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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  May 9, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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freeway. now the search is on for a gunman, thanks for joining us. i'm ken why i'm justin waldman pam moore is on assignment tonight and now the shooting happened in san leandro. >>and their state 5.80 and it's one of at least a half half a dozen freeway shootings. this year alone. grant lotus is here now he joins us with the very latest on this current incident grant this certainly just a latest this certainly just a latest shooting in a disturbing trend too familiar with gunfire on our freeways today, 2 people were shot. >>while driving on 5.80 just after noontime. this car to car shooting along the freeway was near 100 64th avenue in san leandro and tonight we're learning more about the injuries one person was hit. in the head and another was shot 3 to 4 times in the torso but both are considered non-life threatening. the shooting force the chp here to shut down eastbound lanes for about 45 minutes as they search for shells and other evidence on the roadway now earlier this year the chp reveal that since november of
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2015. there'd been a 185 freeway shootings. so far this year we've seen 7 of them. the most recent highlighted here in yellow 3 happened in the span of just 3 days speck in march, one of those was fatal. now we first told you about the shooting through a push alert today you can download the crown for mobile app to always get the latest breaking news alerts in your neighborhood can justin back to you. thank you grant happening now san jose police are looking for suspects in a triple shooting that happened this afternoon. >>it was on center road near balfour drive around one 30 that's a little southeast of san jose near coyote creek. officers found 3 men who were all shot the victims were taken to a hospital, one of them has life threatening injuries. now police are looking for the suspects were sending a crew to the scene right now we'll bring you updates throughout the evening. a big story. we're who used to live in the ghost ship
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safety concerns giving a detailed account of what her life was like inside she moved out after only a few weeks because of those concerns following her testimony and her former tenant took the stand and painted an entirely different picture describing the space as one of the best places he's ever lived the judge called for an early recess because when the tenant jose avalos began to cry. >>they wanted to take a break from answering some questions about that night from the fire kron four special kingston has been following this trial all week she was inside the courtroom today during this very emotional testimony, she's live for ds now outside of the courthouse with details, michelle. >>lowe's is a 41 year-old man who told us the warehouse was one of the best places he's ever lived one of the safest places he's ever lived where he always felt accepted. today was a almost took the stand in the trial of go ship now stern max harris k almena and who are both charged wit
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>>for the fire that people duri the warehouse in december 2016 apple, those lived in the warehouse for 2 years. he said about 15 to 25 people live there at a time when the power went out a lot he said they had monthly meetings and while there weren't really any rules seatbelt excepted in like it was the safest place where he could be himself in create art. we have people on one side far. >>there says it's the safest place know when show we're delighted on how >>the night of the fire abelow said he fell asleep in his rv and woke up to someone yelling fire carrying both of his dogs he began walking toward the front door hearing nothing but the crackling of wood. he said he crashed right into a young girl with blonde hair and big i someone he had never seen before she was scared walking around in circles, he said he told her to follow him. he
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broke down when he told the court that he lost sight of her in couldn't grab her. at least one other jurors was also wiping away tears. >>no one knows union. one thing she perished. >>i have a los will be back in court on monday when testimony continues live in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news. strikes the shower dubnation a little bit worried tonight after losing one of their biggest stars in a crucial point in the playoffs. yeah, this is a really big deal for the warriors conference jason duma's now as to how long can and iran durrant might be out in. >>of course the impact can have on the team not having him play whenever you have and the pay lead leave the lineup is a big one and now that oracle everybody ideal the warriors will now have to play best
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player. the team has ruled kevin duran out with a right calf strain he will be reevaluated after game 6 in game 7. the rant strained a calf after hitting a jump shot late in the 3rd quarter. it was on a non-contact injury after coming down from a jump shot, everyone feared the worst because non-contact injuries tend to be the worst kind you can get so the fact that it's only a strain with the best possible outcome in this situation and dubnation should all be taking a collective sigh of relief. it's also a good thing that the warriors have another mvp in their lineup. and it's capable of stepping up without katie just like step curry did last night. and of course we will have more on the warriors and being without kevin duran later in sports at 6 o'clock and katie will not make that trip with the rest of the team to houston for that game tomorrow night. >>all right jason, thank you very much of course duran being out for the rest of the
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semifinals the key question is can he recover in time to take part in the conference final should the warriors beat the rockets which we all he has hope >>ground force in kerman has been speaking to an orthopedic surgeon, he joins us now live our newsroom. what is this doctor have to say well it really all depends on what type of calf injury is it is it mild this of moderate is it severe espn is the only one right now reporting that it's mild the question is is if that's the case can to get back on the court in time possible. kevin durant's grab of the cast followed with a limp wednesday night. >>send chills through or your fans. >>unfortunately, the timing of this is not good for were fans. >>orthopedist doctor merlene morsi who specializes in foot and ankle sports medicine surgery. so as a strained certainly better than an achilles tear. but he says it doesn't guarantee durrant will
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recover in time for the finals independence of erie of the strain with a mild strain, you're looking at maybe one to 2 weeks. >>with a moderate strain we're looking more like 4 to 6 weeks with a severe strain looking at 2 to 3 months. >>more the says the trainers and therapists and ran himself will likely push to try and get back on the court as soon as possible. but he warns there are risks. >>the delicate the problem here is that there is a risk every injury if he returns to sue. >>so just have to wait and see exactly what type of calf injury is it is it a mild injury if it isn't it only takes a couple of weeks to recover in the warriors keep winning. it's very possible to be able to return in time for the finals live in the newsroom. dan kerman kron 4 news. thank you. dan, an increased police presence today on the campus of cal high in san ramon, including the fbi around 80% of students did not go to school today out of fear after a series of shooting threats. police and fbi were on campus today make sure that students and staff
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are safe. the campus will remain open tomorrow and officers will be on campus. throughout the day. >>4 homes were destroyed by fire in hayward the homes are all under construction 8 other homes were damaged. the fire started early this morning. it was under control in less than an hour. but you can see one point. it was raging pretty good. the good news is nobody was injured. the cause of this fire is under investigation. >>4 zone forecast time now take a live look outside right now in our camera showing us the bay bridge and a little mix of sun and clouds out there right now now looks like there's a grey ceiling over the east bay hills warrants, a mix of sun and clouds yeah kind of pushing on shore going to feel and overnight, i look at this live shot though you can see a outside right now looking rocket has little the boat out there on the water needed to get up and sail out there on the bay course to get that sea breeze blowing too. >>and that is carrying with it more low clouds and fog will be stretching on shore throughout the night tonight and then things start to get a little interesting look at the sierra nevada we talk about that area of low pressure spinning back into california
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where come senate's already lighting things up in the sierra you see all the fog along the coastline, some drizzle along the coastline as well. overnight tonight, we'll see more that fog throughout the night that will continue now that we'll see that storm system swirl all the way down into southern california. as it moves into southern california. there's a chance it could wrap some of that moisture back up in the bay area, especially in the south bay and the east bay with a chance of showers there. the rest the bay area should stay dry. but a whole lot of clouds. >>thanks so much not to the south they were hearings are underway to possibly change santa clara county's longstanding policy of not operating with federal immigration authorities as kron four trump bible tells us at issue is whether or not i should be notified when potentially dangerous undocumented people are released from jail. >>at the center of the proposed changes to santa clara county sanctuary policy is whether to ease restrictions on civil detainer requests an inmate notifications 2 us
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immigrations and customs enforcement as of now the county will not hold an inmate beyond their release date and requires that ice obtained a warrant to what could change is the county's policy about notifying eyes. >>in cases where there are very serious violent solondz who are about to be released. also happen to be undocumented. >>the board of supervisors called for a review of its sanctuary policy following the february murder a 59 year-old man be larson of san jose accused of that murder is 24 year-old carlos corrodes a an undocumented man who was released from jail despite numerous detention requests from ice. larson's neighbors like george the segue leah support changing the policy if was something in place to to protect the public against people like. this person who you know did this to bandy. she might be alive today, san jose police the sheriff and district attorney have also called for changing the
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detention policy but immigrant rights groups like siren in the asian law alliance in many in the community who weighed in before the supervisors last month warned that doing so will put others at risk. >>if the community sees cooperation between the county government law enforcement and eyes. then there's a the year that people then who are victims. violence or witnesses of crimes will hesitate will come forward. >>ice is also come under fire for failing to obtain warrants and arriving too late to give an inmate release instead of relying on detainers what's needed is better communications says supervisor cortez use. >>when somebody has a of a violent rap sheet serious felonies on the rap sheet. and the feds are looking for them. how do we link those 2 together and then how do we do it in a way without you don't make it really impacting the other 360,000 people that live in this county who. are here
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on temporary status san jose rob flood kron 4 news. >>6 san francisco's fight with pgd resumes in court by the city is trying to force the utility to lower its rates. plus a more than 50% jump in traffic congestion now a new study says rideshares bear much of the blame. in the face of danger he sacrificed himself to save others and tonight we're hearing from the parents of the colorado teenager. and they say it was part of their son's nature.
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the kids told me that like a flashy jump to she said you know he's a hero to see me decent he jumped up new grand should you can even see off as his running you know out the door and after this person. >>a tearful father is talking about his 18 year-old son kendrick castillo was killed in a school shooting on tuesday after confronting the shooter law enforcement classmates and family members all say that kendrick died a hero the 18 year-old sacrificed his life by lunging at the shooter which allowed other students to hide. >>steele's parents said they couldn't believe it when they first heard what happened they say there's a part of them that wishes he had run and hid but they say they're not surprised he did the opposite in part because they believe kendrick wish to live the legacy of his grandfather who served in the marines. kendrick is proud of him proud
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of the marine insignia when the funeral car. proud of the the salute. proud of everything about it that his grandfather was a hero. he loved the patriotism. you know, we're standing nature be you know we're americans to the core. it was everything about it. it's the second time in as many weeks a student was killed confronting a gunman at school last week riley howell died. >>after knocking down a gunman at the university of north carolina at charlotte. >>san francisco is being allowed to renew its fight to force pg need to lower its rates and a refund millions of dollars the city alleges the utility overcharged them for san francisco generates its own electricity from a city owned dam and reservoir. it says pg any delivers excuse me it pays pg need to deliver the electricity. but now the city is asking regulators to force
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the utility to lower its fees. the legal battle was halted in january after pg e filed for bankruptcy today, a judge lifted that hold. >>2 more u c berkeley students for robbed of their laptops at an off campus coffee shop during the incident, one of the victims young woman was assaulted one of the laptops was eventually recovered, but as kron four sweet recall reports students are now concerned. >>about a rising trend of laptop that's. >>a 21 year-old woman sitting near the front entrance of sacks coffee shop in berkeley monday night resisted for young african american men wearing ski masks trying to steal her laptop. they already stripped a 19 year-old man rem property can be replaced, but. >>your personal safety tonight. officer, byron white says the suspects not the woman to the ground and kicked or she got her laptop back though when the men dropped it on their way to the getaway
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car waiting outside and got into a burgundy or maroon sedan white says the berkeley police department has investigated 35 srolen laptop cases so far this year, the victims in this latest case on college avenue, where you see berkeley students. police say sit in the back of establishment is rather than the front if you're using your laptop. so it's tougher for potential thieves to get to you i don't think it's about where you're sitting. i think it's about. >>people just drive around looking for opportunity all there to town to get this particular to this place happens. closer to camp is it happens in other places. people walk by night get robbed my friend was sitting gamed and got a gun but as far as i mean it's not a it's not unusual. >>police say laptops have been stolen from saks multiple times already this year. >>lot of my friends have been talking about how there scared to come here and stare that their self is getting its own land specially for students, it's kind of scary because get your laptop stone and disrupt
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your whole leave it at home if you can. >>in berkeley fully all kron 4 news. >>all rise step outside and see how things are looking on this thursday night at the bay bridge in the embarcadero. >>our chief meteorologist lawrence carlos joining us now with a look at our 4 zone forecast and the chance of rain returning a pretty fascinating and we're get laid the season. we've got a chance of showers in the short term in the long range maybe even looking more impressive as we get to next week but yet here we are. >>we got the cloud deck that is a sitting over head though some low clouds and fog stretching on shore. we have some drizzle today and then things start to get a little interesting is we've got another low pressure that's going to spin into the state temperatures today kind of taken a hit with all that cloud cover the slow burn off down a good 6 degrees in concord in livermore some numbers coming down there as we just couldn't get the sun to break through early enough so highs still running above average yesterday all running below average today mainly in the 60's all around the bay are usually in the 70's at this time of year. well you can see where things are getting active and that's exactly where that area of low pressure is beginning a slide
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in the california bringing thunderstorms up in the sierra nevada we've got some flash flood warnings that have now been posted mariposa county there some very heavy rainfall coming down for some of those thunderstorms maybe some debris flows sent some flash flooding there expected as well along the that fog really just creeping in and never moving away and could break out along the coast keeping the clouds are all day long that kept the temperatures running cooler all around the bay area tonight low cloud deck going make its way a while back on shore again slight chance of showers though parts of the east bay and the south bay, the rest the bay area staying dry except for maybe some coastal drizzle. that's well morning we start out some clouds early on the partly cloudy in the afternoon. i think better weather as we head in toward the mother's day weekend. temperatures outside right now to 66 degrees in san jose 63 in livermore still 73 got some sunshine in the brentwood, 64 in concord 55 degrees and cloudy in the san francisco. high pressure want to build in overhead look at that low spin off the coastline all the way down to southern california if you're headed down here. the next couple of days right through the weekend be careful likely going to see some showers maybe some thunderstorms maybe even some
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flash flooding, but occasionally you'll see some of these wraparound bands of moisture rotate through maybe close enough to the bay area to be a couple scattered showers at least through tomorrow guys back to you. thank you are is coming up tonight at 6.45 she woke up and realize she suffered a stroke but the 19 year-old had. >>none of the typical risk factors. the common drug doctor said likely caused it and next it has ruined people's lives and the president is condemning the practice of surprise medical billing. >>how he intends to stop it and the warriors win last night was tempered by the injury to kevin durant's mark has an update on katie's status for the rest of the series. >>plus reaction from the team sports coming up. introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box.
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tastier... i was literally born for this. ♪ you had me at fried chicken pacifier. try my new spicy chicken strips combo today. with 100% all-white meat chicken. >>trump is calling on congress to protect people from surprise medical bills, those bills that show up after we've been to the doctor or had a test because a provider was outsider health network plan to breed jackson explains how the president is working with a bike. >>partisan group of senators on a bill that lines how insurers and doctors should settle billing disputes and save us money. >>drew caliber of austin texas suffered a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital a month later was given a $110,000 bill. after my insurance at the hospital was out of network. calver says his battle over the surprise bill went on for over a year
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as a lot of stress. preventing another heart attack, it's ruined people's lives. president trump says surprise medical billing is just wrong they leave the hospital was something they think is going to be routine and they end up in. >>and they end up going to court and then they end up with lawyers bills at the white house is now calling on congress to take the sticker shock out of surprise medical billing. my administration is eager to work with both parties in congress to save american patients thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars the president says the legislation to include rules to prevent patients from being charged pricey out of network fees for emergencies and make sure scheduled care providers give all prices up front to help avoid unexpected cost and ridiculous prices 17,850 dollars for years as lawmakers have tried before but insurance companies and healrh care providers have opposed
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the effort it should be a political all americans. >>can benefit from having. >>their health care however is hopeful that congress and the president and the health care industry can work together to reach a compromise in washington reject lot of pain nexus 6 earning more than a 100 new charges saturday against the gunman accused in a southern california synagogue shooting. >>as prosecutors reveal the disturbing words, he told the 911 dispatcher. >>americans will soon be paying more for nearly everything imported from china has increased tariffs are set to take effect and next traffic congestion in the city getting worse and a new report says ride shares are a big reason why. >>a lot of clouds outside right now in a lot more on the way could we talking about
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>>well it's not your imagination traffic congestion is getting worse in san francisco. a new study says that main reason for the slowdown is ride sharing companies like uber and lyft force marine kelly has the numbers since the inception of ride sharing companies like uber and lyft the san francisco county transportation authority found that things have gotten way worse. >>in terms of getting to where you want to go in the city speech have gone down quite a bit. >>the amount of delay we experience has gone up quite a bit and the amount of vehicle miles traveled which is a key metric planners use has also increased significantly.
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>>their study which looked at traffic congestion between 2010 2016 show that it increased 62% part of that snarled traffic comes to the addition of about 70,000 new residents during that time. and the addition of about a 150,000 jobs in san francisco. but the study found about 2 thirds of the problem comes from the addition of transportation network companies. >>the city's transit options. so head tnc has not showed up we probably would have experienced something like a 22% increase in delays. instead it was 62%. the study does not come as a surprise to these construction workers you drive into work. >>what they stopping in a blocking traffic. it is is no no law. no bargain. no stopping any time in a stop there. i just read more and more to have a one person's convenience is another person's inconvenience. metropolitan transportation commission says this increase could just mean we're suffering from too much of a good thing the old complaint to on


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