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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  May 9, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>now we're right in a part of excuse me a home of a home complex a very very new one here off of hardwood avenue and olympic avenue. but as you can see behind me. the homes destroyed as you had mentioned 4 homes destroyed 8 damage know this is the information we know from hayward fire department what we hear is that around one 30 in the morning they heard of the fire and they came to the scene and everything was engulfed in flames. now again we do know 4 homes destroyed 8 damage, nearby homes were evacuated at that time in the 1 o'clock hour. now they were able to get under control within 30 minutes. they tell us and in the evacuations were lifted around 3 in the morning. but actually if you can listen very carefully through the microphone you can actually hear some live chirping in some loud beeping and that's him that's actually the sound of alarms going off from neighboring homes here it's a very very new home complex and there are actually some model homes behind the camera as well as just down the street.
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so again in a construction site going up building new homes in this area and actually just moments ago i did speak with a neighbor who walked by because he actually saw the flames this morning in the way he described it to me he said that the flames were about 40 to 50 feet in the air and it would have been hard to miss and it was the of the light and things like that that woke him up to see that so again this is a very very huge deal here in this new home complex secure in hayward a full information we have now we're going continue to speak with a burst throughout the morning to give you guys more information as it as it gets lighter, you will continue to see the destruction behind me and exactly i guess the magnitude of this fire here in this area, reporting live christina tetreault on for news. >>ok, thank you very much. christine a 6 oh one let's get a look at weather and traffic before you head out the door john you can see the clouds out there are all across the bay area, you're either in a more they're above you or with europe to the lick observatory are looking down out of that's about the only spot that you're actually looking at clear skies overhead because most of us are in this this
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thick late blanket of fog this morning that is made its way well on into the bay, it's not just hanging out at the coast. it's o well into the central part of the bay area and even down to the central valley to now visibility will gradually improve today, but it's going to take us a while to get to some clear skies later on today. well pastor noon hour, some spots won't even be clear by then and winds also a factor that you contending, it's foggy it's breezy and it's cool winds and fairfield right now 22 miles per hour definitely enough to a have a nice brisk wind chill and make you want to throw that jacket on even though temperatures are pretty mild in the 50's 50's and 60's by noontime today and by the afternoon you've got temperatures in the 60's and 70's so a similar day to the past few days you're just hanging on the fog a bit longer on this thursday i'm tracking your mother's day weekend forecast still to come. rob all right. thank you johnny want to check in on the bay bridge 80 west because.
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>>we had an accident and side of the tunnel it's gone it was blocking one lane but adjusted helped us drive into san francisco. so it's backed up heavier now spilling into the maze. 5.80 from right around markets and pablo if you come in from the shore freeway, its backing up and to emeryville toward powell street still not a terrible commute. just heavier now has a traffic is recovering from that accident. golden gate still looks good. no problems into or not of san francisco 21 minutes. that's quick for the drive from novato to the toll plaza daria james thank you at 6 oh 3 in the big story that we're following more police at the campus of california high school in san ramon, yeah this after we've had 3 now threats all within a week of violent graffiti threat was the most recent one found at the school call for sarah stinson. >>live at the high school now this morning with the very latest sarah. >>well the scariest thing about all 3 threats are that they target today thursday may 9th. and that's why parents and teachers students, the whole community really are on
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high alert this morning. a lot of parents wondering if they should send their kids to school this morning. and you know what the school district says it's totally fine if you want to keep your kids at home. but police will have an increased presence on campus but take a look at your screen you picture of the latest threat that was found written on a wall in the boys restroom on school grounds reads the library will be shot up first then courtyard, then myself get ready. the principal sent out a notice to parents about the threat to and to help them understand and tell them what was going on on school grounds. they said if you want to keep your kids at home, we totally get it. we talked with several county high students who say they're not going to school today because it's just not worth it. >>even if it's a joke. why did risk my life, it's too much of a risk to take. i'd rather just stay home and whether it happens or not you know at least i'll know that i
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survived. >>as you canitell people are taking this very seriously because that threat was a very serious threat and it's 3 in ek now police have not discovered who is responsible for each of the threats, no arrests have been made. but the school the principal has been working with parents and students trying to figure out if anybody has any tips so they can figure out who is doing this know if you're keeping your child at home. the principal has talked to teachers and they're making sure your child will not penalize at all for their absence. but if you do send your kid to school there will be counselors on scene there will be a heavy police presence and they will make sure that your student their child feel safe. i'm live in san ramon sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>ok, thank you sarah. >>6 oh 5 this morning, everybody is talking about kevin durant. and if he's going to be a little play probably not. in game 7
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hopefully in a star game 6 will play in game 7. yeah, so the. >>the win last night obviously bittersweet we got the win like we wanted for game 5. but of course at a price kron four is will tran outside oracle arena with more on katie's injury is it happened he didn't even know what right. >>he knew something was wrong rake is he hobbled and at the snow their bodies so well and he went to the locker room and he never returned earn and the warriors paid dearly for that in the 3rd quarter, let's get right to the head to the highlights i can tell you that there will be an mri i sometime today possibly even early this morning to find out his status. but it doesn't look promising after this. he issues a routine jumper on the baseline and then he kind of hobbles and you can hear the announcers may be in the background they they thought it was an achilles injury which is catastrophic a calf injury we will take that he's not in officially ruled out for game 6 the we'll just have to wait and see after he left a game here are highlights
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where staff and clay, they had to go back to 2015 step in clay and do their thing because arguably the greatest player so far in the playoffs given the route was out and they had to step up their game. they scored 52 points and they needed almost every one of those points because the rockets. >>they closed in enough curry and the warriors finally put it away with just a few seconds left one oh 4.99 game 6 in houston tomorrow, but after the game everybody was talking about katie's cat. >>we have to to to to katie and a 3rd were. tough situation as you plan amazing for so long. and back to the locker room the kind of uncertainty about what was going on there. on us is a little deflating for your second and. >>and then we rally i apologize to my mom who probably watching that our
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guys. giants like i was an unbelievable victory tonight. >>you know he had to say that but if they got lucky i have to say that because the rockets are closing in but the good news is you rather be lucky than good right because he lay winning game 5 i've they at least guarantee was and more game at oracle game 7. let's hope it doesn't get there game 7 if necessary on sunday, the good news is cady he hasn't been ruled out so there's a good chance that maybe he'll play game, 7. hopefully doesn't get there daria yeah like there's no way he's going to that you know come back for game 6 because it even if it is at best right just like a soft tissue injury. >>game 7. you say, i mean how long does it take have you have mike have kind of ball up once is out with heel seizes upon you. >>well hopefully when you do an mri you looking for any tears and the strain did you
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know they have the best misses in the world, i'm sure they can get it ready to looking for a tear and hopefully it's not and thank goodness. it was an achilles because that's a game changer in that course >>all right, thank you very much well and of course the warriors just one of the bay area teams that we were watching with much drama last sharks moving on. and joe pavelski's first game back. >>since cnn serious injury in the last series. and when it 3 to 2. so they advance to the conference finals out for the first time right this time in franchise history. they're going to play the louis blues for the chance to make it to the stanley cup playoffs. all right. 6 oh 9 right now in the east bay police have arrested one man and they're looking for another. >>for the assault that happened in the 2400 block of bancroft way the victim was hit in the head with a board
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and then pepper sprayed a police got to the scene and they are arrested as the first guy who hit the man because he had the board in his hands take on with the board. but the second attacker, the pepper spray that person got away. the victim is going to be ok. new this morning, a berkeley man is under arrest he was found possession of weapons, including a homemade gun. and we have photos from the police of the weapons they seized at the home of 36 year-old art role at l a first he was pulled over on a traffic stop because they noticed his license plate belonged to another talk and an officer then found a loaded gun and meth in his car then they searched his home and they found. oregon's and the addition and a high-capacity rifle magazines. >>you think those are guns check this out when we come up we're going to tell you about an entire cache of guns found in one california home, we'll tell you how many guns were seized. it was a lot it's going to shock you. also
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coming up on the kron four morning news, a rise in crime on bart a warning from bart police after they made several arrests. and what we are seeing today is a foggy start to what will of them. >>and surely be a clear day for have to wait for word on this one though i'm talking your forecast. i'm tracking your commute into san francisco and accident cleared inside of the tunnel, you're still backed up into the maze with this one little nexgard chew comes power, confidence, reassurance you're doing what's right to protect your dog from fleas and ticks for a full month. this one little nexgard chew is the #1 vet recommended protection. and it's the only chew fda approved to prevent infections that cause lyme disease. plus, it's safe for puppies. there's a lot of power in this one little nexgard chew. nexgard. what one little chew can do.
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>>come back it is 6.14 right now. >>and we've got a a light grey. >>definitely a great start to the morning, the theme of the week has been greatest are blue to ok, yes, we do have the blue eventually good i'm won the cloudy your side this morning even more so than the past few mornings has been guys looking at san francisco there you go that sums it up especially along the coastline, some very dense fog
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has entered the bay and this is resulting in some miss that'll make it turn on the windshield wipers a time or 2 as you're heading onto roadways this morning and it's not just the coast, but well inland that that streamed in today we are looking at a strong. breeze carrying summer cool coastal and moisture laden air from the pacific are all right into the bay and that is resulting in this a foggy start to the morning tnd some of that miss that you're also seeing now all the big picture side of things this area of low pressure working its way back into southern california. thunderstorms possible across the sierra nevada and some showers for areas across central valley in areas across central valley in the southern california, goo news for those of us in the day. so we're going to be right at the northern tier the systems we're going to dodge the bulk of its precipitation potential we are going to see the fog hanging out through the early afternoon today, clearing skies later on into the afternoon. tonight, a couple of sprinkles are possible into early tomorrow morning, mostly for the south bay in our upper elevations like the santa cruz mountains and the diablo range besides
6:16 am
that the bay does look to remain dry just foggy and partly to mostly cloudy on into tomorrow as for daytime highs today going to be pretty much the same on the peninsula 50's and 60's much as we have been seeing so far this week, we're going to notice a difference is further inland. we're daytime highs that were close to 80 degrees yesterday like in san jose will settle down and settle down noticeably now today barely even the 70's only 71 degrees east bay also a cooler afternoon to be expected double in pleasanton in livermore each at 74 degrees oakland berkeley in richmond hanging on to the fog a little bit longer and that's going to keep temperatures in the mid to upper 60's. sonoma and napa 7375 well vacaville still on the warmer side of things you've got plenty of sunshine out there to expected 79 for your high santa rosa 73 while nevado and center fell at 70 degrees. so temperatures today and tomorrow, not all that bad will still be comfortable, you're just going to see fog
6:17 am
sticking around a bit longer and then partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies even as we move into the afternoon. tomorrow, couple of sprinkles are possible early in the day the day but after that your forecast for the weekend looks great, especially on mother's day, one of our warmest days of your forecast and whatever sunniest too. so plan some activities for mom and hopefully enjoy the weekend as much as possible. robin. >>let's head over to 92, we want to check in on the san mateo bridge. we see a lot of brake lights filling into west found it is already packed it starts at the toll plaza continues on the flat section looking a little bit better at the high rise, so no major issues were at 60 minutes and growing the bay bridge you're recovering from an accident and side of the tunnel that was minor it's out of the way but it just didn't help fried your backed up into the maze so be prepared for a lot of slowing traffic from the maze all the way up to treasure island after that you'll see traffic pick up want to take you down to the santa cruz mountains where we have a new accident northbound 17 near
6:18 am
laurel the right lane is closed. you have a major back up there from scotts valley leading up to the crash scene so i'll let you know when they have this out of the way but heavy traffic there northbound 17 leaving scotts valley heading up toward laurel curve because of that crash look at your drive time. a whopping 55 minutes to make it into los gatos because of that so either hold off or leave a little early a little busy north one to one out of sand martine from said martine avenue to cochran and morgan hill that's completely normal the rest of the bay area doing fine 6 80 and the nimitz no major issues 28 minutes from san leandro to milpitas starting change it, thanks a lot rob and 6.18 and a san francisco got. >>there is under investigation accused of handing out food a vaccine exemptions. yes, he's a popular pediatrician known for his anti vaccination beliefs crop force justin waldman explains. >>doctor khanna stolar is a popular san francisco pediatrician and has been a vocal opponent of vaccines
6:19 am
reviews online praise him for helping their kids but he is now accused of creating a nuisance by giving bogus medical exemptions for vaccines to children who do not qualify for want of nuisance can be a. >>anything that is injurious to. >>to health the subpoena from the city attorney's office issued on wednesday wants doctor stoller medical records with personal information redacted a 2016 state law sb 2, 7, 7 prevented parents from citing personal or religious beliefs for not vaccinating their children only a valid medical exemption is allowed such as having an allergy to a vaccine or undergoing chemotherapy. the city attorney's office is now investigating a doctor stoller gave out exemptions illegally a situation where kids who should be vaccinated. >>haven't been and that in turn puts at risk children with a legitimate medical conditions who who need exemptions from vaccinations so this is a public health
6:20 am
issue. >>doctor stoller allegedly based his medical exemptions off to 30 minute visits and genetic results from 23 and me tests, 23 me notes its results should not be used to make medical decisions. the attorney representing doctor stolar says the move to request his medical records is unprecedented and political i think these guys have just decided to jump on the bandwagon. because look i mean you know topic and people want to show that they're doing something. the city attorney's office would not disclose how. >>learn about the doctor allegedly giving out these fake exemptions and said it cannot determine how many of them were given out until he gets all the medical records under the subpoena. the doctor now has 15 days to respond in the newsroom, i'm justin waldman kron 4 news. 06:20am. >>a 3 ytar-old cancer patient is going to continue as chemotherapy for now despite his parents wishes for him to stop now a florida judge
6:21 am
ordered that noah mcadams must undergo at least 2 more chemo treatment sessions but is letting his parents look into alternative treatments at the same time last month the couple stopped bringing though to his chemo treatments saying that they wanted an alternative. >>course of treatment after leaving the state and eventually being tracked down by deputies know is no longer in his parents custody and again we'll begin getting his chemotherapy treatment once more. that dead gray whale found on ocean beaches now become a public health news sense will tell you what officials are planning to do with that carcass today. and then an emotional plea from the victim's family as police continue to search for the driver involved in a deadly street racing accident in the south bay. we'll be right back. ♪
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>>on this foggy start to the day another foggy one out of sfo and another delay out there, 53 minutes that at the time right now out of sfo oakland and san jose delay free, but it's also foggy at both of those airports. now this is a great start to the day and it's not going to be a clearing day at least to start you're gonna have to wait until the afternoon to really get a good taste of the sunshine. so as you drop the kids off the bus stop do anticipate cool weather not just during the morning hours but well towards lunchtime 50's to start and 50's hanging on to much of the morning and another foggy start before sunshine. by the time you're headed home from work later
6:25 am
on. >>rob all right, let's head back to the bay bridge where you will definitely have a full weight in the cash lanes in the fast are claims are all packed and it's recovering from an accident. a treasure island, so that's gone, but the backup is still there and now it's heavier through the maze with the drive time on the rise and almost 20 minutes to fremont street we're checking in on the santa cruz mountains where we have a new trouble spot. this is northbound 17 at laurel a vehicle and spun looks like and went over the embankment there the right lane is closed. so that's causing major delays out of scotts valley northbound almost an hour our to get from santa cruz into los that's a stretch to avoid if you can hold off if you can will check more trouble spots coming up. daria thank you robin, 6.25, insurance claims have top $12 billion for the november wildfires, making them the most expensive. >>in california history. the figure includes the camp fire that devastated the town of paradise as well as to
6:26 am
southern california wildfires. the camp fire killed 85 people and destroyed nearly 19,000 buildings. previously the most expensive fires in the state had been the north bay fires in late 2017 with claims from that totally 11.8 billion destructive wildfires are driving up the cost of homeowners insurance in california, making it tough for a lot of people to afford. >>we've got 4 destroyed homes [vacuum] ♪ introducing fresh step clean paws, with low tracking litter. your vacuum becomes a cat toy. let's make litter less of a mess. let's start fresh.
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marisa: for all of us. >>28 get a look at weather and traffic for and looks like it's pretty gray out there how roads roads are ok except for highly 17 have a big trouble spot major delays northbound ok. >>so let's talk more about that fog that we have out there. yeah, another great start to the day i would say today though one of her foggiest of days. it's going to stay around a bit longer today to looking at all the way out to the east bay, a pleasant hill towards mount diablo can see much of mount diablo because skies definitely a little on the dark side because of all this fog that is streamed inland today can see the full coverage. both fog and low lying cloud cover all across the bay area it's going to hang out with this for quite a while today going to start to see a loosening its grip over the bay itself mid morning and by the time we work into the afternoon, it's still going to hang out up and down the coastline. the most interior areas of the bay will have cleared out by that point.
6:30 am
winds also a factor this morning making what is on the rise uncomfortable pretty a pretty comfortable start to this day a bit brisk, especially in fairfield where winds right now are at 22 miles per hour. so 50's to kick things off 60's and a lot of spots by noon and it's still a range of 70's for some inland areas by the afternoon just not quite as warm as yesterday was i'm talking the rest your forecast still to come robin all right off to the golden gate, it's picking up but no major problems right now for your drive. >>into san francisco, it's looking pretty like what i see here so no major issues which means it's a great time to go ahead and use it before it gets too heavy. coming in from the north bay, so your drive time is only 20 minutes from nevada to the tolls the bay bridge does not look like the golden gate. this back of spills into the maze are recovering from an earlier accident which is gone out of the way it's still under 20 minutes to fremont street and here's the trouble spot. a major backup on northbound 17. we have an accident near
6:31 am
laurel and you know you only have 2 lanes on 17. the right lane is close look at this back up as i zoom out. it's all the way into scotts valley not good 61 minutes for your drive time so leave extra earlier hold off until this a traffic thins out daria. 31 in breaking news 8 homes are damaged in 4 destroyed at a construction fire in the east bay for us christine that a troll on the story for us this morning live in hayward christina paint the scene what you see. >>ok so 4 of those destroyed homes are actually right behind me take a look at the charred at some of the and the construction zone by me again just charred groups actually want to show you how that happened we have this video that i just got from a neighbor who saw the flames this morning around 02:00am when he and his wife woke up. take a look at how huge ozar the way he described them to me as they were around 42 50 feet in the air. this is information we know from hayward fire department at
6:32 am
around one 30 this morning, they got the call of this fire. again it is here in a residential neighborhood off of hunt would and olympic avenues. it is a new housing development so this is a construction site that's where they have found the 4 homes completely engulfed in the flames. they are now destroyed surrounding homes very much damage from all this fire and the heat. now the nearby homes were also evacuated there is another housing complex just next to this some of those homes were also evacuated. we do hear from a word a fire department they did get the fire out within about 30 minutes and were able to contain it to those 12. holmes and the evacuations were lifted around 03:00am now the same gentleman who did give me that video he was mentioned he walked outside and he lives over a block away and he felt the heat from there so he said that it very much describes how not only large and intense, those flames were but how much damage they can do locally so far we hear that there are no injuries from people living in this area. reporting live christina
6:33 am
tetreault kron 4 news. thank you christina. >>time now 6.32 let's go to the south bay where the search continues for the driver of a second vehicle suspected of being involved in a fatal street racing accident in san jose. the crash killed 24 year-old david won the he was a passenger in a pontiac trans am the police say was racing on sunday, it ended up crashing into a tree. the driver survived and is suspected of driving under the influence neighbors say street racing, it happens way too often they're in many cases way too close to their homes. >>there was any trees and castle hit the house, you know we're here in constant loud engine revving in tires screeching as probably the biggest one tires screeching that night i hear all the time from my room actually i hear all the time. it's not clear if the other driver will face any charges. the man who died after a confrontation with san jose police 24 year-old friend s cavell is from stockton. he was fatally shot by police saturday in san jose officers
6:34 am
say they found him inside of a car that was reported stolen. police say he did not comply with their commands to surrender and ended ramming into patrol cars and drove that car directly at an officer dragging him under the car. that officer was treated for serious injuries, including multiple fractures. in the north may uh panel and a woman and turned herself and for the stabbing of a 16 year-old sonoma county boy. >>20 year-old rock a-gonna when to the police after and the stabbing happened to the teenager on saturday night. he was riding his bicycle on a bike path in front of the rancho vista mobile home park when apparently she asked him if he was in a gang and when he said no as she stabbed him in the stomach and chest and arm. he actually rode home injured like that this parents called an ambulance, he suffered serious injuries, but he's going to be ok. in the state police are investigating a crash involving a tesla that ended up as you can see going through the front of a dry
6:35 am
cleaning business in lafayette. this happened yesterday on marotta road. and we don't if the car was actually like driving through the parking lot or parked and so sometimes you know people mistake the asks the yeah and yea you can see what happened here. this tesla smashed right through the window, noboy was hurt. but they're trying to figure out how it happened. >>day 3 of testimony in the trial of the go ship master tenant derick almena and creative director max harris, the court heard from the city's former assistant fire marshal, a forensic pathologist and a woman who once lived in that warehouse. the former assistant fire marshal for the city of oakland said that the person who makes changes to a building is ultimately responsible for making sure that those updates meet fire code. defense attorneys are trying to blame the oakland fire department saying that despite inspections. they never issued citations for anyone to make any necessary upgrades. >>deal mike lynch just a way for she doesn't know what is
6:36 am
required in what's not required that terrorists never signed a lease that terrorism was involved in the concept. >>the establishing the ghost ship warehouse. >>the last 2 witnesses to take the stand wednesday was jennifer turner. she said that she lived in the ghost ship warehouse back in 2014. she says she believes it was advertised as a psychedelic spaceship on craigslist she paid $1200 to move in. turner says that she never signed a lease agreement. she only lived there for 2 months. >>in the north say a man was killed in a crash on highway 12 in fairfield he was sitting at a red light when a white van hit his vehicle from behind mind killing him and causing a chain-reaction 5 cars were involved in total. the people in the other cars just suffered minor injuries. this all happened yesterday afternoon just before rush hour started all all lanes of highway 12 had to be shut down for about 2 hours while at
6:37 am
officers investigated a sonoma county judge's find a couple $600,000 for approving a 180 year-old oak tree. >>and doing other damage to a protected property, according to court documents more than 3,000 cubic yards of dirt and iraq had been moved in addition to the giant tree. the case dates back to 2014 when a concerned neighbor reported heavy construction equipment and digging on the property which was protected under a conservation easement the county sued the couple peter and tony thompson. and the judge ruled against that couple last month the thompsons have since place to the protected property and their neighboring ranch up for sale for almost 8 and half million dollars. they're also asking for a new trial. bart police have arrested a group of teens they say are responsible for several phone thefts. >>and now they're warning riders to be on alert because they're seeing an uptick in this type of crime. officers arrested several teams at the west oakland station also at
6:38 am
the 12th street station and the powell street stations. they say the group is part of a surge in cell phone sets between the glen park and pow street stations in san francisco. >>well what i do is i keep my phone my pocket. i have your buds on my keep my phone in my pocket, so that it's not a sensible. i do watch people sitting there sleep with their phones and their handlers walk by and robin are on so i'm aware my situations and i know some people our to some people are easier targets than others. >>bart police say that they're deploying as many officers as they can to those stations, but they say people still need to be aware of their surroundings so they can avoid becoming the next victim. in the east bay community gathered to remember a teen who drowned in a san ramon valley high school pool one year ago. ben curry's death was ruled an accident and so dozens of people gathered for a vigil for curry last night was in front of the danville library. they wanted to come together to mark the one you're point since his passing. >>right now it's sort of getting through. i mean it's
6:39 am
heart warming and heartbreaking. i'm so grateful to our friend sen. >>the curry family has filed a lawsuit against the san ramon unified school district and the teacher who was on duty during that p e class when curry drowned in that lawsuit. they claim the teacher who was supposed to be supervising the swim class was instead looking at a cell phone. at the time of the accident. >>happening today the carcass of that gray whale is being buried on ocean beach in san francisco, the national park service says it's the best way most cost effective way to get rid of it it can't be a public nuisance they can just leave it there so they're going to use heavy equipment, they'll be digging up hit for the carcass and then covering it over in the meantime they're asking the public to avoid that area. while they do their work. this is the 9th gray whale to wash up on bay area shores this year it died from
6:40 am
being struck by a ship. it's california high speed rail is getting more pushback will it ever happen. the reason lawmakers are trying to get. >>the project derailed and next california gets more money help make sure that everybody is not safe drinking water. huge amount of guns found all in one california mansion. who was stockpiling all this and why. >>and we are looking at foggy conditions this clearer afternoon ahead of us though i've got your forecast. i'm tracking a big backup on a t heading into san francisco there it is crawling from the oakland may's all the way up ♪
6:41 am
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and we're looking at a great start again. >>yeah but i stay in the afternoon. i'm sure yet exactly repeat sum it up today might be a little grayer than the other days have fog is really personal and this morning, it is resulting in some visibility issues if you're crossing through parts of the east bay, especially up into the hills. >>this is san francisco this morning great like it has been and san jose also has the has been up to this point and this is your view of berkeley, not that you can see much of anything and this is what i mean when i say maybe cross into some areas where visibility isn't the best you can see not a whole lot out there that you what you had
6:44 am
above the fathers actually some fairly clear skies to taken also like i've been showing you this week. no rainfall out there this morning for the bay area although this system right here moving into southern california is already resulting in some thunderstorms over into las vegas in areas of southern nevada and we'll do the same for some of our mountainous regions of southern california and you can see the traces of this precipitation in the sierra but the bay area for the most part remains dry we're obviously seeing a lot of fog this morning we're going to see some clearing this afternoon. a couple of sprinkles specially for the south the mountains possible into tomorrow early on after that though the entire state looks at some clearing skies in a much more favorable mother's day weekend to be getting outside in the weather we're seeing today and early on tomorrow, it's not that today's a bad day by any means cool in the 50's and 60's and even after the fog does lift eventually you a partly to mostly cloudy skies overhead. this is going to help keep temperatures a big cooler than they were for yesterday, san
6:45 am
jose from near 80 degrees yesterday. only 71 today definitely a noticeable drop in temperatures for a lot of the south bay pleasanton double in livermore each at 74 for your highs stanley and roemer aga barely the 70's while oakland in the upper 60's, a bit further north you go in temperatures will be some of the warmest over in vacaville of fairfield but not as warm as yesterday was santa rosa 73 while petaluma 72. so 60's and 70's nothing wrong with that will be pretty similar tomorrow with a couple of sprinkles possible during the morning. stem pictures, warm just a touch into the weekend with saturday and sunday being also some of her sunniest of days for mother's day come monday tuesday and wednesday of next week we're keeping with a trend of weather that isn't really all that bad with mostly sunny skies into the afternoon. that's a look at your forecast robin house traffic. >>traffic is quite flow. our bridges are picking out we have a number of incidents working around the bay area will check the bay bridge first to drive into san
6:46 am
francisco crowded cash lanes that starr claims backed up into the maze and it's going to stay pretty heavy all the way up to treasure island because of that earlier incident, but right now it's pretty quiet and it's under 20 minutes to make it and we have a growing back up here. this is the richmond center fell bridge very slow leading up to the tolls and on to the span as well. 18 minutes and growing it's on the rise to make it out to highway one on one. so here's the problem that i've been talking about on highway 17 this is northbound at laurel this is where driver crashed into a pole went off the embankment there. the right lane is closed, you could just see that line of red the growing back up which is into scotts valley so northbound 17 crawling of scotts valley all the way up to laurel putting you at almost 70 minutes that's bad right to make it out of santa cruz and to los gatos to leave extra early that's no fun when one looks normal to san francisco sodus to 80. it's only 10 minutes from daly city to downtown san francisco. are you james.
6:47 am
around 6.46 a major gun bust la neighborhood this week. yeah the man police arrested in the bust is accused of selling firearms. >>illegally you got to see this video. john lawrence has it. >>a makeshift armory uncovered in los angeles. >>pistols rifles shotguns assault weapons. all types calibers all types to make salt as models more than 1000 weapons found inside a house in the ritzy holmby hills area. i never seen so many weapons in my career 31 years. so that such a big arsenal like this in the residence and just have a neighborhood. his can astounding. a spokeswoman for the atf says authorities received an anonymous tip about a person selling firearms illegally. >>tools and equipment to manufacture firearms were also found inside the residence ammunition was piled up. several parts of the rooms weapons were laid out on the floor, the lapd arrested one man wednesday accused of violating california penal code 3, 0 600 which forbids
6:48 am
the making and selling of assault rifles, this neighborhood is very clear of these weapons whether is it could have ended up in the wrong hands. the investigation into this matter is under way and is expected to be lengthy. they're going to run every serial number and find out the history of each weapon, so that can take a tedious i'm out of time. i'm john lawrence reporting. >>it's 06:40am there are new concerns about california's high speed rail project leaders of the project are now telling say lawmakers. there half a dozen major concerns that they have with the current state of the project and there may not be enough money to complete the bakersfield toomer said line without help from the federal government. >>what i can says we are hit not a stretch right now in our performances below what our expectations are. when we went to the board back in june to ask for a budget of one billion for this fiscal year. we did highlight that it was a very aggressive budget and a very aggressive schedule.
6:49 am
>>the california transportation secretary acknowledged there is no money to connect san francisco to add time. but says it is still part of the grand plan. is getting about million in new federal money to improve the states drinking water. the money comes from 2.6 billion dollars the e p a is spending to improve drinking water and wastewater infrastructure all around the country. california is going to get 97.1 million to provide low interest rate financing for drinking water systems. it will also get a million for sewage treatment and storm water infrastructure projects. >>well the increase in coverage from the affordable care act is starting to decline, according to the cdc, the uninsured rate for americans between 4564 years old jumped to 10.3% last year that's a full percentage point increase the uninsured rate serves as a gauge for
6:50 am
president trump's impact on health care coverage, his administration as we know has been seeking to dismantle obamacare in the courts. the health care law is credited with extending coverage to millions of americans. that trend now reversing. here's a quick check of the big board this morning dow once again off by quite a margin here. now there are only 20 minutes into the trading day off 275 points right now stocks falling. amid to resume detention over the u s china trade talks this weekend. investors a bit worried after president trump last night characterized. china has breaking its deal with america at a rally and that is worrying some that maybe they will be able to find common ground before tonight's midnight deadline. that is when new higher tariffs are set to go into place we'll see what happens. coming up in the next hour, the crop for morning news to fatal police shootings, stirring up calls now to investigate the vallejo police department.
6:51 am
6:52 am
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6:54 am
actually pretty mild start in just a touch more mild than even yesterday was nevado 2 degrees up from yesterday at the same point now wind speeds are going to be breezy today in many areas, especially on over to fairfield at times winds could be in excess of 30 miles per hour for your gas. so this is making for a brisk wind chill in addition to that fog today you're going to see temperatures feeling a bit cooler than they did for yesterday or treating in near 80 degree day time highs for a few spots for daytime highs that will barely even be in the 70's today. so keep those light jackets with the f robin. >>let's head over to hayward and take a look at the ride west found on 92 the san mateo bridge and actually start to back in hayward near industrial and then pretty much stays like that all the way over to the peninsula connecting into foster city and send details what you're looking at is the usual gras with no major issues here you're averaging about 23 minutes over to one on one that's completely normal. there's a big bay bridge back up to well mostly on the
6:55 am
approach to the bridge. the bridge itself. it's not this bad. it's a oakland side leading up from the maze at to the toll plaza are you going to be sitting in traffic. so we'll say 20 minutes which is not too bad that's a decent average softer fremont street just got word of a new crash in san francisco for those of you who use one to one. this is northbound after cesar chavez we have one lane blocked so it's already backing up just be on to a t and then north to 80 backing up just a little bit leading up to the want to want split so something to look out for if you're heading to san francisco, northbound we'll check for slow downs coming up james. >>all right. thank you rob and coming up in the next hour of the kron four morning news, another threat found at an east bay high school. now some students say they just don't feel safe. we'll have the latest in a live report. and also the next hour 8 homes damaged 4 others destroyed in an overnight fire in the east bay christina tetreault is live with the very latest on that and the warriors when game 5. yes, however, kevin durant's got injured, we have the latest on latest with him
6:56 am
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6:59 am
>>that's on a thursday and daria full senate james fletcher who got lots of news to get to which we will but first checks of whether traffic which on robin it's >>yeah we've got so many minor incident 17 has amassed a bird cemetery, a bridge just all clogged up all right maybe because it's just kind of damp out yeah, speaking of things that shouldn't be a surprise
7:00 am
this morning. yeah damp in many spots and to be put in the windshield wipers on a time or 2 is your stuff in the car timber on just one of many spots that is looking just like this definitely a dreary start to the day today before eventually some clearing skies later on fog is really a sweeping in london this morning. so it's not just a coastal event. we will be seeing fog breaking up mid morning in you'll really see are treating just out to the coast by the afternoon, where it's going to hang out right around ocean beach for much of the day today as for wind speeds, it's quite breezy out there yet again this morning, especially over in towards fairfield where 21 miles per hour winds are being seen right at this very moment. so cool the start were in the 50's under these foggy skies and breezy conditions by noontime today of fog hanging on for some especially closer to the coast but breaking up for others. 60's for most temperatures at this point and a range of 70's 60's by the


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