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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 11, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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>>and jose police have arrested a suspect in connection with the deadly street raise that happened last weekend. police say 37 year-old vinson ochoa is a suspect in last sunday's crash nearly now avenue and santa teresa boulevard that crash left a 24 year-old man dead. the person arrested is the second driver involved in the incadent. good evening and thank you for joining us at 10. i'm jr stone. >>justin waldman the suspect's arrest comes as the memorial for the victims grows in his honor kron 4th while bello has the very latest.
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>>friends and family of david not to hondo stopped by this san jose police say one of the men they believe responsible for the deadly crash ash turned himself in friday night. a neighbor i spoke with says they hope this crime. relieving like a nearly 3 months is like it that's enough that's enough. the accident eric garcia lives right off of santa teresa boulevard and lean avenue. >>he said he heard the crash sunday night that took the life of 24 year-old david mon dieu hano like that high street banks creaking. >>and bank with a huge bang. he said when he ran out to see what it has and pastor vies for trying to hano but officials would later pronounced him dead at the scene san jose police onto hondo was in the passenger seat as his cousin arturo decided to race against 37
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year-old the scent they ochoa. >>say how was under the influence at the time lost control of the car. >>and crashed into the tree ochoa fled the scene but turned himself in to san jose police friday night feel like it wasn't for that tree other would hit our house or the house in front of us. garcia and other neighbors say despite posted for. >>santa teresa as if they're on a freeway at feelings people just don't think don't think for sunday's want to the tb facts. he feels more police presence on the road for implementing speed bumps may be the way to slow down traffic. >>really hear cars revving their engines around here like speed bumps least help reduce the speed. >>ochoa is facing several charges including felony hit and run resulting in death. the other suspect arturo say hot is in the hospital and he will remain there until he's healthy enough to the transfer. in san jose noel bellow kron 4 news. >>well the championship
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excitement continues for bay area sports fans tonight. the san jose sharks beat the st. louis blues in game, one of the western conference finals 6 to 3 tom ford and thorne was with the fans at the sapd center in san jose and picks up the story. >>definitely a big win tonight. but the stanley cup playoffs had been a roller coaster for fans thrilling games heart-stopping injuries but they're confident that the sharks get over the hump and make it to the final. the sharks next step in their journey to the stanley cup finals begins. fans old and new are eager to see them take home the cop. >>i waited 26 years. so i think it's time. going and how powerless to watch again. jumping up and screaming yelling it. >>getting to the western conference final has been a hard fought trip for the
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sharks. it took back to back 7 game series and star players getting banged up. but that's not keeping molly daily from believing. i support the sharks so much. baby right here other than the fund and face painting and taking playoff mode pictures, fans got to meet the coveted lord stanley and imagine what it would be like if the sharks won it all. it's a lot excitement in the air that we've overcome a lot to be a it's very excited to the keeper of the cup was also glad to share in the experience with sharks fans you can see by the fans have passionate they are they all have their teal shirt on and that it's a. >>i think san jose in this area as a hockey area. >>the sharks win this one 63 game 2 is back here at the shark tank on monday night reporting in san jose dan thorn kron 4 news. >>and now for a check of your 4 zone forecast tricking changes out there this evening in the form of dense marine
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layer in fact, upper level clouds and also dense low clouds and fog right along the coastline visibility is at or near 0 right along the san francisco peninsula. so please drive safely, and don't forget to turn on those low beams current wind speeds right now. right along the coast, but still pretty gusty as you head inland into fairfield temperatures right now into the mid to upper 50's, turning into low 50's for overnight lows and it looks like your mother's day sunday forecast looking great going to start out pretty cloudy but then expect better clearing by the afternoon. temperatures actually warming up a degree or 2 so near average along the coast and slightly above normal daytime highs as you head inland, but i am keeping an eye on some changes storm tracker forecast right now showing dry conditions but out in the pacific northwest. our next storm system is set to arrive to the bay area by the middle of next week bringing us a widespread rain for a few days next week find out the timing of this and how much rain we're going to get in the
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coming days to shoot just in nj are back to you. to the north bay where a welfare check leads to the arrest of a legend package thief them are in county sheriff's office arrested a 40 year-old man after they found numerous amazon boxes inside and outside of a home in sandra fell kron four scale long is live now in sarah fell at the sheriff's office with details. justine a welfare check was for a 10 and an elderly tenant. >>but it wasn't the person getting the welfare check that got arrested. it was their tenant. >>sheriff on the next you're talking to somebody i didn't quite know what was wrong. >>bob winslow has lived on this quiet street in center fell for 25 years now he says sheriff's deputies rarely come by you never know he lives his right now. it's a. is heartening can trust to film everything when people steal
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on thursday marine county sheriff's office arrested 40 year-old alexander sada after finding numerous amazon boxes would rounding labels removed at the home, he was staying at the boxes are found outside this home, according to neighbors. the sheriff's office says more packages were found inside the home will he say people do horrible things. and then a few things go missing we order to when those tv stand your local mall. no insight. deputies initially responded to a welfare check. a care manager was concerned about their clients living conditions, turns out their client is okay and the man arrested was a tenant to renting a room at the client's house, the elderly person living inside the home was not involved in the criminal activity. deputies say sought i was driving to san francisco to steal home delivered packages there and keeping them in this quiet neighborhood. in the meantime detectives are working with the united states postal inspector's office to reach out to the victims. live in standard fell it fell on kron
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4 news. >>well thank you so much gail a 28 year-old san jose woman faces dui and vehicular manslaughter in connection to a crash that killed a teenager investigators say the crash happened at 2 o'clock this morning on state route 17 just south of redwood a states. >>police say ashley murray opoliver was driving a chrysler minivan in the wrong direction in the southbound lanes when she slammed into a toyota carrying 5 teenagers from fremont a 16 year-old boy riding in the back seat died, 3 others suffered non-life threatening injuries. the chp says some of them may not have been wearing seatbelts at the time of the crash. >>california's legalization of marijuana does not protect immigrants from deportation. if they were convicted of pot crimes before 2016. that's the ruling from a federal appeals court in san francisco. decision denies the appeal of a southern california woman who was convicted in 2014 of possessing marijuana for sale.
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the woman got a state court to reduce or felony conviction of a misdemeanor under the new law. she then applied for political asylum, arguing that she should not be deported. some she is no longer guilty of a felony crime. >>what is now taking a stand against a controversial abortion ban that was just passed in georgia. this come as alabama is moving to pass an even more restrictive ban and chaos in the capital has no force lawmakers to delay that vote. cnn's natasha chen has details. >>all those in favor say aye. committee a man has able to have and no motion this shouting match happens thursday as alabama senators considered a bill that would ban abortions at every stage of pregnancy from conception on. >>and criminalize the procedure for doctors. the battle over abortion rights has been raging since the landmark case of roe versus wade in 1973 which legalized the procedure nationwide. but now certain states are drafting restrictive bills in
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preparation for a lawsuit in the nation's highest court just the first time in 46 years that the makeup of supreme court has changed where there's possibly just enough conservatives on there who would believe roe v wade is incorrectly decided. >>outside of alabama, a so-called heartbeat bill has been passed in several states. >>some already blocked in courts. those laws prohibit abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected about 6 weeks into a pregnancy before many women know they're pregnant and that's causing a problem for george is nearly $10 billion film and tv industry. david simon who created the wires said his production company won't film in georgia anymore. he's joined by mark duplass counter narrative films and killer films. >>cnn reached out to marvel which films avengers movies in georgia and amc studios which films the walking dead in the peach state. neither have responded yet. natasha chen, cnn atlanta.
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>>terry of state mike pompeo will spend part of next week in russia pompeo will meet with russian president vladimir putin and also a foreign minister of the state department announced this meeting today. it says that pompeo we'll sit down with that those 2 russian leaders in sochi next tuesday. they're expected to discuss a variety of issues, including concerns about ukraine venezuela north korea and iran it will be pompeo second meeting in as many weeks. >>rudy giuliani is not going to ukraine the president's personal attorney had planned to ask the country's prosecutors to investigate the origins of the mueller investigation and to look into ties between joe biden's son and ukrainian ruler, giuliani called off the trip amid growing criticism that he was requesting that a foreign state interfere in the 2020 election. well coming up a university honor students who did not make it to the graduation ceremony a student
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that is how school officials remember the woman killed after getting into a car she believed to be an uber that she had ordered. >>and a new development tonight in the search for this missing 4 year-old in texas, the person arrested in connection somalia's disappearance. >>plus some bay area family says they dealt with a second incident of police brutality bible, a help police officers. details ahead. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪ ♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present.
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>>the family of willie mccoy who was shot and killed by police at a taco bell drive through is now sounding off against the bill late hope police departments, but this time it's for an incident involving mccoys nease was arrested and tased by officers. >>i spoke with her about what she says happened that night. >>if i put your hand out the window, i don't know. you talking about. worked. >>os during a recent traffic stop and pull a whole one were for african american women were questioned by officers as. >>they're coming to the car. we hear them. well no one who's run on windows then they had the guns and then it was >>you you like guys think this is a game or something like that and i'm like whoa a 20 year-old a on a jenkins was the driver she was willie mccoys nice. the man shot and
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killed by blay hope pd outside a taco bell. >>jenkins was without a license and entually arrested not before officers tasered her saying she resisted arrest. in fact in this cell phone video you can see her on the ground after being today. her lawyers questioning why the group has even pulled over. >>whatever was that they literally did this and he did cite anybody for us we want to know why other than saying what they thought was a car full of black men what other actual legitimate reason there was a stops that's the that's the first that's the first concern. >>reports say that the driven by officers with their windows open and made gun gestures with their hands. something jenkins denies but something an officer references during this cell phone video. >>if i put your hand out the window, i don't know you're talking about. >>minutes later jenkins was tased and arrested.
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>>it really hit me when i'm he liked to me out the car and was light. took me to the bat doesn't live like human life. lawyer light. i'm really going through this right now in the eye here and when the taser it was like. it is like a painful like oh my god, i like it was oh my spine really like. well like this is really what they do to people like i'm really going to lose sight. i'm only way one 5 to do it too. 2 officer, size 6 something. give me food is so light. >>taser use the site i can't believe >>police are compact commenting that is on the case only saying this is a personnel matter that the chief is reviewing. jenkins who faces driving without a license and resisting arrest charges has not filed a lawsuit against the department. her lawyer says
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that could eventually happen. >>authorities in houston say the stepfather who was watching 4 year-old malia davis when she went missing, has now been booked into jail on suspicion of tampering with evidence a human corpse. police in houston have not said whether or not a body has been found but investigators did find blood evidence that linked lia to dairy invensys apartments police say vence was arrested today at a relative's house in sugar land. that's just southwest of houston. >>we want to share with you that there is a video camera. at the topf stairway by one of their neighbors. and on that video camera we'll show it to you. it captures stepdad. coming out of the apartment. what a bottle of clorox. a laundry basket. and inside the laundry basket, a garbage bag. >>a court appearance has now been scheduled for monday. >>attention to weather.
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questions out there what's it going to be like a mother state sunday's shaping up. >>it's looking a lot better than today in fact i am tracking a weaker sea breeze so warmer temperatures along the coast and interior valleys as well about one to 2 degrees of warming. today though we did have a stronger on shore flow. so that's why downtown san francisco only word of to 61 degrees. a few degrees below average in concord though big warm-up they're flirting with a tease but 79 degrees so well above average for you live look outside from downtown san francisco and you could see high clouds overhead and city hall out in the distance dressed up in blue and for 4 zone forecast am tracking storm tracker for dry and calm conditions for tonight but change is underway during the next couple of days, especially by the middle of next week there's a storm system that is going to make its way to the bay area starting on wednesday continuing through thursday and even lingering all the way through friday morning bringing us some light rain
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totals now remember may's typically the month we start to dry out but any measurable of our main that we get from this system we'll be above normal precipitation. so it is going to be a light storm system bring us about a 3rd of an inch of rain or less and dropping our daytime highs to below average and this is also going to make its way into this as well, not only bringing snow showers but also that rain shower mixture as well so along the highest peaks we could get about a foot of fresh snow and also some scattered showers and maybe a slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms as well. but right now temperatures in the bay area relatively calm in fact we will see some overnight drizzle during the overnight hours. they said that big blanket of marine layer, but temperatures right now in the mid to upper 50's cooling down in the low 50's for overnight lows so relatively mild and your mother's day sunday, looking fantastic. we are going to start out with mostly cloudy skies and then mostly sunny skies by the afternoon. so you do have any outdoor plans.
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you're like expect upper 70's, inland and mid 60's along the coast near average highs for coastal areas and slightly above normal temperatures as you make your way into the interior valleys. upper 70's and even some low 80's and as we take a look at the extended 10 at 10 forecast. wednesday through friday. those are going to be the days where we will notice this unsettled weather pattern but then by next weekend we're going to dry out with some more rain chances. 10 days from now on monday. so this is pretty unique forecast in the bay area, especially from a standards because we should be drying out but still tracking me light storm systems making our way. so good to get a little rain the hills are looking a little. >>crispy brown already and we've got a long way to go before we get at some real significant rain so a little bit not so said about tomorrow's weather high like apollo. i know just excited to others. ration that are also under way. i still tell gets a
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little league baseball team, the charge of what one woman is facing. >>after stealing allegedly from the organization. >>plus why one college band all fraternities and sororities from it's time for our memorial day sale on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. save $1,000 on the new queen sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, only $1,799.
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and families are gathering itaround the table.america, thanks to reynolds wrap, dinner preparation is perfect, and everyone knows to be mindful of their manners. dinnertime has changed. our quality hasn't. reynolds wrap: foil made in the usa since 1947. >>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 graduating seniors at
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university of south carolina. remembered one of their own in a bittersweet ceremony, an empty seat draped with a cap and gown marked or samantha josephson should have been setting. police say she was killed in march after getting into a car. she believed to be an uber that she had ordered. university president harris pastides presented her parents with a degree in political science in her honor. he also led students in a chant of what's my name that's the campaign her parents launched to remind people. she asked drivers to say their name before getting into a car. lawmakers in south carolina also passed a bill after josephine's death that requires uber and lyft drivers to display illuminated lights in their vehicles. we'll swarthmore college in pennsylvania announced a ban on all fraternities and sororities. >>says after 2 fraternity chapters said that they will be closing their doors amid allegations of racist massage and a stick and homophobia hate your against pass
10:26 pm
members. delta epsilon phi psi fraternity broke the news on facebook after disturbing documents from 2013 2016 weeks to campus publications. the leaked documents included a phi psi historical archive with the rape jokes reese's comments and crude hazing descriptions also included a reference to delta absalon rape attic and rape tunnel which the fraternity denied existed. the school's president said on friday that the college will no longer lease space to student groups and will review policies governing students social events. >>a high school and manson ohio will not of a valedictorian or salutatorian this year because a growing concern about students becoming too pressured to do well. school officials say some students have reported depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. they say the school moved to the latin honor system in an effort to reduce stress and anxiety among students. >>there's definitely minds to
10:27 pm
and i was really stressed out like i remember last year. what i like ah like one of my first these i was like really stressed out about that. >>well mason schools will make other changes to benefit students starting in the 2019 2020 school year classes at the high school start 30 minutes later the district is also looking into possibly reducing homework, loads and also summer work. well up next an east bay little league baseball team facing a huge loss. >>loss. after one of their own stole thousands of dollars from the organization or at least is accused of that details ahead. >>and torrential rain causes flash flooding and keep rescues across the southern region, how authorities are responding. you compare that when we come back. and dry weather for us in the bay area and this year, but all of that is going to change in the coming days more coming up in
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here you go little guy.
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a cockroach can survive submerged underwater for 30 minutes. wow. yeah, wow.
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not getting in today. not on my watch. pests never stop trying to get in. we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. >>welcome back to kron 4 news felony embezzlement and felony grand theft, those are the charges the former treasurer union city little league is now facing today cross. >>for us we should all spoke with the league's president who claims that the woman essentially stole more than $30,000. >>on the field the game remains a secure and competitive as it's ever been since the organization's inception, some 60 years ago but outside the lines it was so get your metal what she did
10:31 pm
turmoil for the union city national little league we are almost $15,000 in debt from last season and league president veronica perez places the blame squarely on former treasurer nancy morgan perez says the 40 year-old mother misappropriated about $33,000 from the league's bank accounts, amazon charges cash that is unaccounted for for as as this went on for about 2 years until she became suspicious late last year in august. she says she and other board members started questioning morgan about the amount of money collected from fundraisers and how it was being spent perez says morgan avoided the questions until the board pieced it all together yes, so you know there were when appropriate charges a police report was filed in september. the investigation spanned 6 months. morgan was arrested in march charged with felony embezzlement and grand theft since then the league lapsed on payments to a storage
10:32 pm
facility and last 60 years of equipment. the league is also now down from 17 to 14 teams from last year and a member of this community and being part of this league for the past 10 years. i want them to have a place and. hopefully they can continue to play. perez says morgan has posted bail she's due in court in august for a pretrial hearing. in union city fleet of all kron 4 news. on the peninsula salmon hale county sheriff's deputies are looking for a stabbing suspect deputies say they responded to the area of way of avenue around 12 30 this morning. >>and found a man who was stabbed multiple times and had cuts to his leg and torso the man told police that he got into a fight with the stranger near the western end of wave avenue in half moon bay. and during that fight he said the suspect stabbed him with a knife. investigators are now looking for an asian man between the ages of 3540 he's described as standing 6 feet tall weighing about 200
10:33 pm
pounds, he was also bald and clean shaven. >>more rain is in the forecast for the southeast putting millions at risk of flash flooding. andy rose reports. >>heavy rain is breaking records and causing problems in the southeast parts of the gulf coast have been overwhelmed by rain. the national weather service says some areas have seen 300 to 600% of what's typical for early may. in mississippi officials say the heavy flooding caused a train derailment high waters in texas after storm soaked the houston area for days, some drivers in texas trying to navigate the flood waters. one driver abandoned his car when it started to take on water only to find it on blocks wheels stolen when the water receded. a nine-foot alligator startled locals when it found its way into an arkansas field swollen rivers push the unwanted guest into unfamiliar
10:34 pm
territory. >>when we first got the call we thought was some kind prank or log or something goes these see gators this far north. >>across the region of more rain is in the weekend forecast 20 million people are on alert for potential flash flooding. some locations could see up to 5 more inches of rain. i'm andy rose reporting. >>breaking news an amber alert has now been issued for a missing child maybe your phone just buzzed with the information that we want to go over now with you. the amber alert is up on your screen as well as a picture of the girl and a vehicle description the child was taken by an unknown suspect out of oakland and a 2005 silvers mercedes sedan with the license plate, a g i i y 7, 4, 3, she's been this has been activated by the chp the girl. her name is sarah mccrory she's 3 years old 3 feet one inches tall weighing about 35 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. they're
10:35 pm
saying that she was abducted from oakland anshe's believed to be wearing a pink hooded sweatshirt and blue jeans again this is an amber alert. that's just been issued out of alameda county. so please keep an eye out for this little girl or the vehicle with the description on your screen. there's more information on our website kron four dot com and also there's a tweet on our a twitter page you can reach we try to get the information out as well we'll keep you updated on this breaking news story. >>long taking a live look outside this evening on the golden gate bridge certainly a somewhat clear night at this point they've. >>our meteorologists marisa rodriguez is here now with a look at how temperatures are going to shape up for sunday, looking great for your mother's day sunday on why you're microclimate forecast in just a minute but first. let's take a look at storm tracker for dry conditions and calm weather out there right now for the bay area and also for this year as well but there is a threat of pop-pp
10:36 pm
thunderstorms for the 2nd half of your sunday, those of you heading out to this year to celebrate your mother's day sunday. take advantage of sunday morning and early afternoon because amtrak in calmer dryer clear weather but then an increase in cloud cover and also a slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms for this year a sunday night but calmer conditions by monday, partly cloudy skies remaining in the upper 60's and in our next round of wet weather will bring in some more clouds on tuesday that is going to be our transitional day with temperatures cooling down into the mid 60's for this year uh before the wet weather arrives by the middle of next week as well closer to home in the bay area tracking sick marine layer, the dense low clouds and fog starting to lift a little bit so seeing some improvement on the roads but still that thick fog bank right up along the coast so mid to upper 50's out there right now antioch still in the mid 60's cooling down into the mid 50's for your overnight lows, everyone else in the low 50's for the bay area. you're
10:37 pm
microclimate sunday forecast for your mother's day shaping up very nicely, especially along the coast, warming up to near average for downtown san francisco at 63 degrees 61 degrees or half moon bay. so it is going to be a mostly cloudy start but expect mostly sunny skies by the afternoon. burlingame warming up till the low 60's palo alto and san mateo mid 60's for your afternoon highs and widespread 70's for those of you in the south bay, san jose, 70 degrees santa clara 71 with cupertino in the mid 70's and in the east bay tracking some breezy gusty wind speed at times around 25 miles per hour or less hayward warming up to 69 degrees berkeley 62 oakland, 68. and those of you in the north bay napa 76 degrees with santa rosa flirting with a tease but 79 degrees for your afternoon highs in for allergy suffers like myself, it's been brutal out there and tomorrow will be no exception medium amounts of these top 3 allergens mulberry oak and grasses and as we take a look ahead at the extended
10:38 pm
10 at 10 forecast. i am tracking rain arriving by the middle of next week bringing us about a 3rd of an inch of rain from wednesday all the way through friday morning until we start to dry out and warm up slightly through the weekend but then some more rain chances. 10 days from now so very unsettled weather pattern shaping up in the bay area for the month of may which typically one of our driest months, but as you mentioned just in we certainly need the rain because it looks like this season with high fire danger in the summer that something we want to watch out for especially for those of you. the interior portions of the east bay create that defensible space now before it's too late. thanks so much, thanks. we'll be r you know when you're at ross
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imagination traffic congestion is getting worse in san francisco to a new study out says the main reason for the slowdown is ride sharing companies like uber left. >>from 4th marine kelly has the numbers. since the inception of ride sharing companies like uber and lyft the san francisco county transportation authority found that things have gotten way worse. >>in terms of getting to where you want to go in the city speech have gone down quite a bit. >>the amount of delay we experience has gone up quite a bit and the amount of vehicle miles traveled which is a key metric that we transportation planners use has also increased significantly. >>their study which looked at traffic congestion between 2010 2016 show that it increased 62% part of that snarled traffic come sunday
10:42 pm
edition about 70,000 new residents during that time. and the addition of about a 150,000 jobs in san francisco. but the study found about 2 thirds of the problem comes from the addition of transportation network companies. >>for tnc. the city's transit options. so head tnc has not showed up we probably would have experienced something like a 22% increase in delays. >>instead it was 62%. >>the study does not come as a surprise to these construction workers you drive into work. >>what they stopping in a blocking traffic. it is is no no law. no bargain. no stopping any time in a stop there. i just read more more having one person's convenience is another person's inconvenience. >>randy rentschler with the metropolitan transportation commission says this increase could just mean we're suffering from too much of a good thing the old complaint to on the weekends. >>that wasn't of cabs for anybody we couldn't get around now, it appears likely kind of too much mobility so look to certain extent we have to
10:43 pm
accept that what we have in the bay area are symptoms of a booming economy. this study was created to help give facts to city leaders as they shape future transportation policies. >>the county transportation authority has already been directed by the board of supervisors to take another look at the idea of congestion pricing otherwise known as charging a toll on busy downtown streets as a way to help ease congestion maureen kelly 40's. >>still ahead tonight, a raccoon attacks a child in their own backyard. the child's parents are now demanding from the raccoons owner.
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10:46 pm
more breaking news about a missing child from oakland an amber alert has now been issued by the california highway patrol for this 3 year-old girl, you're looking at right now her name is sarah mccrory. >>she's 3 feet one inches tall 35 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. she was last seen around. 10 this evening in oakland chp saying that's where she was abducted from the vehicle description they're giving to us tonight as a 2005 mercedes sedan silver in color with a california license plate. 8 g. i y 7 for 3. she's believed to wearing a pink hooded
10:47 pm
sweatshirt and blue jeans if you see her or that vehicle. please call 911. we will update you on this breaking news story right here on crime for. >>moving along now a pet raccoon has been euthanized after attacking 2 children in michigan. the backyard incident was caught on camera really harbor caught up with one of the children who was a message for the record. >>now this that i mean that's backing people exclusive home security video shows a terrifying moment, 3 children bolt from a furry intruder. >>six-year-old abigail mccluskey says she was attacked by the wild animal in her own backyard. her mother gave us these photos of her injuries from the hospital where they say she received 5 rabies shots are kind of boring. a father says his children are now afraid to play in their backyard alone, they will sleep in the rooms, 3rd, not going play me are now they're not safe. they don't
10:48 pm
feel safe anymore if they did i'm sorry it did but it was probably trying to play joe and linda would not tell us their last names but say they've cared for the wreck own name to ban it since it was a baby. they claim it was a friendly creature that would peacefully sleep with their granddaughter be drawn on the are we going to house combat are now are you still here is going nowhere. >>mikulski family says they caught the animal using nets, a cage in some dog food. they say bad it was handed over to animal control euthanized a makeshift memorial was made for banded outside his former home meantime 6 year-old abigail says she forgives bad that i had. >>what you know i forgive you. >>because i am to one got animal. >>that was rudy harper reporting for us tonight, abigail tested negative for rabies the neighbors who cared for the record and say they tried to get rid of it, but it kept coming back for food and the family wants the neighbors to pay for there's daughter's medical costs.
10:49 pm
>>bull sharks mania is beginning to take over the bay area, san jose needs just 4 more wins to advance to the stanley cup finals tonight game one of the western conference finals against the st. louis blues mlb hall of famer, reggie jackson, opening up the doors for the sharks tonight look at that. all right he has got to first period tied at one brett burns to joe pavelski pavelski gets his own rebound. twice, sharks go out in front 2 to one. well let's go to the second period sharks up by one timo meier lights up the land here, he's a of the bout that sharks now leading 42 he had a great game cause. we'll see him again right about now. myers second goal of the game. is 22 years old sharks piling it on 5 to 2. they beat the blues 62. they take game one game 2. monday, let's hear from the coach.
10:50 pm
>>we have one game won the last 2 series and both times are dropping too so you know hopefully as you work your way through the playoffs you learn from your mistakes you know they're going to be better and they're going to be desperate. going to want to go into 2 nothing hole and we've got a handle that situation better than we have in in the first 2 rounds. >>i am still recovering from that words game last night and i didn't even play second. but boy did they make dubnation proud without katie golden state goes down to houston and they beat the rockets in the toyota center. and houston season. steph curry scored 33 points all in the 2nd half klay thompson finished with 27. it was a gutsy effort by the champs. they will now wait for the winner of portland denver tomorrow with the western conference finals beginning on tuesday. now let's go on to some baseball our jets on the mound today for the giants bottom of the 4 giants down 3 to one stephen you are lined to right field
10:51 pm
yasiel you can't get it right that get past them, know over the fence. brandon crawford comes in to score. kevin florida, rounding 3rd he will score off all the way from first big time here in the giants tied up at 3. top of the 7th now tied for derek dietrich blues one into left center field mac williamson racing in he will not get it eugenio suarez scores on 3rd reds take the lead. time's fall 5 before your final. it will look to avoid the sweep tomorrow. all righty let's head over to oakland coliseum lia had drinks getting started today. 4 days bottom of the 5th tied at one. nick hundley it's a deep drive to left field left fielder going back it off the top of the wall hunley he keeps running he round second he's heading to 30 slides into 3rd, guess what a wild throw from ours that goes all the way to the backstop hunley comes in to score just like that a's take
10:52 pm
the lead is not perfect. but it works. topping tonight's same score. the onus martin hit a grounder as just past matt chapman. dorin loop low comes in to score we have a tie game bottom of the 9th. eva runners in scoring position. mueller iii pops went into shallow right field. lou close lips. he can't get it met all since corps, aides walking off 3 to 2 your final score second day in a row the a's have walked off, is looking for the sweep tomorrow. and don't forget to tune into a special live edition of hoops session. that is tonight at 11 i'll be joined by jr stone we need to get him a bobblehead. get one day i will ok that's another step thanks so much. bodies on social media and we'll hear from one woman behind the viral movement when we come back.
10:53 pm
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>>thomas going viral from bracing diverse body types she says many women struggle with their body image after giving birth but very few ever talk about it. she is celebrating her postpartum body in a picture with 3 other mothers. >>people at a lot to say katie ramey reports. >>and hate the response has been powerful the scariest
10:56 pm
things. >>to do when shared on social media are some kinds of things that need to be heard the most president garcia and her friends katie meg and deseret have known each other for years, but only just met in real life. >>at a blogging conference last week the proud moms wanted to mark the occasion let's just take a photo since we've done all these pictures separately for a year now let's take plan together which led to this a postpartum picture for their social media followers. their message. one of friendship and love with a caption. a few of my favorite powerful women on the internet you can have so you let you know stretch marks and you can still be living a healthy lifestyle and society may tell you that that's not beautiful, but you are the responses, mixed and in some cases mean who's going to be a them on their kids when you die from obesity under a barrage of hate the group of friends doubling down on their celebration of diversity. there's a few women that every shots me and said that because of my photo. they've started
10:57 pm
on their journey to self-love and now thousands of women do finding a community to talk openly about an issue usually sidden in the dark when i started that journey about a year and a half ago. i wish i would have had someone to look up to. they definitely need a support group that's for sure certainly. >>we're getting close 20 seconds i know tomorrow is mother's day hoop session is an 11 we've got a lot of great things happen good weather from others that great weather slightly warmer temperatures so enjoy thank you so much you ready for session, but i know i know jason is right it definitely ready when talk about the warriors hollywood. next series looking termites, feasting on homes 24/7.
10:58 pm
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>>streaming now from you're watching kron 4 hoops session . >>hello and welcome to another edition of hoops session. i am joined by special guest j.r. stone. they got the job done last night. gutsy performance ever by the brothers. what do you think? >> what do i think? i think we learned one thing last night. the main thing being the splash brothers are still the splash brothers. the splash brothers can take a game over at any moment. we saw that last night. steph curry still has it, klay thompson still has it d


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