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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  May 13, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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joining us, i'm sorry a full set on games fletcher we've got lots to talk about including on the weather and traffic from both we had some problems earlier on other. >>no it's gone this traffic is still there but the overturned vehicle has been clear tall update 6 80 and the bridges, there's time for that to improve. yes, there's time for the weather to do the river. >>if you thought that the rain was gone for the year. coming back from. in the days to come but at least today and tomorrow are dry partly cloudy skies throughout the course of your day here across the bay area today you do see the look observatory in things not looking bad out there from the lake this morning. >>temperatures are in the 50's currently as you do step outside to venture back to work business as usual. this is where we've been the past few mornings at the same time we've got the late how in berkeley a 50 to oakland in concord right now 55 degrees
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cool enough that you want to throw the jacket on this morning this afternoon will be our warmest day of the forecast ahead with high temperatures still holding on to the 70's for a lot of our inland spots and some partly cloudy to mostly cloudy conditions into the afternoon. dry today and tomorrow but showers arrive on wednesday. i've got more about that still to come. robin all right we want to check out the golden gate. >>we're looking at one to one your commute from the north bay to san francisco looks pretty good right side saying traffic wide open here in both directions so no problems story about if you plan on taking highway 1 one. we're starting off with drive time and 20 minutes nevado to the tolls and then we have the bay bridge which is packed. it's too late to beat the rush it's already stacked up being on west grand so crawling from west grand right through the toll plaza and here's a peek at 6.80 will we had a crush on a 6 80 at a live pig that clear that a little sluggish from to 42 and then highway 4 for one 60 to 42 looks pretty good that's 20 minutes, dublin
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to fremont you're fine on 6.80 south no problems for the nimitz our one on one so we'll check for slow downs coming up james started. >>to breaking news that we're following this morning police now investigating 3 overnight shootings enrichment crawford's will tran joins us from the police department with what happened well. >>a very violent night in the richmond area, the richmond police department they have their investigators out at the scene like you talked about 3 separate shootings involving 4 victims. let me quickly show you a map of the locations violence broke out at around 10 o'clock last night starting on the 2500 block of as many avenue. a short time after that on the 4700 block apart avenue and then a short time after that on first or eats a homicide not skews me investigators, not a homicide but investigators are out there at this particular time looking for evidence hoping to talk to possible witnesses. let me quickly show you the video the first scene you can
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see multiple shots rang out that location. investigators are looking through white van and then they had to rush to another scene in the patrol area patrol avenue area where shots rang out that hit multiple cars his apartment complex the buildings in that scene as well and then for street so very violent night over the span of several hours. here's matt stonebraker with the richmond police department to talk about any possible connections involving all 3 shooting sir. what we know right now is they don't appear to be connected. they're in 3 separate areas of the city and they don't appear to be connected as i just said 4 victims one person shot free badly can you talk about that one person. right now their conditions are. they are being treated for their injuries and we're still investigating that we know one person was hit that you said the upper body possibly not the head but the
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upper body right where right now we're investigating that he's being treated. each of the victims are actually being treated right now. we don't know if it's gang motivated just yet we're still investigating okay thank you very much for that so that actors are out there fortunately. we're not hearing of any buddy dying at this particular time, but he did say one of the victims who was shot in the upper body at least one time that person still in the hospital and listed in serious condition, changed area. all right. thank you very much well, 6 oh 4, 2, >>in a shooting that happened in hayward they were found shot on second street near campus drive in the fairview district but they are both expected to survive police have not made any arrests. students in fremont coming back to school today without one of their classmates know the 16 year-old was killed in a dui crash over the weekend. >>a call for sarah stinson joins us now live with word of a vigil planned for today, sarah.
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>>yeah that's right we're hearing about a vigil that's happening here in washington high school near the flagpole for students to mourn the loss of their fellow classmate armando canalis take a look at this picture of him 16 year-old was killed by a suspected drunk driver over the weekend on highway 17 in santa clara county. it happened. just south of redwood estates is was riding in a toyota cruel with 4 other teens at 02:11am in the morning saturday when a chrysler minivan traveling in the wrong direction slammed into the car that can ellis died in the 4 other teens inside were injured ages ranging from 16 to 17 years old. >>police later arrested the other driver 28 year-old ashley murray all over of san jose on suspicion of dui. >>now friends and canola set up a go fund me page it's circulating right now in support the family in hopes of helping the mom pay for funeral costs so far it's raised about $6300 significant
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amount on the page friends wrote about canola saying he was carrying funny, it washington high husky football player with a promising future. many people describing that they're in shock and sending their condolenceto the mother testified that she lost her son on mother's day weekend. it's a devastating story and it's a hard time for those who have to go to school today. but as i said the jewel tonight at 6 o'clock at washington high school here in fremont we're also hearing about another event at a pizza on tuesday 6 look as well so a lot of different things that they're there prepping to make sure that students can really just mourn loss of their fellow student and in this hard time. one freeman sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>time now 6 o 6 to the peninsula by man stabbed in half moon bay and now police are looking for his attacker. the victim got into an argument saturday morning with another man and that's when he says he was stabbed by that
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man multiple times near the western and of wave avenue deputies searched the area that never found the attacker. neighbors say they were obviously surprised by the news. >>it just doesn't happen in our neighborhood were very social all the way around here and show it's just it's just really surprising. luckily, the victim is expected to be ok again they're still looking for the stafford this morning more than a dozen people. >>our with no place to live this morning because of a fire in daly city that broke out yesterday afternoon on mission street it started in the back of the building causing some damage to all of the units inside crews though we're able to stop the flames from spreading. >>become wunderlist expansion me that you know they don't have a hot water. gas stove and not looking so what they have to have bhutan we can't hang to what you get on they when you go cap in so that something that you know i need to go back and take a look at. >>the red cross is working
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with those affected by the fire nobody was hurt. >>time is 6 oh 7 and the biel the deal to build a new ways waterfront park. >>could the co forward today. commissioners for the port of oakland are set to vote on the financial plans at this point it looks like for the least of the howard terminal would be about $4 million a year for the first 20 years and the a's would also for years to identify the environmental and traffic issues surrounding their project. >>well this just in china is retaliating after president trump boost to tariffs on upwards of billion worth of chinese imports last friday. china now says it will raise tariffs on $60 billion worth of us imports. it's set to take effect june first the action raises the stakes now in the trade war between the us and china with stock futures signaling a sharp drop at the opening at will be in less than a half hour from now 2 representatives from the us have been invited to china for more talks concerning traits will see where that goes. recent tariffs could could
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have broad impact here on the bay area and its consumers we could see a price increase on everything from cotton clothing in denham to a shampoo and soap as well as many household goods. observers say the tax increase could also affect products which are made from chinese parts things like smart phones and computers and tv's some experts say that if price hikes are passed on to consumers. they won't be felt immediately. >>see 25 it comes casas the border. >>so a lot of those goods are still in transit president trump has threatened to expand the 25% tariffs on to all goods made in china. international trade groups estimate that would cost an american family of 4 nearly 800 extra dollars per year. >>faces charges following a deadly street race in the south bay. amber alert since police on a car chase only to fall and that the child was
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never in the car they were looking for we'll have details on why a father made a false report. plus details on the bay area city that's now seeing extra inventory in the housing market and looking outside this morning temperatures are cool so get the jackets ready to go rainfall later in the week though i've got your forecast a cop. i'm tracking your morning commute heading into san francisco, 80 west not improving it's getting heavier by the minute so. introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batr. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today. only at jack in the box. (vo) ♪ i know what you're thinking. spicy chicken strips combo today. electric, it's not for you. and, you're probably right. electric just doesn't have enough range. it will never survive the winter. charging stations? good luck finding one of those. so, maybe an electric car isn't for you after all.
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tastier... i was literally born for this. ♪ you had me at fried chicken pacifier. try my new spicy chicken strips combo today. with 100% all-white meat chicken. >>the fighters sending a warning now about dangerous surf as we get closer to summer temperatures can firefighters say that regardless of how the ocean looks. there are always rip currents below the surface to matter what time of year and they say that they deal with an average of almost 200 rescues along the coast each year. most of them out at ocean beach to be careful. >>we don't have lifeguards ocean beach for a specific reason. we're not giving the him is that this is a safe beach. >>firefighters are
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recommending no swimming at ocean beach and if you do find yourself stuck in a current they see need to remain calm. swim parallel to the shore until you're out of that rip current at that point then you can start making your swim back to safety. >>6.14 right now and uh i know that swimming. now this week not this week. >>it's not really we want to be swimming in the ways you don't need to cool down temperatures will be cool enough already and skies as you can see there ocean beach or. cloudy 2 not rainy at times for the week ahead. this is your look close to ocean beach at the golden gate bridge where conditions are very cloudy this morning. cloudy elsewhere to this is san jose where you do see some clouds in the distance, but also a bit of blue mixed into the skies as the sun now comes up berkeley a bit on the gloomy side to get things started on the east bay side of things. this is a look outside this morning. we do have dry skies across the bay area but there's plenty of cloud cover to our west that will eventually result in rainfall around the corner
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tomorrow we're going to continue to see these dry conditions that were about to enjoy today. but tomorrow is going to come along with even more overcast conditions then comes wednesday showers will begin on the lighter side of things intensify into wednesday night into thursday morning. that's what we can actually see some moderate a brief heavy rainfall across the bay come thursday, some of our rainfall continues off and on mostly moderate showers and then showers depart on friday. so we're talking multiple days with at least chance of rainfall around the corner time to get the umbrellas ready to go, but you don't need him today, 50's and 60's for your highs today under those partly cloudy skies and overall comfortable conditions. today's weather is about to be the warmest of the forecast ahead of us, we're still in the 70's for a lot of the bay area like in san jose at 73 for your high and the low to mid 70's for the tri valley, mid 60's for berkeley and oakland as well as richmond at 64 to 66 degrees
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while mid 70's in danville walnut creek in concord and we are seeing upper 70's for vacaville in pittsburgh for your daytime highs while upper 60's in petaluma and santa rosa, your seven-day breakdown shows those showers later on today tomorrow, you're good to go. but come wednesday thursday and friday be ready with a umbrellas and rain jackets and hand also cooler on those days from the mid 70's, inland to only the mid 60's for your highs inland by the middle of the week. rob thank you john, let's head over to the san mateo bridge. we have a crash wrapping up westbound just before you reach the toll plaza. >>so it's going to be a little heavy for you leaving the limits to the pay gates and then more crowding on the bridge itself right along the flat section continuing to the high rise overall it is quiet so we're looking at 21 minutes. it's going to get heavier so get out there early if you can save story here get to the bay bridge toll plaza early because you're going to sit in the back up and it already stands out the on west grand spilling to the bottom of the maze so busy but not bad 60 minutes of that the sun
6:17 am
average for now, but just know that that is expected to go up as we continue through your morning commute. so the problems are highly for its just busy 22 minutes and the aacta concord but a call to danville looks more like normal remember we had an overturned in one of cricket talked about that south 6 80 at olympic so it's very busy from 2.42, but still not bad, you know just a typical crowding out for your morning drive. if you take the sure freeway you're clocking in at 26 minutes, heading west crockett to the maze 24 looks great wannacry to the caldecott i don't see any major problems for the macarthur which is 5.80 and i don't see any trouble spots for the minutes which is 80 it's about 11 minutes to 38 to downtown oakland. so right on time da-ia back to thanks a lot rob and 6 17 in the east and father is accused of lying about his 3 year-old daughter being abducted so that he could get his stolen car back. >>crawford and thorne has the story. >>a large police response to an amber alert and as with the
6:18 am
crashed mercedes benz and a father in handcuffs. open police say the father of a 3 year-old lied about his daughter being abducted, so the police would be quicker about recovering his stolen card. >>from a shunt the father told police his 2005 mercedes benz was taken around a 10 saturday night and his daughter was still inside police and then sending out an amcer alert with a picture of the girl and the license plate of the car had the fbi down. it's around 11 40 saturday night police spotted the mercedes and the suspected carjacker who then led them on a short chase. the
6:19 am
man crashed a stolen car at the intersection of carlson boulevard and san pablo avenue in el serino police arrested the suspect that the child was not in the car. a few hours later police say the 3 year-old was found safe at home with her mother. it was then that police discovered the child was not in the car at the time it was stolen filing a false police report is a felony the case is now being handed over to the alameda county prosecutor's office reporting in san francisco, dan thorn. kron 4 news. for your money this morning. >>more homes are going up for sale here in the san jose area actually now according to a new report from trulia san jose now seeing the biggest inventory increase in starter and trade-up homes since 2014 trulia says that san jose ranks first nationally in terms of for sale inventory growth with a year-over-year increase to 55% so a lot more homes on the market local retailers say that is good
6:20 am
news. >>we were getting more to a balanced market which is good for everybody amid allows buyers a little more time to think about what they want to get. >>according to the truly report the average time on market for a starter or trade up home in san jose is up from 45 to now 57 days. >>now 6.20 coming up, we'll tell you what led police to a home in sandra fell filled with dozens of stolen packages. plus 2 women, we're able to escape an alleged kidnapping attacked by an uber driver will have details on that story coming up as well. here's a live look outside the san mateo bridge where again traffic is moving along here on 97. no major problems a parent but robert winston's keep an eye on the overall right let us know if there are any hot spots after you need to be aware of and john travel of course with your kid the forecast we have rain on the horizon for the week ahead. if you haven't heard which day will be wet. stay tune. we'll have those
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newscaster: hundreds of teachers are hitting the picket lines. newscaster: thousands gathered here. rosanne: we need smaller class sizes. angelia: more counselors and more nurses. roxana: we have to be able to invest in our young people. angelia: every student has a right to quality education. ever: no matter whatneigh. roxana: our students don't have part-time needs, so they can't have part-time solutions. rodney: because we know quality public schools... roxana: make a better california... marisa: for all of us. >>3 on this monday morning getting back to work with dry skies today and comfortably cool conditions, not a bad morning to be doing so you look outside at the sunrise out in the east bay does show partly cloudy conditions overhead right now and that's exactly what we're going to be seeing later today to saying pretty steady today. temperatures rising through the afternoon eventually taking us out of the 50's where we are for most spots, currently and into the 60's and low 70's and maybe a slightly cooler start to the morning with temperatures, especially cooler up in santa rosa compared to yestery.
6:24 am
but this afternoon is actually going to be the warmest day of your forecast ahead so if you're looking for some warm and dry weather enjoy today as rainfall is around the corner come wednesday and then later in the week as well dropping kids off of the bus stop this morning. that are on a light jacket for you and the kids temperatures in the 50's and we are looking at wind speeds at around 10 to 15 miles per hour for most of the babe making for a brisk start to the morning. later this afternoon may be able to get away without the jacket says conditions will be on the warm side like i mentioned some of the warmest temperatures the week ahead into the 60's and 70's robert thank you john it's time to check in on the richmond center fell bridge a long line right now on west 5.80. >>leading up to the toll plaza there it is so that's how it looks at the pay gates and then i'm also showing you the approach at the same time it's already stacked up beyond the harbor exit, so just keep that in mind is westbound 5 innings or commute. it is only getting
6:25 am
heavier by minute but at least you don't have any big trouble spot story about. i'll take it full seeking at the drive time as well we're looking at 15 minutes here from the tolls out a one to one. all right, let's check in on the bay bridge so drive from oakland to san francisco really stocking up it's going to be slow from the bottom of the maze through this crowding that you haven't in pockets air france to fremont street, but it's the you know heavier traffic is on the oakland side on your protest 19 minutes. are you want to check in on traffic tracker take a look at some south bay numbers if you take 8.80. it's about 8 minutes from to 80 rolling up to to 37. so i don't see any big trouble spots that you have to worry about if you take one to one is 36 minutes and growling so filling in will call its low in little pockets making your way to the peninsula. and then if you take 2.80 that is in pretty good shape. so far we haven't had any major problems for the northbound drive so if you go ahead and leave now we're looking at 11 minutes to make your way from the one to one split in san jose today to 5 split in cupertino james all
6:26 am
right. thank you. >>and time now 6.25 national headlines this morning an uber driver from pittsburgh, pennsylvania is accused of kidnapping 2 women. police arrested richard lumb adi he's an assistant professor at penn state university's beaver campus and he drive-thru burr on the side apparently picked up 2 women on the for whom arrived this is early saturday morning. and one point during that ride the women say that he pulled the car over and tried to lock the doors. both of them are able to jump out and escape and police ended up tracking him down through the uber app his access to the penn state campus has been revoked while this inv tigation is under way. when security is asking the military for help dealing with the influx of migrants at the border. the request for help includes tents for large numbers of people that request came as customs and border protection predicted that it would surpass half a million migrants crossing the border, so far this fiscal year, acting defense secretary patrick shanahan is considering the homeland security's request.
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>>quite the interesting trading session today, futures trading and pointing strongly
6:30 am
negative on friday, we know that the us impose 25% tariff on more than 200 billion dollars worth of chinese imports. well today china retaliated. >>25% tariffs on about billion in us exports to china and the markets have not reacted. well least in the premarket hours we'll see where they go but right now it's thinking. >>that it's going to be somewhat of a 400 to 500 point drop. now the trading has begun at least to start the day we'll see what happens. >>what about the confetti james what about the any lives or rose it is very busy. >>crowded on the bridges and have a new crash in dublin so 5 80's packed right now. >>and dry for now we're done maybe saying ran on the right that dry 70 years just around the corner, but it's still man and there's still potential rain in the forecast and we certainly do have at this time around this is your at mount diablo or conditions are not rainy at all right now, but it
6:31 am
is a the cloudy your side of things for a lot of the day partly cloudy skies are to be seen well into the afternoon ahead of your current temperatures are comfortable in the low to mid 50's now today is about to be the nicest day of the week to get outside from our comfortably cool morning to our afternoon day time highs which will eventually rise into the 60's and 70's towards the afternoon. after this kaiser could be quite as clear temperatures not quite as warm and yet that rainfall coming towards the middle of the week which all talk about still to come. >>robin all right, let's start off with a look at the bay bridge you want to check out 80 west because we have a crowd at the toll plaza it's going to be stopping going the cash lanes of fast-track lanes right now you're averaging 18 minutes to make it into san francisco which is completely normal for this time of morning, here's a look at the backup as we check in on traffic tracker you see it slow on 5.80 almost from 24. slow coming from the e sure out of every bill so just be prepared for that and then here's the trouble spot that i
6:32 am
mentioned and a planned 5 of the west at the 6.80 split getting word of a multi vehicle accident. this may be a big one chp says several lanes are blocked west 5 80 at 6.80. you already crawling back from santa rita somewhat keep my eyes on this one and we'll check more so that's coming up in a bit james star, you. >>6.32 the breaking news that we're following is in richmond where there were 3 overnight shootings that we've got from force will trade on that story for us this morning, live from the police station well. >>we just found out james and area those shootings actually took place in the span of just 2 hours investigators from the richmond police department there is still at the scene looking for witnesses, collecting evidence let me quickly pull up a map for you to show you the locations violence broke out at around 10 o'clock last night on the 2500 block of as men avenue. a short time after that the second location was on the 4700 block of that avenue and
6:33 am
then a short time after that it happened on first street so investigators they have them all out there we're still about 8 hours into the investigation and still so far no arrests in the case let me quickly pull up the video you can see. >>police officers at the scene this is at the first location on as men avenue. multiple shots rang out where 2 people were injured. and then from that location. the dispatch they got a call about another shooting so officers had to run over to the second location for trail avenue where shots ring out hitting cars hitting buildings, this was at an apartment complex where we have learned one person was seriously injured when he was shot in the upper body at least one time. still in the hospital at this hour. and then the 3rd location we're not hearing of anybody who was shot at that area that just a few moments ago we had a news conference with the public information officer from the richmond police department we try to ask him
6:34 am
if all 3 shootings are somehow related. they don't appear to be connected. they are in 3 separate areas of the city. >>right now their conditions are unknown they are being treated for their injuries and we're still investigating that right now. >>at this point also guys they don't know if this was retaliation for any particular incident or if this was day related but hopefully we'll hear more when those investigators are still at the scene will come back to inform the spokesman on the latest on the investigations but the good news is we're not hearing of anybody so far who has been killed by these 3 shootings back to you. >>all right, thank you very much well, 6.34. and it's a psomber day for students in fremont students at i are going to class today without one of their classmates so that classmate the 16 year-old died over the weekend a dui crash call for assistance and joining us now live with more.
6:35 am
>>all we've learned about a vigil is being held here in washington high school in fremont so that students can mourn the loss of their classmate that's armando canal us and they are having that tonight at the school is it's not an easy time these students are not only going through finals but also learning about the fact that one of their classmates died over mother's day weekend take a look at this picture so can get. good look at the 16 year-old who was killed by suspected drunk driver. on highway 17 in santa clara county. it happened just south of redwood of states canalis was riding in a to is for others teens at around to 11 in the morning saturday when a chrysler minivan traveling in the wrong direction slammed into their car. canalis died and 5, 4 other teens. 4 other tes were injured ages ranging from 16 to 17 years old police later arrested the
6:36 am
other driver 28 year-old ashley murray all over of san jose on suspicion of dui since then friends of canalis have sent up set up a go fund me page it's now circulating in support of the family and to help the mom pay for funeral costs so far it's raised a $6400 on the page friendsp wrote about who can tell us was as a person saying is caring, funny he was a washington high husky football player with the promising feet future now many people are describing just how shocked they are that this happened in also sending condolences to the mother mother's day weekend choose her son, it's just as bad as it can get and that's why a lot of people are coming together in fremont and across the whole bay area just too give their condolences and that that money's already been raised in 2 days now so at that vigil, if you'd like to attend to going to get 6 o'clock here in washington high school it's going to be good time for those students share memories of canal isn't
6:37 am
really just kind of talk about their feelings. online for months, they're stinson kron 4 news. thank sarah. >>turning our attention back to the other big story this morning. the markets and now the trading has begun, we can see the dow off sharply down a 467 points. we're also seeing the s and p. trading negative at least out of the gate anyway. the nasdaq dropping considerably last check it was off about a 176 points in all of this on the news that china now imposing 25% tariffs on billion worth of us exports to china that's the latest retaliatory measure against the us which impose 25% tariffs on billion worth of goods on friday. so the tip for tat continues as the trade talks continue and it's yeah some people to say looks like they're breaking down others say this is just sort of a chest thumping move by both countries to see who will blink first we'll see. >>a san jose police have arrested a man for a deadly street raise 24 year-old david at mondo hano was killed a
6:38 am
week ago in a crash bash on santa teresa boulevard and lean avenue. he was a passenger. in his cousins car the cars and arturo say ha was driving and police say racing another driver and they say he was driving under the influence lost control of his car and crashed into a tree, killing his cousin any other driver left the scene but ended up turning himself in to the police over the weekend. neighbors say the driver speed that area all the time. i feel like these people just don't think don't think for city is one the tb facts. >>really hear cars revving their engines around here like speed bumps least. reduce the speed. >>the other driver of a cent a a is facing several charges including felony hit and run. in the north bay a welfare check on an elderly person lead to an accused package thief being caught in sandra fell a care manager said they wanted the cops to check the condition. their client when
6:39 am
the police got there the client was ok. but the police noticed several amazon boxes and the label addresses address labels had been removed, the ended up arresting a tenant who rents a room in that house 40 year-old alexander sadia the elderly person living in the home they say had nothing to do with any of it. the thief was apparently driving to san francisco and stealing packages and then keeping them back at the home. >>gavin newsome has handed off his billion budget to lawmakers and now it's up to them to decide how the state will spend its money. the governor wants to get rid of taxes on diapers and tampons but promises taxes too improved the state's 911 system and safe drinking water infrastructure. he also wants to put nearly $102 billion into k through 12 education that money he says would help with teacher training and special education, but the vice chairman of the assembly budget says that the money set aside for schools won't be enough to help with the struggling school districts across the state. >>when the bottom 10% in terms
6:40 am
of her happened as students so to talk about expanding that into new programs without funny. kate also stunned that we already have i think is unconscionable. >>on homelessness the governor is proposing a billion spending plan to fight it and spend money to help with city and county infrastructure to make way for more housing. lawmakers and the governor must come to an agreement on the budget by june 15th that's the deadline. the governor has to have it signed by june 30th. it's 6.40 we have. >>hollywood legendary actress doris day has died at the age of 97. the doris day animal foundation confirmed that she died early this morning at her home in carmel valley. she was known for her singing voice as well as as. acting in movies, dramas musicals comedies that made her a top star in 1950's and 60's and among the most popular screen actresses in history. it's 6.40 and still ahead on that. italy faces up
6:41 am
$30,000 loss. we'll tell you why. plus a preview of the western conference finals. it's going to be brother against brother as the warriors take on the trail blazers. >>and the excitement is building over the sharks after their big win over the weekend a look at what we can expect today and we've got some of the nicest weather of the week ahead of us today. that's because rainfall it is now just around the corner. >>i'm talking about when you can expect at your forecast and several lanes are blocked on 5 80 at 6 80 in dublin, this is our new hotspot traffic quickly backing if you have moderate to severe psoriasis
6:42 am
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>>welcome back to the kron four morning news and yes, we have a hot spot in the commute direction of 5.80 this is at the dublin interchange or approaching the dublin interchange 5 of us right before that 6.80 split. crews on scene dealing with the crash and at last check they said at least 4, 5, lanes are
6:45 am
blocked. so you're back up spilling. westbound it's already stacked up be on santa rita so you'll be crawling from santa rita to the split and it stays heavy if you plan on continuing on 6 amy out of dublin and to send all you see traffic loosening up a little bit as you get closer to 84. but that is the norm so at least 26 minutes here from dublin out of fremont and then we have the bay bridge traffic which is busy as usual heading into san francisco moving along a little bit faster for the fast trackers but overall you are stacked up from the maze quiet though on the upper deck and clyde in downtown san francisco. we like it quiet 24 looks pretty good 17 minutes wannacry to oakland, you're fine on the macarthur fine on the limits with no big trouble spot, san jose to milpitas john well robin. >>definitely not the fear us today, especially out towards the coast. we do have some cloud cover that's moved in overhead for those of you that are right along the pacific. golden gate bridge not being affected by any low visibility though, so you are off to a
6:46 am
smooth start and look at this view of san jose can't complain about the blue to those skies. nor in the east bay where mount diablo being lit up by a nice little golden glow as the sun comes up in the horizon, so this morning pleasant to start you do need your jackets because winds breezy at times and temperatures are in the 50's so cool enough to have a little bit of a bite to that air. this is our low pressure area to our west and you see all that cloud cover sitting to our west too skies this week are gradually going to become more and more cloudy and temperatures tomorrow are already going to be feeling a already going to be feeling a little bit cooler under those partly cloudy tomorrow overcast but still dry now com winds day all that green you're seeing on the map it starts to make its way our direction wednesday, sing light to moderate showers are heaviest of rainfall is actually expected at least this point from wednesday night into early thursday morning thursday off and on showers continue and then they really start to taper off on friday, but you get the picture it's about to be increasingly cool cloudy. and
6:47 am
rainy week ahead of us that means today's weather, although certainly not crystal clear it's something that you should enjoy maybe get some of runs out of the way before the rainfall does arrive again later on in the forecast mountain view 72 for your high today in the south bay looks low to mid 70's under partly cloudy skies that's a range of numbers, everyone will enjoy pleasanton in livermore 7375 degrees some mid 60's for oakland berkeley and richmond while mid 70's in walnut creek danville up to concord and we're also going to be looking at some 70's further north in the bay like in vacaville in pittsburgh. each at 77. some 50's out along the coast as you can expect some cloud cover and fog to remain along highway one. today and tomorrow our driest of days than arrives a of the rain on wednesday and stays with us through much of thursday to thursday's rain a little bit more often onwso you'll have times of sunshine. showers taper off on friday and we do have a dry saturday to look
6:48 am
forward to james all right john thank you very much. >>to the east bay, the woman accused of stealing more than $30,000 from the union see little league is now out on bail the little league former treasurer a 40 year-old nancy morgan was arrested in march and charged with embezzling thousands of dollars from the league's bank account president brought of press as this went on for about 2 years and then in august board members started questioning morgan about the amount of money collected from fundraisers and how it was being spent since morgan's arrest, the league lapsed on payments to a storage facility and is now down from 17 teams to just 14. >>being a member of this community and being part of this league for the past 10 years. i want them to have a place and. >>hopefully they can continue to play. >>morgan is due in court in august for a pretrial hearing. the nba's western conference finals are set the warriors will host the portland trail
6:49 am
blazers tomorrow in game one and this comes after the warriors put these rockets away game 6 on friday. without the help of kevin, duran he still nursing that calf injury steph curry didn'tcore anything in the 1st half. but he caught fire in the second scored 33 points klay thompson, he's the one who showed up in the 1st half putting up 27 points keeping the warriors a live final score in that one. one 18 to one 13. meantime the portland trail blazers defeated the denver nuggets in their game 7 that was yesterday final score 100 to 96. there are few story lines to watch in this western conference finals tomorrow course you have steph curry's younger brother, seth the place for the trail blazers so we have both brothers facing off against each other. and then the blazers star damian lillard also from oakland, so he's got some local fans as well. so we'll see what happens with that tomorrow night's game tips off at 6 o'clock. more barry playoff, san jose sharks hosting the louis blues tonight, it will be game to be nhl western conference finals. saturday, the sharks dominated the blues final score that 1, 6 to 3.
6:50 am
sharks dominated the eye san jose needs just 3 more wins of course advance the in nhl finals. the puck will drop tonight 6 o'clock 3 or >>gets out so yes, it's a more a caps whole special saying because the sharks and we're doing specials, you know for the warriors to 4.30 on kron four and streaming on kron on hosted by con force mark carpenter and kate really. >>now the baseball both bay area teams had home games on mother's da so let's start with the giants they were hosting the cincinnati reds, let's go to the bottom of the first policy and of all the plate. you think shoes. a 2 run home run for panda that was a great singer pink socks, yeah. the reds go and ended striking back in the 6 with a home run from yasiel puig then in the 8th, we have giants fielder kevin pillar. he hits to center field. panda runs to score on that one and in the
6:51 am
end the giants walked away with the win they defeated the red 65 they're going to be hosting the toronto blue jays tomorrow night for a chance get out if backhander fever strike surprise you with how fast you can arrive intention to everything else you it. >>but the a's they were hosting the cleveland indians at the coliseum will see if they have take did but on the 3rd is outfielder steven scott he singles to center field allowing the runner to score and the game was tied. >>see and that's a three-run homer too much for the a's. so they fall to the indian sorry mom. they lost 5 to 3. and they're going to play at the seattle mariners tonight, first pitch at 7.10 i always like the mother's days. you know baseball work a mother's day and then we say some nice things about their mom. all right not so nice this morning, the markets, let's check the big board watch again as we saw a big drop right out of the gate looked still that way the dow off by more than 500 points now 25,004 31. >>as trade tensions continue
6:52 am
to escalate between the us and china. this morning, chinese trade officials announcing that there will be a 25% tariff now on billion worth of us goods and again that is retaliation for new tariff hikes on the u s do us part last friday so. the back and forth continues and in the process people losing money on wall street. >>take a quick break coming up in the next hour a california woman now facing charges in the child abuse investigation, we'll tell you what she's we'll tell you what she's are we tnot yet.? at crystal geyser we put our mountain source on our bottle... that's cool. ...because we bottle at our mountain source. crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source. you need to place yourself in the moment. you need confidence in the appliances you select to build the home and life you love. shop top-brand appliances at sears, including kenmore. sears, making moments matter.
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>>it's much heavier than normal. so now we have 2 crashes it started off with 5 in the west right before the dublin interchange before 6.80 with the multi vehicle accident that was blocking several lanes of traffic so that was a tough spot. but now i just got word of an accident involving a motorcyclist in the back up at high yard. that's in the left lane. so you put that all together and traffic is just crawling from el charro now it's back to the on el charro so 22 minutes and growing for vasco in livermore to the dublin interchange because of those 2 crashes. we'll check more trouble spots coming up john. >>well robin 6.55 and looking good out there this morning, temperatures are cool but not too terribly cool get that light jacket ready to go and obviously this guy's not looking too bad at all your view from snow is showing some clear skies overhead now skies today will be partly cloudy at
6:56 am
times already seen some low clouds specially out along the coast. you'll notice. clearing of those low clouds into the afternoon but also a push of clouds that are a little higher up that will be passing along with some afternoon sunshine today, skies are dry today that's more than we can say for later in the weekend with temperatures in the 50's not a bad day to get outside and enjoy back to you. all right, thank you very much john coming up on the crowd for morning news. 3 overnight shootings in the east bay will tell you what police are saying about the investigation and where it stands this morning. >>plus an open man now facing charges after he lied and told police that his car was stolen with his child inside turns out that wasn't true. and a vote is scheduled today on the a's waterfront ballpark proposal of the howard terminal has details on the lease that will be voted on in what it might mean for the future of that project.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
>>thanks for joining us. i'm sorry if also that of james fletcher we've got weather and traffic to start the hour before we get to those but not so good for 5.80 heading into dublin have to hot spots in the same spot. well so get double hot spot had gotten, so you can call it. so it started off with an accident approaching the dublin interchange which is fighting the west before 6.80 that's one that i've been covering for over an hour that at one point was blocking 4 lanes of traffic but they got it down to one lane. >>as they are clearing this crash in us traffic is backing up another one happens right there behind the scene 5 of the westbound hop yard that involves a motorcyclist so chp just issued a special traffic alert for the one at hop yard also westbound where the left lane that express lane is shut down. so yeah that would hop yard, you have all the activity up at the dublin interchange or approaching the dublin interchange and of course this is the commute directioso


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