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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  May 8, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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really get to sleep. >>and also are leind t's ft if the weather and traffic are on your side you late whether it's right. >>a little bit better compared to the early morning hours. so i don't see a huge advantage not yet used to be like you get later. >>that this morning for ridge stuff like that idea remember those dan ol days. other than all good news on that front yet only get better and better as far as weather goes. i know it's kind of a gloomy start the week specially looking back on monday. >>yesterday brought a bit more sunshine and today going to be bringing even more of it yet i know it's still pretty gray across most of the bay you can see those skies. cloudy skies down below the lick observatory that's what we're looking at as you're stepping outside you're just looking up at it and it's making for not the prettiest of pictures to kick off this wednesday. the will get there this afternoon and under clear skies the 50's that we're seeing right now o
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p 50's for much longer, we're actually going to see temperatures today. the warmest that they've been so far this week especially for inland areas. areas like san jose all the way in near 80 degrees up to 78 oakland hanging on to a comfortable range of low 70's. well, san francisco, comfortably cool at 65. i'm breaking down the details of your forecast what to expect later today still the county robert thank you john over to the rich from santa fell bridge because it's one of the heaviest bridges right now traffic. >>on westbound 5 any is still at a crawl has not improved compared to the last hour. it is heavy from marina right through the tolls before traffic improves and then eastbound on the richmond side right around regatta there's an overturned accident on the shoulder, but emergency crews have arrived and they've just issued a sig alert. so i'll take a closer look at that coming up in a bit bay bridge traffic jam from the maze we prepare for a slow drive into san francisco at 17 to 20 minutes from the bottom of the maister fremont street states. >>all right thank you very
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much ron happening today uber drivers are set to go on strhke which could be a big problem for you come later on today whether takeover or list 3 hours from now it's going to be hard to get a ride share cropper sarah stinson joins us live from san francisco with more. >>it's going to be huge impact this 12 hour strike is definitely going to hurt those who want to pull up the app and look for a ride share right now tons of cars but come noon when that strike begins its going to be difficult people are going to have to rely on public transportation or a taxi are anything like that to get home from work today were just as you said 3 hours away from that strike in a rally will kick it off right here in front of uber headquarters. i just spoke with one of the drivers he came out all right now it's 9 o'clock he came out thinking the strike was now he said he's very bond because you could be making money right now, but he wants to participate in the strike and
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it's not just drivers in san francisco, this is drivers across plus the country in major cities. striking is they are set with uber saying the company does not pay enough and needs to improve on were conditions give more support. many people work for both lyft and uber and say it still just not enough and that's why is going to be impacted well because those who are participating were from uber we'll have to be well not have to be that they'll want to be turning off their apps and participating in this strike. those strike happens. 2 days before uber goes official i will be generating billions of dollars for the company. i spoke to lots of people on the street today. >>most in favor saying these people deserve more. i'm totally fine with them going on strike over spoke to one woman does not favor take a listen. >>i don't understand whether going on strike i have the feeling that there's such a disparate group. at a certain period certain building to say well they're not driving on money get more gigs and have drive a dollar don't have that happen.
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>>and every single over driver, i have approached said striven passed near market street us as that have told me they are not participating in the strike. they're hoping to get more money because when there's lots of people want write and lest drivers. the price. it goes up so have to continue to follow this see what turnout. it's going to be here at dover headquarters for now live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>ok, thank you sarah. it's 9 oh 04:00am and the words are getting ready to take on the rockets in game 5 at home, where now both teams that's raft court and off the driver cell phone taken herself plus going to be a mascot is playing the words are plants right game 7 for the sharks in san jose lots going on fours will trend live outside oracle arena where again that parking lot going to be pretty packed 7 for us yet not yet a warriors. >>it feels like it doesn't it
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because historically a lot of teams treat game 5 as though it's game 7 because historically 70 propped up aig teams that win game 5 end up winning the entire series0and many of them actually james and area and of winning game 6. feeling the deep. fiat is up important. >>they're tied at the top of that a lot of the water with a. he went to houston with the commanding really can't really keep your if you can hear us your audio keeps breaking up. so we'll try get that fixed in combat yet what he's talking about is you know the importance of game 5 he's been stressing all along well. >>as that 70% of the time the winner gave 5 goals on the waiting game 6 or game 7 and now they're both tied up 2 games tensions are high the good news is obviously we're in front of a home crowd at the bad news is and but if we can just get clay and steph to catch fire laying and has been going house in the bag we'll see fingers crossed for tonight time now is 9 oh 5 and
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it's the second day of testimony oakland ghost ship warehouse fire. and we got to hear what led up to the flames we did forensic pathologist who performed autopsies on. >>several of the 36 victims testified on tuesday and along with a former friend of the go ship master 10 of their economy. they were on the stand. but he said that he warned al mina the warehouse was a death trap. those are his words and said that he even took those concerns to fire department but said that he felt as if the fire chief kind of brushed off those concerns. one of the victim's brothers. chris allen tells us that he xers that they are responsible. >>they created the environment, the manage the environment they invited others into that environment where we're here to make sure tmat. you know there's a measure of the accountability in and that you know something like this doesn't happen again. >>that's the case the prosecutors are making their a comment uh next harris both charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, accused of failing to provide adequate safety equipment
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exits and signage inside that warehouse. >>bullets were found on a middle school campus in mill valley and that has parents and students worried the bullets were found on april 30th no gun and ah when since then police have had a bigger presence at no valley middle school during the school hours they also have counselors available in case this scares kids noe valley police are asking anybody who might have information about these mysterious bullets to help them out 9 oh 7 a breaking news is there was a shooting at a colorado school that killed one student and injured 8 and we've learned a little bit more about the 2 people who were arrested for the shooting to both students. one is an 18 year-old boy named devon erickson and the other is a younger girl camila bernal is in colorado with the latest. >>i think getting reports shots fired in the school. >>and all too familiar emergency call went out on tuesday. >>well, yes we room, 1, 0, 7,
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>>with officers rushing to stop the shooting at a school near denver. authorities say 2 gunmen entered stem school highlands ranch around 02:00pm killing one student and injuring 8 others. >>all of. >>victims that were shot have been released except for 3, children that are still in intensiveare. >>quick acting douglas county sheriff's deputies responded to the call within 2 minutes of being alerted. >>we have. an adult male that we send out information on yesterday in custody. we have a juvenile female and that is in custody, right now who is the other suspect. >>the stem school is only 7 miles from columbine high school where 20 years ago, 13 people were gunned down by 2 shooters one father here says his family is no been touched twice by these shootings. >>no school should really be places where students can learn and grow safe places.
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and we shouldn't have to worry about being marched out or having being airlifted to hospitals or even losing one's life. >>now the male suspect is expected in court this afternoon authorities are not sure if the female suspect is gonna be in court because her process will be different as a juvenile now. they are not wanting to say whether or not these 2 are cooperating. they say this is part of the very long investigation reporting in colorado coming over now back to you. >>now to the east bay they driver has come forward after a teen was injured in pleasanton is actually a story we first brought you yesterday morning right here on the cross for morning news, 13 year-old alex bore city was left with chipped teeth, cuts bruises, you can see the pictures he was getting picked up from school on friday near greenwood road and valley avenue when he was hit and dash cam video actually shows that silver minivan driving by that's the vehicle that struck the child the driver kept going. and so police were
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asking the community to come forward with any information turns out the driver has come forward to report that she was involved in the crash. they say she is now full cooperating. breaking news from overnight, at least one person has been taken to the hospital with burns after and 5 others have been displaced following this fire at an apartment building in downtown santa rosa. >>these are pictures and video provided by santa rosa. a fire scene. this fire broke out early in the morning was about 01:00am on the 6th floor of the rosenberg building on mendocino avenue. if you're familiar with that building you know it's an old one built back in the early 1900's a historic landmark and now suffered some damage, the red cross is there helng those 5 people have now been displaced. >>just end boy you have a palace says the royal baby is. >>archie, not just arching archie harrison mount back the winds are that's fancy a but are she's not fancy might be of a a judge archie comic book
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you know what it's different no other persons named archie in the world families, so yeah, it's it's not a name that's been passed down from >>and here's the queen this is a new picture of the queen getting to meet her great grandson for the first time and then hear the pictures of the couple right after the baby was yesterday they came out today with this video. prince harry calling the birth the most amazing experience and meghan markle saying she's got 2 great guys at so there you go our chance i like it. we'll take a quick break still ahead part of governor new some new budget proposal actually offering some benefits to mothers and their newborns we'll talk more about that in a minute. >>and police are also looking for someone who exposed himself. in the bay area to children in more
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>>morning news and back to our hot spot. yes, we have one in its enrichment here on east 5.80 regatta that's a counter
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commute direction, it's an overturned someone spot out flipped over on the shoulder and now that we have emergency crews on scene. they have the right lane blocked roads causing a major delay but you're backed up about one exit on east 5.80 leading up to the overturned and chp has issued a special traffic alert to just be aware. now this is the westbound side the commute direction which is of course much heavier it's crawling from arena through the tolls getting on to the bridge. so you're holding 15 minutes that's normal. but just have to for the overturn at regatta i'll keep watching it for you, we're checking the bay bridge to oakland to san francisco the usual crawl at the toll plaza. yes, it's still backed of heavily into the maze, not really improving just yet to leave a little early for the drive into san francisco, one oh one clocking in at 14 minutes from brisbane to 80 and i don't see any trouble spots for 2.80. it's just ok, it's not bad, it's not good 14 minutes from daly city to downtown san francisco john. well robin we are looking >>well so cloudy skies overhead but clear skies later on today, this is san
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francisco on and the gray side of things still san jose also under a layer of cloud cover and well there's the east bay, a pleasant hill looking to the east over towards mount diablo also we can very cloudy right now what you had above these low clouds you do have sunshine that is going to make its way out. later on today high pressure built up over the region also going to help to keep us dry at least for the day today. i say that because we do actually have another chance of rain in the forecast it won't be today with clear skies this afternoon, a push of fog this evening, another clear afternoon tomorrow, but tomorrow night showers will make their way through the bay area for the most part lawyers sleep thursday night leading into friday morning. friday morning showers linger in the central valley as well as the sierra nevada but much of the bay area drying out by this point may see a few south bay showers early in the day on friday. besides that we have a nice forecast ahead of a certainly a lot of clear and a touch warmer than what we had to start the week this 50's
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and 60's for the peninsula, including san francisco for your highs today. well elsewhere across the bay, your daytime highs are going to be warmer than what we had for yesterday, san jose notable up to 78 degrees has also will be live or more just shy of the 80 degree mark while the creek unconquered each fairly warm 77 while oakland and san leandro staying comfortable right at 70 degrees nearing 80 and nap and fairfield at 79 while vacaville 2 degrees above the 80 degree mark at 82 today cooler out towards the coast as you would expect with low 60's in stinson beach and point raise so daytime highs for inland areas, solid 70's. each of the next 7 days and are bayside areas comfortable too right around the 70 degree mark just below it most cases today into tomorrow, mostly sunny skies tomorrow night into friday, our loan chance of rain after that the rest of your holiday weekend for mother's day looks great great weather to be out and about celebrating moms. time now for
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winners and losers on wall street financial expert rob black breaking it down for us and one of headlines this week was the dow taking a hit with a market second hit because of the on again off again tension between the us and china what's the latest with that. >>i actually have a different life looking at it ok loves me she loves me not. and today it looks like china is in love with us again according to donald trump president donald trump yesterday not so much the markets in the world markets kind of collapsed yesterday on news that the china deal. now today. president trump says that china just inform the white house as vice premier will lead a delegation to the united states to make a deal. i said he tweeted out i'm very happy with over the 100 billion a year in tears, filling us coffers. >>but he wants to get a deal done maybe maybe not he inside his tweet to take shots at china saying another just trying to wait it out to see the democrats win next presidential elections. they can take advantage of america to every nice thing to say. with that said it's this is
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political risk. i still believe in the markets yesterday as on crown on my side, a dip in the market buying opportunity if you believe in the long-term capital as winds out. this is headline risk, it's noise. it's it's it's it's not comfortable. but at same time it will there will get a deal will get done sooner than later. present will need going into the election year to show a stronger economy. >>they were going pretty strong that by friday they were going increase to tariffs is that still like the deadline that the ocean is talks towards are from what i'm hearing it's more likely the tariffs will ha. kick and the woman take a little bit longer so dramatic what will crime news. and i don't pay attention stock market and just ride it out ok next topic we got to talk about home pric we've been. discussing here recently how price increases have been gradually shrinking and shrinking as as type is going on is that still the trend was the latest numbers, yeah and out coming personal side first time i checked on zillow they updated. my house yesterday down a $100,000 for the first time in 9 years and i'm like.
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>>pour. but home prices are less heated the spring. spring so that the price increases are slowing because the affordability is still problematic in the higher mortgage rates about 40% nation's top 50 markets are overvalued and people are chasing that performance quite as much. this is an improvement from years ago was more than 50% of homes are overvalued but it's as a pose that barrier to entry of getting your first home and what i think about my kids and your kids will they be able to afford a home or will the people for a room by the time it gets out there. home prices on a national level rose about 3.7% in march that's down from 4% in february. so it's low and and like i said i got is a low estimate yesterday which is not terribly terribly accurate. but for years as getting those estimates and likely lose weight that's wonderful. rate term filthy rich now i saw go down like that's a reality and after 9
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appears in stock market night appears in the real estate market. it will slow at some point in time just know that and that's that's a good thing about thing the difficult shower. all right call. but our want to talk about let's talk about google we have there doing the google i o over at the shoreline at the theater at every year the developers here what's the latest greatest with google looking to do it. >>what are you hearing coming out of that can't get it all in the segment because i'm a tech guy but i am encouraged by what i'm seeing google discussed a lot of guy. >>new developments on hardware software and privacy issues. the core one for me as they're adding an augmented-reality feature to search us. so you search great white shark. you can now take a project or had any for your phone and projected on a long what a great white shark. the size might be adding that features creek colo get there. this is the one that i think is the winner of that at all is a well you're going too fast, ultimately what we have here is google and see picture of ok i'll show you the most popular item on the menu base
9:22 am
dyes into google maps and all the other review sites way you can take a picture of something in french it'll automatically translate it for you. so there's a new dark mode that will save battery life which is important for a lot of people there's life captions on any video even if the video is not streaming. you don't have an internet connection. you watch a video review this one that you're seeing right now you'll see my words thrown right on top of it. so a lot of nice little things that cool best hardware is a 10 inch screen. this is can be kind of a kind of game changer but it's got that video and audio satellite's going a speaker to its there now kind of melding devices together. they also not too cheap phones which is direct shot at apple happel seen slowing expensive phones. they announced the pixel 3, 8, pixel 3 axl 99% 3 99 4, 7, 9 and little bit more affordable nice features a lot of good security features where you can wipe out their records on you and you could actually go incognito if you want to so google's hearing it and they're trying spot. i think they're innovating way faster
9:23 am
than apple is at this point in time. so it's interesting to watch so they are one of your winners this morning right rob, thank you as always and feel free to join us again tomorrow as we continue to chat about the latest wall street sent rocket questions will try to answer them on the air you can. >>find him on facebook twitter you can e-mail him directly and of course you can always find about our web site
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>>morning news and back to our hot spot. its enrichment counter to new direction of
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5.80 eastbound at regatta this driver spun out the car flipped over on the shoulder. but now that emergency crews have arrived they have the far right lane close and chp has issued a special traffic alert and we do have injuries reported to so prepare for some delays there on east found 5 of the approaching regatta because of that hot spot westbound it's pretty much the typical crawl all at least from harbor through the tolls getting on to the bridge. it's jammed up 14 minutes from the pay gates, 21 jump. >>well, robin you can see all those clouds still in your hands looking over the roadways so we are not down with this cloudy morning just yet although it will be a nice sunny afternoon and you can see those clouds reflected in your delays out of sfo where they have been delayed about an hour over the course of the morning so far very little change there something else that's not changing a lot are palm levels it's not awful but it's not great either medium levels of palms do continue for the rest of your work week. the best day to get outside if you're an allergy sufferer will that will actually be on saturday very
9:27 am
conveniently timed to the weekend. james all right. thank you. 26 that i'm still ahead. uber drivers about to strike in fact just a few hours from now you may have a hard time finding a ride share in the city or anywhere around that there no one's journey begins with a trophy.
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>>but this was in richmond and it's an overturned accident. i do have injuries only one lane closed, but there's a lot of heavy traffic leading up to the scene so this is eastbound 5.80 right at the regatta exit the car that flipped over is on the shoulder, but we have fires chp other emergency crews on scene. they have the right lane close so you see that back up there just before and after the scene you want to keep your eyes open for that and then if you have to head west up to the return center fell bridge of course heavier everybody trying to make it into the north bay so it's crawling from harbor right up to the toll plaza so keep that in mind 14 minutes with heavy traffic here on both sides of 5.80 the bay bridge commute coming into san francisco. still backed up through the maze and i just got word of an accident west of treasure island blocking a lane as well so you're slow from the maze and it stays heavy. all the way over to fremont street john well rob and you can see over the bay bridge all that cloud cover that is still staying with us for most of the bay this morning.
9:31 am
>>you had further inland eventually towards bethel island. there's the sunshine we've all been waiting for and that's something that we are eventually going to take in all across the bay area. just later today the get more of it than either monday or tuesday brought us current temperatures are still in the 50's for most areas with areas like oakland and dublin at 57 brent what in fairfield though you are for spots in the 60's. a range of numbers that we're going to see for most of the bay at some point today but a lot of us are actually going to pass that oakland all the way up to 70 degrees in san jose up near 80 degrees at 78 making today the warmest day of the week so far i've got a nice forecast to carry us into the holiday weekend still to come back to you. >>thank you john 9.31 a big story governor newsom just announced a plan that could really cut down on the costs of families raising children in california. the plans include eliminating the tax on certain items like diapers and tampons covers ashley's of all has the details. >>school surrounded by boxes
9:32 am
of diapers and tampons the governor first partner and female lawmakers announced an effort to lighten part of the financial load for california families we're fighting for future where our daughters will be valued equally to our sons. a california where every single child. no matter their zip code or the family that they're born into. we'll have the best possible start in life first the governor aims to get rid of taxes on diapers and menstrual products preparing for an estimated $55 million cut to the state budget. >>i can tell you i don't care how you doing hits the pocketbook. for families not just income families, middle income families and i think this step is long overdue other proposals presented tuesday include $1000 tax credits for families of children, 6 and younger. >>and extending paid family leave by 2 weeks for each parent. we need in our society today to have both moms and dads both parents or family
9:33 am
members there to help care for our families other tuesday's announcement only included democrats there are republicans in support of the effort there's a lot of things we can do to empower women and you know kind of balance the playing field and these are definitely steps that can go for didn't really help them out. >>in addition to these measures the governor is set to announce his full budget proposal thursday in sacramento actually is about kron 4 news. >>happening today uber drivers set to go on strike which means you could be facing a problem later today if you're looking for a ride share. bride uber drivers are going to shutting off their apps beginning at noon it's a way of protesting their company % they're upset that uber says sir that overs not paying them enough in their minds and they need more improve port conditions as well many people who work for both uber and lyft say they're not going to either. so if you're a lift queues you might affected by this as well. we've got what 2 days until over officially goes public and they're expected to become a billion
9:34 am
dollar company and a lot of the drivers say some of that wealth needs to be shared with them. we have some drivers are going to be participating and some who say they're not. yeah. i am i am you know i started doing this about 3 and a half years ago. and uh it was a good gig was a really good gig i could work 50 hours in may $2000 and then towards the end of last year they started to cut the rates and as of now i can make a got a 20% pay cut. that's what's happened. we saw a big cut. recently in los angeles and that's when the strike started and i think we're just reaching a tipping point where drivers are saying you know that's enough. the economy is booming. prices are going up and yet so that what we're getting paid is coming down. and that just doesn't make any sense and and and we've got the i p o so we're seeing thousands of you know millionaires being minted who
9:35 am
work for the company and it's the revenue is all being made on the back of the drivers. so it's it's just lit a fuse that's a a yeah, it's just like the last straw are it's it's great that you are a driver seat and give us the inside track for those of us who don't have any experience about that side of the business because we're just the consumers that you know take part in your service. what is it that you guys have to pay for employee wouldn't if they were part of a company that considering the ploy instead of a contractor, what are your expenses now that you're trying to get some of this money to recoup. just a normal business expenses i've been an independent contractor for almost 30 years now so i really don't have an issue with being an independent contractor. but the things we pay for gas course we pay for our car. we have to pay for and medical insurance and we have to put money aside for our retirement plans. so these are things that typically a company would provide which we
9:36 am
it's on us to do that for ourselves uber relies on you and your vehicles today at least help cover some of the insurance for your vehicle at all are now. well they do cover the they do cover our cars when we have a passenger in the car when we're driving to go pick up a passenger. but on top of that we need to buy what's called rideshare insurance which will cover us as a commercial vehicle when we're not specifically driving for uber left. now yes, ok and we're seeing this play out nationwide some cities to strike some cities like in san francisco, it's a 12 hour think they do feel like this is going to be effect of this is a coordinated thing or is this sort of his kind of organic where pops up as we're going to pop up. unfortunately i don't think it's going to make a any any i mean in the past labor strikes haven't had to go on for days and days and days and if everybody who was a driver struck. and it went on for weeks and weeks and weeks yes, we could probably make some change because the
9:37 am
public would be fed up they would want one us back on the road. there would be pressure but having a strike in one day. i think we're just going to get a lot of media attention. but for uber and for left we the drivers are their biggest expense or even said it in their stock statement that they expect it to lower continue to lower what they're paying us into expect more driver dissatisfaction as part of their business. so we're just something that they've got to manage. i think there are thought is well some people may quit, but there's always more people that need money more people that are going to come work and that's that's the state of it. unfortunately interesting all right well we'll have to see how this plays out and hopefully we'll have you back here to talk more about this is we see uber go public. they're expected to be worse at that point like $90 billion is going to be pretty a pretty crazy and then we'll see what the ref ramifications are of the strike that's happening right now. thank you talk to its you bet, thank you j. the pitcher
9:38 am
with the oakland a's throws the season's first no hitter we'll take a look. >>and a dramatic rescue just off the coast of san francisco. we'll show you what happened. and here's a live look at traffic roland well you're over the san mateo bridge. but we do and hot spot you know when you're at ross and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less.
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9:40 am a price that has you,s and like...d.hmmm. at ross. okay. that's yes for less. say yes to the latest spring trends at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. >>welcome back to the proper morning news and back to our
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hot spot its enrichment. we haven't overturn accident that is still active here and elaine close chp has issued a traffic alert for east 5 80 at regatta that's where the right lane is blocked off to clear this overturn accident with injuries that they are still dealing with so you will see a backup just before and after the scene but so far no estimated time of clearing. now the westbound side that's the commute direction, and it's much much heavier from harbor through the tolls to about mitt span is your slow down so give yourself some extra time if you have to take 5.80 east or west because you're getting heavy traffic on both sides this morning, a look at some more trouble spots coming up in a bit shocked. >>and still cloudy out there but we do have sunshine later today to expect san francisco looking across the bay you can see just how great those skies remain in temperatures are still for the most part in the 50's for those of you heading outside right now concord right now 58. well, antioch one of our few spots that are back up into the 60's winds will stay calm for most of the
9:42 am
day breezy at times over towards fairfield as you look at that cool coastal air still sweeping into the delta. i'm pushing into the central valley are will be a bit warmer today. james. new this morning. the us coast guard rescued a man off the coast of san francisco fact we've got some dramatic chopper video from the coast guard looking down over this oil tanker at sea and there you see the person that they had to rescue in the basket being hoisted up to safety. >>he's a 28 year-old man all we know is that he fell yesterday suffer some sort of neck injury on that tanker. now the helicopter crew at first couldn't get out there to him so that will temper had to turn and make its way towards san francisco got close enough. then the chopper crew got out there and as you can see lifted him to safety. they took him to a hospital in palo alto where he is recovering this morning. >>areas hoping for another win in oakland tonight, the a's made history with there's a now the warriors we'll try to defend home court in game 5. don't spoil the avengers for klay thompson, he doesn't know how it ends even though he did go to the movie plus not this
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time to the crown
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for morning news we're starting off with. >>and richmond that is pretty much wrapping up right now we have a special traffic alert for eastbound 5 80 at regatta this overturned being cleared from the right lane and it's the right lane that's blocked by emergency crews with most of the activity as on the shoulder, so its crop calling for marina up to the scene and
9:46 am
then after that traffic will start to pick up if you're traveling west opposite side which is the commute direction, it's still heavy. i don't see a huge improvement not yet sometimes we get early clearing sometimes not so much. it's backed up to marina marina to that whole 16 minutes out a one to one. the bay bridge traffic also slow and i'm just getting word of a stall westbound your treasure island that's not helping. it is still backed up into so now you have one more thing to add to this heavy traffic 21 minutes for your average after fremont street. now here's a bridge that's improving how about the san mateo bridge looking better right. not so bad west of the toll still busy but we're down to 15 minutes. so that's decent heading over to the peninsula john well robin what we've got going on outside is pretty obvious, it's still cloudy out there i know it's going to be clear this afternoon. >>it's something that we're all looking forward to but as for the moment, this is what we've got berkeley look and just as cloudy as it was earlier this morning. these
9:47 am
are low cloud that are across foothills of the bay, especially where they are making contact with the ground actually making for some foggy conditions right around seminole and up in the berkeley hills, but they're not gonna last forever high pressure in place and that will help to keep us dry as skies clear this afternoon and temperatures rise the warmest that they've been all week long back up into a range of upper 70's and even low 80's for some of our inland areas you do see that sunshine this afternoon on future cast. foggo pushing tonight again more sunshine tomorrow and then tomorrow night, some showers pushing through the day our one chance of rainfall ahead in this forecast and for the most part remaining limited to your overnight hours thursday night into friday while most of us are sleeping decides that you're in the clear especially on into mother's day weekend when skies will be dry conditions will be comfortable. 60's for your daytime highs at least for the most part on the peninsula. a few 50's out towards the coast. this not a big change for more we have
9:48 am
been where you will be seeing the biggest difference in temperatures as compared to the past couple of days will be in the south bay, the east bay in the north bay, san jose 78 for your high today that's a big jump from yesterday livermore also up near 80 degrees at 78 low 70's and hayward union cities, san leandro in oakland, while the upper 70's in concord while the creek down to danville temperatures in the low 80's for vacaville and near that mark in fairfield the napa while out towards the coast. much like the peninsula still in the low 60's for point raise in stinson beach temperatures in the mid 70's, most of your next 7 days for inland areas very comfortable as for our bayside areas, upper 60's to low 70's. that chance of rain thursday night into friday morning, south bay areas may see that rain lingering around longer on friday early on after that though we do have dry skies for the holiday weekend. most notably on mother's day on sunday high at 77 and winds and mostly sunny skies overhead.
9:49 am
>>you were sleeping, is we're making history and oakland and you're thinking went to bed. >>they were the worst in the west. so that hasn't changed, but they did win. >>and it was a no hitter the first one of the mlb season a's pitcher mike fires, wanked just 2 leaders and struck out 6 over 9 innings in a game that was darker and later than usual because they couldn't get some of the lights tour. well team said though, and that's fine still it was shattered you to really was dark. house and those lines the plumbing works. fires was on fire, but he couldn't have done it alone his teammates made some great defensive plays to say the day and win the game. 2 to nothing. wow it really was an historic night because the giants won 2 francisco was playing the colorado rockies who are also
9:50 am
at the bottom of the nl west carol. at least the judge came out smelling a little better. they won 14 to 4. winning is the best deals i smell another win in oakland or is it a taste that tasted victory, whatever just win game 5. this back and forth is killing me. both teams are defended homecourt by 6 points are less ald warriors coach curfews, chill. >>anything unusual. we will run the last 5 years we've plenty of we've had our share of city downs who before we're down 3 won a few years ago and came back in. he says this is all part of it. quarter we're in a good spot and you just get back to work. >>chernow worries co-workers game 5 in oakland sharks game 7 tonight, san jose and well
9:51 am
fans are on the edge of their seats klay thompson is apparently not impressed. a reporter says the clay walked out of the avengers endgame. before it ended does that. i mean is a 3 hour plus movie. so yes, i a long movies, i hate to reza why you want to. well, yeah i know why into it can you see that happen true and maybe you know what what i love clay. >>we both went to was to go coombs awesome to get benefit out on the he did watch the previous movies leading up to this because if you haven't then maybe you don't miss you get all the jokes not getting all the reference ok perhaps maybe to get bored. although the last hour. it was glorious that's when it all came together he walked out just you know got i think the legal you know, i'm thinking it might be the reason like i don't watch sports. but i like to play sports. clay. >>plays a sport, he doesn't want to see somebody do something else. he is like here that's boring. watch
9:52 am
people do stuff. i want to do stuff to regulate like kind of city or maybe that's now hey. another debut we got our first look at that what's his name at the royal, you want. that's why is it. know. meghan markle and prince harry. i didn't walk the red carpet tell and had they come to show him off all newborns are adorable ok, i'm more impressed with how she looks a day after giving birth. she's already a super mom. pants like amy schumer she walked the red carpet. comfortable t shirt. sunday night and then she went to the hospital. 2 of her style the 1030 and night and she titled this picture out our royal baby because james i think you want to get to that place county is saying she talks about this running thing.
9:53 am
she's like do you know bad it is to be pregnant at the same time as megan markle she get because maybe gets all the headlines. what a and because so when meghan was first pregnant, i remember, and and amy talk about this you know they're doing all those baby bump shot s like the boat was tiny so megan had to go like this like to even see it and they be like baby with reading level baby boomers where's where's you amy was like outta here and she's like nobody said they be bought. i like nobody wanted so you know she was like. >>royal her babies get the spotlight today, that's a great picture take that that's the nice. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
9:54 am
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♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present.
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>>a giant snake this happened in oklahoma, this was a guy just coming over to visit his friend rang the doorbell didn't realize that there was a snake he wrapped up in the porch light when it hit him in the eye i knew it. well, yeah, i didn't like it. well then the question is find out is a poisonous what we do. and hayley they went we've got police fire a quick update desk maybe day. and in a column archie jughead gryffindor all the san
9:57 am
francisco babies more on the same day yesterday about >>have a great day we'll see you tomorrow morning guys.
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