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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  May 16, 2019 5:00am-5:58am PDT

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>>one how long it's going to last i suppose we should find out yes john what do say. >>a lot of people are pretty than that sizewell james as they get out of bed this morning showers all through the day guys but we do have a break in sight that will come tomorrow but focus in on today off and on showers this morning though become more widespread this afternoon so this morning definitely on the lighter side of things compared to where we're about to be you look at berkeley out across the bay area, nice and dry for the moment you do see those low clouds and it's not necessarily going to stay this way though so don't expect dry weather to stick around for long. if you are one of which is most of the day on the dry side right now taking a look up in the north bay, some light showers between petaluma on up to rohnert park just south of santa rosa traveling down one oh one or really any rout wet this morning. so regardless of if rain is currently falling. you are traveling on slick roads, 2.80 and also one o slick from rainfall that's made its way across the peninsula curley
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that rain is centered right around same a tale working its way on over 92 eventually heading on over to hayward so expect that rain and hey we're here just a few minutes rainfall becomes more widespread later on this morning towards that height of your morning commute do expect off and on showers and even some isolated areas of heavy rainfall so not going to be the best ride to work this morning to give yourself that extra time to get into the office being an early riser will be paying off on a morning like this one heavy rainfall at times into the afternoon, especially likely for the north bay where you could be looking at some isolated thunderstorm development early you'll begin to tapering on into the latter part of the day and eventually as the sun goes down. you're still gonna hold on to a few showers through the evening. but tomorrow does drying skies really become apparent and by tomorrow afternoon. you've got some sunshine to enjoy and temperatures will be on the rise making for a really nice friday, especially after today and yesterday temperatures in
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the 50's right now only 50's and barely the 60's by your afternoon ahead of us so really looking at a cool one, a cloudy one in a rainy one, you know is driving around and it really it's made this is definitely a little unseasonable what's it looking like where you're at right now. >>well i'm actually driving. towards the car came as bridge though right now it just looks very slick on the road we are getting that break. i bet i did here i did hear downpour about an hour ago around this area and i hear where you know there's a mother poured coming pretty soon in this area. but plenty of evidence of it you can see that the roads are pretty slick. you can spray on your windshield, it's because that's how with the road is that the cars and freddie you are definitely kick in up some don't go too fast just go the speed limit you should be ok. but be aware that it is pretty still wetho on ut the throughou
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morning, i'm sure so. keep it at a good pace for yourself to be safe. back to >>all right, thank you he only you know we can talk about traffic and show you maps but it's always great to see someone who's in their car driving it, experiencing the wet roads and so far our 80 looks good on the shore where you only is looking good. rolling into san francisco at the bay bridge toll plaza just a little breezy by chp standards so we have a high wind advisory for the bay bridge and the golden gate and the car chain is so you want to reduce your speed as far as the backup not much a little sluggish in the cash lanes on the left but so far it's been a great trip into san francisco. but as the only said reduce your speed because the roads are very slick out there. we're checking in on 6.80 and it's looking good. so far the drive southbound leaving pacheco martinez. conquered pleasant hill wannacry danville doing fine as you head south this morning, 24 looks good too maybe you take west 24. if so we haven't had any big
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problems leaving wannacry lafayette or end of the caldecott it's going to be wide open to the oakland may's once again the shore freeway trouble free. and a very quick 17 minutes, heading west from crockett all the way down to oakland, you're looking good or maybe you're commuting out of the south bay of so you're fine on 8.80 leaving san jose. it is just under 10 minutes to 2.80 up to to 37 we'll check more coming up in just a bit jakes all right. thank you. robin. >>breaking overnight out of oakland, one person dead and 3 people seriously injured now after a crash on eastbound interstate 80 that crash happened overnight on the macarthur maze curve, multiple lanes were blocked, but there now open this morning. >>time now is 5 oh 4 and richmond police are calling in the fbi to help respond to a sudden increase in gun violence and this comes after a rash of shootings that have placed the city. they're played the city in recent days, we have sarah stinson. >>standing by live in from the richmond police station with more on the story. sarah.
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>>well there's been about 6 shootings in a span of a 48 hour period and that is why richmond police have now called in the fbi to help them with this investigation. they think at least 2 of the shootings are links and they are asking for their assistance in not only the investigation, but also there having them also help patrol those areas they think could be a vulnerable neighborhoods. >>to discourage any retaliatory acts of violence, no through in total 2 people were injured. a man was paralyzed in 2 men or killed that 3 of the shootings happened on sunday night in the span of one hour. then on monday officers responded to 2 separate shootings within an hour. both men who were iur the police investigation. police believe one of the shootings on sunday is related to one of the shootings on monday and then there was another shooting on tuesday says a 48 hour period of time,
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richmond police say there are no details about the suspect's motives that could be released at this time. but police do say that they've made great strides with the city of richmond to reduce gun violence in recent years and this is a sudden spike in violence and that's why officers are meeting the assistance from the fbi safe streets task force now. >>they're specifically looking after areas, officers fear could be subject to tell tory violence, no. they also have gang experts involved there. bill pursuing different forms of intervention. so there's a lot going on here but they definitely need the help of the fbi it since and this is literally 6 shootings and all over the city we're talking impacting several families so they're hoping that they can figure out you know who's responsible and get this under control. for now live in richmond sarah stinson kron 4 news okay. thank you sarah. >>there are growing safety entary school students in vala mother says that her second grade son was threatened at school with a gun. it happened
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around lunchtime yesterday at gracedale patterson elementary, the mother says her son was held at gunpoint by another student, the school was placed on lockdown and the police were called the mother of the boy who was threatened is upset that she wasn't even notified about this right away. >>he was in the bathroom at school and a fellow student. i'm fine and a gun in his head in tone to get out there and shoot him so he walk to the bathroom and went back to class. he found another teacher at lunch until on that he had a gun and that teacher walk to them to find it and in fact it was loaded and it was a real gun. >>and the student involved immediately removed from the school and remains off campus. while police investigate the parents of the student who was threatened plan to transfer their child out of the district now. >>let's talk about the warriors are going to be back in oracle tonight hosting the
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portland trail blazers for game 2 gold state has an opportunity to go up to all the way in the western conference now will tran is live outside of oracle with a preview hi well. >>such rude house threat usually you want your guests to feel good but in this case, the lawyers take it to the trail blazers and they hope to do it again tonight at 6 oh 5 were tipoff for game 2 with out kd the big news today is will katie be available to us for maybe game for may be game 5 we're we didn't need in game one rated show you the highlights the warriors came out smoking the trail blazers they were trailing pretty much. james steph curry took it to them story, 36 points getting 9, 3, pointers and set. of those 3 pointers are uncontested in the they actually there's a lot of the starters out in the 4th quarter so the warriors walked away with it one 22 said 94 game one. let's
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talk about katie katie got injured game. e about theg series against the ay it was ju jump shot from the baseline. he comes out be at first everybody was afraid that it was an achilles right turns out was a calf injury. coach kerr says that he still uncomfortable kd as it hit the floor just yet but we'll see when he will be able to return. >>and make things as difficult as possible in. times uh we've got. but things things change the series all changes they go. >>course is going to see that
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right you want to give them any bullets and board material but they won without kd well that's you know what the reevaluation is for katie but the big news over the last 12 hour as you might have heard this already hades, he's me step murray was not going to be the warriors at that time with during the draft. coach don nelson called up dell curry and said what do you think about a strap to your son dell curry said don't he wanted his son to play for the knicks to nelson said forget you were going to drop to many ways the rest is history. back to you know else wanted to play for the next is i am. >>he was an avid all right don't forget we've got special coverage 2 of them or is tonight it all starts with a newscast. special newscast at 4 followed by the road to the championship at 4.30 and you can catch it streaming on kron on. >>switching over to playoff hockey now the sharks have won game 3 of the western conference finals against st. louis blues man, yes, but it wasn't without some
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controversy. >>you can catch and am going go. of course the overtime so. look at it too. yeah we're in a loop that once more. and with the stick as should have been. it was quite the assist the problem is look at look at home and the blues not and will not of the 4 all these 4. sought yeah if you see it review, it. so even though they knew that app they can review of the sharks catch that lucky break and when the game 5. as tomorrow st. louis is going rain. at 5 o'clock i think everybody should stay inside today for their own good saves is the way
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>>and well over looking at today is a good day to stay inside for your own safety as goes to. >>you can still venture out there just do so with the umbrella because showers are backan on today, i've got your forecast account. >>i'm tracking that soggy commute around the bay area we're checking the bridges a little windy out there for the bay bridge and a backup that's ♪ (vo) i know what you're thinking. electric, it's not for you. and, you're probably right. electric just doesn't have enough range. it will never survive the winter. charging stations? good luck finding one of those. so, maybe an electric car isn't for you after all. or, is it? ♪ ♪ ♪
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to join team and so right change a lottery. so always put my windshield wipers don't need to just a week after 7 outside skies out there over berkeley right now there's your low clouds but no rainfall over the city of berkeley itself. >>that's not necessarily the case across the entire bay area bay area most widespread rain stretches from the central valley up into the sierra foothills higher up in the sierra some snowfall some unseasonably low elevations for that snowfall too. back here in the bay you see it's pretty spotty as far as that rainfall goes a couple of spots so that we are keeping a close eye on such as on over 92 towards hayward where rain is being seen currently and hayward itself is looking at some light shower activity very light showers around the lay whoa down the croc a and christie this morning, crossing car keane is on a across 80 you are seeing also some light showers maybe light right now but rainfall becomes more widespread towards the middle of your morning
5:17 am
commute. you see that yellow and orange that's that heavier stuff that i was mentioning to daryn james that will be brief but the sweeping across the bay later on this morning. chance of thunderstorms most b that's where you can see any chance of severe weather a mostly up in the sonoma napa and solano counties after this rainfall begins to taper you're still going to have showers taking us through the evening, but by tomorrow skies really starting to clear out now and friday is looking like a great day, especially as compared to yesterday and today, dry skies, warmer temperatures and a really good one to celebrate the start of the weekend. today's rainfall going to amount to well over an inch in some spots, especially after we push through those afternoon showers areas up to the north bay like santa rosa could be nearing 2 inches yet again so a lot of rain fall short period of time we are just shattering those monthly averages as far as may go so this is a very wet. unseasonably cool and cloudy may week ahead of us temperatures in the mostly up
5:18 am
into the 50's today, a couple of spots hanging on to the 60's like san jose at 64 degrees. looking at your next 7 days temperatures staying in the 60's for the most part and while rainfall can on and off today, one of her radio days tomorrow by far the clearest day then come saturday, we start dry evening showers pushing in sunday starts raining and then we stand on that right now with mostly sunny skies into the afternoon. monday, one of her drier days before even more rainfall looking likely into the middle of next week. robin you mean there's more there's more rain coming john. >>all right, let's check in on 92, we know the commute sometimes just doesn't do that well in the rain the wet road to get a little soggy little slippery so we're taking a close. look at our bridges because there is will these wind advisories in place, san mateo bridge bay bridge martinez golden gate. we see the traffic you see the camera little wet too but so far it's very quiet. so traffic will continue to fill in and head west but no big problem so far and it looks like a smooth transition into foster city
5:19 am
and sam, a tail and that's what we like to see we're checking out the richmond san fell bridge, not as busy. but also sunday right traffic filling in at the tolls but not bad, you can make it into the north bay in just under 10 minutes, the bay bridge, 80 west. the heaviest as it normally is you're back up spilling the on 8.80 out to west grand. and you know shortly it's going to be through so come on and leave a little early, although i'm not tracking hot spots. it's just a good idea to leave as early as you can when it's raining like this and the roads are wet because you know problems just continuously pop up and sometimes it can be major highway 4 looks good the limits looking good no problems for 6.80 and smooth traffic on one to one from the south bay to the peninsula. james. thank you robin. >>6 story this morning cal fire has announced that pg needed cause the campfire this the deadliest and most destructive wildfire in california's history. that fire in butte county buund kill fire's report and as part of
5:20 am
its ongoinmaon to determine if pg need was negligent. there could be possible charges against the utility. charges that include homicide, manslaughter and reckless arson pstement that it reviewed cal fire's report yet. happening now san francisco police are looking for 2 men involved in a violent attack in the tenderloin and here's surveillance pictures of the attackers take a good look. it happened last week it was may 8 at the intersection of eddy and mason streets. the attack resulted in a brain injury for the victim. >>in the south bay to san jose man have been arrested for an armed robbery at a convenience store. 19 year-old juan gonzalez ramirez in 20 year-old alejandro al corps, they're accused of robbing the shan market on julian street back in january, here's video that robbery happening the 2 men walked into the store demand money from the clerk and they want to models alcohol to one of them had a gun. and so from this video
5:21 am
surveillance now that actually made the arrest of the 2 men. >>for that robbery. >>mother of a one month-old baby boy who died last year in san jose is arrested in connection to the death. >>kevin, coven at faces murder child abuse and child endangerment charges. the one month old is believed to have suffered blunt force trauma. he's being held. the fathers being held in the santa clara county jail without bail. a 3 year-old santa rosa boy is recovering after he was hit by a vehicle in the parking lot of a post office. he was running towards his mother's car in the parking lot at 6.17 broadway about one 30 in the afternoon yesterday when a mercedes-benz hit him in the parking lot. the driver didn't even see the little boy as they were backing up in the driver did remain at the scene the boy is in the hospital, he has injuries to his hand.
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>>our again rain continues to move across the bay john tribal with more on your forecast coming up in just a minute and robin list of the commute checked. and of course the rest today's headlines in just a deal talk. my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants deal is back. with grilled ham and hickory smoked bacon or grilled sausage on a warm, buttery croissant, it's way better than dry cereal. i wish i was warm and buttery. aww man. download the jack app and order my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants.
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my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants ddeal is back. with grilled ham and hickory smoked bacon or grilled sausage on a warm, buttery croissant, it's way better than some mediocre cereal. that's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me! download the jack app and order my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants. to take care of what's on their proper. >>welcome back 5.24 on this well not so rainy morning right now for most of us but just tell the full that is about to be. >>a pretty rainy day ahead of us. lincoln take a look at a couple of spots out there where you are seeing some light rainfall brief showers moving across the day that
5:25 am
includes and tipper around the golden gate bridge. out towards mount tam up towards inverness and up towards petaluma you can expect that rain in just a few minutes. just northeast of a lay how also looking at a spot of rain fall and are right around martinez this morning. you are also looking at just some shower activity a little bit further south in the day this spot of rainfall little more significant. just northeast of 92 centered across hayward and out as you're driving on 5.82 double in that shower activity is going to move to the east of san ramon in dublin. you can expect rainfall to increase here in just a few moments like i said might not be raining for most of us right now, but roadways are wet from overnight showers robin that means some slick conditions out there. >>as indeed and yes we've had some spin out sorry ready nothing that's awful are major, but you want to watch your speed and the careful here's one across the golden gate also soggy. but traffic looks good. we've had no major issues from the north bay to san francisco. so 20 minutes for your drive. now we do have
5:26 am
a full house at the bay bridge toll plaza cash lanes up and now its lows al way back from west grand. so 12 minutes and growing to make it in begin traffic tracker looks pretty decent right mostly in the green for a t 24 5 80 in the no major trouble spots but still leave a little early since roads are wet. james. all right. thank you very much. >>those annoying robocalls might stop bothering you soon as maybe later this year, the fcc is proposing a new strategy against robocalls it would give phone companies the authority to block those calls even before they get your phone. experts don't assume that this will get rid of all robo calls but it could make a huge difference. one call blocking company estimates that there are 4.9 billion calls placed. in april alone. and that's a rate of nearly 15 calls per person if approved the plan could take effect as early as later this year. as we head to break, here's a look at the radar again
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♪ protect your pet with the #1 name in flea and tick protection. frontline plus. trusted by vets for nearly 20 years. >>that is 5.29 right now taking a look at storm tracker for we get all fired up even though it's not raining everywhere at the moment. but we are seeing some of those cells move in even more than they were about a half hour of
5:30 am
analysts like that'des d let's latest now more john that's exactly right guys may not be raining everywhere just right now, but don't let that keep you from bringing your umbrellas in the rain jackets with you because rainfall intensity is going to increase later this morning. >>and we are in for another rainy day today remember yesterday, how it started lighter increased into the afternoon. it's going to be similar today, your timing is going to be different but it's a similar story, lighter right now definitely rainier later on looking at the golden gate bridge conditions are wet out there you can see a mix of clear skies and those clouds that's the difference today from yesterday conditions definitely spotty year to start this morning. areas of rainfall certainly present across the day, but they're d ryd brief showers that are pushing overhead, let's start with the north bay a couple of spots of rain around windsor on over to saint helene a a traveling down a young bill you're about to see rainfall here in just a moment or 2 center fell also looking at some light showers in near petaluma also towards
5:31 am
angel island timber on you've showers and just south of richmond lsha crossing into the hills over there. a wildcat open space looking at some areas of rain currently and also through the car keane is some light rainfall and then hayward we've been watching this one is kind of just sit ovary and hayward but it is great actually moving to the east on 5.80 getting closer to double in now probably are most significant showers as of the moment. they later on today showers are only going to get more significant more widespread rainfall towards the hours of 07:08:09am, isolated pockets of heavier rainfall drifting across the day by the time we work towards mid morning into the early afternoon showers becoming more widespread yet your best chance of thunderstorms will be for the north bay today, particularly sonoma and napa and solano counties then showers begin to taper off you're still going to look at some rain into the evening tonight by t rent situation playing out still a couple lingering showers possible for the south bay.
5:32 am
but by the afternoon it's sunshine for your friday, a good chance to get back outside enjoy the start of the weekend after the past couple of days. daytime highs today cooler than yesterday as we're we're mostly into the 50's a few low 60's hanging on though, so definitely on the cooler side of things as far as weather goes today. around out there you only have to look at. >>i'm not too bad actually looks pretty good right now we do have that nice little break. you can see some clear skies and some clouds but those clouds look pretty ominous look like they're going to come down pretty are pretty soon. but in the meantime we are getting little break on the 5.80 heading west found a just about to join with the 80 people are driving pfast going at the right speed because that's a good idea because the roads are really wet. you know we definitely have evidence that rain overnight. still a lot
5:33 am
slick roads here and still it is still pretty wet. so wet that you know when care c by the kick up a lot of water. you have to end up using a way of wind chills just to clear it because you get so much sprinkle on it. but ah, yet looking pretty good for now it's a nice time to get into your car and get to where you got to get to traffic is flowing. it's not raining hard people are driving very d sense to get time to step out back to you. >>all right, thank only nice to see that traffic is not so bad out there in that what it's been like of since around 4 o'clock folks have been doing pretty well on the slippery roads here at the bay bridge. it's just filling and so it's getting heavier by the minute with more folks heading west and you're back a party spills be on west grand shortly. it's going to be through the maze but still trouble free just a little san and no problems leaving the south bay. we're taking a look at one to one. and we can see the commute filling in northbounwee looking at the folks leaving send martine
5:34 am
working their way into morgan hill so just to be off and on from san martino avenue to bob cochran before you see an improvement but only 12 minutes total to make it to 85 in san jose. now if you're going to be on 85. there's just a little pocket of crowding right there. 2 8880 split, right there in the middle of your screen and then the rest of the trip on one oh one looks fantastic. 2 8087 17 6 8237, they're all fine for now we'll check more coming up in a bit. thank you robin 30 for 3 armed and dangerous thieves are on the loose after robbing a convenience store in livermore. >>crown force taylor's sacking has the story. >>everyone's obviously shaken up from the whole encounter that happened here so they wouldn't talk to me on camera, but they did say that this robbery was very unexpected in rare, especially for this neighborhood, not all 6 years that the owners had the story. he says this is by far the most violent crime. it has happened here. >>3 suspects armed with
5:35 am
handguns. storm into this convenience store tuesday night causing quite a shake-up in this quiet livermore >>some kind of a family neighborhood close knit group. yes is it to be lynn said they buy them together. my said on anything. >>livermore police say the suspects got away with cash tobacco products and the clerk cell phone at the am pm offering called avenue it's a very serious matter for us. it's a serious felony to violent crime. and it's something we don't tolerate it all now police want your help identifying these 3 men they were light skin males were uncertain of that. their ages specifically and we're assuming that they may have been of hispanic descent after robbing the store police say the 3 took off down pine street, a black older model toyota corolla i would have guessed it would happen here th suspects contact the livermore police in livermore taylor sackey kron 4 news in the east an alameda county sheriff's deputy is arrested on
5:36 am
suspicion of drunk driving and assault 27 year-old gallacher at is was arrested on may 4th. >>in livermore he crashed his car in the 500 block of jeannie way the sheriff's office says that he is currently on leave while this case is being investigated. a big story this morning, teachers and union city's new haven school district are set to strike. they're going to walk out on monday. the teachers association originally asked the school a district for a 20% pay raise over 2 years after nearly 6 hours of bargaining yesterday, the negotiations broke down. so now it's come to a strike the district says their final offer is a 3% bonus and one percent raise for the next school year. the teachers association says that's hat they're not getting enough money from the government due to low enrollment numbers. >>police now looking for a man who escaped custody at the fremont hall of justice we have video of that released a picture of him take a look. he's 30 year-old darryl bernard he's on probation stemming from a domestic
5:37 am
violence case it was also in custody for a strong armed robbery that police say he committed over the weekend in union city. bernard jump to 6 foot wall to get out of the courthouse eluding the deputy that was there with him. the sheriff's office believes that bernard is hiding somewhere between hayward and fremont. in the south bay to san jose woman charge in a dui crash that killed a freeman teenager did not enter a plea 28 year-old ashley all over appeared yesterday in santa clara county superior court. police say that she was drunk on saturday when she drove the wrong way on highway 17 and crashed into a car. 17 year-old armando can alice was killed 4 other teenagers were injured. if convicted, she faces a maximum sentence of 14 years in prison. >>and keeping a close eye on r a lot of areas across the bay it isn't going to stay that way another active day ahead of us and i've got you covered all morning long.
5:38 am
>>pretty busy and crowded on the roads to specially the bay bridge 80 west in san francisco are they backed up be on west grand so filling and quickly, we'll check a downtown san francisco.
5:39 am
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5:41 am
taxpayer dollars to make improvements to our water infrastructure. the governor's tax plan is still alive though in the state assembly. 5.41 the coast guard now has a better idea of how to handle natural disasters in san francisco. coast guard officials spent the day yesterday surveying the bay to drop a disaster plan in case of an earthquake. the coast guard is going to assess the channels to make sure that the operating deaths can still handle ships. coming in and out of the day after a major quake. the coast guard is expected to help after disaster and for long-term recovery to for the region. 5.41 as we head to the break, let's take a peek at the radar right now and you can see that the storm where the rain cells are spotty. >>at best right now but we're going to see some more downpours later today and maybe even thunderstorms will be back wit
5:42 am
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>>the on the screen and. this morning and i guess we're find out. >>yeah quieter start but definitely an uptick later today chance of thunderstorms even let's may 2 days in a row ray, even more ahead of us what does this keep that umbrella handy, i guess yeah well it's going to get some good news this winter season and you're still get some use out of them even as we work our way through may this is your look outside of downtown san francisco from across the bay, no fog out there. >>whatsoever cloud cover's made sure that that wasn't going to form last night and rainfall throughout the evening for many parts of the bay area and now we're looking at some spotty areas of rainfall all across the bay this morning, the heaviest of rain though that's to our east in the sierra nevada, unseasonably late snowfall falling as low in elevation is around 6,000 feet this morning as far as the bay area's
5:46 am
concerned spotty rainfall will pretty much everywhere just very isolated spots of it to the north bay to the east bay, all looking at some areas where as you drive into work this morning may be encountering rain for about 5.10 minutes ann be waving goodbye to the skies clear out again from hayward on and across 5.80 to double in now and knows just south of san ramon as looking at the shower activity and further north in the bay a couple of spots out there such as just north of nevado right around center fell in on over to richmond where there are some rypots of rain so they're just very hit or miss showers this morning. showers increase in intensity and become more widespread a little bit later this morning, especially as your commute starts to pick up and tear mid morning. you are going to see these areas of yellow and orange indicating heavier spots of rain, especially for the east and south bay towards midmorning the best chance of thunderstorms though that will actually be for the north bay into the early afternoon shower activity continues through the afternoon on into the early evening before
5:47 am
eventually tapering off through the night tonight and then something we all all are anxious about hearing about tomorrow which is going to be a beautiful day, especially as compared to today and yesterday, nice sunshine temperatures, warmer, great way to start the weekend but that's not before some pretty significant rainfall today, totals of well over an inch in spots like heyward oakland up to napa nevado and santa rosa nearing 2 inches of rainfall as we move on into the start of the weekend. temperatures today at the coolest only in the upper 50's to low 60's across the day. so an unseasonably cool day tomorrow, warmer a lot sunnier and a lot drier than come saturday, starting dry not ending that way of showers arrive in the evening. showers linger in sthen skies clear and through the rest of the day on sunday, staying dry likely on monday and then some chances of showers on tuesday before shower activity increases into wednesday. so inactive forecast from start to finish. robin eay birds making their wa
5:48 am
to work and so far. >>they're in good shape. if you want to be in good shape get on out there with them now before it gets to batter to busy roads are slick. but the traffic is you know study a nice steady flow over to the peninsula here on the san mateo bridge and under 15 minutes off to one on one so we're off to a good start. it's been a very quiet so far this morning into san francisco using the bay bridge. if that's you know that you're going to be stuck in traffic from the bottom of the main a zoom in a little busy up the eastern span but not bad, here's a look at traffic tracker the map you can see how its backing of right here on to the shore freeway coming out 80's lookin no problems 24 wide open from the caldecott livermore to dublin castor valley, the great that's all wide open southbound looks great dublin son all on into fremont no troubles for the minutes except for a little bit of crowding here 2.38 to 92, but that's about it the rest of the nimitz freeway looks really good and then from the south bay to the peninsula on
5:49 am
into san francisco. you're in great shape for one to one north and north to 80 so we'll continue to track them roads in the slippery conditions out there. let you know if hot spots pop up james. >>thank you very much robin. back to the news now 5 49 in the man arrested for snatching women's purses in san jose could spend the rest of his life in jail if convicted, 26 year-old brera junior was arraigned yesterday, he's accused of stealing from a woman at a business complex along towers lane in san jose can see it dragged her down the stairs. and the little girl is holding out her mom's hand as well. they later linked him to 3 other purse snatching cases all involving asian women. if convicted he faces a life sentence for those robberies. his next court appearance will be on june 3rd. new this morning, a traffic stop in fairfield and with police finding a gun in a man's car, 56 year-old john perry was stopped for dui tuesday night and that's when officers found a semiautomatic handgun in the center console. perry is now booked into the solano county jail for dui and felony weapons charges. in the
5:50 am
east bay, a bicyclist was killed after riding on to a highway in oakland. this happened on the right shoulder of highway, 24 just west of the martin luther king junior way off ramp. the bicyclists rode onto the highway. eventually hit by a car and officers say the driver didn't have time to react and avoid that cyclist. police say someone planted a camera in an elementary school bathroom. a teacher that the thomas park elementary found it in a staff bathroom this week, it's not clear yet who put it there are what video lot of unrecorded the district decided to check the restrooms on all of its campuses to make sure no other cameras were hidden, they didn't find anything else. in any other campus. happening today, president trump unveiling a new immigration reform plan but some have concerns about what isn't included in that proposal. the immigration plan includes secured points of entry increased border barriers and create a merit points system for visas, however, the proposal avoids dealing in any way with dhaka family
5:51 am
separations low skilled immigrants and the millions of undocumented migrants currently in the us. the white house says that solutions to those issues will come later on if republicans are able to reach a consensus on immigration they still need to get support from democrats who are in control of the house of representatives. take a look at this a helicopter spun out of control and they're crashing into the hudson river in new york he going down. off in the background this happened yesterday. the pilot was coming from jfk airport wow. he had just refueled and was repositioning to land when something obviously went wrong. helicopter started to plunge an inkept that pontoon i kept that helicopter from actually sinking so that helped out the crash is being investigated now the pilot suffered just a hand injury. ea radar we are following the wet weather as it continues into this thursday may 16 john trade with your complete forecast in just a minute stay
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
>>coming up on 06:00am now it's 5.54 let's get the details of the past couple of days because we want from some dry and warm weather sun now this switch up which has been this cooler and that we saw pus through which has now entered the sierra nevada the great basin on over into the central valley too we're sitting in a nice lol in between the 2 areas of rainfall but all connected with one system you can see the center of circulation or all right here
5:55 am
just offshore a cloud cover if you look is really stretching in a continuous line just to our north and as we make our way through the day all that cloud cover you're seeing to our west is going to be what is making its way towards the day. so like i said we're kind of in the wall in the middle of it right now that's not to say we're completely dry though there are some off and on showers all across the bay area. you're looking at just spots of rain around point raise up sonoma county and then just a few brief spots on the east bay up and down the peninsula and around san jose robin. >>thank you john back to the bay bridge. one of our busiest bridges and a little windy too are checking the drive on 80 west into san francisco back of heavily and it's already a into the maze really spilling over to the east shore freeway for those of you coming in out of every bill but so far it's been a pretty good commute with a 60 minutes for the drive off to fremont street. we're taking a peek at 6 8012 minutes, but a call to danville and then you're doing fine on the nimitz and highway 17 picking up but not that james.
5:56 am
>>thank you robin that 5.56 and coming up in the next hour an uptick in gun violence in one east bay city has police calling the fbi for sarah stinson is standing by with more on that in a live report. plus a second grade boys threatened at gunpoint by another student all happening in filet o we're going to details on that coming up the next hour as well. and we're also tracking the rain that will be the big story impacting everybody once again today complete details with john troub introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo.
5:57 am
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tastier... i was literally born for this. ♪ you had me at fried chicken pacifier. try my new spicy chicken strips combo today. with 100% all-white meat chicken. >>thanks for joining us and our youthful son and i'm james fletcher r all right so let's the screen of course the big story is the weather and we're covering it from multiple angles you've got crawford's yulia 7 is live on the roads for us this morning giving us that larger picture on the left storm tracker for radar in the upper right and the bay bridge toll plaza.
6:00 am
>>on the bottom right and you only shot is definitely dry pavement. but it's not going to stay that way for long. let's get caught up with weather and traffic before you head out the door and into any trouble hotspots no hot spots, it's mostly the bridge's center path. >>and a lot of them under under special high wind advisories chat. a little windy wet windy wet chance of thunderstorms later this afternoon could come along with heavy downpours hail. >>we got everything the moment, you know what this morning, it's just mess because it's confusing everyone you think oh my gosh look at there's a little bit of sunshine. it's over and i'm going to step outside with the my umbrella today don't to it. rainfall is going to increase later today and like i mentioned we do have a chance of thunderstorms, especially for the east and north bay alon


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