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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 13, 2019 7:30pm-7:59pm PDT

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felicity huffman pleaded guilty in the college scandal. >> will he avoid prison time? then -- >> britney! >> what's going on with britney spears. the singer spotted walking around downtown l.a. barefoot as she fights for control of her life and how meghan markle's ex-husband may have spoiled her first mother's day. and tv drama. from another "game of thrones'" mistake to a tv star's tirade over her show being renewed? plus, steve harvey loses anothering gig. the major movie star taking over. and -- this is doris day. >> we remember our time with hollywood legend doris day. ♪ this is "entertainment tonight." varsity blues lived up to its title today. as felicity huffman faced a
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judge. >> desperate times for the former desperate housewife. real-life emotions. felicity was almost two hours early for today's hearing. her brother was at her side. her husband, actor william h. macy was not with her. he skipped hernc in boston asel be trying to distance himself from the publicity. "e.t"e.t." producer brendon geoffrion was inside the courtroom. >> the 56-year-old actress broke down while addressing the judge. everyone is wondering if the actress will go to prison. that will be up to a judge. her sentencing is set for september 13th. a source tells "e.t." this experience has been humbling for her. and she "just wants to fix this" and "face her mistake hea-don." >> she on "desperate housewives," is already dealing with the sting's impact on her career. the release of her netflix d"
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was pushed back to august. and she has shut down her parenting blog, "what the flicka." meanwhile, a hearing for lori loughlin and her fashion designer husband is set for exactly three weeks from today. they have both entered not guilty pleas. the couple is accused of paying $500,000 in bribes to get their two daughters into usc. a source tells "e.t.," lori's legal team is expected to blame those who orchestrated the scheme, claiming they misled the couple. if found guilty, the actress could potentially face 20 years in prison. we're told lori remains from youngest daughter, youtube star olivia jade, is still estranged from lori and feels betrayed. this will come plans are already under way to turn this scandal into a limited tv series. i mean, we knew that was coming that was quick, right. meanwhile, britney spears is locked in her own legal battle. she's fighting to control her own life for the first time in
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more than a decade. ♪ >> free britney, end the conservatorship. >> is britney now part of the "free britney" movement? ♪ i'm a slave for you ♪ng to a tmz source, britney told the judge at friday's court hearing her father, jamie, committed her to a mental health facility and that's where she was forced to take medicine against her will. now, she wants out of her 11-year conservatorship. >> jamie's lawyers would not comment on the report. but here is what we know - after friday's hearing, britney was photographed leaving court barefoot. "e.t." has learned the judge did not grant britney's request for more freedom. we've also learned an expert will likely conduct a mental evaluation between now and the next conservatorship hearing on september 18th. so, how did britney spend mother's day? >> britney was spotted kid-free
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on a coffee run. but her kids visited during the day. meanwhile, her boyfriend of two years, sam asghari, celebrated britney with this throwback photo. well the evaluation the judge reportedly ordered is an expert evaluation, usually used for parents in divorce cases. all right, let's move on to new mom -- meghan markle. while she was celebrating her first mother's day weekend in the uk, meghan's ex-husband was starting a new chapter, too. meghan's ex, trevor engelson, and girlfriend of a year and a half, tracey kurland, tied the knot on saturday night, in a laidback beachside wedding in montecito -- a f a source tells "e.t.," guests were treated to a mexican-themed rehearsal dinner and hung out at the beach and poolside before the ceremony. the bride, a nutritionist and reported heiress to a down the
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with her parents in a white lace, off-the-shoulder gown. meghan and trevor were married for nearly two years before divorcing in 2013. their wedding was a casual affair, a four-day bash in jamaica with friends and family, sipping on rum punch. meanwhile, meghan and harry are "incredibly happy" in their new roles as mom and dad to baby archie. we're told harry's already changed his first nappy and baby sussex will be receiving more visitors this week, including his grandpa, the prince of wales. now, onto the upcoming -- general fur lawrence, stunning in a silk pink gown. theyt weekend with friends and fa on their way to the event at a private home in manhattan. chris pratt and katherine schwarzenegger. their i dos will be a star-studded event filled with family and some of the biggest celebrities in hollywood, according to an "e.t." source. we caught up with mother of the bride, maria shriver, at the best buddies international
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fund-raiser over the weekend, benefiting those with >> fun, you know i think it's always great to celebrate love. it's the most important thing in the world. >> do you know what you're wearing yet? >> no. >> we're told katherine has been in charge of most of the wedding planning, but chris does give suggestions and helps when he can. >> i think he's great. yeah. >> she's keeping it secret. mother of bride. >> they know how to keep a lid on it. well, expect to see a lot more love and family drama from the pearson crew on "this is us." keltie, the show was just picked up for three more seasons. the cast celebrating with our special correspondent ben aaron. >> someone says you can hang out with your buddies for three more years and, you know, make amazing content, it's wonderful. >> tunprecedented news.
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>> completely and totally spontaneous. >> a lot of this. >> i'm more of an internal dancer. >> internal dance right now, go. whoa! while "this is us" returns in the fall, "empire's" ending. next season is its last and may not involve jussie smollett. fox telling "e.t.," there's an option to have jussie in the series but at this point, we have no plans. >> i'm going to -- i'm going to receive that. and we told you steve harvey's talk show is ending, now he's out as host of "little big shots," too. >> so, who's going to host it? >> that would be melissa mccarthy. nbc tells us they're excited to collaborate with the comedienne, who will, quote, bring a completely fresh perspective. and finally, "crazy rich asians" star constance wu in hot water after dissing her show "f" >> she sounds like a crazy rich actress -- >> yeah, i just didn't think about it. >> the 37-year-old apologized after tweeting a series of
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shockingly negative reactions on friday to the season six renewal news, including, so upset right now that i'm literally crying. also when a fan tweeted, great news, she posted this since-deleted response, quote, no, it's not. on saturday, she backtracked, tweeting, i was temporarily upset, not because i hate the show but because its renewal meant i had to give up another project that i was really passionate about. coming up -- how a cheating scandal could win kevin hart an emmy. and another "game of thrones'" gaffe. >> oh, that's so -- >> the new mistake we just spotted. plus, a "game of thrones" battle with "american idol." >> the winner is coming. >> luke bryan's unexpected reaction to sharing the finale night. and remembering doris day, her last interview ever h
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minutes away on "e.t." -- swhile shopping at sears,pdate minutes away on "e.t." -- selma blair gives us an update
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"game of thrones" fans are
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all up in arms, literally, after jamie lannister's severed right hand magically appeared. jamie's hands didn't appear in last night's episode. that photo was only publicity, y'all, relax, it's been take down. meanwhile, next sunday is the finale. it's also the season finale for "american idol." >> the winner is coming! >> my wife and i make it a weekly deal. but i've been out here on sundays, so every -- you know, every week she's like, don't you tv cheat on me and i'm like, like, i would never tv cheat. "game of thrones." so luke has a "g.o.t." conflict in his household. but that's nothing compared to what kev hveals about his marriage in his new netflix comedy special. for
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this? like, how do you reconcile with your wife, because you talk about her so much in this special. >> [ bleep ] hit the fan in my marriage and everyone had an opinion. i talk about her through my eyes and my experiences which technically make it okay. >> but, technically, you have to still go home and sit next to her. >> yeah, yeah, no. we had conversations. >> those must have been some serious conversations. >> kevin hart did it again. >> because in his comedy special "kevin hart: irresponsible," hart puts it all out there -- admitting to infidelity in his current marriage to wife eniko parrish. >> lesson number one that i learned is, that whatever happens in vegas doesn't stay in vethe netflix event. all have specials, but only one celebrated part of mother's day weekend on the couch with his trio. are your children ever like, daddy, put on your shirt, come on.llt. yeah, people can see.
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coming up bachelorette is back. and hannah b. means business. what one guy to get kicking off before the rose ceremony. how selma blair and jamie-lynn sigler are banding together. >> are you trying to take my job? >> yeah. closed captioning provided by -- deal talk.
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and i have to tell you, don't you worry, you hold the cane. everything is for our future. my dream is that i get to be a useful mom as long as this kid wants me which is about one more year so that's cool. >> it brings tears to my eyes. selma blair who was diagnosed with m.s. in august, was honored at friday night's the 26th annual race to erase m.s. gala. selma was joined by her 7-year-old son arthur, as well as her good friend and "cruel intentions" co-star sarah michelle gellar. also on hand, jamie-lynn sigler, "the sopranos'" alum revealed her m.s. diagnosis three years >> she's so strong, she's being so vulnerable a and honest about her journey with this disease. i commend her coming forward with my m.s. was my first step
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to true healing as a human being. i couldn't hold the secret anymore. it was causing more harm than good. >> jamie-lynn was diagnosed with m.s. 18 years starring as james' daughter on the hit series "the sopranos." >> he kind of pulled me aside one day, and was like, what's up? i lost it. i just remember him saying we don't ever have to talk about this but i'm here if you want to. it was a day where he would see me get pensive and we would make eye contact. he was them.s. define her. she's first mom a beau and jack. >> beau, we have slowly kind of explained things. when he was 2 1/2, 3 years old, mommy can't run. he doesn't question it. >> beau was hard at work as we interviewed his mom.
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he kept control of the camera and the interview. >> what's the best lesson that you taught me? >> that i taught you? >> >> yeah, i say have a good day >> be kind. >> that's the most important thing, right? >> yeah. >> jamie-lynn co-hosts the ladygang podcast "mama said" with jenna paris, they take an uncensored look at motherhood. >> best thing you learn from your >> you'll never regret spe time with your kids. >> what do you love the most about your mom? >> she cuddles with me and i so much. >> oh, buddy. >> oh. such a strong woman. let's talk about tv tonight. because our show is back, nancy the bachelorette season premiere. the most romantic season. some scoops for bachelorette.
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hannah just wrapped filming her season this weekend. first time ever it has happened so close to the show's premiere. also in this sneak peek the suitors will spotted a threat. >> i did another freestyle. i was spitting some bars like willy wonka. >> freestyle rapping alone. >> and that drama. >> what is hannah looking exactly for in a man? our lauren zima. what's your physical type, what are you attracted to? >> that five o'clock shadow, hasn't bathed in a few days. but smells like they have. >> that's perfect. >> lucky for alabama hannah more than half of her 30 men are >> whoa! >> any deal breakers? you'd be like, nope, not the guy for me if he did this? >> they were a lying sack of -- >> we need to talk. you have a girlfriend. >> yeah, this guy scott doesn't
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last long enough tonight to make it into the official group photo. >> oh, yeah, girl ain't going to play. >> hannah's suitors also include the heir to a cardboard box company. a justin bieber superfan. he gets a kiss. ♪ i'm the one >> and a sperm donor who's potentially fathered 114 kids. >> i can't do this. >> there's more drama, man drama this season than we have ever before. >> you're not going to mess it up. >> based on this sneak peek, luke p. is this season's villain. >> why does every single guy he >> it reted taking away from her being the bachelorette, it took away from the entire season and the chance for her to find love. >> all we do is talk about stupid [ bleep ]. figure it out or like, i don't want to do this. >> this craziness begins tonight.
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meanwhile, hollywood in mourning. peggy lipton and the incomparable doris day. ♪ que sera sera >> the 97yearold died early today from pneumonia at her carmel, california, home. >> don't take your bedroom problems out on me. >> i have no bedroom problems. there's nothing in my bedroom that bothers me. >> she made 39 movies and in the early '60s was the number one box office star in the world. her final tv interview was with "e.t." and doris told us she was very much like the girl next door. >> i'm really that way. i truly am. >> but in the late '60s doris walked away tv series on hollyw. i really did. >> she was joined by rock hudson at press conference to launch the show. with his appearance, he became one of the first celebrities who's battle with aids became
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public. and on saturday, we lost another beloved hollywood star, peggy lipton, who passed away after a battle with cancer. peggy became famous and won a golden globe as a flower child cop in 1968's "the mod squad." >> it took about a year even before people started watching it and paying attention to it. >> she then went on to marry famed music producer quincy jones and became mother to daughters kidada and rashida jones. later, she starred on "twin peaks" and in the 2017 reboot. she passed away surrounded by her daughters and nieces. peggy was 72 years old. now, hollywood is taking a response to the social media s wanted to be. all right, coming up, how the 90210 theme song has theoin change it up a little bit they'll still bring that honest hard-hitting game but i don't think they'll go out of their waatgot them last and what their game
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really is so maybe a bit of an adjustment to that probably they just realized the sharks are very different team than the ones that they've been playing in that regard. they can handle all that they can bring it on whatever whatever we want to play the sharks can play that way. >>an
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bundle for 75 dollars a month for 12 months. limited availability. may not be in your area. more for your thing. that's our thing. call 1-800-call-att. port of oakland okays a new waterfront stadium for the a's, not everyone is happy. >>in the south bay church reaction to the arrest of one of its volunteer use leaders
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on suspicion of distributing child performed lewd acts and sexually battery. >>you know a lot of folks thought it was all oldham, but here we go again and rain in may kron four chief meteorologist orange cargo tracking the late season storm heading our way. the port of oakland commission has voted unanimously to move forward with plans to build the new bal commissioners voted 7 to 00:00am tonight to approve the new term sheet. >>for possible development at howard terminal. good evening. i'm can wait. >>and i'm kathleen hannon for pam war as the commission was set to make


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