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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  May 16, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>>tonight u c berkeley student is behind bars after police sex officials say that he could be responsible for more good evening, everybody. i think you will be aka and i'm cap and he and grant lotus has the night off tonight we're learning the student was a member of a fraternity on campus on first-and kerman is live at berkeley police headquarters and has the latest. >>catherine at a time he was a member for fraternity and one of these instances actually occurred at a fraternity back in 2017. the most recent incident when he was no longer at a fraternity, happening just a up the street right
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near where he lives. >>20 year-old u c berkeley student then wolf has been charged with 8 counts of sexual-assault in connection with the attacks of 2 women off campus. police say both instances. wolf used force in the 2. >>special sauce that we know about the victims were punched rafter been. >>authorities say in march a woman was assaulted in the 2300 block of lawyering that's the same block for wolf lives and was arrested on wednesday. once the investigation began. another woman came forward to say wolf sexually assaulted her. back in november of 2017. and one of the fraternity houses that line the 2400 block of wearing. >>in the course of investigating both of these social assaults. it became clear to us that there may be other victims as well. so if. you know anyone or us then a victim of sexual-assault please get in contact with us.
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>>authorities would not identify the fraternity where the assault took place. but did say wolf is a member of a fraternity, but not at the time of his arrest. >>its release on its 2019 we're still living in the situation. those we spoke to in the neighborhood say this is just another sad reminder that women, especially on or near college campuses. let's take extra precautions. >>if i'm out there from going to a friend's house that night obviously my first day on the usually my thought but. you know there's a list of things you have to do you have to walking group stay away from. >>dimly lit streets. >>and we have breaking news to tell you about you're looking live at the scene of where an f 16 fighter jet crashed into that warehouse just outside a southern california's march air reserve base that's in riverside county again you're looking at the scene live. officials say the pilot ejected before the crash. i was not hurt apparently and
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again there's a hole in the roof of the building work. jet came down, nobody on the ground at last word has been injured. it happened just after dawn this morning, swat teams converging on homes in oakland and 5 other east bay cities the oakland police department says that those razor response. >>to an upsurge of violence dating back 7 months and crime first can weigh in he is in the newsroom with details on what police chief and kirkpatrick is calling a criminal supercell vicki, the investigation that began last october led to today's mass raids. >>10 swat teams making 16 arrests in 3 counties. >>one of the sites rated this morning was on 76 avenue just east of the coliseum the head of oakland's cease-fire gang intervention task force says investigation leading to today's raid began 7 months ago with an uptick in shootings related to marijuana
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dispensary burglaries and robberies. >>we quickly learned that 3 groups from north oakland west oakland in east oakland had formed an alliance becoming a super group. >>at least 2 suspects were taken into custody at the 76 street location, some of the charges involved spears multiple burglaries a. and lastly several residential robberies, police dogs were sent in to search for hidden weapons. they found a pair of illegally modified assault rifles hidden in the walls. >>along with oakland homes were raided in other east bay locations in all the raids yielded 16 arrests at least 2 dozen weapons. those weapons will be compared the shell casings found at shooting scenes in oakland. oakland's police chief says weapons seized in earlier raids had multiple matches one gun was even connected to 17 other
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shooting events. chief ann kirkpatrick says she was president the east oakland raids and was disturbed by one thing it was the children. >>any time the innocence. having to experience. police coming into their homes is frightening that is i'm always troubling. >>along with oakland homes were also rated in antioch hayward richmond, san leandro and the layau oakland police say all of the arrests are related to crimes committed in oakland. they can catherine. >>thank you can well a survivor of the ghost ship warehouse fire testified today describing the inside stairs as maize like i'm not evenly spaced he also said there was a clear sense of panic in the room and getting out of the building obviously very difficult. he said that other than smoke there had been no warnings about the fire that would eventually kill 36 people. this was day 8 of the trial kron first fully to go reports that 2 officers also
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took the stand. >>i've been morass walks out of superior court in oakland after providing 40 minutes of trial testimony in the ghost ship warehouse fire case. he survived the fire describing a cramped and uncomfortable environment inside stating getting up to the second level for the performance that night was difficult and that the only staircase esau and used was unsteady and difficult initially he and his friend smelled would seem to be fireworks. then smoke started coming up through the wooden boards above the first floor. >>he heard a faint yell from a man downstairs to get out fire. arrest described panic while suffocating during his exit. >>he told the court the lights never turned back on once they went off. he never heard of smoke or fire alarm. and there were no clearly marked exit signs. >>prosecutors painting a picture of an unsafe environment for a large gathering of people hindsight
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sonner percent the prosecution also calling to oakland police officers to the stand one still on the force the other retired both stating they responded to calls for help at the warehouse in the past between 2014 2015 both saying they'd met the artist collectives master tenant derek elmen a but not the collective's creative director max harris. harris and all men are facing 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter in the deaths of 36 people. the officers telling the court that although they had suspicions people were living in the warehouse, he legally all men and denied that was the case on multiple occasions. the officers saying they'd both been inside the building and didn't cite any one for living there illegally, especially since there were no requests to do so it's obvious from listening to what officer low. >>said that he knew there were people living there because he had found that i'm selves so that's the first thing. the second thing is less per 10 that their film and i had
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spoken 100% truthfully in sochi our living here what difference would it make these police officers never in there for. arrest somebody for living in a warehouse nor should they. >>the defense believes the fire was the result of arson one that the defendants could not have prevented. prosecutors claim the defendants were negligent. in oakland fleet of all kron 4 news. >>a day of wet rainey down all across the bay area today on the left is video of slick roads and the golden gate bridge and on the right brain inmer in county. and let's take a look at storm tracker for radar still plenty of green, although showers mostly scattered at this point, but again we know more rain on the way chief meteorologist large curnow joins us with a look at what we can expect yeah more showers looks like at least through midnight after that things will begin to settle down but numerous showers. >>not only here but around much of the state seal still piling up in the sierra nevada to winter storm warnings are up there in the lightning
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strikes into the central valley so very active weather pattern right now unusually active for this time of year and still some heavy downpours showing up around the bay area taking close look now to the scattered showers along the peninsula, those moving a little further to the south. some heavier downpours as you make your way in the parts of the south out the you're seeing some rain drops coming to your neighborhood, scattered showers moving in and around much of the bay area see the heavier bands now moving into san ramon near alamo also in the dublin, a moving further to the east we're going to see these pop-up showers as we head through the night tonight and then things will begin to settle down. but certainly you could see some heavy downpours there still a chance of an isolated thunderstorm as the system's kind of continue to rotate on through staying very unsettled now so this system going to wind down but we've got another one on the way and that one is going to impact your weekend we'll talk more about that in a few minutes thank you lawrence, though warriors are just 3 wins away from advancing to a 5th straight nba finals and tonight, everybody says they look pretty likely to take a 2 nothing lead against the portland trail blazers kron four side jason.
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>>2 months is live at oracle and has a preview jason. >>yeah guys we've gotten used to the warriors putting on offensive clinics this season, it's the defensive side of the ball where they really struggle but that was not the case of game one. in the western conference finals. warriors i mean good the blazers guard damian lillard and cj mccollum they came into this series. 5 points per game respectively. they just scored 1917 points. this is the most aggressive i've seen the warriors the fence. this season they forced 21 term. and it seemed a only combined issue. it shipped level of the fence. that's the type of defense that we've seen from past warriors championship team. also a very realistic person.
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>>and make things as difficult as possible in. times uh we've got. continue to defend. game plan and. but things things change the series all changes they go. >>he certainly right you can never get. how portland. one more quick note. game one they played 3rd team players their entire run. when you have guys like kevin duran and marcus cousins added a line of your
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life happy get production from everyone on the team beat some of these teams left playing the budget everyone still playing it's really good. now we have to work or arena is starting to fill up. and we'll have highlights later on kron four reporting from oracle arena. i'm jason do boss back to you guys, i'm jason wheeler. >>or the talking to you soon coming up, we are getting a closer look at the suicide deterrent on the golden gate bridge we're going to show you how it will work and the president unveils a new immigration plan but democrats say they're not going to let it how the president says he'll get it passed. >>anyway. plus the homeless crisis is gettin ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪ ♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive
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>>a big story tonight. the number of homeless people on the streets of santa clara county is up dramatically and his crime cars from flood reports the news is even worse and the city of san jose. >>mandated census of the homeless conducted a few months ago has revealed a sharp spike in the number of people living on and on underneath the streets of san jose. the by annual census finds the number of homeless residents jumped from 4,350 in 2017 to 6,172. that's a shocking a 42% increase, san jose mayor sam liccardo. >>this report is a call to action for us. to think differently about our approach
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to homelessness and double down on those solutions that are working. >>the new count shows a 31% increased county wide with the numbers have gone from 7,394 to 9,706. since 2015 some 7,000 people have been moved off the streets and into permanent housing across santa clara county. but the efforts are not keeping pace. county supervisor, dave cortez even see economic conditions that we continue to grow jobs. so which is a good thing to really really rapid rate by the thousands in. >>we're just not producing housing, especially low income in affordable housing at that rate there is wide agreement that the lack of affordable housing is to blame. >>that and the not in my backyard attitude that persists with regard to shelters. another short term solution says homeless advocate pastors gotten wages, the more we keep passing the buck. you know just reacting out of emotion that the homeless are everybody's backyard. and we just want to demonize them and move them.
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>>it's not going to work the numbers are too big now there's no question that we've got to do more. we've got to do it fa more urgently. >>the new numbers show that for every person who finds a way out of homelessness there are 2 or 3 others who take his or her place in san jose rob flood kron 4 news. >>happening now police in the east they are looking for suspects wanted in an armed home invasion robbery and officer involved shooting. hayward police say that the suspects threatened to victims inside their home and stole from them at gunpoint one of the victims was able to call police and when officers got there they saw the suspects fleeing one apparently pointed a gun at them. 3 officers then shot at the suspects police say they got away and it to door black honda accord police on the peninsula believe they have sold a decades old cold case murder, san mateo county sheriff's deputies, arrested 75 year-old john arthur got row hayward on suspicion of
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sexually assaulting and strangling 21 year-old janet and taylor back in march of 1974. dutrow was that already in custody in santa clara county when he made whether they made the connection he was arrested. last year for sexually assaulting and strangling another woman back in 1973. investigators had sent dna samples that were stored with the evidence to the same dna database that used to arrest the alleged golden state killer catherine. >>well the long long planned suicide barrier for the golden gate bridge. it is slowly taking shape. today the bridge district showed kron four is charles clifford what that barry a barrier is going to look like. >>one thursday, the golden gate bridge district showed off a prototype of its new suicide barrier that's currently being installed. underneath the golden gate bridge know when it's finished the barrier will said about 20 feet below the road deck you will run along both sides of the bridge extending out away from the bridge will be
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composed of a steel arms, the tubes there will also be a stainless steel net spread out in all there will be about 3 and a half miles of netting underneath the bridge. the idea is to a deter people from trying to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge. and also be if they have someone does jump they will fall into the net and get stock about now will get first responders a chance to get out there. >>and save them. now also at today's event were family members of people who have committed suicide by jumping from the bridge. we heard from one family who says they're very excited by the progress on this project. >>after all of these years to see and touch and that and that that will actually save lives on the golden gate bridge is very emotional and surreal. >>all these suicide barrier is going to cost about million. they expect it will take another 2 years to install they're hoping to have it finished place by january of 2021. they're also between now and then be considerable number of lane closures overnight. well crews i move
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equipment over the side of the bridge and get it down there so it can be installed in san francisco charles liberty. >>and look out to those storm tracker for radar just still see some scattered showers out there tonight we got some heavy rain and i know at least one person loving yes last night you probably really have always great today i love days like today that the search they need the rain coming in kind of a crazy weather day outside. >>and it continues causing some at sfo yesterday ed leigh's of 4 and a half hours today. a little bit better still delays of an hour and a half there so it expected be coming and s f o plan on some blaze. no delays being reported oakland or san jose cloudy skies out a route that raz and towards san francisco, some showers still popping up all around the bay area get caught in one of these some fairly heavy downpours but we are going to see some more significant rain as we get the weekend effect live that's the next part of the system that's
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developing actually there's an air of low pressure that will dive on the back side that's going to really intensify that storm system as it comes in on saturday still scattered showers kind of watering on through almost west to east now so certainly going to see these in there quick mover, so you see these pop-up showers around the bay area brief heavy downpours as they come through we're seeing some of that now in parts of the east bay moving east now sahar also near livermore and then you get inside the bay. we've got more showers more scattered showers popping up if you're traveling home for your commute little bit slick out there on the roads in the san mateo right now in redwood city and the showers continuing around the bay area that's going be happening over the next couple of hours here just pop-up showers and i think as we head toward the middle of the night things are going to begin to tail off and slow down. looks like we'll get on the backside of the storm system so we're almost done more showers continuing in parts of the north they too but the showers will be coming to an end here very shortly. and then we start get ready for the next storm will have more on that coming up in a few minutes, i lawrence. and neighbors wake up to their cars smashed after a suspected drunk driver.
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>>plows into parked cars and eventually a home in san jose will explain what happened. and the nation's strictest abortion ban has been signed ♪
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off! familycare provides mosquito protection with a dry formula that's not oily or greasy so you can keep living life your way. off! live on. sc johnson >>state political leaders are speaking out against the nation's strictest abortion ban was signed into law in alabama yesterday and this after another bill banning abortions at 8 weeks that past missouri's, a state senate
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today khan force martin kelly was with governor newsome in san francisco. she has his reaction. i think it's a disgrace in. and we need to push back governor gavin newsome sounding off to reporters after his counterpart in alabama. >>signed into law the most restrictive abortion ban yet. it would outlaw abortions at every stage of pregnancy except when the mother's life is threatened. doctors performing the procedure would face up to 99 years in prison. newsome noting that those voting to pass the law have a lot in common. >>predominantly 25 white males, how many of them that personal experience as a family experiences that apparently they feel they should have a right to be afforded. but women should not. the irony of. so many republicans that decry regulation promoting regulating. it's not lost on me today in the nation's capital house leader nancy pelosi voiced her concerns i don't want to.
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>>if you're monger but i do believe they're kind of going to pass it will totally dismantle roe v wade and we have to be. >>vigilant. the alabama law does not make exceptions for cases of rape or incest. >>house minority leader bakersfield republican, kevin mccarthy says that goes too defend my pro-life position for my whole political career. >>but my whole political career i also believed in rape incest or life of the mother was exceptions that's exactly what republicans voted on in this house, that's what our platform says and i believe that's the point of you find many of us of where we stand. >>noosa made his comments during a statewide tour promoting his health cnre agenda. he says he will detail how a $100 million of his budget will be used to help planned parenthood and other family planning organizations throughout the state at his final stop in san diego on saturday. maureen kelly khan 40's. >>khan for is now streaming
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live local news 24 hours a day with no commercials. the new service is called kron on get caught up on all the latest breaking news and weather. any time of day visit kron on dot tv to start watching now. 5.30 an increase in violence in one east bay city has police calling in reinforcements the help they are getting from federal officials to come back. >>also get ready for more on wanted form the full message is quite debt collectors will soon be able to text to an email you and this is aside from ongoing robo calls a new immigration proposal and the president is asking for fewer low-wage low-skilled immigrants
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>>top story tonight at 5.30 president trump unveils a new immigration plan. administration officials say this is a designed to unite republicans improve border security and move towards a merit based immigration system but as crime first camila bernal explains the proposal is facing an uphill battle. >>president trump proposing what he calls a modern and lawful immigration system. >>the proposal begins with the most complete an effective border security package. >>in addition to border security and a border wall, the president's plan includes a shift in the way immigrants obtain citizenship. he proposes allowing in less low-wage low-skilled immigrants and more selected based on merit


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