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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  May 7, 2019 9:00am-9:59am PDT

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looking a lot better than yesterday and this morning. there is still a delay out there though so be careful if you are a plan and a flight out you might just be a little delayed tier connection. >>as far as we go this morning at a bethel island it's been really nice and clear all morning it for the get inland. the more like this it looks the further you get to the coast. well the lesson that sunshine you're seeing and the si a become 58 or 59, san jose, you're the ones at 58 degrees. so we're starting to see temperatures trying to climb the cloud cover is obviously keeping things a little bit cooler for a lot of these areas. this afternoon you've got a bit more sunshine than yesterday had temperatures will be just a touch warmer in san francisco and oakland, it's mid 60's. while san jose into the mid 70's today, i'm talking even clearer and warmer conditions still to come. robin. >>all right, let's head over to the san mateo bridge. it is a very slow commute from hayward over to the peninsula
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and this is partially because we have a crash that still wrapping up on the peninsula. northbound want to want to peninsula avenue. so that's in the left lane that's keeping traffic backed up beyond 92 all the way into belmont and you see that southbound its low as well from burlingame to belmont so just heavy on both sides and that's why it's still slow on the senate he'll bridge now the bay bridge spot crash in here in the mix here, but it is backed up through the maze it a minor, but no it's not going to help the drive and so right now he roughly 18 to 20 minutes from the bottom of the maze after fremont street james star you. thanks robin. >>happening now the marine mammal center is trying to figure out exactly how it was that a whale ended up dead on san francisco's ocean beach i another one this is the 9th whale to wash ashore to bay area beaches. kron four sarah stinson is live with more sara. >>ocean beach where the necropsies happening right behind the marine mammal
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center, a lot of scientists are here trying to figure out why this gray whale washed ashore. again, this is the 9th whale in the 9th grade will of that they're trying to figure it out but it could be you know poor body condition or it could be that this whale was hit by a ship. all get behind the camera so you can get a better idea of what's happening here. again you can see that they are cutting up the body they have to figure out. how they're going to dispose of the whale but they're also taking down on notes in trying to figure out why because this is actually a great opportunity to learn about this will and why wells like this one have been washing ashore again. this is the 9th gray whale and they're on sheriff, it's male or female because of the position of it but they do know it is an adult and takes a couple weeks to get the results of a necropsy so we'll have to see what the results are. but we do know 4 of the 9 had been determined to have low nutrition so that's the poor body condition. and that's
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because of how much traveling they do. they don't have enough nutrition for that. apparently that is why these whales are coming in so close to the bay area coming in to get food. i learned today that they eat worms and shellfish on like humpback whales that e actual fish and then we now know that 3 of those whales 3 of the 9 were hit by ships. one was people hit by a ship and had low body nutrition and to have not been determined and in of that to this is one of those whales now i spoke to one woman here she brought her kids need to see the well for themselves because she thought to be a good experience for them and that's what a lot of parents have been doing a lot of people coming here taking pictures seeing the whale because this is science right before our eyes guys take a listen to this woman. >>it's a beautiful animal and i'm really sad that it died. well it's been a while since we've seen a whale on the beach like since 10 years ago. so i wanted the boys to see it up close it's
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really sad and it i think be so emotional you're wondering what's going out there in the ocea know as people in humans we really need to take a stand. with our ecosystem. >>and you know we spoke with the marine mammal center, some of the people here and they tell us that obviously they're still trying to figure out why but these whales are coming into the bay area because they're hungry they actually traveled from mexico to alaska. they do this while they're going to feed in alaska, then they go back home to mexico where they are born and it is very rare for them to come to the bay area. and we found out it's so rare that they haven't seen this many washed up wales since the 1990's, so it's very rare in the last couple years they see maybe one to 2, a wash up on shore so. to you know not only
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investigate but to learn from this so we'll have to the results come back and see why this gray whale in particular happen to wash ashore here on ocean beach for now send it back to you in the studio. thank you sarah. >>oh 5 and happening tomorrow, you may have a harder time finding a ride getting around if you depend on uber if you don't know. >>this strike you might be sitting there trying to order turned over. 20 hours will be here because they're going to have i strike that could last for maybe even 12 hours cowboys will tran joins us live from overs headquarters in francisco. so depends on the city how long the strike is last 8. >>absolutely this is city by city in new york city, it's 7 to 9 o'clock in the morning. so 2 hour span for them and it you know your great they almost rely solely on public transportation so it's going to really cripple that city in san francisco. uber drivers they will shut off their apps starting at noon tomorrow and will not turn it on until past
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midnight so you're absolutely right area like over drivers st pick me usually with tennis world right they come within minutes, but tomorrow could be a long time if at all and if you're thinking what about lift back in turn to lift for help that's not the case either because even though this is technically and liver strike a lot a lyft drivers will also be striking because oftentimes they work for both companies at the heart of this strike uber drivers they simply want to get paid more they think uber takes too big of a cut of their pay, especially when they are the ones who have to pay for gas and maintenance and they're looking. that mull type billion dollar company possibly because on thursday once the issue public offering their wealth go up that much more so they're looking to get a piece of the pie. here's andy you work and live in san francisco. how is this going to impact you i think lot of
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people. the crash course on union some of the other, but i think a lot of people depend on these apps to get them to work to get the to aaron to give them the to whatever they're doing for the day and. >>if that goes out the door you have to figure out how to use new knee or or the bart or grab a cab door. you know rent a car you need to do you and you mentioned san francisco doesn't have a lot of caps like some of the other cities. yeah, it's correct. i mean that the taxis per capita here is pretty low compared to cities like chicago or new york. you don't see them there is no thames anywhere, you know and line is do you support them. i do because a lot of people can make ton of money on thursday. and with this i p o and they should be sharing it. i mean the the business model depends kind of destroying this bill taxis all over the world for them to make some money. thank you so much for that andy. a lot of taxi cab drivers will be supporting as well and again you might want to brush up on. >>public transportation because come tomorrow for a 12 hour span in san francisco. most if not all of uber drivers will not be picking
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you up we'll just have to wait and see back to you. >>could be a big problem, thank you will. 9 oh 7 a new this. >>morning 2 men are recovering after being assaulted by 5 or 6 teenagers in south san jose as they were beaten up last night in the 5700 block of tucson drive and also there were shots fired but nobody was hit by gunfire the victims went to the hospital and they are going to recover. in a span family is hoping surveillance video will help them track down the driver of a van who struck their son and then took off 13 year-old alex bourse o d was left with you can see chipped he's cuts bruises stitches on his lips. and there's dash cam from the family's car and that's the debt see a van. they hit their boy in a silver minivan but nobody got the license plate and it took off on friday, he was leaving school he's in a great news get picked up on greenwood road near valley avenue when he was hit. >>it didn't want to come forward with indirectly that they go through an attorney
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however, just you know. own up to the fact that you know that was a mistake and you know you're sorry about it. >>can you imagine that they're driving and they actually see this van that they had no idea what's going to happen and nobody got the license plate. >>san jose police now releasing new details after me was fatally shot by officers. it happened after they responded to a report of a stolen car on comber drive now when they got there they saw the suspect standing on top of the car. they told him to get down he didn't couple more police commands ignored and at one point the suspect and starts running across the roofs of other cars and then comes back to the stolen car climbs in turns it on and that drives into a police vehicle hitting and injuring an officer who was on foot take a listen. officers fired at the driver. >>as you continue driving forward and striking the officer. the officer was knocked to the ground. the officer now underneath into the side of the vehicle was pinned between a parked vehicle in the suspect vehicle. >>well 2 other officers opened
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fire ended up stopping that suspect after he drove into a pole that suspect ended up dying from his wounds as for the police officer. they haven't released. his identity just yet, but we do know that he is going to recover. the suspect was unarmed, but they say he was using that vehicle as a weapon. happening today, the city of san francisco is expected to pass legislation requiring brick and mortar stores to accept cash. supporters of the law say that the paperless practice discriminates against low income people who may not have access to credit cards. cash this retailers, however say it's safer and more efficient not to handle cash. if this passes san francisco would become just the 3rd city in the country to pass this type of legislation. >>it's 9.10 and you might get a phony phone call police in san francisco are warning of a scam where they a scammer uses spoofing so it looks like they're calling from the real police department numberit's no going to ask you for a payment for an outstanding warrant or to pay off a fine don't do it don't give them any personal information. 9.10 right now
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still ahead a warning for people who run. lights there's a new thing out there to catch you will show you where it is and the latest game of thrones creating a lot of buzz because of something that was accidentally and the shot.
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it's got to be tide. and let's check the traffic out there that's getting better. around the plaza drive times are going down and this is what we've been waiting for because you're saying like we've had so many accidents. >>and minor issues that the staying high right now they are going down it doesn't mean it's great for us move it just looks a little bit letter a better compared to the last hour or so we'll start off with your drive to the richmond center fell bridge. we're checking in on westbound 5 a and it is still backed up from harbor right through the tolls getting on to the bridge. but after that speeds will pick up and it's not so bad for that trip into the north bay from oakland to san
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francisco are checking out the bay bridge toll plaza cash lanes that strike lanes are all stacked up and yes to skills back into the maze but it's quiet and we like fiat uno big problem story about we're averaging 15 minutes for your drive into san francisco so come on and last hour it was about 20 minutes, so we are seeing traffic improved if you take the dunbar not so bad nothing to worry about 21 minutes from fremont to bayfront and then to 37 at that's still tied 20 minutes to make it from 8.80 out to one on one so improving all around but still the forecast is shaping up now with john trimble well robin. >>things are starting to clear up out there we are seeing just a touch of sunshine over san francisco right now and still see it's mostly cloudy though a little clearer than yesterday at this time, san jose also on the cloudy your side of things still. >>there's a touch of blue out there in the distance but not a whole lot just yet. >>and mount diablo shrouded in cloud cover so that's the way we really are across most of the bay area right now you
9:16 am
have to get really far inland before you see those mostly clear conditions such as out at bethel island an antioch right now so mostly cloudy to start the morning. it's not going to stay this way though skies are going to clear much more rapidly than they did yesterday. this was our storm system yesterday scooting out of the picture now high pressure eventually building in behind it we're going to some grace starts the morning's even though we are going to be drying out becoming increasingly sunny because fog is going to roll in during our evening hours. so foggy evenings blue skies during your afternoons and daytime highs climbing will eventually be back into the mid 70's for high temperatures by tomorrow and thursday before little dip into the finish to the week that takes us back into the low 70's and a few more clouds to start the weekend. temperatures in the 50's and 60's for san francisco's highs today 50's and 60's up and down the peninsula in fact then elsewhere and 70's across the basin. carlos redwood city in woodside all right at 70 degrees south bay looking at mid 70's and san jose one of our warmer spots, east bay,
9:17 am
mostly upper 60's to low 70's. oakland and berkeley each in the mid 60's at 66 walnut creek in concord today will peak at 73 vacaville 76 for you and towards the coast in some beach in point raise going to be on the cloudier side than the rest of the bay and that's temperatures will be a little cooler than the rest of the day 70's all across the board the warmest of days this week will be tomorrow and thursday and then saturday and sunday looking great too with mostly sunny skies and highs at 75 degrees. >>time itself winners and losers with our financial expert, rob black we're talking about what's going to happen tomorrow when uber drivers decide to strike. they want to call attention to what they say is you know. >>unfair they they want to unionize they were make more money. want to highlight the financial angle of it being an independent contractors kind of the wave
9:18 am
of businesses and we're in a letter anything new in a. but when you're an that independent contractor, basically means you have to pay on social security for both sides of it right now your employer pays half if you pay half. you have to pay taxes on time which is kind of a pain for a lot of people no health care, no law life insurance. no benefit to the corporation has like the savannah benefit, where if you work for the company can get $3,000 you've got the cat. none of that applies to good workers. it's 57 million gig workers in united states like the term gig worker. it is what it is. but are maybe a little bit tough to get around and it's fine i understand. drivers are contract employees. they don't get level wages have they don't drive. they don't earn money and there's no business if there's no fares and there's no demand they don't earn money so what is so so his calls attention to it and then what they for suber to be that company you're talking about like crime. >>you know regular company that pays. can and then have to raise prices and then suddenly has become a doable
9:19 am
situation i seen on the road over to go the way it were a lot anyway replace those drivers so it's not. >>dependable i get the call action. so for new york city's the only city to implement a minimum wage for drivers. if they drive and or not we may see things like that come into effect, especially in california i see. you got to take your so your social security health care and it's tough because i i know what owner and a manager uber i got a lot of plans coming out next couple much to take care of some their drivers like a higher interest rate bank accounts than what you can get still he's adding on in addition to his house while these guys are struggling to sell a good looking dry tomorrow. ok, although good looking rich if you're at in this new generation. what should we do what you said, you know come being a contract workers probably not the answer. >>how do we parlay our money and generation z hand the millennials. >>they have a tough because i've seen 2 recessions and to make stock market corrections so if you're 20's to be dizzy and and you want to spend as
9:20 am
much money and live life in the it all chinese to investing. i hope that's not slur images of fatal get it's like you're saying on especially with your friends at your friends, you know if you're so sadly the biggest misconception in your 20's is that investors like gambling you've been around for years. >>kids like gambling in hole. facebook it's up 50% since he bought it. >>how do you know what to do and. >>so what you want to do is start simple kaye thought talk to someone who's investor maybe stay away from insurance agent stay away from mom people who are in the business want to get a transaction. there's great apps out there like robin hood. really want to buy individual stocks last have to ok buy things that you know things like facebook apple disney netflix what's a car and then late or is an app that i just started about a month ago, you got $500 into it. it rounds up your purchases and it invested in a target date fund. so if you're 30 or 40 years away from retirement like a 20 year-old
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might be it's going to say let's invest it for next 40 years and is going to automatically do it automatically update issues as the investments for me. >>and it takes my money without me realizing it it's it from my credit card or debit card or credit card any time to a transaction with a goodbye. >>$103 of groceries 103 out 10 set right around that $0.10 up to be $104 k it will invest it for $25 in round ups investment great simple way and can enjoy your 20's and money on bad decisions. >>that's real i'm i showed it to you right before we can have free it's free and it's simple nice way to start a baby step in cast him okay. >>and there's the game of thrones debacle which turned out to be yet another free app for starbucks. i love >>i actually went into starbucks and i said asked my name i said the next storm or a house garrett lisi of the great grass sea breaker of chains and basically kick me out. but yeah.
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>>it on purpose. there was a starbucks. in this seat, but it wasn't on purpose. >>it was not place about a product placement conservative have what are called dragon greeks. you would think but she would have ordered that instead, but 17.8 million americans watched and uh twitter went crazy on this one and more people on monday we're talking about the starbucks coffee and the move in the west terrace versus actually talking about what happened and lester snow because you can't robert spoilers or just finished myself. great gas in the this big yeah. it was a senior. beyonce she talked aboution red lobster the next 08:00am everyone with trent so. >>so it is going to end up being good for starbucks is what you say ok, this sounds they just cleaned it up and you can even see the company any pr is good pr even of the episode was a little the weak side ok. >>i would agree with you on
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9:26 am
area skies have cleared a lot actually as compared to where we were earlier this morning. h afternoon and eventually g d cl >>so very crowded at the richmond center fell bridge. but it's better than the last hour we're checking out your approach to the tolls it's stacked up just be on harbor leading up to the pay gate so so far not a bad commute into the north bay hot spot free of the bay bridge toll plaza the drive-in looks pretty decent right 60 minutes for the commute off to fremont street shaped. >>new red light cameras are going up in a number of intersections across san francisco, the first of the new digital cameras by the way already up it's at 4th and harrison and his pictures of it. cameras lawyer installed back in 96 and they rely on. phil technology which is course become outdated fact some of those been. out of operation for months in all as if mta says are going to installing 19 of these newer cameras with digital equipment and so for the grace period is citations can be issued from these new cameras, so drivers
9:27 am
running red light ou can start $500 fines. still ahead on the copper morning news, san francisco has a new fire chief and she joins us here in the studio to talk about her appointment inand the department going forward. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪ ♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are morethan ever. affordable electric cars are here. plug into the present.
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>>then it's it's going good guys i know it's kind of gray for most of us but here's a little something to lift your spirits liquids about the great hit all the sunshine you're seeing from the lick observatory so there's some blue out there you just got to go up into the mountains to see it right now and eventually as low lying cloud cover that we're seeing lifts a you'll see some more more blue here across the rest of the bay area temperatures are still mostly in the 50's conquered him out of your just below the 60 degree mark at 59 while brentwood in fairfield your 2 of our clear response and you can tell because temperatures are into the 60's for both of these spots now as far as temperatures go into the afternoon well, san francisco and oakland, each boosting into the mid 60's wall, san jose up into the mid 70's, robin. drive into san francisco looks much much better on the treasur island all the thshore freeway e oakland side as well out of albany with that's a nice improvement
9:31 am
because earlier, you are stacked up out of hercules and put also it's getting better. no major hot spots are major issues for 6 8024 8.80 only 12 minutes from san jose to milpitas. >>san francisco has a new fire chief nicholson was sworn in this weekend and her first assignment on her first day on the job. >>and for parishes in the studio talk to us welcome. chief nicholson highli ht, the sounds of that thank you so real but very real at the same time making all your friends family go you chief of course well at this point. but 25 years with the department. >>and now you're at that top job. it probably means something a little bit more that you've been with the department that long to the rank and file you're not just some higher from outside that's come and you know this department. >>i think it's really important to our firefighters emts and paramedics that the chief is someone from within the san francisco fire department because we are a
9:32 am
family. we live together we rksorts calls together. >>and you're together. yes, i understand you've been injured a few times on the job as well yes i have the ranks tough tough love fighting fires as a woman. >>i think it can be tough fighting fires for anyone to a male or female, but because we have the proper training, proper equipment and because we function as a team. we get things done but physically tough and mentally and socially tough to come up through the ranks and to be a firefighter as a woman and as lgbtq. i can say that i have never had a problem of being a lgbt in the san francisco fire department i've always excepted that's part of the reason i moved to city 30 years ago, yeah and sariska for department is the diverse department in the country. we have 15% women which is a the
9:33 am
highest a number of women other other than volunteer departments and over non-white members of the department as well so we're really proud of that. >>still a lot more men obviously in that profession and will is ice cool members. the kids in the community just yesterday they yet, here's a look at oh you mean that i went to the event had girls come in. they're just exposed to it if you're not a firefighter family or something and they just said hey what do you think you know now is your chance to try it when you were a kid. i mean did you look at the firefighters where you grew up in new york is on i want to do that someday no in fact i grew up across the street from a fire station of my parents used to take me there when they would vote you know right back in the day and it never occurred to me that i could be a firefighter. >>because i didn't have those role models and so now there are those role sorts of different people were you intimidated though when you first decided i'm going to be a firefighter.
9:34 am
>>i don't think i was intimidated i think i was i was really a intent on doing the best i possibly could and i was actually recruited. >>at the san francisco pride parade in 1991 by woman who still in the department who has been my mentor for many many years in the fire department and the battalion chief anita proudly. she actually handed me an interest card at at that parade and so she's part of the reason i'm here today to. >>so that every fire chief that comes on the job, you know wants to put their own stamp on this given your personal history. being a woman being lgbtq coming up through the ranks. what do you what do you want to do with the department now that you make the final call. >>so there are all sorts of things that i want to do right the critical thing that we're working on is the budget it's budget time right so not 60, but it hasn't. but there are all sorts of things that i'd like to do in terms our disaster planning and preparation. we're going to
9:35 am
work really that work with department of emergency management police department and others, a department of public health to work on that also working healthy streets operation center within the city working on our community per medicine to assist people getting off the streets and into services and because the problem is huge column and it impacts the fire department as well many of our medical cause we run. we see the same people over and over again, and it's frustrating to our members as well. you know we're here to serve and we do the best we can on every call but it's disheartening for our members as well we are picking up the same people over and over again and so we want to be part of the solution with the mayor's office with the healthy streets operation center to do more community per medicine and really help people get off the streets, but you brought disaster you know training and preparedness implant and of course we most recently the biggest fire in the world. >>was at notre dame. and you know here in san francisco, we've got lots of landmarks unless the big things that are
9:36 am
a very important that you would think would have a plan what did you think as you saw you know the response in paris to this giant fire on something that was so important i don't know if it seemed that they had the best kind of plans in place and how you think of you know our landmarks here. so i believe that uh. >>the fire department in paris did an incredible job. church fires are notoriously difficult to fight because they're such large open spaces, plenty of oxygen, plenty of place for the fire to travel so they really did an incredible job and they also used some drone technology to see where they could make a stand and and that kind of thing so we're getting our first shortly and so so we'll be able to use that in all sorts of different places whether it's out and cliffs for cliff rescues orrin in fires to see the backs of buildings and that type of thing. so i think that they did an incredible job and we also value our landmarks here in every single day we're ready
9:37 am
to go to work if one of them is threatened. we sent we send as many troops as we can to to those kinds of incidents alaska to outside like urban firefighting where we've been talking about how are. >>on the precipice of what could be record breaking wildfire season. i know that impacts your department we've got mutual aid agreements with thing everybody else. how is san francisco fire prepared for what we're expecting to be a very intense wildfire season this summer. >>so we have trained many of our members in wild land firefighting although now it's not even necessarily wild land. it's it's wild land urban interface because use what you saw on santa rosa last year and the like. but many more of our members are in that we have more the 2 to take off to to go and deploy to to these fires so we're not shorting ourselves in the city because we never want to do that we always want to have. adequate resources
9:38 am
here so we make sure that we never leave ourselves, you know behind the 8 ball here. so we have purchased more equipment we have trained more firefighters. we're ready to do our part within the state of california great sogood soun your hands full to change >>those are joining us this morning which you get to w my mom washes the dishes... ...before she puts them in the dishwasher. so what does the dishwasher do? cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. wow, that's clean! cascade platinum. we'd love some help with laundry. spray and scrub anything with a stain. wash the really dirty clothes separately. new in-1 technology unleash a foolproof clean in one step. aww, you did the laundry! it's got to be tide.
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man, that's a cool looking hot tub. we should check on the baby. he's so sweet. maybe too sweet?
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9:41 am
we'll get there eventually we're gonna have some high passing clouds through the day but 80 looking up into the sierra actually looking like a nice route to be taking as it has a lot recently now we're going to stay dry up in the sierra today into tomorrow now come thursday thursday night into friday morning. do expect some overnight showers that could make your friday commute a little slick at times if you're heading up to like talk over the weekend. the rest of the weekend though is looking so nice up their daytime highs in the 60's and are plenty of sunshine. robin traffic looking much much better on southbound one on one just a little crowded out a marine what to sandra fell heading south with this is a huge improvement. >>because earlier it was corrupt calling from nevada all the way to sandra fell so it's looking better and which means or drive time goes down. 27 minutes now nevada to the tolls and it's a great trip across the span. here's your approach to the richmond centpared for that we're still at just about 15 minutes
9:42 am
to make it into the north bay are you. thank you robert, 22 coming up on the bus as warriors that i just get beat they're getting beaten up and cuddly widely panned they can surprise you he stole a base but wait there's more we'll see how he made history and why that game was del
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>>i know you have a few sudden like a hard spots that just don't want stubborn clouds that don't quite get there. but this afternoon even though we do have some of the suburbs spot is going to be clear than yesterday afternoon was good so this a forecast of improvements yesterday was the worst today's the middle and tomorrow is going to be a much better day. and that's the best exactly yeah, the weather's just kind the week this week and know monday's so what do you expect tuesday a little better though, and you can see those skies still plenty cloudy out it's an old that we are going to be looking at clearing conditions even out its later on today, skies once you head above this liar of low lying cloud cover is actually looking really clear sthse s that you pressure that resulted in rain are looking at the low yesterday as the accident the region behind a high pressure. this means some sunny afternoons but still some foggy mornings in the forecast mixed in with those passing clouds later today tomorrow
9:46 am
morning starts foggy and then we're going to look at more sunshine on into tomorrow afternoon and under all that sunshine tomorrow temperatures we'll be even warmer than what we're about to see today which is already over a up in temperatures. that's compared to where we were at yesterday 60's 70's for your daytime highs. santa rosa and conquered livermore fremont san jose mountain view just to name a few spots that will be back up into the 70 degree range and today. hayward and to the upper 60's as also be whoa and oakland in the mid 60's at 66 degrees. here's a breakdown of your next 7 days temperatures solidly in the 70's for your average daytime highs across the bay you can see tomorrow warmer than today will be then thursday very much so the same is tomorrow is about friday morning. looking like nothing more than just a few sprinkles then come saturday and sunday t
9:47 am
robin so pretty ng from the east bay over to the peninsula by way of the san mateo bridge. >>we're looking at the westbound traffic i see a car on the shoulder there too, but at least it's not blocking. we're holding at 19 minutes and it's taking a little bit longer to thin out this morning because we've had so much heavy traffic on one on one, you know that just spills over to the san mateo bridge here's the bay bridge your approach from oakland to san francisco leading up to the toll still stacked up and it will stay like this another hour or 2 backed of heavily into the maze but has thinned out on the suspension and approaching we're looking at some drive times checking the don't garden bridge 84, it's improving 21 minutes from fremont to bayfront expressway and then to 37 not so that 22 minutes also improving but still heavy from 8.80 out of one on one. >>i thought hey played really hard to have crowd behind them and uh you know again they did what they had to do you know
9:48 am
when they're to home use. >>if the rockets and the warriors keep winning at home the knockout punch might not come until game 7 in oakland. i know fans love a good slug fest but not when our guys are on the losing end one 12 to o f games, kevin duran that'll james harden shot for shot harden had 38 katie 34. but we didn't see enough splashes from clay and steph. connected on just 4 of his 14 freeze, he was better from 2 point range and he finished with 30 points. mea tougher game coach kerr says it's like middle linebackers versus volleyball players dream on green says if the warriors want to win. they cannotbkeep letting the rockets beat them up. >>they're doing whatever it takes to win. and we're just
9:49 am
kind of rolled their like are you will box and and this lemon us so. >>we've got to just change our mindset at the returns are you know that there will be just fine but. we have >>the worry is or at home for game 5 tomorrow and the san jose sharks at home for game, 7 the very same night. hopefully they can blow up the avalanche the way they beat the golden knights in the first round minus the agonizing comeback in overtime. side over time ended with colorado's captain scoring the winning shot to beat san jose, 43 when we got this the sharks or 7 and for. i'm in game. sevens. the winner plays either dallas or st. louis whoever wins that one tonight goes to the conference final. an from a 12 4 loss to the reds but he did make the history books. now that's rare. but it's an
9:50 am
historic after that panda hit a home run to center in the 60. the giants through the mountain is it and he pitch too. no hit innings he's the first mlb player to pitch homer and steel and the same gazes 19 o 5 in or not believe this. the guy who did it 114 years ago also a giant and they're also playing the reds. it was hall of famer christy mathewson. but again the last little 12 to 4. and home plate right as the game was about to start show the killer bees you know what you don't stick around find out you're supposed to playeaeaat big with and then run like well from a swarm of bees luckily to fans happen to be professionor l the up in the upper deck well, this is evidence in said before a couple times maybe that's why they had an
9:51 am
exterminator outfit in the dugout that reds player put it on him running around acting like a it was. >>spraying insecticide you can outrun bees it's good good now and i've come across a b now and again but never for us warm like that i mean that that creeping me out yeah, this is over run for it was there that he never sell a good sense and said it had before i once there was a swarm when i was a happens folks in san diego, ok, just run cf well because when you're little your parents say just stay still. but you know this i'd run to
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
>>did you see the wild and crazy outfits of the new york met gala this is what we talked about the actual. no because the big the big a lot does it mean in this special is the fashion at that's what she that katy perry, she's wearing a chandelier. >>oh yes, your face that could see it behind all the crystals for her tell you what you don't want warriors game symphony. can you imagine. outfit i guess the real stunner. cardi b which. wow that's very flippant off see any of of top and manages to be revealing with a revealing
9:55 am
if you get when yes and then there's all that and it's also very difficult to walk apparently. while to 6, there are 6 people helping her up the stairs right says katy perry's first outfit she needed 6 people to help her get undressed to show story i lady gaga and this reveals her next one and part of the outfit is eyelashes looking like stab you isn't that what is happening here okay, well she's revealing the next one oh i see ok and then gaga has not up her sleeve. >>are under her over ashes. >>you do has any of at. later. >>gold piping on has yet to go with the gold of his girlfriend stressed there and she also of course had a big train. it's all about the trains got a lot of bling on the size of that rain. yes, my gosh. those are not super bowl rings been just as big. do a
9:56 am
load back in junior. he was the only guy who really stood out because a lot of the guys go you know kind of normal that's a green the kill that. the casual shoes ripped the looks they're off to sleep. yeah. a new it's good for the summer lock. but will his says tea party has sleeves get that all the falsely is a native can let's take a peek at the 7 day around the bay. and it looks like it's going to get better and better as we head towards the weekend sunshine. this afternoon with a gradual warming by wednesday thursday friday enjoy that's it for now unless you have chronic on its a special app and if you're cop dot t v to sign up then you watch us 24 7, commercial free there you go in the meantime we will be back tomorrow morning with john and robin to get you through. >>wednesday.
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
>> today, on an all new "dr. phil"... >> my daughter, kendall, is
10:00 am
beyond untrustworthy. it's because she was all the time about anything and everything. >> they claim their daughter... >> go away before i lose my novels. >> are ruining their lives with accusations. >> did you? >> no. >> analyze. >> she kept repeating, "i can't go back to dad's house," and i said, "what do you mean, what has happened?" >> i'm under another cps investigation. it's completely false. >> everyone things i'm lying. >> today's going to be a changing day in your life. >> you've never had anybody worg harder to bring you to the threshold of change than right now. >> dr. phil: how are you? dr. phil, how are you doing? >> nice to me. good, thank you.


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