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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  May 6, 2019 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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news what we have on the road not getting better are pass. but the weather is going to get better it will it's going gradually clear into the afternoon less the less sprinkle activity out to the look forward to especially for those of you up to the north bay which been looking at sprinkles this morning. >>really since that time we've gotten up to now cloudy skies over mountie i will be you can see a bit of brightness making its way throughout the distance most of the bay area is dry right now so let's focus our attention on the north bay for just a minute as that's where we're seeing the saw list of rainfall activity we are seeing some light sprinkles around sandra fell nevado some areas of light rainfall as well and further north on one oh one thrown or park up to santa rosa you are seeing some often on very light showers just enough to get roadways on the wet side so take it slow are out there, especially traveling through the north bay 50's to start 50's and 60's by noon in a few 70's into the afternoon and there's a little bit of the
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clearing to the skies that we've been talking about i am talking a really nice forecast ahead of us so stay tuned for that >>back to the bay bridge. it's one of the busiest traffic crawling from the oakland may's all the way into san francisco. so leaves early as you can because he will have to deal with the big backup here but nothing extra, no accidents. no stalls no major hot spots just a lot of heavy traffic at 21 minutes to fremont street, which is the norm. we're taking a peek at 5.18 livermore to dublin wide open 11 minutes, the nimitz doing fine and to 37 speaking up and only 13 minutes milpitas to sonny bill we'll have more drive times coming up james star hugh thanks a lot rob and happening today witnesses are set to take the stand in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire trial in oakland 2 men faces charges of the 36 people who were killed in a fire call for sir stenson. >>is live at the santa rita jail where one of the defendants is being held.
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>>next here's is being held here at the santa rita jail. he was the go ship warehouse, creative director and his attorney actually filed a motion asking the judge to block the prosecution's first witness the witness is supposed to take the stand. this morning and that is the testimony of one of the mothers of the 3rd one of the 36 victims killed in the fire on december 2nd in 2016. this is a testimony of carol kid like heres and master tenant derick almena are both charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. the defense says kid looks emotional testimony would be prejudice the jury kid likes testimony is expected to center around a text message. her daughter, 29 year-old the cole singer a center. the night which was that night which read i'm going to die. we spoke with the legal analysts who weighed in on this request to block this testimony take a listen.
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>>particularly not just to show that this was one of the victims of the go ship. sick uses siri of the case. this was a death trap. >>so here's his attorney also want to stop one of the victims to survive the fire from testifying, a man who was in a coma for 5 weeks after the fire and now relies on his mother to interpret for him. >>now we'll have to see what the judge decides that trial resumes this morning at 9 o'clock whether or not that first witness will take the stand. well we'll have to see. i'm live in dublin sarah stinson kron 4 news thank you sarah and we of course will have a reporter in the courtroom this morning as that trial resumes it will provide you extended. >>coverage throughout the day for online streaming service kron on go to crown on dot tv to sign up now and then of course we'll keep you updated. on our evening broadcast tonight as well.
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>>also in court today the man charged with stabbing and killing 18 year-old mia wilson and in oakland bart station a judge is expected to determine which of john coull psychiatric records will be provided to the prosecution and later this month. a psychiatrist will do a mental exam to see if he's fit to stand trial. we'll send that was stabbed and killed last july at the macarthur bart station kowal could face the death penalty if he's convicted. >>university choir was able to share their musical gift over the weekend despite a tragic crash in santa tail. it's pretty amazing after you see the fiery bus that crash. >>one person was killed, but the show went on dan thorne has more. >>in alabama choir who survived a fiery crash on highway one oh one phil's san francisco's 3rd baptist church with their angelic voices >>you. ho known
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as the aliens scaped a broke ou there. to get 18 people. reverend amos brown says it's a miracle that they were all able to get off of the bus with just minor injuries. reverend brown says he's grateful. the aliens carried on with their plans to perform on sunday. despite the tragic accident. >>they only isn't always. shoulder they could before. under great difficulty >>after getting news about the crash oakwood university president leslie pollard left alabama to join the choir in san francisco. he expressed gratitude for the hospitality from the city. the audience was thrilled with the performance giving the aliens several standing ovations the
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choir expressed their condolences to the family of the man who died in saturday's many of the choir members lost a lot of their personal belongings in the bus fire, san francisco based old may be helped out by donating close to them whether here in the bay area. the choir. thank the store for its generosity bike racing them with us on all. >>well that was an storm reporting the chp hasn't released a cause yet for that crash. now the other headlines in every field investigators are looking into what sparked a fire near business. it started saturday at a homeless encampment behind the home depot on holly street near you can see what firefighters were dealing with all the fire and the smoke. it burned the exterior of a storage area just outside the store. we're told the damage estimate is upwards of about a $160,000 worth of merchandise gone. nobody though was injured thankfully. >>new this morning, san francisco has a new fire chief today is janine at nicholson's
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first day as chief she's the first lgbtq fire chief and the second woman to run the department she was named the chief after joanne hayes white announced that she is retiring yesterday was her last day on the job. and a whole new game, is true. it was close and katie but we can't say enough about his praises let's hope he continues that. >>wild streak of great play crossed if step joins the party. they're unstoppable will tran out of oracle with more on to what's to come they will. >>they need to listen to the great philosopher taylor swift and just shake it off because if they do they're returning year to oracle on wednesday for game 5 up 3 to one at all. you're right james it hinges on steph curry and how he rebounds he's had a hard playoff by his own definition. here's an interesting stat
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take to watch if a step curry gets at least 20 points while he and katie have been team mates if steph curry gets at least 20 points in the pl that's all all they need from staff and all around great player, hall of fame shooter. but he didn't have that game 3 in fact even missed a wide open dunk. if you thinking about the lawyers panicking. they're not they knew that the houston rockets to win and the rockets have to win tonight as well which is why the warriors they said, let's just 3 rackets and do it all over again tonight. >>we're always confident job say is to learn the lessons of a what we have to do better. i thought we fought you know stayed in the game was big plays. some big stops. but over the course of the they outplayed us game for zooming
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to very buddy to to produce and play world and. >>and then a day which i win basketball games. so. just be locked in. >>steph curry is not making any excuses you marry con game to his offhand not the shooting and that is off and one of the figures was twisted so badly dislocated and he's not saying that's the reason why for his poor performance, but he has day 2 fingers together just to give it some support they're ready to go draymond green says i don't have to talk to my man is a professional. he knows what to do. just like you. and james and daria back to you guys very good. thank you were talking to you guys you guys know what to do thank god we're not playing. >>7 oh 9 right now and. >>breaking news this morning. the baby is here the baby is year that's right bouncing baby boy that we're talking about a prince. >>harry and meghan markle the duchin due the duke and duchess. let's do this.
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much beyond that because of being very secretive all we know she went into labor early this morning at least that's when the word came out. this morning, she was in labor and has already given birth and hopefully we'll get to see our first pictures of this is here with the baby bob i'm sure it's already gone like she gave birth 20 minutes ago and. >>kelly's got some people i said this will be the 7th in line to the british throne by the way and queen elizabeth 8 great grandchild example, 7.10 right now still ahead on the cover morning news claims of a possible link between cancer and your tap water will see how state lawmakers want to tackle this. and new cases of the measles will tell you where the latest person involved in an outbreak traveled in california. >>and after the break a teacher trying to help people understand his students, new slang we'll have a look at the little fiction area he made for parents just so there's still in little bit of rainfall out there this morning really just a few sprinkles as you're
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stepping out about college, you know where to >>i'm tracking your morning commute around the bay area past as usual the drive into san to ♪
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>>and we're just waiting for those clouds to clear and now it's a slow way morning. yes, a practice and but a good payoff. a very good payoff are in for some great weather this afternoon this week ahead of us not looking bad either we do have a few showers out there this morning as promised last night we saw them and they linger through the evening and are still hanging out with us this morning. there's san francisco skies on the cloudy your side obviously san jose just a touch a brighter, but you've also got some clouds overhead livermore unpleasant it out there in the tri valley, not looking bad at all just a touch of cloud cover and a lot of sunshine mixed in with that. this is the situation across the bay a
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cloudier start to the morning in a cooler start to the morning than what we've been used to and certainly for the north bay. rainier start to the morning, nothing more than just a few this in a while so may catch you off guard if you are readfo light rainfall couple of sprinkles in san francisco and out into the bay to future cast shows some offshore coastal drizzle that will continue into tomorrow morning at times but notice the skies are going to clear up points today, especially into this afternoon tomorrow going to be an even clear afternoon after that you're just straight up in the clear with wednesday and thursday looking very nice temperatures rising and skies, staying very nice and sunny today, partly cloudy and temperatures in the 50's and 60's so feeling like we were a couple of months back with cloudier conditions and cooler pacific short mostly in the 60's on the bay
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side with us saying carlos and redwood city each at 68 mountain view starting us off in a trend of 70's that will be seen through the south bay, san jose up to 72 today east bay, mostly back down into the 60's making for a cooler day than we've got used to berkeley at 61 oakland today at 64 while walnut creek unconquered in the low 70's. knapp in youngsville just shy of 70 degrees with santa rosa and petaluma also in the upper 60's today. so today into tomorrow, some of our cooler days after this we see a subtle warm up into wednesday and thursday which will be our sunniest of days friday may come along with a stray sprinkle during the morning hours but saturday and sunday drying out for your weekend making for a really enjoyable forecast. robin traffic never enjoyable not during the week right we have to get to work to working you're sitting in a backup. >>it's going to be packed to leaving hayward right now making your way over to the peninsula. so if you need to use the 7 bridge know that it is slow from the tolls over to
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the high rise rule clocking in at 22 minutes for now, but that's going to go up throughout the morning, the bay bridge traffic spilling into the maze that's normal not improving at 18 minutes here to make it over to fremont street and want to want to cross the golden gate usually the smoother quiet bridge right, we're hot spot free. no major issues so just under 30 minutes from the bottom to the toll plaza in san francisco. we're checking in on one oh one we don't want to forget about the northbound traffic. it's about 10 minutes from brisbane to 80. no major issues for 2.80 daly city to san francisco and the guadalupe parkway there is a new crash at. 87 north at curtain are little slow through the seat and just happened so we're at 14 minutes and growing for 87 north because of that crash 85 2, 1, on one james. all right. thank you. >>robin anyone with kids knows that it's not always easy to understand what they're saying half the time and one teacher noticed he was experiencing the same problem so he put together his own dictionary to
7:18 am
decode what was being said sean shy about has the story. lot's changed since james e iwa callaghan started teaching, especially slaying the kids use snack as somebody who. >>as attractive at little high he's one of the cool teachers 15 years on the job and still trying to connect with kids on their level students always that's linked arms and i was trying to figure out what they were so this year he created this list 63 fresh new words like slaps and slay snacks and snack a lot of people are saying it's pretty snatched. snatched i think it's more slaps probably kill him teaches sociology, so it's fitting he sees it like a big experiment i keep going because i want to be able to understand the language. my students are using a lot of these words were you know low key before and so now you know you worry that you're going all these words, i'm blasting their kids are like you. i know exactly what you mean when you realize that by using
7:19 am
his words we-e we're killing the word some have tried to buy his gen z dictionary a lot of parents are probably going t volume to you going write with this. well i think the kids say get that red, but no plans to cash and in fact he posted it free on twitter but as soon as these words get out they're out. i try to use them, but it just doesn't. mean this and it really doesn't when you start getting gray hair i am the middle aged white guy. it just doesn't come off quite the same as it that wish hunch about reporting for us. this morning. >>it's 7.19 for your money gas prices continue to rise in the stock market is tumbling after the latest chinese tariffs threat. jane king is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more hedging a good morning, stocks open sharply lower president trump threatened more tariffs against chinese getting frustrated about the lack of progress in trade talks. he said the us raise levies on 200 billion of chinese goods to 25% on friday. china is
7:20 am
reportedly considering canceling trade talks with the u s that were set for this week at the dow right now down by about 262 points. well drivers for ride share companies uber and lyft are planning strikes this week in several cities. the strike comes ahead of uber's ipl its initial public offering which advocates say highlights the poor working standards and pay structure. but the company has a place for drivers, the drivers one job security livable incomes and what 80% of proceeds from the car to go to the driver and the average us price of regular gas jumped $0.5 a gallon over the past 2 weeks to $2.97 industry analyst trilby lundberg with the lundberg survey says gas prices have spiked to $0.66 since early january. the most expensive gas in the us right there in san francisco for 21 a gallon on average a year ago was 3.75. live from the nasdaq marketsite i'm jane king but he dorian thank you jane. coming up on the ground for more. >>the trash problem in an east bay city and leaders say that college students are to blame. we'll walk you through the issue and of course after the
7:21 am
break we're going to take you to a camp. it's inspiring girls to become firefighters. we'll talk more about that. here's a live look outside the bay bridge right robin was right, she said it's beginning to slow up at the bridges on this monday morning and sure enough that's what we're seeing here in the live camera the bay bridge toll plaza clouds overhead but john's promising us a nice forecast this afternoon. more on that in just a minute. wow, that's an aggressive yellow. pretty great, huh? if you're a banana. i find it very... appealing. kellogg's raisin bran with bananas. two scoops meet real banana slices. i've done a good job of raisin ya.
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family's always going to come first this job will be a close second. his first.
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>>7.24 on this monday morning. we've seen some shower activity across the north bay, it's very very light, but might catch you off guard if you're not used to that rainfall anymore, san francisco was also seen some light showers nothing more than just a few sprinkles around pavey right now this was a couple sprinkles hanging out just near the gob a bridge. also if you're crossing the cross in the richmond center fell bridge. you may be running into a couple of light sprinkles as you i get off around one oh one marine would and nevado also looking at just some light shower activity to take us through this monday morning. rob a slow drive into san francisco right now with traffic backed up all the way through the maze it will get better west of treasure island so. >>the heavier side on your approach is usual behind the toll plaza and it's been very quiet with no big trouble spots are accidents to add add to the already congested commute. we're checking in that take the name it's no big trouble spots and in the east shore 32 minutes and growing
7:25 am
from crockett heading west down to the maze james. all right. thank you very much. >>dozens of teenage girls got to see what it would be like to be a firefighter was all part of an annual fee of annual fire camp. it's aimed at getting young girls interested in careers like that. so this year, the free camp was at santa clara's fire training facility and you can see all the girls taking part in various activities and they had female firefighters from all across the bay area lead each of these activities. they did everything from learning how to put out a fire to climbing up that giant 100 foot ladder that you just saw. >>women generally don't have the exposure that men have so even if you're capable of the position even it might be something that you would really like to do as a profession. you don't generally have the exposure and you're not given the opportunity to see what the profession is alabout. >>this is the second year of that to day camp and based on how popular is hopefully we'll see it again next year. we'll take a break coming up next
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deadly shooting involving police in san jose will tell you what officers say happened moments before. >>shots were fired.
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own your look nd onlyike you with fewer lines. botox® cosmetic. and that. >>had me all smiles in san francisco tree says stop. want to take a peek at the roads for you and weather before you head. >>our thanks and tactics. so far slow but the usual crawl. >>no accidents, no good news little damp to start but what better by this afternoon are by this afternoon just glad it waited. >>well after the weekend was nice yeah because we didn't
7:29 am
ve a real nice weekend behind us this morning, definitely on the greater side of things damp for many parts of the bay area, golden gate bridge if you're heading north on one oh one out of san running into a few areas of off and on showers also looking at a light shower right over mount diablo right now with areas like a walnut creek alamo down to danville all dry. but there is some shower activity in the vicinity, nothing more than just sprinkles lingering in moraine and sonoma counties. there are some heavier rainfall there moments ago and when i say heavy mean light to moderate stuff. rainfall really starting to taper off already and by the afternoon today got some sunshine mixed in with those clouds 60's 70's for your highs and even nicer weather still to come which will talk to a head arrived at the check on the golden gate traffic, what's pretty good here into and out of san francisco. >>there is the usual crawl southbouo l from 37 to 5.80 and sandra fail but that's about it south of 5.80
7:30 am
continuing to san francisco. a great commute. so o'clock it a 32 minutes, here's the bay bridge. and it's always the opposite of the golden gate right, it's back out through the maze heavy up the eastern span. but a client's commute into san francisco. so that's what we like to see no interruptions livermore to dublin, no major issues dublin to fremont 6.80 busy on the nimitz and to 37 we call this moderate crowding only 60 minutes from 8.80. >>how to one oh one we'll check more in just a bit james. alright, thank you. >>much robin new this morning in oakland man now facing attempted murder charges for shooting multiple people at a beach 19 year-old francisco roscoe was arrested and you can see in the picture there. the shooting happened at the oceana dume state beach park in san jose biscoe county 6 people ended up in the hospital 5 of them with gunshot wounds. police aren't sure what set off the shooting. but they're looking into that now. >>in thwas
7:31 am
injured the here's how it happened on comb our drive and story road police cornered a man who was in a but the driver tried to get away by ramming the stolen car into officers, one officer was hit dragon pinned between the stolen car and a parked car and then the driver was shot by police he died at the hospital that officer is still recovering. one in cupertino 2 men are accused of stealing a car and several laptops 19 year-old on how the tolerance 70 a 27 year-old pedro torres were arrested after deputies found stolen laptops in the stolen car they were and it was reported stolen out of sunnyvale both suspects have ties they say to a criminal street gang. >>in the east bay police say that a man mistreated dogs inside of a trailer, we have a photo of the trailer involved here. it is inside police found a small dog that was barking and panting is for was badly matted and they also found 5 other dogs that were
7:32 am
in wire crates without any food or water. jeremiah were billing is in jail this morning. he says that those were his dogs he admitted to using the trailer is a mobile doghouse he's now charged with animal cruelty. there's a new effort to prevent u c berkeley students from leauing unwanted furniture and other items on the curb. after they move out at the end of the semester and it's been a mess take a look city leaders are asking tenants and landlords to stop doing this and properly throw away any unwanted items they want tenants to use trash bins and if those are fold and schedule a free book waste pickup. another option of course is to purchase city of berkeley trash bags that can be left there at the curb for crews to pick up. a south san francisco man faces charges in connection to a rape case in millbrae last year san mateo county sheriff's deputies say they arrested 29 year-old sean chow in san bruno investigators say the rape was reported in september of last year. the victim telling police the child assaulted her twice. he was convicted back in 2009 2010 for peeping into
7:33 am
a bathroom window in san mateo county. >>in the east bay 2 people were hurt and at least 70 people were involved in a parking lot fight in concord it happened right in front of the sun valley shopping center. saturday night and dozens of the people involved in the fight were just kids. everybody quickly took off when the cops got there so nobody was arrested one police officer at a mall security officer were hurt. but they're going to be ok in the north bay santa rosa man is accused of holding 2 brothers for ransom during a drug deal. police say 24 year-old won could up the brothers at a home on sebastopol road. the mother told the police that a man called demanding money for sons. investigators later learned that the suspect in the victims were part of a drug deal where marijuana was stolen andol for ransom because he wanted them to pay off the debt.
7:34 am
>>the big story this morning governor gavin newsome is proposing a tax to make sure people across california have access to safe drinking water. it's in response to a claim that shows a possible link between cancer and california's tap water. lawmakers have said that fixing contaminated water systems is costly and ongoing maintenance will be even more expensive so a proposal to use money from the general fund will be considered but some lawmakers are also concerned that taking money from the general fund would take away from other priorities. >>the dedication of percent of this budget is not just limiting what we do with the general fund it is directing us to cut it child care education health care, state parks, social services, the list goes on as soon as the budget goes down and takes a death in the next recession. co
7:35 am
>>a 7 month-old baby and a graduate student in southern california are the latest to come down with the measles. >>the you while infected. and with the rise in measles cases a lot of people are checking to see if they've ever had the shot. if you don't know your status to have 2 options. you are able to go in and get a blood test called a tighter to find out if you're immune to measles and or just receive another measles mumps rubella if you've already been fully vaccinated new year's eve. another shot is not going to be harmful to you. >>there have been more than 700 confirmed cases of measles across 22 states so far this year. >>and we have more information about the measles the outbreak where it is where it's been in the bay area and where the people have had it have been that's important. it's all in kron four dot com. >>41 people including an american were killed in a russian airplane made emergency landing at airport moscow to burst into flames and here's some video from actually from inside the
7:36 am
aircraft, a passenger. shot this on their cell phone 78 people were on board 2 children were among the 41 who died 5 people are in the hospital, this is video from the ground and we highlighted the front of the aircraft as you can actually make out people escaping down the emergency slide there in the front door. the plane was hit by lightning apparently that's when it lost communication and was forced to land and it was when it was landing that it caught fire. 's former longtime lawyer now headed to prison michael cohen will report to federal prison in new york today to start his 3 year sentence. cohen is guilty of financial crimes and lying to congress. he was supposed to start his sentence back in march, but it was too late, partly because cohen had had to testify in front of congress about his dealings with president trump. the president by the way says the special counsel robert mueller should not testify in front of congress in a pair of tweets over the weekend the president suggested the democrats are mueller couldn't prove collusion between the trump campaign and russia. t e
7:37 am
tweets came after house judiciary committee members said that it had reacted. they reached a tentative date of may 15th for mueller's testimony mueller has yet to confirm that date just friday, trump said that allowing mueller to testify was up to the attorney general but he's changed his mind. >>every for parents. we have a say your baby is absolutely amazing that this little thing is is is up start full sun just over the moon. >>your baby is amazing mom. they that's what he has to say prince harry and meghan markle. given birth to a baby boy live on the air. i mean not you know we didn't. went on there is no light on air. gregory call a frozen meals from pf chain what you need to look out for. >>and as you're heading outside this morning be lo king out for some the law areas of rainfall nothing more
7:38 am
than just a couple of sprinkles, i've got your forecast. of course expect a big backup at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's still a slow drive into san francisco lowe's knows you're the handyman who does it right.
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craftsman tools across your home. sure, there are advantagesns and natural talents, but they won't teach patience or discipline. or get you back on the court after a heartbreaker. let this game be your spark. pursue your passions with relentless ferocity. because the only way to get that trophy, is to take it. tennis teaches kids to dream, compete, and succeed. sign up with net generation. >>a couple hanging out moran and sonoma counties, but overall skies are beginning to cnoarw as for temperatures we have 50's as you're stepping outside oakland in dublin. 55 right
7:41 am
now confident 56 while low 50's and timber on in san francisco. do expect 60's later on today under clear skies than what we're seeing right now robin a busy community, san francisco right now traffic is still very slow and not improving. >>from the oakland may so just be prepared for a lot of heavy traffic we're back to them and a grind here into san francisco, but once again no because spots are major issues story about just a lot of heavy traffic to fremont street we're checking in on 84 del martin it's packed going west across the bay 33 minutes to make it to bayfront and to 37 west there's an accident right after 8.80 that's not helping. it's 18 minutes and growing from 80 to one on one. james. >>thank you very much robin for your health this morning more than 2 million pounds of frozen meals from pf chang's are now under recall due to misbranding now this affects a company's home and you kick chicken pad thai and the chicken fried rice, the frozen entrees might have milk in
7:42 am
them that's not labeled on the outside. so look for a best by date of september 2620 19 through april 5th of 2020. they haven't been any reports of anyone getting sick, but if you have a milk allergy deal. definitely want to pay attention to that. >>coming up on the cloud for morning buzz the warriors get ready for game 4 even though says having trouble for getting game 3 and tom brady turns out a 100 doran on one bet and then double or
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>>well those clouds are limbering for sure in these live >>don't want to leave this guy's really like today. but they're going to leave this afternoon and after that sunshine comes back out will be in for a much nicer day ahead of us than follow this scene is offering up this is right here just as cloudy as much of the rest of the bay area is it looks like take a look with those clouds are doing resulting in some light drizzle to even though some light rainfall up in the north bay north is where we're seeing the most frequent showers but still it's very often on and what you are seeing if you do see any rain is just a couple of drops healdsburg just to the north right along the mendocino county line is saying some light rainfall up there as for the city of san francisco in just south toward south san francisco in san bruno couple areas where you may turn the windshield wiper on for second or 2 now later on today skies will clear out tomorrow morning, some coastal drizzles
7:46 am
possible just ride up and down the shoreline besides that tomorrow's skies start to really clear out that sets us up for what will be a beautiful and wednesday and thursday just arounso we are of cooler and cloudier start little bit of an adjustment from what we have got used to the past couple of months, 60's for today's daytime highs which will be cooler than what we've gotten used to as well concord livermore in san jose are a few of our spots barely hanging on to the 70's for this monday, temperatures tomorrow a little bit warmer and even warmer yet on into wednesday wednesday and thursday bringing plenty of sun tomorrow bringing clear skies already come friday. so few morning sprinkles are possible and temperatures cooling back down before a beautiful weekend to look forward to all right. thank you john just getting word of an ace train delay. >>service has stopped on number 3. there some sort of medical emergency that still under investigation. so right now trains are not moving
7:47 am
between fremont and great america's so expect major delays on number 3 as soon as i get another update, i'll definitely pass along we're checking in on the bay bridge stripped from oakland to san francisco very busy very crowded right at the toll plaza stacked up from the maze looking good as usual for the car colors that's about it 90 minutes for your drive off to fremont street. so i don't have any major issues for the nimitz or the macarthur boulder roughly the same. so take your pick from to 38 to downtown oakland 32 minutes for the drive and i don't have any trouble spots for 2.80, you're looking good from san jose to cupertino. >>game 4 enough to vary by 2 to produce and play well and and then a day i love basketball game so. just be locked in. >>steph curry is trying to put games 3 in the past like ponytail but just like your old mullet the pictures keep coming back. and him sorry step i have y
7:48 am
blows a wide open dunk la what the game, but it sure would help and so it all those other shots that he missed curry went 7 of 23 from the field missing several layups and was just 2 of 9 from the three-point line. it was an ugly. let's look at now the good in the back. now that the ugly is on the way kevin duran out monster 46 points and rahm on had a triple double that was all good. and now the bad james harden got away. our john the game winning basket that put the rockets up by 5 the refs admit they blew that call. coach kerr says overall. who blew the game won 26 to one 21. >>we're always confident i think say is to learn the lessons of a what we have to do better. i thought you know stayed in the game was big plays. some big stops. but know over the course of the they outplayed us.
7:49 am
>>you win some you lose some but never in the same race until that now for the first time in the kentucky derby history. the winner was disqualified and here's why take a look maximum security cross the finish line but before that he crossed into the path. all the other horses and that's a serious violations kind of like you want to track raise you're supposed to stay in your lane except in this case, a horse could go down and a rider could get killed and that is why there can be no wiggle room even if it didn't cause an accident to 20 minutes after the finish. people get their money on house that was a 65 to one long shot they found out they want a lot of. nfl star saw the controversial finish in person, including 49 ers quarterback, jimmy garage, the low standing out for his good looks. but it's not tom brady's first rodeo. he knows the dress code. he also we
7:50 am
know he lost his bet on the horse, but he may have lost a side bet with danny and and ola. >>are you in this race way. >>if he could hit this far offside in the parking lot. we know that he missed the first one then he said double or nothing in any rana got the ball. many instagram story and snow. seriously $200,000 in tibet. and if so i'm sure just tell is going have a thing or 2 to say about him. one now that one don. star
7:51 am
but a good finish for the giants just some rj gave up 3 straight home runs to the right. they didn't give up after the percent because it was ugly. san francisco came back to win. thanks to buster posey with 3 runs to tie and brandon crawford with the game winning home run so the giants win it. 6 to 5 i've and they're already up an ad this morning they play again at 9 35 am and then the reds head over the bay bridge and they take on the a. tomorrow night hopefully oakland will do better at home. this was their last loss to the pirates on their one in 8 road trip and they also lost chris davis. >>he took himself out of the game after this when he slamd foul ball. he banged his left hip on the rail. and you could tell how painful it was all things been painful. these fans as well so we hope to be.
7:52 am
and when it will be back tomorrow night. and that's the bus.
7:53 am
7:54 am
>>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>well avengers endgame is in breaking all the records just most it came up short for one
7:55 am
this weekend. but it's still overwhelm the competition we've got david daniel with a look at the top 5. captain marvel made million giving it 5th place in a domestic total of 421 million. >>ugly dolls opened in 4th place pulling in 8 and a half million dollars. a 3rd place debut for long shot the romantic comedy earned million not brought home my house and opening weekend worth million put the intruder in second place the weekend's top new movie though a far cry from number one we owe this to everyone is not this from. avengers endgame didn't quite record the best second weekend in history following a few million shy of star wars, the force awakens but million gave the blockbuster a domestic total of million entering the all time top 10 in 10 days in hollywood, i'm david daniel.
7:56 am
up on the crop for morning news that go ship warehouse fire trial continues this morning. we'll have a live report on why we might not hear. >>from one witness. a bus carrying a choir is involved in a deadly crash find out how community came together to help them in their time of need. time is 7.56 will be right back with a prom for right back with a prom for morning news at 8. but you don't need to put on a blindfold and hit a papier-mâché unicorn to get stuff you want. just become an aarp member! your aarp membership comes with access to more of what you want. like learning about the latest tech, health tips, nights out at local restaurants, help planning your getaways and more. so take off the blindfold and join today. because ya know, it's easier without the blindfold. there's lots of stuff in there, and today could be your day to explore it. learn more at
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>>sunday morning to you and thanks for waking up with daria full side out james fletcher let's talk weather with john we have some drizzle out there early to start and some slowdowns to on the roads at slowdowns on the roads but the bigger problem is on a stray there's been an accident in the east bay are traveling between the east and the south bay. so now there's a major a strain delay km and this rain is not a big deal though let's move now another big deal. i think the biggest deal about it is the fact we haven't seen rain in a while so people are but besides that you have very light sprinkles for most of the day and a areas further south lakes are looking at rain just a lot of cloud cover to kick things off not really seeing much of a view out there for most of our east bay hills. there is an area of shower activity out there in theast bay right now walnut creek right here remaining dry, most of the bay area is dry right now 50's to start. >>60's by the afternoon and
8:00 am
some 60's and 70's for daytime highs. you do see some sunshine mixed in with those cloudier conditions later on today. i'm talking more about what you're seeing on radar as well as what to expect for the rest of the week still to come. >>robin all right, thank you john, a major a strain delay number 3 stopped after being involved in an accident. no service right now between fremont and great america number 3 is about 35 minutes late that makes number 5 late. it's 20 minutes behind schedule and looks like number 7 is going to be delayed as well so once again, a major a strain delay because service has stopped between fremont and great america. still waiting for more details as to what happened exactly so as i get that i will pass it on what checking the bay bridge. it's the usual crawl, you are still more hours just under 20 minutes for the drive to fremont street target thanks a lot rob, an 8 o'clock and today witnesses are set to take the stand in the deadly


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