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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  May 13, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>>and thank you for joining us on the console morning news, it is monday may 1320 19 i'm robin winston of course want to get a check of the forecast with john travel here and we have a little bit of everything this weekend like inland. it was sunny and warm get little windy closer to the coasts i went to the beach there is no sunshine at all. so what's in store for monday as we start this newly you said people are care other out in that water would to a half moon bay. ok listen freezing windy. everybody is playing in the ocean sounds like you i've that's great. you know what it
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was a weekend full of week ahead, a full of everything just keep in the trend ago and this week we're are going see a lot of changes today even just focusing on this one day monday. >>starting off a little cloudy for some you do see some cloud cover out of the golden gate bridge. but you're not looking at a ton of fog out there you can actually see the first fan of the golden gate, this is where visibility is sitting in you can see most parts of the bay area actually just find a lot of this is low cloud cover which is even as you are driving through the east bay hills you may be encountering in the form of fog as you drive up into those hills and start to encounter cloud level of visibility is going to be affected out along the coast at times today, this is where you're going to have the biggest impact from any sort of fog resulting in a loss of his ability widespread by the time we move into the afternoon fog hangs on right up and down the pacific shore burns off for the most part for interior areas that's not necessarily setting us up for an abundantly sunny day in
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fact some a mostly cloudy skies are going to be seen across the bay for much of the day ahead of us still have a l-ttle peeks a blue out there but for the most part today not going to be one of those crystal clear ones that you have been seeing last week at times into the afternoon as for your temperatures right now not that at all 50's for your current numbers, we've got 58 degrees rather sorry 53 degrees in berkeley in vallejo napa sitting at 50. so it is cool enough for those jackets but nothing unseasonably cool temperatures just a touch cooler than yesterday in areas like nevado and santa rosa you are noticing a a difference that you can actually feel stepping outside. now winds that's something that's going to be making those temperatures feel even cooler than what you're seeing on the map take a look at this nevado fairfield and conquered each looking at winds ahead of us uh throughout the morning gusting as high as 20 to 25 miles per hour sustained in 15 to 20 miles per hour. so that is going to result in a brisk
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start to this morning. i get those jackets ready to go as your getting out there. later today even as fog and a low cloud cover does burn off or still going to hang on to some mostly cloudy conditions. temperatures the meantime still pretty comfortable. the range of 60's and 70's i'm talking to some rain just around the corner in the forecast not today but in the days to come all still ahead robin what i thought we like agreed to just not mention the r word for quite some >>alright rain is back in the forecast will stay tuned. let's check in on the traffic now we want to take a look at the drive into san francisco looks good right. this is the bay bridge toll plaza, no delays no problems we are hot spot free. 8 minutes that's pretty quick to make your way from the bottom of the maze across the upper deck and over to fremont street, here's 92, this is your drive across the 17 a bridge looking good here both directions little bright lights going east right. those games are on. all right. no big problems here from hayward over to the peninsula. you're clocking in at 14 minutes to
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make it out to the peninsula, here's what i want to cross the golden gate who you are looking good traffic smooth and trouble free. 20 minutes. nevado to the toll plaza and we also want to take a look at the richmond center fielder 12 to a great start as usual, you know the 4 o'clock hour. it's a usually pretty quiet and smoove so as you can get on out there as early as you can do just that by 5 it's going to start filling in quickly so you have time to beat the rush. we'll take a look at some more drive times and bridges coming up in just a bit. we'll head over to the east our father is accused of lying about his 3 year-old daughter being abducted just so he could get a stolen car back kron four is dead thorn explains. >>a large police response to an amber alert and as with the crashed mercedes benz and a father in handcuffs. open police say the father of a 3 year-old lied about his daughter being abducted, so the police would be quicker about recovering his stolen card.
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>>from a shunt the father told police his 2005 mercedes benz was taken around a 10 saturday night and his daughter was still inside police and then sending out an amber alert with a picture of the girl and the license plate of the car had the fbi down. it's around 11 40 saturday night police spotted the mercedes and the suspected carjacker who then led them on a short chase. the man crashed a stolen car at the intersection of carlson boulevard and san pablo avenue in el serino police arrested the suspect that the child was not in the car. a few hours later police say the 3 year-old was found safe at home with her mother. it was
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then that police discovered the child was not in the car at the time it was stolen. >>well also in the east bay 2 people were hurt following a shooting in the city of hayward the victims were found on second street near campus drive that's in the fairview district both victims are expected to survive. so far no arrests have been made and police do not have a motive at this time. more than a dozen people are without a home following a fire in daly city this happened yesterday afternoon on live begin mission street. a fire started in the back of the building causing damage to all of the units their crews were able to stop the flames from spreading. but so far no word on what caused that fire. become wunderlist >>expansion me that you know they don't have a hot water. gas stove and not looking so what they have to have bhutan we can't hang to what you get on they when you go camping. so that something that you
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know i need to go back and take a look at. >>well the american red cross is working with the 13 residents affected by that fire. no one was hurt. well a man is dead after he was hit by a city transit bus in san francisco. this happened around 7.30 saturday right at the corner of golden gate and hyde street in the tenderloin the golden gate bridge highway and transportation district says that the man still backwards and hit his head on that bus. the driver immediately underwent drug and alcohol testing and is now on administrative leave. well to the and stabbed in half moon bay, the victim got into an argument saturday morning with a stranger. that's when he says he was stopped by that man multiple times near the western in a wave avenue. deputies searched the area, but no attacker or witnesses were found. >>it just doesn't happen in our neighborhood were very social all the way around here and show it's just it's just really surprising. >>well that victim was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. in world
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news now china says it plans to retaliate aft r president trump boost to tariffs on million worth of chinese imports. c 280 million. well in a tweet yesterday the president said quote we are right where we want to be with china in quote, he says that the us will get billions of dollars following the hike. but some experts say that china will not be paying most of the bill for the tariffs. american consumers are. >>already paying they they just don't really know it's kind of stealth. is going to come a very obvious not to the not too far from now to if this continues to run in fact both sides will pay both sides will pay and these things. >>well just a correction tariffs on billion worth of chinese imports. 2 representatives from the us have been invited to china for more talks. well the department of homeland security is asking for the to help dealing with the influx
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of migrants. 2 administration officials say that the request includes tents for large numbers of people. the request delivered to the pentagon friday night came as customs and border protection predicted that it would surpass half a million migrants crossing the border so far this fiscal year, acting defense secretary patrick shanahan is considering the homeland security's request. >>revised budget plans and governor gavin newsom we'll have details on the 213 billion dollar budget he's now pending to lawmakers. also after the break a package thieves busted caught on camera and said we're fell ill take a look and what led to his arrest. and an abortion pill creating some controversy in georgia have the reason it's stopping production for several movies in the state. here's a little peek outside we're checking in on 92, this is a 7 tail bridge. don't have any hot spots are major trouble spots will course we'll have a complete traffic check coming up in just a bit. also keep in mind that
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kron four is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day if you haven't tried prada yet, here's what you're missing. >>first 35 years. county oakland, san francisco menlo park.
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>>welcome back to the chronicle morning news is talking about the weekend and the changes and store so the weather is sort of shifting a little bit there is there's a change going on it's taking us back to a time and not so long. was cooler. it was raining. i don't like those tides. john and said all right ines but yet we were doing so it's nice weather lately and now here we go it's back to that. >>rainy and cool weather. in fact a lot cooler than where we should be for this time of year just around the corner. >oso as for today, we're staying dry we're not to see
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any rainfall today but just around the corner we are so if you want some dry weather even though it is so little on the cloudy side out there this morning. you should definitely go out there and enjoy what this monday is about to have to offer up some 50's for your current temperatures across the base certainly not to chile, we've got 54 in dublin and hayward conquered at 55 berkeley, a 53, so business as usual the start the morning, some touches the fog especially along the coast and then cloud cover elsewhere let's to color to our west right now you see this area of cloud cover this is an area of low pressure and a big switch up in the big predominant prevailing pattern i guess you could say across the bay area as this cooler air pushes in you're going to notice a drop in temperatures as well as a big increase in cloud cover in the days to come to future cast shows those dry skies for your day to day now as we make our way into tomorrow noti some of those offshore showers and that big increase in cloud cover tomorrow night this is eerily looking at a much of a rainy day but just around the corner after that. that's when
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that rainfall really is going to pick up and we look at the potential of rain really starting to spike around wednesday. taking us on and off to the finish of the week as for today, nice and dry, partly to mostly cloudy skies really want your best days a week to be doing anything outside upper 60's and hayward and oakland mid 60's and san francisco in mill valley with 70's in fremont livermore conquer down through san jose today breaking down your next 7 days you can see that today and tomorrow despite being on the cloud, your side not looking too bad now come wednesday, that's when showers do arrive in temperatures. we'll start to drop nearly 10 degrees from today on into wednesday, a full 10 degrees for some spots from today on into thursday, so that tells you just how much cooler it's about to be wednesday thursday and friday all offering up at least chances of rain come saturday looks to be a drier day right in the middle your weekends, let's good timing. then sunday a few more showers possible site is a very rainy
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forecast considering what time of year it is time to keep the umbrellas handy a little later on this week as you're venturing out there, robert good advice, thank you john want to check in on traffic now the early birds are out there. >>and it's a picking up in some spots not too bad at the richmond center fell bridge here on west 5.80 it's wide open at the toll plaza right now you're looking at roughly 8 minutes to make your way from the pay gates out to highway one oh one here we have a little going a little too fast the bay bridge 80 west making that drive into san francisco. we've had no reports of any major issues you will notice a little bit of a backup. right there in the cash lanes on the far left-hand side you can see those car stacking up so is this a sign that traffic is picking up, but we still don't have any major issues no hot spots. if you come in from the shore freeway that's wide open 24 us looking good from the caldecott down to the maze the nimitz and the mccarter both wide open from to 38 to downtown oakland. we'll take a look at some more bridges and drive times in just a bit. and
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now she is now american airlines pilot was arrested at louisville's international airport for the murders of 3 people in in 2015. so 51 year-old christian richard martin is accused of the deaths of a married couple and their neighbor. a louisville i louisville to charlotte slight had a big delays saturday morning because of that arrest chad mills spoke with passengers on the flight. >>ashley martin in her mother frances wiser in charlotte now. but saturday morning they were here. at louisville. muhammad ali international airport where the original flight to charlotte. >>was delayed for reason they still can't believe what did you think. either knew it at the time, but a group of officers showed up here to arrest their pilot for murder. friday, a grand jury indicted that pilot for 3 2015 killings that happened near hopkinsville one of the
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victims was found shot to death in his home. 2 others were found in a burned up car in a cornfield miles away start. >>it's scary 8 to just so long if you're just now. >>officials say the guy is christian martin who wdrb news has learned is a first officer for psa airlines which is owned by american airlines group all of us at american airlines and psa airlines are deeply saddened to have learned about these allegations from 2015. an airline spokesperson wrote in a statement. we will provide any investigative assistance possible to law enforcement throughout their investigation they shouldn't. now as they wait for their new flight to their final caribbean destination. >>if is. the case that scientists say source for an entire year. >>wise and martin are still
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digesting the morning of chaos. >>it was definitely it was a little chaos. they were stressed it's she is still >>the site attendance. >>well that was chad mills reporting for us american airlines says it's put martin on administrative suspension pending the outcome of that investigation and court proceedings. also a national news, some hollywood producers are deciding to not shoot movies in georgia. after governor brian kemp signed a controversial abortion law. so it bans abortions once a heartbeat is detected critics say that fetal heartbeat can often be detected 6 weeks into a pregnancy. before many women even realize that they're actually pregnant. so the heads of 3 production company say that they will not shoot in george or while the laws in place and the motion picture association of america is waiting to see if that law is reversed before taking a stance. alabama lawmakers are
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now considering a bill that would ban abortion at every stage of pregnancy from conception on and criminalize the procedure for doctors, the a clu is suing to block the law in georgia and alabama. i'd prosecutors in sweden are reopening a rape case against week in leaks founder julian assange so he'll be extradited from the uk after he serves his 50 week prison term in britain for jumping bail. it's been a month since he was removed from the ecuadorean embassy in london. and it was a sweet us sexual-assault investigation that prompted assange to seek asylum and the embassy of ecuador back in 2012. happening today, the stepfather in texas facing charges connected to the disappearance of a 4 year-old and it was merely a davis he's expected to be in court. his name during an event he was
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arrested saturday morning in sugarland so police say they found in consensus sees a in his stories about how that child was abducted. he reported that his silver nissan altima was stolen during the abduction however they checked the surveillance video and actually sold somebody dropping him off in that car. while lia had already been reported missing. so police take a look at blood evidence they found in his apartment and that was also linked to the child. volunteers spent the weekend looking for the child's body. >>we have to come together and support everybody that's the only way we'll be back tomorrow in the next day in the next day. >>well vince is charged with tampering with evidence. use the clock is ticking for california lawmakers to sign off on the governor's budget plan how the governor wants to
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50's and i think we have likeo one 60 on the map that's out of antioch it's the warmest spot. >>50 and now the 54 in hayworth 54 and mountain view and 51 in san francisco will
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>>welcome back to the prom for morning news, plenty of entertainment headlines to talk to you about this week, here's david daniel with the hollywood minute.
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>>here's your first look at renee zellweger as judy garland in judy zellweger plays the legendary performer near the end of her life in the musical bio drama which hits theaters in september well i can give you just a little bit of a glimpse deaf actor cj jones has revealed he's working on avatar 2 at the easter seals disability film challenge awards. he shared that tidbit about the secrets equal you know the one thing i could just mention is that i'm creator of the nabi you know sign language. so that's going to be featured in the film. and that's all for now. a trio of oscar winners is taking the comeback trail. that's the title of the action comedy starring robert de niro as a movie producer who is deeply in debt to a mob boss played by morgan freeman. so the producer makes a film with a washed up western star played by tommy lee jones hoping he'll die during filming and the producer can collect the insurance filming begins in june in new mexico in hollywood, i'm david and.
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>>we'll take a look at this so the texas department of transportation, the got a little hollywood on us. this is an effort to keep the roadways safe over the mother's day weekend they had some quotes on the signs inspired by adam sandler, the cali, the river water, boy, the water boy they were seen on the electronic signs throughout the state look closely they include. mama say buckle up bobby the river that one and also be say drive smart love mama. want to be safe on the roads i like that very cute. we'll take a little peek outside checking in on the bay bridge all we have a line the cash lane stacking up quickly, this is completely normal though it's going to be
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>>to like i didn't hear the r word bad. it's all really cooler today and then rain on the way. no rain on the way hear radiant sunshine. oh that's just not the r word. although that word yeah we've seen a lot of that this winter season, and it's back to a pattern that we were familiar with at seen in some time now west coast in general is actually trading in some of her drier nicer conditions for quite the rainy forecast in the days to come today not going to be rainy see no need to worry too much about today. we certainly do have some
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cloud cover that you're going to be seeing well throughout the course of your day. >>from this morning's low lying cloud across the bay area that could result in some visibility issues at times, especially right along the pacific coastline or if you're traveling through the east bay hills today that's really the biggest thing you're going to contend with today as we move into the afternoon you'll see bits of sunshine, scattered between partly to mostly cloudy skies. but overall dry conditions for this monday morning. temperatures right now in the 50's across the board we are seeing hayward at 53 56 not too bad. this is right where we should be for this time of mourning and something that we're used to seeing this time of morning temperatures just a touch cooler than yesterday up in the north bay as well as across a few other areas, a pretty small difference you might not even notice said winds though will make for a brisk wind chill this morning that nevado a pacifica and up to fairfield all looking wind speeds above 10 miles per hour as we push through the morning. so that is going to make for a bit of a bite to


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