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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  May 14, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>>these witnesses have been very very powerful for us. >>the defense attorney claims goes ship prosecutors are struggling to find witnesses who blamed his client for the warehouse fire. that killed 36 people in 2016 thanks for joining us. i'm can wait and i'm catherine heenan for pam moore, the attorney was also getting frustrated in court today about an oakland fire on the stand. >>conference michelle kingston joins us live outside the courthouse in the show we understand that the attorney is blaming the captain. >>well attorney break says captain freeland was the highest ranking firefighter in oakland to have gone into that warehouse prior to the fire. he says that he was deceptive during questioning today in court. >>and it's frustrating to to be sitting in front of the one person who could have made the biggest difference in this whole scenario, defense
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attorney curtis briggs firing questions at oakland fire captain george freeland in court on tuesday freeland visited the ghost ship warehouse back in 2014 he was invited in by derick almena to take a look inside freeland said oh man i told him it was an artists collective in that no one lived there freeland was concerned with the amount of furniture in our work in the lack of fire extinguishers alarms and sprinklers he told the court he filed a request for change of occupancy to alert fire prevention about his concerns. >>but never got a response to his request. george freeman could have made a difference he didn't. >>he didn't follow up. there is a highly paid city employee that passed by that warehouse 6 times a year as a firefighter, yet 3 firefighters with the news responsible for training people is responsible for protecting the public. uh you know because say 36 lives if you've done its job. >>now freeland in court today said that he was not at the warehouse the night of the fire, but instead was given the very difficult task of going to the warehouse the
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next morning to pull those victims bodies out of the warehouse, he said he has had to seek counseling and since then live in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>are tracking a series of storms that are making their way toward the bay area, this is a look at future cast showing us just how wet the entire bay area's going to get to meteorologist or as karl is here breakdown this. winter like weather in spring. >>it really is this probably some we will see maybe in late february, maybe early march is a very powerful storm headed toward the bay area so to get caught and this one going to see that rain really coming down today, cold front making its way in the far northern california even doppler radar trying to pick up some moisture in the north bay but now that's been hitting the ground that it's just mainly the mid levels of the atmosphere but look at that mass of clouds just off the coastline, right there all the like clouds that's a storm system that will begin to organize we've got an area of low pressure that's developing on the backside of that that will organize this whole system within the next 24 hours. that means it's going
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to intensify as it approaches the coastline. and that's usually when you see your heaviest amounts of rain as the storm is really just putting themselves together as they approached the bay area. so here it is overnight tonight, we'll see those clouds continuing and then by tomorrow morning, the latest computer models want to bring in some showers a little further south even by 07:00am some of that rain already moving in the north bay but extending along the peninsula now but the main event not coming until the afternoon that will see the winds wrapping up throughout the day when getting very gusty and then look at that that is a powerful late season front that will be moving in bringing very heavy rainfall for the commute tomorrow evening, even possibility isolated thunderstorms will be surprised now if we didn't see that just because the timing that it's moving on shore behind that this is where it gets interesting too that cold front comes through things begin to tail off just a little bit but then as we get into thursday, the whole are of low pressure comes right over the bay area in the state. that's when things get really unstable in the atmosphere maybe not only some lightning strikes maybe we start talking about some funnel clouds maybe some isolated tornadoes, small ones
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in the central valley guys back to you all right lawrence, thanks very much. and you can track the forecast in your neighborhood anytime using the kron four mobile app you can download it today for interactive radar. >>we've got push alerts on weather all around the bay area. >>for the 10th time this year a dead whale has washed up on a bay area beach the latest one in pacifica for charles cook for explains why it may take a while for experts to find out exactly what caused this wales death. >>well right now, i'm standing just above pedro point here in pacific of this just to the south of linda mar beach, where either late monday evening or early tuesday morning. a whale washed ashore on the rocks right down there below me this point we don't know what kind of whale this is there was a marine biologist standing next to me was looking with binoculars. he said he believed it was a gray whale, but we have not gotten any sort of official determination yet we also don't know how this whale died the marine mammal center says they plan to investigate the death, oftentimes they will do copsey on a whale carcass but
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this well has washed ashore in a very inaccessible place out on the rocks. there was someone out examining the whale on tuesday afternoon possibly trying to determine how they might move forward. it's not unusual to have a whale washed ashore this time of year as they migrate north from southern california to alaska. but it is unusual to see this many dead whales and once it's even more unusual that they have all been gray whale so far the previous wells we're all determined to have died from ship strikes or charles clifford kron 4 news. >>again, here's a look at what happened to all of the whales that have washed ashore in the bay area so far this year and as charles mentioned malnutrition and ship strikes are the most common causes of death. on april 13th 2 dead whales washed ashore one in richmond, the other and hercules one died from getting hit by a ship the other from mount attrition some whales
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like the one that washed up on ocean beach last week were malnourished before they were struck by a ship that leads some experts to believe the whales may be entering more dangerous shipping channels closer to land in search of food. >>there is new video tonight of a brazen purse snatching it resulted in an arrest, you're looking at the video police said the man in the gray hoodie there as bob pablo cabrera approached the victim from behind violently pulling on your purse as you see there it's and the woman dragged down the stairs with her little girl. the video was recorded last monday just after midnight on the 1500 block of towers lane in san jose police accuse cabrera of several other a similar purse snatching is in the area when he was arrested saturday at a san jose home. police say they found additional evidence that links him to the crimes. he has been booked into santa clara county jail for robbery and for violating his parole. and he say uber driver is accused of kidnapping and trying to rape 2 women. he is
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no longer behind the wheel. he is behind bars. the incident happened in berkeley and oakland, in one case as crime forcefully. chagall reports, the victim jumped out of a moving car to escape. >>twice on the early morning of thursday may second the berkeley police department says 23 year-old umbrella mari of oakland kidnap 2 different women in his capacity as an uber driver with the intent to commit rape robin wright over for years and i have never experienced anything like that i thought it was seen on monday the alameda county district attorney's office filed a riminal complaint against him are e. >>and charged him with 2 felony sex-crime says why drive home is out people nowadays you can't really already picked his first victim up in berkeley at around 5 30 that morning the woman in her 20's was heading to work when she tells police ari let her know he would drop are all only after taking her to a room where he later admitted to investigators. he
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intended to have sec's with her and pimp her. police say he told her she couldn't use her phone and refused demands to letter out a half mile after being picked up. police say the woman escaped by jumping out of the moving car people to get if you even chanted in and interviews in about 2 hours after the first incident police say i'm are you picked the woman up in oakland was still on the clock gruber. >>she too was headed to work when police say a mari touched the woman's thigh and lock the doors it wasn't until the woman threatened to break the window ari let her out a week after both encounters. berkeley police arrested a mari near the same location. the first woman hopped out of the car says. >>my mind blowing is not safe out here not even. even if you're paying for the ari is currently being held without bail at the santa rita jail in dublin. >>he's due in court 10 days from now. in berkeley fully to call kron 4 news.
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>>the traffic nightmare this morning for some commuters, a tanker truck carrying cooking oil caught fire and forced the closure of lanes on westbound 5.80 for several hours, happened just after 05:00am on the approach to westbound 80. officials say the fire was caused by a blown tire on the tanker truck. the driver and a good samaritan try to put out the fire but alameda county firefighters had to be called in to control the flames who for all the lanes could be reopened. >>it is a family affair for the currys tonight as the nba playoffs continue featuring both steph curry of the warriors and seth curry of the blazers seven-step the 2 teams going at it for game, one of the western conference finals in oakland tonight and that's just one of many big storylines. >>we are watching tonight crime for sharon stone live for us at oracle arena where fans are pretty pumped up by imagine jr for game, one of this big series. >>well they certainly are can you always know when the game
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is about to start or of the game is going because it gets pretty quiet outside the dj turns off the hole equipment set up that they have well it is now quite outside because everybody those last minute folks to arrive are making their way inside of oracle arena and what a day it's been out here. everybody talking about this series and talking about what is a family affair. >>between stephon curry and his brother seth curry on the trail blazers. >>it's just all really separate shows. >>versus south. you know the brother match of what are your thoughts on that day. >>if he's on the other team edo matter. you know when we hear matter at the family dinner deal it this is a lawyer not a sure there's nothing about seth curry that worries you not as long as the another team >>is there anything that you like about said the brother.
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>>he tries real i think he's been watching staffer allies got a nice little jump shot himself. good 3 point a good 3 point shooter. so we'll see what happens here. but uh i think of the the older curries come out victorious to date. >>and back out here live outside of oracle arena you can see some of those fans the last minute fans making their way into the arena and it certainly is a family affair because you had earlier dell curry staff stad and seth's tad making his way into the arena in warriors care and then you had their mom sonja making her way in portland trail blazer gear as well as a fun times all around. and interestingly enough i'm hearing tonight. the tickets here in oakland are actually cheaper than tickets. in portland. true story, reporting live in oakland, jr stone kron 4 news we can begin
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>>thank you j are fed up and ready to put their money where their homes are as some parts of san francisco are so dirty. residents are asking the city's take more of their hard earned cash and clean up the streets. >>and just one dissenting vote that's all the opposition got today and a new ban on facial recognition software in san francisco. why proponents of the banner comparing the technology to nuclear weapons and those brand new cars remain very few and far between on bart the reasons behind the delay. and when we might expect to see more of them on the trac
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>>if you haven't been able to ride one of bart's brand new train cars you are not alone there are in fact very few of them in service and that's because parts trying to work out some significant kinks before any more of them are put online from forced and kerman live for us tonight in the city with more hopefully dan will be too long. >>well they're hoping not the idea is these cars are manufactured on the east coast, but they can only be tested here in the bay area because they are manufactured specifically for bar once here. they're finding a all righty of problems before they manufacture anymore before that. assembly line continues they want to make sure to get these problems worked out. for both outside you can clearly spot the difference between bart's old train cars. >>and it's the ones. >>and clean and was there are.
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>>but some writers say even if they take part regularly they really get a new trait maybe once a month if >>i guess there's just not that many of us so they're kind it turns out despite initial hopes of having more than 400 of these new train cars online right next year. only has 84 on. it just 75 in service. >>it's true that we're not meeting the timeline that we initially set in 2012 when we first order the new cars. but we're not concerned about that. making sure that the cars are safe and that they're going to be reliable for the next 40 years bart spokesman jim allison says what's the new cars arrive in the bay area for testing. >>after being made it back should on the east coast. artists minding a variety of problems with these cars are being taken out of service for a wide variety of issues. >>many of them that are not mechanical. many of them are software related since the new cars being delivered don't meet the standards set by the manufacturer. >>once these problems were doubt
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>>these are built and shipped and as a result. they're slowing down the new car delivery process. >>of art is hoping to ramp that process backed up once those kinks are worked out in the system and once they figure out manufacturer, those cars in the right way ideally hope to have nearly 800 new cars in service by the year 2023. live at market or a bart station dan kerman kron 4 news. >>thank you dan let's take a live look outside a series of storms on the way as we look live over the city, we know there's a lot of rain coming but also a lot of snow. >>yeah, i mean impressive to see this kind of storm this powerful and it's going to dump a ton of snow we're talking maybe 20 inches of snow so that's going impact your travel if you're traveling up in that direction boy it's going to be a mess up there so the starting tomorrow and continuing this winter storm warning until 5 o'clock in the morning on friday, heavy snow right across this year about of the western
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slopes, a winter storm warning in effect you're going to see a ton of snow up there in fact maybe as much as 20 inches of snow above 6,000 feet that heavy spring, snow and very gusty winds going to make for some dangerous driving conditions. especially wednesday night into thursday morning. i think that's on the brunt of that system will come through across the sierra and that pretty difficult times getting up there right now doppler radar tracking some rain but the most is not hitting the ground looks impressive from up above right now but really most just to make this way all the way the ground just yet that's going to change as we get into tomorrow, we'll see a lot of rain starting out of the north bay early on through the day and then spreading the south and it's going to be very story into the evening hours so tomorrow that rain spreading south rain heavy at times, especially in the afternoon with a possibility of some thunderstorms out there they are ally good chance of that tomorrow and into thursday, very gusty winds along the coast, i'm going to watch those winds a little breezy in the morning, but by the afternoon very blustery up toward the beaches maybe gusting over 40 miles per hour along the coast.
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rainfall amounts are going to be oppressive over the next 48 hours as we're going to see the storm system coming through look at that this very high-resolution computer model and it showed almost 2 inches of rain in santa rosa, but you can some areas the mount ops over 2 inches plus in some areas over the mountain tops or an inch of rain in the san francisco. we see that kind of rain amount that the more we expect to see the entire month of maine. all right we've got those winds that will also be kicking up right now just a breeze but watch what happens we hadn't or tomorrow morning. you begin to see the yellow showing up along the coastline, the winds begin picking up 70 miles per hour. but then in the afternoon all those colors showing up we've got the red and the purple some of those gusts maybe over 40 miles per hour out near the beaches. so certainly a lot rain coming our way a lot of gusty winds here is timing it out for as we head through the night tonight it's tomorrow morning. maybe some showers across the peninsula. and that really in the afternoon that is a fierce storm coming in by tomorrow evening, the commute is going to be rough expect some heavy rain. and yes, even some thunderstorms around the
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bay area. all right lawrence, thanks very much. a group of san francisco neighbors say. >>they are so fed up with grimy streets around dolores park. they're proposing to tax themselves extra to help pay for the cleanup. kron force more and kelly got a tour of some of the trouble spots. >>it's not okay. >>it didn't take long for hans colby to stumble upon what he says is a common occur human waste on one of this is their cases linking the steep streets of his dolores heights neighborhood he used his cell phone to report the problem to 3, 1, 1, but he'd like to see more done this is every day this is where i would want to have. >>power washing twice a week 3 times of the everyday for a while until v stop this. >>he is dogged to be a tour of the streets that would be included in the proposed mission dolores green benefit district it. a special assessment between $100 and $250 a year would be levied on each property owner in the district for 10 years that
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would also include parts of the castro you re cavalli in the mission those on the commercial corridor parts of 18th street and valencia street in the district would pay more and get more services and there's going to be a security control continually walking up and down the street. >>not just when something goes wrong colby says 86% of the funds would go towards cleaning security and beautification part of which would pay for things like gardening in the public green spaces. >>that are largely ignored except by volunteer neighbors, but not all neighbors think this is a good idea about the mission dolores neighborhood association has come out against it. >>the president telling me that he considers this double taxation saying the city has plenty of money to provide the services needed another neighbor against the idea had this to say whatever own private police force is it like rio de janeiro now we're like caracas is that this the police can't do their basic job anymore we have to hire private security is that what this is all about you know it's shocking to me that i
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really i find it offensive colby says the green benefit district would not let the city off the hook for providing basic services but help out as the city gets its act together maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>coming up tonight 6 45 5 g has the power to alter the face of kind of activity in the country but it does not come without risks why one bay area lawmakers is sounding the alarm tonight. and also after the break san francisco is the first city in the country to approve a ban on facial recognition technology. >>details on the fly and the safety implications. man, that's a cool looking hot tub. we should check on the baby.
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>>was the one count and to some ordinances passed on first reading. >>just one dissenting vote today as san francisco supervisors adopted the country's first ordinance banning facial recognition as a law enforcement tool. >>the technology is raise privacy concerns as well as some words about whether there are inherent biases and the way the technology works. grant lotus joins us now with more on today's decision grant catherine can certainly impressive technology just a on its face but this is now being marketed by some of the. >>big ones amazon microsoft other companies all under this microscope the city of oakland in fact in the state of massachusetts are considering similar bans to a san francisco just it as civil liberty groups say the risk of
6:26 pm
abuse is simply too high. >>this recognition is potentially like a nuclear weapon, a surveillance. >>on the street in your car riding on public transit our features can be captured dozens of times every day by cameras some hidden and some out in the open the face. >>is kind of the ultimate identifier we show wherever we go millions of images are stored in law enforcement databases. >>a georgetown university study estimates they contain one out of 2 american adults potentially give law enforcement the ability. >>to hear rewind on anybody's life. why not every where they've been who they've been with what they've been doing airlines are testing facial technology to verify passenger. i d's a land securities trying it out on the mexican border. >>but as the use expands so too does the anxiety, maybe doesn't matter that i was at one street corner or another. >>but i think for me many many
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>>this is an intrusion on privacy of not feeling like you're constantly being watched recorded and tracked supervisor, aaron peskin sohn certain ban cars his ordinance also requires all city agencies to develop a policy and how they use surveillance data of all kinds, the thrust of this legislation is not about getting rid of technology. it is about knowing and departments knowing and the public knowing how that technology is used. important to note san francisco's pan does not include federal law enforcement meaning facial recognition can still be used by. >>the fbi tsa and immigration agents katherine came back to you. >>next governor newsom says the affordable health care act has been vandalized the remedies that he's floating this week on a statewide health tour also coming up the bay area prides itself on inclusivity but how are schools doing anproviding a safe and positive space for
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