car in alameda county it happened on interstate 80 near highway to 38 about 06:00pm last night. a nearby a chp officer found bullet holes in the car,
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forcing them to close part of the freeway for about half an hour. the 2 people were not injured officers do not have a description of the gunman. nor do they have description of the car they were driving. san jose man faces up to 54 years in prison after being found guilty of randomly shooting cars in the south bay, 33 year-old michael james lewis was a convicted for shooting at 11 cars between may 4 and august 5th in 2016. the incidents happened on our near blossom hill road police tracked down louis through surveillance footage and arrested him after a high speed chase back in august. he will be sentenced in july. >>a tesla caught fire inside the grind juicy of this home here in san francisco happened in the seas. sunset neighborhood just after midnight crown force will trend explains what happened. the good news is no injuries dy damage to the home but the fire happened shortly after
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midnight. >>inside the garage with the double doors right behind me. this is a stone's throw from golden gate park in fact, here's a map just to show you the location is on the 1300 block of 26th avenue. it appears that that resident below as well as the homeowner, they were home at the time and they were the ones who actually called the fire department to come out at the scene. here's video that we got you can see them pulling the tesla out of the garage we do know that that s low was not charging its battery at the time in fact the fire started by the back right tire in that particular location. they pulled out the car managed to extinguish the flames, they said it was mostly smoke. they are investigating what started the fire not to say battery might have started the fire any time of tesla catches on fire it becomes big news because their for their batteries. those faces been in the news for a very long time but at this particular point as far as the
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investigators can are concerned. it was not charging at this time. and we do know that the homeowner. they were the ones who actually called they were the ones who have actually pulled the car out of the garage, the good news is no damage to the building or the nearby buildings as well and at this particular point tht san francisco fire department. they presumably will be working with tesla to find out exactly the cause of this fire. back to you. >>i will on the peninsula streets are finally back open tonight after a hazardous materials incident in san carlos and were reported about this last night crews spent several hours today removing that radioactive material from the home crowd force charles clifford was there. well here in san carlos on friday several blocks of a cedar street right behind me are closed down. >>as the san mateo county sheriff's office, the county health department and also a state hazmat team here worked on removing some radioactive material fr me here. now the resident of the home of was an
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80 man in his 80's who died earlier this year his family was recently inspecting the home and found a rd. the called authorities authorities check the packaging discovered that it was a box and inside that box for several a smaller containers holding radioactive material at this point we don't know specifically what that material was although the fire department has assured us there was no threat to the public. no evacuations were issued here along cedar street and for several hours on friday. the catalog that material checked it and then in the mid-afternoon or so they loaded the material into a truck and took it to another site for inspection the state has met team did. now the police department and the sheriff's department again say there was no danger to the public. they don't know at this point exactly how that material came to be on this property. in san carlos charles clifford kron 4 news of taking a look at this the hills above san anselmo him or in their big manicured by a. >>a massive herd of goats in an effort to prevent of
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both the old and the new. >>what you see behind me is one of 3 herds currently munching corporated santa and sell now. altogether. the 1200 goats are expected to make aut firebreak that they are doing along the ridge line here of sleepy hollow there also creating defensible space down near the homes. but while this idea of fire prevention might seem a bit old fashioned in this case, there's a high-tech twist. >>we used state of the art while far modeling comes out of marines community wildfire protection plan a we modeled the vegetation and moran. and we apply computer models and we can game different fires. we can look at what fires might do under different conditions. we determined the areas where wildfires are most lieely to come from based a little bit on history and a lot of that modeling and and we looked at the best places
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to use the goats to reduce vegetation to interrupt those fires. >>ultimately the idea is that if a big wildfire comes through this canyon. these fire breaks will help slow the fire down and give firefighters a fighting chance to help save the homes below. reporting from unincorporated san anselmo i morning kelly take a live look outside right now are sutro can take a look at the golden gate bridge off there in the distance a little bit of haze in the sky is our chief meteorologist large karnow joins us. but hey other. >>beautiful day lords this week was filled with them. yeah certainly was but now we've got some big changes coming for your weekend as all sunshine will not all of it, but some of us can start to go away over the weekend. we've got a haze out there right now as we're seeinthagain still a beautiful evening out there was another gorgeous>>61 66 right now 73
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degrees in san jose, 79 a very nice in livermore 81, the warm spot in concord and 72 degrees in santa rosa. you see some of fog though, just off the coastline and start to sweep in a little bit closer that's we're going to see more of overnight tonight. a much more pronounced a low clouds and fog and that means we see goal of the way to the interior valleys i think overnight tonight. so hazy skies out there right now as we head toward a 8 o'clock or so we see that patchy fog gather along the coastline and then will start to sneak inside the band that's going to fill the bay and moved to some of the valley's overnight tonight. so tomorrow here we go we've got to cloudy start to the day around much the bay area temperatures in the 50's as we head toward noontime you're going make sure fog and some sunshine is the ball going start to peel back the coastline. but because the cloud deck are already in the bay area that means the temperatures are going to be staying down a bit in fact by the afternoon. they we top out maybe in the 70's around the bay area, the warmer spots some 60's 70's inside the bay and 50's 60's out toward the coast.
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>>still to come shocking video showing a premature baby being dropped on her head just seconds after she was born out of parents are speaking out. the hospital is responding tonight. art is taking steps to help the homeless. the new outreach team that's working on getting people into homes in out of the park stations and california's population is growing at historically low rates but to east bay city seemed to be when it comes to people moving there. why real estate experts say wildfires could be the cause and if you want to skip all the commercials and get more news during the break make sure you're streaming us on front on go to crown and itv to start watching now.
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>>the population in california last year grew at the slowest rate in the state's history that according to the california department of finance. >>this despite the state adding close to 187,000 new residents car first really big on reports. a significant number of those people have chosen the bay area to call home specifically, newark and dublin. >>the california department of finance says the state's population grew by less than a half percent in 2018 which is historicall previous year, fewer students are enrolling in california schools and deaths have been continuing to increase since 2010 as the state department of finance as the baby boomers continue to age it's one of the only areas around here that is building so.
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>>it has a big draw for people a real estate broker beverly herrera is referring to the city of dublin, the population is directly tied to the housing market and in dublin, the state department of finance says it's number 2 on the list of top 10 fastest growing cities with populations over 30,000 at 4.4%. newark is the only other bay area city on that list they're the population grew 3.3% last year over the past 5 years a home prices and atlanta have increase. >>i would say probably in the 20% range, but herrera says that's not keeping people away that's because dublin and newark are cheaper options for people compared to san francisco and san jose. >>dublin is also ranked 3rd on the state finance department's to like every place else as long as they continue to build yes will seen people moving
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and chico saw the highest population increase last year in large part because people move there after being displaced by the campfire felipe should all kron 4 news a bay area teachers getting national recognition for her passion to educate kids. >>rosie reid was named a finalist for this year's national teacher of the year read as teachers teaches english at northgate high school in walnut creek. she says her focus is creating culturally diverse classrooms. we really need to figure out ways to get all of our kids in the same building once we get the kids in the same building. how are we treating all of the students are they in the same class is do we have wait an asian student summit in a few classes. we have latino african americans in summer meal classes are we all having equal access to the opportunities are we having equity in terms of discipline y then once we get into the classroom. there's this question of culturally responsive teaching the pentagon the creek we have representational curriculum of all members of our society, so depending on. reid has been
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teaching for 16 years and she was the first teacher from contra costa county n the national competition since 1998. >>politics now president trump was not happy with california senator kamala harris is questioning of attorney general bill barr on wednesday and now she is using the president's criticism to help her raise money for her presidential campaign. cnn's jessica dean reports on the effort democrats like senator harris. >>are making to gain some ground in their efforts to win the white house. >>21 contenders democrats are looking for their big moment to break out from the pack. >>i think there's there's not l evidence and we can move on se harris is questioning of attorney general william barr this week going viral. >>drawing the attention of president trump. >>what he was probably very >>whereas is now fundraising off that moment, right.
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>>reporters quote nasty. it seems like anytime donald trump feels threatened by a strong woman he lashes out with this gross weird attack. senator kirsten gillibrand also used a senate hearing is a way to grab the spotlight, delivering a strong statement about sexual-assault in the military. >>i am tired of the statement i get over and over from the chain of command we got this man we got this you don't have it you're failing us. >>meantime senator amy klobuchar tar is focusing on policy is a way to stand out rolling out a plan to prioritize mental health and combat addiction she's talked openly about her father's struggle with alcoholism when he went to treatment in his words he was pursued by race and so as pushing governor jay inhae the central theme of his s or k sectors of the us economy is a
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change his announcement follows better or works release of his own climate change plan earlier this week. >>his first major 2020 policy proposals this country. >>needs direction when it comes to meeting the single greatest threats that we've ever faced. >>the political field is heating up currently the weather is cooling down taking a live shot here from a sutro chemistry downtown san francisco. there said. >>a beautiful week beautiful night on this friday. probably a good time to say cheers to the weekend shares to the week and that's exactly want to roll out of bed this morning every go or get ready the a. >>it's going to be a nice weekend we've got changes though coming our way these temperatures really going to take a tumble over the next couple of days. there's even a hint we could see couple of scattered showers in the bay area just a slight now over the bays you can see toward alcatraz and san francisco that some patchy fog giving way to some sunshine today, it's still some very nice temperatures outside 76 in fremont still 79 in
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livermore 86 degrees warmer and brent, what 81 in concord 82 in fairfield you get close to the coastline look at san francisco now checking in 57 degrees. so those temperatures cooling off in a hurry with that sea breeze and that fog is on the way we're going to see a whole lot of that over the weekend. we can see some of that along the coastline now some patchy fog begin to move a little bit closer and that will all begin to move in and push on shore throughout the night tonight and it's tomorrow that will go along with the sea breeze to you see those winds there to 22 miles per hour. the sfo 17 now in oakland, 1314 miles per hour in napa and 30 miles per hour in the san jose so we've got a little bit of a breeze out there tonight increasing low clouds and some fog on the way too. fog of sunshine for tomorrow, cooleand then partly and it looks like at least a slight chance of showers very interesting weather pattern setting up you've got high pressure here to the north almost due south of that you've got this area of low pressure finally this is under cutting that ridge and that's going to slowly work its way toward the bay or the next couple days that's going to
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deepen the marine layer that means more fog and low forest, cooler temperatures it's going to be slower burn off the fog outside that will drop those numbers down quite a bit especially as we head into a saturday and sunday so that in mind here comes a fall you see a rolling on and now more than all the way back there's a slight chance of showers on sunday. head oakland leaders are celebrating a milestone drop in violent crime in the city we're going to take a look at the numbers and. >>what some say they still need to do. >>and after the break tough video to watch newborn baby drops on her head at the hospital while his parents are now worried it could really affect her long term. here you go little guy.
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a cockroach can survive submerged underwater for 30 minutes. wow. yeah, wow.
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not getting in today. not on my watch. pests never stop trying to get in. we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. >>there's an arizona are demanding answers about what happened right after their twins were born. >>now they have a graphic video shows a hospital employee, dropping their little daughter on her head on a delivery room table they share this video. yesterday and it's already been viewed millions of times kind of hard to watch at crenshaw spoke to the parents said again a warning a lot of people find this video graphic. >>this is madison and that's more again, derek and monique rogers and just are like any parents with twins they keep us up at night. but since there is little angels premature births lack of sleep.
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promises of i was never going to watch that video again the video shows 3 pound 4 ounce morgan falling from a hospital employees and onto a table and i feel like. she was treated as a sack of potatoes dad. derek was recording it made me so mad like i had to like stop recording derek later confronted the doctor, i told him not a jot my like have like an look on his face is not shown in the video and. >>he had nothing to say after ultrasound a week later revealed morgan had grade one matrix small bleed basically a u nurse told me those mer are common in premature babies and won't lead to any long-term negative effects. he does dislike. >>tensirey the kind of she's like to know if t to her being yobirth weight or due to her being dropped her head. they're hopeful their
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daughter will grow up healthy and haopy is. but when the hospital staff to be more careful and learn from this mistake. well that was the says act crunch are reporting for us. the hospital says in a statement that they can't comment on the incident due to patient privacy laws, but. >>they do say they're taking the situation seriously and are investigating. what happened. >>a political crisis in venezuela and now the white house is getting more involved. details on how it will affect the us looking for a job it's a great time to get the career of your dreams find out what jobs are in high demand here in the bay area. >>and bark is trying to move homeless people out of its stations and into housing, we'll tell you where new outreach teams will be focusing the
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>>tonight at 5.30 kron four is always tracking local stories and here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right now in san francisco bart is creating a homeless outreach team to work it stations in the mission district the team will be at the 16th and 24th street stations. >>bart says the focus will be held relocate homeless folks out of the stations and into social services said teams will also work with homeless people who are struggling with mental health and addiction.


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