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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  May 9, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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been shot one of them, suffering life threatening injuries. thanks for joining us at 9 o'clock everyone i'm grant loaded to kill the aca's police first received reports of the shooting just after one 30 this afternoon. >>our first day long is live at the scene with more on what happened gayle. >>granted of a there's not much information. the san jose police have not released just yet but as you mentioned we just know that 3 men were shot at a strip mall on the 2800 block of center road that this is in south san jose. we do know one of the victim is in critical condition at the hospital. we have not heard much details but neighbors who work in the area tell me that the shooting happened at a coffee shop at the strip mall. and apparently this is the second shooting. that's taking place. we do. according to neighbors. they do say that they heard customers were shot inside the coffee shop today. i did speak to one man who has
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more details. >>he was home and i see the police i don't know what happened and on the key see here. he said i saw a young the people d shoot into people ran. when i called the people next because i want to buy something said oh my god i can't the shot was so keep you shooting me that ted. >>police have not identified any suspects at this time, there's no word what led to the gunfire in the meantime center road is closed for much of the evening for the investigation, no word on when that will be reopened live in san jose del long kron 4 news. thank you gail keep us posted there. another big story we're tracking tonight is near san leandro where a freeway shooting has injured 2 people. >>in unincorporated alameda county happened early this afternoon creating a real traffic mess and now investigators are looking for help finding that shooter.
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today 2 people in this nissan maxima were shot while traveling eastbound on 5.80 one person was hit in the hand and another shot 3 to 4 times in the torso but both are considered non-life threatening. the shooting forces hp to shut down eastbound lanes for about 45 minutes. >>as they searched for shells that were left on the road. >>this is day 4 of the ghost ship warehouse fire trial in oakland derick almena and max harris both charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the 2016 fire. that killed 36 people and today, a man who survived that fire broke down in tears on the witness stand. jose abelow said he tried to help lead a girl out of that warehouse but he lost sight of about the night of the fire.
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this is jose out of those walking into court on thursday testifying about its time in the ghost ship warehouse, he'd lived there for 2 years and escape the night of the fire. >>the photo behind him in court is of his rv after the night that 36 people died in the warehouse, remembering the crackling avoid he tells the court he crashed into a young girl who didn't live in the warehouse on his way out he remembers her blond hair and big eyes. he asked her to follow him out. she was scared and walking in circles seen lost sight of for in broke down in court when he said he couldn't grab her. >>no one knows one thing she perished. >>unlike jennifer turner, another woman who lived in the warehouse apple, those described it as the safest place where he felt accepted in could self and create art. told the court she moved out after just 3 weeks feeling so
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unsafe. she slept in her car instead of the warehouse where she paid rent, she said some people including el mina frequently screamed at each other. and that electricity came from long extension cords. >>that was the early stages and they were still upgrading the electricity. the 2. it's a red was much argued. let cook least this everyone understand. >>they can even contended abelow school be back on monday when testimony continued in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>now to the peninsula and we now know what hazmat crews found in san carlos last friday test result of indicated that the material consisted of mostly naturally occurring radioactive material like uranium ore samples radium clock and other materials with henri a crews remove them from the shed behind it empty home on cedar street. former homeowner
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ronald c for a died back in january. he was a retired scientists who had worked at the slac national accelerator laboratory in menlo park. >>nothing dangerous happened today, a california high school in san ramon, but police officers will be back on campus tomorrow. this after several with threats and racial slur showed up on campus within a week all made against students today on may 9th. the fbi also responding keep an eye on students and staff around 80% of the students did not go to school today in berkeley police are looking for a man who brought a gun to a middle school officers say the person was on the campus of martin luther king junior middle school at about 3 20 this afternoon. shortly after school was let out the suspect is described as a black man in his 20's or 30's, 5 foot 7 inches tall. he is a a medium build and long twisty braids police say that he was reportedly wearing a white hooded top and blue jeans.
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>>the 2 shooting suspects in this week's colorado school shooting will be back in court tomorrow, investigators say an 18 year-old and a 16 year-old opened fire tuesday inside that denver area, public charter school. the attack killed one student and injured 8 others. >>last night, hundreds gathered at the school to honor that student who died 18 year-old kendrick castillo being called a hero. students say kendrick rushed the gunman, you see him there on the right sacrificing his life to save his classmates. kendrick castillo died a legend, he died a trooper. he got his ticket to valhalla and i know he will be with me for the rest of my life. and tonight we're learning there was a warning about a possible repeat of columbine some 5 months ago a letter obtained by air partners is cnn shows the douglas county school
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district urging the stem school where the shooting happened to investigate serious allegations listing more than a dozen complaints from an anonymous parent. the school's principal called the allegations at the time and attack she in a letter to parents saying though they were false accusations and the investigation by stem board and staff leadership revealed no evidence of these allegations. after that shooting in colorado a debate over gun control is back on tonight in washington as we've been reporting 2 suspects opened fire at highlands ranch stem school on tuesday killing one student and injuring 8 others. >>washington correspondent alexandra limo reports neither students at the school nor lawmakers on capitol hill can seem to agree on how to end to gun violence in schools. >>french stem school to honor the 18 year-old killed in a shooting at the school or opted into a protest as mourners clashed over gun control. some said the school
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shooting was being politicized while others argued something has to change or more students will be killed all you could hear was screaming and yelling in the hall and. >>get down on the ground the trauma experienced by students in colorado made senator chuck schumer think of his own grandson. >>i don't want to come home after school to tell his parents about learning to hide under desks. >>schumer says democrats have legislation that could help reduce gun violence h r a for example would close loopholes that allow people to buy guns online and at trade shows without a background check, something that more than 90% of all americans support the bill passed in the house of representatives but probably won't even get a vote in the senate i'm so disappointed once again, and leader mcconnell and the republican majority. who have turned this chamber into a legislative graveyard, republican senator john problems ignored the prom
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we passed. >>legislation that would strengthen the next program. put more resources and a hardening some of those targets particularly schools, food and says we could save lives by enforcing the laws we already have. >>in washington. alexandra lee mount. >>the city of san francisco can renew its legal fight against pg any over rates and refund san francisco generates its own electricity from the city owned dam and reservoir city pays pg to then deliver the electricity. the city wants regulators to force the utility to lower its fees and refund millions of dollars in delivery fees that the city claims the utility overcharged that legal battle was halted in january when pg e filed for bankruptcy today though a judge lifted that hold. the federal government wants to reopen nearly 2 million acres in california to oil and gas drilling the bureau of land management issued final plans today for oil and gas leases
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and according to those plans roughly 725,000 acres across 11 counties will be opened up for leasing including areas in or around mount diablo park. they're walnut creek. the plan also includes fracking on land that's been off-limits since environmentalist sued back in 2013. >>i said talking about the environment said it was a gray overcast day across the bay, most of the day anyway as we take a live look right now at san francisco's embarcadero it just below the bay bridge, maybe even can see a little bit of fog. our chief meteorologist large cargo. >>will confirm or deny and he's here with a look is start to talk about the weekend the mothers and it's right up on us right now white so he got haven't got your stuff yet get ready willing the weather is going to work out ok a lot of low clouds out there and it was very thick today. >>slow to break up and thunderstorms fired up across the sierra nevada that was very interesting this afternoon as low pressure kind of scooting into town now and
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that is going to change things about that fog rolling in right now that's causing some issues about that delays right now at sfo of 74 minutes on arriving flights and that's to the cloud cover no delays be reported at oakland or san jose right now, but the clouds getting thick out there this evening again, and look at the lightning strikes up over the sierra nevada just really firing up in the afternoon. that's all caused by that low pressure center that is going to slide down in the parts of a southern california now that heavy rain continuing right along with these thunderstorms just beginning to taper off a little bit the boy it has really been coming down, you can see those pockets of rain some heavy rain now in fresno right near 70 lakes and pushing southward is seeing snow over this year that as well. well that taurus we've got some patchy fog that has really been the story the fog really thick enough moving back into the bay right now and stretching well on shore tonight, plenty of low clouds fog and some drizzle slight chance that we could see a wandering shower in parts of the east and the south bay, but it looked very a prominent right now morning clouds so tomorrow then partly cloudy in
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the afternoon and then for the weekend we get ready for mama out fog and son should be a beautiful mother's day just some patchy fog out toward the beaches, otherwise, mostly sunny skies. temperatures right now 60 degrees in san jose to 56 in livermore a cool 53 in foggy in pacifica 54 degrees in san francisco 56 in napa 55 degrees and a bottle of 54 degrees in san anselmo that fog will be there in the morning high pressure building overhead that low. that's going to make things really interesting the next couple, especially in southern california get a lot this time of year. swirl right off the coastline. it will pick up a little bit of moisture. right off the pacific. that will pump it over land again a brace more showers maybe some thunderstorms may we see some flash flooding in southern california. and maybe an occasional shower right here in the bay area long-range forecast that storm system rolls through over the next few days keep things are kind of went on and off in the lamb. throughout the weekend. then as we get into next week watch this. the storm system starts to put itself together and this could be impressive a battle together right there. that will be a big storm moving in especially for this time of year very very
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impressive that late in the season, so a big said we've got some unsettled weather had all enjoy. some sunshine and some clouds temperatures going to in the 70's looks like 60's inside the bay but 50's along the coastline much cooler out toward the beaches guys our large say in the south bay hearings are underway to possibly change the santa clara county's longstanding policy. >>of not cooperating with federal immigration authorities at issue is whether or not ice should be notified when potentially dangerous undocumented people get released from jail. conference rob flat of spoke to people on both sides of the argument. >>at the center of the proposed changes to santa clara county sanctuary policy is whether to ease restrictions on civil detainer requests an inmate notifications 2 us immigrations and customs enforcement as of now the county will not hold an inmate beyond their release date and requires that ice obtained a
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warrant to what could change is the county's policy about notifying eyes. >>in cases where there are very serious violent solondz who are about to be released. also happen to be undocumented. >>the board of supervisors called for a review of its sanctuary policy following the february murder a 59 year-old man be larson of san jose accused of that murder is 24 year-old carlos corrodes a an undocumented man who was released from jail despite numerous detention requests from ice. larson's neighbors like george the segue leah support changing the policy if was something in place to to protect the public against people like. this person who you know did this to bandy. she might be alive today, san jose police the sheriff and district attorney have also called for changing the detention policy but immigrant rights groups like siren in the asian law alliance and many in the community who weighed in before the supervisors last month warned
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that doing so will put others at risk. >>if the community sees cooperation between the county government law enforcement and eyes. then there's a the year of crimes will hesitate will come forward. >>ice is also come under fire for failing to obtain warrants and arriving too late to give an inmate release instead of relying on detainers what's needed is better communications says supervisor cortez use. >>when somebody has a of a violent rap sheet serious felonies on the rap sheet. and the feds are looking for them. how do we link those 2 hen how do we do it in a way without you don't negatively impacting the other 360,000 people that live in this county who. are here on temporary status san jose rob flood kron 4 news. >>also in the south bay santa cruz police are asking for the public's help in finding a the man in this video. this is
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near the intersection of pacific and birch lane on april 27th, walks behind a woman then hits her in the face the suspect had short or buzz to style hair and was wearing a black shirt and shorts to the peninsula now these 2 men are facing multiple charges in connection with a window smashed burglary in belmont police arrested one flores samarra and as waldo toscano today both for 22 years old and from oakland. police say the men smashed a window of a car in a parking lot of the business last night and stole a handbag. >>these may there are growing concerns tonight about laptops f's to u c berkeley students had their laptops stolen at an off campus coffee shop and is cont force will fully to go reports tonight, one of those students see a woman was assaulted. >>a 21 year-old woman sitting near the front entrance of sacks coffee shop in berkeley monday night resisted for young african american men
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wearing ski masks trying to steal her laptop. they'd already stripped a 19 year-old man of his the woman fought back when someone is trying to take your property remember that your property can be replaced, but. >>your personal safety tonight. officer, byron white says the suspects not the woman to the ground and kicked or she got her laptop back though when the men dropped it on their way to the getaway car waiting outside and got into a burgundy or maroon sedan white says the berkeley police department has investigated 35 stolen laptop cases so far this year, the victims in this latest case on college avenue. where you see berkeley students. police say sit in the back of establishment is rather than the front if you're using your laptop. so it's tougher for potential thieves to get to you i don't think it's about where you're sitting. i think it's about. >>people just driving around looking for opportunity all her to come to this particular to this place happens. closer to camp is it happens in other places. people walk by night
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get robbed my friend was sitting gamed and got a gun but as far as i mean it's not a it's not unusual. >>police say laptops have been stolen from saks multiple times already this year. >>lot of my friends have been talking about how there scared to come here and stare that their self is getting its own land specially for students, it's kind of scary because get your laptop stone and disrupt your whole leave it at home if you can. >>in berkeley felipe gaulle kron 4 news. >>all right out of the warriors said says tonight are breathing a bit of a sigh of relief right. the team confirming today that kevin durant's suffered a mild calf strain in last night's game 5 win against the rock yes could have been worse that means it or it could return to the court at the wires advance to the next round. our firstand kerman spoke with the sports medicine surgeon about the type of injury the to time finals mvp is dealing with. >>kevin durant's grab of the cast followed with a limp
9:19 pm
wednesday night send chills through or your fans. >>unfortunately, the timing of this is not good for were fans orthopedist doctor merlene more thi who specializes in foot and ankle sports medicine surgery says a strained certainly better than an achilles tear. but it doesn't guarantee dear aunt will be able to recover in time for either the conference finals or the nba finals should the warriors keep winning the presence of erie of the strain with a mild strain, you're looking at maybe one to 2 weeks with a moderate strain we're looking more like 4 to 6 weeks with a severe strain looking at 2 to 3 months. more the says the trainers and therapists and ran himself will likely push to try and get back on the court. >>as soon as possible. but he warns there are risks. >>the delicate the problem here is that there is a risk every injury if he returns to sue. >>so if it is in fact a mild injury in the warriors keep winning. it's possible. we will see deer and back in the court in time for the finals. dan kerman kron 4 news.
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>>died and and the rain is going to miss the rest of the series. so he'll miss friday's game and if the warriors were to lose tomorrow, they would play sunday in a game 7. back here in oakland in durant's not going to play in any of those games are neither of those games he's going to be here in the bay area getting treatment the team says he will be reevaluated next week. the bay area is a nightmare already but a new study is suggesting what could be the main culprit, especially in san francisco. >>plus a major change in how drug manufacturers sell their products the the big change and you'll start to see on tv ads and credit card interest rates can lead to some hefty bills in the policy proposed today. >>to help get americans out of debt. and we've got some fog around the bay area now that is pushing on shore little drizzle on
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pests never stop trying to get in. we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. >>for your money tonight credit card interest rates yikes could be kept those soon a 15% nationwide that is under a new federal law proposed by 2 democrats today in a facebook live stream a video senator bernie sanders and representative alexandria ocasio cortez unveiled the loan shark prevention act. the join legislation aims to tackle credit card and consumer loan interest rates as well as help americans pay off their debt at a reasonable rate. the 2 lawkers say the average yearly interest rate
9:24 pm
on credit cards has shot up to 18% and some credit card companies charge rates of up to 27%. i take a close look at your screen if you have this cooler. >>it could be a problem glue is recalling a brand of its marine le coolers after a child was reportedly trapped inside the us consumer product safety commission says the coolers latch can automatically lock when the lid is closed and that of course could cause someone to be trapped inside and possibly suffocate if you have one of these things you can get the last repaired contact igloo by phone or the internet. >>walmart managers make an average of a $175,000 a year. the nation's largest private employer revealed the figures and its first-ever environmental social and governance report. there's also a path to get there more than 75% of the retailer's management team started out as hourly employees still walmart employees, one and a half million workers in just about 4700 are the store managers
9:25 pm
that's about 0 0, 3%, wal-mart average starting pay for hourly employees as $14 and $0.26 per hour. the minimum starting wages, $11. the case of the deadly synagogue attack. the number of charges filed against the suspect. >>plus a groundbreaking discovery in the fight against hiv the treatment researchers say can end the spread of the virus. >>governor new surmount releasing his budget proposal and there is a nearlym$5 billion difference from his alright, let's talk perks! would you like a desk chair, weekends off, or the bathroom code? yes, please! which one? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines.
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more for your thing. that's our thing. call 1-800-call-att. >>welcome back negotiations are underway in sacramento over how the state should spend its money pretty big deal today governor do some presented a 213 and a half. >>billion dollar budget it's billion larger than the one he introduced back in january capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the updates. >>let's send them a revision of his proposed state budget governor do some wants to spend slightly more than what he originally planned the latest budget sitting at billion with still a billion surplus, he wants to put more than billion and a k through 12 education, boosting funding for teacher training and special education but citing the several struggling school districts across the state. the vice chairman of the assembly budget committee says the budget doesn't do enough when the bottom 10% in terms
9:29 pm
of her happened as students >>so to talk about expanding that into new programs without fun there. the k 12 system that we already have i think is unconscionable. >>on homelessness the governor is proposing a billion spending plan to fight it along with redirecting half a billion dollars to help with city and county infrastructure to make way for more housing look this homeless issue is out of control. >>this homeless issue like the housing issue as a crisis. it is a stain on the state of california. the governor wants to get rid of taxes on diapers and tampons but proposes taxes to improve the state's 911 system and safe drinking water for communities without it. >>i think it's really. >>hard from and i think standpoint to ask the voters to pay another tax for water. more for gas work for their cell phones for 911 services when we have a budget surplus, it doesn't make sense. budget reflects priorities. any of those things are important water is picks and you've got the money now fix it.
9:30 pm
>>lawmakers and the governor must come to an agreement by june 15th. >>and i'm absolutely open argument you've got better ideas i'm all yours know we kind of cold. jerry brown, the adult in the room. >>it's a kind of try to make sure everything was you know within reasonable grandmothers. i don't know what happens. >>this year. in sacramento actually zavala kron four knees state lawmakers are in discussions with water advocates they're trying to come up with ways to better store water during rainy years is one of the major goals of the cap, the cap program in one of the experts are looking for ways to better store water in wet years like 20 19 so the state can have it during years when the rain and snow inevitably dry up the long-term plan includes identifying sites for potential new reservoirs, improving older ones and are trying to come up with smarter ways to harness water. but of course all of that costs money and that's why advocates for the cap, the cap program are pushing lawmakers this week for more funding. the california highway patrol.
9:31 pm
>>all is investigating a death in daly city the chp says the person died around 5 20 this evening off thorton beach road. not much there, but no other details available from the chp at this time meanwhile, 3 retired judges are suing the california judicial counsel and chief justice tenney cantil-sakauye they filed their lawsuit in san francisco superior court today to challenge a recently established limit on temporary service by retired judge is the limit went into effect in january. it restricts retirees to 6 years as a full-time judge when they returned to the bench to help courts that are short-staffed retired superior court judge julie kong or of alameda county and 2 others from orange county claimed the limit amounts to quote unlawful discrimination in employment on account of h in washington dc president trump fish sounding off about pretty much everything he held an informal news conference today covering a variety of issues, including.
9:32 pm
>>his son special counsel robert mueller and former secretary of state john kerry. caitlin collins reports. my son is a good person. my son testified for hours and hours a mix of surprise and frustration from president trump today. >>after the senate intelligence committee subpoenaed his son, i'm just very surprised i really am but the president blasting the decision by republican senator richard burr to bring donald trump junior back in for questioning, but he stopped short of saying whether he'll fight it. >>my son's a very good person works very hard. the last thing he needs is washington dc this for the moment, a news conference was supposed to be a rare moment of bipartisanship in washington over health care legislation. >>but for the first time since the release of the special counsel's report. trump fumed in front of the cameras for half an hour. the mueller report came out. that's the
9:33 pm
bible after declaring on twitter that the special counsel shouldn't testify in front of congress. the president reversed his position on their leave that up to the attorney general as to whether or not i think to me it looks like the region as he repeated his claims of the special counsel has an anti trump agenda was going wild. he was so angry. this man now is judging me. he added a qualifier to his line that there was no collusion and no obstruction at the end of the testimony. no collusion and essentially no obstruction the president air his grievances over the mueller report as a critical deadline for us trade talks with china approaches i have no idea what's going to happen. trump is trying to raise tariffs on billion worth of chinese goods at midnight. but sources tell cnn if the deal is made those may not go into effect the vice premier's one of the most respected men one of the highest officials in china's coming. talks between the 2 countries were up and did after the chinese
9:34 pm
tried to make big changes to parts of the deal. the us said they'd already agreed to. they took many many parts of that deal and they renegotiated you can't do that. and today, trump races national security adviser while admitting they have major policy differences is strong reason things but that's ok i actually temper. john which is pretty amazing isn't it. the president was addressing reports that he has clashed with his national security adviser over teasing a military option in venezuela. i have different sides, i mean i have john bolton have other people that are. a little more dovish then him and ultimately i make the decision. the president also accusing former secretary of state john kerry of violating the logan act by meeting with iranian officials john kerry violated the logan act the statute bars private citizens from interfering with diplomatic relations between the us and foreign governments though no one has ever been convicted of violating it, trump claims kerry has told
9:35 pm
iranian officials not to talk to the trump administration john kerry tells them not to call. that's a violation of the logan act. and frankly he should be prosecuted and that a spokesman for kerry fired back quickly saying the president was wrong about the facts wrong about the law and sadly he's been wrong about how to use diplomacy to keep america safe. and this just in higher tariffs are now in effect on billion in chinese imports tire tariffs went in. >>into effect just a minute after midnight eastern time this after around a trade talks between the us and china failed to produce an agreement today. a white house spokesperson says that negotiators for both countries did agree to continue their talks tomorrow in a statement tonight though china's ministry of commerce said that the government to quote deeply regrets that will have to take necessary countermeasures but didn't give any details of that allegation. >>meanwhile the military is investigating the death of a marine in southern california
9:36 pm
officials say the marine died and 6 others were injured after their. a light armored vehicle rolled over during training at camp pendleton the injured marines were taken to the hospital for treatment. and the suspected shooter take a look in the deadly synagogue attack faces 109 hate crime charges federal prosecutors filed the charges against john earnest today. they say ernest fired at least 8 shots inside the synagogue and how a near san diego on april 27th killing one woman and injuring 3 others, ernest pleaded not guilty to state charges of murder and attempted murder. >>these be a massive fire destroyed 4 the homes that happen in hayward on to me terrorist about to 15 in the morning you can see the massive flames in the video. the 2 story homes that were destroyed were under construction. 8 other homes were also damaged nobody was injured in the caused the fire is under investigation. no it's not your imagination traffic congestion is getting worse in the city of san
9:37 pm
francisco it could be because of a variety of factors, but a new study out says the main culprit. >>these ride sharing companies, the san francisco county transportation authority found in its study the traffic congestion increased by 63 per cent recently about 2 thirds is from the addition they say of transportation network companies like uber and lyft adding that on to the cities. transit options. the study does not come as a surprise to a group of construction workers who drive to work. >>what they stopping in a blocking traffic. it is is no no law. no bargain. no stopping any time in a stop there. i just read more more to have a one person's convenience is another person's inconvenience. >>the other 22% of traffic increase according to the study comes from the addition of about 70,000 new residents and the more than 150,000 new jobs in san francisco. we've got some fog roll in the bay area right now some changes
9:38 pm
header away for the holiday weekend talk about that coming up. >>and still ahead in sports. the warriors are now in texas ahead of torrow all right game 6 against the rockets why steve kerr is hopeful. the kevin duran will be back
9:39 pm
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>>they warriors with a chance to close out the rockets tomorrow night but all concerns center on the future of kevin durant's. >>russia the details earlier tonight, a crown for another war is confirming day that arrive revealed a right calf strain for the to time finals mvp. the team offer no further information on the severity of the injury but he is not traveling with the team to houston for game 6 will be reevaluated next week. espn classifying it as a mild strain, but there is no timetable for a comeback the injury happened late in the 3rd quarter of last night's game 5 to hitting a jumper deer and came up limping running back up the court immediately went straight to the locker room. orders managed to take the game go up 3 to overused and steve kerr addressed the media this evening after arriving in texas. >>calf strain, he's had them before his responded well, obviously we're disappointed he will be able play. you know in this you know for able to to win the series and move looks good for for his return.
9:42 pm
you know in the not too distant future. >>game 6 tips off tomorrow at 6 elsewhere in the bay area playoff landscape, the sharks moving on to the western conference finals what a night at the shark tank, san jose colorado game 7. the art of the triumphant return of joe pavelski this is the first 6 games of the series with a head injury for the captain would set the tone sport. jones kept it that way an incredible performance between the fights 27 saves sharks go to the conference final for the first. and franchise history. a rematch of the 2016 series facing the st. louis blues. as far as her word and you know keep playing this time of year and get a win a feels good and. >>you know we've got a good team st. louis criminals so we're off to 0. and there what we need to do the western states
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horse expo returns this weekend but for for the first time in 20 years it is not going to be held. >>cal expo giddy up it's going to be at the memory of equestrian center in rancho maria that's east of sacramento you know that is that is that johnson explains a whole lot of people are going to be there. after 2 decades at cal expo the rare breeds of the western state course exposition. >>for now the 4 major signage anouk around. at the marriott
9:46 pm
equestrian center much to the delight of writers mary ann is a really fun. exciting. facility so i think it. >>for reinas packed solid with clinicians and demonstrations shopping from boots to tractors to barnes and horse trailers for days, president founder making nelson says the event is considered one of the largest were shows in north america. >>that he expects a drawing crowds from across the west coast. >>a 15 to 20,000 would be i guess just based on pre ticket sales. >>when i was 16 only has 2 lanes for most of the drive from sacramento. so over the weekend, some drivers may be using only one works that risk of a slow trot doesn't seem to bother most area residents we spoke with. >>i think it's a minor. traffic delay the weekend
9:47 pm
compared to the benefits to the community benefits such as we're show goers eating and sleeping in an area. >>often overlooked by tourists. >>help the hotel helps restaurants. >>nelson says the chp is assisting with traffic and the public won't enter the show at the main entrance of highway 16, but instead will turn right at the area to drive and enter through the back. >>and honor the facility bill parking for 5,000 cars as being potentially run. >>so those going wine tasting at every door county this weekend should be prepared to pull back on the reins heading to area. >>just plan an extra 5 to 10 minutes home. it will have to see what happens. >>doug johnson horse chiming in as well throughout the event by the way runs through sunday. >>i take a look at this scary video now from central cars in a flooded ditch when the dr ver. yikes still inside that car. police say the woman was trying to turn around when she just ended up in that ditch which then swept are toward the covert quick
9:48 pm
thinking employs though to a nearby business polled that driver to safety forecasters expect the strong storms and flooding conditions set to continue though through saturday. >>our chief meteorologist large cargo with us now is we take a peek outside we check out the embarcadero in san francisco, a little bit of cloud cover here but nothing like the rain parts of the country been seeing something else. i mean it's just been coming down to about 10 inches yesterday in houston. and there get some more rain just to the south that they're looking at more flooding with these thunderstorms again just the areas right along the gulf there you can see the storms developing in the afternoon continuing tonight is a very scary weather. flood watches and warnings up just south of houston right now corpus christi got some flooding coming your way to win you see all in green there. those are some flood watches so the system continue to move on through and bring some very heavy rainfall tonight, adding on top of the already saturated ground from yesterday. outside tonight. we've got the low clouds that
9:49 pm
are beginning to sweep back on shore going to be deep enough again we have some drizzle today, we'll see some drizzle overnight again along the coastline in the san francisco up to the beaches pacifica daly city. these thunderstorms though they are quite the story today is there really firing up in the afternoon subsiding a little bit now but still we're going to see that continue over the next couple of days here is we're going see that low that's causing the instability that can rotate all the way down in the southern california. watch for some flash flooding near a to all of the also in parts bexar county is that system moved on through. we're going to see a for us all some morning fog in the san francisco giving way to a little sunshine. so temperatures in the 60's there 71, partly cloudy and oakland 76 and partly cloudy in the san jose. here's that storm system moving into southern california it rotates bringing some showers down to los angeles. the possibility of some thunderstorms got to watch out for some flash flooding and we see some strong thunderstorms developing a certainly that is a possibility right through tomorrow and the weekend in southern california, even a wraparound showers could end up in parts of the south bay here so we'll keep our eyes on
9:50 pm
that for you, but for the most part it's low clouds and fog and cool temperatures along the coastline, 50's and 60's in the san francisco 60 in pacifica about 58 in half moon bay 60's inside of a little more sunshine there and then we start to warm me up 73, san carlos 72 redwood city 75 in mount view 79 in santa clara slight chance, a light shower into the south bay and parts of the east bay too but really just going to be hit miss some kind of moving on by not to ruin your day 75 degrees and ample about 78 in walnut creek 74 into and oakland checking in at 71 degrees in the north they will find some warm sunshine and temperatures moving up in the 70's that system really slide further to the south so that'll affect the southern parts of the bay area more than the north. a plan on numbers of moving to 78 degrees in santa rosa, 78 in petaluma next couple days here, we go we're get ready for the holiday weekend. it should be a nice one for mom, lots of sunshine just a couple of patches of fog in the morning on sunday, lots of sunshine by the afternoon. thanks lawrence. >>for your help tonight a groundbreaking new study may
9:51 pm
just help curb the spread of hiv is big researchers are finding a drug treatment called anti retrovirus therapy gets rid of the risk of passing on the virus. >>the treatment prevents hiv from replicating in the body. the researchers didn't know if it would also get rid of a risk for infection. this new study llowed 1000 game male couples where one partner did not have hiv the other did and was taking the antiretroviral therapy at the end of the study period, researchers found the drug prevented the transmission of the virus to their hiv negative partner during unprotected sachs. >>television ads for prescription drugs will soon have to include prices the health and human services secretary announcing this week that lawmakers finalize regulations requiring drug companies to disclose list prices of medications costing more than $35 for a month's supply. the prices are expected to appear in text toward the end of the tv
9:52 pm
commercials when potential side effects are being listed. the new policy could take effect as early as this summer. >>the gains in coverage from the affordable care act obamacare are starting to decline. that's according to a new report from the cdc. it says the uninsured rate for americans people who don't have insurance ages, 45 to 64, jumped to 10.3% last year. and that's up a full percentage point from 2017. it also marked the first time a government study has shown in increase and the rate of people who don't have insurance since obamacare went into effect the uninsured rate serves as a gauge for president trump's impact on health care coverage. his administration is seeking to next dismantle every aspect of obamacare in the courts. the uninsured rate did remain stable for younger adults. >>the camera catches a bobcat on top of a our poll, they
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
>>salient is bobcat a pretty good size bob katter got stuck on the top of a power pole this morning near naples florida yet wondering how much going to get down crews and utility truck tuesday, tall pole to gently you see there nudge the a. >>there's light is hanging on for dear and then does it is hang on he goes and shimmies
9:56 pm
on down. >>he had this down pat, you know it's easy to get up bright moon coming down to different story that. >>bobcat eventually made it to the bottom and then scurried off their into the brush. it's a loaded again. barbara. >>there they are these maybe african penguins hatch just 2 months ago at the san diego zoo. they are the first ever to come from eggs that were laid by adult birds in the zoo's colony staffers at the zoo they've been taking care of the pair to get him used to being around people chicks oh my gosh they're cute they're important to a species that has declined from a million breeding pairs down to only 23,000 today which ones, doug which one is bags. >>you're looking here at a rendering of the newly discovered flying dinosaur it's on the front cover of the famous nature journal, the creatures 163 million year old fossils were found in northwestern china. scientists say the dancer measured about 12 and half inches in length and weighed under one pound. it had membrane wings supported by a long. rod like
9:57 pm
bowl in which can be considered that like and it's up here, it's pretty cool guy now he had that wraps up ground for days at night better prime time coverage continues at the top of the hour can wayne in justine waltman are here. news at 10. >>thank you so much grant and vicki next at 10 scary moments in the south a strip mall as 3 people were shot in the middle of the day and tonight one victim is fighting for his life as police try to track down the shooter's last chilling testimony in the ghost ship warehouse fire fire trial of former tenant of the warehouse says. >>she was so frightened of the conditions inside the building she would sleep in her car. we have the latest developments from court and the hunt is on for the suspects behind yet another freeway shooting in the bay area this time an interstate 5.80. >>in san leandro don't go away our
9:58 pm
♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪
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♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present. ring out at a strip mall in the south bay tonight, police say 3 men were shot. >>one of them suffered life threatening injuries. thanks for joining us. i'm can way and i'm just involvement in for pam more tonight police first received reports of the shooting just after one 30 this afternoon and right now. >>kron four is gail on this live for us in san jose with more details. >>justine in cannes scary moments for the people in


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