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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 5, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>>now attend another emotional day is expected in court tomorrow as the mother of one of the victims of the ghost ship warehouse fire will be called to testify. it's been nearly 2 and a half years since the oakland warehouse went up in flames, killing 36 people. good evening and thank you for joining 10 i'm jr style. >>just involvement go ship warehouse, creative director, max harrison master tenant derek all men are both facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. and harris is attorneys are not happy with who prosecutors has chosen as their first witness kron for small bello has details on
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what we can expect monday in court. >>trying to discredit the heart streams of this jury it right away former prosecutor and legal analyst stephen clark is not surprised that alameda county prosecutors. >>plan to call carol said likes to the stand monday said like is the mother of 29 year-old nicole siegrist who died along with 35 others in the ghost ship warehouse fire in december 2016. so looks testimony will center around a text message. her daughter center that night which read i'm going to die. >>what's the reason that this was gross negligence and manslaughter. >>an attorney for defendant max harris filed a motion friday. asking the judge not to allow said look to testify, stating quote the danger of undue prejudice is extremely
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high and vastly outweighs any probative value that miss it looks testimony might provide she's just a judge will allow. >>particularly not just to show that this was one of the victims of the go ship. also because the text message does extremely relevant to the prosecution's theory of the case that this was a death trap. >>heres his attorney wants to stop a survivor named samuel maxwell from testifying to he was in a coma for 5 weeks after the fire. and maxwell now relies on his mother to interpret for him. clark says the issue of his mother playing interpreter in court could get complicated generally interpret. >>i keep the judge. well in an effort to allow them to testify to that he shot, but if it becomes too emotional. i think the judge may have to step in the trial is expected to last several months. >>testimony is set to beginpat 09:00am on monday. in oakland
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noel bellow kron 4 news. >>choir members who survived a fiery crash on highway one to one performed in san francisco today, several members of the oakwood university group were injured in saturday's early morning accident in san mateo county all members of the choir managed to escape before their toe tour bus burst into flames kron four stan dorn. >>was at tonight's free concert. he joins us now live with more down. >>while justine there was a pretty good crowd here for tonight's free concert and 3rd baptist church the choir was able to share their musical gift despite yesterday's tragic accident. and the audience was clearly thankful for. >>an alabama choir who survived a fiery crash on highway one oh one phil's san francisco's 3rd baptist church with their angelic voices >>on saturday, the choir known as the aliens of oakwood
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university escaped a deadly accident. >>they all managed to get off of their tour bus before a fire broke out. well there. to get 18 reverend amos brown says it's a miracle that they were all able to get off of the bus with just minor injuries. reverend brown says he's grateful. the aliens carried on with their plans to perform on sunday despite the tragic accident. >>they only isn't always. shoulder they could. the fall. and a great difficulty. >>after getting news about the crash oakwood university president leslie pollard left alabama to join the choir in san francisco. he expressed gratitude for the hospitality from the city. the audience was thrilled with the
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performance giving the aliens several standing ovations the choir expressed their condolences to the family of the man who died in saturday's many of the choir members lost a lot of their personal belongings in the bus fire, san francisco based old may be helped out by donating close to them whether here in the bay area. the choir. thank the store for its generosity like racing them with us on all. oakwood university is also shared information on social site about donating to web the choir. >>the chp says that crash that happened early saturday morning is still under investigation. that's the latest here live in san francisco. dan thorn from 4 news. >>thank you dan in emeryville investigators are looking into what sparked this fire last night the fire started shortly after 7 at a homeless encampment behind the home depot store in hollis street. the fire burned the exterior
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of a storage area outside of the store damaging or destroying about $160,000 worth of merchandise. no one was injured. >>for many people across the country cinco de mayo is a time for fun and celebrations that may involve drinking. so police across the bay area are reminding everyone to celebrate responsibly san bruno police department also wants to remind everyone that a dui does not mean just foods prescription drugs over the counter medications and marijuana can all be impairing especially in combination with alcohol or other drugs. >>and now for a check of your 4 zone forecast very active day in the bay area, especially for interior valleys of the east bay line of showers moving east to west right now the scene the ulk of that moisture just north of antioch light to moderate and even heavy downpours at times with possible hail fortunately, low, no lightning detected so far in the interior portions of the east
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bay but widespread light scatted rain there even along the san mateo peninsula and also san francisco peninsula as well and even as far south in the south bay finally starting to see some of that moisture with on again off again showers but drier weather still for most of you in the north bay and as you can see monterey county also tracking some light scattered rain as well and we are going to notice a threat of isolated pop-up thunderstorms throughout the overnight hours and even into your monday morning still tracking that wet weather until we dry out by monday afternoon at a nice warming trend for the bulk of this upcoming workweek details ahead on your full mother's day forecast and what you can expect in a few minutes, sharon just in back to you thank you so much now to a big story. we're following tonight 41 people were killed when a russian passenger plane caught on fire officials say 2 children are among the dead. >>the ss j 100 super jet was forced to make a hard landing because of an on board fire shortly after taking off from
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a moscow airport today. you can see the video here it is incredible passengers evacuated the plane on emergency slides a total of 73 passengers and 5 crew members were on board the aircraft. no word on what caused this fire. >>millions of people across our state do not have access to safe drinking water at a recent study showed a possible link between cancer and california tap water. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the debate between lawmakers on how to fund the fix and what immediate action. the governor is taking. >>this simple necessary part of everyday life is the center of a complicated conversation between lawmakers we have a water problem in california. whether it be an infrastructure problem or for that matter a direct a public health. problem a recent study by the environmental working group found drinking tap water in california could increase the risk of cancer water
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systems with the highest serve smaller communities, according to the study lawmakers have said fixing contaminated water systems is costly but ongoing maintenance will be even more expensive they say a constant funding stream is necessary for generations. >>we've heard legislatures governors talk about the need. tat and do something with water in our state assemblyman devon mathis proposes using money from the general fund mathis is measure was rejected in committee but will be up for reconsideration some democrats concerned taking money from the general fund would take away from other priorities. >>the dedication of percent of this budget is not just limiting what we do with the general fund it is directing us to cut it child care education, health care, state parks, social services, the list goes on as soon as the budget goes down and takes a death. in the next recession on we'll talk to the members that weight off. >>when see if we can for their minds. i'm also fun to just
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taking the straight to the voters to creating a ballot initiative in going out and getting the signatures as i believe this is something that needs to be done. this is something that final. >>meanwhile, the governor has proposed a competing measure implementing a tax or fee on water customers to build up a safe drinking water fun for the state he recently signed an executive order directing state agencies to identify actions. the state needs to take to ensure safe and resilient water supplies saying climate change poses a threat. >>the governor's executive order also directs state agencies to start having public meetings on the issue within the coming weeks and months reporting in sacramento. actually zavala kron 4 news. >>the president's former attorney michael cohen is scheduled to start his prison sentence tomorrow that prison he is going to is known as america's cushy is present brynn gingras has a look at what life like what life might be like for him on the inside.
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>>the time has come from michael cohen to trade in his designer suits for prison garb the former fixer to president trump turned foe reports to the prison in otisville new york monday. day one of his 3 year sentence for several white collar crimes, including tax fraud and campaign finance violations forbes magazine rated the federal correctional facility, one of america's 10 cushiest prisons in 2009. it houses 858 inmates including doomed fire festival promoter billy mcfarland and former jersey shore cast member mike the situation sorrentino otisville is located 70 miles from new york city talked at the foot of the catskill mountains and is made up of 2 campuses a medium and a minimum security center. the bureau of prisons which designates where inmates stay won't comment on where cohen will be housed until he checks in but according to the b o p website come wednesday will likely begin at 06:00am with a wake-up call and lights on lights out at 1130 his days
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will be made up of meals were calls unit sanitation in leisure activity time which depending on the campus could include basketball bochy ball or for shoes. perhaps a stark difference from the past year. cohen kept busy meeting with his lawyers appearing in court or testifying to congress publicly. >>today. i'm here to tell the truth about mr. trump. >>and behind closed doors in his efforts to clear his name and distance himself from the president. >>earlier this month. cohen's attorneys tried to delays report date after he discovered the hard drive and documents that he wanted to review. but that effort obviously failed. his attorney says cohen has to report to otisville by 02:00pm eastern time. well coming up it does not seem like the measles outbreak is slowing down anytime soon details on the new cases just reported in california. >>plus graduation season is
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here and that means many students are moving out for the summer what one bay area city is doing to helps to stop students from dumping their unwanted sayings on the street. >>and dozens of teenage girls got to see what it's like to be
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>>back to kron 4 news at 10 with dozens of teenage girls got a firsthand look at what it's like to be a firefighter today, it was all part of an
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annual girls fire camp aimed at getting young girls interested in a fire fighting career crawford's go on was at the event today and has details. >>firefighters are seeing a decline at fire academies across northern california. they're also facing challenges with recruiting women to fire service careers. this camp is hoping to change all that. >>these high school girls are showing us some of the new work with a to you people and perhaps sell. they are part of an annual program in bay area hosted by nor cal women in the fire service. >>at 14 to 18 years of age they are getting hands on training and a possible interest in a fire fighting career women generally don't have the exposure that men have so even if you're capable of the position even it might be something that you would really like to do as a profession. you don't generally have the exposure and you're not given the opportunity to see what the profession is all about the girls choir camp is free. you know firefighters from across
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the bay area leave the activity. >>this year's camp was at santa clara spyer training facility tiffany iowa is a senior at mount pleasant high school. she wants to be a firefighter. >>i think helping people and do something different every day is summarily want >>alexis love the says the student ackley in valley charter high it's really shown me kind of the whole aspect as how it is working with people that are in disasters and how different situations can pan out and how the most effective most logical way to sort things out would this is the second year of the 2 day camp created to inspire future female firefighters when they walk away from this camp, we want them to feel like they can do more than they thought they could when they walked in. training hard like national us from learning how to put out a fire. >>join me 100 ladder and of working as a team. at the end
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of this today's program, the girls not only got a certificate of completion. >>they also got certified in cpr and bleeding control here in santa clara get along kron 4 news. >>good stuff there will the hills above san and sell owner in county are being manicured by a massive her of goats in an effort to prevent wildfires. >>the four-legged furry eating machines are being used to create a fire break. >>along the ridgeline surrounding sleepy hollow and will also help protect areas of tara lynn dunn fairfax. they're also being used to create defensible space behind homes at the top of the canyon. >>to healthier more natural way manage the same problem that's been done for centuries by l and then cattle in our here with goats. >>and while this is a return to the old way of preventing fires, it's being done with the high tech twist. officials used the latest scientific techniques to essentially create fires in computer
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models. >>city officials are trying to stop what has become an annual ritual of u c berkeley students moving out at the end of the semester, leaving their unwanted furniture and other items at the curb an appeal is being made to tenants and landlords to properly throwaway items that are no longer needed. city officials say 10 and should use a building's trash bin and if those are full properties with one to 4 units can schedule a free ball waste pickup. another option is purchasing a city of berkeley p prepaid trash bags that can then be left at the curb for pickup. >>attention to weather a lot of talk about the possible rain out there. >>and they're looking at the radar. recent we see a lot green on the screen right now. >>yeah a lot of green out there fortunately, no lightning strikes. we did have that earlier today in contra costa county in the interior portions of the east bay were also small hail was reported as well, but fortunately,
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calmer conditions but still tracking some widespread light rain on again off again showers in the bulk of this moisture is actually evaporating before it hits the ground also known as a virgo so this storm system a little bit different than what we're used to usually tracking storms out in the pacific northwest making its way into the bay area, but this one is actually coming from this year. so it has east to west trajectory and as you can see widespread light rain for those of you in the east bayt even along the san francisco peninsula and as far south into the south bay this evening, but relatively dry right now for those of you in the north bay this evening. so it is going to make for a safer commute home, but i'm still tracking some possible pop-up thunderstorms during the overnight hours right around midnight and even into 1 o'clock in the morning until we start to dry out by monday morning with that drying trend continuing through your monday afternoon and evening expect better clearing by the afternoon but some clouds will form bring us some light scattered drizzle long the coastal areas in the bay area
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by your monday night so rain totals with this system not looking very impressive just about a 10th of an inch of rain at best in today's daytime highs. thanks to this storm system making its way to the bay area we're a good 5 to 10 degrees below average and right now tracking that storm cloud cover overhead and current wind speeds right now breezy conditions right now the strongest over the interior portions of the east bay that's because you have seen the most active weather throughout the day. but calmer everywhere else. and temperatures right now as you step outside still in the 50's thanks to that thick blanket of storm cloud cover and not really going to change all that much daytime highs and overnight lows will be in the upper fewer 40's and low 50's and tomorrow's daytime highs continuing with that cooling trend so we're going to be about 5 degrees below average downtown san francisco only warming up into the low 60's, mid 60's for those of you in hayward san jose, 71 degrees and livermore in santa rosa in
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the low 70's and let's take a look ahead at the next 10 at 10 forecast. as you can see start a gradual warming trend and that is going to continue for your mother's day sunday. so fortunately, no rain in the forecast may be a slight chance on friday, but that looks to be drying out already and then that warming trend will continue even 10 days from now with no rain in sight after this active pattern this evening. >>thank you so much, it's official a stretch of road is now named barack
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>>in los angeles, a 3 and a half smile stretch a rodeo road has now been renamed barack obama boulevd in honor of the nation's 44th president the renaming ceremony was held yesterday that was all part of a street festival there's a sign right there. people who went we're just so happy to be there and they said it was a way to express some pride in for the former president. >>that type of environment the kid. the fact that we actually have a street now in los angeles has named after the you know as an incredible set. >>president barack obama boulevard intersects with martin luther king junior boulevard, the boulevard will also become what is known as as presidents roh were other streets are named for washington adams and
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jefferson. >>well bill and hillary clinton stopped in inglewood for their last stop on their north american speaking tour. the tour is called an evening with president bill clinton and former secretary of state hillary rodham clinton. clinton excuse me the clintons pointed to the mueller report saying it found the russians conducted a sweeping and systematic interference in our election. and they condemned thursday's phone conversation between president trump and russian president vladimir putin. >>the mueller interfered in our election and trump. >>now tickets for bill and hillary clinton speaking tour we're going for as little as $20. coming up another bay area city is considering a navigation center and some residents are concerned about one of the proposed locations.
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>>and it doesn't seem like the measles outbreak is slowing down any time soon we have details on the new cases just reported in california. >>and no lightning strikes just yet, but i am tracking pop-up thunderstorms possible during the overnight hours in the bay area i said my boys my
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family's always going to come first this job will be a close second. this first. >>welcome back to kron 4 news at 1030 we begin with the latest confirmed cases of measles in southern california
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health officials say a 7 month-old infant in orange county and a graduate student who lives in los angeles have been exposed. greg mills has more on the latest cases. >>la county health says a traveler through l a x who stayed and shop in the fairfax district is the latest confirmed measles case. a case is now in la county, including a you see i grad student who lives in long beach and here in orange county 2 cases, including a newly diagnosed baby in general with what we're seeing in southern california we are expecting more cases health officials say the you see i grad student was in a number of campus buildings while infected. >>as well as some businesses in fullerton and thursday night that you see i student was at the amc marina pacifica theater in long beach and yesterday at this car wash on east broadway in long beach. >>with the rise in measles cases in the southland many of us a check for their parents to determine if we had measles or got the measles shot. if you don't know your status. there are 2 easy options. you
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are able to go in and get a blood test called a tighter to find out if you're immune to measles and or just receive another measles mumps rubella if you've already been fully vaccinated year's eve. another shot is not going to be harmful to you tune into. >>that was greg mills reporting for us tonight there have been more than 700 confirmed cases of the measles across 22 states in the us this the disease had been declared eliminated in the country back in 2000. country back in 2000. >>and we have more information website. there you can find details on the cases reported in the bay area and were infected people may have visited. >>it's all on kron four dot com. >>live look outside right now in our camera showing us the city of san francisco on the embarcadero a nice quiet and cool sunday night joined right now by meteorologist so raw. >>rig is a big question do we need the umbrella tomorrow morning and do we need to dress the kids up in rain gear tomorrow morning. >>we'll get to that will be very light scattered more light drizzle really because
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this storm system not looking too impressive with the exception of those of you in the interior valleys of the east bay. you actually saw some small hail and lightning strikes earlier this evening, but storm tracker for right now tracking some light scattered hit or miss showers as the storm system from the east making its way westward into the bay area so bringing us some light rain most of it is evaporating before it hits the ground though also known as ever good calmer conditions out there this evening for those of you in the sierra there were some thunderstorms and lightning strikes reported for you earlier this evening, but now tracking calmer conditions as the atmosphere is stabilizing but it will destabilize once again by monday into tuesday once again tracking another round of pop-up thunderstorms and daytime highs in the low 60's by wednesday though mostly sunny skies and calmer conditions as that atmosphere stabilizes so you're going to warm up into the mid 60's but i am tracking about half an inch diameter hail or less and gusty wind speeds in this year. so just keep that in
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mind. calmer conditions right now for us along golden gate bridge in the bay area temperatures in the low to mid and upper 50's but cooling down tonight into the upper 40's and low 50's for your overnight lows. so things that thick blanket of storm cloud cover overhead. our overnight lows will be generally mild but tomorrow's daytime highs once again on the cool side a few degrees below average 5 degrees below normal for those of you in downtown san francisco, 60 degrees, half moon bay also hitting that 60 degree mark tomorrow burlingame flirting with 60's but 59 degrees for your afternoon highs brisbane 58 degrees and in san mateo 61 degrees palo alto also in the low 60's but now view warming up into the low 70's in san jose, 71 degrees for your daytime highs and wind speeds about 20 miles per hour or less drying out in clearing out by your monday afternoon in the east bay reaching a daytime of 65 degrees. a degree cooler in oakland at 64 lnut creek 67. and those of
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you in the north a napa 67 degrees in santa rosa, 70 degrees for your afternoon highs. so this allergy season has really been strong and expect medium amounts of these top 3 allergens mulberry oak and grasses for your monday afternoon and we take a look ahead at our 10 at 10 forecast. nice warm dry clear whether after tonight even into your mother's day sunday. so hopefully just seen you have some outdoor plans for your special day. >>first that it's mother's remember why we're talking about it can remember maurice call up next on the agenda. child. it's a large no for us. fremont officials are considering a navigation center in the city and some residents are concerned about one of the proposed locations.
10:35 pm
>>along aisles boulevard. the city says the center would help dozens of people who are homeless transition to permanent housing and have access to resources that some people who live nearby do not. >>what the center in their neighborhood and have started an online petition. kron force michelle kingston has our story. >>it's not the right approach for this neighborhood in this residential area. a block away from the school dozens of neighbors met up today to talk about their concerns with one of the proposed locations for navigation center in fremont. >>and the people who are going to be here. we don't know what is the man to if they're drug addicts the city of fremont is attempting to address the issue of homelessness exploring the idea of building a navigation center. >>one of the proposed locations for the project is on niles boulevard on property owned by niles discovery church and if we thought that to the members of e a danger our church. >>than we wouldn't do there's always the possibility of
10:36 pm
somebody doing something that's harmful at any time. >>the city says about 45 people would stay for about 6 months at a time at the center and access to resources around the clock. the goal to move from the center and into permanent housing and while most neighbors support the idea they do not support the center being built on this property walking my kid to school has to be a safe environment i want something that helps the homeless. >>but i think we can think better i think we can do better and i think we can act better people who live nearby say the proposed location is too close to schools and homes him and make traffic even more worse than it already is. >>more than 1100 people have already signed an online petition started by a neighbor, all of them against the idea of the navigation center being built on aisles boulevard in mind mean consent than a 100 or 5 days. about my kids safety. now this is not a done deal multiple other sites are being explored in no formal agreements have been
10:37 pm
made in fremont michelle kingston kron 4 niws. recovery efforts are still underway after a deadly explosion at a chemical plant the details on. >>the death toll when we come back. >>and there is a nationwide search for a young girl who was possibly taken by 3 unknown men. details ahead. and if you want to skip the commercials and get more news during the break make sure you are streaming us on crime on this go to kron on that t v to start watching now so we have. >>a newscast at 11 that i'm going to go get ready to anchor for so you have the rest of the 10 o'clock news with the presa. >>on set to ipad ready and my phone ready for that 11 o'clock show all right we'll see on crime.
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>>and that. >>had me all smiles in san francisco tree says stasio crimes. >>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 in texas right now police are desperate to find 5 year-old the leah davis. her stepfather derian vance says he was carjacked knocked out and when he woke up the little girl was gone, he says it happened as him malia and his 2 year-old son we're headed to the houston airport friday. then says he woke up in a pickup truck at one point with both kids and 3 hispanic men. he was out of consciousness from friday night until saturday night he says he eventually realized he was on the side of a highway with his
10:41 pm
little boy but believe was gone. police think that these 3 men may aliyah and one of their concerns right now is the fact but the 5 year-old recently underwent brain surgery, an amber alert has been issued from aliyah she's an african american female with black hair brown eyes about 3 feet tall and 30 to 40 pounds and in the illinois search and recovery efforts are still underway in waukegan after a catastrophic explosion at a chemical plant on friday killed too and left 2 others on accounted for one additional body was recovered today, bringing that total to 3 specialized equipment was brought in today. so the search and recovery efforts could continue as david daniel reports the death toll is expected to increase. >>they're working under the entire building at this point this is a very difficult situation. the search for victims of a chemical plant
10:42 pm
explosion continued on sunday we still have at least have to structure to work through recovery teams combing through the debris looking for 2 employees in their search efforts today they were able to one of the other victims, the massive blast rocked a be specialty silicones around 9 30 friday night. destroyed the building. debris everywhere. >>first responders began to sift through the debris as fire crews battle, the flames. the body of one employee was recovered by search crews on saturday. officials said another died from their injuries in the hospital. the search was suspended saturday night over concerns about the building's structural integrity. >>specialized equipment was brought in sunday morning to dismantle dangerous parts of the building. so the search could go on. the blast left windows shattered and cars crushed nearby businesses are assessing the damage to their
10:43 pm
own buildings. >>authorities have launched an investigation into what caused the blast. >>i'm david daniel reporting. >>well up next california's population is growing at historically low rates but to east bay cities seem to be booming when it comes to people moving there. why real estate experts say wildfires could be the cause. >>a mixed bag results on the ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪ ♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever.
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electric cars are here. plug into the present. a cockroach can survive submergede guy. underwater for 30 minutes. wow. yeah, wow. not getting in today. not on my watch. pests never stop trying to get in. we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home.
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>>california department of finance. this despite the fact that the state added close to a 187,000 new residents. as crown forcefully call reports a significant number of those people are calling the bay area home specifically in newark and a bullet. >>the camp fire in butte county last year resulted in a major population shift in chico the california department of finance says that city saw the highest population increase in the state in 2018 up 20.7% by january 1st right below it on the state's list of the top 10 fastest growing cities with populations over 30,000 people dublin comes in at number 2. the population growing 4.4%. newark a few spots below at 6 the population growing their
10:47 pm
last year by 3.3%. the growth is also having an impact on the housing market. so this is a real estate broker beverly herrera who shome pces in dublin have grown at least 20% in the past 5 years prices have gone up because of supply and demand so there's. >>as you know california has a shortage of homes and i want is building a lot so people come here because they like newer homes for new homes and there are homes available here, dublin ranks 3rd on the state's list of cities with the highest percentage of housing unit growth at more than 4.6% a lot of people want to live here particularly people that work in silicon valley, it seems to be the place where people want to live in total the state grew by less than a half percent last year the state's findings say a decline in births and continued upward trend in deaths from the baby boomer population were major factors in that felipe should all kron 4 news. bit of a bleak start
10:48 pm
to the season for bay area, baseball fans with both the giants and a's sitting in last place in their divisions. >>but this weekend after san francisco had won some are hoping the giants are picking up some steam. they had a nap come back on friday from down 8 nothing today didn't match that it was another big rally for san francisco. the giants in the queen city taking on the cincinnati reds and things did not start well for jeffs of marjah bottom first he gives up a tune a home run to have suarez. it's 2 nothing on the next. take some argentine to write that john for a solo homer 3 nothing reds. are taken some margin to the back in the bleachers in right for the 3rd home run in 3 pitches ouch 4 nothing red the shark did to settle down though and
10:49 pm
give up no more runs over 5 innings and i was k because in the top of the 6. that's are cozy with 2 on gandhi to right center for a three-run home run the game now tied for. top of the 9th, same score. brandon crawford of slate pinch hitting >>all season until now. >>his drive to and for a 2 run homer. once in the bottom of the 9th. but now it's all they can get to the finals. >>days were also on the road taking on the pittsburgh pirates in the steel city and was kids day at pnc park a lot of fun for the little ones, picking up the bottom of the second a scary moment for the a's chris davis runs into the railing while trying to make a plan a foul ball and it looks like he enters his side he'd have to leave the game and ended up being a hip contusion they don't expect it to be serious. top of the 13th tied to to kansas morale us. the flare to right center one run scores the a's lead 2 to one.
10:50 pm
they would tack on another to make it 3 one. bottom of the 13th now 3, 2, ways starling marte today takes fernando rodney to deet that's a walk-off three-run home runs walk off from our tape. only a week ago the blue jays hit a walk-off three-run homer to be the a's in extra innings unfortunately for oakland little bit of deja vu. what happens to them again mart a only hitting 200 coming into the game but the hero today, so final score 5, 3 pirates and a's lose for the 8th time in their last 9 games over to the basketball court where last night the warriors dropped a game for the first time i'm in the western conference semifinals to the houston rockets. his game to eye injury. yeah, not of any concern to james harden he put up 41 points and his teams won 26 to one 21 overtime win. >>houston's eric gordon had playoff game his career adding 30 points for the rockets. and a run scored 46 with an absolutely dominant run close out the 3rd quarter wasn't
10:51 pm
enough to overcome. some missed shots for the ducks down the stretch draymond green had a triple double, but it was an off night when it counted for steph curry and klay thompsosteph shooting just 7 for 23. didn't seem too worried about losing that one in houston. >>we're always confident job say is to learn the lessons of a what we have to do better. i thought we fought enough. you know stayed in the game with some big plays. some big stops. but know over the course of the they outplayed us we've got 2 more we made some mistakes defensively. i just thought hey i'm a show the desperation that was necessary to win that game. and this is the playoffs against a great team. so. you know that's exactly what you expect to be a force in the nab to vary by 2 to produce and play world and. >>and then a day which i win basketball games. so just be
10:52 pm
locked in. >>game 4 tomorrow, jr hoping for a better result, no way can we get tips started early. new great. thank you so much. cup of coffee for $75 will take you to a bay area
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>>welcome back the cause for a cup of coffee these days can be pretty pricey some as high as $5. but that might seem like a bargain tonight. ondine and dish kron four is vickie lynn the oc is gives us a taste of a $75 cup of joe. >>those of us caffeine fiends there's nothing better than a good cup of coffee, popping up 3, 4, even 5 blocks a cop is not out of the question but how much would you pay for really really good cup of coffee. >>it's only set you back $75 for the best coffee in the world's i think i heard that improperly did you say $75. i did it is such a bargain the >>meet heather parry of class coffee, she's a 2 time us champion murray state. so she knows what it takes to make the best coffee in world. so here we have it the opportunity. he should is called geisha from panama it
10:56 pm
goes for $803 per the pound wholesale coffee lovers can get a onetime case for themselves here at class coffee in san francisco. there's only one way to find out. so how good is it i offered up a sip the fellow coffey live. that's about $5 per sep otherwise you'd always order up an outstanding brew of a delicious a central american bean for only a fraction of the cost and it's a full cup any day of the week in san francisco vicki let kiss occur on for news. >>so if you want to get that $75 cup of the world's most expensive coffee for yourself go to our website at kron four dot com for a brace i have to be honest and that i have never had had that cup of
10:57 pm
coffee nor would i ever spend that much money on a cup of coffee, yeah, fortunately, i'm a tea girl, so i love tea coffee. >>i don't know not really my thing. >>and i think ok well as for whether can you know whether is your thing yet. you are talking about the drizzle possibilities overnight. >>noticing some light scattered showers throughout the east and san francisco peninsula and also starting to notice some showers right across the south bay with a slight threat of pop-up thunderstorms during the overnight hours but then we are going to dry out by monday morning and afternoon clearing out as well. >>with a gradual warming you know when you're at ross
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