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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 12, 2019 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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snenld snend . "e.t." in london, terry is back to work. >> they have the two best guys in the world. >> we break down meghan's million dollars pregnancy. >> the kid really is stealing my thunder. >> plus -- >> i got two knuckleheads for kids. to keep them quiet, you just feed them. they're fat. >> and brad's surprising aejs and why jen won't give up on love. >> i never tire of it. >> alex trebec's new cancer confession, how his new cancer treatments will affect jeopardy.
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>> we'll see how people react to that. >> why the latest drama has caused a mom to intervene. >> before the big bang finale we're on with the cast. >> you guys as a couple have been through so much, makeups, breakups. >> you mean in real life or on screen? >> this is "entertainment tonight". >> "e.t." is in london with the latest on the royal baby boy. >> little archie made his debut. >> magic. pretty amazing and i have the two best guys in the world, so i'm really happy. >> the baby's name was a surprise. archie is definitely not a royal name. his middle name attributed to father harry and mount betton windsor happens for harry's last name. while it was surprising to some
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that harry held his son and not meghan, we've seen this before. it was prince charles who held his son prince william when he was introduced to the world in 1982. >> he has the sweetest templement. he's calm. >> until he wakes up. he's great. >> yeah. >> we're just very thrilled to have our own little bundledle of joy. >> now let's talk about what's being called meghan's million dollars pregnancy. yes, its all adds up. her two night stay at this london hospital is estimated to have cost $39,000. ma eternity wardrobe comes in at about $650,000 and the couple reportedly spent $195,000 for nursery renovation. james cordon's wife helped with that project. if you recall they attended the
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i dos. >> the royal baby name. >> yes. >> what's your take on it. when you look at the baby, do you think archie? >> yeah. i love it. it's great. i love it. >> have you known any archies in your life? >> it's a popular name at home and like i think it's glorious, the whole thing. i'm sew happy for the parents. >> this week's happy news comes after last october's announcement. >> i couldn't think of a better place to announce the upcoming baby, be it a boy or a girl, so thank you very, very much. >> the news of the baby to be broke just before meghan and harry touched oun in sidney, australia. >> how excited are you? >> very excited. how excited are you? >> i love it, i love it. how is meghan.
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>> harry was one proud papa to be. >> we're so leap to celebrate the joy of our newest addition with you all. >> soon afterwards baby bump watch became an obsession. as fall turned into winter, the bundle of joy to be got bigger and bigger. >> it is such a pleasure to be here in my new home of the uk. >> every single time meghan stepped out, she had impeccable pregnancy style and still wore the sky high stilettos. >> showing her sense of humor when one fan called her fat. >> thank you. >> well, during the third trimester, meghan's father gave a letter. she pleads him to stop talking
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to the press. you have no way to contact me, no text, no missed calls. thomas had told a different story on tv. >> every day i try to terks her. i just haven't received any comment back. >> despite the resist, thomas told "e.t." that he's proud his grandson was born into the royal family and congratulated the new parents and said god bless the child. i wish him health and happiness. >> all eyes have been on prince harry since the day he was born. the world watched him mourn the loss of his mother diana. >> we're going to look back on that later. >> thaermt. but right now let's talk about a road to happily ever after that we're open to. >> brad pitt and jennifer an ison, we're talking about. nobody can seem to let go of it, including the paparazzi. >> good to see you happy, man. >> right.
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>> a smiling and casually dressed brad gets hit by the paparazzi and then the question that they asked -- >> everybody wants to know, are you and jen getting back? >> oh, my god. >> what was that again? >> oh, my god. >> have a -- >> you, too, man. >> we got a glimmer of hope when we saw the single brad at her 50th birthday party. they've said to have been friendly. they have each others cell phone numbers and communicate from time to time. jen is speaking out saying this about love. >> that i never tire of it. >> aniston who remained single singles her marriage to justin thorough ended, says 1450ez open to love again saying "i'm not like no, i'm done with that, that's never going to happen again". she's even hook on "the bachelor."
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and "bachelor in paradise." >> is jen looking for romance? "dating has nod been one of my first priorities" and she's not on any app. she's look for a guy with above all -- >> god, honesty. >> we all want her to be happy. >> yes. britney spears spent time last month in a mental health facility but we're told she's happy and thriving. >> brittany's conservatorship. on friday she appeared in court for oar conservatorship hearing. lynn filed court documents on tuesday to be b updated on the details of brittany's conservatorship. >> can you comment? >> wednesday dad jamie fathered in court as brit was granted a
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restraining order. brittany is said to be starting a campaign of hare massment. among the allegations are that she sent threatening posts and threatened to release trunks of damaging material. >> it was great. >> brittany, brittany. >> lipsey was a constant presentation in her life during 2007 and 2008. >> in 2008, brittany was committed to a psyche ward and placed on a n involuntary hold after jamie was granted a conservatorship, a drastic turnaround occurred. >> my main thing is to enjoy life. >> he dense the claim. >> the met gala. we've been keeping on top of the biggest headlines and the meems coming out of new york's biggest
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fashion event of the year. ♪ five four three two one ♪ never look back >> diana ross, it's like a good version of it. >> it's -- you got to go there. ♪ ♪ >> are you going to go to the party in these boot sthuz? >> as soon as i get in, these are coming off. >> nickey came as a human barbie, so did casey muss graves. the met had the best peoples. the 40 pound chandelier was from beauty and the beast. ♪ ♪ baby you're a firework >> she even left behind her glass slipper.
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k >> miley gave hannah montana vibes. this one reminded some of a diced ham omelet. >> i love are real. . camp is in my dna. perfect theme. >> i'm rocking this michael kors. >> haley bieber, the look we want to steal, that's the laced mini-dress, especially the over the knee boots. >> who decided you were going to be blonde? >> kiley. >> yes. >> famed designer terry muglair came out of retirement to make the dress. she got the award for hardest working dress of the night. >> this was designed too give an
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18-inch waist. here's kim three days before. she had to stand up. >> wish me luck, just wish me luck. >> as for how kim pulled off the cinched-in look for the after party, the dress had a sheer panel with the belly button painted in. >> j-lo was obsessed as she got ready, giving her team instructions to make her look smaller. >> make sure that i look skinnive. open here and closed here. >> we went inside the dressing room with cardi b. how did she pull off the these flat at-bats? she con fested she had lipo. >> moving to my [ bleep ] lipo. >> everybody making a statement, that's for sure. back to again sta fanny who
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looked stun ng. blake shelton,ites not his scene as we found out. >> are you going to the met gala. >> i don't even know what it is. >> oh, ok. it's a party for rich people. >> oh, ok. i didn't get invited. i did know about the met thing. gwenn's out there. >> oh, really? >> have you seechb what she was going to wear? >> i haven't seen it yet. >> we can't help but ask, when's the wedding? >> you know it's on her to propose. >> she did. she told me this is not how it's going to work. >> kelly clark's little luna. >> i told chrissy i wanted to marry luna. one of the most beautiful bikinis. what would that baby look like? >> oh, she's told me something like that before. >> yeah. >> luna's pretty cute.
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>> how does john feel about that? >> it just got weird. >> definitely. >> prince harry's road to fatherhood. we've got childhood videos filled with memories of princess diana and surprising fashion choices. >> thank you. >> we're with dad george clooney talking about the newest royal archie, and his passing advice. >> i got two knuckleheads. to keep them quiet you got to feed them. they're fat. >> and will smith talking about his new i can't tell you who i am or what i witnessed, but i can tell you liberty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ mom? ¡mom! mom! mommy at t.j.maxx we believe just because the name's the same, doesn't mean the gift should be. mom deserves better, and you do too. get quality gifts she'll love,
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weeks. kevin frazier was in wlund the man himself, the genie. ♪ ♪ ♪ never had a friend like me >> you? he came out here to surprise everyone. >> you're having fun. >> the disney magic, to be able to be out here with the people. >> willie's living it up in lund surprising fans from behind this giant beanie lamp. >> what did she think about the pony tail? >> she likes the top knot. >> do we need the top knot? >> you should grow one. i'm telling you. just try it. >> yeah. we're thinking maybe we'll just leave that look to will. >> did you hear what this boy said? it's just fun on set. there's very few films that have singing, dancing, draerges comedy, all of those elements.
7:17 pm
i love coming to work every day. ♪ ♪ ♪ you ain't never had a friend like me ♪ >> it took 15 weeks to build the fictional town, which is about the size of two football fields. >> and the crowd goes wild! >> we're trying to stay truthful to the original, but we also wanted to give people something different. >> egyptian born actor aladdin. there's a new character. >> i play dahlia, jasmine's best friend. we had so much fun. we would cry laughing in between tapes. >> back up. i need some room to work. alad ip is one of those stories, you don't know how you know every word of the song, but you just do. >> up next, our night with george clooney, how he feels about sharing a birthday with
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royalty. >> the kid really is stealing my thunder. >> gordon ramsay getting burned by his own daughter. >> i do aspire to be like mom. >> ryan reynolds getting fed up by his kids. ok i'll admit. i didn't keep my place as clean as i would like 'cuz i'm way too busy. who's got the time to chase around down dirt, dust and hair? so now, i use heavy duty swiffer sweeper and dusters. for hard-to-reach places, duster makes it easy to clean. it captures dust in one swipe. ha! gotcha! and sweeper heavy duty cloths lock away twice as much dirt and dust. it gets stuff deep in the grooves other tools can miss. y'know what? my place... is a lot cleaner now. stop cleaning. start swiffering.
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♪ ♪ >> i -- i have twins and i can barely do that. >> george clooney shooting down rumors that he's going to be godfather to meghan and harry's boy archie. >> i caught up with him at the red carpet premier of his new mini-series "catch 22". >> i thought you called up heavier and meghan and said can you have him born on my birthday? >> he's stealing my thunder. >> did you call them and give them some advice? >> you're stuck on this harry
7:21 pm
and meghan thing. >> you gave them some vice, right? >> of course. >> george turned 58 on bhund made it all about amal. >> what did do to celebrate? >> we celebrated my wife getting two reuters journalists out of the way. >> i like it. >> it's fun. >> i have a brilliant beautiful wife. i have two knuckleheads as kids. >> how are you as daddy? >> they're fat. you have to feed them. >> the twrins turning two and george did returning to tv. he has an on camera role for catch 22 but he's calling the shots as director. >> i'm the boss. >> based on the classic novel, it stars christian vr christopher abbott. george plays a rage filled
7:22 pm
lieutenant. >> for all the female viewers, lots of male nudity. nobody asks me to take my clothes off anywhere. >> i also caught up with the guys that catch 22 for your consideration events where george was finding out about another 26 milestone. >> the 25th anniversary of e.r. >> really? >> yes. >> oh, my god. >> how cool was that? >> is that you in e.r.? he says, yeah. i was like take it easy, fellows. it was 25 years ago. >> you can't stop this nearly 60-year-old dad. he told ellen about some of his kids' exploits. >> my daughter is going mine. >> we were with ellen for her netflix special relatable. her first in 15 years. she's been dropping hints about leaving her daytime gig lately.
7:23 pm
>> i'll walk away when i start having fun. i don't care about the rest of the people. if i'm having fun and no one's watching, i don't care. but if i'm not having fun and everybody's watching, i should walk away. >> let's talk about this new dad to be. ryan reynolds talking aut pokeyman. he has his hands full at home with he and bliek lively's little girls. >> they will backhand me awake. >> you come home and you're jet lagged and they're like, hello! >> it's like dance pikachu. go. and the dream now, little gangsters. >> and he and blake have another on the way, but for now, four-year-old james and two-year-old inez are the really power players. >> when you get a call and say do you want to play peek achoo,
7:24 pm
where does that come from? >> who? they sent me this fully rendered detective pikachu and married it with my voice. my daughter is just like glued to it. she makes us watch it a hundred times in a row. >> harry fakes his own death. >> or. >> somebody else fakes harry's death. >> she's not put it thoogt i'm detective pikachu. she's put it together that she's going to see this movie on opening day. >> bingo. >> it's the first live action movie in the franchise. it has a furry detect yi6 on the hunt for his partner who's gone missing. >> they will never see that. i'm after someone on my naughty list. as soon as i do that, they just bawl. i know they're going to have this come up in therapy 20 years from now.
7:25 pm
>> to new dad again, gordon ramsay is tough as nails in the kitchen, but what is he really like at home? >> we got a taste when the master chef is joined by his wife and daughter. >> i'm -- >> hold on. hold on. >> they were like rubber. >> yep. ladies rule the ramsey house. although though added another-way, baby oskar. this week's master chef jr. on fox celebrated female role models. >> this idea came from the inspiration we get from females on a daily basis. whether it's from my amazing wife of 21 years or my daughter. >> i aspire to be like mom. she has everything der kroeshlgs very calm, friendly. >> i didn't curse. >> no, doesn't curse. >> [ bleep ] [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> pick ng boyfriends. >> i'm not picking on them.
7:26 pm
i'm trying to get the best out of them. >> coming up, new dad prince harry. how princess diana inspires him. >> even if she was on the other side of a room, you could feel it. >> and alex trebec. >> this is not the real me. we'll see how people react. >> and johnny galecki gets nostalgic. >> closed captioning providing by -- ♪
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7:30 pm
having it. >> how are you feeling? how's everything going? >> little tired. >> it's the sixth yaem win for trebec. number four, amy schumer's baby boy gene. she posted this. a royal baby was born. a big congrats to amy and her husband chris. she confessed she got a little help. lipo. >> why was that important for you to shar >> people look at girls and think they got their lipo done and it was so easy. this is such a long, hard process. it's almost like the same free throws after you give billet to a baby and you see your body change and snapping it back, because it's crazy. >> number two, britney spears legal drama. she appeared in court with her mom for her conservatorship hearing. she filed documents to be
7:31 pm
updated on the details of britta brittany's conservatorship. >> how's she doing? >> wednesday, dad jamie appeared in court as brit was granted a temporary restraining order against former manager. she claims he started a new campaign of harassment shortly after she checked into a clinic. he dense the claims. >> we think it's overly brought. >> and meghan and harry named their baby boy archie and introduced him to the world on wednesday. >> magic. pretty amazing. now efz the two best guys in the world, so i'm really happy. he's got the speedest temperament. he's calm. >> he's been a cream it's been a special couple of days. >> dog on to for the
7:32 pm
latest. >> and alex trebec. >> the challenge for viewers is right now. is that alex's real hair or is that a item home run item home run home run mr. home r6 or is hairpiece? >> he opens up about losing his hair sitting down with jane pauley. he's hoping by fall he can ditch the wig. >> we have the summer months off so hopefully my own hair will grow back, because i like my own hair. >> in another health update, shock jock howard stern is talking about his own cancer scare. >> the weird thing about it was i couldn't admit it to the audience. >> in twoet he had surgery for a growth on his kidney.
7:33 pm
it turned out to be a harmless cyst. >> i'm human and it hit me like a ton of bricks. >> it's amazing. how any woman does what they do is beyond comprehension. >> oh, fatherhood looks so good on harry. we've watched the prince grow up right before our own eyes and go from his very beginning to this moment of holding his own. >> he and meghan are about to celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary and of course e.t. was there. harry and meghan are ready to create their own traditions. typically babies have official appearances right after birth. the two cheeky princes seemed very comfortable in front of cameras. harry and w78 gave play by play
7:34 pm
as they watched home movies of their younger days. >> must have been two. >> this was an infant harry. >> that's a dress. >> thank you. >> it's currently in blue. is that -- >> the dress that i'm in. >> diana would have turned 58 in july and harry was 12 when she died in a car crash. >> she made the decision that no matter what, despite all the difficulties of growing up, she was going to ensure that both of us had as normal life as possible. all i waunt to do is fill the holes that my mother has left and between myself and william and everybody else that's in those privileged positions to try and make a difference. >> and you certainly do, right? >> sure. >> meghan and harry enjoy their
7:35 pm
new addition. as the talk welcomes their new addition. >> the announcement. >> let's welcome the new co-host of "the talk,"! >> the talk made it official. marie will join the ladies in september. >> official. >> henry? i thought we weren't supposed to say anything. >> it was a secret so guarded maria couldn't tell her own family. >> what does the family think of this? you have grandkids, your husband. >> i haven't told them yet. >> nobody knows? >> no. i signed a nondisclosure. >> nobody knows? >> i just told the kids to watch "the talk" today. >> she fits right in. >> she'll take sarah gilbert's seat. >> she's still very much a part of my life. >> she'll always be here. nobody leaves here. you're here in spirit.
7:36 pm
the chair is always open. you can always come back. >> meantime, another big departure. >> this is a big day for nora o'donnal. she's anchor and managing editor of the evening news. >> they addressed rumors of friction on the set. >> friction on nora and gayle is fiction. ♪ ebony and ivory >> i'm not sure i totally believe it, you be it's actually true. >> the big goodbye. >> gazinga. >> we're on the set with the cast from big bang theory. >> 90210 gang is back. >> there it is, baby. >> your first look at the o.g. cast.
7:37 pm
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welcome back, everybody. happy mother's day weekend. get a few travel must-haves, we've teamed up to show you the
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vip steals. you can gefrgt you see here on morning here comes our ambassador. >> just in time for mother's day. i'm going to tell you happy mother's day. >> i'll take it. >> you're a mama. >> summer's just around the corner -- >> you can go on a baby boom. >> i'm going to hawaii. >> we have the two piece luggage set perfect for your summer get away. it comes in a two piece set. you get the cryon and the checkable bag. it has a build-in bag. you can pop your bathing suit in that wet bag. it's got the 360 spinner ball wheels. >> that is the --
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>> haul that through the airport. >> i want the gray, the pink and the black. >> mixing and matching. it's $2 30 but here you get them for 129 for the two pieces. >> both? >> both of them. >> come with me. >> at our destination we need smaller hand bags to go with every outfit. we have this handbag collection, a collection of six handbags, stieshlgs shapes and colors you see here. show it off. >> i love this. >> these are perfect for transitioning spring to summer. you can take them to the beach and out at night. i don't going to the ball. >> it's a beach bag with a lining and a pocket. how beautiful is that? this is one of my favorites. so cute with a little tassel. little something for every occasion here. >> how much do i have to pay for this black and white one?
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>> it's 24 to $94. here you can get them for nine to $29. >> wow! >> i know. >> be good to mama. >> you be good to mama. >> i love it. >> your hair takes a little bit of a beating. we have this oil hit that includes 145shampoo, conditionea clipless curling iron. it's hydrating and replenishing. they claim this naturally rich oil renews luster and vitality. so good for you. >> this sounds kind of weird but it smells clean. >> it does. for a cleaning product, that's what you want. >> so what are we going to pay for it? >> we've seen these as high as $175 but today it's $29. >> including? >> including the hair wants! >> ok.
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>> yeah. we're about to lose it. >> ok. and we're wrapping things up. it's getting hot outside and it's time to break out the iced coast. we have something that makes it easier to brew. this is the coffee maker. they say coffee is naturally sweeter and better when it's brood combed. this prepares in as little as 25 minutes. they make seven cups. make it for the family or put it in the container and story it in the fridge. we've stheep as high as a hundred dollars. for us, it's $59 for a 41% savings. >> it's cute. >> it's cute and sleek and it saves you time. >> we got y'all. you get all this stuff, she's going to love you forrer. >> ok. >> give me hugs, mama. >> thank you. >> i love it. thank you so much.
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check it out at >> counting down to big bang's final goodbye. the cast looks back at their favorite moments. is there one last big twist? could there be another milestone before this season's over? >> plus, the o.g. cast of beverly hills 9021 0 give us a look at the reboot. >> i was heavier than 22 years ago mplgt. >> and tyra on embracing her curves after her diet failed. >> i went to my mom's house and there were some cheetos. >> first, this weekend in the "e.t." birthdays, which dancing with the stars stars "i'm fine."
7:45 pm
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7:47 pm
♪ ♪ >> say it ain't so. i love the big bang theory. johnny galecki posting a photo. >> did you catch the song they're playing in the background? it was "help" by the beatles, which is what the fans will be screaming. ♪ ♪ >> as much as i love you guys and i love this show so much, i don't want to be here today. >> i don't blame you. >> i don't. >> like --
7:48 pm
>> why are you trying to avoid having sex? >> we just did it three weeks ago. >> i was talking to leonard. >> i just turned 46. it seemed like the right time to go, what's next. >> and kudos that you can play someonso young. >> thank you very much. >> this was the 22nd time "e.t." has visited the set of big baeng over its record breaking 12 years. the cast told us it is bittersweet saying goodbye. do you have a moment in the series that you feel like confines yo dwooins your character. >> that's a good question. >> yeah? >> do you have a good answer? >> i think we fed each other cake one time. >> chocolate, chocolate, yum illinois. >> now you're in the marriage phase. >> in real life or on the screen? what are you talking about? >> could there be another
7:49 pm
milestone in the relationship before this season's over? >> i don't know. i hope there's some sort of big thing for them. it's hard to think about. maybe a little part of me is not wanting any of it. >> yeah. >> because i don't want to say goodbye. >> well, now want you to get ready, because nobody can give big bang theory an out of this world send off like "e.t.." >> next thursday, may 16th. >> we are coming to you from the set of the big bang theory. sheldon! >> no! >> i don't know if jim ended up taking anything from the set. i'm clean. >> one entire episode of "e.t." 12 seasons of behind the scenes secrets finally revealed. >> i didn't get hired originally. >> that's true. >> look back to before they were famous. >> my mother wrote a letter. >> it's entertainment tonight's big bang theory special.
7:50 pm
>> that's such a great show. such a big show. >> can you imagine the number of people tuning in to say goodbye? >> i know. >> one says goodbye. another one saying hello. i'm talking abiliout 90210. it's getting a reboot this surge. >> we just got our first look at the gang all back together again. sne♪ ♪ >> there it is, baby. right there. let's do it. >> scripts in hands, this new preview, they're reunited and it feels so good. >> we are doing our first scene for 90210. ♪ ♪ >> the six-episode series starts shooting at the end of the month. the premier is set for august on fox. the cast has some fun at a
7:51 pm
mini-beach pit. >> i'm not going to lie. we -- >> missing of course is luke perry who passed away in manner. a source close to production they want to ensure that luke's memory lives on. >> a blend about doing a behind the scenes of a reboot. >> good to see the zip code back out of retirement. >> and the tyra banks on the new s.i. cover girl. >> ok. i'm going to pull it together. i'm going to get my body the same exact size from 22 years ago, and i started and i was so focused. and then i went to my mom's house and there was some cheetos. from there i just lost my mind. i was about 25 pounds, 30 pounds heavier than the cover 22 years ago.
7:52 pm
the smaller stuff and it looked so luscious. kiss my fat ass! >> i remember you were hurt by what people were saying. now you're celebrate those curves. how is your relationship with your body changed? >> i'm human. i still don't like sell light on my butt. i don't like it but it's not the end of the world. >> tyra came out of retirement after 30 years. >> that stands for x what you heard about beauty. we are making new rulings. >> she changed the game becoming the first african-american cover girl. the pair had an ah-ha moment in the bahamas. >> walks away from the camera and starts crying. it was like a moment like and i was like, oh. >> i know.
7:53 pm
i'm -- >> i just was like, you really change. >> she also got emotional when we took her back to that very moment that changed her life. >> oh, my god! that is crazy because i don't remember it. >> that girled in no idea. that you'd be -- >> let me say this. i think she looks even more >> let me say this. i think she looks even more beautiful nevery day, millions of people looking for healthy skin reach for cetaphil. recommended by dermatologists. ♪ awarded by allure. and most of all, loved by skin. cetaphil. the cleansers sensitive skin loves.
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7:56 pm
>> rami malek is celebrating turning 38. steven baldwin, 53. now, take a final look at your choices. which dancing with the stars contestant had a career as a singer? that was kim fields who is celebrate turning 50 this weekend. >> right now, blackish and grownish stars in a teen love story. they shared what not to do before a makeout scene. ♪ when i think i could love her ♪ >> eat a lot of tuna. >> right.
7:57 pm
she'd give me breath mints. >> the film out next weekend is based on the best-selling young adult novel. >> i could get you to fall in love with me. but in theaters this weekend, a true story about the writer of the lord of the rings in the bio pic, toll keen. >> it's about art changing the world. >> you invented the entire thing? >> yes. i made stories, legends. >> we're almost out of time. lock for all the news. head to our website et online 2k0i78. >> you know there will only be one episode of game of thrones left after this weekend. >> we have a special music video to show you. it's "power is power." it's for the throne. hbo curated it. >> enjoy the video and the rest
7:58 pm
of your weekend. bye, everybody. >> and "game of thrones." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
7:59 pm
8:00 pm
>>an update to that oakland amber alert that put the bay area on edge overnight police now saying it was a false report tonight the child's father is facing charges. thanks for joining us at 8. i'm jay our stuff and i know well below in for justine walled men it all started late last night when police. >>began looking for a 3 year-old girl who they believed had been abducted. but early this morning, oakland police announced it was all a lie. >>kron four stand for and joins us live in the studio now to break it all down. then what do we know about this case well it was quite a turn of events


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