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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  May 10, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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>>let me be the first to say happy friday and daria wholesome and twitter yes we've made it to the end of the workweek for most people if you work this weekend, sorry. of got john roberts with a check of weather and traffic will begin with that community around good morning. it looks good so far and you know on fridays the commute usually starts a little bit later and it ends early or so says. >>hopefully we'll have that today, ok chris her today, a really good or could is cooperating mother's day weekend looking good mother nature really coming through. today tomorrow and sunday all going to be foggy at times during your morning hours like we are seeing right now across the bay, but skies are going to clear sooner than they did yesterday that's for sure and we actually are in for some very pleasant afternoons in the days to come so that's what really matters right you want that pleasant afternoon weather to have a chance to
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get outside and enjoy the weekend temperatures are in the 50's right now with mountain view in san jose, egypt, 57 dublin, a 55 oakland in hayward each right now at 56 degrees. so it is a mild start. it is a foggy start though temperatures will rise out of the 50's into the 60's 70's and in some spots even the 80's by the afternoon today do expect mostly sunny skies over head later on and that's the way we're going to stay this weekend. before next week a chance of rain looms on the horizon which i'll get to still to come. robert thank you john checking in on the bay bridge, there's a line. >>at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's not bad. but if you do plan on paying cash just know that there's a minor weight and then after that it's going to be great trip across the span to downtown san francisco with no major issues were checking in on the san mateo bridge and it looks a little bit heavier, but it's still not bad under 15 minutes to hayward to one and here's the golden gate. smooth at the limit both directions. no problems into or out of san francisco. f oh one and
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police are searching for the person who vandalized to the san jose veterans memorial and we've got cross force will tran standing by at the very memorial this morning. well what exactly happened. >>this happened on monday in the overnight hours the good news is the san jose public works department they came out over the past couple of days and clean it up there's the memorial you can see. >>it's almost back to normal except that wooden panel because they need to replace. >>the panel behind it the plastic panel because it was damaged. let me show you the pictures this happened about 4 days ago in the overnight hours, someone came out here with black spray paint and chess when throughout this whole area and spray painted the entire area here the memorial which was set up in 1994 to honor the 5 branches of the military. it cost the city about $6500 to clean up the mess. but it left a lot of
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hurt feelings a lot of anger from the community saying how could anybody do this. some people think this is sacred ground because it honors the men and women who served our country. but there is a little bit of a clue. the san jose police department obviously they came out they saw this and they notice that somebody who did this had the moniker th street name snip so they hope that somebody could possibly help them out to leave them to this person plus this being downtown which is just off a highway 87. there should be plenty of surveillance cameras in the area from the stores as well as the businesses down here and the companies. they hope to look at the surveillance video to try to track down the person who did this and pass of the description on to the public. but the good news is you can see most of it has been restored back to you thanks a lot. well. >>time now is 5 oh 3 developing this morning repairs have been completed now well ahead of schedule for the new transbay
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after to crack steel beams were discovered 8 months ago for sarah stinson is live in san francisco with the latest how is it sarah. found in the transit center. that's 8 months later, but they have some those great. an arrest has been made now the shoring system was installed just weeks after the transit center open. last august forcing buses and passengers to go back to using the temporary transbay terminal. >>as you from the construction shut down fremont street causing major delays downtown san francisco. the transbay joint powers authority has not announced when it will be
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open. now that's because we still have a few things need to get done over the next month. such as contractors will be re installing lighting panels and in the granite has always on the center's 5.4 acre rooftop park. we'll have to be replaced with concrete. that's so that they're durable for the future now the metropolitan transportation commission is working on an independent peer review on the repairs. what should be done by the end of may that that is what this is all depending on timing wise. so if they were approved repairs. the billion for story transit center could open sometime in june after that officials say they will need about 4 weeks to be able to dubus training get buses inside and staff. they need to everything set before they can open so still lot of things just to a button up and get done before they can reopen, but we'll definitely continue to fall this. but this morning it's friday, let's concentrate on the good. they have finished that repairing tollyou
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>>the warriors are going to have to go to and do t is going to be out for the rest of the series that means for tonight's and if it goes to game 7. that game. he will be in either because of the right calf that the strain that you can see where happened there in game 5. the worriers say that he's not going to travel with the team, he's just going rest we have and the re evaluated next week. that was in the 3rd quarter of game 5 of the worries did manage to. take game 5 and then go up 3 to win the series. steve kerr talk more about durant's after they landed in houston. >>calf strain, he's had them before his responded well, obviously we're disappointed he will be able play. you know in this you know for able to to win the series and move looks good for for his return. you knoin
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>>so game 6 tips off at 6 o'clock tonight, game 7 need be. the words are going into this as underdogs by like 7 points is what the vets the factory. that yeah i guess so but you know they've just got to regroup and beale were heirs without the deal to build the new a's waterfront ballpark could move forward today was lights and everything. play the dark of the goals >>commissioners with a portable good are set to vote on a final a planned the financial part of it. >>it provides a framework for the lease of howard terminal. the possible minimum lease would be nearly million a year for the first 20 years it would also give the a's for years to identify environmental and traffic issues surrounding the project and work througand's land use and permit process. in the south bay, san jose police looking for a gunman after 3 men were shot at a strip mall that shooting hapeon the 2800 block of center
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road. >>3 men were shot all taken to the hospital one of them. we understand has life threatening injuries. in the east bay of freeway shooting injured 2 people in san leandro those 2 we're in a nissan maxima they were shot we've got the wrong that he will put up for it when they were shot traveling on eastbound 5 80 yesterday afternoon one person was hit in the hand another was shot at least 3 times in the upper body. both are expected to survive so they are recovering. the shooting prompted the chp to shut down eastbound lanes for about 45 minutes as they searched for bullet casings and other evidence left on the road. the freeway is reopened this morning. >>the peninsula police in millbrae have arrested a man in connection with an auto burglary. police say that lawrence fabiani is responsible for a an auto burglary that happened on monday. they say that he stopped his car next to the other car and then broke in and then took $1500 worth of
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tools using surveillance video is what led them to him. time now is 5 oh 8 in fremont police arrested these 2 men accused of a window smashed burglary in the parking lot of a business in the 500 block of el camino reale police say they stole a brown handbag from the car and officers arrested dat won flores a moron and as well though toscano they're both from oakland. >>at 5 oh 9 happening today uber will join the stock market when trading begins later this morning, the largest ride hailing service in the world announced that it will price its initial public offering of $45 per share that means that uber now has a market value of 82 billion dollars that's 5 times higher than lyft which went public. earlier this year again, the market said it's 6 30 this morning. uber and lyft by the way could be to blame for more traffic in san francisco city officials have found the traffic congestion has increased by 63% citywide and about 2 thirds of that is from uber and sn't come as a surprise at
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though to many commuters in the city. what they stopping in a blocking traffic. >>it is is no no law. no bargain. no stopping any time in a stop there. i just read more more having one person's convenience is another person's inconvenience. >>and increasing traffic also comes from the addition of about 70,000 new residents and the more than 150,000 new jobs in the city. >>this morning, the trump administration has raised tariffs on billion worth of chinese goods. so close from 10% to 25%. the tariff increase will impact the price for things that we pay like fish soybeans handbags steel closing not on the current list of things i phones tv's shoes and toys but president trump says that the tariff on those popular items are coming soon. minutes after the new tariffs went into effect this morning officials in china threatened retaliation. and still ahead on the ground for
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morning news laptop thieves strike again in the east bay. >>and at this time, the robbery turns violent we'll show you what happened. plus we're following the trial of the 2 accused in the deadly warehouse fire in oakland. we have new emotional testimony from a witness. the heads up the fuse bar we're going to tell you about a closure that will impact service this weekend. and some showers in parts of the state just not here in the bay you actually are looking at some thunderstorms pushing to the south and to the central valley right now. >>i'm talking forecasts for mother's day weekend. still to come. >>i'm tracking your friday morning commute it's getting busy at the bay bri 60% of moms get generic gifts for mother's day. this year, get more for your... mom? mamá mommy ¡mom! mom! mommy moooom! moooom! at t.j.maxx we believe doesn't mean the gift should be. mom deserves better, and you do too. happy mother's day.
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nexgard chew comes the confidence you're doing what's right to protect your dog from fleas and ticks for a full month. it's the #1 vet recommended protection. and it's safe for puppies. nexgard. what one little chew can do. >>this kron on extra a new study says the risk of passing on the v can be eliminated by effective drug treatment. jeremy roth has more in this health minute.
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>>a groundbreaking new study may just help curb the spread of hiv. >>we have known for 20 years that meant a lot treatment and which prevents hiv from replicating in the body reduces the infectiousness of the person taking the mets and put the question has been where the. transmission risk is eliminated. the study followed 1000 game male couples where one partner did not originally have hiv. >>and the other did was taking antiretroviral therapy at the end of the study period. it was discovered the drug prevented the transmission of the virus to their hiv negative partner during unprotected secs. >>in other words, the virus can not use the disinfecting the to produce new viruses. >>antiviral treatment is not a cure. but it can prevent the carrier from being infectious as long as they are taking their medication. and researchers say the latest findings could help prevent the spread of the disease. but
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experts say knowing your status is the first step followed by getting on a treatment plan. >>20 to 22 million some medication locally 38 39 million infected so that sort of the bridge that we need to fill. >>for today's health minute. i'm jeremy roth.
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>>welcome back 5.23 another look at the golden gate bridge this morning. if you look really clou can see the towers of the golden gate bridge actually early morning. that's a good sign for those of you driving around you should be running into fog that is too terribly downs. you will see some visibility impacts as you're traveling through areas where it's a little hill year you actually do encounter some of those low clouds dogs going to burn off sooner today than it did yesterday by 08:30am you're already looking at a much different scenario playing out by the time we work into the afternoon there you go some fog does hang out right along the coast, but for the interior the bay in the east bay. it's like an greats you're going to have some clear skies, some comfortable weather and a nice day to step outside. here's a look at storm tracker for this morning so overall conditions are dry for the bay area. but that's not so much the case for everyone take a look to our south were some thunderstorm activity is actually currently being seen right around by
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sell you just south of fresno and then if you are traveling down 5 may be visiting family for mother's day weekend down in southern california you are seeing a lot of rainfall south of bakersfield as you approach the grapevine so that is where you're seeing the rain fortunately just not this morning for those of us in the day. robin. >>all right, thank you john want to check in on bay area bridges which are getting a little busy out there start off with a 92 look at all the brake lights as folks are heading west and they are definitely stuck in a backup your drive time really hasn't budged a whole lot of still looking good and trouble free to the finance law trouble free into san francisco as well check out the headlights of the bay bridge toll plaza this is spilling the on the into the lot being on 8.18 out all the way out to west grand so that was quick, but it is not backed up through the maze and still under 15 minutes and the return center full brunt just a little bit of a line in the cash lanes on the left but >>consumer advocates say that the kids version of amazon alexa is actually listening to
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your kids and will not nts are on the federal ade commission to investigate whether amazon is holding on to children's voice recordings and personal information longer than it should. their co whee testing the device in one example, the voice assistant remember to girls allergy information even after her parents had deleted it. they say the device may be violating the children's online privacy protection act. amazon says its service does comply with the law. >>see with this investigation goes. >>it's 5.26 and still ahead a high school in the east bay could see fewer students attend again today after only like 20% showed up yesterday, we'll tell you why what they're a group of teens attacking men
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>>welcome back it's 5.29 check in on weather traffic on a friday morning, how's going so far still no major hot spots but the bridges are packed most of them are just guess here right is it back with that there that bad. me this morning has been better than yesterday was so we're already moving on up out of the. >>foggy kind of gloomy day that was your thursday, although conditions are certainly cloudy across the bay as you can see from berkeley this morning skies are clear than eratures around as yesterday at this time, but they won't be later on today
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after yesterday's cool down your daytime highs are going to rise well into the upper 70's for parts of the east bay so we're already off to a mild start. s,inly some cloud cover out there. this is going to clear quicker than yesterday's though and under those mostly sunny skies this afternoon. some really nice weather. it's going to stay that way for your mother's day weekend too, i'm talking more about what to expect still to come. robin. all right, let's head over to us. >>92 the san mateo bridge. it's very crowded right now levy hayward so we're looking at the westbound commuter action and you already see how sluggish. it is from that holds along the flat section but it does improve at the high rise, here's the bay bridge, 80 wes and i just got word of a stall. it's a truck that's blocking west found it is after treasure island blocking the right lane. so that's traffic slow through the tunnel. the eastern span and it was already packed at the tolls and now it's filling be on west grand so just be prepared for that work to 13 minutes and growing to fremont street james. >>all right, thank you very
5:31 am
much robin. so big story this morning, several teenagers have been arrested in san jose after creating fake dating profiles on tinder all with the purpose of robbing the men who then they met for a date police believe there may be even more victims who haven't come forward yet crown force christina tetreault. >>is live in san jose christina. >>yeah we're live here at san jose police department where they have arrested those 5 teams for carjacking and also i'm like robbing in an armed man or these victims in just as you said daria they're supposedly more victims out there who have not come forward, i want to show you some photos of the suspects here so go ahead and take a look at these. these are the suspects 19 year-old brian gonzales 18 year-old jonathan jimenez 18 year-old leslie for t o 19 year-old you dear a very ow and also a 15 year-old juvenile suspect now all the teens arrested different time charges including robbery carjacking auto theft and even hit and run in this scenario. now this is how they would do
5:32 am
it they would make a fake tinder account under the name becky and also the name veronica the dead wood lou, we're the male suspect an 18 wheeler, the male victims into a date kind of ease you normally would on a dating profile, but they would asked to meet them. at night as well as in some. odd areas that were perhaps near a park or just not a normal dating seen nothing like a restaurant. and that's when unfortunately, then they would get male victim out of a car and then a group of hooded and or mast suspects would then carjack as well as beat them right there. so this is something that san jose police department is asking also your help with if you know anything about the suspects or possibly more suspects please get their detective unit to call. this is also really good reminder for anyone using online dating profiles that safety does come first in this scenario. officials also recommend meeting public places as well as again in the day time and making sure they don't come to your
5:33 am
home, but meeting them in a place you've checked out before we're waiting to hear from police this morning we have sand in a few requests for some interviews will have more information in the later hours, reporting live here in san jose christina tetreault kron 4 news okay. thank you very much christine a. >>time now is 5.33 and to cal berkeley students were robbed their laptops were taken. >>at an off campus coffee shop and one woman was assaulted when it happened over at saks coffee shop, a group of men wearing ski masks came in and stole a laptop from a man that they tried to take a woman's laptop and she fought back. and that's when they knocked her to the ground and kicked her and then took off and this isn't the first time that laptops have been taken from people at this coffee shop. >>a lot of my friends have been talking about how there scared to come here and stare that their self is getting its scary because get your laptop stone and disrupt your whole >>the berkeley police department is investigating now and they say 35 laptops
5:34 am
have been stolen from various and places of business, you know where people are eating and drinking so far. >>counties sanctuary policy is back in the spotlight after a proposal to consider some changes. the board of supervisors called for a review of its sanctuary policy following the february killing a 59 year-old bambi larson of san jose, 24 year-old carlos kerr anza is accused of her murder and he is an undocumented immigrant who was released from jail despite numerous detention requests from ice. critics of the current policy say that refusing to notify ice when certain inmates are released from jail represents a threat to the public. what could change is the county's policy about notifying eyes. >>in cases where there are very serious violent solondz who are about to be released. also happen to be undocumented. >>san jose police the sheriff and the district attorney have all called for changing the policy but immigrant rights
5:35 am
groups warned that cooperating with ice will mean undocumented people will not report crimes and they will stop cooperating with police. in the south bay, the santa clara county city council approved an affordable housing agreement that will bring upwards of a 196 that unit apartment community to the area the project will consist of almost 200 low income units all the units will be available to people who make less than $55,000 a year and the goal is to start construction in early 2020. in alameda county begin deliberations in the case of a little more couple who claim roundup weed killer caused their cancer. husband and wife are diagnosed back in 20 11 in 2015. they say they were exposed to round up for more than 3 decades of spraying on weeds. monsanto the company that makes roundup says that studies have shown the product is safe. this is the 3rd case now to go to trial but more than 13,000 lawsuits have been filed already against monsanto nationwide. in the first case when johnson of an issue school grounds keeper. he was
5:36 am
awarded $78 million in the second case edwin hartman santa rosa was awarded million. once autos appealing both of those verdicts. >>berkeley police are looking for a man who brought a gun to a middle school on the campus of martin luther king junior middle school yesterday afternoon. it was shortly after school was let out police only have a vague description though of them and they're looking for we'll keep you posted. and today police are going to back out at california high in san ramon after a violent and racist threats have been found on campus. the latest was earlier this week, the fbi is now involved with the investigation too graffiti threatening violence was found 3 times in just one week. and yesterday, 80% of the students stayed home from school because they were just to a freighter to start it's not worth it. police are trying to find whoever is responsible for the threats. happening today, the 2 students accused of a deadly school shooting in colorado are due in court 18 year-old devon erickson and a
5:37 am
16 year-old a classmate a girl they face first-degree murder and attempted murder charges for the shooting that happened on tuesday at the stem school. it's k through 12 in highlands ranch, colorado and that is the 18 year-old boy who turned himself into a hero kendrick a steal when he jumped the gunman who entered the class because the gunman went and said don't move well he was killed, but he saved so many lives and his classmates are very thankful that it's a sad story for his family. months before the shooting the school board it turns out had asked for an investigation because there was a complaint. an anonymous parent and this was months ago said that she was afraid that another columbine what happened at that school. but the school says they found no evidence to support the allegations. still ahead a woman attacked on the sidewalk in the south bay and now police are looking for the attacker this morning, we'll have the latest in ts were goin from a doctor about the injury he suffered in game 5. plus
5:38 am
the giants on the road playing the colorado rockies screen out highlights coming up. and a dry one across the bay but not across the state there are some showers in southern california and the sierra nevada what does that mean for the rest of the weekend. i've got your forecast. >>and i'm tracking your commute around the bay area we're checking the bay bridge
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day and if you are no delays right now sfo. we do have clear skies than yesterday. so this does bode well for your air travel b wouldn't be surprised to see a few delays dropping the kids off the bus stop this morning, temperatures are still in the 50's much like yesterday a very similar start to the day has to yesterday in fact the afternoon hours though actually going to be pretty different. your daytime highs going to be warmer and skies going to be clearing out sooner than yesterday said robin. >>all right back to the bay bridge crews are clearing a stall truck west of treasure island that's not helping it says adding to the slow traffic coming into san francisco right now still not backed up into the maze but it is slow for west grant so be prepared for that and under 15 minutes, here's a peek at more numbers and we're off to a great start for friday. 6 a wide open the east shore smooth. no problems for 8.80 of san jose to milpitas james. all right. thank you.
5:42 am
>>robin your help is needed finding the man in this disturbing video out of santa cruz watch carefully very is coming up to an unsuspecting woman who was walking along the sidewalk. he just taps on the shoulder get your attention when she turns you can see just punches her in the face. the suspect had short or bus style harry was wearing a black shirt and shorts. the attack happened right near the intersection of pacific and birch lane it was back on april 27th. as we head to break, here's live look outside again a shot here of the embarcadero in san francisco looking at the bay bridge under. grey skies to start just like yesterday, but we are looking for a nice afternoon john trouble forecasting temperatures could
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>>it's 5.45 senator kamala harris joined mayor london breeding crowd force pam or at an event in san francisco at the hyatt regency has passed at last night celebrating the 75th anniversary of the sun reporter. it's a weekly newspaper serving the african american community in san francisco. and pam moore was the emcee the theme of this year was truth marching on. >>let's speak the truth and recognize it is born out of hate. hate which has received new fuel over these last. >>a couple of years, let's speak the truth that whenever and wherever that hate displays itself. we must all
5:46 am
as a community speak up. speak out. and we must agree as a community that whenever anyone is the subject of that hate they must never be made to fight alone, let's speak that truth. >>senator harris as you know is running for president in 2020. we are waiting for pam moore to make her announcement when she will throw her hat into the ring. presidential candidates going to be san francisco today sell been in. >>deanna mayor pete budaj edge is going to be at the regency for a fundraiser that goes on from 6 38 o'clock tonight live coverage on kron 4 news and on kron on. >>to weather here on this frida she's up early and i've just thrown her into the yes that's going to announced later again
5:47 am
of course yeah of something we're not talking about the good weather this ay to make su in may. >>and i'm just realizing i too late april fool's like there was now it was known that stuff and i didn't do anything you guys and do anything i know with us around the office now this is gonna thing. >>don't forget mother's day, yes, so that's a little more portman april here's a look outside this is is tougher on right here the cloudy skies overhead it's not going to stay cloudy all day those guys are going to clear later on and once they do clear out we are in for a really nice afternoon now nothing on satellite radar here in the bay area that's a very different story in southern california though. >>take a look at this cloud to ground lightning all across the central valley. so if you're heading down 99 or i 5 you are running in some areas of heavy rainfall right a finau and no lot of people traveling this weekend because of other stay so be wary of that if you're heading south those of us in the bay. we are
5:48 am
expecting any rainfall today nor tomorruw nor into sunday for mother's day itself. so really good weather just around the corner and a very pleasant weekend all in all with daytime highs for the most part. well up into the 70's that's the range of numbers will be sing for most of the day today, mid 70's in hayward and fremont low 70's and oakland wall. the layout 75 in san jose touch warmer than yesterday at 77. temperatures will stay comfortable through the weekend skies will stay inviting monday tuesday and wednesday continuing that trend before thursday of next week our loan chance of rain that's a look at your forecast robin how is traffic this friday. >>not so bad looking at across the golden gate. we're checking in on highway one on one and traffic is doing fine. it's been a very smooth commute so far from the north bay to san francisco and 20 minutes. so that's a great drive time the drive into san francisco at the bay bridge toll plaza of course much heaaier it's jammed all the way back from west grand. so from west grant a treasure island you're dealing with a backup and partially because
5:49 am
of a stalled pickup truck that's out of the way, but it just sad, it's all the slow traffic. a little bit of slowing south 6 city approaching so no boulevard there's an accident wrapping up on the shoulder and just like everybody is slowing down to take a look at that activity the rest of the bay area doing fine on this friday morning for 5.80 the nimitz into 37 chains. >>all right robin, thank you 5.49, let's talk a bit about kevin durant's right knee is not traveling with the warriors tonight for game 6 in houston. we know he's not going to game 7 so he's out for the rest of this series. after suffering mild calf strain. back in game 5 in there you can see the video him limping on that the team says he's going to be reevaluated next week called for dan kerman actually had a chance to speak with a sports medicine surgeon about the type of injury that katie is nursing right now. when kevin, duran grabbed at his calf and started limping with 2 minutes to go in the y first thought. >>is that they have an achilles tear. fortunately the
5:50 am
mri has show that it was an achilles tear orthopedist doctor merlene more thing you specializes in foot and ankle sports medicine surgery. >>says ruling out the achilles tear is great news ve required surgery and put durrant out for at least 9 months with a calf strain or calf tear. >>that's good news because it's generally not required surgery. >>the more the says that doesn't guarantee durrant will be able to return in time for either the conference finals for the nba finals should the warriors keep winning. he says it all depends on how severe the right calf was strained. >>but the mild calf polls that we see that. you're generally looking at about a week to 2 wetks off. but with these moderate ones at least 4 weeks with a severe one you're looking at 2 months. >>doctors say warrior fans have going for them is that durrant us highly motivated to rehab as quickly as possible. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>now to baseball giants in
5:51 am
colorado finishing their series with the rockies. the a's they got off to a rough start they were down 7 to nothing but then they make a comeback down to their final panic hit a single to right brandon crawford scores on but in fortunes just wasn't enough. the giant strike out and lose to the rockies 11 to 12. so close dji's coming home to host the reds tonight first pitch at 7.15. speaking of threats. the a's were hosting them over the coliseum and open was off to a bad start as well reds hitting a 2 run homerun in the first inning and that's all cincinnati needed as for pitchers combined on a 6. shut out. they also scored one more run 2 so the finals 3 nothing reds with the win a's will be hosting the cleveland indians tonight first pitch at 6.37. >>here's the latest on the fight at the state capitol and you know when you're at ross
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>>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>all right let's talk about what's showing in theaters. this weekend actually pokemon detective pikachu could finally be the avengers at the weekend box office d daniel has preview. we're going to do this. >>one man most video games turned movies don't soar at the box office pokemon detective pikachu is looking to be an exception reviews are generally good. the hype is
5:55 am
everywhere and weekend forecast range between 50 million the high end of that could be enough to top the chart ahead of avengers endgame in its 3rd weekend in theaters when not nice women with caution. 2 other new movies opening in wide release this weekend but they're not expected to do nearly as well. the hostel is a gender flip take on dirty rotten scoundrels with anne hathaway and rebel wilson as the dueling con artist. the company is looking at a debut of 9 to million wheeler started club before you reach info as l s diane keaton leads the senior launch a cheerleading team. >>as with the hostile critics are not cheering for palms, which is . in hollywood. the coming up in the next hour over expected to go public today and now san francisco officials say the ride sharing company may be to blame.
5:56 am
>>for more traffic in the city. plus people looking for a date and up getting robbed and carjacked after falling for fake dating profiles we're going to have details on that coming up in a live report and work at the transbay transit center in san francisco finishes ahead of schedule coming up in a live report we're going to take a look at what that work or what work still needs to be done before it can be reopened to the public. last years' ad campaign was a success for badda book. badda boom. this year, we're taking it up a notch. so in this commercial we see two travelers at a comfort inn with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. nobody glows. he gets it. always the lowest price, guaranteed. book now at
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roxana: when i got into teaching, it was this idea of really transforming our schools.
5:59 am
marisa: one of my biggest responsibilities as a teacher is to serve as an advocate for my kids. newscaster: hundreds of teachers are hitting the picket lines. newscaster: thousands gathered here. rosanne: we need smaller class sizes. angelia: more counselors and more nurses. roxana: we have to be able to invest in our young people. angelia: every student has a right to quality education. ever: no matter what neighborhood you live in. roxana: our students don't have part-time needs, so they can't have part-time solutions. rodney: because we know quality public schools... roxana: make a better california... marisa: for all of us. >>for joining us on a friday and daria pulse and i'm james fletcher 06:00am as the time let's see how the weather and traffic is shaping up at the hour or the road robin very crowded. we've had some minor s about the slowdown all right, not too many issues to deal is in the weather this morning, not not about this morning specially compared to yesterday s kind of gloomy.
6:00 am
this morning still cloudy but not as bad and skies are going clear really quick your view berkeley this morning is definitely showing that cloud cover the low fog and clouds that are. >>hanging out across the bay to kick things off this friday they're not going to last for near as long as yesterday and even though temperatures are around the same as they were yesterday and skies look similar later on today as when you're going to start to see those differences some mid to upper 50's right now we are familiar with this range of temperatures into the afternoon though those low 70's we saw for some parts of the bay yesterday will a rise into the upper 70's also a bit of a difference up and down the coast and along the bay shore too so a comfortable one to start the weekend in a really nice mother's day weekend to come i'll get to those details. still ahead. >>robin very busy for the drive into san francisco. we had a stall truck west of treasure island that did not help it's out of the way but now you're officially backed up into the maze so just be prepared for this if you're about to roll into san francisco


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