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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  May 7, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>>our top story tonight at 5.30 governor gavin, newsome is releasing details of this week's state budget announcement. >>and it includes proposals that would significantly cut down on costs for families all across california chrome first capital of your reporter. ashley zavala explains. >>school surrounded by boxes of diapers and tampons the governor first partner and female lawmakers announced an effort to light and part of the financial load for california famils we're fighting for future where our daughters will be valued equally to our sons. a california where every single
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child. no matter their zip code or the family that they're born into. we'll have the best possible start in my first the governor aims to get rid of taxes on diapers and menstrual products preparing for an estimated $55 million cut to the state budget. >>i can tell you i don't care how you doing hits the pocketbook. for families not just income families, middle income families and i think this step is long overdue other proposals presented tuesday include $1000 tax credits for families of children, 6 and younger. >>and extending paid family leave by 2 weeks for each parent. >>we need in our society today to have both. >>moms and dads both parents or family members there to help care for our families how the tuesday's announcement only included democrats there are republicans in support of the effort there's a lot of things we can do to empower women and you know kind of balance the playing field and
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these are definitely steps that can go forward and really help them out. >>in addition to these measures the governor is set to announce his full budget proposal thursday in sacramento actually is about kron 4 news. >>also tonight for 4 is always tracking local stories, here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right now you may have to find another way to get around the bay area and several cities around the country really if you use the rideshare services uber and lyft drivers are planning to strike. and that's the day before over set to go public prefers will tran reports from uber's headquarters in san francisco. >>while the drivers are upset with uber saying that they don't pay them enough that it's the drivers who actually pay for most of their operation their car maintenance the gas that they don't work the hours as long as they would like to and the bottom line is according to the drivers that they get too big of a cut from the drivers and it's not just over. some are old lot a lift drivers will also be on strike in
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support so it's going to affect a lot of major cities including san francisco from noon tomorrow until midnight many over drivers are being encouraged to turn off their apps and not pick up passengers as a show of solidarity and to send a message to their multibillion-dollar company, especially on the eve of them going public. this starts to move or drivers, i know you meet over passengers. i know you take uber often house is going impact human. >>and this i try to view myself as a pretty informed citizen a san francisco ap. it's a very difficult city to navigate through public transportation and so uber and lyft in a kind of writer that kind has been very very benefial. but i think it's also an opportunity for all of those that benefit from rares services to take a stand and say case one of the most expensive cities in the entire world like what can we do tech industry, another contributing members of society to stand up for people having a quality of life that's very very basic
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it's different in different cities like in new york city their their strike is actually from 7 o'clock. >>to 9 o'clock in the morning for to our window so keep in mind it's not berlitz riders because let's face it a lot of them. they work for both companies to lift might also be a problem tomorrow as many live drivers are also facing the same problems they also one of a race back to you. >>all right that's will trend reporting for us meanwhile in the east bay hit and run driver has come forward after a teenager seen here was injured in pleasanton some of the pictures of the injuries, the 13 year-old. alex bourse id was left with chipped teeth, cuts bruises, stitches on his lips he was getting picked up from harvest park middle school on friday that's near greenwood wrote in valley avenue when he was hit. dash cam video from the family's car capture. the driver passing by in a silver minivan police say the driver has now come forward to report that she was involved in the crash.
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they say she is fully cooperating with the investigation now. >>the south bay now new video tonight showing packages being stolen from an apartment complex in san jose. the crime for viewers at this video to us it happened at the 4.70 apartments that's near san jose state and in this video you can see a masked person wearing all black stealing several packages. their egos a property manager says you know it's not the first time that somebody has tried to steal packages for residents. he says many people who live there are students who do not have the money to replace the stolen items. >>in the north bay petaluma police are asking for help to trying to find 2 thieves who racked up $4,000 on stolen credit cards. these are surveillance photos of the suspects, the credit cards were taken from a car. show a bridge park that the spent $2000 at a target in petaluma and another $2000 at a target in rohnert park. all right this weather time and yet we have the fog out there today very much like a summer day
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think enough lot of drizzle along the coastline still the clouds start to make return you can see that line the clouds getting ready to march. >>back on shore tonight and that will push into the valleys again maybe not quite us because last night that they cannot will still see some drizzle computer models picking up on some that patchy fog move in and there you go inside the bay even in the delta overnight tonight and the central valley them tomorrow morning begins to break up about the middle of the day pulls back the coastline they get ready race back on shore as we get into thursday on that low the brought the showers a little earlier the last couple of days. well that is going start to retrograde move back into the state. you see some showers some snow showers over the sierra nevada as we get to thursday and friday temperatures around the bay area for tomorrow, 65 degrees in the mission 57 though in the sun 7 cool there 58 in pacifica with that patchy fog 64 some sunshine in millbrae little warmer inside the bay tomorrow 60 degrees in foster city, 73 and mild the redwood city 74 degrees and sunny they'll 76 in campbell 74 milpitas and the space of the
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water temperatures may be as high 77 degrees in livermore 75 in dublin, 78 degrees in concord 67 degrees in richmond about the 79 in fairfield 72 and lael along the coastline cool numbers and in the 50's with patchy fog. >>he lawrence in national news tonight where the most controversial antiabortion measures is now the law of the land in georgia to the so-called heartbeat bill have bans most abortions just weeks after conception and as mary moloney explains now as critics mount an agessive court campaign to stop this law. supporters tonight a rejoicing. >>celebration and condemnation in georgia's capital has the governor signs one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country. >>as you all know george is a state that values life. we protect the innocent. we champion. the vulnerable. we stand up and speak for those unable to speak for themselves the life act also known as the
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heartbeat bill. >>outlaws most abortions once doctors detect a fetal heartbeat. >>every day i fight. say that abortion and spent a truly never thought that the to see a day like this. >>right now people in georgia can get abortions up to their 20th week of pregnancy or around 5 months, starting january first abortions would be banned was the heartbeat is detected which is around 6 weeks after conception when some women don't even know they're pregnant this love. of reproductive oppression. georgia is the 4th state to pass this type of bill this year. 11 other states introduce similar legislation, but the courts have intervened stopping kentucky's bill from going into effect and finding north dakota's and i was measures unconstitutional. critics hope the courts decide the fate of georgia spill. i have one message for governor camp. we will see you sir in court. >>we will always continue to fight for life.
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>>mary maloney kron 4 news. >>george's heartbeat bill does have exceptions women would still be able to receive abortions if the mother's health is at risk or in the case of rape or incest as long as there is a police report. as a working mom is pretty tough here in california. the new report that details just how bad it is. >>and some interesting red carpet fashion last night we'll take a look at the most memorable looks at the met gala. plus a startling number of pregnancy deaths across the nation and doctors say they are preventable. the group of women who are. >>most at risk. for your help
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tonight a new report shows 60% of the approximately 700 pregnancy related deaths here in the us each year. >>are preventable pregnancy related deaths don't just occurred during or immediately following birth they can happen any time during pregnancy and up to a year later 36% do happened the day of delivery or the week after generally from complications directly related to the delivery. experts say that better access to care and better awareness of possible complications among health care providers could lead to fewer deaths, black women are 3 times more likely to suffer from pregnancy related deaths than white women. officials say ethnicity plays no role in how preventable those deaths are. >>major push to get parents to
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stop leaving their kids in cars, this after recent incidents where cars were stolen when children were inside why some
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>>a warning for parents tonight after 2 cars in stockton were stolen in children were in those cars, but luckily, both cases, the the kids were not hurt. however according to the organization kids in cars dot org incidents like this are not that uncommon earlier today we spoke spoke to the director. >>amber rollins about how
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often this is actually happening. >>and last year we saw nearly 200 children. there were left alone in vehicles that were stolen and you know these are absolutely very easily preventable. you know just pretty early by not leave your children alone in the car, typically there on her and and the person you stealing the car usually doesn't even know that they're in there until after they've already stolen a car. and at that point. yeah, they panic they don't know what to do the children are usually abandon somewhere on the side of the road left inside the vehicle and in which case they see these a whole new set of dangers and when people don't know where they in this vehicle allow him. some of them young enough where they can get out could chase you know she's drug risks or those who get out could face being run over because driver couldn't see them. and so just lot of really really bad stuff happens. car thefts are only
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one of the things that can go wrong. it have or very seriously injured. thousands of children, children and not cars and the gear hundreds are injured or killed every year that way. children strangle themselves with seat belts they choke on items in the car are they find guns, they get out of the run over i mean the list of things that can go around is and less and have the bottom line is that as parents we should never be putting our own convenience about the safety of our children these are so preventable. he'll lie times when we hear about carcass the focus is really on the person who stole the vehicle and how they're being charged and very rarely do we hear anybody talking about the person who left the child in the car and what could have been done to prevent this all together and so i know in the state of california it is illegal to leave child under the age of 6 and a vehicle and parents need
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to take very seriously because these things happened so quickly. by the way you can watch more exclusive interviews like this on our new app kron on we're now streaming live local news 24 hours a day. >>with no commercials visit kron on dot tv to start watching now. >>the golden state may not be so golden for working moms just in time for mother's day, new survey is ranking california is one of the toughest states for women to raise children while pursuing a career. >>schumer and meghan markle are just the latest additions to the ranks of working mothers. >>royal dutch is in the actor comedian probably won't face the challenges faced by women in california ranked as one of the worst in the country in a wallet hub survey of states for working moms. our state came in 40th overall just ahead of arkansas, but behind oklahoma and here's why california's high cost of living makes it. one of the least affordable states by the same token the cost of child care is one of the highest in
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the nation. despite that the quality of day care right near the bottom. the wallet had survey found the best day care options in new york, followed by washington state 3rd place is a tie with north dakota texas and oklahoma at the bottom of the list only idaho and nebraska have lower quality day care then california. a california did score a little higher on wall and had quality of life index for working moms. >>and we have one of the lowest gender pay gaps in the country as well as the best parental leave policy. so there is some. >>but they're all right time to take a peek outside as we get a check on the 4 zone forecast a live look right here at the embarcadero in san francisco but we're talking about states all over the country and whether all over the country. joining us now chief meteologist learns karnal of some problems in texas, yes, scary scary evening there, we've got tornadoes on the ground right now look at this remember that system that rolled through the bay area see the little swirl in the atmosphere.
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>>that's the same one now that is picking up some moisture and now moving through parts of texas, a look at this we've got to numerous tornado reports on the ground you see him right here in red uh just north of lubbock here up near amarillo. we've got some very strong storms now moving all along this frontal boundary here and that is where we're looking for the possibility, a mortar attack it at tiffany through the night tonight and then it looks like that is going to get to push eastward. but certainly a scary night tonight as that system rolls on through out west we go we've got plenty of sunshine and a couple patches of fog that's really about the worst worried about right now temperatures today. they bumped up a little bit but still running below average around the bay area 61 degrees in san francisco today, 66 in oakland, 70 degrees in both san jose and live more 72 in concord and 60 degrees in santa rosa. that fog was slow to clear out you can see us get ready to come back one more time and it will be thick out there for tonight, temperatures still a pretty mild this evening, 69 degrees in concord 66 in livermore and 50 degrees with the sea breeze and san francisco. high
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pressure will continue to build in overhead for another day that will warm the temperatures up tomorrow may be the warmest. well the next few we're still see some fog in the morning giving way to some sunshine in the afternoon. but then things begin to change as we get into lot of part of the week. temperatures for tomorrow break down like this for looking about 77 degrees and look more 75 in san jose 62 degrees for a high in san francisco and the next couple days will cool things down on thursday by friday. there's a slight chance of few showers especially in the south bay right now mother's day looks very nice on sunday. nice to hear thanks warrants and next our car for news at 5 it was a while. >>tonight, a fashion at the met gala see some of the most shall we ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪ ♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration,
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electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present.
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>>of course nothing but a list celebrities ad. well, fashion course, so here's the story now with entertainment tonight, the shelter. >>i think the high grant the met gala to camp to a whole new level of their kill tonight was up close and personal with all the stars. >>gaga stole the show. rath wardrobe changes that end. growing the stairs right in front of us feel very mickey play the doll cardi b need the
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down the street from yankee stadium >>katy perry limit the carpet with her glowing chandelier down and then transformed into a glittery cheeseburger inside the party. >>that's where she was stunned by the surprise form or fashion icon cher who wowed the crowd with the cover of abba's waterloo. >>what's the secret meaning behind katie's hamburger look well that's just it case to call the met gala coverage have an 80 tonight with so many stars and an in-depth look inside the party and also everything you didn't see on the red carpet i'm michelle turner back to you. >>our had no ketchup and that
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wraps up kron 4 news at 5. thank you for being with us we'll see you back here tonight for kron 4 news at 9 in prime time right now it's can wind up and more here with the news at 6 vicki thanks to you both coming up next on kron 4 news at 6 o'clock it exploded into an inferno in just seconds dramatic testimony from a witness recalling the moment a massive fire broke out at the ghost ship warehouse. >>tonight, we're talking with the brother of one of the victims. you'll hear what he wants to happen in this trial only on con for a crowd of tense parents waiting to reunite with their children after 2 gunmen walked into classrooms and start shooting. we have a breaking news update tonight as some students fight
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>>you know there's a measure of accountability in and that you know something like this doesn't happen again. >>tonight at 6 the brother of one of the victims of the ghost ship warehouse fire is speaking out tonight. he was among other family members of some of the 36 victims who attended today's trial. well which featured another day of emotional testimony. witnesses painting a horrific picture of the moments after that building went up in flames. thank you for joining us tonight, i'm camels and i'm
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can way that brother says he was incredibly close to his sister. >>a photographer who was taking pictures the night of the fire kron force. michelle king said was in the courtroom today, she joins us live now from oakland with the very latest michelle. >>that brother was sitting in on trial last week and this week he said it's difficult but he's here to represent his sister. >>and support those victims families. you know something like this doesn't happen again. >>chris allen shows us a photo of his sister amanda kershaw who died in the ghost ship warehouse fire in december 2016, yes, she was there for >>for the concert that night. supporting her friends that are they're performing. she was part of that community. chris says his sister was a photographer and posted photos on her instagram minutes before the fire began he flew from boston to sit in on the trial this week of derick almena and max harris, both me


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