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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  May 14, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>>morning and thanks for joining us and daria full so and i'm james fletcher on this tuesday morning. we've got weather and traffic checks of course because they're still that rain on the way we get more details on that as for the rhoads house a look and i'm just happy it's not raining right now. >>looking good feeling and quickly saw check the bridge right so when will it start it looks like tomorrow we're going to get that rain but wind tomorrow is the lab big detail that so now. tomorrow morning you should actually be find so we've got some time between here and the rain now today, your solidly good it is overcast out there. but you're not going to see showers for your tuesday conditions out there dry in the berkeley as well as across the bay area and temperatures are cool but not too terribly cool. so the light jacket is all you really need on this tuesday. now tomorrow is when the rainfall does arrive mostly into tomorrow afternoon. so that is when you've got a plan bring in the umbrella out there really the adjusting these big changes in the forecast we have ahead of us today keeping
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on the cloudy side showefs on the horizon in the afternoon, but you shouldn't see em and tell your overnight hours tonight and even then it's going to be some very light stuff initially. i breaking down the exact timing of your rainfall. the next 24 hours all still to come robert. thank you john want to check in on the commute we have a crowd. >>at the bay bridge toll plaza look at the traffic your cash lines fast-track claims filling and quickly this was in here like 10 minutes ago it was wide open and now we have a backup so that's how quickly things can change are already stacked up from the 8.80 over crossing right through the tolls 21 minutes for your trip off to fremont street which is a bit early for that's heavy traffic. so we'll check more bridges and drive times coming up darnya chain thanks a lot rob and 5 oh 01:00am. >>and this is the night game wanted the portland trail blazers are going to try to take down the warriors but we've got step and they've got little brother sets s. >>battle of the brothers we got cross for sarah stinson standing by and also i were that we don't have katie at least for this game either.
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>>yeah we will definitely not be seen kevin duran on the court and during this finals game one. but doesn't look like he's going to be heading out any time soon either he's not likely to be out here for game 2 as well coach kerr says it's difficult to say when his right calf sprain we'll heal. now of course us fans are anxious to have him back heading to files but take a look at this video we shot yesterday the team practicing for tonight's game, the whole different dynamic watching the team play without katie. >>but other star players continue on our path to winning another championship and iran's suffered a mild strain on his right calf in game 5 of the semifinals against the rockets. according to espn. a deer and will re evaluate on thursday the same day is deemed too so it's really no likely that he'll be able to play that night. we caught up with coach kerr and steph curry. coach kerr he's
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not optimistic. haiti will be getting on the corning time soon take a >>needs to slow down a little bit. as stepped on the floor. remain somewhat vague because of the injury is really. >>this it will come as it as it doesn't know, he's given himself every opportunity. your bags as possible. ready for when he's when he's ready. so. >>also in that injury reported said that damarcus cousins and a mate damian jones will also not be playing but you know what the game must go on and it starts at 6 o'clock here at oracle a lot going on as you said we have 2 brothers facing off against each other yet
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steph we got says the first brothers to ever play against each other in a finals games, a very exciting plus we have an oakland native. one trailblazer best players, one of the best players in the nba. he is going to be playing here tonight damian lillard so we'll have to see how he's feeling we have reaction from steph curry about pulled him play his brother and about lillard so stay tuned, we're covering the warriors all all morning long we're talking about the shirts that they have year so stay with us, we'll send it back to you ok last look forward to that very much sara and you know what else we've got a special right here on kron four at 4.30. >>you can check it out on channel 4 or on our new streaming channel on kron on breaking news this morning. we have 2 people that were taken to the hospital following this fire that happened at a factory in sacramento. it to war took more than a 100 firefighters to put it how 250 employees were in this business when the fire broke out they were able to get out safely. the fire was contained to the second floor of that building. a developing story.
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we're following 4 people are dead and they were killed when 2 planes collided midair in alaska. the passengers on the planes were from the royal princess cruise ship passengers on one plane we're taking a shore excursion tour. and then the other plane that was an independent tour. the us coast guard says it still searching for 2 people who are missing. so 4 dead 2 missing. the ntsb is investigating have done now. >>ask a tour in texas. terrible. >>a jury has awarded $2 billion to livermore couple who claimed that they developed cancer after using roundup weed killer. alva and oberto polaroid was awarded the money yesterday by a jury in alameda county. now they claim that we killer caused both of them to develop non-hodgkin's lymphoma this case is the 3rd now to result in a verdict against the company monsanto and its owner bear in a statement there says it is disappointed with the decision a intends to
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appeal. in the east bay hayward police now trying to track down the driver following an officer-involved shooting. it happened yesterday afternoon on the 28,000 block of capital a street. no officers were injured, it's also unclear if the driver of that car was hit. police say that person was able to get away following the shooting. >>it's 5 or 6 in the south bay, a youth pastor at saratoga federal church is accused of sexually abusing 4 young men. the victims accuse 31 year-old joseph silva junior of sexual-abuse he was arrested on those charges and also child-pornography the church says that they contacted officials immediately and still the has been suspended. investigators are looking into any other potential victims. >>this suspect was. providing alcohol to minors during that time. we are 4 best case on this person and we hope to bring justice. >>so was also a teacher at the west valley, presbyterian church in cupertino but
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investigators at this point don't believe there are any cictims. there happening today testimony continues in ago ship warehouse trial in oakland the jury yesterday heard from 2 people who lived in the warehouse erin merryn said that the night of the fire he started to see and smell smoke and he was panicked and frightened, he said he was able to feel his way to the kitchen and open a window and jump out from the second floor. another person who used to live there away says that during his escape. he ran into peter wadsworth who he says he tried to save, but he couldn't because the path was blocked. lay also told the court that he saw 2 people he didn't know in an area of the warehouse that was typically off limits. >>very graphic about the fact that the music was still playing lights were still on. the smoke and even sure the free. which suggests to me that it could never. kind of
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for the >>those tenants are going to be back on the witness stand today. >>on the peninsula investigators have identified a body that was found on thorton beach last thursday 24 year-old garrett harrell from daly city was found on a cliff above mussel rock beach. no word yet on how he died but at this point investigators say they do not believe he died from a fall. we'll update you when that investigation reveals more meanwhile in the south a house fire in the san jose 8 people without a home. san jose fire department posted these pictures from the scene the fire broke out yesterday afternoon on the 2600 block of mclaughlin avenue, one person was taken to the hospital with minor injuries is 5 oh 08:00am and >>these are closer to that new ball park after the port of oakland commission approved the plan it was unanimous vote it was yeah we've got cross for stan thorn with the full story. the oakland athletics take a big step forward in
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getting their new waterfront ballpark. >>great day for oakland great unanimous decision here at the port of oakland to move forward with our term sheet we're thrilled. ace president dave campbell rallied excited fans before the vote, but the housing retail and entertainment development planet howard terminal. >>does not come without opposition. other community leaders called for the commission to reject the term sheet saying the site lacks access and it will hurt jobs. inside the port of oakland headquarters hundreds had the chance to voice their opinion before the vote. campbell says he just glad the result was in the team's favor it was great to see all the supporters out here it was great to see you know in a moment where people
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could come out and express their point view on this project, the public engagement will create a better project long term and we encourage and now that the new term sheet has been approved by the commission. >>the a's will have 4 years to complete an environmental review and clear a few other hurdles to lease the 50 acre property. >>that was down thorn, reporting officials are hoping a big draw break ground on that new stadium in 2020 want. time now 5.10 still ahead on the cross for morning news. we're going to take you to the vigil honoring in east bay teenager who was killed in a crash. >>us morviolence at a bay area bowling alley we'll tell you what police are saying about a robbery investigation. and after the break reaction from neighbors after a california woman was beaten to death with a scooter. and rainfall on the way just around the corner there it is sitting offshore but when will it arrive, i've got your forecast account. >>i'm tracking an early back up at the bay bridge toll plaza look at this we have an accident wrapping up before the pay gates and it's not helping the drive in a much
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>>13 still dry up for the first stay dry today. so no worries about today really good day tomorrow. and all the rest the week after that at some things get a little a rain is back. here's a look outside this morning. cloudy skies across the bay that's the big change from yesterday temperatures just a bit cooler to no fog out there though syria crossing the golden gate bridge gate bridges. >>pretty smooth no visibility issues, san jose, it's a little dark and the shot that you can see that skies are at least clear. no fog out there. this is the cloud cover. that's hanging out across the bay, but still a clear view from the berkeley hills down to the city itself what you're looking at on satellite radar right now is that low cloud cover i know it looks like rain but that's not what is shown just yet this is where the rain is sitting. it's well off shore of humble and mendocino counties off the north coast. it is going to be steered us where direction within the next 24 hours and
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the timing of it looks to be bringing the heaviest of rain on into the afternoon and evening tomorrow by early tomorrow morning. this is at 05:00am right here. some lie and brief sending into the bay, so you could be driving into work tomorrow, which just some lighter showers and roadways that will be well enough that you want to slow it down and give yourself that extra time for work. 07:00am tomorrow not much activity across the bay just yet and by noon tomorrow off and on light showers to be seen enough that you want the rain jackets with you as you're epping out for work. the heaviest of stuff though that arrives right around your drive home from work, yellow and orange indicating moderate to heavy rainfall that will push through from your commute tomorrow afternoon on through tomorrow evening and will take us well into the time that you're going to bed too. so that's when you're going to be looking at the heaviest of rain after that thursday comes along with often on moderate showers so tomorrow starts on the drier side of things but by the time we work our way through your evening. that's
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what we see put to a potential precipitation of well over an inch for many parts of the bay area. your average month long rainfall for may is only around half an inch so this is a lot of rain to be talking. this late into the season. today's daytime highs ahead of tomorrow's rainfall. well in the 50's 60's this is cooler than yesterday. the biggest difference from yesterday though is it going to be those temperatures but rather the cloud cover that you're going to see persistently overhead well into the afternoon. daytime highs still into e low 70's despite that cloud cover for the south bay. a range of upper 60's to those low 70's for the east bay while mid toow 60's in berkeley and oakland today, not much different from the north bay 60's and 70's as well with a few 50's hanging on out along the coast in point raise in stinson beach, your next 7 days looking like it was a few months back not so much like the forecast we begin to getting used to lately. >>cloudier today and even cooler wednesday into thursday as the showers arrive, daytime highs only in the 0's on
5:17 am
thursday come friday, passing clouds and skies clearing out saturday starts try before some overnight showers return saturday night into sunday morning. that's a look at your forecast rob, it's dry out there on the roads but our guide drivers to have an easy time in the commute just filling and quickly we have a lot of slow traffic all right. >>on the bridge, the bay bridge we're checking on 92, this is your drive westbound and as you can see it's already very crowded on the flat section making your way to the peninsula but quiet 13 minutes and growing out a one to one and then we have and are early back up a big backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. we had an accident which is out of the way we had some bridge work that picked up a little late under the west and when they had a couple of lanes coned off and that is really backed up your commute. it's already from the bottom of the maze through the tolls across the span to fremont street. i gave him a call they told me they wrapped up they said hey we're out of here but look at what it did to your commute so extra heavy right now into san francisco. you
5:18 am
need to leave early because it's packed all the way off to fremont street. we're checking on highway 4 no hot spots, a major issue 17 minutes antioch to concord but still tracking smooth conditions for 6.80 south but a cold to danville the nimitz and one on one from the south bay to the peninsula, looking good for you in tune in the park, thanks a lot rob and 5.18. >>several inmates and deputies are in the hospital. they say they were exposed to a toxic chemical in the jail outside of sacramento. it happened at the south placer jail in roseville jail officials found out one of the inmates had taken an unknown substance into the jail booking area. 4 inmates 8 deputies and a k 9 officer were taken to the hospital after they all got sick. >>not know we know >>where they were. >>what their name was. kind of feeling disoriented or you know like something just wasn't right. >>officials initially believe
5:19 am
the substance was fentanyl but that has now been ruled out. for new man is arrested for beating a woman to death with a scooter. 63 year-old rosa hernandez was walking from a friend's house in long beach. when a man attacked her picked up a scooter lying on the sidewalk and beat her to death with the scooter. witnesses say they've seen that attacker in the neighborhood before. >>some of around there. >>so my ways a seat me of that. but eye a few times and i will >>try avoid. they found a guy that they wanted at the convenience store not too far from the scene of the murder, he now faces charges. >>2 national news, the suspects in a deadly school shooting in colorado are expected to be in court this week in fact today marks one week since a student was killed and several others injured in an attack by 2 other students at the stem school in highlands ranch. since that shooting. lawmakers
5:20 am
in the denver area have approved a million initiative for school safety and mental health flags are also at half staff right now honoring kendrick castillo, he's the student who lunged in front of one of the shooters saving his gentleman did. for other students in the school. >>the suspects are expected to hear the charges that they'll be facing tomorrow in court. take a look at this a driver busted for driving while intoxicated turns out to be a 12 year-old girl. the video shows the aftermath of this high speed chase that happened in new mexico. she eventually lost control plowed into a street sign shattering the windshield and almost 82 police cars in the process that girl was with 3 other friends at the time. she admitted to taking the car after her grandfather fell asleep. >>grateful that no one was hurt. no was injured. but how do move forward and trying to
5:21 am
get these things from from happening again how can we become more involved. >>and the 12 year-old has been charged now with dui and leading police on a chase all 4 were charged with underage drinking. >>in the south they managed to get some repeat criminals off the streets. and after the break it has been 50 years since nasa put a man on the moon if you believe that steph curry it now the organization is looking [farmers bell] (driver) relax, it's just a bug. that's not a bug, that's not a bug! (burke) hit and drone. seen it, covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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>>for one this is your view from the lick observatory this morning looking out on this dry day ahead of us it is going to be a cloudy one ahead of us though some of the biggest differences from yesterday's it's going to be just a touch cooler is going to be cloudy here. yesterday was already on the breezy side and today will continue that winds will be off and on between some lighter conditions to some actually breezy conditions by the time we move into the afternoon nevado santa rosa nap an oakland around 04:00pm today. do expect some winds from the west and around 15 miles per hour. your current temperatures are in the 50's stepping outside would still look all that bad, but when you factor in a brisk wind. it does feel a bit chilly so get those jackets ready to go. robin we have residual delays from some late bridge work on the bay bridge check on all of this heavy traffic. >>this is westbound the headlights these folks are on the eastern span the camera position right under the tower there and it just shows you how bad it is getting up the
5:25 am
eastern span and up to treasure island so once again that bridge work picked up, but you know it's not usually out there this late and that's why we have this early back up because it was picking up just as traffic was picking up so you are already back to to the bottom of the maze at 33 minutes very unusual heading into san francisco. so it's a great morning to get on in as early as you can, we're also checking in on the shore freeway, your approach us look good 17 minutes, 80 crockett to the maze, 5.80 the nimitz 24 all nice and light just remember you're crawling from the bottom of the maze off to fremont street chains for robin thank you time now is 5. >>nasa plans to land a woman on the moon by 20 24 in fact you see the twitter post that's how they made the announcement. the us space agency plans on using more than a billion dollars to fund the mission. nasa also says it wants to put another american man on the moon south pole that very same year and establish a continued presence on the moon by 2028.
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5:29 am
happens just as the commutes picking up get a nasty little backup and hats into the maze already. >>show that camera in will teach looking down on the upper string a headlight 7 back opening out too late to beat the rush at least it's not raining yet. yet that's tomorrow. so your the morning right will be a little sprinkle in the coming in the morning, it's the evening commute where the bigger rains. that some heavy stuff tomorrow. i know right it may usually it says that full spring drizzle at this time. no this time around you tomorrow and tough thursday's rainfall is going to almost double our average rainfall for the entire month for a lot of areas that a lot of rain. >>to be talking about the days to come as for today, though we are nice and dry right now it is cloudy out there across the day temperatures are cool but not too terribly chilly. it is breezy so you're going to have a wind chill factor to the temperatures you're looking at so get the jackets ready to go today don't worry
5:30 am
so much about the umbrella today get that ready for tomorrow and then thursday too. temperatures will work their way out of the 50's and back into the 60's 70's this afternoon just a touch cooler than yesterday before an even more noticeable cool down on into wednesday and thursday. i'm talking about those days in more detail still to come probably. >>all right thank you, let's head over to the bay bridge you want to check the drive into san francisco. so you're recovering from an accident you're recovering from some bridge work that was a little late. being picked up they were picking up the cones just as traffic was filling in and that did mix to help with the morning commute. so now you have much heavier than normal traffic here at the bay bridge toll plaza, it spills into the maze its backing up onto all connectors and it's just going to stay heavy all the way over to fremont street. i'm also getting word of a trouble spot, either in emeryville are in the maze. >>still trying to figure out the exact location, but it popped up as a truck fire 80 west and pass now, but it
5:31 am
looks like it may be 5.80 west to the 80 west connector. there's a big break in flames so it's somewhere right near the bottom of the maze that's not going to help your trip into san francisco. so i'll continue to pinpoint truck fire. i have another update coming up in just a bit daria thanks a lot rob >>won and the community is remembering an east bay teenager who died in a car crash over the weekend. it was a vigil last night for 16 year-old armando canalis the washington high school football player was killed saturday morning by a driver suspected drunk driver who was going the wrong way on highway 17 in santa clara county and ran straight into the car that he was a passenger of friends and family say canalis had big plans for the future. >>my son was full life. >>i can tell you that he we'd always the road itv smile at always having a smile on his face and will go somewhere for
5:32 am
you. >>my motivation. >>here's the driver police arrested 28 year-old ashley murray oliver she's from san jose and she's charged with being the driver in that deadly crash. the hospital right now after being hit by a car in fremont on thorton avenue. it happened near the 8.80 entrance she was taken to the hospital for head trauma. police do not believe that the driver was under the influence. no word yet if they will face any charges. >>5 men are accused of participating in drug ring and possessing guns in south san jose, their arrests are part of a monthlong fbi investigation. investigators took down the man's hash oil lab and they also found $42,000 worth of cash cocaine, heroin and 8 pistols and assault rifles as well. >>should have to live in fear and he victimized because a small number of individuals that are in that neighborhood armed with firearms. it's not
5:33 am
just taking. >>bad guys off the street is taking the right back guys the street making sure that the answer 2 there for the crime. >>3 other people were arrested for violating probation. the arrests were in response to the rising gun violence in the 7 trees neighborhood of san jose. now to the east bay where police are trying to track down the thieves who robbed the round one bowling alley at the sun valley mall in concord yesterday morning 2 robbers went into that bowling alley one armed with a gun, they tied up employees in the safe room and took off with the cash. the robbery comes after 2 previous violent incidents involving groups people fighting inside the bowling alley back in april. there was another brawl in the parking lot of the ball 2 weeks later. >>they don't have a proper security or cameras are lighting, you know sometimes things like that can happen. yeah i think they need a you know, i'm secure little bit more security i know the us and i'm all has their own security. >>but i think you know if they want to keep this place open late at night is going to track the younger crowd around
5:34 am
here drink and party and. >>yes, scary dangerous situation. luckily, though nobody was hurt during yesterday's robbery 5.33 a man was fatally stabbed the in san francisco's bayview in the 1100 block of gilman avenue. >>and police arrested a 41 year-old man for that homicide the victim's name has not been released. a fire station the east bay is going to be named after 2 firefighters who died trying to save a couple trapped in a burning home back in 2007 fire engineer scott desmond and fire captain matt burton went into that home that was burning in san pablo tried to save the older couple. and they couldn't all 4. the couple and the firefighters and up dying in the flames. the new fire station is going to be dedicated to the firefighters. in addition to honoring them the new station will also offer firefighters. the latest research in caring for their health. >>so we're finding that the fire service has a high rate of job related cancer. and so
5:35 am
we're incorpating as many cancer prevention efforts into the facilities as pssible. >>and so they're talking about like separating where the guys work and men and women where they work out of and you know where that the squads are and then where the beds are in the living quarters because they want to try to separate those that new station is going to be ready by 2022. >>all right now on to the washing say also say the full story brandon kron on by the way our new 24 hour commercial free streaming service and you can download kron on to date access. more exclusive content like that so check it out. >>game one. of the western conference finals is tonight in its pitting curry against curry that's right the drama will be unfolding and to add to the drama. we were down to cady alex that we have an extra curry on the >>oh please oh, i'll trade you one k day for another curry. >>and then the throw and all we don't have buggy our sarah says it is live at oracle with a look at the layout.
5:36 am
>>if only it worked like that if only we could just switch around here, but no weot the currys on offices teams here for the a game one we have that real blaze reverse the warriors and we're going to be home here at oracle arena as you can see it's already looking great here with a blue and gold surrounding all the seats unfortunately, kevin duran is out for game one. he will be likely out for game 2 is well coach steve kerr says it's difficult to say when his right calf spring will heal. it is a difficult type of injury have it's not a normal. 10 of injury usually. we got to just take it day by day of course as fans are very anxious to have him back heading into finals but take a look at this video we shot yesterday the team practicing for tonight's game, it's a whole different dynamic watching the team play without katie but or other star players continue on our past to win are championship durant's suffered that mild strain on his right calf in game 5 the semifinals against the rockets. according to espn to rent will be reunited on
5:37 am
thursday, the same day as game two's let's whites unlikely that will see him then. but the show must go on game starts at 6 here at oracle we do have 2 brothers facing up that step and seth curry the first brothers to face off in a finals game so very exciting. and we'll be talking more about that coming up in the 6 o'clock show the family doing a coin toss who they're going to support. you know because we have one on the trail blazers one of the warriors so definitely different dynamic, but we have the shirt here some will be talking also about the fact that we have damian also playing. he's damian lillard main all-star for the trail blazers so we're going to see how he's feeling and how steps feeling about it and he's due respects the guy he's from oakland and so we'll be talking about that coming up it's lots and lots of to talk about about warriors resigning game but we're going to have to care if you're you're on the wrong team and that's how we're ok.
5:38 am
>>thanks a lot. and don't forget we have we have special on the warriors and its tonight 4.30 right here on crimimamfor and streaming on kron on. >>we have a breaking news story out of the oakland may's check out this caltrans camera that i just pulled up. there is a tanker truck that is on fire and it's loaded with cooking oil. this is a dangerous situation. this is 5.80 west. coming out of oakland to that 80 west connector, that brings you up to the bay bridge toll plaza. this happened not too long ago you can see the tanker truck completely in flames. it is engulfed the whole connector ramp is closed and chp just issued a special traffic alert. so this is a big breaking news story. avoid the oakland may's a tanker truck on fire 5.80 west at 80 west all lanes ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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electric cars are here. plug into the present. by the laughing cow you can dunk, snap, or twirl. so however you snack, snack like you. the laughing cow. >>right now breaking news and it's in tanker truck on fire in the oakland mays and it's loaded with cooking oil. i brought up the caltrans camera don't pay attention to what says at the top of the screen that the location of the camera right location of this truck is coming out of 5.80 coming out of oakland on 5.80 up broaching the bay bridge toll plaza so you're looking at the west found 80 ramp that brings you into san francisco. no one can get in right now
5:42 am
because it is close disclose this truck is by itself. didn't crash with anybody, i'm not sure if it's crash. i don't see any shocker because look can we get a better shot with the fire kind of going down under it. it doesn't even look like it hit anything, it's just sitting there it's not on the guardrail look at that if you or maybe a hit something underneath it right because it's not it's not looked on inside it didn't crash and everything yeah just checking the law the chp law that does not say that it crashed into any other vehicles that just says that it caught fire on that ramp and you can see it is involved in they're not letting anybody through right now so for people trying to get into san francisco from oakland. they are at a complete standstill. now we do have emergency crews on the way we don't know how long this is going to take but this is something that we're going to be tracking for a while there's a fire truck pulling up from the opposite direction looks like they may have come from san francisco or the bay bridge toll plaza folks can see the smoke from oakland from emeryville from san leandro this is going to be a big mess for people
5:43 am
trying to get through the maze chains or even into san francisco right now because they can't the whole rap is close and but unclear exactly what's burning but you say was hauling what cooking oil oil so it could be a mixture of gas that's burning and maybe cooking oil leaking that's. >>somehow catching fire. i mean this is going to be an intense situation for those fire crews when they get on scene to a situation like this we're not quite sure what's burning against that kind of confuse the situation as to what exactly they can put on the fire initially but i will figure that out exactly they can just throw water on some cooking oil you nice things much more intense and the smoke is just filling up the whole connector ramp spilling into the maze right now so i'm just recommending the folks stay away from the maze completely if not try not to use 5.80 stick with the minutes use 8.80 to get into san francisco, instead of 5.80 because as you can see. >>this whole connector that brings you up to the bay bridge toll plaza in flames and smoke right now one fire truck on scene and something like this this type of fire is not easy to put out as we just
5:44 am
said, it's loaded with cooking oil so for people like i know a lot of commuters come down, let's say 24 can they connect on the 5.80 and that feeds them into the bay bridge for those commuters though i guess the sits again we continue past that 5.80. >>get on an eye to eye and then connect on 8.80 like you're saying that on the road a bit and have that you on of the bay bridge absolutely because 5 80's, the main connector from 2 to 4. and that's where the backup now start so for people on 5.80 some folks are actually stuck. >>behind all this activity and traffic is at a standstill from the 24 split. so if you need to take 24 to stay on 24 merge on tonight, 80 you got to go through west oakland that gets you around the fire and into san francisco. so far our this wrap is the only thing that's close but i guess it depends on how long it takes to get this under control we may see other closures in place but for now it's only 5.80 west to 80 west that shut down because of this a tanker truck that's on fire. i can't even see it anymore as disappeared in smoke, james.
5:45 am
>>wow ok so we've got much more on this breaking news throughout the morning it's going to be a major issue for the morning commute in the east bay stay with us we'll be back with more coverage of (vo) dogs have evolved, but their nutritional needs remain instinctual. that's why there's purina one true instinct.
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>>back it is 5.48 the breaking news story this morning. we have a major traffic problem in the east in fact let's get right to the traffic center. we've got a big rig on fire. and again remind everybody robin where this is so this is in the oakland may's james, this is the 80 west connector that brings you out of oakland into san francisco. >>this is leading up to the bay bridge toll plaza as you can see we have this tanker truck that caught fire now i do see some white smoke and that means that crews are getting a handle on this fire. the last time i checked it we just had flames shooting up on that route we do have several emergency crews fire on on scene they are working to get this out and under control, but this is a major problem and it's blocking the traffic
5:49 am
that's trying to get into san francisco. now the top of your screen is says 80 east at 5 80 that's the location of the caltrans camera it's not the location of the big rig that's on fire. meanwhile for those of you traveling through the maze are coming from 24 or 5.80. you want to stick with 9.80 as your alternate route because you can not get into san francisco right now on 80 west from the maze emerging from 5.80 or merging from 24 that whole connector that brings you into san francisco on a west is blocked. now you can get in from reveal you can also get in from the nimitz freeway but not from the oakland maze looking at this they are working on and they're doing a great job, we couldn't even see this big rig was at 5 i 10 minutes ago, james. it was involved we have smoke all over the onnector out there getting a good handle on it looks like they're finally making some progress you see firefighters there in the foreground between the big react guardrail. >>actually putting water on that section of the big rig
5:50 am
where we saw those huge flames crying out and that's typically where you would have liked the gas tanks. but we've also had issues with big rigs in the past were like their brakes will law come in fire and so that's also where you know a lot of the the least a good number the tires are wonder if maybe that's also a possibility i don't know, but it looks like we've got a great job of the least getting those major flames taken care of and did i mention that it was loaded with cooking oil right that makes it even worse, i'm just looking at the law did not come in as a crash so. >>no indication of any other vehicles being involved here that it hit some cars are the guard religious came in as a tanker truck on flyer fire. so yet may have been big brake problems other mechanical issues. but side they're doing a great job of getting this fire out and out of control but the track i think this is going to be a big headache for people trying to get into san francisco this morning because no one's getting through. >>i thought for a second maybe flame said the reason think it's less maybe via the light sort of shining in the smoke in the in the stream water i'm not entirely sure but it's
5:51 am
kind of hard to see they're going to make sure it's fully out move on to the next phase, the operation which will be to remove it, good news, it's still on its wheels. it's not like it's an overturned. so maybe we can get this thing clear to the next couple of hours and then i wondered what the condition of the wills are like how badly are they burned just hold off. >>after they have to load it onto a special heavy duty, tow trucks, you know when you have a a big rig. that's involved in any sort of incident you can't get a regular all tow truck out there to sell it off you need a special heavy duty tow truck to remove it and that takes longer it didn't happen member if they burn for too long and they actually ruin the roadway. yeah. they put that out real quick, so they may have to inspect that connector ramp that's a good point was engulfed in flames 10 minutes ago that fire was huge, so you may see some caltrans crews are inspectors come out and say hey let's take a look connector out before we start letting people into san francisco just to see if the structure say yeah it takes a while usually you know for to damage the roadway. but
5:52 am
it dan our floor. >>director and i were just reminiscing you remember i had to look it up it was back in 2007 when we had another tanker truck that was fully loaded want to talk about member the role last year and melted the superstructure above it that overpass when it was the right match like for much damage. the roadway that's the problem that still. >>and i want to take any bets about it's going to be a while right it and i'm looking at the law they're saying that they've called for heavy duty tow truck and that they're not allowing the tow truck up to the scene yet until they get this fire completely under control so that tow trucks on hold for now. >>okay at least they've got one on standby as again the great news, if you are just joining us not an 10 minutes ago we saw huge flames coming from the underside of this tanker and will take fire fighters out there on scene and done a great job of the least getting most of the tamp down and we'll hope that maybe they can get this thing cleared before this becomes an absolute nightmare for the morning commute. ok very good. so we'll keep you posted on that we're also waiting for the rain to start on who we are we are definitely looking
5:53 am
at a big switch up in the weather to come guys we are seeing conditions out there dry today, not so much tomorrow though this is the golden gate bridge this morning where conditions are very cloudy. but now rainy or foggy by any means looking at san jose also on the cloudy side of things this morning you can see as the sun rose higher in the horizon hacking to see a whole lot of sunshine out there today. >>same for you in berkeley, where conditions out there on the cloudy side we've got more weather and traffic updates still to count. e now, you don't see psoriasis.
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>>welcome back to the crime for morning news. we're following breaking news out of oakland maze where crews are dealing with a tanker truck loaded with cooking oil that caught fire at around 5 13 this morning. they have a handle on it looks like it's c% under control, but at one point it was engulfed in flames. here's some video from earlier when we first started talking about this you see the flames right under the truck next to the tire. this is in the oakland, may's the 5.80 west connector that brings you up to the bay bridge toll plaza the connector to 80 west. that ramp is completely close what rhee so happy to compare that video from earlier to what's happening right now. we know that emergency crews are on scene you can see them they came in from the opposite direction. they have the fire under control. i don't see any
5:57 am
flames anymore. but this is a big traffic mess for people trying to get into san francisco or either through the oakland maze 5.80 west is solid from 24 which can be used as an alternate you can take 24 to 9.80 connect to the nimitz freeway to get into san francisco or if you come in from emeryville you will be fine, you cannot come in from oakland on 5.80 west to get to the bay bridge toll plaza because we have all lanes blocked. we don't know how long it's going to take to completely clear but i'm sure i'll be tracking this for quite some time so we'll time out your alternate routes will talk about what's best for you to get around this. we'll have another check coming up in a bit stay with us.
5:58 am
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