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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  May 6, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>>and thank you for joining us on the crime for morning news, i'm robin winston. i hope you have a fantastic weekend we're starting a new week and we need to check in with the forecast first. >>i got a little bit of drizzle on my wind chill heading to work by wipers are really going this morning john. the >>now see that a last night as i was walking the dog before i went to bed robin, but yeah that's exactly what the way to describe it last night into this morning we have seen some light areas of rainfall across the bay just as forecasted last week talking about a nice weekend ahead of us but finishing off on a drizzly know that's exactly what we
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did see looking outside at a downtown san francisco. you can see some of those low clouds in areas of just a couple of sprinkles here they're moving across the bay area, plen,y of low clouds across the bay this morning and they're going to stay around for a little bit you're going to notice increasingly clear skies later in the day, but skies are going to take some time to clear today as we do continue to look at just a couple of scattered sprinkles out there. santa rosa, you're looking at some of the most widespread of rainfall this morning most areas, it's just a couple of drops of water here and there just enough for you to turn those windshield wipers on his robin did mention as you're heading into work and maybe slow down just a few miles per hours roadways could be a little bit wet in some spots 50's for your current temperatures low 50's all across the bay area concord at 56 while brent, what also in the mid-fifties at 55 winds really not that big of an issue fairfield on the breezier side but most parts of the bay are quite calm to be kicking off this new work today. now as we make our way through the day we'll
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make our way from the 50's on into the 60's and eventually a couple low 70's this afternoon i'm talking more of what to expect to kick off the new week in for the rest of the week too all still to come. robin sounds good. thank you sir, let's head over to traffic now we want to check in on the roads around the bay area. >>starting off with a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's looking good so far very quiet or oakland, the nimitz 5.80 the shore freeway so connecting to 80 into san francisco. will be smooth for you clocking in at 8 minutes to make your way over to the fremont street exit. we want to take a peek at 92 usually our second busiest bridge a bridge during the morning and so far it's a great trip leaving hayward making your way over to the peninsula accident and stall free, that's all we like it 14 minutes to make it out to highway one on one as john said just keep in mind roads maybe little slick and slippery and you may need those wipers because of all that drizzle out there checking in on the return center fell bridge hot spot for here at the toll plaza wide open across the span and into the north bay and from
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the north bay to san francisco. we're taking a look at what i want to cross the golden gate use it now are off to a fantastic start at a very quick 20 minutes nevado to san francisco will check more coming up in a bit. when you this morning at oakland man faces murder charges for shooting in san luis obispo county. this happened at the oceana doing state be beach park. 19 year-old francisco rosco was arrested for shooting 5 people. a gathering. now police aren't sure what started that shooting his bail is set at $500,000. happening today witnesses are scheduled to take the stand in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire trial in oakland. but the prosecution's first witness may not be allowed to testify from forza well below explains. former prosecutor and legal analyst stephen clark is not surprised that
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alameda county prosecutors. >>plan to call carol said likes to the stand monday said like is the mother of 29 year-old nicole siegrist who died along with 35 others in the ghost ship warehouse fire in december 2016. so looks testimony will center around a text message. her daughter center that night which read i'm going to die. >>negligence and manslaughter. >>an attorney for defendant max harris filed a motion friday, asking the judge not to allow said look to testify, stating quote the danger of undue prejudice is extremely high and vastly outweighs any probative value that miss it looks testimony might provide she's just a judge. >>particularly not just to show that this was one of the victims of the go ship. sick
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uses siri of the case that this was a death trap. >>heres his attorney wants to stop a survivor named samuel maxwell from testifying to he was in a coma for 5 weeks after the fire. and maxwell now relies on his mother to interpret for him. clark says the issue of his mother playing interpreter in court could get complicated. >>i keep the judge. well in an effort to allow them to testify keep it. he shot, but it should be comes to emotional. i think the judge may have to step in the trial is expected to last several months. >>testimony is set to begin at 09:00am on monday. in oakland noel bellow kron 4 news. one man is dead and several members of a university choir were injured in a fiery crash on highway one to one in south san francisco. >>take a look at this video that shows the flames shooting up from that accident.
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>>involving a tour buses happened early saturday morning. it for us highway one on one to shut down for hours that tour bus which was carrying choir students was not able to slow down and it just smashed right into that other vehicle that created a domino effect there was a person driving a lincoln navigator that crashed right into the back of a tour bus. all of the students were able to get off the bus before it exploded. but they left their clothes and other personal belongings, behalf and that was all destroyed. new this morning lanes are back open after one man was hurt in a crash in the east bay this happened on the shore freeway hercules last night. >>an suv was involved in this rollover accident it happened just east of the highway 4 split. one man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. crews shut down 2 lanes for about 45 minutes but as of this morning all lanes are back open. and in revealed in the east bay investigators looking into what sparked a fire saturday. now the fire
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started in a homeless encampment right behind home people on well a street. it burned the exterior of the storage area outside storage area and there's a lot of damage destroying about a $160,000 worth of merchandise. no one was injured. well also in the east bay 2 people were hurt after at least 70 people were involved in a parking lot fight. in front of the sun valley shopping center on saturday night. 30 of those involved were juveniles both concord police said pleasant hill police had to respond to this altercation everyone ran away quickly of course when police arrived and there were no arrests. no arrests were made. one police officer and one mall security officer were hurt. but are expected to be okay. on to national news now a father from texas is speaking out about this military chartered plane sliding off the runway and jacksonville florida. he says he was flying home from a work trip when the plane ended up in a river corley peel
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explains. >>before tyler home made it back home to his pregnant wife and son in texas. he was being rascued from this plane as the plane approached the runway. hall says he braced himself for a bumpy so like we're set. it's a runway so gets. >>and that it was like we never slowed down. sure. see life. >>once the plane landed in the saint johns river causes water came through the roof of the cabin and he got soaked. hall then notice paramedics shing through the aisle to help a man who was injured. >>he say true about the way and a nice so lies you know.
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today i guess the guy was saw so 20 got off the plane hall checked on his father. >>plus we got it buddy out. >>and just asked that today there was a was sitting in east straight answer to s and i was just checking to see is as he was sorry i you guys opened get paid to get people off. so he was definitely themselves this year. anybody else. he says a plane full of strangers instantly became a team with a mission but it's turned out to be just an absolute. >>signed so-called says he feels blessed to have been surrounded by a selfless group of people who helped him get back home to his family. >>well that was corley peel reporting. president trump's former longtime lawyer is headed to prison. michael cohen report to federal prison in new york today to start his 3 year sentence. cohen has been in prison for financial crimes and also lying to
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congress. now he was supposed to start a sentence back in march, but it was delayed because cohen needed shoulder treatment and also had to give testimony to congress cohen's legal team tried for another delay, they said that you know he found a hard drive there was important material on the hard drive that may be helpful to investigators but that effort of course failed. >>morning news new measles cases in the state where officials say the latest person affected travel to right here in california. and dozens killed in a plane crash in russia will take a look at what witnesses say happened. moments before touchdown. and fed up with trash officials try to find new ways to stop this curbside mess left by you see students. a little peek outside of the san mateo bridge all is well traffic looks good heading to the peninsula. we'll have a complete weather and traffic check after the break and as a reminder don't forget kron four is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day with no commercials that new
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services call crime on you can get caught up on the latest breaking news weather traffic anytime of the day just as i'm particularly
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interested because i heard something about a chance. >>slight chance of showers is that is a possibility out of the forecast now or is that just for sunday and that was last night that was last night it we're going to gradually dry out now thank goodness but you know it didn't help my allergy this did not. >>really hope a the rain would help suppress it at this morning feeling worse, we're a little nasally in a little congested this morning pardon a don't adjust your audio. it's just stab the struggle is struggle israel with you ease. but you know if you don't like the rain at least that is something robin that is working its way out of the
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forecast now what we are going to be seeing are those increasingly clear skies, but we aren't out of the woods necessarily yet center is especially still looking out some light rainfall this morning. >>there's your look at berkeley right there which is showing off some cloud cover overhead that's the cloud cover that is resulting in this rainfall, especially up in the north bay santa rosa right now like i mentioned seeing some of the most of it while other areas just a couple of scattered sprinkles out there you do see in future cast. just those few sprinkles really tapering off by the afternoon 06:30pm tonight, skies still mostly cloudy. so today is going to be one of your cloud year days of the forecast not to say you won't see sunshine in there as we move into tomorrow morning a couple areas where you may see one or 2 drops of rain out of the coastline, nothing more than that what we do see for tomorrow is again some pretty cloudy conditions overhead mixed in with some afternoon. clearing temperatures in the 50's and low 60's for san francisco today, 50's and 60's up and down the peninsula as well and looking at 60's along
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one oh one from brisbane down to burlingame today further south we do have high temperatures now are right below 70 degrees if not at that 70 degree mark for mountain view today, south bay also a range of 70's cupertino milpitas santa clara and los gatos right at 70 degrees. each east bay upper 60's to be expected hayward in union city up to 67 oakland, not bad at all is 64. a walnut creek danville san ramon right at 70 degrees. vacaville at 72. fairfield boy how an app a staying cool and in the 60's while some 50's in stinson beach. so here's a breakdown of your next 7 days temperatures are going to stay cool today and tomorrow you're going to see skies trying out today and as we move into tomorrow some cloud cover mixed in with some sunshine skies are really begin to clear out for wednesday, you'll notice because temperatures will rise back into the mid 70's, starting to cool again just a touch on into friday, but we stay pretty dry in this forecast and really overall pretty comfortable as well. robert.
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>>good job getting to the report without the city's side. john and i both have watery eyes. this morning looks like we've been crying our eyes out all morning. all right we'll check in on the golden gate to want to one looks great here both directions into and out of san francisco. a very quick 19 minutes, nevada to that whole so no major issues, they're backing up a little bit because i want to head back to the bay bridge and check the drive into san francisco. there's a minor weight in your cash lanes if you look over to the left it's just a minor wait so nothing to worry about that's completely normal. it is a great trip across the upper deck continuing through downtown san francisco. here's 92 your drive across the 7 tail bridge. and yes, it's filling in we see more and more brake lights every time we check it. but no the trouble spots so far 14 minutes to make your way from 8.80 out a one to one. excuse me now my throat is itchy and scratch and feel like i'm on the verge of a cough here. ok, let's head over to the richmond center fell bridge. checking in on west 5.80 delay
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free hot spot free wide open 7 minutes from the tolls out a one to one. and then we have highway 4. what she now gets really busy. it's one of the first freeways to start backing up in the morning right now to looking good till the 14 minutes, and he ought to concord 6 80's find so far from dublin to fremont no major issues for the nimitz no major issues for one oh one. so for now to quiktrip 28 minutes from san jose heading to menlo park. today the man charged with stabbing 18 year-old mia wilson. added oakland bart station is set to be in court. a judge is expected to determine which of john coull psychiatric records would actually be provided to the prosecution. later this month, the psychiatrists will conduct a mental examination on cowl to see if he's actually fit to stand trial. wilson was stabbed last july at the macarthur bart station cowl could face the death penalty. if convicted. in world news north korea is
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sending a message to the white house after it fired missiles over the weekend. the trump administration says de nuclear icing north korea is still on the agenda. john lawrence has that story. >>north korea appears to have test-fired its first missiles since 2017. chairman kim jong un sending a message to the white house. >>i think what you're seeing from ike him now is an effort to try and pressurtrump back to the negotiating table. the group analyzing satellite images of this weekend's launches. >>say these were likely short range ballistic missiles, south korean officials say the projectiles flew somewhere between 43 to 125 miles before crashing into the sea. president trump it rubbed off pyongyang's action tweeting chairman kim knows that i am with him and does not want to break his promise to me the deal will happen. sec etary of state mike pompeo agrees saying the stalemate between president trump and chairman kim. it can be resolved. we
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still believe that there's an opportunity to get a negotiated outcome where we get fully for verified denuclearization term kim is repeated that is repeated that. >>quite recently in fact, but something pyongyang doesn't plan on getting rid of its missiles. >>north korea is not going to give up their nuclear weapons, but what they want is a kind of deal where international sanctions come off and in exchange for that they don't give things up, but they stopped tests like this. i'm john lawrence reporting. >>the 41 people were killed when a russian airplane made an emergency landing at the airport in moscow we want to warn you. the video that you are about to see may be a little hard to watch. now we do have video from inside the plane look at this a total 78 people were on board you see the flames there. 2 children were among those of the 41 people that were killed 5 people are still in the hospital video from the ground shows people evacuating on an emergency slide right near the front of that jet. and so far no word on what exactly caused
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that fire. russian president vladimir putin has ordered a thorough investigation. well boeing knew about a problem with that 7.37 max 8 airplanes before 2 planes crash ash killing 346 people. the company released a statement yesterday it said of th future of skews me a feature that should have been standard on the aircraft only worked on planes that had an additional feature. engineers knew that the planes did not meet certain requirements of back in 2017. after review, the company decided that the existing functionality was acceptable until the next software update. so they claim that it didn't impact plane safety. this is the issue that came up a little bit later after the lion air crash last october so that is still under investigation. for your help this morning more than 2 million pounds of frozen mills from pf chang's are now under recall due to misbranding check your friends. she had this this affects a company's home, a new chicken pad thai chicken
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fried rice, the frozen entrees might contain milk in them. that's actually not on the label for that you want to check for the best by dates of september 26 to 2019 through april 5th 2020. there have not been any reports of anyone getting sick so far but you know, hey you want to take the proper precautions right if you have this in your refrigerator make sure you threw it out or you can even return it. morning news. a new study finds california's time water. it's not safe to drink the debate that's far king in sacramento. before we go we want to check in on the golden gate we see bridge crews rolling northbound out of san francisco, the traffic looks
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family's always going to come first this job will be a close second. his first. >>welcome back to the crown for morning news movie and music news now including the latest box-office limbs for certain marvel movie. here's david daniel with the hollywood minute. >>on the global box office list. the blockbuster has worldwide ticket sales of billion passing titanic and a lot of other movies for second place all time, it's still about 600 million behind the all-time champ avatar. >>everybody is dolly the federal bureau of investigation has recognized dolly parton has a distinguished community leader, the award honors parton's dollywood foundation
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which gave a total of $9 million to tennessee residents who lost everything in the gatlinburg wildfires. heart and couldn't attend the awards ceremony at fbi headquarters but sent this video message thanking and praising the bureau so many thanks again. >>and remember that i. >>band real merchandise, the acre girls is one of 2 bands in the new movie for smell both of which have t-shirts and pins for sale at her smell dot my shopify dot com. you can also buy the film soundtrack there in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >>before we go a little peek outside we're checking neighbors, traffic looks good though i just a minor back up in the cab, ashley means. >>and temperatures in the 40's
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the 60's and 70's tulsa pretty normal spring forecast really looking outside of the golden gate bridge. we have low clouds hanging out over the bridge itself and actually some areas of drizzle still hanging out across the bay to you look at skies above a lot of low cloud cover across the bay and that low cloud cover is resulting in some shower activity much less widespread further south are seeing a couple of sprinkl on the peninsula. some actual light rainfall around santa rosa this morning just to the west of the city we are seeing some areas of rain right around dern bill hanging out on areas of northern sonoma county from winds are down through santa rosa this even further south if you're traveling to do it east of ignacio this morning on your way out towards the valley napa county. the you are looking at these light showers as well sitting just north of san pablo bay right now so definitely one of those mornings they want to take it just a touch slower as you're on the roads, especially if you are in the north bay.


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