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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 6, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>>now add 8 tearful testimony from survivors of the ghost ship warehouse fire. even the defendant's wet, red light runners be where san francisco's new digital cameras are now in operation we want to make sure that people are hoping the rules as well we are learning about the latest a dead whale to wash ashore in the bay area, i'm wondering if their >>bacteria says not a criminal he's a 29 year-old young man he's completely innocent. >>tonight at 8 and emotional start to testimony today in the trial of 2 men accused in the oakland warehouse fire
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that killed 36 people in 2016. 3 people took the stand today in front of derick almena and max been in jail since their arrests. good evening, i'm can weigh in 9 pam or a mother of a victim, the man who signed the lease for the warehouse and a. >>young woman who lived inside the ghost ship was there the night of the fire. force michelle case and has more from oakland on this first day of testimony. >>elizabeth muzzle it took the stand on monday, a young woman who says she lived in the go ship in november, 2016 and was inside when it went up in flames. she said to escape she had to run down the only path to the front door from her room after hearing her neighbor call out for help she described seeing floor to ceiling flames, she described next harris, one of the 2 defendants as personable kind a decent man who was not suspicious everybody's going to smile just like she did. >>say that he's a kind honest hard working person. he was in charge of anything of that
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>>it was a survey. he was somebody there it was there to help he was a wonderful person, a nice guy next harris and eric a man are the 2 men charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. >>prosecutors say all main a rented the warehouse and illegally converted it into an entertainment venue in housing harris. stay say acted as the creative director, both of them are accused of failing to provide adequate safety equipment exits in signage muzzled however told the court she never felt unsafe inside the warehouse in at the time time did not feel it was a fire trap during testimony ms. oldest said she was feeling stressed and became emotional, crying when asked if she had fond memories of all ministry kids sushi ces lived on the second floor of the warehouse also on the stand monday, the mother of one of the victims who told the court about a tech she received from her daughter is the fire began
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telling her that she was going to die, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>this just in a driver has been arrested for a deadly dui crash in contra costa county the highway patrol first got reports of the head-on crash around 4 30 this afternoon. according to the chp the suspect drove over the yellow lines along highway 4 and hit another car. the driver of the car that was hit died at the scene officers say the suspect is 51 years old from ripon county in a written rather in san joaquin county. i'm sorry this is the victim, but they're not releasing his name right now. police arrested the suspect a 46 year-old man from concord lanes on highway 4 were closed during the investigation they have since reopened but the chp says you should expect residual delays between marsh creek road and bow far road. >>out with the old and in with the new the old was were taken down back in january now new red light cameras are going up at a number of intersections
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across san francisco. the san francisco municipal transportation agency has been working on this project since 2014 ground forces well biello joins us live at one of those intersections has been chosen to get. >>a new light. noel. >>that's right pam and can eimear live at park presidio boulevard and lake street where just over my shoulder, not sure if you can really see but there's a big old green box looking camera there. but uh it's an active right. now however come this summer this intersection and 12 others will receive new digital red light cameras, an mta says it's a long time coming. >>these cameras only flash if you're on a solid red light. >>red means stop that's exactly what the san francisco municipal transportation agency is hoping drivers do, especially at these 13 intersections where they've chosen to install new a red
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light cameras we we find a significant portion of our. >>injury collisions as ours is guarded people running red lights. one tool to help address that. >>and a lot of people didn't end their own lives as she went and hurry suzy wells lives near 4th street and harrison in soma it's the only intersection right now fully equipped with the new digital cameras. >>had a drug to like this where there's a lot of cross locks and it's a very good man highway entrance like i think it's kind of used >>traffic collisions related to rely running at the crease by 66%. since we've installed these cameras in 1996 mta spokesman paul rose says since then the city has continued to review collision rates. >>and has added or deleted cameras where they see fit we look at every other measure would try to stall every other measure we can at these intersections before we consider red light camera. >>so these are one tool in our tool box and helping prevent a injury collisions and when everything we can to get oracle's officials to limit traffic 2024. drivers are kind
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of crazy. >>so i come out for it every now and then. >>o so to the person we caught running one to be glad there's still a 30 day grace period. the 4 citations are issued about a $500 fine when you include all >>court fees in state news. >>has a person who has had to pay that $500 fine myself for running a red light several years ago i suggest all drivers pay attention a matter what intersection it you're going through again of the wanted harrison and a 4th is the only active one right now the rest will be completed by this summer live in san francisco. noel bellow kron 4 news alright noel, thank you for advice taking a live look outside tonight over san francisco in the golden gate bridge so much fun. >>and get missed in rain, it
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looks like you can barely see anything that see any red lights voice yes he did get think that there are now trying get out and take it was have to try that you can see the judge other day. you know we've got the fog out there right now drizzle out there to saw some of that on the lens look at this rotating on the coastline right now. >>you see the clouds moving in a couple high clouds up above 2 as we've had the some thunderstorms all the sierra nevada kind of fall apart that blew up in the afternoon here they come and then all the high clouds coming back to that loath senate earned in a southern california motocross are skies now so a couple different things going on the atmosphere low clouds and fog want continue the surge on shore tonight in fact it's a deep marine layer, so it could make its way all the way the interior valley overnight tonight but a pretty much done with the rain now just some drizzle out there are expected along the coastline. some clouds early on tomorrow morning if you're getting up numbers in the 50's cloudy start to the day, a mix of clouds and some by the middle of the day and the temperatures in the 50's and the 60's by the afternoon still warm 70's. inland, you'll see 60's couple low 70's inside the bay and 50's 60's along the coast. numbers
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looking like this tomorrow it will be cool out toward the beaches, 59 in half moon bay. if i warm sunshine in the concord at 72 degrees about 71 degrees in san jose. >>so your civility news tonight, conquer police were called to break up a big fight involving around 30 juveniles at sun valley mall this happened on saturday night clown force maureen kelly reports one officer got a dose of pepper spray while trying to disperse that huge crowd. yeah, this was a large kerry crowd, here's what the scene looked like at the sun valley mall parking lot around 8 30 saturday night. >>police say sun valley mall security called ask for assistance, objecting a big crowd of teens. we're getting out hand inside the round one bowling alley and video arcade. >>the crowd was becoming very and believe it or throwing bottles and starting fights. this to me that proud to be about 30 plus juveniles. our arrival we system with this
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version of crowd getting them out of the property to somebody's property. the crowd grew to about 70. well we were able to contain them and this person. >>but then some smaller groups broke off and wander down to another part of the mall in front of safeway and they're more fights broke out chp contra costa sheriff and pleasant hill police are brought in as well to help break them up. one officer ended up getting a dose of pepper spray one points and those security use pepper spray to break up one of the small fights that broke out. >>one of the concord police officers within close proximity. >>and took a ricochet from the pepper spray use exposed to. >>that officer was treated on scene and went right back. and no reports of property damage. no arrests were made. pulling kelly con 40's. >>it has happened again foashor in the bay area this time it happened in san francisco's ocean beach. call for dan kerman went to the scene to
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learn more. >>a sight to see it ocean beach monday this dead gray whale i probably die so we get to the beach and i just happen to be walking down this out as well. the giant mammal washed ashore sometime monday morning in since the summer highs. it's generated quite a crowd. >>i think it's sad it's a way let's watch this spring and that you 80's became a gun to see it. >>caroline parker brought her son saul to see the big creature. y area this year. >>i wondering if they're starting if they are not getting enough food out there. >>some of died of malnutrition. others from a collision with a ship. well, this one's body looks pretty hacked up the cause of death is not yet known.
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>>the marine mammal center is expected to be out here to perform a necropsy on tuesday. at ocean beach in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>kratz are upping the ante on attorney general william barr they want the full mueller report, the lakes are going to try to get it. >>the new program taking aim at making not only the streets but homes of safer where south bay residents can take unloaded on wanted gun and if you want to skip the commercials to get more news during the break might make sure you are streaming us on kron on ♪
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>>he is lucky to be alive. so says san jose's police chief about the officer who was injured during a fatal officer-involved shooting over the weekend as kron four strumpf idabel tells us officer shot and killed a stolen vehicle suspects. >>allegedly hit another officers, he was trying to escape. >>san jose police chief eddie garcia describing the chaotic scene saturday morning here in the carport on comb our drive where police have cornered a suspect who was behind the wheel of a stolen car. >>the suspect exited the car at one point to a sunroof on the roof of the card really responding officers but not complying with commands to come down and surrender after failing to escape by running across several other car roof tops. the suspect climb back into the stolen car.
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>>and then drove into a police vehicle hitting and injuring an officer who was on foot. officers fired at the driver. as you continue driving forward and striking the officer. the officer was knocked to the ground. the officer now underneath into the side of the vehicle was pinned between a parked vehicle in the suspect vehicle and 2 other officers opened fire and stop the suspect who then drove into a pole. the suspect was pronounced dead not immediately identified he is a validated gang member has a long rap sheets as the chief assault and battery burglary tampering with a vehicle assault with a deadly weapon disturbing the peace. under the influence of drugs possession of drugs possession of paraphernalia. auto theft auto theft or the prior the injured officer, a veteran sergeant was hospitalized treated for broken bones and other injuries and is expected to survive. the suspect who was not armed was said to be on the verge of surrender at one point during the brief encounter when he apparently had a change of heart and made a desperate attempt to escape.
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but it is just a reminder really all of us with regards to just how quickly things can. >>escalate even as officers are trying to de escalate situations. san jose rob flood kron 4 news. >>santa clara county residents now have a new way to dispose of unwanted fire on arms people can now deposit unwanted guns at a santa clara sheriff's office. the idea is to take illegal firearms off the street n prevent accidental shootings and suicides no money will be offered for the guns but no questions will asked about how they were quiet. i r a and the new program was organized by santa clara county supeivisor dave court as he and sheriff, boy smith. >>it's 24 hours a day 7 days a week if you want to get rid of a fire in your home. you don't have to wait 2 and drive to the firearm get back and i mean by that it's a $100 or $200 that they give for firearms, i don't think money is a motivating factor and that's why i think this is
8:17 pm
such a good common sense suggestion. >>sheriff's officials say people who have a gun they want to dispose of should call the non-emergency line and looted dispatcher know then unload the gun safely if you know how lock the gun in the trunk and take it to one of the sheriff's office locations, those locations are on your screen. you the san jose headquarters is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. you can also drop off unwanted firearms at the west valley division office in cupertino or the south county station martine between the hours of 8 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon monday through friday. >>step aside now to our 4 zone forecast with a live picture of the bay bridge in the park there on the clouds hanging over you can at least see a little more than we could on that at the shot losses. so that's his leon, yes, a little spots it's going to be overnight tonight specially approaching the coastline places in london not going to see the drizzle but you see the clouds see at least something they look at you see play those clouds moving well on shore here's a look from
8:18 pm
over alcatraz right now back towards san francisco. and low cloud deck stretching on shore of course we're going to see more and more this in the coming months as the atmosphere kind of really settles in. a major delays at sfo still of 84 minutes on arriving flights that's due to that cloud cover no delays being reported oakland or san jose. interesting day today we have that low pressure center brought us some showers yesterday was some thunderstorms in parts of the east bay and then late in the afternoon. all these thunderstorms fired up over the sierra nevada with all that heating from the sun the sun begins to set all those thunderstorms begin to die out that the high clouds from those continue to rotate overhead so got low clouds moving on shore down below high clouds coming off shore up above little bit of a both going on right now so tonight lookllow clouds and fog going ve well on shore so plan on that some patchy drizzle out along the coastline tomorrow morning clouds then plenty of sunshine as we head toward the afternoon except the beaches ind of linger there in a 61 degrees and partly cloudy in the san jose right now 57 a few clouds and freeman mostly clear in
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brentwood at 60 degrees 55 degrees, partly cloudy and lay on 51 and cool into a broad. here's a storm system kind of slide on through and is rotating in the southern california. it's what call a cut off low, but then some showers today that is going to continue to move on out a of moves out we're going to start to clear out your skies but tonight you'll see the fog surging well on shore tomorrow morning for the commute. it is going to be very grey and wet along the coast. >>this still remains much to be told. >>donald trump's former lawyer fires off a parting shot at the president today. michael cohen reported to a federal prison in new york to begin his 3 year sentence for campaig finance law meantime on capitol hill democrats staged dramatic escalation in their confrontation with the trump administration over the mueller report a gram lotus is here now to bring us up to date grant well no surprise here but republicans and democrats can pan not really seeing eye to eye on this one democrats right now talking about a cover up.
8:20 pm
>>the president meanwhile is calling it collusion delusion while reversing his position on whether robert mueller should testify about his report. the president tweeting today bob mueller should not testify know re dues for the dems. >>a flip-flop from what he said just last friday that's up to our. >>attorney general who i think has done a fantastic job for his part attorney general bill barr told senators have already said publicly i have no objections bar is facing a contempt vote in the house this week for refusing to turn over the complete version of the mueller report on russian interference. >>in the last scheduled to appear bor15th given the fact t does not seem to be a neutral observer here mueller's testimony is all the more important a statement today signed by more than 400 former federal prosecutors said evidence in the report would have been enough to bring felony charges against the president had he not been protected by the justice
8:21 pm
department policy that shields sitting presidents from prosecution. the president claiming he's been cleared by none other than russia's leader. >>and their first call since the conclusion of the investigation. he actually a. sort of smiled when he something to the effect that. >>it started off as a mountain and it ended up being a mouse but he knew that because he knew there was no collusion missing from that conversation. the reports page one assertion that the russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election. >>in sweeping and systematic fashion. >>we didn't discuss that. >>the democrats say they're still waiting tonight to hear from keep you posted their camp now back to hugh grant. thank you ma'am. >>behind bars for a severe case of animal cruelty in the east bay, how neighbors alerted officers to the crime. >>the met gala is tonight we've been keeping an eye on the red carpet and some of the truly outrageous looks the celebrities away with
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>>in the east bay police in concord arrested a man on suspicion of animal cruelty officers say this man jeremiah we were laying is in jail on a $100,000 bail after police found 10 dogs without food and water living in filthy conditions inside that trailer. police say one dog was found dead 2 others are so sick they had to be euthanized officers described the case as extremely sad. >>and when you have a pet you have the head. a new door take
8:25 pm
care of them. they depend on. incident instead what he's doing keeping them in such. missions no water. was dead already and this knowledge at >>we reeling amid a to police the dogs belonged to him and police say he told them he used the trailers and mobile doghouse right now police say it has yet to be determined if the surviving 7 dogs will be available for adoption. >>certain types of sunscreen might be doing more harm than good. a new study has found several common sunscreen ingredients can enter the bloodstream at dangerous levels after just one day of use the levels were high enough to warrant a government safety investigation. a dozen chemical sunscreens were study by the fda the study found 4 of the chemicals remain in the body for at least 24 hours after sunscreen use stopped, but this does not mean you should stop using sunscreen to
8:26 pm
prevent skin cancer. experts say sunscreens which contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide do not include the chemicals in question. >>he taught me so much about life and consequently myself. >>a student credited with stopping a gunman in the university of north carolina charlotte is laid to rest the honor granted to him at his funeral. >>congress looking for new ways to protect children while they are surfing the web and also to give adults the power to go back and delete certain information we'll explain how it would work and after a little bit a nice weather this weekend crews are getting ready for what's expected to be an elevated season for wildfires. >>we'll show ♪
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>>well it is actually scenes like this which is leading emergency management crews all across the state of california to brace for another intense wildfire season ground force capital be a reporter asked his of all it tells us the steps the state is taking to prepare. >>it will burn to the beach. it will burn to the sand in the desert state emergency groups are urging californians to be prepared for wildfires. no matter where you live cal fire director tom porter says he expects the coming months to be busy regardless of the states what winter. >>and a 147 million dead trees. >>in the sierra. there isn't any amount of rain that is going to bring back those dead
8:30 pm
trees cal fire and the national guard are working on 35 high priority vegetation projects. >>most won't be finished until the end of the year every piece of the project will have some effect. >>during during this season. and so having the entire project completed is not as important as working on the project. >>the national guard certified 26 helicopter crews to help fight fire from the air the governor's budget allowed us to put additional people on duty to begin planning particularly for aviation preparedness throughout the director of cal oh yes says his department is focusing on improving the state's emergency messaging system in talking with utilities about power shut off some making sure that. that the utilities are as proactive as possible that they are actively reaching out and informing the public about what it means to do a power shut off porter says the state has already seen 538 fires this year increased staffing counn and resources.
8:31 pm
these departments are bracing for busy months ahead in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. you know touched down in texas the twister was caught on video you can see the ominous looking tornado in. >>all the bad weather there that touched down sunday in linn county that's near levick national weather service says the twister was on the ground for several miles but was generally in open areas where there are few if any people. no injuries were reported that's a good news for the national weather service does report damage to some power lines and barnes in that chief meteorologist lazcano is here to give us a sense of how powerful that tornado was you know we don't officially know for sure just how strong that 1, one is, but they'll go election measure, some of the damage and take some reason take an estimate. >>what the wind last these were in that tornado. but this is that time of year i mean we're right in the middle now of the peak of tornado season. so we'll see some more outbreaks like that across the central united states here we're dealing with some low clouds and fog with absolute looking back toward the golden
8:32 pm
gate bridge. you can kind of just see the lights there in the fall coming through at the same time, more fog on the way kind of a neat shot for abbott we'll see more of those clouds a streaming on shore so tomorrow. we've got the clouds early on giving way to some sunshine the afternoon and some pretty nice temperatures some 70's late the day going to be interesting though the next couple days high pressure takes over should warm us up a little bit but then after that things start to change in southern california we see an area low pressure develop on shore a kind of an interesting pattern here and that is going to wrap around so that moisture which could eventually end up in the bay area but certainly if you had in the southern california i would plan on a chance of rain thursday and friday and maybe into the weekend to before that low begins to move out of town after that we get into next week start looking another system that could bring some showers to the bay area. temperatures around the bay area tomorrow, mainly in the 50's and 60's along coastline to see the fog out toward the beaches, 57 civica about 61 in millbrae with some sunshine there 65 in foster city 67 in redwood city the south they can mild temperatures 60's and some low
8:33 pm
70's east bay maybe low 70's and the dublin about 71 walnut creek, or august 65 degrees in richmond, a warm sunshine oh well in that by tomorrow afternoon the keeping you cool along the beaches. i was there only in the 50's next couple days will warm things up a little bit but then again, a slight chance of showers on friday. mother's day is all the way on sunday and it looks like that will be the best day of the week. thank you lawrence airline passengers will be compensated for that hard landing. they experience in jacksonville florida friday night. >>that's according to miami air whose ceos as each passenger will receive $2500 the boeing 7.37 crash or a wall in the shallow waters of the saint johns river next to the airport. the ntsb says several people received minor injuries and one military family lost. all 3 of their pets that were traveling in the cargo hold a preliminary assessment is suggesting the plane overran the runway officials say the aircraft needs to have all the fuel offloaded before they can
8:34 pm
remove the aircraft from the river. the plane was taking military families from guantanamo bay cuba to the naval air station at jacksonville. >>comes just give riley's life came to us just to give to many of you who are here in this room. you had the privilege of sitting around the table of life was reality. >>a student credited with stopping a campus gunman was laid to rest on sunday with full military honors crawford's grant lotus joins us now with more on how riley howell is being remembered so many people so impressed by what he did and hard not to like his infectious smile. >>funeral services were held for 21 year-old riley, how yesterday the university of north carolina charlotte senior died on tuesday. when he put the safety of others before his own he was an rotc cadet who charged and tackled the suspect who it opened fire in a classroom. police say riley selfless act gave them
8:35 pm
more time to respond to neutralize the shooter and they say gave his fellow students a chance to get out. house heroic saves lives. police say, but he certainly paid for with his life. thousands had signed a petition asking the white house to grant him a military funeral. and they did house family says he'll be remembered as a loving son and brother and a hero. >>i first we didn't know that he'd only didn't rain and the gunman, we just knew had been shot, and we are told that it's like a huge weight fell and hurt her shoulder is new to science. sees right now use those 2. >>howe's family has announced plans to start a foundation in his honor along with how 19 year-old reed parlier also died in the shooting for other people were injured pam and come back to you. thank you grant. >>coming up tonight. it's a boy prince harry and meghan markle welcome the royal baby this morning when the public might expect to see the new addition to their family for the first time.
8:36 pm
>>a million species are on the brink of extinction and a new study is placing blame. >>at crowne for is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day if you haven't tried kron on yet, here's what you're missing. >>today was bad some are worse. stoner into the oakland hills.
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the future of planet earth is bleak. that's according to a new climate change report from the united nations but only if humans don't change their ways soon omar jimenez breaks down this study which is being described as the most comprehensive assessment of global nature loss. >>ever. >>the brink of extinction as a new united nations report details 1 million of the world's 8 million species are now threatened with that fake in humans are to blame the other organisms planet are our life support systems. >>it's our neck on th you're just going to lose here are a good times or something like that is just it plainly. >>more than 40% of all amphibian species are threatened along with almost a 3rd of all reforming corals and more than a 3rd of all marine mammals it also details the 5 main drivers of species loss changes in land and sea
8:40 pm
use direct exploitation of organisms climate change pollution. an invasive species. uh we need the other organisms planet or we will not exist and it's really important that everybody. >>understand that and understand that time is very short. >>the director general of the un educational scientific and cultural organization writes the president generations have the responsibility to bequeath to future generations, a planet that is not irreversibly damaged by human activity. and despite the report's bleak outlook there still time to reverse it with many experts pointing to changes made in this next decade. as crucial. reporting. >>next today, those injures continue to smash records at the box office but one movie held tight to its
8:41 pm
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8:43 pm
>>the duke and duchess of sussex are no doubt basking in the glow of parenthood tonight that's after welcoming their new baby boy early this morning, but now that he's here what about the name samuel burke is in windsor with all the details. the newest royal bundle of joy is finally here. >>boys. healthy boy, although prince harry says the latest member to join the british royal family was a bit overdue
8:44 pm
the proud new father called the experience amazing scene. it's amazing. it's never. how any woman those. leaders he owns. the prince says they're still deciding on a name for their 7 pound 3 ounce baby. but there are no shortage of gas is so it might be chose what about. >>yesterday a a. no matter what name they choose this royal baby is 7th in line for the throne, but for now the new parents are just happy to w 3. >>every full of the and parents. we have a say your baby is absolutely amazing that this little thing is is is of seasons are in full sun just throw them in. >>in windsor, i'm samuel burke. >>tonight marks a favorite night for the fashion world, the met gala at the metropolitan museum of art in new york, hollywood's biggest
8:45 pm
stars and fashion insiders attend the fund raising event the theme this year is camp notes on fashion and not like outdoor camps attendees are encouraged to explore how elements of such as irony humor parody an exaggeration are expressed through fashion. we'll see a lot of it in these pictures tonight this year's event is co-chaired by lady gaga harry styles of serena williams and of course vogue editor-in-chief anna wintour and speaking of lady gaga their grand entrance is but check this out there's lady gaga as entrance to the mat. >>she definitely brought the drama. the 33 year-old singer were 4 different outfits there goes one to changing to number 2. she strolled the red carpet and changed as she when she played out a whole scene along with the met gala steps and for her final look. if we're going to be able to see it she stripped down to just as they say in england. her knickers.
8:46 pm
>>moving to madonna. she's going on the road this fall to promote her upcoming album, the seven-time grammy winner says it. she will kick off a new tour in new york september that well, she's also scheduled to play in chicago and los angeles and promoters say they will be lining up additional cities in the united states and in europe. no word yet on whether there will be any shows here in the bay area but donna will be promoting madame x or madame x her first album in 4 years managers still going strong at the box office, but david daniel tells us one record the marvel movie couldn't beat. >>just like after less than 2 weeks in theaters. there's only one movie ahead of avengers endgame on the global box office list. >>the blockbuster has worldwide ticket sales of billion passing titanic and a lot of other movies for second place all time it's still about 600 million behind the all-time champ avatar.
8:47 pm
>>everybody is dolly the federal bureau of investigation has recognized dolly parton has a distinguished community leader the award honors parton's dollywood foundation which gave a total of $9 million to tennessee residents who lost everything in the gatlinburg wildfires my heart and couldn't attend the awards ceremony at fbi headquarters but sent this video message thanking and praising the bureau so many thanks again. and remember that i. >>band real merchandise, the acre girls is one of 2 bands in the new movie for smell both of which have t-shirts and pins for sale at her smell dot my shopify dot com. you can also buy the film soundtrack there in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >>starting with the warriors game 4 against the rockets win and they come back to the bay area up 3, one the chance in
8:48 pm
houston trying to rebound after losing game 3 score. one oh 4.94 rockets in the 4th warriors trailed by as many as 17 in the 3rd got within 4, but the rockets offense. tonight james harden 31 going into the final stanza great games from steph curry and kevin duran but the warriors only hit 6 threes after 3. highlights when the game is over now, here's a big story like to keep an eye on warriors related to marcus cousins, not ruling out a return to the playoffs. the warriors center told mark spears the undefeated that he's trying to work his way fast despite suffering a torn quad muscle in the first round against n st likely clippers. if it steve kerr also not saying no to a potential comeback from damian jones has been allocated total injury. >>and in such possibility that he could be back. and say what the markets, you know he's coming a long time, pretty well. it's kind of wait and see. >>in other playoff action now
8:49 pm
east to on us take bow in the box hoping take a 3, 1, lead in their series against the celtics 4th quarter buxom 7 at at the cobo spain's. and the faa will walk you will go up by double digits now minutes ago the greek freak drives. jeff he stops throws it out and the faa league and 39 points, 16 boards for you on his final score, one 13 1 oh one milwaukee. the lead the series 3 to one. now to some post-season hockey sharks was an opportunity to close out the avalanche move on to the western conference finals. sharkey's in denver at last check score. not at that too. after 2 tyson yost with the ice breaker in the second stanza than mark edward last not it up san jose trying to get to the western conference final for the first time since 2016 highlights later on that's a good one now to some baseball. the giants ending their four-game series in cincinnati was an unusual monday matinee against the reds. a swarm of bees behind home plate delayed the game for 18 minutes. once they cleared nick senzel all the boys start the game a team drew pomeranz for a home run a
8:50 pm
5 run first for the reds pomerantz chased after giving up 7 runs 1, 2 thirds john, what a day for publix and on the second inning stole 3rd base, his first white since 2012 in the 6. it's prank to 3 run homer to right center 7 for reds, the pandas 3rd home run of the season and finally in the 8 sound of all came in to pitch, threw a scoreless inning after reducing the 6 for 3 double play that end the frame his second career pitching appearance now he also did hit a batter the giants tight and l record plucking 5 reds. and then more bees are these guys look like they have it under control getting the swarm to an empty part of the park final score, 12 for reds. finally tonight just weeks after winning his 15th career major another honor for tiger woods. woods at the white house today, president donald trump awarded him the medal of freedom. the nation's highest civilian honor president trump called woods. quote global symbol of american excellence woods was applauded for his ability to overcome adversity on his way to another green jacket. he
8:51 pm
had a chance of a 16th major back to back wins with this month's pga championship wait and see. graham thank you mark and coming up. congress is looking for >>super 10 children while they're online surfing. the web but already some big tech companies are pushing back on
8:52 pm
8:53 pm
>>by the time most kids turn 18 and they will luckily have
8:54 pm
70,000 post about them on the internet that spike in child data collected online is now sparring action on capitol hill democrats now want to pass a new law that will give adults the power to have all the data collected about them as a child deleted. >>from forres washington dc correspond recall martin explains how the law would work. >>in the new digital age where every click is up for sale and birth. >>they want to know what you did when you were a kid. so they can predict what you'll do when you're an adult consumer watch dogs like adverse wednesday want congress to better protect online users, especially the youngest users from web companies looking to cash in threat is very real illinois senator dick durbin is sponsoring new legislation called the clean slate for kids act. >>although current law bans website from saving data about kids unless a parent gives consent parents frequently do sometimes unknowingly durbin's bill would force internet businesses to allow users to go back and delete any
8:55 pm
information collected before they turn 13, this is an important advancement david simpson, a former homeland security cyber expert with the federal communications commission says it's time for congress to take action congress has like on the issue of privacy the plan would only apply to websites that target kids like you to kids or facebook kids messenger. companies say that the bill would only cause confusion and encourage kids to act reckless online everywhere. it sends the wrong message to children to not necessarily think before they post. >>and sends the wrong message to parents that they don't need to worry carl's abo represents companies like twitter google and pay pow. >>they oppose the bill he calls the policy a fake solution and believe parents should be more accountable. in washington recall martin. >>wraps up kron 4 news tonight at 8 et lotus and vicki let the officer he was calm for news at night campaign thanks very much next at 9. the search is on tonight for a driver who hit a child and then took off the emotional plea from the family of the
8:56 pm
victim we come back. >>plus the bay area family says they are dealing with and second incident of police brutality by the vallejo police officers i details in a live report. >>and a wet start to the workweek but how long will that last here and make run for chief meteorologist large cargo is standing by with the 4 zone forecast severe countries in 9 starts right after the break.
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8:59 pm
>>today that he's a family is looking for answers after their son was hit by a driver who then just took off. good evening. thanks for being with us tonight at 9 everyone, i'm grant lotus and a qb icas thanks for joining us at 9. >>the teen was left with cuts and bruises car first and thorny spoke with the boy's family in joins us now live from pleasanton with more dan. >>grant the family has been putting out these fliers around the school out here hoping that somebody can identify the minivan that apparently involved in this hit and run the father tells me he just wants someone to come forward with answers. 13 year-old alex bore city is left with stitches on his lip, chipped teeth and other cuts and bruises his parents say the driver of a minivan struck their son and drove off. it just it wouldn't stop bleeding
9:00 pm
as you look inside his lip. it was is really just cut open. >>and that's what really gets me. the most is that she didn't even you know stop making bore city says this happened on friday when his son alex was crossing greenwood road near valley avenue in pleasanton the 8th grader at harvest park middle school was getting picked up by his mom. >>when he was hit. >>i think we're lucky that he didn't get killed or worse for city says the woman in the minivan actually picked up another student just moments after alex was struck. >>there were witnesses but no one got the license plate number. dash cam video from the family's car captured the accused driver passing by in their minivan but it's been difficult trying to make out the plates. the family is asking for the person responsible to please come forward. didn't want to come forward with and directly they go through an attorney however, just you know.


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