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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 7, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>>now a day she said mommy. this gunshot at the school stunned parents learned of yet another deadly school shooting in a denver suburb. here in the bay area 2 teenage girls surprised by a flash or in a quiet neighborhood, i'm. and a federal judge comes up with the unique way to make sure pga directors are aware of the destruction caused by the utility in paradise. >>calling tonight, he said so he would have. plus knows i'm
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just trying not to a crazy. >>terrifying moments as parents wait for their children to be released from school not sure whether they are alive or dead. one student has been killed in a school shooting in colorado at least 8 additional students are in the hospital tonight. good evening, everybody, i'm camel and i'm ken wayne police rushed to the k through 12 stem school in the denver area as shots rang out. >>that's where we find reporter reid binion who spoke with parents as they are reunited with their children. >>my daughter called me. and she said mommy. shot at the school. >>doing i just ran into my car to get over years quickly as they could tears after moments of terror inside the stem school in highlands ranch, colorado after 2 suspected gunman entered the school and opened fire. parents in the denver suburb filled with an all too familiar feeling of
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dread filing into a nearby rec center waiting to find out if their child is ok. >>but after everything that happened columbine all the suffering police say they believe the 2 suspects in custody are current students. >>they're working to verify more information but they believe one is an adult and one is a juvenile got deep inside the school. >>there were a number of students that were shot. >>now a tight knit community near columbine high school is in mourning and parents in the area are once again having tough conversations with their kids after tragedy strikes a school once again i saw. >>i don't know if it was a dead body or his so they can to i write with bullet shells and i kept road. and today the building. there was a trail of blood i'm reid binion reporting. >>we're here to make sure that. you know there's a measure of the accountability in and that you know something like this doesn't happen
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again. >>one victim's brother is speaking out as another day of testimony continued in the ghost ship warehouse trial today. witnesses painted a horrific picture of the moments after the building went up in flames inside the courtroom, our families of some of the 36 victims. >>well force michelle king son spoke exclusively to a brother who said he was incredibly close to his sister, a photographer who was there taking pictures the night of the fire. >>that victim's brother is sitting in on trial this week he says it's difficult but he's here to represent his sister and support all all of the victims families. >>we're here to make sure that. you know there's a measure of the accountability in and that you know something like this doesn't happen again. >>chris allen shows us a photo of his sister amanda kershaw who died in the ghost ship warehouse fire in december 2016. he says his sister was a photographer and posted photos
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on her instagram minutes before the fire began he flew from boston to sit in on the trial this week of derick almena next harris. both men charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, accused of failing to provide adequate safety equipment exits and signage inside the warehouse on the stand today, doctor thomas rogers said forensic pathologist who said of the 9 fire victims he performed autopsies on all of them died of smoke inhalation another man brian o'keefe said he greeted people at the door the night of the fire instead within seconds it exploded into an inferno. >>next right knee griffin a former friend of go ship master tenet derick almena who said he told al manar the warehouse was a death trap. mean a laugh. it griffin took his concerns to the fire department nearby and said he felt as if the fire chief brushed it off. allen tells us he believes almeda and harris are responsible they created the environment, the manage
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the environment they. >>invited others into that environment, they took money for others to pulse live in that environment and it ends. and myron and that's that's what it comes down to for us in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>happening now a millbrae neighborhood is on the lookout tonight for a man who exposed himself to 2 teen girls over the weekend it all happened just blocks from an elementary school kron four as well biello joins us live with the latest on the investigation, the well. >>ken and pam you know i've been on. >>mosse wood lane for several hours today. and it's one of the quietest neighborhoods, i've been in since i've moved here to the bay area, the only people that are driving around are those who live here or who work here at the school across the street, but on sunday, a couple of teenage girls and they didn't know drove up and exposed himself. >>and this is the first time
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i've heard of such a thing white picket fences and quiet homes, not necessarily a place you'd suspect an indecent exposure to happen. i can't believe his head coach has lived off moss would lanes since the 1950's. she says hearing what happened to 2 teenage girls over the weekend concerns turned we have a lot of kids naturally coming to and from the school. >>and i'm very shocked. >>san mateo county sheriff say around 6 40 sunday, the girls were biking in their neighborhood when a black male in his mid 30's, pulled over his silver sedan they say he got out pulled down his jeans and exposed himself to them when he got back in his car to apparently get on the same side of the street is them. the girls dropped their bikes and ran to a neighbor. >>the girls to the right thing and they immediately ran to end it all where the adult and alerted law enforcement. >>the suspect drove off and is still on the lose deputies say neighbors are being helpful
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though handing over home security video to try and get a good glimpse of what happens i lived right across the street from where the police car was parked. >>andy some delays coaches basketball down the street at meadows elementary, he says these days he and his neighbors are always looking out for each other. >>to tell us just outside their home was as if they were out of parker. some are out in the open. so tonight that's hard to sellers have to keep our eyes open. >>if anyone has in for. >>that was no al bello reporting obviously there a glitch with her live report. but nonetheless said plus noel reporting. other news tonight a federal judge has ordered board members of pg any to tour the destruction in the town of paradise. the town was destroyed last year in a massive wildfire that may have been caused by the utility companies equipment. the jud ordered the tour as part of the utilities punishment for
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violating the terms of his probation stemming from the 2010 san bruno pipeline explosion that incident killed 8 people and leveled a neighborhood. the judge wants the newly appointed board to make sure the company complies with new wildfire safety plans which have been approved by regulators that is pg knees top probation condition. the new pga. the ceo bill johnson says he also plans to tour the town of paradise. ke a live look outside tonight looking out over san francisco and the bay you can see much of it a vest the fog of a haze it's covering things up. >>lawrence is here to tell us you that is the fog again tonight has given anything can spot some most interior valleys still nice and clear beautiful evening out there but that fog is going to race back on shore here we go again more the clouds on the way you can see got a broken a look at rocket rats right now the fog the stretches handle out over the bay and we'll fill in overnight tonight and many of the valleys as well there it
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is that was a story today so thick and so deep the marine layer today we actually almost a 10th of an inch of precipitation in half moon bay along the coastline and that was all in the form of drizzle so we'll see some more drizzle tonight probably not as much as last night but certainly enough to get the ground whether leon tomorrow morning so be prepared for that along the coastline inside the bail. so that patchy fog and more than all the way into interior valleys to so stepping outside tonight, we're going to see more clouds begin to roll back him temperatures are cooling off mainly into the 50's by tomorrow we wake up mostly cloudy skies temperatures starting out in the 50's early on and then in the middle the day that sun breaks out again the temperatures up in the 50's and the 60's by the afternoon looks like a warmer day ahead. he was a mid to upper 70's and many of the interior valleys. thank you nora says san francisco biology is finished a necropsy on a dead gray whale that was found on san francisco's ocean beach. >>the whale washed ashore yesterday morning and officials now say it died after being struck by a ship. the marine mammal center conducted the necropsy today, they say they found deep
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lacerations and wounds to the whale's body. they also say the whale was malnourished and didn't have enough blubber in fact on its body. >>yes, she is mount or so we were able to see that straight away and that we do that by measuring the number depth and specific areas so relative to what she condition she should be and for an adult female. this time of year she's in full body condition. >>as for what will happen to the whale's remains ocean beach is managed by the national park service and so far authorities have not said what they plan to do one of the biologist tells kron four they just might deep hole and bury the whale's carcass. >>coming up they are taking the spay pavement problems into their own hands and coming up an interview with one of the potholed vigilantes convenience versus civil rights
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>>a house fire broke out next to a christian preschool in the east bay just as the school day was starting investigators say the cause of the fire appears to be connected to an illegal marijuana growing operation. well for says it monday and shows us exactly where this happened. >>this man be taken away in handcuffs as little 4 people arrested at the scene of this illegal marijuana grow at santa maria avenue cast real >>well we've seen it before and meth labs to mean you know there's a lot of chance for an explosion. >>just after 07:00am tuesday
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morning. alameda county fire responded to a report of the garage the rear of the property and discovered evidence of the marijuana grow. >>it was lots of smoke kind of scary for the kids. >>the fire was burning right next door to you to be church which happens to be the location of helen lynd innings preschool. she says she had no idea the legal world was happening on the other side of the we've never smelled anything i have no and i i'm she says the people who live there just not very neighbor. now she thinks she knows why. >>try to be friendly with them that they're not too big not to send the they don't talk too much good there in the morning in in the evening and that's it. we don't see him during the day or any other time so it's really where the sunlight that would be going on there a friendly, so me we kind of knew. was going on the action and again is what the alameda county sheriff's office say they confiscated 450 legal marijuana plants. >>took about an hour to put out the fire. no one was injured. and although the cause is yet to be determined
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investigators say residential fires connected to illegal marijuana grow operations are fairly common here in the bay area in castro valley has it made you proud for news. a new report in the city of pleasant hill recommends allowing to medicinal retail cannabis dispensary to open up within city limits, but city council says. >>that might not be such a good idea currently only cannabis deliveries originating from outside the city are allowed to operate american carlson says the council is reluctant to amend zoning ordinances to allow store front cannabis dispensaries the planning commission proposed locating them in the city's retail business districts along concha costa boulevard and near buskirk avenue. but the mayor says people can get cannabis from neighboring cities and it's not clear there's a need for dispensaries in pleasant hill. >>unknown element of. >>those customers would be who would stay in front of the stores would there be a legal sales. you know that all just
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the past conversations that have gone on about. >>cannabis. >>eric carlson says the council will revisit the issue in june. he says the decision will have to be made shortly after before the moratorium on dispensaries expires at the end of the year. 4 zone forecast show you a live look at the golden gate bridge that is somewhere behind that gray curtain boy and fog is released on tonight low and yeah it is going to be thick around the bay or i've got a need to refuse to show you how it's going to your neighbor hood tonight, but that fog. >>roll back on shore again and so here we go we're going to see actually some warmer temperatures as the fog is a stretch overhead you can see over san francisco right now and moving into the bay temperatures today, not bad warmed up a little bit after we cleared out all the great 67 degrees warmer in some spots inland. as temperatures looking very nice actually 72 uncomfortable in concord 70 for a high and live more 70 in san jose 61 degrees in san francisco in half moon bay and 68 in hayward things are changing though now we have a
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very low pressure that brought us the few scattered showers that kick east now high pressure building in source in the atmosphere kind of stabilize and that's why we're getting low clouds and fog out there still want to see some patchy drizzle overnight tonight, least right up toward the beaches tomorrow starting else of clouds early on plenty of sunshine in the afternoon. i think a little bit warmer too. but this ridge. yeah it's going to strengthen little bit over the next 24 hours and that is going bring the temperatures up around the bay area but we can't cure the fog it's going to be sticking around and then eventually the low begins to back toward the coastline again by friday. we're talking about slight chance of showers right, here's the graphic. i was talking about we'll show you the fog is moving on shore we'll show you the visibilities here and here comes watches us urges all the way into the central valley that is a pretty impressive push visibility is down about a mile in half moon bay down to 2 miles in oakland and san francisco. and then as we watch it live through the morning we start to clear things out things look very nice and temp right along the coastline, you've got plenty of clouds and some cool temperatures out toward the beaches. so this is how to work out tomorrow going to be cool out of the coast mainly in the 50's of the beaches with the patchy fog inside the
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bay should be beautiful 60's and 70's, the mid to upper 70's, some of the valleys temperatures will cool down a little bit on thursday slight chance of showers on friday. >>thank you lawrence well, the pothole problem in the bay area is well documented in fact study say the potholes are especially bad in oakland and a lot of other places now a group calling itself the pot hole vigilantes is taking matters into their own hands. grant lotus is here to tell us about the support they're actually getting surprisingly or maybe not so much an intrepid couple of sometimes more depending on how many friends they have joined them and support certainly from the community people see them. >>out front like what they're doing for the most part these vigilantes go out and fill these potholes up at night without city approval, they say it's mostly just to them but sometimes sig n frenzel help out according to the transportation research institute trip potholes in the city of oakland cause residents drivers more than
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$1000 a year in maintenance to vehicles the vigilantes have been fixing potholes and city streets with the help of social media. so you know where they are in online donations their instagram account shows their primary focus is in the adams point and grand lake neighborhoods around lake merritt a representative for the group who spoke with us on the condition of anonymity says the project as sort of a start-up mentality. >>probably know and i had money created the river followed actually for you because if they should have all that beat that. so you have the leaders of how much cost to in a one or $5 and with it a lot of them out a $30. the company come to build kind of like crowd funding for followed. chose the location based on what we're running over every day there's just big reader there right in the middle there they were here the under that not have hard time in year. impact in 100
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thought that the car the day to want know impact. >>the city asks residents to report potholes using the new ok 3, 1 one program that was launched last year in the city council is also expected to vote on a 3 year citywide paving plan that would cost the city million now get this the vigilante say they could fill all the potholes in the city which is million and in just one or 2 months spending come back to you. >>a lot of people will say give them a job. >>san jose's mayor says the city needs more help to keep up with the amount of trash. >>ashby illegally dumped since the beautified san jose program laws a few years ago it has made significant progress but the amount of litter collected has doubled and so has the number of tons of junk pickups. mayor sam liccardo says through simpoy cannot keep up with reports of illegal dumping. but it's clear that sense. the mice nz.
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>>ap has launched a certainly has been very popular. we're also a victim of our own the number of requests for illegal dumping response, it's triple. >>the mayor has propose adding 3 and a half million dollars to add staff and to fund other programs to address trash and graffiti that would include a program to get homeless individuals engaged working ernie money to help clean up the city and there are also efforts to step up enforcement through the use of cameras and other evidence which is reported by citizens. coming up san francisco is requiring a big change why retailers are now forced to accept cash money and what you need to know to prepare for a planned strik
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>>you may have to find another way to get around the bay area tomorrow if you use uber or lyft drivers are planning to strike the day before uber goes public crawford's will tran has more from uber's headquarters in san francisco. >>well the drivers are upset with uber saying that they don't pay them enough that it's the drivers who actually pay for most of their operation their car maintenance the gas that they don't work the hours as long as they would like to and the bottom line is according to the drivers that they get too big of a cut from the drivers and it's not just over. some are old lot a lift drivers will also be on strike in support so it's going to
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affect a lot of major cities including san francisco from noon tomorrow until midnight many over drivers are being encouraged to turn off their apps and not pick up passengers as a show of solidarity and to send a message to their multibillion-dollar company, especially on the eve of them going public. this starts to move or drivers, i know you meet over passengers. i know you take uber often house is going to impact human. >>and this i try to view myself as a pretty informed citizen a san francisco ap. it's a very difficult city to navigate through public transportation and so uber and lyft in a kind of writer that kind has been very very beneficial. but i think it's also an opportunity for all of those that benefit from rares services to take a stand and say case one of the most expensive cities in the entire world like what can we do tech industry, another contributing members of society to stand up for people having a quality of life that's very very basic
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it's different in different cities like in new york city that their strike is actually from 7 o'clock. >>to 9 o'clock in the morning for to our window so keep in mind it's not berlitz rive is because let's face it a lot of them. they work for both companies to lift might also be a problem tomorrow as many live drivers are also facing the same problems they also one of a race back to you. >>coming up governor knew some revealing details of his new budget proposals that could make diapers and tampons tax free a new grant could help bay area residents buy a new car. what the qualifications needed to apply and still ahead the high cost of living in the bay area means a lot of mothers have to go to work. but a new report says this is one of the worst states for working moms. details on the tough co
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hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good. termites never stop trying to get in, we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. >>for states for working moms from 4 is making has the details from wallet hub dot com. >>schumer and meghan markle are just the latest additions to the ranks of working mothers. >>royal dutch is in the actor comedian probably won't face the challenges faced by women in california ranked as one of the worst in the country in a wallet hub survey of states for working mo s. our state came in 40th overall just ahead of arkansas, but behind
8:30 pm
oklahoma and here's why california's high cost of living makes it. one of the least affordable states by the same token the cost of child care is one of the highest in the nation. despite that the quality of day care right near the bottom. the wallet had survey found the best day care options in new york, followed by washington state 3rd place is a tie with north dakota texas and oklahoma at the bottom of the list only idaho and nebraska have lower quality day care then california. vicki kiss kron 4 news. >>governor gavin newsom announced proposals he says could significantly cut down costs for families across california hologram lotus's here in the studio with us now he has details on this grant pad can the governor talked about this all the time when he was campaigning and here we go this is budget weekend governor gavin newsom and his wife here. jennifer siebel newsom unveiled what they call a parent's agenda first governor newsom is aiming to
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get rid of sales tax on diapers and menstrual products which would amount to an estimated $55 million a year. cut to the state budget wouldn't get that tax revenue other proposals presented today include a $1000 tax credit for families who have children. 6 years old and younger also on the table dpextending paid family leave b 2 weeks for each parent. >>we're fighting for future where our daughters will be valued equally to our sons. a california where every single child. no matter their zip code or the family that they're born into. we'll have the best possible start in life. and a california where every parents. we'll have the support they need to build the best possible future for their children. >>well for the governor in the first partner it's baby steps newsom's proposal to extend paid family leave does fall short of the 6 months. her
8:32 pm
child that's what he hopes to eventually pass. california parents are now entitled to 6 weeks of paid family leave at a fraction of their normal pay during that period along with these measures newson is expected to announce his full budget proposal that's coming on thursday camp at back to you. >>grant thank you very much for to step outside and see if we can see the going ape ritual when you're down low. it's a whole different angle before looking from the top us it road couldn't hardly cnn >>our jeanne baby or a college tonight, are known inside and what this will to talk about of saying they're going >>thank is it as good then warming up the next couple days though we got the fog out there right now that a sweeping on shore you can see that the stretching across the bay right now so we've got the fog out there right now but is
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going to fill in overnight tonight. it's kind of broken right now at this time, but the fog is really getting a a pretty well established out along the coastline out looking very much like a summer pattern now the fog is moving in law the entire coast here so tomorrow morning we get up we got some fog by the afternoon. you see some clearing in the san francisco, the temperatures going to stay cool dole about 61 in san francisco becoming mostly sunny. after patchy fog in oakland at 69 in very nice 75. in the afternoon in san jose. why this is where it gets really interesting this week we've got some patchy fog expect under high pressure the next couple days that's not a concern as we get to thursday, we begin to see a little swirl in the atmosphere again, and you see the showers and pop-up thunderstorms over the sierra nevada then watch what happens at low really develops in southern california bringing some rain down in southern california public los angeles and san diego and maybe a couple wraparound showers moving right back in the bay area. and then we're not done yet as we get in the middle of next week a look at that that would be a storm system rolling on in about wednesday of next week so face a little bit active out there in the pacific 60's in the san francisco for the most part 58 in daly city but on some cool
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temperatures just inside the bay at 61 in south san francisco, 72, a warm in redwood city, the south they want to some very nice numbers, mainly in the 70's 77 degrees in livermore 70 degrees in concord and you see a lot of nice numbers may be size 80 degrees and fairfield by tomorrow afternoon. and those temperatures looking very nice around the bay area temperatures going up the rise up for a little bit more for tomorrow then cool down as we get into thursday night. thank you lord city sepsis goes a step closer to banning facial recognition technology. >>if approved the city would be the first in the country to prohibit its agencies from using that technology facial recognition allows law enforcement to know pretty much where we walk what stores we visit even what church we go to through areas. surveillance cameras a rules committee unanimously voted to advance the quotes top secret service surveillance ordinance the bill requires or be a public notice clear policies and a vote by the board before any city department can use
8:35 pm
surveillance technology. the a clu applauded the move issuing a statement that reads democratic oversight of surveillance technology for most public safety and protect our civil rights with this law, san francisco can demonstrate real tech leadership by giving our communities a seat at the table and the power to create safeguards to prevent misuse. >>now some bay area residents might be able to get help replacing their old cars with clean air vehicles a new grand by the bay area air quality management district is offering up to $9,500 to low income families to help buy an electric, a hybrid elictric or plug-in hybrid vehicle, the clean vehicles for all program also allows up to $4,500 to go towards using bay area transit the program is only open to people who own cars built in 1996 or before and only people earning 400% of the federal poverty level or below the air district grants will be awarded on a first come first
8:36 pm
served basis until the money runs out. >>san francisco supervisors unanimously passed legislation today that would ban brick and mortar businesses from not accepting cash. the move comes after concerns were raised that the practice of only accepting cashless transactions discriminates against the 4. there has been a growing number of businesses saying no to dollars and cents for reasons of efficiency in concerns about robberies. one customer says she appreciates it y one san francisco supervisor is putting the practice to an end. >>personally i don't like places to take cash only and don't take credit cards, i never. so this is very convenient for me think about it and fear someone that's on the street, a homeless person and you get enough money for sandwich should you be able to go anywhere. >>and by i mean cash is king and for stores to say that you can only use credit cards, it's really discriminate. >>amazon is already in the process of transitioning to
8:37 pm
accepting cash cash at all of their amazon go locations. supervisor brown's legislation goes into effect in about 3 months. >>is making some of days how the company plans on protecting your privacy with the latest version of android. >>this farm and far from home trailer is about to play. >>the reason marvel van shoul
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>>in the space today's students, teachers and parents at an elementary school in piedmont's paid tribute to a popular crossing guard, he's been helping people for more than a decade from for charles clifford has details. >>well here in piedmont on tuesday, the students and parents and faculty and neighbors here at beach elementary school gather together at the corner of a lake in linda to pay tribute to one of their own. >>79 year old arthur war the crossing guard hear it. they can linda for the past. decade. he's become very popular students and teachers and the parents in the neighborhood. >>who say that they are just proud to have him as part of their family he. really cares about i love and loving people and showing kindness and helping people feel like. he's right there. >>in honor of arthur's service over the last decade, the city of piedmont is actually named this corner after him. he said today that he is grateful.
8:41 pm
>>this is this shows. me this guy's you know i didn't write i show people know we got base to me that that. at the age i am now 70 night made it possible for me to be here. and finally arthur says he plans on. >>staying on duty here at linda and lake for at least one more year. in piedmont charles clifford kron 4 news. >>and a google releasing 2 new phones. the reason the company says this will change the smartphone industry standard and ahead sports warriors back in the bay area after a terrible trip to houston. why steve kerr in t
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>>google is trying to set itgelf apart in the smartphone industry by coming out with cheaper phones google held a news conference at his campus in mountain view it announced a new cheaper pixel phone. the pixel is priced just less than $400 in the pixel 3 axl will run you about $480 to cheaper phones could make the company more competitive than a struggling smartphone market. also google is claiming the phone's battery will last up to 30 hours and comes in a new color that they are branding purple ish they also took a dig on apple's
8:45 pm
iphone by specifically pointing that out also move was launching a new version of its operating system meant to prevent mobile apps from shadow lane. >>the new enjoyed q update will include settings to help users prevent different apps from tracking their whereabouts while they carry their device throughout the day and it will have reminders on which apps are currently tracking the user's movements location tracking by google and other digital services has become a hot button topic as people have become more aware about how that data can be used to sell advertisements and create profiles about the way we live and where we go. >>some movie trailers give away some pretty key details but usually not for another bogey helpless the dynamic duo in a new comedy ready to go whatever it takes to get sweet revenge against dirty rotten man. david daniel has a preview of the hustle and the new superman. spider-man far from home trailer is about to play but if you haven't seen
8:46 pm
avengers endgame yet stop watching some serious for those about to come up for those few who haven't seen end game will skip the spoiler parts but we can share that the new spidey trailer shows us more of jake gyllenhaal's clinton back and includes a different kind of reveal i want to go back. >>one trip go my room i can tell. no of course >>i mean it's kind of obvious spiderman far from home hits theaters july eventually lily is going from marvel movies to a marriage comedy chill starry and happy life as a new mother who thinks her husband is having an affair with an instagram star. >>and finds herself involved with a younger man ike barinholtz we play the husband and service a producer on the comedy which is set to start filming this summer. >>change sugar baby weighs should me great. >>and moderate to that i could be the popping of needed but
8:47 pm
as things i work in rebel wilson and anne hathaway star in the hostile as professional scam artists who have one major goal hate back all time i wasn't who i may heading. we've been better suited to calm the men's because we used to fake >>because no man will ever believe a woman has lot of the views as a valuable. i like it because it's shiny the hostel is a female centered remake of the 1988 film dirty rotten scoundrels josephine and penny aim to give every wrongdoing man a run for his money. >>he said they knew that. >>it is passed on to skate eva would you mind said. >>and they're determined to succeed no matter what it takes. in hollywood, i'm david
8:48 pm
daniel want. casey more star wars in your life who doesn't disney announced today, it's producing 3 more star wars films that will hit theaters starting in 2022. it's also working on for avatar films. the first avatar movie came out in 2009 the second will be released in december 2021. star wars has made roughly billion at the global box office since 1977. the first avatar movie is the highest grossing film in history bringing in roughly billion at the worldwide box office. well judging by last year's 7 game epic in the western conference finals not shocking the rockets would be the team that challenges the warriors so. >>here we go again another back in force the warriors returns the bay area this afternoon. >>events of tomorrow's game 5 at oracle golden state trying to take back the series lead.
8:49 pm
after houston swept it home games and drew even. despite another man that night from james hardin combine with the rockets outrebounding and outshooting the warriors of 3. >>game 4 still came down to a final possession in which the warriors at 2 great steph curry and kevin duran potentially force overtime so rest assured the defending champs, not in a state of panic. >>we will run the last 5 years we've plenty of quickly than we've had our share city to and downs who before down 3 won a few years ago came back in. he says this is all part of it. quarter we're in a good spot just get back to work. >>now for the lex his pursuit of perfection ultimate highlight. >>game tips off tomorrow at 7 30 at oracle now alexa's
8:50 pm
ultimate highlight and it's dish raptors 76 ers game 5 in toronto, doctor j in the house kawhi leonard going out of slant that any all-time great would approve of for split 2 defenders to get right to the rack then dogs right on philly, big manage. well indeed, letter 21 points, 13 boards raptors rolled by 36 to take a 3 2 series lead. to be a big night for playoff sports tomorrow sharks, an avalanche you know we're in a winner take all game 7. >>at the shark tank san jose in colorado going the distance the sharks field goes out the as an overtime. last night's game 6. >>this marks the second series in a row san jose has needed all 7 to settle a series. so they know to not get psyched out. >>still before so. right post office lost this game.
8:51 pm
>>puck drops at 6 o'clock for that a fair charge worriers home fares can be rocking and a lot of fans on their phone. no matter which game they're at you know if you're at the sharks are checking to see other awards are doing vice versa and then we got sundays, so yeah, busy busy i think mark s. got their best chuck norris jokes, ready as a suited up invest belts and beards, the goal behind the 5 k hosted by the marti ♪ (vo) i know what you're thinking. electric, it's not for you. and, you're probably right.
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electric just doesn't have enough range. it will never survive the winter. charging stations? good luck finding one of those. so, maybe an electric car isn't for you after all. or, is it? ♪
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>>probably the one thing those 2 sides can agree on is they'll be seeing a lot of one another.
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>>tonight we're less than 24
9:00 pm
hours away from what could be the biggest uber and lyft strike today taking place in more than a dozen cities across lo the country. great s and i'm buck you of the aca's drivers are upset about their pay. >>and a lack of benefits among other things the strike comes just 2 days before uber goes public. it will likely be publicly traded for the very first time on friday crime for his chair stone following the story for us. he joins us now live from san francisco with details on strike happening here, jr. >>vicki have to be honest i talk with so many different drivers today, the details of tomorrow's strike of been a bit confusing to those drivers because the times for the strike are different in cities all across the country. now drivers here in san francisco are being urged not to drive from noon tomorrow all the way up until midnight and this is going to have an impact not only on san francisco. but many of these drivers drive


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