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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  May 9, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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or isil and then. out comes the sun is a front will everyone get sun today. >>some areas really close to the coast. so going to be 10 include me that i was going toa oh yeah, warm and toasty conditions for us for the east bay today again and looking outside of the bay bridge this morning you can see. >>the you know several in a warm and toasty out there but will eventually be looking at that robin has for right now we are definitely on the cloudier side of things look at this period here. this is the east bay right down from berkeley there's not a lot to be seen here as the east bay hills are making contact with that low lying cloud cover that is blocked out visibility for a few keeping visibility low in areas like santa rosa have invade napa and livermore right now and you're going to be looking at this cloud cover. really remaining
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throughout much year morning by noontime today we really start to see retreating. then you've got your sunshine so this is a trend of weather that chance continues today, looking at those dry skies overhead but still very foggy and also a little on the misty sides, especially for the coastal areas. temperatures are in the 50's much like they were yesterday we of 57 conquered a 56 valais own berkeley, egypt, 53 degrees currently wind speeds are picked up from yesterday looking at wind speeds at 13 miles per hour sustained in oakland. fairfield very breezy at 26 miles per hour right now making our way to the day from the 50's to the 60's to the 70's. again it's almost a repeat of yesterday foggy misty start sunny year warmer finish and then tonight a return of fog and low lying cloud cover so it's a trend or whether we've got used to i'm talking your mother's day weekend forecast and what to expect as you're getting out there to celebrate moms still to count. robin all right. thank you johnny want to check
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in on traffic now s see. >>how we're a92, so it's not a busy as the bay bridge right in getting a little crowded, but not bad, now's the time to use it i'll give you like an hour and then it's going to be packed here from hayward over to the peninsula. so you have to. to beat the rush really of 14 minutes to make it over to want to one check out the slowing here at the bay bridge toll plaza. this is mostly for you can cash payers you the fast track don't sit in that back up you should have fast ride that will get you through faster car pooling will be great to so far is stacking up from the 8.80 over crossing, but moving very well across the upper deck to downtown san francisco. here's what i want to cross the golden gate smooth conditions trouble free into and out of san francisco. a very quick 20 minutes from highway 37 in the bottle to the toll plaza in san francisco. so right on time so far. we have more dry times freeways 80 the sure that's about 15 minutes right off the kirk heinous into crockett rich been albany berkeley. emeryville it's clear on down to the maze, no issues for 24
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this morning, a nice commute from walnut creek through the caldecott on over to oakland maze 5 80's doing well the limits doing well so far 11 minutes and trouble free from san leandro to downtown oakland. in the south bay, the search continues for the driver of a second vehicle suspected of being involved in a fatal street racing accident in san jose. the crash killed 24 year-old on new he was a passenger in the pontiac trans am that police say was racing on sunday. the pontiac crashed right into a tree there in the center divide the driver survived and this is suspected of driving under the influence. neighbors say that street racing, you know just happens they're way too often and too close to their homes. there was any trees and castle hit the house. >>you know we're here in constant loud engine revving in tires screeching as probably the biggest one tires screeching at night i hear all the time from my room actually i hear all the time. clear if
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the driver will face any charges but we'll defite you upd >>happening today, the carcass of the great well that washed up on ocean beach in san francisco. it's going to bury the national park service says this is the most cost effective way to remove what has just become a public health nooses so heavy equipment operators will dig a pit for that carcass are going to cover it up. they also asked the public to avoid that area for the time being and always exercise caution around any marine mammal found on the beach, you know it's been drawing a large crowd. this is the 9th grade well to wash up on bay area shores this year so far this particular well died after getting hit by ship. lee homeless heroin addict who took to social media to thank his arresting officer for saving his life is now working to help other homeless people get off the streets from for spring. kelly has that story. >>at first it was really wethomas will walk the same
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streets of the tenderloin where one year ago, he was a homeless heroin addict. >>here's the mug shot that was tweeted out by sfpd last june warning residents that wolf had been arrested repeatedly for drug possession and violating his stay away order. 8 months later. wolf responded to that tweet thanking the salvation army for helping him get sober and thanking the officer who arrested him the doing here you can see wolf reuniting with officer rob gilson back in march, he credits gilson for helping him get out of the tenderloin thereby saving his life. but now the man who lost his old job as a social worker because of his drug habit is now 10 months clean and sober and has a job around the corner from the tenderloin police station. he's now working as a case worker and life skills coordinator at the salvation army's railton place helping
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homeless veterans get into transitional housing so i just try to help them in whatever way i can. >>with the tools i think that from recovery to show them. the right path. >>will says it was surreal coming to work in a neighborhood where he comes face to face with people locked in the same struggle of addiction. t i also realize tha this is i think where i'm supposed to be. >>because i was in my edition here i saw so many people who had fallen i've seen people over the scene people buy a crime just just a lot of bad stuff happened here. and this community needs help. so to be able come back to this community and give back a little bit in my small way is definitely. something that i want to do. >>wolf is back in his 2 children's lives and working on reconciling with his life. >>officer gilson says he's happy to hear about his former estes progress but thinks he's been given too much credit for the part he played.
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>>officer gilson says he just did what cops all over the city do every day helping people in the communities they care about maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>stories like that it's great to see people get help turn themselves around and also help red to remember a teen who drowned in san ramon valley high school a pool there about a year ago then curry's death was ruled an accident dozens of people gathered for a vigil for curry last night right in front of the danville lot of very to mark the one year since his death. right now it's sort of getting through. i mean it's heart warming and heartbreaking. i'm so grateful. star friend sen. the carey family has filed a lawsuit against the san ramon unified school district and the teacher who was on duty during that peak last the
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lawsuit claims that the teacher who was supervising the swim class looking at his cell phone at the time of the accident. we'll take a look at this police seized more than 1000 weapons from a home in an upscale los angeles neighborhood. aerial video showed authorities are sorting through their document and documenting that massive pollo weapons. it appeared to include rifles shotguns and handguns, an anonymous tip led to the arrest of one man he's accused of selling the illegal guns. wolf billion dollars for the november wildfires, making them the most expensive in state history. so the figure includes the camp fire that devastated the town of paradise as well as to southern california fires. the camp fire killed 85 people and destroyed nearly 19,000 buildings. previously the most expensive fires in the state have been the north bay fires that was in the late late 2017 with claims totaling 11.8 billion. destructive wildfires
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are driving up the cost of homeowners insurance in california, making it more difficult for many to afford. on to national news now democrats took the first step and charging attorney general william barr with contempt for failing to turn over the mueller report and all related information. our washington dc correspondent alexandra le mon has the latest. >>the trump administration is taking obstruction of congress to new heights democrats on the house judiciary committee want to hold attorney general william barr in contempt of congress. >>for failing to turn over and an edited version of the mueller report plus all of the related evidence negotiations between the committee and bar broke down tuesday evening. and president trump then issued an order to withhold all of the mueller documents from congress, california congressman eric swalwell says it's too late for the president to claim executive privilege, it was waived. i don mcgahn when he spilled. >>the number of instances when
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donald trump obstructed justice republicans say it's too soon to charge the attorney general with contempt and they say much of the additional information is secret grand jury do can't be in contempt. >>for failing to produce things that are illegal for you to produce white house press secretary sarah sanders says democratic leaders had the chance to see a more complete version of the report not a single democrat has even taken the time to go and look at it. but congresswoman pramila jayapal says the rules made it pointless as lawmakers were not allowed to discuss it or act on it, it means there is no oversight over the utilization of public. >>power in the white house for personal game jaya paul says president trump's threat to fight all congressional subpoenas will provoke a constitutional crisis in washington alexandra, the mountain. >>well coming up next on the crime from morning news police in the east bay are trying to figure out how this tesla and
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crashing right through a dry cleaners. a little peek outside we're checking in on a roof camera looking at the embarcadero right now overcast were a lot of you some of you will get a little bit of drizzle and temperatures in the low to upper 50's this morning, we'll check your afternoon highs coming up after the break.
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>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music] >>welcome back to the crawford morning news. we're just waiting for the clouds to clear and the sun to come on story of our lives yesterday.
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>>i feel like that's just what we've been doing during morning hours waiting for the sign and then it gets there he saver for a moment and that's pulled away for minute sets and goes away and we repeat the next to exactly that's exactly what today again too. >>foggy and cloudy conditions to start and this is the golden gate bridge just one of our many cardy spots, temperatures right now a range of 50 says not all that chilly, we've got mountain view of 59 right now but what a 58 so temperatures could be a lot cooler that's for sure but it is breezy, foggy and it also is a little bit drizzly in a couple spots too. so you may be certain that windshield wiper on once or twice as you're leaving work rather leaving for work early this morning. so we actually do have an area of low pressure is in retrograde right now moving back into the bay area. this is going to result in some areas of rainfall tomorrow, not necessarily for the bay though this rain looks to be moving too far to the south to be seen in the bay.
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so besides a couple of sprinkles possible in the santa cruz and diablo ranges of the south part of the bay into early tomorrow, it looks like much of the bay is going to remain dry today tomorrow on into your mother's day weekend lets a bit of good news. if you do have plans that may be taken lawn outside the next couple of days. temperatures in the 60's and san francisco as well as o is for the most part up and down the peninsula, you all some 50's holding on right up the coast for some of our fog is going to stay pretty steady all through the day for the area for areas further away from the water such as our inland areas. temperatures much like yesterday back into the 70's milpitas 75 pleasanton livermore each at 74. while mid to upper 60's in berkeley oakland and richmond today concord in walnut creek mid 70's for you at 75 each vacaville 79 today so at 73. and santa rosa, not bad either at 73 degrees. here's your next 7 days temperatures for
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inland areas solid 70's range of mid to upper 60's so it could be a lot worse than these temperatures really nice actually partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies today and tomorrow and do watch out for a couple scattered sprinkles, especially in the south bay early tomorrow, come saturday and sunday, no sprinkles just a lot of sunshine in mother's day looking really nice one of our warmer days in the forecast. after that monday tuesday and wednesday, not a whole lot of change either mostly sunny partly cloudy and nice and dry to enjoy. robin. >>thank you john all right, let's check in on your morning commute around the bay area we're taking a look at the bay bridge to drive into san francisco, backing up quickly in the cash lane, so if you're a cash pair. you're going to be stuca fast track you should have it because you want to sit in this line right you can avoid it if you have fast-track. the right hand side its backing of the on 8 80 on the left not as bad and of course the fast records in carpoolers of moving right on
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through without a delay, so it's still a good time to come on in awe reports of any a major accidents there was a stall reported and it looks like that person had a flat tire but they've already cleared over to the side. so that's good news. we're checking on 92 what about that drive from hayward and to foster city and send the tale you're doing fine. so far here on westbound 92 traffic light at the limit. no big trouble spots, it's filling in, but it's still not bad you're under 15 minutes that's a great average to make it over to one on one. here's what's 5 80 at the richmond center fell bridge toll plaza the last time i checked id. we had some cones right on the left-hand side and i don't see him anymore so they picked up the closure westbound and eastbound it's the normal bridge work that usually wraps up before 5, so they got it done early they're wide open here at the toll plaza great trip across thepa north bay and i don't see any problems that you have to worry about on one on one, so you are looking good at 8 minutes. all right, let's check in on traffic tracker we're looking at more drive times there you have 6.80 that
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southbound trip it's looking good right out of concord pleasant she'll want creek alamo danville know the trouble spots, 24 i far won a c wide open to the oakland side of 24. the sure freeways quiet right off the car keane is all the way down to the maze. it's a very quick 15 minutes for your average and then check in the south bay 8.80 out of san jose trouble free heading north at 8 minutes from to 80 up to to 37. well to the north a now a man was killed in a crash on highway 12 in fairfield so he was sitting at a red light when a white man ris rolled up and hit him from behind this crash cause chain reaction 5 cars total were involved and the people in the other car suffered juries. this yesterday afternoon just before rush hour. all lanes of highway 12 or shut down for that investigation for about 2 hours. and then those lanes have since reopened. well to the east right now police are investigating a crash
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involving a tesla look at this photo just drove right into a dry cleaning business in lafayette this happened yesterday on marotta road you can see that black tesla after its match asher the window of that business there. the front of the store was just completely smashed in, but no one was hurt that is good news. actress amy poehler decided to round up all of her fellow female comedians for a weekend trip. 2 napa wine country that sounds fun, it turned into a new movie confortable bellow sat down with the women to top line fun, comedy. and all of the above. >>good what's called again white line for them love >>police say that we've had like about 20 years over herself for this film in her film directorial debut amy poehler chose to recreate a trip with her real life leading ladies. why did you guys decide lincoln ucas in the beginning of the film it's kind of like you're like wine country or bust. >>well is based off of a real trip we when to celebrate rachel dratch his 50th
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birthday and in doing so had a blast and then thought oh this to make a great movie wine country follows the longtime friends as they sip and celebrate their way to another milestone. as much fun as it seems. yeah, sewer because so used to acting with each other again on that and also left saying at each other. >>probably what the person has always felt and the alcohol just let it out like any good girls trip. >>the netflix film is filled with spontaneous dance parties. the stalled or field chit-chat and a risk a moment or 2 impact her boyfriend >>mildly typically but you'll laughing the whole way through one country hits a few serious notes to trap if you're just elect. you know we didn't want
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it to be this big broad unrelated bill saying we wanted to stay pretty adults in 7 seasons. and playthings pretty real. i liked a four-day against it. so are whether it's telling jokes on snl or getting real and napa the film proved when you have a solid team. the projects right themselves, what's important is to be able to find your voice wherever you go. i think once you find a place where you can find your voice and make sure that your voices to richard i thilk sometimes people are doing too many days, yeah, just like feel slows connected with or or the person or the project. fellow kron 4 news that looks like it's going to be a really fun and funny movie. i like it and of course the backdrop of sonoma county beautiful. all right we're checking in on sfo. no reports of any major delays at your temperatures around the bay area low 50's
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to upper 50's this morning 58 in antioch. >>57 in oakland 54 right now in half moon bay. but your afternoon looks good sunshine in store and we're looking for some 70's today. so that's nice we'll be right back.
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low blood pressure, kidney problems,
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♪ the beat goes on ♪ protect your pet with the #1 name in flea and tick protection. frontline plus. trusted by vets for nearly 20 years. >>and are you full said on james fletcher it is 05:00am here on this thursday morning. thank you for o fantastic start good. no major issues and a lot of these in trouble
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you know what the on shore flow last night really pushing in some thick fog and we have that ms. tag the fog is even thicker than it has been so oh goodness yeah you might need those wipers to is you're getting out there this morning. >>this is your look at san francisco and it is definitely a not a pretty sight necessarily this morning is because all that low cloud covers really settled in across the bay to be kicking things off is ability is being the most has all week it's not cause and yet to many issues but it is pretty low at half moon bay. santa rosa and livermore right dogs going to stick around for a bit this on shore flow is going to make sure that marine air scoots


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