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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 5, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>>half years after the ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland killed 36 people. testimony is set to begin tomorrow morning. good evening and thank you for joining us at 8, i'm jr stone warehouse creative director max harrison master tagged erica on both facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. >>yes, the prosecution is expecting to call the mother of one of the victims has its first witness on monday, but an attorney for harris is trying to block her testimony from forres noel bellow spoke with the legal analyst about the move and what may unfold during the trial.
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>>trying to discredit the heart streams of this jury it right away former prosecutor and legal analyst stephen clark is not surprised that alameda county prosecutors. >>plan to call carol said likes to the stand monday said like is the mother of 29 year-old nicole siegrist who died along with 35 others in the ghost ship warehouse fire in december 2016. so looks testimony will center around a text message. her daughter center that night which read i'm going to die. >>what's the reason that this was gross negligence and manslaughter. >>an attorney for defendant max harris filed a motion friday. asking the judge not to allow said look to testify, stating quote the danger of undue prejudice is extremely high and vastly outweighs any
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probative value that miss it looks testimony might provide she's just a judge will allow. >>this isn't particularly not just to show that this was one of the victims of the ghost ship. also because the text message does extremely relevant to the prosecution's theory of the case that this was a death trap. >>heres his attorney wants to stop a survivor named samuel maxwell from testifying to he was in a coma for 5 weeks after the fire. and maxwell now relies on his mother to interpret for him. clark says the issue of his mother playing interpreter in court could get complicated generally interpret. >>i keep the judge well in an effort to allow them to testify to that he shot, but if it becomes too emotional. i think the judge may have to step in. >>in oakland noel bellow kron 4 news. >>cause of the ghost ship fire remains undetermined. the trial is scheduled to resume tomorrow morning at 9.
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>>and we will have complete coverage all day right here on kron four and on crime. outside right now at our camera showing us the golden gate bridge which might see a little bit of rain as we move throughout the evening tonight, we're joined right now by meteorologist bree surat regus we were just looking outside within the last 30 minutes you can see those ominous clouds out there. >>yeah, it's a very cold night out there in the bay area just because it a line of showers making its way from east to west primarily impacting the east bay earlier this evening right now it is spreading right along the san francisco peninsula light on again off again showers tao downtown san francisco and even deeley city and in the east bay there actually were reports of not only thunder but lightning strikes in the interior valleys specifically for those of you in contra costa where you actually got reports of pea sized hail in the eastern portions of that area so right now tracking some widespread light to moderate rain right
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now over the interior portions of the east bay making its way right along the coastline of san leandro and even hayward as well dry for those of you in the north bay out there right now and also dry conditions at least for now for those of you in the south bay. so the bulk of the wet weather. coming from the east very active today even throughout south lake tahoe and most of this for that matter the threat of thunderstorms will continue not just today. but also through at least tuesday of next week and even into monterey county tracking some light scattered hit or miss showers there as well so very active weather pattern right now making its way into the bay area and it is going to continue even during the overnight hours into your monday morning commute details on the severe weather system because the threat of pop-up thunderstorms could continue tonight find out where in just a few minutes sharon justine back to you. >>thank you so much happening now the california highway patrol is looking for
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witnesses to last night's highway shooting on i 80 at san pablo it injured a man from hayward chp officers responded to a call about a crash near the san pablo dam road overpass around 11 20 last night. that's where they found a man lying on top of the concrete center divider officers say the man was injured after getting hit by one or more car, ours chp says the man was driving his black dodge charger when a silver honda civic started to chase hir on i 80 eastbound, the man said he crashed with the honda at the san pablo dam road overpass before he got out of his caand started walking, the driver of the honda also got out of his car and fire 3 to 4 shots one with a into that actuaaly with one or 2 striking the victim in the leg. investigators say the victim tried to run away and got hit by traffic. he is getting treated for his injuries and expected to make a full recovery. now if you witness the chase or have
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information about i call the chp golden gate division. >>police say an oakland man shot and injured 6 people at the oceana dunes national preserve on the state's central coast. investigators arrested 19 year-old francisco rosco today on charges of attempted murder. police say the shooting was reported around midnight when a large crowd was gathered at that recreation area at this time we do not know the conditions of the people who were shot. investigators have also not named a possible motive. and this south san francisco man faces charges in connection to last year's rape case in millbrae san mateo county sheriff's deputies say they arrested 29 year-old shawn child friday in san bruno investigators say the rape was reported in september of last year when the victim told police the child took advantage of her intellectual disability and assaulted her twice. police say cho was convicted in 2009 2010 for peeping into bathroom windows in san mateo county was also wanted for peeping into an
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occupied building in millbrae at the time of his arrest. investigators are looking into what started this fire last night in emeryville this fire started shortly after 7 at a homeless encampment behind a home depot store in hollis street. the fire burned the exterior of a storage area outside of the store damaging or destroying about $160,000 worth of merchandise. no one was injured. >>choir members who survived this fiery crash on highway one to one you can see some of the video from that scene the other night in san francisco that choir. they perform today, several members of the oakwood university group or injured in saturday's early morning accident in san mateo county. all members of the choir managed to escape before the tour bus burst into flames from ford and ford was at tonight's free concert. he joins us live tonight with details stand. >>well, jr the on the crowd here was pretty good at 3rd
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baptist church the choir being able to watch share their musical gift with these people that came out here today to the church despite yesterday's tragic accident. but the people that were here and able to hear this music for thankful. >>choir from oakwood university in alabama, fills the room of san francisco's 3rd baptist church with music >>just a day before members of the internationally renowned group. >>we're involved in a fiery crash on highway one oh one in south san francisco. >>amazingly all 18 people on board we were able to get off of the bus with just minor injuries. >>is a miracle that they want to get off of that bus before it. >>reverend amos brown of 3rd baptist church had asked the choir to return after they made their debut performance
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in the bay area last year he was gratefully aliens decided to perform after saturday's tragic accident. >>aliens have always. show that they could the fall. other great difficulty. >>after getting news about the crash oakwood university president leslie pollard left alabama to join the choir in san francisco. he expressed gratitude for the hospitality from the city. one man died after his lincoln navigator slammed into the back of the choirs tour bus around 12 45 saturday morning. the choir offered their condolences during their performance. many of the choir members lost a lot of their personal belongings in the bus fire. the university has been sharing information but how to that free concert is just now wrapping up here and 3rd baptist church in san francisco. >>the chp says that fiery
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crash is still under investigation, reporting live in san francisco dan torn kron 4 news. >>thank you so much stand now to the east bay where these 3 men were arrested in walnut creek in connection to a fight that injured 4 people yesterday 20 want not 21 year-old joshua beal 20 year-old philip chon both of them face charges in connection to a stabbing and christopher d-mont a suspected of hitting a man with the car. police say they responded to the intersection of north main street and parkside drive early yesterday morning. after they learned this fight. investigators found 3 men stabbed in one man hit by a car. all 4 victims suffered moderate to serious injuries, but none of them are life threatening. in concord police say a fight broke out among 30 to 70 people last night in the parking lot of the sun valley mall, both concord police and pleasant help police responded to the incident around 8 30 last night, a mall security guard use pepper spray to break up the fight and during
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that process. concord police officer got some that pepper spray in his eyes. but tonight that officer is ok. >>city officials in berkeley are asking tenants and landlords to properly discard of items no longer needed. this as you see berkeley students move out at the end of the semester and leave unwanted furniture and other items curbside city officials say tenants should use a building's trash bin if those are full and lords can schedule a free ball quays pick up another option is purchasing the city's prepaid trash bags. >>starting tomorrow, well a school community in san jose will vote to change the name of burnett middle school the hools named after california's first governor peter burnett critics call him a racist citing his efforts to block native americans african americans and chinese nationals from entering the state. students faculty and parents will vote for one of 7 names reflecting historical figures in san jose. the vote will be done online monday through friday. we'll take you
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to a camp that aspiring girls to become firefighters plus conflicting proposals over drinking water. >>how state lawmakers want to provide safe drinking water to everyone and we're following that deadly plane crash. in russia, the latest on the -pdeath toll and toll and we also
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>>welcome back a russian airlines flight crash lands in russia and catches fire. this is the video they are looking
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at tonight at least 40 people are confirmed dead, including 2 children, 5 others are currently at a hospital. airline officials say the flight had taken off from moscow when it had to turn back because of technical problems possibly a lightning strike. the sequence of events before and after the fire started is not clear tonight. we're also seeing video taken from inside the plane. we do want to warn you some people might consider this video. >>disturbing. that video from inside. shows what passengers evacuating the flames had to deal with that was fire on the plane's tail 73 passengers and 5 crew members on board at the time. russia's president vladimir putin ordered a thorough investigation into the cause of the fire. a new statement from boeing about the 7.37 max 8 the company says it knew about a problem with the plane. >>in 2017. but decided not to
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do anything about it. boeing says the future that should have been standard on the aircraft called the a o a disagree alert. only worked on planes that had an additional optional feature. the statement says boeing engineers knew the planes did not meet certain requirements in 2017. but after a view of the company decided the existing functionality was acceptable until the next software update. the problem quote did not adversely impact their plane safety or operation because of that they never told the airlines or the f a a the issue only came up after the deadly lion air crash. last october. >>we're learning new details tonight about the military charter jet that ended up in a in florida. off the runway there had been in maintenance recently federal investigators say maintenance logs show that the boeing 7.37 had a left hand thrust reversed that was not working that reverse thrust can be used to help an aircraft come to a stop the
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plane from cuba was landing friday night at naval air station in jacksonville, it ran off the runway. military officials announced today that the military base will be closed to arriving flights until federal investigators figure out how to remove the aircraft from the saint johns river, 143 passengers and crew members were onboard at the time. no one was seriously hurt. tonight coming up at 8.40 we will hear from a father who was on that plane just trying to get home to his family. >>well taking a live look outside this evening of downtown san francisco. >>and some areas of the city might be seeing some rain right now meteorologist risa guess is here with a look at the radar and a shower for tonight. >>yeah, pretty active tonight because we are seeing a line of showers from the east making its way into the bay area right now. it did bring us some pop up thunderstorms in the interior portions of the east bay and right now the heaviest rain near south san francisco right around the brisbane area along the
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peninsula that's from tracking. some light to moderate downpours out there right now everyone seeing some light scattered hit or miss showers and as we zoom on and you could see that it is impacting that southern portion of the san francisco peninsula and even into the east bay as well still tracking that line of showers all the way from the interior valleys to the coastline of the east bay but pretty dry for those of you in the north bay and also the south bay. you haven't seen any rain really but that's all going to change during the overnight hours ecause i am tracking some more possible severe weather and also another round of light scattered showers making its way not just in to the east bay, but the south bay and once again throughout the san francisco peninsula now looks like those of you in the north bay you're going to remain dry for most of this evening light scattered on again off again showers even impacting your monday morning commute but overall monday looks to be a drier day compared to today, especially by the afternoon when we start to notice some clearing and
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breaks in the clouds and then drying out completely by monday night rain totals with this system still not looking too impressive, but if we do get severe weather. we will see some pretty active downpours because parts of contra costa actually saw some pea sized hail in that area but overall about a 10th of an inch of rain or less in today's daytime highs. we certainly felt that cool down today on account of the weather 5 to 10 degrees below average. still tracking gray clouds overhead and light scattered hit or miss showers. gusty wind speeds as well specifically for those of you in the interior valleys of the east bay. you've got the most active weather out of this system today. temperatures right now in the 50's cooling down into the low 50's and upper 40's for your overnight lows thanks to that thick blanket a storm cloud cover cloudy start tomorrow but then partly cloudy skies by the afternoon, but it's still going to be a relatively cool day in the bay area about 5 degrees below average downtown san francisco only warming up into the low 60's low 70's for
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livermore and san jose 71 degrees and let's take a look at the next 7 day forecast. we are going to warm up dry out and clear out all week long after monday and it's looking great for your mother's day weekend jerry justine back to you. >>thanks so much to raise our firefighting is a career that's mostly dominated by men but here in the bay area girls are getting a firsthand look at what it's like to be a firefighter dozens of them took part in an annual girls fire camp aimed. getting young women interested in a fire fighting career on for long was at the event today and joins us live tonight with details gayle. >>firefighters are seeing a decline at fire academies across northern california. they're also facing challenges with recruiting women to fire service careers. this camp is hoping to change all that. >>high school girls are showing us some of the alert to you people and perhaps sell. they are part of an
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annual program and bay area hosted by nor cal women and the fire service. >>at 14 to 18 years of age they are getting hands on training and a possible interest in a fire fighting career i've never find an aerial ladder. >>so let's pay i just could not believe his time like 3 times is really fun. >>the girls choir camp is free. you know firefighters from across the bay area levy activities. this year's camp was at santa clara spyer training facility tiffany iowa is a senior at mount pleasant high school. she wants to be a firefighter. >>i think helping people and do something different every day is summarily >>alexis love the says the student ackley in valley charter high it's really shown me kind of the whole aspect of how it is working with people that are in disasters and how different situations can pan out and how the most effective most logical way to sort things out would this is the second year of the 2 day camp created to inspire future
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female firefighters and they walk away from this camp, we want them to feel like they can do more than they thought they could when they walked in. training hard like professionals from learning how to put out a fire. >>find me 100 ladder and working as a team. at the end of this 2 day program, the girls not only got a certificate of completion they also got certified in cpr. >>and bleeding control live in santa clara get along kron 4 news. >>avengers endgame is still the king of the box office. but didn't break any more records was not welcome here the threate i said my boys my
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family's always going to come first this job will be a close second. but families always first. >>in this kron on extra san francisco's fire chief is retiring may 5th and she talked or kron on's teresa stasio but why she chose that date to and her career with the department. >>so yeah i just i made it i had great support from family and friends. there were some times where i'd have to and i remember seeing you that that incident which is a sad had to my boys in the back of my car and they were belted in that i i did use my red lights a siren some people criticize me for it, but it was like i had to be there. >>we're in second place the
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weekend's top new movie though a far cry from number one we owe this to everyone is not in this room. avengers endgame didn't quite record the best second weekend in history following a few million shy of star wars, the force awakens. >>but million gave the blockbuster a domestic total of million entering the all time top 10 in 10 days in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >>the worldwide avengers endgame is already at billion. it is the second biggest movie in global box office history about million behind the all time champ avatar problem. that really that much in moving money probably costs that they'd like to know it's not that far behind now. well this father and husband says that he was just trying to get home to his family when his plane skid off the runway and ended in a river in florida has recounted that frightening
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night also up next the price for a cup of coffee may give you a jolt from force vicki libya arcus takes a sip and tonight's dine and. and a new study finds that california's tap water is not safe to drink the debate thto
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>>and that. >>had me all smiles in san francisco tree says stop. >>welcome back to kron 4 news today, millions of people across the state don't have access to safe drinking water and a recent study showed a possible link between cancer
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and california tax capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the debate between lawmakers on how to fund. >>the fix and also what immediate action. the governor is now taking. >>this simple necessary part of everyday life is the center of a complicated conversation between lawmakers we have a water problem in california. whether it be an infrastructure problem or for that matter a direct a public health. problem a recent study by the environmental working group found drinking tap water in california could increase the risk of cancer water systems with the highest serve smaller communities, according to the study lawmakers have said fixing contaminated water systems is costly but ongoing maintenance will be even more expensive they say a constant funding stream is necessary for generations. >>we've heard legislature's we for governors talk about the need do something with water and our state assemblyman
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devon mathis proposes using money from the general fund mathis is measure was rejected in committee but will be up for reconsideration some democrats concerned taking money from the general fund would take away from other priorities. >>the dedication of percent of this budget is not just limiting what we do with the general fund it is directing us to cut it child care education, health care, state parks, social services, the list goes on as soon as the budget goes down and takes a death. in the next recession, bomb we'll talk to the members that weight off. >>and see if we can for their minds. i'm also fun to just taking the straight to the voters to creating a ballot initiative in going out and getting the signatures because i believe this is something that needs to be done. this is something that final. >>meanwhile, the governor has proposed a competing measure implementing a tax or fee on water customers to build up the safe drinking water fun for the state he recently signed an executive order directing state agencies to
8:32 pm
identify actions. the state needs to take to ensure safe and resilient water supplies saying climate change poses a threat. >>the governor's executive order also directs state agencies to start having public meetings on the issue within the coming weeks and months reporting in sacramento. actually zavala kron 4 news. >>you see irvine is on alert for possible measles cases health officials confirmed a graduate student at the school got measles and could have exposed people since april 28th that student is currently recovering at home. health officials also say a 7 month-old baby in orange county is hospitalized with the measles that baby was too young to be vaccinated. >>3 people are now confirmed dead in friday night's plant explosion in illinois you see the video right here and this monitor rescue crews found a second body in the rubble today. one person is still missing. david daniel has the latest on the search and recovery effort. >>they are working under the entire building at this point
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this is a very difficult situation. the search for victims of a chemical plant explosion continued on sunday we still have at least have to structure to work through recovery teams comb through the debris looking for 2 employees in their search efforts today they were able to one of the other victims, the massive blast rocked a be specialty silicones around 9 30 friday night. >>just completely destroyed the building. debris everywhere. >>first responders began to sift through the debris as fire crews battle, the flames. the body of one employee was recovered by search crews on saturday. officials said another died from their injuries in the hospital. the search was suspended saturday night over concerns about the building's structural integrity. >>specialized equipment was brought in sunday morning to dismantle dangerous parts of the building. so the search could go on. the blast left windows shattered and cars
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crushed nearby businesses are assessing the damage to their own buildings. >>authorities have launched an investigation into what caused the blast. >>i'm david daniel reporting. >>also in illinois this teen athlete featured in sports illustrated is now dead. police say 14 year-old jaylon mckenzie went to a party in western illinois last night en a fight broke out. his mom says mackenzie walked outside to leave. it was hit by a stray bullet the teen was recently name to sports illustrated. as one of 6 teams who will rule the future of sports. and a goodbye to a hero today and north carolina, hundreds of people gathered at the university of north carolina at charlotte to honor riley, howell the 21 year-old died last tuesday when he tackled the gunman who opened fire in a classroom. how was an rotc cadet, he will be buried with military honors. 19 year-old ellis parlier also died in the shooting. 4 others
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were hurt. >>and national news now a house committee hopes to hear from special counsel robert mueller this month. the house judiciary committee set a tentative date of may 15th for mueller to testify. the committee is now hoping that mueller will agree to it on twitter president trump says mueller should not testify. one of the president's tweets reads this are they looking for a redo because they hated seeing the strong no collusion conclusion. there was no crime except from the other side incredibly not covered in the report and no obstruction no redo for the dems the president's response is different than what he said 2 days ago when asked about mueller potentially testifying. he said the decision is up to attorney general william barr. >>well attorney general william barr now has under 10 hours to release the unredacted mueller report to congress house judiciary chairman jerry nadler gabe our deadline of monday at 09:00am
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eastern time. if barr does not respond by then adler says he will hold barr in contempt. house democrat1 first proposed the option after barred not show up to a can get congressional hearing on thursday. will president trump is picking former us border patrol chief mark morgan to lead immigration and customs enforcement. the president tweeted the decision today calling morgan a quote true believer an american patriot. morgan left his position as head of border patrol in january of last year shortly after president trump signed a pair of executive orders, strengthening border ship security and stepping up immigration enforcement. he has however since emerged as a vocal opponent of the president's efforts to build a border wall. the president has pushed for increasingly tighter security at the border in recent weeks. that's despite failing to secure is requested money for the wall for changes to immigration laws from congress. well the
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president's former attorney michael cohen is scheduled to start his prison sentence tomorrow. >>the prison he is going to is known as one of america's cushy us prisons brig gen grosse has a look at what life might be like for him on the inside. >>the time has come from michael cohen to trade in his designesuits for prison garb the former fixer to president trump turned foe reports to the prison in otisville new york monday day one of his 3 year sentence for several white collar crimes, including tax fraud and campaign finance violations forbes magazine rated the federal correctional facility, one of america's 10 cushiest prisons in 2009. it houses 858 inmates including doomed fire festival promoter billy mcfarland and former jersey shore cast member mike the situation sorrentino otisville is located 70 miles from new york city talked at the foot of the catskill mountains and is made up of 2
8:38 pm
campuses a medium and a minimum security center. the bureau of prisons which designates where inmates stay won't comment on where cohen will be housed until he checks in but according to the b o p website cohen's day will likely begin at 06:00am with a wake-up call and lights on lights out at 1130 his days will be made up of meals were calls unit sanitation in leisure activity time which depending on the campus could include basketball bochy ball or for shoes. perhaps a stark difference from the past year. cohen kept busy meeting with his lawyers appearing in court were testifying to congress publicly. >>today. i'm here to tell the truth about mr. trump. >>and behind closed doors in his efforts to clear his name and distance himself from the president. >>this month. cohen's attorney tried to delay his report date after he discovered the hard drive and documents that he wanted to review. but that
8:39 pm
effort obviously felt his attorney says that cohen has to report otisville by 02:00pm eastern time on monday. >>california sen and presidential candidate kamala harris is expressing support for oakland's restorative justice program. harris tweeted today. we have to do more to stop the school to prison pipeline. and the to support a proportionate discipline of young people of color. that's why i've sent a letter to oakland officials requesting full funding of the restorative justice program we simply cannot afford for it to close. the program works with community members to prevent juvenile offenders from committing more crimes and focuses on reducing racial disparities and public costs associated high rates of incarceration, suspension and expulsion. >>and i'm tracking light scattered on and off showers throughout the bay area with the threat of possible pop-up thunderstorms continuing tonight more coming up in my full forecast. >>also up next a bay area families being threatened by someone in their
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>>the threatening note tells them to move out within 60 days family moved into the neighborhood within the last year. >>this is not the ghetto your interracial family is not welcome here. those are 2 of the lines within those races letter sent to a vacaville
8:43 pm
family who just moved into the meadowlands neighborhood sending that there's some least there's people still out there is 2019. >>and the way to know you're still this. and you know racial us to peace to look around said a i'm sad about. >>the letter came from an anonymous person who requested that mark you and his family find another place to live saying that they cannot possibly afford a home unquote for area. it says fixing the front lawn of the home half way what upset your landlord's after you destroyed it and tried to clean up your mess in fact use the one who owns the home his family just bought it this past november. my wife. cry. >>she was really devastated by lou he said that we need to sell house >>the city of vacaville and police are now on the case. in fact this is the second letter that was sent to you. it's
8:44 pm
unclear if the same person sent both. but you says he his wife and their 5 kids are not leaving. in fact he posted this letter on facebook and has received hundreds of comments. many hopeful that the anonymous writer who says the clock is ticking will be cough. >>we only people who really don't know that have been here. we try to be a loving family and caring. in being prior to me as much as possible so if i was to relay the message to this person. it would be that you know just please just. he was a long line business. >>the mark told me this was actually the second letter he received from an anonymous person. both letters talk about his yard in the condition, it was in. he had a shutout there at one point he said it fixed up the yard when he received the second letter unclear tonight at the same person sent that second letter police are now on the case as well just >>he father from texas is
8:45 pm
speaking out about this military charter plane that skidded off off the runway in jacksonville florida. he says he was flying home from a work trip when the plane ended up in the river as corley peel explains the father's now praising the bravery of all the passengers. >>before tyler home made it back home to his pregnant wife and son in texas. he was being rescued from this plane as the plane approached the runway. paul says he braced himself for a bumpy it's so >>they will say. way so guess. was likely never slowed down. sure. see like. >>once the plane landed in the saint johns river causes water came through the roof of the cabin and he got soaked. hall
8:46 pm
then notice paramedics rushing through the aisle to help a man who was injured. >>house on say true that the way and and lies us. is the guy knows other so 20 got off the plane hall checked on his father plus we got it. >>buddy just assets today, there was was sitting in east. and i was just checking to see is art i you guys opened get paid to get people off. so he was just like that and so this year. buddy else. he says a plane full of strangers instantly became a team with the mission but it's turned out to be just an >>signed so-called says he feels blessed to have been surrounded by a selfless group of people to help them get back home to his family. ♪ (vo) i know what you're thinking. electric, it's not for you.
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it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines. >>welcome back to kron 4 news a big question here tonight justine how much do you spend on a cup of coffee. too much as my cup of coffee, the average seems to be. >>around $5 after that might seem like a bargain tonight and i didn't describe for speaking with the aca skips a taste of a $75 cup of joe. >>those of us caffeine fiends there's nothing better than a good cup of coffee, popping up 3, 4, even 5 blocks a cop is
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not out of the question but how much would you pay for a really really good cup of coffee. >>it's only set you back $75 for the best coffee in the world's i think i heard that improperly did you say $75. i did it is such a bargain the meet heather parry of class coffee, she's a 2 time us champion murray state so she knows what it takes to make the best coffee in world. right so here we have opportunity. he should is called geisha from panama it goes for $803 per. >>the pound wholesale coffee lovers can get a onetime case for themselves, you're class coffee in san francisco. there's only one way to find out. so how good is it i
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offered up a sip the fellow coffee lot. that's about $5 per sep otherwise you'd always order up an outstanding brew of a delicious a central american bean for only a fraction of the cost and it's a full cup any day of the week in san francisco, vicki will kiss occur on for news. >>and now for a check of your 4 zone forecast very active weather throughout the bay area because of this line of showers making its way from east to west right now impacting the san francisco peninsula and even parts of the east bay out there this evening, so slick commute light scattered on again off again showers and it's all because of the severe weather that i'm tracking here in this year we're getting that moisture from this year as it makes its way into the bay area and there were pop-up thunderstorms throughout this year earlier today bringing the threat of thunder lightning and also small hail to this year as well expect
8:52 pm
much of the same for your monday and tuesday those of you heading out to this but your midweek forecast, mostly sunny skies and temperatures warming up in the mid 60's and here's a live look outside closer to home along golden gate bridge watch out for that slick commute just because of those line of showers but fortunately, not tracking any thunderstorms right now in the bay area this evening, temperatures right now widespread 50's turning into low 50's and upper 40's for your overnight lows and your croclimate monday forecast once again continuing with this cooling trend so we're going to remain about 5 degrees below average for downtown san francisco, 60 degrees for your afternoon highs, half moon bay as well, only warming up into the low 60's burlingame 59 degrees. no great 58 as his brisbane san mateo 61 degrees but now new 70 degrees for your afternoon high 71 for those of you in san jose in the south bay, but santa clara cupertino and sunnyvale in the upper 60's,
8:53 pm
so wind speeds will be about 20 miles per hour or less hayward warming up into the mid 60's, dublin, 62 degrees. berkeley 63 degrees oakland, 64 and in the north bay napa 67 degrees and santa rosa, 70 degrees for your afternoon highs. so still tracking some light scattered showers throughout tonight even into your monday morning. but drier overall for your monday afternoon and allergy outlook. the top 3 allergens that you want to watch out for in the bay area. media amounts of mulberry oak and grasses and as we take a look ahead at the next 7 day forecast, warming up drying out and clearing out all the way through your mother's day weekend, especially mother's day sunday. >>when both area baseball teams are at the bottom of their respective divisions, you kind of hold off on expecting a whole lot. but this weekend the giants has made a mark as the comeback kids on friday night, they snagged a wild win. coming back from a run deficit and
8:54 pm
today, san francisco overcame a four-run first inning to win it in the night buster posey and brandon crawford revoked when we are and just like that low seeing on tv is have won 3 out. we're going to have more tonight on sports night live. that's coming up right after news at 09:00pm it's not just the giants the a's were on the diamond today as well plus the latest on the warriors and sharks and even some kentucky derby action for you tonight. dr. stone and yours truly are ready to talk some sports. so make sure you join us ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪ ♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪
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try my new spicy chicken strips combo today. with 100% all-white meat chicken. >>look at the radar right now to see the rain's coming down right now yeah, we're noticing parts of the bay area right now seeing some light scattered hit or miss showers throughout the san francisco peninsula even into the east bay and the threat of pop-up thunderstorms will continue tonight but then drying out by monday morning into the afternoon. so about a 10th of an inch of rain for most of us and a nice warm up even into mother's day. >>looking good this week for warming upnright now because sports night live
8:58 pm
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first witness on monday, but an attorney for harris is trying to block her testimony from forres noel bellow spoke with the legal analyst about the move and what may unfold during the trial. >>houston is trying to discredit the heart streams of this jury did right away former prosecutor and legal analyst stephen clark is not surprised that alameda county prosecutors. >>plan to call carol said likes to the stand monday said like is the mother of 29 year-old nicole siegrist who died along with 35 others in the ghost ship warehouse fire in december 2016. so looks testimony will center around a text message. her daughter center that night which read i'm going to die. >>sick you should is saying is that regardless of how the co ships fire.


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