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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 3, 2019 7:30pm-7:59pm PDT

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surprise. >> babies are great -- aren't they. >> what ryan reynolds revealed before their debut. breaking big bang baby news. and royal baby buzz is getting louder.hat harry and meghan's baby is near. just don't ask dad. then, kelly clarkson's health crisis. her emergency surgery just after hosting the billboard music awards. plus, a star wars icon remembered. we're with the cast mourning the man behind chewbacca. >> it's really hard to lose someone you love that much. and your exclusive backstage pass to the new kids on the block tour. the guys giving us all the right stuff. >> where do you like to sit. >> front row. erybody. thanks for joining us. we have a lot of news
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>> yep, let's jump right in. here is tonight's top story. surprise. blake lively and ryan reynolds are expecting baby number three. >> babies are great, aren't they? i love babies. >> blake went for a couture confirmation at the new york premiere of "pokemon: detective pikachu." the couple have always been pretty private when it comes to their personal life, so they waited until after ryan finished interviews to make this surprise reveal. >> i haven't seen a carpet this chaotic in a long time. it's pretty intense. >> and we are absolutely living for blake's maternity style. she showcased her growing bump in a pikachu-hued-sequined slip. the couple already has two daughters -- 4-year-old james and 2 ryan told nischelle james was instrumental in him taking on the role of pikachu. >> we're going to do this, you and me. >> she's kind of the arbiter of everything i do, really, yeah, i get permission slips. >> does she get the check for
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this? how you sounded like pikachu. does she get a check for this? >> she does, i think. i think she gets the check for most things. >> blake wasn't the only surprise celebrity pregnankea kr baby bump in paris. today, she attended the chanel fashion show with husb she wore a demure floor-length black dress that perfectly showcased her growing bump. the 34-year-old is already a mom to nearly 3-year-old daughter edie. earlier this year, she told keltie about the benefits of being a working actress with a baby. >> the weird thing with acting is that, of course, sleep deprivation basically makes your emotions very close to the surface. >> it's easier to cry. >> it's much easier to cry. you feel like crying all the time, so i can turn that on like that. congratulathnnny galecki, he's expecting his first child with his 21-year-old girlfriend. by his side>> we always knew tht
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kelly clarkson was one tough woman, but this is ridiculous. we now know she hosted the entire billboard music awards while suffering from a serious and painful medical condition. and the minute the show ended, well, kelly was off to the hospital for surgery. ♪ just hold me >> kelly, at times, seemed to triumphantly hold her stomach while performing and hosting the three-hour-long show, but late yesterday, "e.t." broke the news that clarkson actually had an appendicitis and had been suffering all week. ? kelly, kelly! >> the 37-year-old tweeted, quote, not gonna lie, i may or may not have broken down in tears after the show from pain but i flew home directly after the event, nailed the surgery, and feeling awesome now. bye bye appendix. #theshowmustgoon. >> "e.t.'s" learned the unstoppable singer plans to be on "the voice" for their live show on monday. next, a britney update one week after leaving a mental health facility.
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>> a source tells "e.t.," family and friends were worried about her leaving, but now, they're all incredibly relieved to see her happy and thriving. we're told the very first thing she did was see her boys. > what did you need therapy for? >> i think there are periods in everyone's life where you kind of get, kind of recluse inside and you, like, you're not -- your creative outlet is kind of cut off. >> after years of therapy for her bipolar disorder, our source says brit knew she needed help and now she's agreed to continue to take care of herself. and finally, selma blair's m.s. struggles. >> this is what my particular case looks like right now. >> the actress who first spoke about her diagnosis in february, posted this somber pic today, writing, quote, i feel sick the medical treatments take their toll. i am going to get through this. friend sarah michelle gellar just gave "e.t." an update on selma's progress. >> her body is not where she'd like it to be at this very moment, but it's not going to stop her from doing anything.
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now, we're moving on to royal birth buzz. could meghan give birth soon? today, prince harry postponed his trip to amsterdam that was planned for next wednesday, may 8th. but a spokesman for the urrentl fly to the netherlands thursday, may 9th, for a launch of the 2020 invictus games. a royal source tells "e.t." those plans could change depending on when meghan has the baby. baby watch also ramped up today because the queen is at windsor castle, close to harry and meghan's home. our source says her majesty was attending a church service at st. george's chapel. her royal flag was flying above the castle, indicating she is in residence. meanwhile, meghan's estranged father thomas markle was near his home in mexico getting takeout when asked about his daughter's impending delivery. >> are you excited about your baby news? are you excited? >> do i look excited? >> markle then drove off, while flashing a peace sign at the paparazzi. >> and today, the future royal baby's other grandfather,
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prince charles, was 396 miles away from windsor in glasgow, scotland. he was with "outlander" star sam heughan at a performing art school. sam is a graduate, and the two shared a laugh while posing on stage. to sad news now, remembering a "star wars" icon. peter mayhew, who played chewbacca has died. co-star mark hamill shared photos of the man he called "the gentlest of giants." >> he really was one of a kind, so it's hard. >> mayhew worked on five "star wars" films, playing han solo's de harrison ford wrote, quote, we were partners in film and friends in life for over 30 years and i loved him. they reunited in 2015 for "the force awakens." >> how exciting is this for you come on, you're shaking. >> peter was overwhelmed at all the love at the movie's l.a.
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premiere. >> how often do you get a premiere that runs for three blocks? >> he loved being a part of the "star wars" family. >> he loved them and they loved them back. his family said, quote, he put his heart and soul into the role of chewbacca and it showed in every frame of the films. "e.t." confirmed that he died of a heart attack at his north texas home with his family by his side. >> fans were quick to point out it was just two days before the "star wars" holiday, "may the fourth be with you." a memorial service for friends and family is planned for next month and a larger fan memorial will be held in los angeles in december. >> he's one with the force as >> peter mayhew was 74. coming up -- >> only "e.t." is behind the scenes with new kids on the block. >> we're hanging tough on night one of their new tour. then -- zac efron gets
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extremely wicked a new blond' do. then j.lo, gaga and blake. >> it took me 45 minutes. >> with thnd months met gala top the most memorable styles in history. but first, black-ish star yara shahidi has gone from a young teen to lead actor on "grown-ish" right before our "e.t." cameras. now, she's starring in her first-ever feature film. >> what if i told you i could get you to fall in love with me? just give me a day. >> an hour. >> how good does it sound to hear leading lady, like that you're a leading lady? >> it feels very cool. >> you've done tv, been in drake videos, now you're a leading lady, what's next on the bucket list? >> school. i know as much as zoey kept me busy with her college experience, i'm really ready for my own. >> there you go. >> i was invited to the new york city set of "the sun is also a star," based on the bestselling novel. the film pairs yara with "riverdale" hunk charles melton.
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it's an intense love story. while the two do have chemistry. charles' heart belongs to his "riverdale" co-star camila mendes. >> do you believe in love at first sight? >> 100%. i do. >> 100%. so i'm looking for someone to make my chicken bigger, tastier...the best. so what do you got? ing me? tastier...the best. i was literally born for this. ♪ thank you. ♪ make it super crispy. so? you had me at fried chicken pacifier. try my new spicy chicken strips combo today. with 100% all-white meat chicken.
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charging stations? good luck ric car isn't for you after all. , is it? ♪ ♪ >> zac efron showed off his blond fade at last night's tribeca film festival for his netflix movie "extremely wicked: shockingly evil and vile." >> ted, did you do it? >> no. >> zac takes a dark turn as infamous serial killer ted bundy who used his good looks and charm to hide his heinous crimes. >> in a world where we swipe left and swipe right, you really should pay attention to who you're with and i learned this the hard way. >> lily collins plays ted's fiancee and praised zac's performance. >> he's able to mold in this and take it somewhere different. ♪ uh oh oh oh oh uh oh oh oh
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>> oh, yeah, it was a block party for blockheads last night in cincinnati. now, don't worry. if you couldn't make it to cincy, only brooke anderson is taking you backstage with the boys. >> she has a specific seat she likes to sit in. >> oh, yeah, where do you like to sit? >> um, front row. >> best view of my butt. >> you ready? >> i'm ready. >> welcome to the mixtape tour! >> so what is it like backstage? there's a lot of love, and even a preshow prayer.>> bless the s fans. bless the crew. >> how do you stay in shape, in tour shape? >> the main thing is eating healthy out here, taking care of yourself. we're getting older, so. >> say no to drugs, children. >> somehow we avoided that.
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that's right, we've been telling did you guys avoid those ing to pitfalls? >> honestly, they like girls, most of them, and jon was just a good kid and they didn't get into too much trouble but like maybe a beer here or there. but, like, no drugs. >> innocent? >> yeah, we wanted to make music and meet girls. >> and you did that for sure. >> and honestly, when you fail at that, that's when you go to the drugs. let's be honest. >> the mixtape tour has the boys from boston bringing along some old friends like debbie gibson, tiffany, salt-n-pepa and naughty by nature to join them on stage. but at t it's grateful that we're still here. grateful we have fans who care enough to share this experience with us, grateful that we can still do it and we have each other. still ahead -- countdown to the oscars of fashion.
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y telling us about her met gala gown and this is the secret behind the stars' red carpet glow. and christina applegate's tv return tears. how our new interview turned into a full-blown therapy session. >> i usually use fetal position it. >> i cry, i cry a lot. closed captioning provided by --
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well, new york's annual met gala is always a fashion feast for the senses, but when it comes to making that red carpet roar, we can always count on katy perry. ♪ hey, hey, hey >> i'm really excited for the theme which is camp. camp is synonymous with my middle name. well, actually, it is my middle name. katy camp perry. look on my birth certificate. but it's going to be really fun. i'm basically just going to light up the night. ♪ baby you're a firework >> well, katy kind of already did that, when she wore a light-up dress back in 2010. >> i hope i, like, don't burn up in flames at the met ball, but it would be a good way to go down. there's like 3,000 llights. in the dress. oh, there's a trigger in my which is probably not a good idea right now in new york city. tothen to get ready, it took me like 45 minutes, maybe. >> newly pregnant blake lively's has walked the met steps nine times.
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but when it comes to all her amazing fashion, well, blake likes to keep it real. >> every woman gets up and dresses herself every day, so it's not really that extraordinary. i just have more amazing designers to choose from. ♪ applause applause applause >> so fabulous. >> this outfit is amazing. laser-cut genuine leather. >> laser-cut genuine leather. >> and it's been laminated with gunmetal. >> wonderful. ♪ want your bad romance >> for met galas past, lady gaga's done teninch platform heels and no pants. she also donned a full kimono. what can we expect from this we feathers, exaggerated ruffles, giant shoulders and corsets. >> i was expecting, though, you'd arrive in like an egg or, you know, something on the head. wasn't available. ♪ i'm a sucker for you >> i really feel like the best thing a woman can wear is her confidce when you have confidence the world buys whatever you sell. ♪ live it up go >> j.lo's met gala style evolution?
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she started sweet, upgraded to cutouts, then went bold, skin tight and showing off her curves. her date this year is, of course, fiance a-rod. but our favorite look is this nearly naked dress from 2015. >> how beautiful, the versace dragon dress. only you could wear a dress like this. how many fittings? >> two. in honor of the met gala. >> wonderful. >> i'm putting you on a best-dressed list, does that mean anything? >> only if i'm number one. >> you're such a diva. sticking it to the met gala, you better believe the stars are already deep in beauty prep mode. and we're with the woman helping them put their best face forward in tonight's "e.t. beauty." >> straight ahead. >> for me, met gala has always been the busiest time. >> meet joanna czech. her long list of celebrity clients include naomi watts, bella hadid and kim kardashian west. >> what does this do? >> it's super stimulating. i enjoy every time i work with kim. she has beautiful skin to begin
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with. >> joanna's number one rule -- >> i have never performed the same facial ever, even if it would be the same client. >> still, she gave us inside scoop on how stars get that met gala glow. >> everybody wants lifted cheeks, poreless skin, superhydrated, healthy glow. >> first up, a firming black diamond mask for the neck and chest. kim k. is a fan. then, a pretty intense 20-minute facial massage. >> facial massage definitely changes the shape of your face. it gives those sculpting lifting results. >> next -- >> this is a diamond exfoliation. which is followed up by a whole lot of therapy -- light therapy. l.e.d. therapy. >> i'm applying a hydrating mask. >> also getting hydration, the
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hands. >> i used red light. >> the customized treatments will set you back 850 bucks. she'll go anywhere for the treatments. >> face and body treatments on the beach, facials on a plane. in their beds. on the floors. >> now, clients should leave joanna's facial with a healthy glow. she recommends getting them done every two weeks to six weeks depending on your skin condition. get ready, this show is so good. netflix's new drama "dead to me." it begins streaming today. it's absolutely fantastic, dark and funny. i sat down with the stars including christina applegate and linda cardellini whose chemistry started at hello. >> yeah, it's wonderful. >> i always get teary-eyed every time i talk about linda cardellini. >> she's so special. >> oh, my gosh. grief counseling in the netflix dramedy "dead to me." >> i'm judy. >> jen. >> i hope this isn't weird, can i give you a hug? >> no. >> okay.
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>> it's christina's first tv series in eight years, but in teaming up with linda, she gets more than she bargained for. >> you don't even know her. she could be a crazy person. >> we're looking for judy hill. >> why are you looking for judy? >> let's just say that wherever judy goes, chaos tends to follow. >> james marsden tries to sort it all out. >> both of your characters are dealing with anger and disappointment and there's different ways to deal with these things, right? like, some people break personal property, some people listen to like trash music. >> some people might have an alcohol problem. >> you know, you don't know. >> how do you guys deal with your anger? >> i usually just fetal position it. >> i cry a lot. >> james says he works out, which is like very james. >> what do you do? >> run oeithts. >> i do run. i'll go run. >> yeah, exercise, probably. >> oh, wow, i wish i did that. of course, james does that. it's why he looks like he looks. >> he's perfect. >> he really is perfect. >> he's just hard to look at,
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>> it's like, uh, guys, call a doc. fix that up. >> he's a good-looking co-star. all right, coming up, goldie gives back. only we're with her in new york for a call close to her heart. "e.t." brought to you by prolia. pre draft.
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ivf that catwalk even think he works out yeah, i don't think will be carol or dk out yeah, i probably shred some of that body re you're going to go take your shirt off for the pete carroll, you better be ready for >>that was a really amazing known to our with of the day this is going to go into over love talking about this from d'angelo russell of the nets sixers knocked him out and then you one of the lid off some steam. he was busted in an airport or odd trying to smuggle
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this was a week to remember for goldie hawn, as sh her heart. >> she's a special lady and only we had the honor of talking with goldie. check it out. >> bye, everybody. >> the incomparable goldie hawn. >> katie couric presented goldie with the child mind institute's change makers award and goldie got candid about her own childhood struggles. >> i got what we call an anxiety attack. i've had some dyslexia when i was growing up, thinking that maybe i wouldn't amount to anything because i wasn't as good in school as my other friends were. >> gntn to become an oscar winner in "cactus flower," she also founded mind up, a program that helps teachers introduce students to meditation. >> making people laugh is idt s children laughing very much, so that's why i created this 15 years ago.
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>>video of a fight between students on a bay area city buses going viral tonight the video shows girl throwing punches at a boy in the back of a city bus in the nation. now parents are questioning why they were never notified that this happened between middle school students. >>good evening, i'm can way and i'm pam or we will get to this story in just a moment kron four show seawall and we have details that's coming up later in this newscast.


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