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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  May 10, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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however, just hours before he slept huge tariffs on products coming from china and most experts agree those tariffs are going to eventually hit american wallets. thank you for joining us tonight i pay a more benign can wane take a look these are just some of the items they could get to more expensive from fruits and fabrics to bags and baseball gloves. >>costing the average american family of 4 almost $800 per year more reporter stacy cohen has more on the nuts and bolts of the brewing trade war. >>talks between the white house and china wrap up after a week of whiplash expectations. on friday, the us hike tariffs on billion of chinese imports from 10% to ycle company that imports parts from china. we thought the talks were going really really well as of a week ago it seem that we're close to a deal and suddenly have a we have a crisis the white house blames china for the breakdown. >>insisting beijing renewed on promised economic.
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>>global markets convulsed all we can reaction. in a flurry of morning tweets president trump said there is no need to rush talks. >>i think they'll be a little pain, but it won't be that great compared to what the chinese will suffer are the chinese economy. the us economy is much stronger than china's. >>but american consumers may face price hikes on a long list of items price hikes arnold camera worries will cost people their jobs. >>when bicycle prices go sales go down and so i will try my very best if this thing does stick, i'm not to have any layoffs i can't make any promises. the president isn't backing down even threatening to slap tariffs on nearly every product imported from china. >>the white house clearly betting america's prosperity combined with patients will pay off in washington. i'm stacey cohan. team coverage on this issue tonight this escalating trade war could have some very real impact on bay area consumers.
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>>fours maureen kelly got some perspective from a financial expert. >>first the united states there very very politically charged. the escalating trade war between 2 superpowers could end up creating price hikes for products american shop for every day, including clothing made from cotton and denim. >>personal hygiene items such as shampoo and soap big ticket household goods, including refrigerators and freezers furniture and mattresses as well as handbags and backpacks call for financial expert, rob black says china came onto the worl stage economically speaking. many years ago ever since then using our consumers still there. mean we've been using their. to get cheap labor and low cost goods things are starting to handle it. there's a 2020 election coming up and trump what looks wrong. >>there's a face the process as well. the customer short term art economy missed all of
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that. we'll do is we'll get to a deal. it's our souls were created in china and so the united states. >>he says another short term winner could be the investor on the sidelines. we get a little bit of volatility. the market sells off. overall the long run. >>he says it's in both country's best interest to figure out a good relationship maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>traffic is still a mass on the southbound lanes of interstate 6 80 in pleasanton this after a truck crashed into a ditch on the right side of the road around 2 30 this morning a viewer sent us this aerial video of the situation there. emergency crews have been out all day trying to move the truck out of the ditch you see there in the middle of your screen. authorities say they found vitamins in the trailer that need to be refrigerated and because the truck was on its side, the trailers refrigeration wasn't working
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that created concerns a cargo could heat up and become hazardous materials problem. >>for the 3rd straight year bart ridership is down and passengers concerns are helping to fuel that decline from homelessness to cleanliness and crime. well forced dan kerman is following this story tonight he joins us live in san francisco with how bar plans to make up for the loss and ridership revenues. dan. >>well each of the departments have had to cut their budgets that's one way but the real issue is solving those quality of life issues, easier said than done. already dealing with a host of problems bar now has this to cope with a steady decline in ridership about 4 million trips a year, mostly on nights and weekends the problems are very easily identified art director differ allen says a recent customer satisfaction survey explains the drop people are fed up with quality of life issues. >>safety and security
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homelessness cleanliness. >>variations solving the problem will take time and money but allen believes zeroing in on one issue will help sell the others. >>if you can control fare evasion you can control certain extent of the homelessness on the system. you can control more of the cleanliness and you can control more of the safety and security. >>in the meantime it already unhappy set of riders face fare hikes, bart's every other year inflation rate increase is set to kick in january 1st of next year with a fare hike of 5.4%. and then this june bark directors is set to ok another inflation rate hike for january of 2022, ellen believes one or both hikes should be put off. >>they're not going to see riderswith the system that people around. >>our directors are scheduled to discuss these issues
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related to the budget at their meetings on may 23th in june 13, live in san francisco. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>thanks stand guard will be closing the tracks between the concord and pleasant hill stations for maintenance this weekend that same section of track will also be closed on memorial day weekend. and the second weekend in june. free bus service will be provided between those 2 stations, bart says people traveling through the area should expect 20 minute delays. >>repairs have been completed. well ahead of schedule at the sales force transit center this comes after to crack steel beams were discovered 8 months ago, proper sarah stinson has details on what needs to be done before it can reopen. >>now that the cracks have been repaired at the sales force transit center. it's one step closer to reopening i spoke with bus passengers who say they're excited to have it back after months of going to the tem>>pom really excited to beautiful beautiful garden at the top of rooftop garden and
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a little bit more convenient because you have to go through the traffic. that's great. >>it's got better access to the freeway. >>what an ordeal this has been for naught early bus passengers but also for drivers have been dealing with traffic impacts on fremont street from the construction. oh oh yes. >>duracell was that a difficult to move around here. because of the condition. >>the cracks were found in beans holding up the new transit center last august just weeks after it opened. it was a shock because i had just been built but even with the beams repaired the transbay joint powers authority have not said when it will reopen that's because over the next month contractors will be re installing lighting panels and replacing the granite pathways on the centers, 5.4 acre rooftop park with concrete making sure it's more durable for future years plus the metropolitan transportation commission has to complete independent peer review on the repairs that should be done by the end of the month. if they
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approve repairs than the billion for story transit center could open sometime in june now after that officials say they will need about 4 weeks to be able to do bus training and get buses inside plus get their staff together we'll continue to update you on the repairs that still need to get done and the review seeing if the repairs are approved in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>a man suspected of setting overnight fires in dublin is in custody tonight these pictures show 3 vehicles torched in the area of 6400 sierra court and an exterior wall of a business which was also set on fire. dublin police say they arrested this man 34 year-old nicholas brown this morning after a chase. investigators say the chase began in the area of 6400 sierra court at about 12 20 this morning and ended in livermore during the chase they say the suspect rammed the chp cruiser and crashed
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his car into gasoline pumps in livermore let's step outside. >>a day as we get ready for the weekend right. i know is here with the forecast friday all day long and looking good too as we get ready for the weekend high pressure looks like it's going to take over just in time to bring a little more sunshine and some warmer temperatures out there right now. we have couple patches of fog along the coastline. most that all right at the beaches, but it's going to start to make its way on shore throughout the evening tonight and then well it's going to push al% the way into the valleys but outside right now from tehran, you can see just those clouds in the distance otherwise, lots of sunshine. and you see a couple clouds of the south that's part of that low pressure center that a swirling down in southern california bringing some rain there. so for keeping us mainly dry, but it's get stormy, there look at the showers and thunderstorms lightning strikes. this going to continue on and off through tonight and tomorrow that system us going take some time to move out of town but not locally the bay area waking up some fog early on temperatures going to be in the 50's and
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then here we go to start your weekend, nice mostly sunny skies by the middle of the day so some patchy fog along the coastline by noon then in the afternoon 60's and 70's inside the bay mid 70's in the warmest valleys 50's out toward the coast. numbers are going to break down like this, it'll be cool in half moon bay of 58, but you get to san jose 75 degrees, a beautiful about 75 in concord and 71 degrees in the napa valley. more from you later also coming up we'll talk about a new proposal to tax companies such as uber when they go public. >>will it boost san francisco's budget or drive business out of the bay area entirely. >>art worth 6 figures stolen from a secure storage facility in the north bay. but the owners think happened and the warning they have for other hand after the break people looking for love. >>and in a losing big instead >>and in a losing big instead and now police are looking for you know when you're at ross and you find that perfect spring dress at that "oh, yeah" price? yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off
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year-old leslie 19 year-old you dear very al and also a 15 year-old juvenile suspect. they're charges include robbery carjacking auto theft and hit and run the suspects created fake tinder accounts posing as women named jackie and veronica they would then set of dates with men under these female aliases the times and locations of those states where usually late in the evening and in secluded areas, what's the male victims would meet who they thought would be back here veronica they were beaten robbed and carjacked at gunpoint by several masked victims. anyone with information on the suspects or anyone that may know a possible victim of these armed robberies and carjackings please go ahead and call san jose police department and this is also a reminder that they have to say you are using one of these dating apps and make sure to keep safety a priority. i mean the daytime mean a public place and always make sure to check out the people before meeting reporting in san jose christina teatro kron 4 news. >>rocky start for over on wall
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street today, the rideshare company based here in san francisco kept office first day of trading, the shares closing at $41.57 a share this down almost 8% from its starting price of $45. experts say the disappointing performance reflects financial market turmoil, due to trade tensions and lingering doubts about whether fast growing ride hailing companies will ever really turn a profit over just the latest bay area tech company to go public this year joining competitor lived as well as interest with still more such as air bnb on the horizon, this has the city of san francisco considering what's being called an i p o tax which would. >>increase the corporate tax rate on stock based compensation to one and a half percent joining us to talk about this tax white people might want it or not want it, san francisco supervisor, or mars so break it down for us this is an increase on attacks that exists is that correct. yeah and i actually which
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correction say that it's ending a tax break that was granted 88 years when the city actually was coming out of the great recession. in the priorities at city hall. we're really growing our economy creating jobs. so there are a number of tax breaks ever granted really targeting to grow the tehh sector in our city. in those tax breaks actually have been very successful right we've all very familiar about what's played out here. in san francisco, i'm in the bay area over the past decade with this. the rapid growth and and the tech sector that the influx of 10's of thousands of high-paying jobs and and actually billions, hundreds of billions of dollars venture capital going into these companies but there's been a downside to that to that i think we're all very well aware of as well and now it's the housing affordability crisis that is affecting everyone here in the city and the region. the increasing traffic congestion on our streets. i mean even the homeless this crisis really you know is indirectly connected to the growing inequality in our city so you
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have a. >>number of other supervisors who are supporting you want to put this on the ballot in november. that's exactly where would the money go if you're going to put that money back into the general fund or does it will be targeted. >>the i p o tax which again is just ending i'm a tax break that was granted to grow the tech sector 8 years ago is just a tax break taxes, restoring a 1.5% tax on stock compensation and calm. somebody would generate. yeah a $100 million a year projected of new revenue for the city that would go into a shared prosperity find and and the the this the resources from this find would be used to support programs that would address the growing inequality our city from expanding affordable housing to expand he supports for working families and seniors to supporting our small neighborhood businesses that haven't benefit 10 different from the same tax breaks over the past over the past years you fear any backlash from tech companies in the city. you know i think that's that's possible. but i checked been meeting with all the companies
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out have gone public and a plan to take a public right now and i think we're in very good constructive dialog about this proposal and i think there's there's a lot of interest from those companies, him being at the table decisions around how the that the revenue for their tax payments would be used to address the problems that their success is really caused on the rest of us here in the city and the region as you know when there was the homeless initiative pushed by marc benioff. >>even though it did pass by the voters it did not get much support it off on the tech companies. do you fear that they may begin to consider maybe this is the time to look elsewhere to put our headquarters with maybe san francisco's, not the right place for us anymore. you know i think you know that's certainly possible and i want to be we're going to go through a public process i just introduced the measure to the board of supervisors this week, it's still going to we're going to be hearing at the on this in june and then if the board votes it will will be on the ballot, you know for the voters decide. later this year but um. yeah i
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you know i think again it's a modest tax we're talking about restoring back to 1.5% of tax only on stock top stock compensation income. and this existed prior to 2012. and i also believe that that the tech sector itself. it is is really going through. some some rethinking and resetting about what their relationship is to our city in our city government right now and i found it them them actually be very being very open to the dialog about this arm serve we will be hearing a lot more about this in the coming months, so thank you very much for coming and talking to us about it. thanks pam, thanks can all right. thank ok let's take a look outside again going to show you the embarcadero in the city of a really nice afternoon and heading into the weekend our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has the 4 zone a big weekend ahead here of course we've got a article mother's day. >>yeah, if you're if you're preparing for we've got a great forecast for you. it's
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good or downgrade is a high-pressure taking over how about this just for moms we are going to see a plenty of sunshine a great day ahead we will start with some patchy fog on mother's day by the afternoon though temperatures in london in the 70's inside the bay 60's 70's if you're headed there, little cool along the coastline 50's and some 60's there, looks like mostly sunny day on mother's day. temperatures today a little bit of a rises we had high pressure building in overhead 13 degrees warmer in concord today, 9 degrees warmer live more 3 degrees warmer in the san francisco. so these numbers bump it up lly in some spoouple low 80's and conquered and in the santa rosa today that's moving above the average 63 degrees just slightly below the average in san francisco. but low pressure continuing to spin around in southern california. we're dealing with some patchy fog here but that low it's going to cause more concern in southern california but not for us now that's out of the picture so we're dealing with low clouds and fog. they'll return tonight stretching well on shore making its way in the delta probably into the bay,
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so you get the idea is going to be strong push but it's probably going to burn off a little bit earlier tomorrow that's coolly behind lots of sunshine and really some nice weather an even more sunshine on mother's day, 69 degrees right now in san jose, the 69 also in livermore still 74 degrees in redwood city, 57 cool to fog if the civic and 56 degrees in san francisco, 67. in san anselmo and 60 degrees. and santa rosa. high pressure bill will take over here that low begins to make its way southwards into the eastern that will take with all the clouds and the threat of any rain from here that means we're dealing with a lot of sunshine and some nice weather for mother's day it looks like some beautiful weather setting up now but in the long range forecast it still looks very very interesting made we start talking about more stormy weather. well more that coming up few minutes all right lathank you also coming up a the sacramento area lockdown. >>what have police fearing for the worst of this morning's bus after the break why a couple takes a break in at their north bay storage facility may have been an inside job.
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>>6 figure nightmare this week the north a couple learned that more than $100,000 of art was stolen from their storage unit in petaluma and as kron four sleep jungle tells us the victim say the theft could have happened anytime in the past few months. >>and it may have been an inside job. what you think is
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safe. >>might not be christian foley on e thought this rare painting by artist luke to was tucked away safely inside his unit at public storage in petaluma until he received a bizarre inquiry from a woman through social media earlier in the week a solution wonder knows what it was worth she had actually but this piece. at a storage unit option in emeryville and wanted to know what it was worth she was going to die she should already put it on e-bay which time i informed her that that unit is in my storage unit, but in fact it was not the woman reached out to christian because he's been collecting mark for 15 years and is information pops up when you search for that you painting online. the woman has agreed to return the arc deciding not to sell it for the $99 on e-bay as she initially intended christian believe she's a victim here too still that was just one of more than 3 dozen pieces of art stolen worth he says $100,000 it was a feeling and i've never or
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render had before i really on my knees up almost buckled a open up the door. >>and where one time there was over 50 pieces of art in here. there was. >>12 fully on me and his wife filed a report about this with the petaluma police department he says he hasn't been able to track down any other pieces of his art and knows it will be hard to do so he hadn't been to the facility d months, so it's unclear when the burglary actually happened i think of all the fire victims. the lost their homes. they have their stuff in storage may not have been here for 6, 7, months a year. >>and they have no idea that their and their unit could be empty fully on he says public storage has not been helpful in trying to resolve this. he believes someone with knowledge of the building security layout could have been involved in the theft, public storage has not returned our requests for comment on this report in petaluma felipe gaulle kron 4 news. >>coming up. another puppy
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found abandoned in a coachella dumpster. police think this keeps happening and how the pop is doing tonight. >>plus a warning before you hit the beach this summer what you need to know about dangerous surf spots. officials are warning people to steer clear of. >>and up next possibly some good news if you're looking to buy a home in the south bay, the city that is now saying
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>>tonight at 6.30 is it a
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seasonal bomb paul r is it a sign that demand for new homes, a slowing in the heart of silicon valley ground force from has some insight into what's behind a sharp increase inventory and price watch report from trulia san jose seeing the biggest inventory increase in starter and trade-up homes since 2014. trulia says san jose ranks first nationally in terms of total for-sale inventory growth with a year-over-year increase of 55%. it's good news says santa clara county association of realtors president gustavo gonzales basically we're getting more to a balanced market which is good for everybody amid allows buyers a little more time to think about what they want to get last year we had historically low inventories. >>so when you see an increase like the one reported on trulia it's really not that big of a difference when you look at t


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