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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  May 15, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>>various wilson and i'm james fletcher we got a whole lot of rain out there and that's what you're seeing here on storm tracker for most of it light, but it is fairly widespread, yeah and it is going to get heavier as the day goes on so let's get right to the forecast john well guys, yeah it's been light to moderate rain so far some of the heaviest of stuff you saw on yellow just a second ago out in the east bay, golden gate bridge certainly one of our many wet roadways. this morning just taken a bit slower out there because that's the biggest impact from this rain which is moving northeast through the bay this morning is that just made those roads on the wetter side of things since we haven't seen rain for about a month now since april 16th, that means moyles have settled on to the roads and conditions could be slick out there as you're making your trip out of your house this morning and into your day ahead, looking at light rain up and down the peninsula, some heavier stuff just north of the bay bridge. the heaviest of rain will that's out towards antioch right now just east now in
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mount diablo actually haven't really dried out on 6.80 between walnut creek and san ramon. but there is a lot of rain still in the vicinity. so don't expect that drying to last for very long. als moderate showers rht arnd sandra fell this morning and if you're traveling over the richmond center fell bridge. you're also looking at a very wet crossing of that part of the day showers are actually going to die down briefly later on this morning into the early afternoon. you may even see just that touch of sunshine out there at just a moment, skies are still going to remain very overcast for the majority and then we move our way into the afternoon and this is our frontal boundary a cold front sweeping through this afternoon and along this front you're going to have some heavy rain you could have some very strong winds that will push through right in the midst of your evening commute tonight that yellow and orange you know exactly what that means after this winter that's the heaviest of rainfall that's going to settle in winds gusting as high as 40 miles per hour. rainfall could also result in some areas of heavy downpours and maybe even a few rolls of thunder as you
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are making your way home from work so anticipate a little extra time on that evening commute showers taper off after that at least until the middle of the day tomorrow when yet again early afternoon in late morning. a few thunderstorms could fire up across the bay for your thursday so 2 days in a row with a a chance of thunderstorms and some heavy rainfall on into your afternoon hours friday looks to be a clear day with a nice break from the rain before even more of a just around the corner after that as for winds today, starting on the lighter side once we see that cold front sweeping through and that heavy rain coming down. wind speeds are going to soar look at this specific a 26 mile per hour regular wind gusts while concord up to 22 miles per hour. so a very windy afternoon on tap and a cooler one with daytime highs only in the 60's today, we've got you only a 7 is driving around out there in the rain she's on a just got off to a d it looks like out towards daly city got some sprinkles on the windshield right there looks like commuters are definitely in the driving around in the rain out there in daly city
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goalie looks like you're going slow keep it on the slower side of things maybe pick me up some in and out too. i'm who some people driving around across the bay as well we think of the only car like a name like the only mobile or something that that would be too. >>all right want to check in on tell train is moving again number 2.27 we had an incident. >>in the 7 o'clock hour person was struck by a train to 27 that rain stopped service was restored. but we have major delays up to 60 minutes. vta they were helping out with that bus bridge between jordan and capital i don't think you're going to need it anymore now that caltrain is moving again through south san jose but you're going to be late up to an hour favorites traffic soggy don't forget the headlights and wipers and please watch your speed on the roads because they are slick traffic still crawling from the maze and busy across the upper deck and one way traffic control in place here on 92 in san mateo county after a truck caught fire completely under
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control, but it's really the eastbound right that's just crawling there approaching skyline to be prepared. it's still backed up heavily back to you. >>thanks a lot rob and 9 oh 3 in the east bay you police are looking for a man who took pictures of people in a campus bathroom that disturbing story crop force will transurban. >>following the latest on the investigation. >>u c berkeley police are warning people on campus to look around at the environment, a look at the stalls before you use the bathroom until they find this particular man this case actually dates back to last october that during the three-day window. according to investigators, this man recorded about 13 people in the bathroom stall on the 4th floor moffitt library and then the recent case was in march that in one particular day 5 people were recorded. students heading to finals throughout the day, many of them. i broke the news to them. they say they're very disturbed. i went is being released totally creeped out. i'm like this dude. it's quite disgusting for me like i'm just reviled
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by. the fact that somebody would do this you know. i'm is a gender neutral bathroom as far as you know the as far as i every every there's no signs saying it's male or female on i'm pretty sure the official stance is that it's a gender neutral bathrooms. >>you see berkeley police. >>they will look to their surveillance cameras to get more images of this person to get it out to the public. in the meantime they're talking to witnesses because at this particular point they don't know if this person was actually a student at u c berkeley for somebody who went on to campus to plant the device. back to you. >>thank you we'll 9 oh 5 on the peninsula salmon tale man is in jail he's accused of sexually assaulting children and police believe there may be more victims. >>crawford's christina tetreault has that story for us this morning. >>so we are live out here in front of the san mateo county sheriff's office where deputies have arrrsted that man he is now booked. inside of the maguire correctional facility when she couldn't
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take a look at his picture. this is 47 year-old francisco nunez now he allegedly sexually assaulted 2 young children under 10 years old at a private home in pesky continuously for 6 years between 2009 and 2015, he's been arrested on successive suspicion of reaping a child lewd acts on a minor and continuous sexual-assault of a child. now deputies say he may have ticket taking advantage of also other victims also in that scene age range now they're asking for your help if you happen to know anyone who has been in contact with nunez or if you know anyone who's had their child in contact with newness please go ahead and contact the sheriff's detectives as soon as possible. we have a list of the phone numbers and e-mails directly to detectives working on this case right now over a crime for dot com. reporting live in san mateo county christina teatro kron 4 news. >>9 oh 6 and in the south and surveillance camera captured a man snatching a woman's purse and dragging her and her young
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daughter down a flight of stairs. it happened earlier this month at a business complex on towers lane in san jose and the surveillance video is what led police to 26 year-old pablo cabrera junior, he was already on parole for another burglary and police were able to connect him they say to several other purse snatching in each case. it was an asian woman carrying an expensive purse that was targeted. >>that's a little scary because i mean whether he's targeting asian women women in general, you know, i'm just got to be. >>you know on the looking like you got to be aware all the time people ape getting more and more desperate. >>cabrera was arrested at his home and now is in jail. breaking news from overnight a man was shot and killed in oakland near san antonio park shotspotter sensors detected the gunfire about 3 o'clock this morning in the 1700 block of east 17th street. and that's where police found a man who had been shot several times he died at the scene. no
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info yet about a shooter. >>in the east teenagers in the hospital after he was struck by a truck in brentwood. this happened near first street yesterday afternoon a 14 year-old boy walking on the shoulder when the truck hit him. he was taken to the hospital we're told he has severe injuries but is slowly recovering as for the driver of the truck that person now under investigation for dui. neighbors in san francisco's mission district are also fed up with dirty streets around the lords park in fact so much so they're proposing taxing themselves in order to generate the money to clean it up. if the measure is passed property owners in the mission dolores district will be taxed anywhere from a 100 to $250 per year for the next 10 years. residents in the commercial sectors of 18th street and valencia street in the district would pay more money but they would get extra services like security. the special assessment tax would also include parts of the castro eureka valley and the mission. >>and mountain view is
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considering a new law that would restrict oversize vehicles parking on city streets. this is because of so many are v's that people are living out of in mountain view the last count was about 290 rv spotted across the city's ordinance would stop people who have vehicles the discharge sewage from parking them on city streets and the city is also working on a safe parking law that would accommodate some of those vehicles, but critics say that this ban would force people who are living in their cars and vehicles like this out of town and that it's unconstitutional. >>cities can not permissible the ticket people for unavoidable consequences of their being. so basically what that means cities can criminalize homelessness where they're not providing shelter or some other option for people to sleep indoors. >>and they are looking out for some other options of where to park in the vehicles are looking at other bay area cities laws before they decide on theirs. >>just in the students accused in the deadly shooting at the colorado high school just a
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made their first appearance in court. they were formally charged with murder and attempted murder. 18 year-old yvonne erickson and 16 year-old alec mckinney, both charged now in the shootings at that stem school in highlands ranch is suburb just south of denver. it was back on may 7th one student was killed 8 others injured, it is unclear at this point mckinney is being charged as an adult. kendrick castillo you saw his picture moment ago, he's the one who died in that attack. a celebration of life was held for him or it will be held for him today. castillo died after he lunged at one of the suspects in order to save his classmates. terrifying moments for 2 window washers after they were trapped on a dangling lift and look how violently of swinging around at times even smacking the side of the tower this is devon tower in downtown oklahoma city when they see it at the side of the building. so again those 2 were on holding on for dear life all the way they were able to get it under control let's
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discount some of those windows tactics ought to at their exact condition unknown this morning, but they have both been successfully rescued from that swinging list. rain continuing to fall, it's been falling all morning long varying strengths now it's very white and beginning to strengthen as a matter of fact getting stronger stronger as we head deeper into the day we've got john travel with another complete look at your forecast in just a minute. more than 400,000 people writing bart every day that can lead to a messy train we're going to take a look at the transit agency in what it's doing to try to keep these cars clean. >>while you're sleeping. and a programming reminder you can watch several or special coverage of tonight's sharks game it starts 4.30 on kron four we'll be streaming it on kron on as well. the sharks in louis taken on the blues for game 3 of the western conference finals, the series all tied up in one game apiece tonight special hosted
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by cross for his mark carpenter. kate rooney check it out.
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>>big stories this morning. obviously is the weather and here on storm tracker for you can see why we've got widespread light rain for now but that's going to be changing today, yeah. >>it's going in every way i guess any time soon either not really going away anytime soon they call that atmospheric river that's a just that moist flow that comes in from the pacific and has a bull's eye on the bay area that's what we've got in the days to come. >>and the junction of friday and you're thinking this may last into next week. yeah into next week we even have rainfall potential clear into the middle of next week so a solid. of rainfall ahead of us and today is just the start and actually going to be already fulfilling our month rainfall totals that we see on average in just a matter of hours if not doubling those month average rainfall totals.
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throughout the course of the next day or 2 sodefinitely an unusually wet next week ahead of us considering what time of year it is golden gate bridge wet just like the rest of the bay is take a slower on those roads, san jose you're experiencing a brief break from the rain right now it will kick back into gear later on today and as for a blowout in the distance also things beginning to taper off you at some of the heaviest of rainfall. moments ago most of our rainfall sitting right in the northern end of the peninsula through the north bay on into the northern portions of the east bay like i mentioned san jose taking a break from it as are other parts of the south bay, lighter showers along 6.18 now walnut creek down to the tri valley looking at drier conditions that moments ago, heaviest of rain is now working its way east towards brentwood. antioch eventually out towards discovery bay in the central valley, further north in the bay area, some areas of rainfall continuing up in the north bay. some brief areas where rainfall picks up including in portions of napa and sonoma counties
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now you're going to see that break right there in the latter part of morning into the early afternoon before the storm door swings wide open later on and yellow and orange indicate that heaviest of rainfall pushing in this afternoon after 04:00pm right in the midst of your evening commute. so if you that this morning's drive into work wasn't that great. all this afternoon's isn't going to be fun either especially not considering how how heavy rain will be and also how strong those winds are going to be gusting as high at times of up to 40 miles per hour. after that rainfall pushes through. you can look at conditions tapering off into the middle of the night just a couple of sprinkles to take us to them. evening in the early morning tomorrow before around 10:00am tomorrow things kicked back into gear we're going to look at the tail end of the system swinging through and that center of low pressure firing up some showers as well as isolated thunderstorms into tomorrow, middle of the day. conditions after that start to come down again, friday looks to be really your best and the forecast before more rainfall saturday night, especially
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into sunday morning. now how much rain are we looking at here like i mentioned we're going to exceed if not double are monthly averages of rainfall for the month of may just over the course of the next 24 to 48 hours, san jose a row santa rosa could see 2 and a half inches of it just shy of 2 inches for napa in oakland about an inch and a half in areas like san francisco. daytime highs all already cooler than yesterday's up into the 60's for your highs in going to be even cooler yet tomorrow down into the 50's for your highs that's very much so unseasonably cool for this time of year friday are drier day before saturday. evening showers sunday morning showers. then some clear skies late in the day on sunday then come monday and tuesday more rainfall just around the corner. robin all right. thank you johnny want to check in on traffic now we're taking a peek at the golden gate and we haven't had any problems so far. >>this morning from the north bay to san francisco. there is the usual crowd from 37 nevado
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to sandra fail but after that smooth sailing all the way into san francisco, the bay bridge traffic very thick very slow cash payers fast records are all going to be stock except for the carpoolers you're back of goes into the maze, but it's been relatively quiet this morning with one accident. one hot spot that's gone, right now we're at 28 minutes and that number just goes up and down throughout your morning commute. the rain i think you should leave a little early, although i'm not tracking any major issues right now if you take the shore we're down to 35 minutes crockett to oakland, 24. we've got another, there are problems out there on the rent aside so it's chan on bonnet creek from 6 80 all the way up to the caldecott tunnel so be prepared for that. >>time now for winners and losers on wall street financial expert rob black joining us is always to kind of guide us through what's making news and one of the stories we've got a touch on today is boeing the 7.37, you know the crashes the software, the problems and they seem to
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keep resurfacing was the latest chapter in this ongoing story, yeah, i'd never good when the new york times does a piece that's critical of your business. >>and that's exactly what has happened to bowien this morning. a new york times article in the middle of the night i saw come across ultimately boeing had knowledge that the system failed the kind of tried to hide it a little bit yet read the article i'm not the expert on this but they they they downplayed concerns after the first crash, american airline pilots came to them with their union and said tell us a little more about this crash and they're like oh there's a safety feature where's the safety feature. the parts are really really upset about it tom because boeing didn't give enough information and ultimately there's a second crash. effects of what don't worry about it, they said don't worry about it you don't have to worry about your flight million miles planned. it might happen once in a lifetime and it happened twice in a lifetime. so pilots any more information and one of the pilots in a quote it was an article is i would think there would be a party of putting explanation of things that could kill you and
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emmanuel writes, i'm so boeing didn't want to overload crews with too much information i get it. but the truth is the truth they're going no get one single order for airplane last month. and it's starting to hit their revenue in the bottom line is pretty aggressively with that said negative article new york times, stocks up today. tony a lot of terry been priced into the stock ok. all right issue to want to talk a bit about housing across the country. >>half the equation is supply we don't have enough of it. you know your prices to go higher and higher but i guess we've got some optimistic news from home builders these are people who build new homes home builders are typically the smartest like who we had the quarter chinese lets up our numbers, let's build a little bit more than that so i plant are well. >>but the nation homebuilders and sales and they're becoming a little bit more optimistic. wet winter expensive labor and a shortage of labor. go to sandra's you'll see that the rebuilding homes a very very slow because it's just not enough to a hammer amount so to speak. mortgage rates
9:22 am
spiked in december of last year the comeback down making it a little bit more affordable there's good job growth the united states says gradual improvement and winter is gone, it was a et winter across the u s. so housing seems to be sparking a little bit of by which you can afford is always my advice never over by hand every put yourself a situation if you do the jobs lose the never get that deal to be an and then lastly we want to talk a bit about beyonce. >>beyonce and uber right over just what public us last weekend. kind of an interesting story that you're bringing to our attention one that makes you go i wish i wish that was me she's pretty smart apparently first and foremost on her music career has been dotted with a lot of chances of actually paid off really really well for her a couple years ago, she was asked to perform in las vegas for uber of that they were going to or 6 to just give me equity. i'm that equity today that equity is now worth. $300 million off set. not too
9:23 am
shabby a other early investors ashton kutcher he's good looking and rich a court upheld base husband jay z o ne of mine we are to the capital all investors and uber they are ia i'm just getting that the rich get richer the good looking get richer. everyone but me great for them, but look at us marsh is just going tell a performance right may million the concert right yeah, but you have to netflix and said what i do this performance we pay me $60 million will make a documentary about it. so kind of double over performance is so smart we learn business license genius homes and a all right speaking of lessons, let's find out one more this one coming out of your question if you will we've got a eileen asking is there a cheaper way for me to get my legal prescription cnbc does something called the top 50 disruptors the last i saw what i've never used to it, but i looked at it in used on the web. it's coming called good rx that's the name of the app
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good rx and if you can afford $50 cholesterol medicine if you shop around you see there's one for 300. and then this company good rx makes deals with pharmacies that say hey let's give that $300 prescription for year. let's do a coupon for it and you'll get more business coming in your store so it seems we disrupting quite nicely the industry is so non transparent is the problem now so prices range dramatically on something as simple as a prescription that you can go to another location. one mile from the house at the dollars don't use this s never use it. but it's getting good reviews. good rx at the app store ok thank you very much trump is always in keep the questions coming in will try answer another one tomorrow, you can e-mail rob directly find him on facebook or twitter and as or twitter and as always you c some things you want to remove, or twitter and as always you c ♪
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>>9.27 and it's still raining out there for most of the bay area, although you're now starting to catch a break or at least rainfall lightning up for the south bay. so no we actually do see this little bright patch out there in the distance the skies still certainly overcast and gray that's where your kitchen, the breakdown there in the south bay around san jose, but still some lingering showers in the santa cruz mountains, plenty activity to our west that's going to be moving up our direction as for the northern end of the peninsula in san francisco light rainfall continues heavier rainfall just to our west over in oakland richmond and lafayette, moderate rainfall over there. i'm talking more about the showers that we're looking at all all day long into
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>>we're tracking the storm this is the first day of a number of days and then we will be seeing clouds and rain it's easy to track because it's everywhere and it gets to you everywhere, i guess all day long all right skies and daria know you just and soldier ac unit. >>this is unusual weather for this time of year usually we're continuing to warm up skies are clearing out not so much the case at all right now it's just the opposite feels like a throwback to march but that's what we've got some cloudy skies, some cooler temperatures and obviously some rainier conditions as roadways such as the golden gate bridge are wet and looking at rainfall continuing to make its way across the bay right now from the north a northern part of the peninsula out to the east bay. you are catching a break for some of our south bay neighbors. some of the heaviest of rain is moderate rain right around alameda berkeley on up through 24 through or india and
9:32 am
morocco now skies are going to clear briefly towards the middle of the day before into the afternoon. the heaviest of rainfall just around the corner you see that line of showers right there that's going to push its way after 04:00pm right in the middle of your evening commute tonight, some of our heaviest of rain. you see it there. this is right around 06:30pm so still very busy on the roads, heavy rain strong winds even potential of a few rolls the thunder as these storms do move through into the evening by the time we work into the middle of the night showers will taper off winds will calm down and you're going to catch a break at least early tomorrow morning with just a few light on off showers hanging on for the day that is until storms fire up again towards the middle of the day tomorrow and the best chance of any sort of thunderstorm activity tomorrow up in the north bay, so a couple of active days ahead of us for we catch a bit of a breather on friday just around the corner as you can see skies really clearing out by that point winds today, definitely picking up from calm conditions to start to some very breezy conditions as a cold front passes through
9:33 am
later today, this cold front going to be associated with those strongest of storms later on today and also our cooler temperatures tomorrow from the 60's today down to the 50's for daytime highs tomorrow. so a big cool down in the works for us into the end of this week. i'm talking more about what to expect in your forecast still to come first, let's get a look at traffic with robert a very busy out there john but we do not. >>have any hot spots to report a major accident working right now, but you should leave a little early because roads are slick and the traffic is still slow especially on the bridges check out the bay bridge 80 was sent to san francisco. still to start of heavily and it's from the maze backed up on to all connector, so just under 20 minutes after fremont street cameras wet here the return 7 fell bridge in addition to the pavement so a slippery commute out there be 11 minutes is a decent drive time and this commute is winding down. this is a huge improvement compared to the last couple of hours so you're just slow from castro leading up to the toll plaza james
9:34 am
started. >>all right, thank you very much rob and happening today, teachers in union city they're going to be meeting with the school district to try find some way of avoiding a strike they would rather not. >>but what do they want cover. sarah says it has more on their demands. >>union city teachers are hopeful as they head back to the bargaining table with the new haven unified school district. they're hoping they won't have to strike come monday that all depends on negotiations snoo haven, teachers association has as for a 20% raise over 2 years but the school district is offering 0%. according to the district new even teacher salaries are second highest in all of the east bay, making an average of 96,000 a year. but the association says many are still struggling to find affordable housing in the area district spokesperson john says the district is already cutting. million dollars from next year's budget citing declining enrollment and the subsequent lack of funding from the government. the one
9:35 am
thing teachers and the district and agree on now is that neither want to strike to happen. but teachers say they don't know what else to do at this point. >>we are very willing to to negotiate. we have we have no problem negotiating we want what's best for kids and was best for fellow teachers our intent is to to avoid a strike. >>and i think we're going to we're going to try to stretch and do something as i said our teachers deserve something. >>the teachers association and the district we bargaining all day. but if they can't come to an agreement and the teachers will be striking on monday and if does happen that will be the first strike ever in the district's history in union city sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>9 35 in birds try to figure out to these problems with their new cars before they get any more delivered because they keep coming in right now 75 of their 84 trains are in service, the new cars are made on the east coast. and they can't testament till they get to the bay area and as they arrive, bart has found a variety of problems with that mostly related to the cars
9:36 am
software. so what they've done is they've slowed down the new car delivery process. so they can work out the problems but is hoping to have more than 400 new cars in service by next year. >>you probably know it's not always the cleanest experience. >>always a surprise covers noel though took a trip with bart's night cleaning crew to see how they work. >>love it or hate it it is the train that gets more than 400,000 people around the bay every day. 1000 shoes stepping on to trains 4 million fingers touching the straps and a whole lot of other things down to make you squirm. >>hensley needles lehmann seats getting on the part so yes. trash you kind of name >>when it comes to keeping the trains garbage free bart's first line of defense. this
9:37 am
spot cleaners mark says when a writer complains it takes action. >>colleges ceases to anything that's left in the trade that he's of the service right away. >>doesn't gross you out those hot lunches, she's talking about that's actually code for vomit. >>according to bart every night it's trains get a general cleaning that's your basic sweep, unseat wiped down. but when cars are due for a heavy duty cleaning rhonda morrow and her team write >>and make sure we scrub everything from the top to the bottom every night here at the millbrae station at least one car gets a deep cleaning. >>we just expect to see what we lee. the back seats to make sure. >>it's 2 hours of screen scrubbing and sanitizing.
9:38 am
>>we have basket which is are getting cleaner. and we have htc one 50 which decreasing cleaner which i see the love because it cleans everything despite the thoroughness each bar car only gets this treatment once every 60. >>with the manpower we have. and if the if you are didn't make the message. we see the mess that's what everybody here. >>asa danya just started with bart he wants writer snow his team does the best they can also to lean on. if there's one thing the cleaning crew and writers agree on it's that everyone can help keep it clean a lot fire i figure they pay for their tickets so they can just do. they want and
9:39 am
here to clean it up so. >>so if you wouldn't do grandma's house don't do it on bart in millbrae know fellow crime. >>did that make you feel better or worse. because now that i know it's called lunch with a clean ever think of how much is the same night you from the control room upstairs people who jumped the fare gates, yeah. >>should do community service as a early overnight they need more cleaners for >>9.39 right now and as we head to the break, let's take it. around the bay right now, although looks like freeman is getting a break not for long. we've got the shark attack special tonight with lightning and everything to see that a special edition followed by a special show all all about the san jose sharks because
9:40 am
they're in the playoffs game 3 is tonight in louis.
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9:42 am
>>still tracking some showers across the bay. it's a mix of some dry spots and some will not so dry spots nowadays, san jose up to fremont one of those drier areas as well as traveling up a one oh one to about. i would say saying carlos and that's where you start to see some showers again for the north of there
9:43 am
as for the richmond center fell bridge, the golden gate bridge in the bay bridge all still looking at. some rainfall currently falling let's zoom in on san francisco, dry side of town being mission district and financial district with some light showers holding on around richmond and outer sunset and also looking at some a areas of rain along for from antioch concord on over eventually to richmond along a t so definitely still an active day we got the heaviest of rainfall ahead after 04:00pm. >>robins alright traffic is winding down a little bit we still have some flowing out there on our bridges foot. i'm tracking the drive times and they're going down check out 92, this is a commute across the 7 bridge very sluggish to the peninsula, but only 20 minutes, so that's not bad for an average to make it to one on one. we have the bay bridge traffic which is averaging 18 minutes still pretty crowded from the maze so be prepared for that it's just under the limit off to fremont street. but here's a good bridge. well considering the rain it's raining seat on the camera to wet pavement there. but the backup has completely thinned out so looks great here, let's
9:44 am
find any from the east bay to the north bay changes. >>so it's happened again for the 10th time now another whale has been found dead on a bay area beach this time in pacifica we still don't know how this latest whale died, but 3 metal says it does plan to investigate this death like it did with the last one. this whale washed up by their late monday night or early tuesday morning as see it there on the rocks, not unusual course to see that whales this time of year since there migrating from southern california to alaska and we're on the way but it's just it's the number of whales that have come up dead that has officials concerned >>right now 44, we've got problem morning buzz on the way and their parents try to be fair but it wasn't even close nobody could stop staff curry we'll take a look at the warriors game one win who won the lottery for the nba's next big star and how you can get a free tattoo today. the
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♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present. this rainy wednesday morning, your clouds over the golden gate bridge, the same as they were during my last check with yes still some light showers out there on the golden gate, san jose is cleared up over the past few minutes, we've actually got some brightness out there in the distance. >>we're going to see these times here in the middle that they were you going to get a peek of brightness but later on today, the real heavy rainfall is going to be pushing in as for a blow out there in the distance here looking at. some of skies are
9:48 am
clear than they were moments ago when the heaviest of rainfall across the bay was seen there. but still very cloudy and still some showers in the vicinity out blowout in the east bay so nice dry slot shaping up for parts of the east bay like heyward livermore not livermore a fremont down through san jose right now livermore you are actually still holding on to rain up and down the peninsula, some light rain and some moderate rain further. north zi ming in on 6.80 from danville down to the tri valley it is dry. but there's livermore with that rain brentwood. some of the heaviest of rain still lingering across the bay, lighter showers up north across the northern part of the bay area. so there's your dry skies for the middle of the day, a mix rain and some drier skies out there. and then we're going to be looking at a shower activity really kicking into gear. after 04:00pm and that's when you're showers are really going to be picking up as for conditions later on today. what we're going to be looking at. conditions out there of
9:49 am
subdued the from 04:00pm to 06:00pm right in the middle of your evening commute today. and then we're going to be a a c and tomorrow afternoon, some thunderstorms popping up to let's get right to those temperatures now a daytime highs today up into the 60's across the bay area tomorrow, even cooler yet down into the 50's. friday taking a break from the rain before saturday and sunday. the sunday we are looking at. we're all over looking at temperatures in the 60's. >>warriors to a one 1694 game one win in the western conference finals. the trail blazers were no match for staff heck 7 others 9, 3, pointers were uncontested the chef served up. 3rd with 26
9:50 am
dream on a navy made sure that the blazers couldn't get hot. for a little added flavor. the warriors bench peppered in the 33 points with a comfortable lead the entire night. kevin duran could just kick back with this cap up on a pillow. but it was a little harder for the curry parents who had to flip a coin to choose who would root for which son. and so sonia sported a sleeveless tank dell was decked out in blue and gold and to be fair the custom jersey said the other team on the flip side, but staff knows who they love more. >>they are called most of a couple 1000 of the stands and my know coin flip thing in they can all the cells of the time either one of us does something that they both are clavin so they get if they had a fix themselves because. i tell my mom who you who you it. when i made a status are
9:51 am
stand up and cheer about all portland. this is weird so. and this prime gun for in terms of just trying to get cell and 2 the series an enemy. >>hard to be fair when seth curry only have one ask it to root for this 3 pointer was the only shot he made. >>it is 19 minutes on the floor. but nobody else had a good night either his entire team shot just 36% from the field and committed 21 turnovers. damian lillard said as they can't be that sloppy if they're going to win and he's got to do more he only had 19 points obviously not the homecoming he'd hoped for. >>the situation is special. you know i was part of an oakland. lawyers standing. there's been the last year. plan in oakland, you know all those things i think is a special for those reasons but for me is not my first time playing against this team. is
9:52 am
not my first time playing here so i would say is a distraction i think is a bigger deal to everybody else than it is to me. >>but he's got to do better and so to the trail blazers the blazers and assess. we'll have another chance to battle for his parents love tomorrow night in oakland. and the rest of the league's quest to could be with the warriors the best chance most have is to get syon william sen. the team with the worst record had the best chance to win the number one pick but that is not how last night's lottery turned out. the memphis grizzlies. >>draft those 2. >>did he save heloc and slugs ion he held a smile but he's probably think it has. >>the big easy. >>the new orleans pelicans had only a 6% chance and they won.
9:53 am
>>their shock and disappointment they figured that they were a show in to get the shoe rapper. it doesn't take a math genius to know that a 40% chance does not mean you're going to win a lottery. that's why i don't play. knicks will get the 3rd pick in the and the brunt of the lakers. i mean they'll get the 4th pick. today is your lucky day if you want a free shark tattoo whether you're a hockey fan or maybe you just love shark. it's a new thing that the church are doing in the stanley cup playoffs, free tattoos in san jose when the team is on the road and there in st. louis tonight. for game 3. the series is tied at one apiece. so james you have these 6 designs to choose from. that's it so you really do have to live if you don't love sports or love the chart you just need to like a shark ubs are for maybe and it's like a free permanent tattoo they're permanent james. and b
9:54 am
and c s you know 2019 like doesn't it you want do that. >>yes very much are i like that one of the upper left those the blue and yet ask i so we've got all the info on proper dot com if y
9:55 am
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>>is going to have your throughout the day it is their storm tracker for and you can
9:57 am
stay connected with the forecast all morning long with our kron on dot tvs see you tomorrow.
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