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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 4, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>a fiery crash in south san francisco kills one man and injures several members of a university choir. this was the scene of the crash early this morning on highway one to one. and tonight we are learning more about how this crash happened. thanks for joining us at 8 i'm jr steinem justine waltman police say that this crash started as a 3 vehicle collision in the northbound lanes. >>but then a tour bus crashed into one of those cars kron four as down towards spoke with chp joins us now live with details on what happened and who also was inside that bus. >>justine in jr the chp says
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this crash happened around 12 45 this morning, closing 3 northbound lanes for several hours. those lanes on highway one on one have since reopened but not before one person was killed. >>fashion involving a tour bus shuts down highway one oh one northbound in south san francisco for several hours. one person was killed and 3 others were injured. >>early mitigation show it was at 2 separate collisions. the first of which involved 3 vehicles chp officer bert diaz says one of those vehicles was pushed into another lane and the tour bus in that lane was unable to slow down and crashed into it. >>a person traveling behind the bus in a lincoln navigator, then smashed into the back of the bus. >>unfortunately, the driver of the lincoln navigator was pronounced deceased. and soon after that the all and often. o
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in total were involved the tour bus was carrying choir students from oakwood university in alabama. the choir known as the aliens were set to perform sunday at a san francisco church. all of the students were able to get out of the box before exploded into flames, but their clothing and other personal belongings were destroyed. oakwood university sent out a tweet with information on how to donate to the choir. the university also released a statement on the crash saying it's grateful to the first responders. >>well despite this morning's accident along one oh one the choir actually performed at a san francisco church on this morning expressing their condolences to the person who was killed and their family. the police meanwhile say this crash is still under investigation. that's the latest here live in san francisco. dan dorn on for news. >>thank you so much dan that
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overnight crash caused major backups along highway one to one. that lasted into the morning hours. we're also major traffic backups this afternoon along interstate 80 on the bay bridge. this is what it looked like in the eastbound lanes of 80 around lunchtime saturday. and the your bubble in a tunnel, small collision that caused major backups for those leaving san francisco. there was also another multi vehicle collision in those same eastbound lanes on the eastern span of the bay bridge. no major injuries were reported just very long waits for those traveling into the east bay. we are also following breaking police they're investigating an officer-involved shooting that left one man dead. >>and an officer injured kron four scale on this now live at the scene in san jose with the very latest kale. >>justin and j r i'm here at the end of home are dry. this is by story road in the san jose could see is still an active investigation. the
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crime tape is still up. the san jose police investigative crime unit are here at the scene now we have video from earlier this will area was blocked off now this started just before 1 o'clock this afternoon where san jose police was responding to a stolen vehicle inside this apartment complex on comb our drive. now 3 officers found an adult male driver with no passengers inside the stolen vehicle, the 3 officers block the stolen vehicle and gave a suspect commands the but that suspect did not comply with their commands and rand his vehicle into a pothole patrol car according to san. jose police and now and he then drove his vehicle at the officers one officer was struck by the vehicle fell to the ground and was dragged by the suspect's vehicle and was pinned between the stolen vehicle and the parks, a vehicle, all 3 officers fired at the suspect striking him at least once the suspect was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead a short time later the injured officer
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was taken to a local hospital for treatment but non life threatening injuries. the other officers were not injured during the incident. now out of this whole area as i mentioned was blocked off for. >>hours just about says it has opened up about one point residents could not go inside their homes. i did see the medical examiner come here to the scene they left about an hour ago now the involved officers will be placed on routine paid administrative leave and as you can to see this whole incident is still being investigated and that we are starting to hear more. on monday from san jose police that is the very latest we're live in san jose get along crime much gail also in san jos elderly man is dead after crashing his car into a store front to the california highway patrol says around 6 this morning, the man crashed into the. >>santa fe talk korea on south white road. he died at the scene we're still waiting to learn. more about the man including his name and his age
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chp is investigating the cause of this crash. >>we'll take a look at this picture from santa clara county fire department. firefighters responded to a house in vegetation fire this morning in los gatos crews say the fire started around 7 in the attic of the home. the 1700 block of foster road. the home is located of a long driveway that was overgrown with vegetation. it was inaccessible to fire engines. firefighters were able to get the fire under control about 2 hours later, see those flames there no on though was injured. >>let's take a live look outside right now as we talk about our 4 zone forecast and that marine layer slowly crawling into the city of san francisco certainly is joined right now by meteorologist so rodriguez to give us an update on what the weather for tonight and tomorrow morning looks like yet increase in cloud cover and with that cooler temperatures tonight even into the 2nd half of your weekend. so let's take a live look outside from the east bay over berkeley and you could see those clouds starting to
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move into the interior valleys already right along the coastline and 24 hour temperature change is showing right now that cool sea breeze is having an impact mainly for interior valleys because it is strong enough word is reaching areas like conquered and livermore about 10 degrees cooler than where we were around this time last night so already feeling those changes out there, widespread 50's but still in the 60's for those of you in antioch and it's going to get even colder just because of this stronger on shore flow, this cool sea breeze right now impacting me maybe interior valleys and especially right along the coast in downtown san francisco as well. so storm tracker for right now showing fog bank right up along the coastline and it's going to creep inland during the overnight hours even bringing us some patchy drizzle as well but then we will notice a break in the clouds by around your sunday afternoon with the return of that cloud cover once again by sunday night through monday morning bringing us a slight chance of rain. i'm tracking
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that and also your full single them forecast for your sunday coming up in just a few minutes she are back to you. >>well thank you so much in the north bay santa rosa man is in custody tonight, accused of holding 2 brothers for ransom after a drug deal gone bad. police say 24 year-old won held the brothers tied up in a home in the 4200 block of sebastopol road. brothers mother told police a man called her about her sons around 4 this morning and demanded money. investigators later learned the suspects and victims had been part of a marijuana deal during which a substantial amount of marijuana was stolen. the suspect held the brothers for ransom because he had to pay off the debt from the deal. both victims are back at home safe. we'll take a look at this video from are in county a chp airplane help county officials find a missing hiker and samuel p taylor state park yesterday. the 67 year-old man
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was reported missing in the park and his cell phone was not working. the airplane used a thermal imaging camera and sensor operator to find them and several 100 feet off the trail. >>a santa rosa man who was already and dui probation faces another dui charge police in petaluma say they arrested 24 year-old francisco mendez in connection to a hit and run crash. this crash happened around midnight saturday at 4th and c streets in petaluma a witness reported a car crashing into a traffic pole and driving away. officers arrested mendez a short distance from the crash. police say mendez had a polemic area blood alcohol content of 0.1 6. he was also arrested for driving with a suspended place isn a on suspici threateninto >>well it was a fun day to be a long debate today, the sale gp made its san francisco debut at those big boats that have been out on the water all week long and great weather
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for it as well it's a new global boat race and it's happening in the san francisco bay kron four switching all spoke with spectators who were impressed by this inaugural race. >>an attraction to speed drawing thousands of spectators to the san francisco bay alcatraz and the iconic golden gate bridge, the backdrop for sale gps first race in the united states says the modestly impressive isis little people on them so far away the votes are it was like turning and going fast. well i was like i missed the shot in the press to 6 teams are competing in the new global boat racing championship competition, australia, china, france, great britain and japan. and of course the good weather. it's thanks e to that company fans catching the action along the shoreline watching 50 catamaran zipping through the water reaching speeds of close to 50 this is crazy selling super super fan. and the best part about it is the event is free to get super
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close. feel like you're selling yourself on saturday, the japan sale gp team won all 3 races the competition continues sunday ending with a $1 million winner takes all match. in san francisco fliegende all kron 4 news. a new motion has been filed in the ghost ship warehouse trial just days before witness testimonies are set to begin. >>why the prosecution's first witness may not be able to take the stand. >>plus we are following the nationwide college cheating scandal, hear from stanford parents who say they are victims and their daughters online video is now coming to light. >>and the state is now getting involved in the catholic church sex-abuse investigatio reactions from the diocese here in the bay area.
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>>all eyes are on the catholic church in california tonight as the state attorney general's office announced it will review how all 12 diocese in the state handle allegations of sex-abuse. >>the request could be the first step towards a full investigation of california diocese, which serves about 10 million people come for snowball got reaction from a group that help survivors of priest abuse with margot geron, justine the survivors network of those abused by priests or snap. >>calls the attorney general's move an exciting development you may remember last november attorney general javier the santa asked to victims of
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clerical sex-abuse to submit complaints to his office now nearly 6 months later, he sent letters to every diocese asking them to voluntarily preserve documents and files that relate to abuse allegations and how they were handled one of the leaders of snap here in the bay area says this is a long time coming. >>a lot of survivors will say that the church's reaction has been was the most painful part of their abuse snap support coordinator melanie stucco to has worked with survivors of clerical sex-abuse for 20 years. >>advocates like her feel the catholic church is it transparent enough to do an investigation of themselves you know in general they have under reported i think they have minimized until you get all of that information out there. you don't really have good idea. what happened and you don't know. >>who knew what who knew when and what did they do about it and that i think is put the.
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>>gees is planning on focusing on attorney general have the airbus sent a sent a letter to all 12 diocese this week requesting officials preserve documents that concern its compliance as mandatory reporters of child abuse. those documents could include allegations of clergy sex-abuse policies on workplace termination and record keeping policies regarding the transfer of clergy between diocese. half of the states dioceses including san francisco and san jose were asked to voluntarily submit their documents in the next 30 days, i'm just hoping that um we will finally get a better idea of how many abusers there were how many children were abused how many reports were made that were ignored. >>the diocese of san jose released a statement saying it intends to cooperate with the agee's review the archdiocese of san francisco, however says it's reviewing the letter and did not have any further statement to give. as we
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reported earlier this week, the archdiocese of san francisco has yet to release. >>even a primary list of clergy me been accused of sex-abuse since october the diocese of san jose and oakland have both released their list right now it is unclear if the set us in hurry will lead to a larger investigation justine. >>thank you so much for the prosecution's first witness may not be allowed to testify next week in the trial for the deadly warehouse fire in oakland, an attorney for go go ship warehouse, creative director max harris filed a motion yesterday asking a judge to block the testimony of carroll said look she's the mother of one of the victims. the defense says that her emotional testimony, what influence the jury. harris and warehouse master 10 and are con men are charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the 2016 fire. opening statements in the high-profile case were earlier this week. testimony is scheduled to begin on monday. >>well starting on monday school community in san jose
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will vote to change the name of burnett middle school the school is named after california's first governor. peter burnett critics call him a racist citing his efforts to block native americans, african americans and chinese nationals from entering the state students faculty and parents will vote for one of 7 names reflecting historical figures in san jose. the vote will be done online from monday through friday. >>are relieved bring it down right there she is in the pink sweater and she shared this video on twitter today she wrote that her staff top of the steps to beyonce's before i let go dance challenge for bay area dance week. the social media trend began after the queen really is the single last month as a bonus track on her homecoming the live album and they cup. >>what can you say she's got
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some millions out there looking live right now along the embarcadero somewhat of a clear night from that shot and a little bit. >>cooler as we approach sunday, our meteorologist murray, so every cousins here now with a look at our forecast. already tracking those changes out there this evening. so we did reach a daytime high of slightly below normal temperatures today for most of the bay area. so today's going to be our transitional day because we're % really going to cool down even more starting tomorrow, so storm tracker for right now showing that fog bank write off along the coast and i am tracking though an upper level low and with this system. it's pretty tricky for us to forecast upper level low weather man's well in this case whether wom low because it is hard to pinpoint exactly where it will impact the bay area. the latest projections show that it was going to pack the south bay. but now looks like the system is drying out as i speak so one thing that we will notice though during the overnight hours will be a thicker fog
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bank waking up to clouds even into the interior valleys with some patchy drizzle right along the coast. so it is going to make for a slick commute for your sunday morning, better clearing by your sunday afternoon. so those of you who do have cinco de mayo plans and also barbecue plans outside you're in luck, but it will be a little bit breezy about 20 miles per hour or less by sunday night that cloud cover is going to return, and it could bring us some very light rain really just in the form of sprinkles bringing us about reese's amount of rain at that so already drying out with this system. but very ominous looking clouds out there right now south market downtown area as you can see gray clouds overhead and interior valleys as much as 10 to 11 degrees. so that sea breeze is relatively strong making its way inland. temperatures for overnight lows will actually dip into the upper 40's so it is going to be a cooler night tonight. cloudy start but then mostly cloudy to partly cloudy
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conditions by the afternoon. but daytime highs will be about 5 degrees below average downtown san francisco only warming up into the low 60's and also the holiday forecast for those of you celebrating cinco the mile it is going to be a dry one. so that's a good news, but make sure to wear thicker sweater or jacket than what you wore today because we are going to notice that cool down even into our interior valleys. most of us only warming up into the upper 60's and as we take a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast, warming up all of next weekend mother's day weekend justine looking ghraib plenty of sunshine back to you. thanks so much for the great weather as well coming up a food recall. >>why tyson wants you to throw away its frozen chicken strips. big night. the magic of be your best self... . it's your time... . own it... take off in 3... 2... .aww
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check your freezer for tyson chicken strips tyson is recalling nearly 12 million pounds of frozen ready to eat chicken strips because they might contain metal. this food recall includes products that were produced from october 1st 2 march 8th, and have used by date of october first 2019 through march 7th 2020 customers are urged to throw away or return the products that are under recall and this is an expansion of the first recall that was issued in
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march. more than 6 9,000 pounds were included in that one. youtube now has 2 billion billion with a b monthly users, the company says as of march. watch time of you to on tv screens was more than 250 million hours per day that's an increase of about 40% in less than a year. and excludes viewing on youtube tv that's google's internet pay tv service. >>we may not be able to get an uber or lyft on wednesday morning, drivers for both rideshare companies plan to strike from 7 to 9. the strike is scheduled in advance of uber's public trading that begins on thursday. a group that represents uber drivers in new york says the drivers hope to send a message to uber they want livable incomes job security and regulated fares. lyft drivers intend to voice concerns over recent pay cuts over faces a massive class action lawsuit in australia. a
8:26 pm
law form in the country says it filed the suit on behalf a 6,000 taxi drivers limousine drivers, another industry players they accuse mover of illegal operations in australia by defying regulations and knowingly allowing drivers to operate without proper licenses. a spokesperson for uber says the company denies the allegation. i will defend itself against such a claim. >>terry chartered passenger plane skids off the runway and ends up in a river how federal investigators plan to find out. how this happened. >>also an explosion destroys a chemical plant in illinois. number of people dead tonight. why a search for those missing is now. >>and a family adm paying this man millions of dollars to get their daughter into stanford why they're calling themselves. the
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>>now to the very latest in the nationwide college cheating scandal, a chinese family has now admitted to paying million to get their daughter into stanford, but they say they are victims who thought the process was legitimate brynn gingras explains. >>singers clients paid him anywhere between million. for this service.
8:30 pm
>>$6.5 million it's the largest amount of money anyone paid admitted college scam masterminded rick singer according to federal authorities that money coming from the family of this man is out how a chinese pharmaceutical billionaire seen here with president 1onald trump and the first lady, the family now saying they are victims of rick singer in a scam that resulted in 50 people federally charge and has made a global impact in a statement from mrs. out who doesn't give her full name. she says they hired singer to help their daughter navigate the american college admissions process. the family was introduced a singer's room morgan stanley financial adviser from los angeles and according to the statement singer told her through his foundation the money would go toward quote salaries of academic staff scholarships, athletics programs and helping those students who otherwise will not be able to afford to attend stanford. so the family handed over the hefty donation in april 2017 after their
8:31 pm
daughter got accepted to stanford. >>sanders to all. >>2 months later their daughter uses out posted a 90 minute video online encouraging students that they too can get into a prestigious american schools saying in part quote i want to tell you that i gained my admission into stanford through my own heart effort i would like to share my experience for example i wasn't doing well academically when i was in elementary school but i now can go to stanford after working hard. now no longer is listed as a student on a public student directory page of stanford and the school says it never received money in that amount from a family connected to singer or from singer himself. is our family is not facing any charges from us prosecutors in boston. but a source tells cnn more parents could be arrested in the coming weeks as investigators have issued subpoenas looking for phone mugs and financial records of other parents who may be ensnared in the giant college
8:32 pm
admissions web. singer admitted to creating. >>experts say that more than a dozen parents facing charges in the case may use a similar defense. they say they too were victims of rick singer. >>we had a really hard landing. and then the plane down. and speech and down some more ands secure right and minute so left. >>a frightening moment for a 143 people aboard a military chartered passenger plane. it slid off a runway and into a river last night in jacksonville florida. the boeing 7.37 flight was arriving from guantanamo bay cuba and the naval air station jacksonville, when it and up in the saint johns river investigators are now looking into what role reported heavy rain played during that landing in today, the ntsb recovered the flight data recorder. >>we ecovered the flight data recorder has the ability
8:33 pm
to record over 1000 parameters and that will give the sea air speed position of flight controls the altitude. >>the point of touchdown and to many many things relative to what the aircraft was doing and and so forth. >>federal investigators say 22 of the plane's passengers and crew sought medical treatment but only a 3 month-old baby was kept the hospital as a precaution. they also say the aircraft was built in 2001 and had no history of any prior accident or incident. >>in maryland rescue crews are searching for 2 men following a helicopter crash there. coast guard received a report this afternoon that a 2 seat helicopter with 2 men aboard crashed in the chesapeake bay. it's not known what caused the chopper to crash. well 2 people are dead in illinois after a plan first into flames last night following an explosion this is the scene
8:34 pm
it's a silicone plant about 40 miles north of chicago. investigators say 9 people were inside at the time, one is dead. 4 injured and 2 others are missing, but presumed dead neighbors described the moment, the blast happened. >>the american line around watching tv and all of a sudden them, my lights flickered. they flickered inning they went on for second the came back on and then they went out again and i heard this really loud explosion in the whole building second. >>now this is what's left of the building today. rescue crews say the building is not safe for them to go inside and search for missing people. the explosion also damaged at least 5 other nearby buildings just and. >>the united states is now defending israel's right to self-defense following airstrikes against gaza militants. the militants fired some 250 rockets at israel today, israel hit back with airstrikes killing several
8:35 pm
people, including a 14 month-old child and the child's pregnant mother, a state department spokesperson released this statement that reads in part the united states strongly condemns the ongoing barrage of rocket attacks by hamas and palestinian islamic jihad from gaza upon innocent civilians and their communities across israel. we call on those responsible for the violence to cease this aggression immediately. we stand with israel and fully support its right to self-defense against these abhorrent attacks. south korea now says north korea fired several projectiles earlier they said that could north korea fired missiles but these projectiles were launched right into the sea of japan, south korea's joint chiefs of staff says they are still analyzing the details of those projectiles and president trump responded to the report on twitter this morning. he wrote anything in this very interesting world is possible. but i believe that kim jong-un fully realizes the great economic potential of
8:36 pm
north korea and will do nothing to interfere or ended he also knows that i am with him and does not want to break his promise to me deal will happen. president trump met with kim back in september but their talks very quickly ended. >>a street in los angeles named after former president barack obama the city held a public street festival today, where they renamed a 3.7 mile stretch of day a road as obama boulevard the la city council unanimously approved the change last august. well a stunning victory in this year's kentucky derby country house became the second biggest long shot winner in the race's 145 year history. the win came after maximum security was disqualified after an inquiry ruling. this is the first time the horse who finished first in the kentucky derby was disqualified. >>in the east bay, the contra
8:37 pm
costa county sheriff's office will host a free physical agility test tomorrow. the mock test is to prepare future law enforcement applicants for their actual test. this clinic will be open from 8 to 10 in the morning at the law enforcement training center in pittsburgh. that said to 40 marina boulevard. there will also be a circuit based workout session and a chance for you ask questions about the recruitment process. what is being billed as the bay area's largest cinco de mayo festival will be in richmond tomorrow, the annual event will be held from 10:00am until 05:00pm on 23th street between clinton and remapping news. it will feature music dancing and wrestling and 3 entertainment stages. there were also be a traditional mexican foods and dozens of activities for kids. the event organizers say this festival draws more than 100,000 people. >>the with you it's star wars day coming up your chance t own a piece from the franchise. >>and i'm tracking of cooler and cloudier forecast tonight
8:38 pm
that will impact your daytime highs for the 2nd half of your weekend more coming up in just a few minutes. >>and the sound of music is alive among these young musicians, how you can help them shine.
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news today, the group of town to young musicians are performing right now with the singing st the event with the young musicians coral
8:41 pm
orchestra started at 00:30pm tonight, the ritz carlton in half moon bay that the. >>why am seo is a free program and it serves primarily kids here in the bay area kron four spam or caught up with the kids as they were preparing for their big night. >>13 year-old ryan phan is one of 60 talented kids ages 10 to 18 with an uzi musical talent nurtured and developed the nonprofit called the young musicians world orchestra. >>why nco provides everything free all 60 are trained in classical jazz vocal and instrumental that is your o s glasgow was group training and one on one tudors. loans on all the instruments for those without. as well as academic and college admissions support
8:42 pm
and more a package worth some $12,000 per child and it all comes together because of the generous drive in spirit and determination of a petite powerhouse named daisy newman. >>i believe that if you put an instrument in the hands of every 6 year-old child when they hit 1314 there's no room for need lloyd gun. it is amazing and the magical effect of an instrument and the child. >>this is not. >>daydream a program that i would have wanted it. and some matches mississippi. so how else could i wind up seeing what leonard bernstein. >>except through music and it's magic. >>that's right a soprano soloist with the limit burnside daisy newman spent 20 years as a professional opera singer and plays 5 instruments
8:43 pm
herself. >>and her heart is filled with helping talented kids. her program is about much more than music she leaves with what she calls her power triangle. >>i recruited kids who want to go to college. who are low income but had a college join as excellence in academics music and citizenship is what the power trial stands for. >>seals community really helps. helps me learn music better and then it helps me learn sedition citizenship ryan isn't ymc owes 4 point o club the kids who get all a's get special experiences so he knows. >>excellence in academics. >>and use it. >>are essential. >>your daughter evelyn. >>and ryan is the second and his family to go through the program big sister evelyn wound up at a college in boston with the help of the have her college application.
8:44 pm
also the financial support. these families know a one hour private music lessons can cost upwards of $125 and. >>their appreciation to doing to war to introduce critically important this program minute. >>united to be more confident in his music it's time to embrace. his differences and you can see the growth in them physically and emotionally and in their character as they study. >>daisy stresses harmony not just in music but as part of her citizenship training before we have 13 ethnic groups in this program right now we all get along i don't have race baiting name calling none of that. >>and this is happening not just with music and she's hoping just become better person overall because shes something called it the power trying to. >>i have proven that the power triangle works that this combination of music.
8:45 pm
academics and citizenship. it can't be and it is the joy of my night to observe the growth. and the success. we shoot for the moon here and get it. >>great program there his work with hundreds of children since 2003. but does not have a home of its own rehearsals tutoring and it's an instrument storage it all requires rental spaces and as always. >>donations are appreciated. >>all righty and after the break we had a wild one in houston, it came down to the wire free basketball went to
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>>a look outside tonight on the bay bridge a somewhat quiet night coming into the city. i have not seen very often get during the day lot of traffic coming into the city, but a little bit quiet coming in on a saturday night and the but that marine layer is also making its way in right now cooling us down a bit. yeah, cooler and that's going to be the main
8:49 pm
themes for this forecast today because we are going to notice a deepening marine layer tonight. >>even continuing through most of your sunday as well and storm tracker for tracking that fog bank right off the coast and also in this dry conditions at least for now, but i am tracking severe weather starting tomorrow continuing through monday in the form of possible pop-up thunderstorms and scattered showers could actually bring us about half an inch of hail or less in addition to that thunder lightning and gusty wind speeds for your sunday. it is going to peak at around 2 to 8 o'clock tomorrow night continuing through monday as well with scattered showers for your tuesday evening. so very severe weather and remember if you hear thunder war go indoors fortunately, calmer weather for us here in the bay area but very gloomy conditions out there but dry conditions so far i am tracking some patchy drizzle to during the overnight hours into your early sunday morning commute and temperatures right now cooling down into the 50's with the exception of antioch
8:50 pm
in the mid 60's and that cooling trend will continue even more upper 40's are low 50's for your overnight lows in the bay area daytime highs will be cooler compared to today's so we're going to be about 5 degrees below average downtown san francisco only warming up to 60 degrees half moon bay, 59 degrees 59 degrees as well for burlingame brisbane 58 degrees widespread low 60's for san mateo county and also palo alto 60 degrees mountain view 68 degrees. and those of you in the south bay campbell 70 degrees, san jose, 71 degrees for your afternoon highs and wind speeds about 20 miles per hour or less for those of you in the east bay hayward only warming up into the mid 60's orinda 58 degrees walnut creek 67 degrees and in the north bay napa 68 degrees with santa rosa. in the low 70's. so we're all going to be a few degrees below average in your pollen count for your sunday forecast showing medium
8:51 pm
amounts of mulberry oak and grasses those are the top 3 allergens that you want to watch out for. but fortunately after this weekend we are going to notice a warming and drying trend that will continue even through your mother's day weekend. >>well the warriors came into their series with the houston rockets looking pretty shaky to hold 2 home losses to the clippers and some underwhelming performances but after 2 games against houston. they reminded everyone that they are the best team in the world tonight they look to take total control of this series in game 3 in houston. steve kerr and does haven't lost a road game this postseason looking to keep it that way tonight 1st quarter dubs up to andre iguodala tried to throw him down on clint capella but capella meet him at the ramming get the black let's take another look what a block their capella had a nice night for houston and that sparked a rocket is run. here's a layup by eric gordon gordon had 20 points in the
8:52 pm
1st half and rockets took a nine-point lead into the break. let's go late into the 3rd and into a forthcoming or and took over. he scored 10 points in a 2 minute span. he finished with 4846 points on the night and will the warriors back in the game after being down by 13. now let's go under a minute ago, here's here's one more katie shot. now we're going to go under a minute ago, there's another case on getting way ahead of myself you get the point though he scored 10 straight. now, here's the shot i was talking about a good dollop buries a corner 3 they go up by 2 this will go to overtime and here is the dagger unfortunately james har en he had 41 points and the rockets win it. one 26 to one 21. over to the shark tank's the sharks just tied up this game. we're in the second period. this is game 5 of the second round the series is not it up at 2 so the sharkies looking to take a 3, 2, lead. now let's head over to the keystone state rainy night in pittsburgh, pirates hosting
8:53 pm
days bottom of 3rd pirates down 3 to one. they tied at one swing of the bat. that's josh bell that's a home run to center. his 8th of the season is 3 all top of the 5th aids get one back chris davis live went up the middle matt chapman comes in to score. bottom of the 7th now the pirates strike back kevin newman in to pinch hit that's going to drop deep into right field. 2 runs come into school or pirates call 5, 4, they tack on an insurance run later in the ending in the a's lose it 6 to 4. now let's head out to cincinnati where the giants were on the road taking on the reds bottom of the first man on second puig does his job that a single to left one run comes into scores, a one nothing game. the giants answering the top of the second stephen do bar singles to right field to knot the game at one. he's one of the young guys on this giants team that they hope to build iran. bottom of the second the john deere eggs. break this one open eugenio suarez as goes
8:54 pm
deep to right field three-run home run his 8th of the season. the reds take this one 92. that's your look at sports will b
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
>>it will have an auction house in los angeles on may 14th.
8:57 pm
>>specific outfit of the sith lord appears in star wars episode, 5 the empire strikes back include 17 pieces everything from the gloves boots and a battery pack. the entire costume is worth an estimated one to million and justine i'm pretty excited by this costume. the one to million is a lot >>something like that you when do you wear, but i i'm just playing i can see a lot of people paying the money very expensive following cuts collectors i doubt that the confession of never seeing starwars a note.
8:58 pm
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(rock music) (dogs barking) (sirens blaring) (helicopter blades thrumming) (gun cocks) - we're on route to assist chp with a hit-and-run accident up at kyburz. allegedly, victims of the accident have the vehicle blocked in. and the vehicle's reported out of sacramento as a car, been involved in a carjacking. right now, there's reports that passerby's have weapons drawn on the vehicle.


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