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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 8, 2019 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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♪ tonight -- met gala mania. >> from a to z. >> how gaga won fashion's biggest night the stars tell all about their wild styles and crazy accessories. plus, all the after-party looks you to say. >> $47. and what's the secret meaning behind katy's chandelier cheeseburger look. why j.lo may have been left than impressed. and speaking of j.lo, our night with the couples. which star pair just made their red carpet debut and why gwen spent the night solo.
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>> no wonder i didn't get invited. this is "entertainment tonight." all right, how do we put into words what went down at the met gala. i mean, a chandelier walked the red carpet. >> the memes. the moments. of fashion's biggest night. keltie knight was in the middle of it all. have you recuperated from all the craziness. >> i think i'm doing okay. my hair is still a little pink from yesterday. i couldn't quite wash it all out. but this was the met gala ever. the theme was camp. it was extravagant at its finest. lady gaga has had the most incredible year -- movie star, oscar winner, and now queen, no doubt in my mind, of the met gala. ♪ >> how do you feel like right now? you look like bananas. >> i look like bananas. i feel very glamorous.
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>> the big question of tonight, how on earth is katy perry going to get her chandelier dress up the met gala stairs? let's say, she walked very carefully in the 40-pound ensemble. how are you, my love, my canadian queen. >> this is the kind of look, 4/7, you know what i'm sayin'. >> we were a sucker for the jonas newly married couple's debut on the red carpet. >> looking this outrageous is perfect. cardi b. needed six escorts to carry her very heavy train up the met gala stairs. >> trying to make sure that's very elegant, extravagant but not too halloween-ish. okur! welcome to the met gala with jared leto and me.
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billy porter arrived with six dancers carrying him on the red carpet. tell everyone who doesn't understand camp, what camp is. >> camp is the art of being extra. that's what the kids call it today. >> speaking of camp, cher was the surprise performer. ♪ >> and gwen stefani sang along. the living legend was introduced by lady gaga, who co-hosted the event. lady gaga, work it. lady gaga arrives first. and the queen of the met gala, or should we just call it the "met gaga" didn't disappoint. mother monster worked the carpet in not one but four different looks. it's a theatrical moment with lady gaga at the met. gaga in 25-foot hot pink train stepped on the carpet with five handlers. also by her side, designer brandon maxwell was by her side as he stripped her way
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through the 13.5-minute show, >> this is her second costume change and i believe there is a third underneath. this is so major. gaga, who's on the phone? is it bradley? are you reuniting for another movie? and down he goes again to the beginningover the carpet. gaga saved the most jaw-dropping look for last. dripping in $1.7 million worth of tiffany's diamonds. but little else. another accessory -- in her little pink wagon, two hatboxes and three bottles of champagne. she climbed the iconic met gala steps four times in those te ten-inch heels. >> yes, gaga, work it. and gaga worked the sequined bra and underwear for the rest of the met. >> the way of seeing the world
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in the form of being yourself. >> she's talking about blake being here all day. and fantasizing about it and that will never happen, ever. >> solo gwen and coupled up j.lo. >> he let fans decide his tux color as they marked two years at the met. you're back again. now, you're going to get married. >> it's very exciting. right down from the street from yankees stadium. >> i've always been here solo, so i wore higher heels because i have someone to hold me this time. >> quick-changing miley and liam celebrating four months of marria. with a lick and a tango. a costume-switched-up nick and priyanka popping the champagne to ring in two years since being each other's met gala date. >> this time we're married. >> we're a lot more awkward the first time. >> our third-year anniversary beautiful.
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>> nick also trolled his new sister-in-law posting this split screen of sophie turner's "g.o.t." nemesis, littlefinger. her date -- new hubby joe, but sophie got a hug in with "thrones" co-star richard madden inside. undercover couple no more. katie and jamie made their debut. quick-changing kim and kanye made it a family affair while still expecting their fourth child any day now. >> i heard there was rumors he was coming today, but not happening. >> all you want is your sister to be happy. in from fast friends to enemies. >> i can't tell you the secret because i'd have to kill. >> minaj wasn't boasting a $500,000 ruby bejeweled bosom. >> if i lose one of them, you know what i'm saying, i'm going to have to sell my birkin bags. to the campiest accessory on the carpet? jared's head.
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made by an italian special effects company. >> gucci, gucci, gucci! gucci head! head by gucci. >> kacey musgraves was barbie all the way -- from her car to her clutch. >> does the purse hold anything? >> it's an actual blow dryer but it does hold stuff. my lipstick is in there. of course, barbie has to come with some accessories. >> katy, katy. >> and headpieces were big literally. from katy's lit look to priyanka's crown and celine's feather. is this an homage to the end of your vegas time, with the headpiece? >> everything that i feel, that at my best without sounding pretentious, it's the beginning of something. it's not the end, but it is a beginning. >> gigi hadid rocked some icicles on her eyelashes. harry styles and elle fanning showed off some nail art. >> sometimes you are the art and sometimes you're both. >> all cinderella like. naomi campbell had her personal fan to keep her feathers flowing. and gala cochair serena williams
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was comfortable rocking sneakers under her custom versace. >> serena, whose idea was the sneakers? >> it was anna's idea, actually. >> katie gave her after-party ensemble the works. >> this is my burger. >> she transformed into a burger, lettuce mini dress. she switched it up inside the met gala bathroom and j.lo barely gave it a second look. >> hi, j.lo. >> hi, babe. >> why a burger? a nod to fiance orlando. they met when he swiped off her table at an after-party. celine dion approved the look and then katy rolled up to the next stop. to the jeremy scott after-party. that's where gwen stefani switched into a sparkly mini.
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>> we are in the elevator. we're done. i got a filter on. >> kim kardashian stuck with the water theme wearing raindrop-inspired mini for her after-party. and they were ready to let loose inside. kylie wore a dress was a smidge my little pony. i didn't know what to think when i heard the theme was going to be camp this year. this is my favorite met theme ever. i'd like it to be camp theme forever. there were some all-star absences including beyonce, rihanna, taylor swift and blake lively. they ended up skipping this year. coming up -- more from the met gala. the night's most hilarious memes and who's still wearing the cape for the ride home. and did meghan and harry
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the fabulous marie! >> that's the moment "the talk" made it official. marie osmond will join the show in september after sara gilbert leaves this summer. i was there this morning for the big announcement. >> i'm very excited. >> every time she's at the table she fits right in. >> what does the family think of it? >> i haven't told anybody yet. >> wait a minute, hold on, they don't know? >> no, i signed a nondisclosure. >> so nobody -- >> all i said to my kids watch "the talk." >> i guess marie can keep a secret. tomorrow, another big reveal. we'll be in london for our first glimpse of harry and meghan's baby boy. make sure you join us right now. but right now, we're hearing from william and kate for the first time since the royal birth. >> i'm very pleased and glad to welcome my own brother to the sleep deprivation society that is parenting. so, yeah, i'll be looking forward to that. >> today, the new uncle and
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auntie were beaming over their newborn nephew and can't wait to share parenting advice. >> we look forward to meeting him and finding out what his name's going to be so, it's really exciting for both of them. >> oh, we'd say harry is more than excited right now. >> this little thing is absolutely to die for, so i'm just over the moon. >> as he and meghan prepare to introduce their son to the world, they are nesting at their new home, where they're already becoming hands-on parents. >> there is no nanny as of yet. no chef at frogmore cottage. it's just two of them and meghan's mother. meghan cooks, she froze those meals. they're eating all of the meals she prepared earlier. >> and was meghan's home birth scratched at the last minute? j the yoga studio was a birthing place all set up and ready to go. the latest reports which haven't confirmed by buckingham palace. meghan had to abandon those plans and the couple delivered baby at a local hospital,
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portland hospital. >> so want a that baby name? will it have an "american" ring to it? >> alexander is a top favorite. >> we may see a nod to meghan's american roots. >> it's been the most amazing experience i can ever possibly imagine. still ahead -- our met gala fashion awards. >> i'm a woman of many hats. >> who style did we want to steal and whose look took 2,000 hours to create? >> is gwen waiting for blake to propose? >> what he already revealed to "e.t.." and matchmaker kelly clarkson, how she's trying to set up her son with a "voice" co-star's daughter. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ that is music goddess lizzo breaking necks in jfk airport, strutting through the terminal, still wearing her pink flamingo marc jacobs cape from the met gala. maybe she needs to blame it on the juice. and she didn't take that off until she boarded the flight. thanks to all the over-the-top outfits like that, and this has to be the
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most meme-orable met gala ever. ♪ >> it was a bit inspired from diana ross. it's like the 2020 version of it. >> more is more is more. >> the drama, it's camp. you got to go there. >> it's made of polymer. it was 3-d printed. >> can you breathe? >> nope. >> i love the wings. look at the back. how cool is that? oh, she was sewn in. >> literally. ♪ >> are you going to be able to party in these boot shoes? >> as soon as i get in these shoes are probably going to come off, yeah, honestly. >> nicki came as a human barbie, so did kacey musgraves. yes, the met gala inspired some of the best memes. katy perry's 40-pound chandelier was lumiere from "beauty and the beast." posted "imitation is the
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sincerest form of flattery." ♪ you're a firework >> zendaya literally was cinderella, in her light-up ball gown. she even left behind her glass slipper. kylie and kendall jenner's colorful, feathered versace looks were compared to the evil stepsisters, or jim carrey and jeff daniels in "dumb and dumber." or, orange and grape fantas. >> i do feel like wonder woman. >> tell me a secret about this dress that we wouldn't know. how many fittings? >> it has pockets. >> what's in your pockets? >> my cell phone. >> miley's bangs gave "hannah montana" vibes. serena williams reminded some of a diced ham omelette. and cardi b.'s gown may have taken 2,000 hours to create. but fans still had fun saying the look reminded them of a red blood cell, a sofa, and the red teletubby. >> it is inspired by diana ross and marie antoinette. i'm a woman of many hats. i love surrealism. camp is in my dna, perfect theme. >> i'm rocking this michael kors very campy suit. she ready. i feel like pimperella.
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>> famed designer thierry mugler came out of retirement to make kim k.'s raindrop dress. and while one fan asked, why does kim look like a croissant? thsoon-to-be mom of four wins the award for hardest working dress of the night. that corset made her waist so tiny some thought she had a rib removed. the honor of "best view from behind" goes to hailey bieber. "the look we want to steal" that's gal gadot's lace minidress, especially those over the knee boots. and it's a tie for most unrecognizable -- a blonde kris jenner. >> who decided you were going to be blonde tonight? >> kylie. >> she did? >> yes. >> and priyanka chopra jonas. >> would you say that this is your most extravagant moment, or was it the wedding? >> well, i did have a 75-foot train. >> this is tied, i think, tied. >> for the record it took a total of 1500 hours to make
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priyanka dress and it's only worn once. >> that's crazy. for this many hours she should recycle. your gown, you looked absolutely stunning. >> oh, nancy, you're so sweet. we can recycle that one. >> fantastic job. another star who looked stunning, gwen stefani. but as for her man blake shelton, the met gala is really not his scene, as "e.t.'s" sophie schilacci found out. >> are you excited about the met gala? >> i don't even know what the met gala is. >> oh, okay. it's a party for rich people. >> oh, okay, no wonder i didn't get invited. but i do know about the met thing, because gwen's out there, so. >> oh, is she? >> hmm. >> have you seen what she's wearing? >> i saw pictures of what she's going to wear, but i haven't seen her in it yet. >> gwen wore all white, and with these two we can't help but keep asking, when's the wedding? >> did she get the memo that it's on her now to propose? >> she did.
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she goes, you know, that this is not how it's going to work. >> and someone else with weddings on the brain, kelly clarkson. "the voice" coach wants to set up son remington with john legend's little luna. >> my little boy, i told chrissy, i want to marry luna. they would make the most beautiful babies. >> arranged marriage? >> skin tones, their eye color, i'm like, what would that baby look like? >> oh, she's told me something like that before. luna's pretty cute. >> how does john feel about that? that's his little girl. >> they probably think i'm weird. yeah, definitely, they probably think i'm weird. >> cute trying to set him up. they probably make beautiful music together. with parents like kelly and john. when we come back -- who really wears the apron in his own family. why his daughter says she wants to be more like mom.
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( ♪ ) do you believe in romance? romance, the fragrance by ralph lauren. travel consideration provided by -- tomorrow on "e.t." -- we're in london getting our first look at harry and meghan's baby boy. >> over the moon. >> and -- we're on set with the cast of the big bang theory. >> i think only one character dies. >> what? >> oh, wow. >> tomorrow on "e.t." gordon ramsay is tough as
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nails in the kitchen, but what is he really like at home? >> don't worry, we got a taste when the master chef was joined by his wife tana and their daughter megan. >> ask dad about how his fried eggs are. >> no, hold on. >> yes, let's talk about those -- >> hold on. >> they were like rubber. >> yep, ladies rule in the ramsey house. although they did just add another boy, baby oscar. still tonight's "masterchef junior" on fox celebrates female role models. >> you know this idea came from the inspiration we get from females on a daily basis, whether it's my amazing wife of 21 years or our oldest daughter megan. >> no offense to dad, but i do aspire to be like mom, she has everything under control, very calm, friendly. >> and doesn't curse. >> no. >> doesn't curse. doesn't pick on boyfriends, welcoming. >> i'm not picking on them, i'm just trying to get the best out of them to make you better. >> thank you, dad.
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