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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  May 17, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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talking about your forecast ek. >>but it's even more important on fridays. >>i agree with that because we need to know how to plan things you know outdoors indoors movies, a walk in the park hiking, it's all on you john exactly lots of pressure now for past couple of days and not so great weather. today is coming through for us, nice. the looking at a nice friday ahead, i know we're still mostly cloudy across the bay area but skies are only gradually going to become clear throughout the course of the day today just a couple of lingering showers east of san jose up in the higher elevations. >>for the most of the day it is nice and dry that's more
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than we can say for the sierra nevada this morning if you have plans on heading up into avy snowfall on the western slope of the sierra back here at home we're seeing dry skies already something that's going to carry us through the rest of the day today on through the evening tonight, temperatures, fairly pleasant as long as you've got your light jacket a range of 40's and 50's winds are going to make those temperatures field on the brisk side and we do have high wind advisories as robin will tell you on our bridges and winds are going to stay around throughout the day today skies are going to be a lot of clear today and increasingly clear temperatures are going to be on the rise from the 50's to the 60's later on making for the best day of your weekend to get outside. i've got the rest of the breakdown still to come so stay with us robin. >>all right, let's check in on the roads i noticed they were still a bit soggy out there in some spots so you'll still want to be on your best behavior and just watch your speed driving around the bay area because they roads are slick. we're checking the bay bridge toll plaza there is a line that's growing right here the cash lanes but overall the
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great trip cash payers of the left are doing fine the fast trackers are doing fine and so are the car pool or so if you want to join these folks, no big problems here making your way into san francisco. here's what i want to cross the golden gate just in case you have to use it looking good only 19 minutes wide open from nevado to the tolls i do want to mention that there is a high wind advisory after got to tell you there's one for the bay bridge. the benicia and the san mateo bridge to watch your speed we do not have one for the richmond center fell bridge traffic looks great here. it is 8 minutes to make your way into the north bay so no major accidents working right now highway for looking good. if you have to head west this morning. it's going to get ripped leaving antioch pittsburg bay point conquered 6 80's find so far che coated and they'll i don't see big trouble spots for one on one or the name it so use it now 8.80 south only 20 minutes. that's quick from to 38 out to to 37 will check more in just a bit. when the east right now
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law enforcement and oakland strike back with a series of swat team raids in several locations so the police raids targeted an alliance of gangs which are blamed for an upsurge in violence in oakland. the investigation began about 7 months ago with shootings related to marijuana dispensary burglaries and robberies 16 arrest and more than a dozen weapons were seized. >>we quickly learned that 3 groups from north oakland west oakland in east oakland had formed an alliance becoming a super group one gun was even connected to 17 other shooting offense. >>several women were a governor gavin newsome is speaking out against the nation's strictest abortion bill newsome was in san francisco, where he blasted the new antiabortion law in alabama his crimes forza marine kelly with the story. >>i think it's a disgrace in. >>and we need to push back
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governor gavin newsome sounding off to reporters after his counterpart in alabama signed into law the most restrictive abortion ban yet. it would outlaw abortions at every stage of pregnancy except when the mother's life is threatened. doctors performing the procedure would face up to 99 years in prison. newsome noting that those voting to pass the law have a lot in common. >>predominantly 25 white males, how many of them that personal experience as a family experiences that apparently they feel they should have a right to be afforded. but women should not. the irony of. so many republicans that decry regulation promoting regulating. it's not lost on me today in the nation's capital house leader nancy pelosi voiced her concerns some >>if you're monger but i do believe they're kind of going to pass it will totally dismantle roe v wade and we have to be. >>vigilant. the alabama law does not make exceptions for
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cases of rape or incest. >>house minority leader bakersfield republican, kevin mccarthy says that goes too defend my pro-life position for my whole political career but my whole political career i also believed in rape incest or life of the mother was exceptions that's exactly what. >>republicans have voted on in this house, that's what our platform says and i believe that's the point of you find many of us of where we stand. >>noosa made his comments during a statewide tour promoting his health care agenda. he says he will detail how a $100 million of his budget will be used to help planned parenthood and other family planning organizations throughout the state at his final stop in san diego on saturday. maureen kelly khan 40's. a man accused of killing 3 people in the bay area last month has been charged with 3 counts of murder the alameda county da's office. >>announced the charges thursday against 43 year-old stuff on jefferson. police say
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the jefferson killed 57 year-old marcus jackson in oakland that happened on april 26. and we have a map for there is a map that shows where that first shooting happened. it also he's also accused of killing 49 year-old little ron davis that happened in san francisco, the same day and then police say he shot and killed 43 year-old calvin kelly at peoples park that was in berkeley. jefferson then traveled to the top area where he allegedly shot and injured a sheriff's deputy right before getting arrested a nevada jefferson faces 13 felony counts. he remains in custody there on a 1 million dollar bill. south and now a we accuse he was wrongly accused drive-by shooting that left a victim paralyzed, he's been set free after spending 17 years in prison. we have new video this is new video showing nil ruble coma and he's accuse are says when he was freed wednesday. this came after prosecutors perform the final step of officially dropping the
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charges. so his conviction was reversed last month attorneys with the innocence project. they took his case about 5 years ago and in january they presented new evidence which dodd disproved eyewitnesses accounts over originally what happened and when the victim was re interviewed. he admitted that he was not confident about the original identification that he made. well the long planned suicide barrier for the golden gate bridge is slowly taking shape con for us charles clifford has a look at the prototype. >>on thursday, the golden gate bridge district showed off a prototype of its new suicide barrier that's currently being installed. underneath the golden gate bridge know when it's finished the barrier will said about 20 feet below the road deck you will run along both sides of the bridge extending out away from the bridge will be composed of a steel arms, the tubes there will also be a stainless steel net spread out in all there will be about 3 and a half miles of netting underneath
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the bridge. the idea is to a deter people from trying to commit suicide by jumping off the bridge. and also be if they have someone does jump they will fall into the net and get stock about now will get first responders a chance to get out there. >>and save them. now also at today's event were family members of people who have committed suicide by jumping from the bridge. we heard from one family who says they're very excited by the progress on this project. >>after all of these years to see and touch and that and that that will actually save lives and the golden gate bridge is very emotional and surreal. >>all the suicide barrier is going to cost about million. they expect it will take another 2 years to install they're hoping to have it finished place by january of 2021. they're also between now and then be considerable number of lane closures overnight. well crews i move equipment over the side of the bridge and get it down there so it can be installed in san francisco charles liberty.
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>>for your money this morning prices are going up at wal-mart. the company is planning to raise prices on items impacted by tariffs on chinese goods. so walmart they didn't specify which items would see price increases walmart imports 26% of the merchandise it sells from china. now that number is lower than many other retailers because more than half of its sales come from groceries. the trump administration race tariffs on billion worth of chinese goods last week. well boeing says it has completed a software fix to its troubled 7.37 max, the max 8, 9 were grounded worldwide back in march after an ethiopian airlines crash that was similar to a lion air crash in indonesia last year. so investigators have pointed to an automated anti stall system that the pilots battled in the last both crashes. now between the 2 crashes 346 people died, boeing ceo says quote we're committed to
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providing the f a a and global regulators all the information they need to getting it right in still ahead. who's more disagreements in court over what happened when the fire broke out in oakland out of the warehouse killing 36 people will have the latest from the trial coming up next how about a little peek outside pretty shot here checking out of downtown san francisco from the embarcadero the bay bridge lights twinkling in the background at least we can see the lights it's not pouring down out there. >>we do have moisture left over i don't think the rain is over quite yet. john we'll tell you how much we're expecting when the rain is going to go away and when will see sunshine again remember sunshine. i hardly remember that's bee ridge.
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>>chatting it up about the forecast a little unstable these days i just don't know what to expect try the sport you know what. >>think she knows what she's doing the mother nassar's a little uh being a little rowdy. >>so i it does. the rain is that no but we do have a break from that we need to bring next best thing from being done with should get a break from it and what a good time for bringing it is friday and you want some nice sunny skies. >>today we're going to see that but how about some it's a to breakers still around flipped, there's so much going on. >>we have bay to breakers and then stuck out a fare. so there's a lot of people to do this weekend so much to do this weekend and the good news about da
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is that rainfall on sunday is actually going to be a lot lighter than what you're looking at tomorrow, so rainfall tomorrow might keep indoors more than anythin else. >>overnight saturday night into sunday morning you're going to see some very heavy rain if anything that's going to help to really clean up the streets priya as you're getting outside to make a run on a sunday morning. the light rainfall do be expecting that on sunday morning but it is actually going make for some pretty enjoyable conditions it will be like running through a heavy mist really. bay to breakers kicks off at 08:00am do expect a temperature out there around 54 degrees on sunday morning and then temperatures gradually rising towards noon time so this is good news actually free runners on sunday, no it's not a single be dry not going to be warm. but it is not going to be down pouring ania as you make your out on sunday as for right now we are seeing dry conditions for the bay, heavy rain and high heavy snow in the sierra nevada, so if you have plans and driving up into the conditions up there like i
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mentioned though the bay is nice and dry today we do have ample moisture still situated out to arrest in the west and this next system you're looking at to our west is what's going to impact us really on into wednesday. r saturday, not wednesday. today is nice and dry tomorrow, not so much so today only gets clear in clear by the afternoon ahead of us. we've got some beautiful mostly sunny skies. temperatures on the warmer side. now tomorrow showers should begin around 08:00am they're going to be very light to start shower intensity, kicks into gear around noontime. that's when some moderate rainfall begins to work its way into the bay and after that point the heaviest of rain that since here late afternoon early evening around 6.30. so we can really expect some stronger winds and some heavy rains as i mentioned are near bay to breakers forecast, heavy rains will continue during your overnight hours that are really lightning up by the time you getting out of bed on sunday morning. temperatures today, upper 60's in some cases most early a range of
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60's though concord up to 67 oakland in the low 60's and hayward at 61 degrees as for the next 7 days here is a look at what to expect it's definitely an on and off for a new kind of forecast today, a nice break from the rain tomorrow our rainiest day of the weekend. sunday will come along with times of sunshine. sprinkling conditions during the morning hours and into the afternoon. a chance of thunderstorms for the east bay then comes monday a dry day or second dry day and this forecast tuesday and wednesday, a few showers on and off intermixed with some sunshine in there. then thursday, another dry day just around the corner in the meantime temperatures for the most part are going to hang out in the low to mid 60's. rob. thank you john want check in on traffic now we're starting off hot spot free. >>no major issues story about if you need to drive into san francisco right now of course we have a little bit of a wait aad that's only in the cash lanes it's only on the right hand side after this is going
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to be a great trip across the upper deck to downtown san francisco. all right, here's 92. this is your trip across the 7 bridge. there's a minor crash wrapping up westbound near the high rise, it's already been pushed off to the side. so that's good. but it may be attracting a little bit and attention you know how it goes you see some flashing lights you see a crash on the shoulder and people still slow down to take a look so it is backing up a little bit out of hayward toward the toll plaza getting very crowded but still under a 15 minutes to make it over to want to one that's a great average. what's 5 any to the richmond center fell bridge more cars now the last time i checked i didn't see anybody rolling through the paye gates now it's picking up it's still not bad 8 minutes to make that trip into the north bank traffic tracker show those great numbers right for the east shore freeway for 24 out of one at creek renda i don't see any major issues leaving the doubling grade castro valley san leandro it's just a great ride on into downtown oakland. and the minute so that's looking good 8.80 it's 12 minutes from to 38 to 9.80. latest on the go
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ship warehouse fire trial oakland. battalion chiefs testifying saying that they stand behind their actions and decisions made back in december of 2016 when a fire broke out during an electronic music party at warehouse there in oakland from force michelle kingston has the latest. no race walks out of court after testifying in the trial of derick almena and max harris, both men charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter meurice escape the fire at the ghost ship warehouse back in december 2016 he said he saw no exit signs are no smoke alarms and was panicked suffocating as he exited the building open battalion fire chief james barren described the thick smoke pouring out of the warehouse windows when he arrived on the scene the night of the fire he said on the stand on thursday, he knew within minutes of getting there that people were inside. >>despite knowing this is still told the court there was nothing he would have done differently looking back 2 and a half years later he still says says firefighters to the
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best thing they could pulling the hose lines through thefirst choking back tears baron cities stands by his actions and decisions and said the fire was so intense. he didn't think it would even be possible to help save lives from the warehouse building. >>my future of this great side, the first priority is to shave life. you know putting out the fire fine that should be second priority. they did nothing they just let him die. >>sarah believes the firefighters on the stand or protecting the city of oakland from liability chain that they would have done anything different is a bunch of baloney what they're trying to do really is shield themselves from civil liability because there's a big civil shoot that may well cost oakland because of the fire department's dereliction of duty. >>hundreds 100's of thousands of dollars and they well know that. >>also on the stand on thursday to oakland police officers who say they responded to calls at the
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warehouse prior to the fire in always had suspicions that people may be living inside. but whenever they asked al mina he always said no in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>state committee has stripped $1 billion meant to protect homes against wildfires through home improvements that money was removed from a bill authored by north face some women jim what so last week governor knew some would not commit to spending that money, but he said that he would work with the legislature to find money for the bill. the proposal would have given 1 billion in financial help and rebates to people in high fire risk area specifically to make their homes more fire resistant. californians can already get up to $3,000 to retrofit their homes if they live in earthquake zones. before you're likely headed against th rail project. this latest development comes after the federal railroad that
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project. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>crucial money for california's high speed rail project is now canceled the federal railroad administration notified project leaders thursday it's canceling million and wants billion back already spent on the project in a letter to the high speed rail authority for administrators wrote the ages, sorry violated the terms of that agreement and consistently failed to make reasonable progress on the project may also see the state abandoned its original version by focusing only on a segment to the central valley governor gavin newsome vows to defend the money in court saying in a statement in part, the trump administration's action is illegal and a direct assault on california, our green infrastructure and the thousands of central valley workers who are building the project the announcement comes a week after high speed rail leaders told lawmakers there is no money to fill the project's original vision a bullet train from san francisco to anaheim the
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legislative analyst's office warned lawmakers without federal dollars there may not be enough money to complete the projects current vision a line from bakersfield tumor said to find out how soon california might file this lawsuit against the federal government we reached out to the attorney general's office. >>but a spokesman there said they do not comment on client issues reporting in sacramento. actually zavala kron 4 news. >>and before we go how about a little peek outside we're checking in on assets so you're waking up to temperatures in the low to mid 50's 52 in san francisco. 51 in santa rosa right now 54 danny out and 50 in fremont we need to find out what's going on with the forecast the rain the unstable weather right, that's the big story of course jobs trouble tracking those details wi
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>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music] well i think
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we've earned a dry day and hey lucky s this friday just happens to be a friday. >>we are working looking just a couple of showers hanging the bay area most of them in upper elevations, a few sprinkles on the bay bridge right now, but besides that and it's all dry out there now maybe you're heading up into the sierra nevada in which case do anticipate some new snowfall falling at this very moment really stacking up on the western slope. some below 5,000 feet where we sit as first temperatures go well stepping outside this morning do so with the jacket on because 40's and 50's or we're at right now 55. you factor in
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winds which are breezy, it feels even cooler than it looks on this map. robin did you say snow in the sierra. >>say it isn't something john. we want to check in on traffic around the bay area looking good it's friday. so we're just in a good mood, your drive times great the shore 24 5.80 the nimitz freeway know but trouble spots as you work your way out of a the oakland mazen to san francisco, it's been very quiet. so far. here's 92 were checking the drive across the san mateo bridge. it's in good sha lowe's knows you're the type who does it right.
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♪ ♪ the things that matter most happen one morning and one cup at a time. >>happy friday to those are like a little of it was a q and a chair that's right. a good morning and are you full friday is a day like said every friday things couldn't and the weather's a little better tonight will cherry on top for there you go and the
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roads are they no hot spot. all of this has definitely the rainiest one of the weekend. so if you do want to get outside this weekend make it today or. >>make it sunday to sunday shouldn't be too bad. but today is going to be gorgeous looking outside at the golden gate bridge conditions are definitely a clear than they have been no fog no rain it just a nice dry start to the day clear skies across the bay area we are on the mostly cloudy side to start but skies are only going to clear clear towards the afternoon ahead of us we're at the sierra nevada this morning so clear just yet there's still a lot of snowfall falling up there in the high country in rainfall when she had below 5,000 feet. so expect slick roadways if you're heading up to lake tahoe today. road


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