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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  May 10, 2019 8:00am-8:59am PDT

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still here i talked to the chp a little bit of good news. they hope to clear the scene. yes to may shun in about 3 hours from now when that have to shut down some of the lanes here right now you can see all all lanes are open to the public, although it's slow and go through here because of all the tow trucks, the chp the tow truck operators and they want to make sure everybody is safe as far as the cause of the accident is still under investigation. speculation is the driver might have fallen asleep at the wheel, somebody might have cut him off, but they're not worried about that at this point especially since. he's okay. they have to try to offload all that ca which is full of vitamins. he was hauling vitamins to santa cruz, when he went off the roadway here so let's keep our fingers crossed for about 11 o'clock in the morning or at noon before this is all clear, but at least all lanes are open to the public at this time guys back to you all right thanks a lot. we'll i can't keep checking in with
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wilt ran down the field and then also and the traffic center with rob and that's right so robin what we have here. >>we have traffic backed up about 3 or 4 miles behind the scene and if you think about it you know it's a friday nothing's block. it's really not a terrible commute more annoying than anything but usually belittle early if you plan on using southbound now here's a look at it on traffic tracker as will said right before the boulevard exit, everything's on the shoulder now the backup at one point was 5.80, it's looking a little bit better now you're backed up to about stoneridge as i said 3 of 4 miles not a terrible commute and if you look up ahead after the crash. you see that the freeways completely open and friday light for the rest of the trip. so it's just a minor slow down in the visual distraction but overall the rest of the trip will be fine on 6.80. here's another problem, this is oakland a driver off the road into a tree northbound 13 at joaquin miller, we may have at least one lane blocked there, you're back up spilling over to 5.80 so very slow from
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98 on 5 80 all the way up to 13. and if you want to continue on 5.80 it's going to be crowded to downtown oakland, but not as bad as yesterday so still somewhat friday light we'll check in on bay area bridges coming up in a bit john. well skies are. >>already clearing robin with a clouds lifting out of berkeley can start to see the city down there in the distance something you couldn't see few moments ago, temperatures are currently in the 50's across the bay area with hayward in oakland at 57 each comfortably cool starg to the morning this morning much like really every morning so far this week, cool cloudy but not too terribly chilly later on today, this is where we break free from yesterday's cloud cover that kept temperatures a bit cooler we're going to see a lot more sunshine out there today with upper 60's and san francisco, oakland and san jose looking at 70's with even warmer temperatures than yesterday. a nice weekend on tap as well i'll get to that. still ahead james. all right. thank you much john developing this
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morning repairs have been completed ahead of schedule at the new transbay terminal at san francisco, good news is after those to crack to beams those steel beams were discovered 8 months ago cropper sarah stinson. >>is live in san frais >>hi there. yeah, making big progress here. the sales force transit center. as we know, as you said 8 months ago close down just weeks after it opened made everybody have to go back to the temporary transbay terminal. it was a huge mess and ever since has been impacting our traffic getting everybody head. thanks here in the downtown san francisco area you can see behind. during system that was right in the middle the roadway. it's gone and that is good good news. take a look at the video from all that when there was insurance system there back when there was a lot of construction going on and at times they even had to close down fremont street which really impact people they had to deal with detours and we covered it for you live here on the kron four morning news. now the shoring system
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was installed just weeks after the transit center open last august forcing buses and passengers to go back to that temporary terminal, as you remember the construction was there but even with the repairs completed now e an ounc it will be able to reopen the trend setter. next month contractors will be reinstalling lighting panels. replacing the granite pathways on the centers. acre rooftop park, one of the coolest parts about this. we're going to replace that with concrete to make sure that it is durable and it can last for years to come. now we spoke to people in the area i went to the temporary transbay terminal talking to people and they tell me that they are excited have the new one back. >>it's got better access to the freew t only advantage is a slightly nicer environment.
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>>a lot of people love the environment, including a park a mention now the metropolitan transportation commission is working on an independent peer review on the repairs which could be done within this month and that is what we're basically waiting on so if they approved the repairs, then the billion for story trend center we'll be able to reopen. now officials say. they're going to need about 4 weeks to get there. those things together including bus inside and then also rehired earning more people because it takes a lot of people to run that new transit center so. >>we'll stand by and let you know when they do decide to actually open the transit center but for now we're taking the good news, especially on this friday. we'll send it back to them. >>we can do some good news. as you know we just found out that the warriors are going to be without k for the entire rest of the series which is only 2 games of the rockets tonight and then sunday if
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need be for game 7 after he strained. his right calf. and there was happening in game 5 but it's not that. they're in re evaluated next week. still it does mean that the warriors are going to have to do what they did in game 5 which is rally to win it here steve kerr was more. >>calf strain, he's had them before his responded well, obviously we're disappointed he will be able you know in this series you know for able to to win the series and move looks good for for his return. you know in the not too distant future. >>game 6 tips off at 6 o'clock tonight. >>in the south bay police are looking for a gunman after 3 men were shot in a strip mall that shooting happened yesterday afternoon on the 2800 block of center row this video from the scene 3 men were shot all taken to the hospital, one of them. we understand has life threatening injuries. and in the east bay, a freeway shooting injured 2 people in
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san leandro 2 people in a nissan maxima more shot while traveling eastbound on 5.80 yesterday. this is video of that very car. one person was hit in the hand, the other was shot at least 3 times in the upper body. both however are expected to survive. that shooting prompted the chp to shut down eastbound lanes for almost an hour as they search for evidence on the roadway, including bullet casings that freeway has since reopened but again they're still looking for the shooter this morning. >>happening now police are searching for the person who vandalized the san jose veterans memorial and you can see the graffiti that they put out that said alamuddin boulevard and park avenue. the tag or use the name snip a memorial has been since cleaned up. new this morning, the trump administration raises tariffs on billion worth of chinese goods. so goes from 10% to 25% now, and this will impact things that you buy like fish soybeans. persons steel so it comes from china except not i phones tv's
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shoes or toys right now, but the president says those are coming next minutes after the new tariffs went into effect this morning chinese officials threatened retaliation. >>is trading publicly for the first time and that was that bringing the opening bell this morning, the price for the initial public offering was listed a $45 per share which actually puts uber's market value at 82 billion dollars. speaking of a tube or uber and lyft could be to blame for more traffic in san francisco city officials have found the traffic congestion is actually gone up by a whopping 63% across the city at about 2 thirds of that they believe is from uber and lyft drivers that doesn't come as a surprise though to many commuters in the city that we had a chance to speak to. >>what they stopping in a blocking traffic. it is is no no law. no bargain. no stopping any time in a stop there. i just read more more having one person's convenience is another person's inconvenience. >>an increase in traffic. we
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should also mention does come to from an addition of about 70,000 new residents and more than a 150,000 new jobs in the city. >>8 oh 8 on the peninsula police in millbrae arrested a man for an auto burglary lawrence fabiani was arrested for a burglary that happened on monday police say that he drove his car and stopped next to the other vehicle broke into 2 or lock boxes and took $1500 worth of tools. and they used surveillance video to track him down. in belmont police arrested these 2 men know there are accused of a window smashed burglary to a business in the 500 block of el camino reale police say they stole a purse. >>from a car. they're actually not from a business from a car in the parking lot. so they arrested one floor zamora and as well though tests cano from oakland and they think they might be responsible for other break-ins that have happened along el camino real. >>it's 8 oh 9 and still ahead.
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flight to rescue cats and dogs but he got more than he bargained for. thieves strike again in the east bay will tell you where. plus a heads up that are using bart we're going to tell you about a closure that is going to impact your service this weekend. >>and we are seeing rain for central and southern california this morning but night here in the bay will we remain dry your forecast account. well traffic will remain flow into san francisco right now. >>i'm looking at a backup that goes to the maze, it's often on across the upper deck, not all bridges look like this we do have friday like conditions in some spots but also more lowe's knows you're the powerhouse who does it right.
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as the leader in outdoor power equipment, we do it right, too. so, you can show your yard who's boss. >>kron on extra a new study says the risk of passing on the hiv virus can be eliminated by effective drug treatment. jeremy roth has more in this health minute. >>a groundbreaking new study may just help curb the spread of hiv. we have it. >>known for 20 years that meant a lot treatment and which prevents hiv from replicating in the body reduces the infectiousness of the person taking the mets and put the question has been where the. transmission risk is eliminated. the study followed 1000 game male couples where one partner did not originally have hiv. >>and the other did was taking
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antiretroviral therapy at the end of the study period. it was discovered the drug prevented the transmission of the virus to their hiv negative partner during unprotected secs. >>in other words, the virus can not use the disinfecting the to produce new viruses. >>antiviral treatment is not a cure. but it can prevent the carrier from being infectious as long as they are taking their medication. and researchers say the latest findings could help prevent the spread of the disease. but experts say knowing your status is the first step followed by getting on a treatment plan. >>20 to 22 million some medication locally 38 39 million infected so that sort of the bridge that we need to fill. >>for today's helth minute. i'm sure. you know when you're at ross
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everyone aged 25 this morning starting the weekend still cloudy but starting to clear specially far inland areas, this is timber on right here where skies are still very cloudy. but you are seeing a bit more brightness making its way out then we did see earlier on this morning know what to expect later this weekend as mother's day is just around the corner now we can expect some 70's for daytime highs on sunday inland with some 60's out along the coast. a mostly sunny day and really good day to be out and about with mom to celebrate the holiday. robin we want to check in on our bridges, they are still busy but not terrible. so we'll check in on 5 81st want to look at westbound traffic. >>as you can see we have a backup here leading up to the toll plaza but it's only to harbor. >>yesterday was a few exits back so this is considered a slight improvement at 16 minutes to the north bay and once again, no major issues
8:26 am
for oakland to san francisco. but you need to leavea stacked u right now it's at the bottom of the maze that's a slight improvement it's under 20 minutes to make it off to fremont street so not as bad as yesterday slowly improving, but still very crowded so plan ahead and leave early so you can be on time. james all right. >>thank 26 consumer advocates say the kids version of amazon alexa is listen to your kids and not forgetting what they say that's a bad thing even when you try to delete it holds on to that information. now a group of parents are calling on federal trade commission to investigate whether amazon's holding on to children's voice recordings of personal information longer than the law allows they're complete outlines flaws that they found while testing the device effect in one example, the voice assistant remembered a girl's allergy information di children's online privacy protection act, amazon has come out that state to say the investigators find. coming up people looking for a date end
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>>and traffic has not been the best. conditions, but we don't always get and i'll check the bay bridge 6 adm in them, it's where we've had a lot of trouble spots all right. weather was i think we'll have a nice day today right yeah.
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>>i would say even better than yesterday was which so with the low cloud here. will is a little cloudier than the days before that what we are going to be seeing today is what we're already seeing out of a pleasant hill mount diablo in the distance really nice clear skies. this is what areas along the coast that are still on the cloudier side can expect pier just an hour too so we're already clearing out for a lot of the bay and temperatures are already just shy of 60 degrees in mountain view in redwood city at 5859 degrees brentwood. also already in the low 60's at 61 so we're already climbing as far as temperatures go. and we'll continue to climb into the afternoon eventually into the upper 60's for a mission district and financial district in san francisco while oakland in the low 70's and san jose upper 70's, a warmer day than yesterday, a clear day o ick out. robin. >>all right, let's check the bay bridge you want to take a look at the drive into san francisco very busy here at the toll plaza spil improving
8:31 am
so leave a little early so you wo'ts a good average off to fremont street, here's the trouble spot and overturn a big rig from early this morning still out there on the shoulder. there is nothing blocked on south 6.80 before snow boulevard for that activity is attracting a lot of attention you'll experience a backup about 3 or 4 miles not terrible. it's just off and on from the dublin interchange so we had a crash on has in its in fremont that's gone, but it's about 45 minutes, san leandro to milpitas such a cult a danville looks good and 17 out of the santa cruz mountains looking pretty good too with no but trouble spots until a status. james star, ian thanks robin. >>one of the big stories this morning involve several teenagers have been arrested in san jose after they created on tender specifically and then robbed the man who showed up for those dates police believe there may be even more victims out there who haven't come forward yet khan force christina tetreault is live in san jose.
8:32 am
>>reporting live in front of san jose police department were officers have arrested those 5 teenagers for a series of carjackings and armed robberies in relation to those states that they had set up and they all happened between march 16th and march 29th, quite a long span there let me go in and show you the suspects and want you to take a look at them all 5 of them teens one a juvenile. we've got 19 year-old brian gonzalez, 18 year-old jonathan jimenez a 2 year-old leslie 4019 year-old you're a very ow and then that 15 year-old juvenile suspect other charges include robbery carjacking auto theft and hit and run the suspect treated fake tinder counts posing as women name feki and veronica they then would send updates just as you normally would on one of those apps with men but under those female aliases the times and locations are easily late in the evening and in secluded areas that was the male victims would need who they thought were becky and veronica they were beaten robbed and carjacked at gunpoint by several is urged to
8:33 am
the san jose police department and their detective unit, they also say this is a good reminder to make sure that if you are using these dating apps be careful keep time mean mutual location and also if location seems misses it suspicious wouldn't recommend comfort level and just as you guys it said they possibly may have some more victims if you fall victim to this or you know someone who has you can remain anonymous and you can report that to the crime stoppers number which is actually 4 oh 8, 9, 4, 7, stop that numbers also up on our website right kron four dot com reporting live in san jose christina tetreault kron 4 news, ok very good. thank you christina. >>to cal berkeley students were robbed of their laptops while having coffee off of campus at a cafe one of them. >>was hurt. this happened at saks coffee shop there was a group of men that went in wearing ski masks. they stole a laptop from a man first and
8:34 am
they tried to take a woman's laptop and she fought back and they knocked her to the ground and kicked her and police say it's not the first time that laptops have been stolen from this coffee shop. >>lot of my friends have been talking about how there scared to come here and stare that their self is getting its own land specially for students, it's kind of scary because get your laptop stone and disrupt your whole >>and the berkeley police say they've investigated 35 stolen laptops so far this year. santa clara county sanctuary policy is back in the spotlight after a plan to consider some changes. the board of supervisors called for a review. the city's sanctuary policy after the february killing a 59 year old bambi larson of san jose. and here's her picture 24 year-old carlos carranza he's accused of murdering her he's an undocumented immigrant who has been released from jail despite numerous detention requests from ice. critics of the current policy say that refusing to notify ice when
8:35 am
certain dangerous inmates are released from jail represents a threat to the public. >>could change is the county's policy about notifying eyes. in cases where there are very serious violent felons who are about to be released. also happen to be undocumented. >>san jose's police chief the sheriff and the district attorney have also called for changing the policy but immigrants rights groups are afraid that cooperated with ice is going to mean undocumented people will not report crimes and they'll stop cooperating with the police. >>they the santa clara city council has approved an affordable housing agreement that will bring a new apartment community to the area of the project we're told will consist of almost 200 low income units all of those units will be available for people who make $55,000 per year or less. the goal is to start construction by early 2020. caused here's an alame their cancer. the
8:36 am
husband and wife were diagnosed back in 20 11 in 2015. they say they were exposed to round up for more than 3 decas on weeds. monsanto the company that makes roundup says that studies have shown their product is safe. nonetheless this case will go to trial. but more than 13,000 lawsuits have also been filed across wants on a nationwide attack in the first case dwayne johnson of an issue school grounds keeper was awarded million and in the second case and when the heart of it of santa rosa he was awarded million monsanto's appealing both of those verdicts. we now know what has met found in that san carlos home last friday member we were talking about radiation. we have a live report for you we'll test results indicate that the material that they found consisted mostly of naturally occurring radioactive material like uranium ore and other materials with radioactive metal. crews removed ed f that house. this home on cedar street, the former homeowner ronald c fred died back in
8:37 am
january, but it wasn't until his family went through the back shed that they discovered the radioactive material. he was a retired scientist who had worked at the slac national accelerator laboratory in menlo park. >>morning news, a mother's day seemed diamond dish vicki libya, this is going to show you where you can get mom since week. and the woman was attacked on a sidewalk in the south bay and now police are looking for this man. let's take a live look here at the h% traffic richmond sarah fell bridge. not too heavy b you know when you're at ross and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off every day.
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at ross. yes for less. friday morning skies still certainly cloudy for a lot of the bay, especially up and down the peninsula where here as a foe we do have a pretty sizable the way. >>for those of you may be heading out a afor mother's day travels in the days to come oakland and san jose likely delay free right now as for your travels up 80 towards the sierra nevada looking nice we had had some rainfall overnight. those showers are already dissipating across the high country and that's setting us up for today tomorrow and at least early on sunday, some dry conditions for your weekend travels up into the mountains sunday night showers do or turned those illegal air you're getting a little break since it's friday but not a complete break you'll have some company. >>heading to work this morning
8:41 am
but check out your drive time it's only 17 minutes. that's not bad from 8.80 to one on one. the richmond centerfold bridge. we have a line here leading up to the tolls i'd say it's right around richmond park way so that's pretty nice from richmond parkway to the pay gates is your slow down and the bay bridge traffic is still very quiet, but know that it's backed up just about to the bottom of the maze, it's often on between west grand and the bottom of the maze busy across the upper deck, but 18 minutes as a decent average for friday james. >>so your help is needed finding this man watch as he walks up behind the woman we've learned her out to protect ride any capture on the shoulder. and when she turns to look you just countries are right in the face this is video out of santa cruz. that man as you can just for no reason came up and. and just whacked or so the described as having a short bus style haircut wearing a black shirt shorts, the attack happened at the intersection of pacific and birch lane back on april 27 to
8:42 am
be think of any information that might help police track down who that attacker was please let them know. coming up next a high school in the east bay could see another day of very few students in class. this as a threat to attack the school continues to loom over the students there. and as we head to break, here's a live look outside our camera in the barker longer park and arrow in san francisco shown us. a nice shot of the bay bridge. it is a little cloudy but that's expected to clear out. by later today, we'll be right back.
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>>i don't have to remind you do i let sunday mother's day on sunday right around the corner and there's nothing nicer than getting model little something sweet. >>love it. this morning dine additionally, libya live libby libya kiss. vicki libya. this is going to take a look at a. >>the french not grounds that we have here we have those of fresh made macaroni specks of every possible form of chocolate just really love. meet the woman behind the name of the shop ginger eln francisc neighborhood and another thing that's really popular. we have our chocolate chip cookies that just came out of the oven she's been baking sweets and she was a teen and even food legend. julie had chiles i remember serving julia child some of my desserts and the look on her face ginger
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elizabeth makes everything by hand with fresh organic ingredients and a french floors. >>and i'm not in your mouth, it's really gotten. really back in everything they had. >>well done and beautiful. >>and we taste tested our way through her shop call it research in picking the perfect thing do so from ice cream hand pies to this. a pink perfection still stuff for mom say >>something something sweet. i think about my my 10 8 year-old and my 5 year-old is going they're going to steal a piece as well so we've got to make a kid friendly to >>moms always share. sharing is caring. >>happy mom's day.
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>>o so yeah, i think the sharing that you were just talking about that like well we can all share your data if that's what you get most of like that because. >>everybody sits and waits for offer it up to everybody else that's going to nice mother's day hungary on that i can think about whether. of yet really nice mother's day around the corner. sunshine the so and you have chocolates don't leave him in the that no you're right i was given a lot about the kind of weather looking at but you could leave them overnight will cool enough evenings, 60's and 70's for your daytime highs on mother's day just around the corner and plenty of sunshine too. >>something that are expecting later today but aren't seeing just yet for the golden gate bridge north san francisco. >>as cloudy skies still continue out here and some cloudy conditions as well still to be seen down in san jose it look at the clearing skies out about the aba though plenty of sunshine out there and that's exactly what the rest of the bacon expect here in just a ourselves as for
8:48 am
skies. they are nice and dry for the bay that's not the case to our south though take a look at the showers across southern california, especially as you're crossing a i 5 down to bakersfield and eventually down to the grapevine heavy rainfall has been seen overnight into this morning. even thunderstorms as well that has resulted in wet roadways for travelers heading that direction in the meantime the bay area's not just going to be dry today but we're going to stay this way you have some coastal fog again tomorrow morning but being less intrusive than what we saw yesterday much like today's has been then we work our way into sunday and it's going to be more of the same a foggy start a nice and sunny finished the day so as long as you wait till you're afternoons for your mother's day festivities. you will be just fine with some really stf ortable weather to expect 70's burlingame and temperatures warmer than yesterday on the peninsula and palo alto and san carlos each at 72. south bay numbers in the mid to
8:49 am
upper 70's and san jose santa clara and campbell while the comfortable range of mid 70's over in the tri valley as well as from hey we're down to fremont low 80's for some including concord well while the creek and danville just below the 80 degree mark oakland right at 70 today more 80's to be seen in the north bay that includes an apple youngsville fairfield pittsburgh in vacaville while 60's and 70's further to the are in and sonoma counties, here's your next 7 days skies for the most part really dry temperatures really comfortable. this is one of those forecasts you really can look forward to those guys will be cloudy at times during morning hours but that's just business as usual for the bay, this time of year come days. rob. >>we want to take a look at one to one across the golden gate if you do have to get to work this morning, one to one will not be a problem traffic looks great and it's been great had throughout the morning commute. so you are getting a friday light. break
8:50 am
here from the north bay to san francisco in just under 30 minutes to the toll plaza, not so much on 80 from oakland to san francisco. it's starting to then out a little bit this is an improvement compared to the last hour. it's slow from the bottom of the maze right through the toll plaza earlier. it was through so it's starting to loosen up but still not clear for the drive in the big trouble spot is an overturned big rig and sent all south 6.80 before says we're not in sonoma pleasanton. before the sun il boulevard exit on the shoulder, nothing block. but of course it's still attracting a lot of attention so just prepare for some often on crowding from dublin up to the scene and then your trip into signal in fremont will be friday like the rest of the trip is going to be fine for you highway forza the nimitz and one on one not so bad all picking up one on ones 45 minutes from san jose to menlo park area. thanks a lot of robin. >>happening today police are going to be back out. high in san ramon because of violent
8:51 am
and racist threats that have been found on campus and the fbi is now involved in this investigation. threatening graffiti was found 3 times in just one week and here's the latest message saying that the library in the courtyard we're going to be shot up by somebody. so yesterday 80% of the students didn't go to school they stayed home. police are still trying to track down who's responsible for the threats. >>now to some baseball, the giants they were in colorado finishing their series with the rockies. they were down 7 and nothing at one point before they started making their comeback dowo to the final out joe panik here hitting a single to right. brandon crawford would score on that, but it wasn't enough. the giants striking out in the end losing to the rockies by just one run it was an 11 to 12 final score. the giants coming home to host the reds tonight first pitch at 7.15. speaking of the reds the a's were hosting them at the coliseum and open they too are also off to a bad start reds hitting a 2 run homerun in the first inning and that's really all cincinnati would need for
8:52 am
pitchers combined on a six-hit shutout. they also scored one m nothing the final reds with the win. a's host, the cleveland indians tonight first pitch in that match up 6.37. coming up at 9 o'clock getting schooled about the cannabis industry students are learning the tricks of the trade but there's my mom washes the dishes... ...before she puts them in the dishwasher. so what does the dishwasher do?
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>>here's a quick check of the big board this morning where we're seeing the dow off by a large margin down nearly 300 points. we're seeing negative trading for the nasdaq and the s and p as well stocks are really falling today extending this week's selloff after president trump said that there was quote absolutely no need to rush on a trade deal with china. he says tariffs make america stronger and so he has no compunction of alleviating the tariffs and all that seems to have wall street a bit worried this morning as you can see here by the numbers, one of the big wall street stories that we're tracking though by the way is the fact that uber is going public. so i'll tell you coming up in the next hour. and the fact the san francisco officials say th rideshare hpcompany may actuatraffic clog city streets plus people are also looking for a date. they get in they end up getting robbed and carjacked after falling for fake dating profiles will tell you what you need to look out for we'll have the latest in a live
8:56 am
report. >>and work at the transbay transit center in san francisco finishes ahead of schedule how that. but it's not quite open to the public just yet we'll have a live report explaining what work still needs to be done. here's a live look outside of the san mateo bridge smooth sailing here. but that's not the case everywhere robin west. it with a full check of your friday wright and john trouble with your forecast for today and your mother's day weekend ahead in just a lowe's knows you do it right by finding the best deals on paint and stain. we do it right too, with big savings on top brands like valspar, cabot and hgtv home by sherwin williams. the time is right at lowe's.
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>>thanks for joining us for the finest hour on the finest in full sun and out james fletcher was find out about that weather and traffic outlook for the roads and depends on where you are the man. >>problematic expense, yeah, very busy and we still have 2 30 this morning. >>a lot there on 6 amy it's not blocking out check the
9:00 am
backup, it's been very through the like that whale this is very at their you know because it's load it has nothing to see here folks just go ahead. >>well, you know we are going to be looking at a lot of sunshine. this afternoon. the gloomy one for some especially closer to the coast. you did see plenty of sunshine elsewhere. but today is going to clear out a lot sooner than yesterday did world already seeing those clearing conditions over the east bay now look at this view from berkeley a lot clearer than an hour ago, and you can hardly even see down to berkeley just below 50's and even more 60's now with mountain views sitting at 62 degrees conquered at


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