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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  May 17, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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and order my 2 for $5 breakfast croissants. >>while the ghost ship manslaughter trial unfolds in pan open courtroom. the city i facing another decision what to do with the burned out warehouse where 36 people died. the latest local measles cases traced to a popular upscale supermarket in the east bay, what public health officials are warning you should do if you have been there. and for the second time in a month a kids trampoline play spaces, the target of a sex-crime investigations will tell you what police say went on in the restroom at this rocking job. >>eddie the young people was
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of were standing right there across the concern about the uh the family or the members their world their family that were inside the building. >>the second week of testimony in the ghost ship warehouse trial has wrapped up but the trial itself is really just beginning it's expected to last months. >>good evening, i'm can way and i'm pale more so far we have heard from people who live inside the warehouse people who work at the party the night of the fire and for police and firefighters who responded to the warehouse years before the fire and on the night of december second 2016 crime force michelle kingston has been covering the trial and she went back to the warehouse for us. >>to see what it looks like today. it's quiet out said the ghost ship warehouse windows are boarded up caution tape still lines the building. >>an rv it's parked in the back of the front door is locked shot people still drive by slowly remembering the fire that burned here 2 and a half years ago. and unexplainable.
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>>out front of the go ship a memorial still stands a lot of art in photos and flowers on 31th avenue to remember the victims. >>you know one is one of those said that you never forget when i watch it on tv going through the trial like everything i flash back and think about the crime faces that were on the street that had brothers and sisters of family members that have burn in the fire. >>in the trial we've learned so far that there was no record of any inspection at the warehouse fire fighters testified the building was unsafe and the fire itself was the most difficult one they've people who lived inside or were at the party the night of the fire have testified it was a breathtaking space boulevard. the animals one person calling it a death
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trap. while the trial continues the ghost ship warehouse remains standing. >>city councilor noel said the city pulled back the permit to demolish the building. we reached out to the city for an update but did not hear back. >>some of the family members of victims in the community hope whatever takes that those ships place include some of the more. remember the people who died the night of the electronic music party on december 2nd 2016 in oakland, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>derick almena and max harris are the 2 men charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the ghost ship warehouse fire. their attorneys say the fire was started by an arsonist and no amount of safety measures could have prevented it. a protest is planned in support of harris for 8 o'clock monday morning. outside the alameda county support superior court building in oakland. >>now to a story you'll only see on kron 4 news tonight, a truck ran over and killed martin nealis while he was
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riding his bicycle during his lunch break in lafayette. almost a year after his sudden death, his family now wants to hold people accountable. force justine wallman has details on the lawsuit filed today was the family believes is necessary to prevent another tragedy like this one. >>he is a loving was a loving caring extremely compassionate person who cares about his community as kids his family, his dad was his best friend that's what aided mcguire tells kron 4 news. >>and without him he and his 2 younger sisters, struggle to move forward during this tragedy. you can't. change history, you know. in august of 2018 martin nealis who work for the city of pleasant hill. what for a bicycle ride during his lunch break this video shows the 54 year-old that his bright bike here on released valley road in lafayette. >>the truck accused right next to him. seconds later the truck's trailer would collide
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into martin taking his life it's about. >>be cautious and being safe on the roads and the don't rate risk people's lives. the family has now filed a wrongful death lawsuit. it names the driver of the truck claiming he was prohibited from pasaing martin at a distance of less than 3 feet one of the family's attorney says the driver acted carelessly the driver of the truck that day violated that law and that when he passed martin and overtook him. he didn't allow for 3 feet of space struck martin tragically killed him. the lawsuit also names hawk builders and signature development group, the companies involved in the new housing project under construction nearby called highlands collection claiming both companies should have known. it's large commercial vehicles are prohibited from driving and released valley road that death of martin the list was entirely preventable. >>for aided and his sisters. the lawsuit is to raise awareness for drivers to be mindful of bicyclists and also
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to hold accountable. the people they believe are responsible for taking their father. >>from them and we're doing this because we think that's what he would do. in this case if there were one of us that took place. >>i did reach out to the companies named in the lawsuit either they hung up the phone on me saying no comment or did not return calls back in san francisco, i'm just involvement kron 4 news. >>a live look outside now on this friday evening looking out over the go think a bridge. you can barely see it. but of course it is getting later at night but there still appears to be a haze. >>rather peaceful out there or has been very useful at the weekend so glad to be with you guys here on a friday we're getting ready for a weekend, it looks like it's going to be very nice weekend to although we've got some rain clouds moving back in so if you like the rain love this weekend clouds over san francisco right now some high cirrus clouds up above some of that cold front that is now approaching the bay area you can see here all right the. how about that this would just beginning to put itself together see some high clouds streaming overhead tonight and
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that the low that really kind of taken over is going to kind of wi-fi the system just begin to develop now so i think it's going to strengthen overnight tonight. so the slow down a little bit that means tomorrow morning you're probably ok, maybe a light shower in the north they and then that rain really comes on in the afternoon going to be heavy at times. other right now it's quite nice and quiet of the doppler radar we do have some showers continue nor the sierra nevada and some more snow flakes out there as well ah here we go on the forecast to watch what happens we put this into motion you'll see that storm system rowling a little bit closer tomorrow morning 08:00am the models are backing off a little bit there down and so going to show some signs of intensification with that storm system that usually what's happening and then by the afternoon here we go 5 o'clock a look at that very heavy storm system rolling into the bay area and continuing then the core low's going to swirl in on sunday that will bring with it a round of some thunderstorms as more rain drops. >>you would just want to stay at home, you know you want them to live, but because of cisco's discussing people out there obviously he wouldn't
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want your kids around that disturbing crimes at an east of a children's trampoline park this time. >>a hidden camera found in the men's restroom at the rock and jump in fremont police say the man arrested has been convicted of similar crimes in the past aston is strong forcefully to call tells us. police tracked him down using his own video. >>about a month after a man was arrested by fremont police for inappropriately touching his genitals near children at the rockin jump trampoline park, an employee finds a camera hidden in the men's restroom, there and police say several men and boys were unknowingly recorded that towns are going invasion of privacy and it amounts to child pornographer ye fremont police say the camera was spotted in the business at the maori ease shopping center on may 3rd. investigators watched the recordings and saw who they believed to be the suspect setting the camera up on video surveillance video from the business and the city's license plate readers led police to a home in antioch it turned out to be 36 year-old richard rochas he was
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arrested may 9th booked into the fremont police departments detention facility for possession of child pornographer t and concealing a camera in a bathroom, it doesn't even make sense why someone would do that or why they do it multiple times police say they found other recording devices and child pornographer rochus home. >>he's also been convicted of similar sex-crimes in the past parents are concerned public restrooms are not always safe is trained to take a minute, i'm an only usually taken where the sit-in the school in its of the teachers time live in a few trust them to that growth due in court next month just last month 55 year-old who's ear t's. felix of newark was arrested after parents and employees at rockin jump chased him out of the indoor park after witnessing him touching himself near kids in fremont fully chagall kron 4 news. >>a crash in napa led to a shelter-in-place for residents in one neighborhood this
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morning, a large truck carrying a variety of gas canisters crashed along a on land drive this morning. fire crews found a cloud of gas coming from the canisters which had spilled out of the trailer. they issued a shelter-in-place for homes around the accident and started working on the cleanup. eventually they determined that the canisters and containers on the truck contained liquid argon propane sulfur dioxide and liquid nitrogen. the shelter in place was lifted late in the day, the driver of the truck did receive minor injuries. another case of the measles has popped up this time in berkeley berkeley health officials say the person with the measl s visited the berkeley bowl. >>that's a on organ at shattuck and that was on tuesday may 7 so they're asking anyone who was there on may 7th from 3 to 5 in the afternoon to keep an eye out for the first stage of symptoms that includes runny nose, red eyes, coughing and fever. if you develop any of these symptoms say say call your doctor right away. officials say the person with the measles is no longer contagious.
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>>lace up and put on your best costume bay to breakers is rolling through san francisco this weekend. but the big question we have to lawrence tonight. well the rain hold off till the finish line. the sharks in the st. louis blues ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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the comeback kids they always find a way to do it tonight they were down 2 to one yes, not carpenters here to tell us how they did it again. >>yeah, what what happened next right now out while the boston bruins, ok they won the east it was a four-game sweep, the sharks in the blues. i don't know their kids could go the distance once again now after a controversial and in game 3 the sharks expected the blues to come out swinging. this series is now even we go to st. louis what a game for the sharks, the other night forced ot in the final minutes left in the game winner. out of the gates, the blues not messing around 30 seconds in on the very first shot of the game i even barba ship converts. >>slipped one past martin jones st. louis up one nothing just like that. later in the first blues on the power play tyler bozek somehow finds a way to score blues tack another n take a 2 nothing lead now in the 3rd blue still of san jose trying to respond sharks power play tomas hertl never gives up on the play goes at jordan binnington shark is on the board but still down in the final seconds to san jose,
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looking to send it to overtime again jones pulled from the net for the blues just played keep away. so the final hole, st. louis holds on to one of this series not at 2. >>let's throw it to the podium. peter de boer. >>maybe the best i've felt about our game in the series. so far even though we lost you would put 2 goals in her own net and. off our own guys didn't get the start we want to go under heels on the first shift into couple penalties but you know other than that. and then not finding a way to to get a couple more goals as i thought we did a lot of good stuff. >>the series is now coming back to the bay area for game 5 sunday at the tank. camp and that's the good thing or even though the series is tied to come back to come back all right. thank you mark. and even though they didn't quite pull it off tonight, fans still seem to be in pretty good spirits, and fill our joins us live from a watch party in san jose tonight. dan. >>i would say right on the
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money, fans are feeling a pretty optimistic after this game despite it being tied up to 2 in this series they were hoping to jump out ahead and really get a commanding lead in the series and be up 3, one and then you know put it all away on sunday when they returned to san jose didn't turn out to be the case tonight. the fans heard chanting they were making some noise they were enjoying life patients and enjoying food out at the brit and downtown san jose. you know the air was sort of taken out of the room and the team and jumped out of it early with the with 2 nothing and then all of a sudden you know the stars were able to come back. but this is the thing about the resiliency of this team their fan base has been pretty excited about what they've been seeing so far they're really hoping, but they can continue it throughout the playoffs. take a listen to what some of these fans here were saying. and i think this just this team has no quit in it. going down. >>to turn the team rallied around him just carrying a stir into the current around
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just been a mate. i think it's a perfect. and then they you that we have now and their speed. i think combination of >>having some of things that help is that there are other bay area teams that are fighting right now to their own playoff run so i think overall sports fans the bay area are feeling out pretty good about themselves right now as mark mentioned before the team returns to the shark tank around noon on sunday to play against the blues. let's see if they can put it away. that's the latest here live in downtown san jose dan boren. >>well it is also time for the iconic race through the streets of san francisco runners will take off a pier, 35 starting at 8 o'clock sundning. so be aware that the race will of course closed down a number of streets throughout the city, here's a map of the race, it ends at the ocean beach parking lot near jfk drive in lincoln way if you
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have not registered yet you can sign up at the health and wellness expo this weekend at pier, 35. they to breakers if you didn't know is a bay area tradition it was first held back in 1912. it was organized then to both helped raise morale is part of the rebuilding process following the 19 o 6 a devastating earthquake. but also to prepare for the 1915 pan pacific international exposition in the city, fewer than e00 people and that first race today they had a breakers as one of the largest foot races in the world with 40,000 people participating and 100,000 spectators just looking at all the fun. >>4 zone forecast show you where the bay to breakers race is going to start pretty close to the starting line there at the embarcadero with the bay bridge back there and a pleasant friday evening all right the big question is will it be raining during the racial they get through to the finish line before the will be with a costume if you're running tomorrow because it's
8:19 pm
going to be a little cool of evening is going to cloudy and then they may be getting you know some of the people that hang on for a long time and really race and they're just having a good time. they may start to run some showers by the afternoon so be prepared for that if you're headed out there we are going to see the clouds and the rain on the way tonight. the clouds are to begin to move in overhead the high clouds drifting up above from the storm system off the delays. >>at sfo oakland or san jose. we've certainly got a storm system that we're dealing with for the weekend of course today was a really nice day but just beginning to put itself together you've got the main low now developing on the backside of this. this is going to wrap all this moisture up and push into the bay area i think pretty well organized by tomorrow afternoon we're talking about some heavy rainfall moving in by tomorrow afternoon too a the breeze is kind of a kick it around just a bit out of the northwest to 6 miles per hour in the pacific out of the west 8 in the san francisco, 70 miles per hour to the west can right now and out of the north west at 12 miles per hour in the san jose rainfall totals by tomorrow afternoon. the heaviest amounts going to be confined to the north a
8:20 pm
over an inch of rain forecast by one of our models here in santa rosa, lesser amounts for the south but then the whole system in a sweep across the bay area and then the core low moves overhead on sunday that's going to crank up a few places upwards of an inch of rain to add to some very impressive totals. already this is season. so the system is going to bring kind of complex system you've got one cold front here one diving on the back side of it they will combine and bring with it some rain watchmthe very latest forecast model overnight tonight. you see those clouds streaming in maybe a few light showers in the far north and then starts to work its way across the bay area in the afternoon. but guess heaviest into the afternoon. faced personnel. >>and civic first responders. harder and recovering the debris of a downed f 16 from yesterday's incident. the pilot involved in the us and do the checks safely and is in good condition. >>we first brought you this video yesterday on kron 4 news today, the aftermath of an f 16 fighter jet that crashed
8:21 pm
into a building incredibly nobody was seriously hurt. but people did have to be evacuated. and roads had to be shut down as investigators work to try to figure out exactly what happened. reporter nicole comstock's talk to some workers who were inside that building when the plane came crashing through the roof. >>full of adrenaline marino valley warehouse employee runs of employees knocking one of them off of the near list. >>jose. you just full the concrete dust out of the 12 patients treated cal fire captain fernando guerrero says none of them were seriously
8:22 pm
injured. >>that's pretty remarkable somehow. the pilot was able to safely eject using a parachute to land in a nearby field, which witnesses say he walked away from himself. >>repairs are with pilot who was on board. the military held a press conference thursday night explaining that the f 16 fighting falcon. >>was assigned to the national guard's 144th fighter wing from south dakota. you see the pilot was stationed here at march air reserve base conducting a training mission when it crashed. officials initially reported that jet was carrying an ordinance with explosive potential in addition to its feel. the colonel coburn would not comment we will provide those details as they become available about what caliber of danger crews face trying to remove the jets, evacuated dozens of businesses and wanted shutting down the to 15 freeway in both directions and the metro link but the damage certainly could have been worse detainees before were tested in some parts. >>right where the plane hit. >>the warehouse is co owner says his employees got a call to come inside. that likely saved lives that actually is
8:23 pm
america. >>once the victim was dead defendant clarissa told defendant deseret to get a blanket, a large plastic bag and he will turn nice. >>we are getting disturbing new details about how pregnant teen - hey, mike.
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8:26 pm
removed the umbilical cord. the placenta and the baby from inside the victim. >>the details are horrifying the family of a slain pregnant teenager, her unborn baby removed from her womb with a butcher's knife wants answers and justice. >>kristen holmes details the latest development in this awful case, including how an online mothers group appears to have played a role. >>a community searching for answers today is a day of anguish. >>that this family is living through a nightmare. a horror film. >>after high school student was allegedly lured to her death. her baby ripped from her womb. 19 year-old marlen ochoa lopez with 9 months pregnant when she made an appeal to mothers on the facebook group helpss a wod used items. 3 weeks later ochoa lopez's body was found strangled in a
8:27 pm
garbage can in the backyard of the woman who had offered to help clarissa figaro a flores. >>really cannot express how disgusting and thoroughly disturbing these allegations are. >>the baby boy remains in critical condition on life support. he was recovered and rushed to the hospital on the same day ochoa lopez went missing when paramedics responded to figaro is home. the woman claiming she herself had just given birth today, the 2 people charged with ochoa lopez's murder in court prior to april 1st of 2019. >>defendant clarissa told defendant deseret that she needed help killing a pregnant woman and taking a baby. >>clarissa figure ella and her daughter deseret who police say confessed to helping her mother strangle ochoa lopez also in court clearest as boyfriend charged with concealing the death. the motive show lopez's murder is still under investigation. i'm kristen holmes reporting.
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>>tonight the unusual late spring storm could damage some state crops why the rain is bad news for the cherry season. >>the sierra slammed with snow and now another round of winter storm set to come we take a look at what this means for those hoping to hit the slopes and after the break the trial for the 2 men who could be held responsible for the deaths of 36 people in the east bay. >>take a look at t just when you thought you were done painting... discover paint bleed under your tape... not with frogtape! frogtape is the only painter's tape treated with patented paintblock technology. paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, giving you the sharpest lines possible. get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it! glad you're back how you feeling? ♪ ♪
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>>never encountered. >>36 people died and what everyone agrees was a fire trap. so what is the defense strategy that is what faces tony serra and the other attorneys who are representing derek and el nina and next harrison the ghost ship warehouse fire trial for more than 2 weeks of prosecution has been building its case kron four is vicki let kiss has the latest. >>began their case on a note of high emotion. the first witness the mother of one of the 3 dozen people who did not make it out of the music of at ship nearly 2 and a half years ago, she wept as she described her daughter's last text i'm going to die, i want to. >>everyone of short-term derick almena and max harris are charged with 36 counts of manslaughter. >>their lawyers laid out their defense in their opening
8:32 pm
statements we very strongly believe this was arson fire. >>at least 10 people participated in our hearts and the prosecution's case, the 2 men knowingly allowed tenants to live in the artis warehouse space in violation of the law that they knowingly creek. our hazard with no exit signs or smoke detectors and a structurally unsound staircase made from wooden pallets and that the fire was caused by slipshod wiring. the defense tried to bat down each of the witnesses, survivor ryan o'keefe testifying about the rapid spread of the fire was very unusual very fast-moving was very hot smoke. >>all and to the knicks being used. >>fire officials testifying about the building's lack of compliance migrations, the common joe he doesn't know. >>that's in the fire. >>by the end of the second week, the defense attorneys tried to put the fire department on trial for putting fire suppression ahead of saving life chain that they would have done anything different is a bunch of
8:33 pm
baloney. >>what they're trying to do really is shield themselves from civil liability because there's a big civil shoot that may well cost oakland because of the fire department spare election of duty. >>hundreds 100's of thousands of dollars keep will kiss kron 4 news. >>today another snowy day at the higher elevations in the sierra squaw valley's upper bounds got 11 inches of snow in the last 24 hours bringing their 2 day total to 18 inches. and a cumulative for the whole season to a whopping 700 inches that's 58 feet of snow with all this snow. they have 9 lives running at squaw valley and some express at alpine meadows alpine medals will close sunday may 19th but squad is still operating 7 days a week until memorial day at which point it will switch to a friday through sunday schedule until the 4th of july and get this the resort plans to be open for skiing and riding snowboarding from july 3rd through july 7 is that is
8:34 pm
assuming the weather conditions permit. a winter weather advisory is in effect for tomorrow through sunday morning, so they could still pick up another 10 to 18 inches. and while they're getting a lot of snow this season. it still ranks 3rd for the snowiest season on record for that resort. the top 2 at 810 inches and 720 8 interest is just really amazing our chief meteorologist lies kind joins us with more on the storm this coming little mean for those wanting to hit the slopes in tahoe l a more fresh powder that's necessary for sure i mean that's been the story all season long really all us here loving this and the others like man a opening. >>as for staying open until least july 4th maybe longer depending on the snow so tonight you headed up there a different story the last night last night on the road to recover they were chained up on i 80 50 but not tonight you can get up there pretty easily now but again that next storm system bearing down on this year so if you're headed up there. a package because when you come back you're probably
8:35 pm
going to need a o winter weather watches are up there across the western slopes expecting some heavy snow overnight, i'm more than a foot of snow across some parts of this year. so you get in there maybe lake level a little wet a little rainy early on as the temperatures going to be up a bit and then they're going to fall of course crossing the higher peaks, you'll see a lot of snow up there to the kind of mixed bag on sunday with a mix of rain and snow right there at lake level. winds are going to be a story again tomorrow maybe not as strong as was the other day, but you'll notice we start to see some yellow and some red beginning to show up those winds gusting over 30 miles per hour. the front begins to come on shore by tomorrow afternoon. then the winds begin to subside more out of the west but still breezy into sunday. the storm system though get a pack a punch is now just putting itself together can and kind of combining 2 storms got the front out ahead of it then you've got those low dive in on the backside really this is the key this is going to train a lot of this moisture reorganize it and then pushing on shore strengthening as it approaches the coastline, so yeah we're going to see this system coming on shore for tomorrow and then the core low moves right overhead and keeps
8:36 pm
things wet in the sunday, another storm system on monday night and into tuesday, so yeah they just keep lineup out there for now plan on a cool day around the bay area highs only in the 50's and low 60's. thank you la raza forces late season rain is arriving just as cherry season begins and cherries. >>do not like grain has come for strap that reports the bay area cherry crop could get considerably damage depending on how much more rain is heading our way. >>threatening skies loom overhead here at andy's orchard in more. rain puddles beneath the cherry trees ripening cherry is like a says longtime orchard just any mary on me and it will keep taking water in. >>until it can't anymore in the membrane of the skin cracks the crack cherry like that a crack cherry is a lost cherian must be cold from the harvest. it cannot be packed up or ship it will soften the cherries in mold and decay and
8:37 pm
reached the destination the ripest fruit is most vulnerable to moisture mary audi is fortunate in that his cherries tender right in a little later we have a lot of for to hasn't cracked and i think the cracking is more severe over the central valley where they've already started re more resistant to cracking but the popular being cherries have been hardest hit early on in what was shaping up to be a rare bumper crop. this is the second crop in 6 years that was at the core system could be destroyed and we want democrats. we had one good crop, but 2 years ago out of sight of 6 years mariana phows a larger growers and the export market will be hit hardest. but there should be plenty of local fruit available while it last asked prices are stable for now, but that could change he says fewer than 5% of his crop is cracked but that too could change i guess to the worst is
8:38 pm
still predicted, so we'll see what. >>in a few days when when the rains are done in morgan hill road flat kron 4 news. >>still ahead a bay area teenage youtuber is gaining quite a following but her controversial videos are also causing some students in her school. the stage walkout and frightening moment
8:39 pm
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we see two travelers so at a comfort innal with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at >>happening now police are
8:41 pm
searching for 2 armed men in connection to a home invasion and a police shooting in the east bay, it was potentially a close call for one resident and his family. he says evidence of the shooting can be seen in his fence. well force has the money and shows us what happened. >>i'd say those are 3840 caliber, harold selena is showing me 3 bullet holes in his fence. he says it happened monday around 03:00pm when police responded to an armed home invasion call he rode capital a street in hayward he says he was walking out of his house with hear the gunshots i heard close proximity. that many shots and they were like right here hayward police released these home surveillance images of 2 armed suspects. investigators say officers spotted the 2 mid leaving the property. the police arrived as. >>both suspects were exiting the home and they got into a
8:42 pm
vehicle once they got into the vehicle. they pointed their firearms at the officers. the officers feared for their safety and the safety of the community that is when the officer involved shooting occurred investigators say 3 officers opened fire as the suspect drove away the car. >>is described as a 2 door honda accord. >>police say with the 2 men entered the home they found a father inside with his 19 year-old son who managed to call the island would as the home invasion was taking place. it's. >>something very heroic that the 90 year-old dead he possibly save lives by calling the police department violent incident has rattled the nerves of some neighbors in this area. >>it was pretty scary. we were in the closet. both me and my 3 little ones pretty scary because you know my mom is always usually here at that time sleeping and you know it's a little worrisome. investigators say they have limited descriptions of the 2 suspects other than what you see here. >>anyone with information is asked to contact hayward
8:43 pm
police in hayward has it led kron 4 news. the strike is on and we take a look re than
8:44 pm
8:45 pm
11,000 students and their parents in union city's new haven school district are bracing for next week, unable to reach a contract deal with the district. teachers nurses and counselors are set to walk out monday. well for us dan kerman in union city with the latest. >>all is quiet now here at
8:46 pm
alvarado elementary school that come monday morning this whole area should be filled with teachers cheering side. for these young union city stude this this could be their last day of regular classroom instruction for some time. >>the new haven unified school district and its teachers have both put forward their final contract offers over salary and they are nowhere close meeting teachers will walk off the job on monday. >>it's heartbreaking it's going to bring me to tears now watching the kids crying on their way out police said duncan son is a science teacher easton elementary, they're looking for a fair settlement for a contract. we want to student senate settlement that honors the work that we've been putting in for students and desertions the resources and opportunities, they deserve, but the district says they've cuget this year and will do so again next year and the year after. >>they say they can't afford to pay the teachers what they want. >>a 10% pay increase would cost us. conservatively is it would cost us million. and we just don't have that money has for parents those we spoke
8:47 pm
with are firmly on the side of teachers i support the future understand what they're fighting for i think these teachers have given our children so much of themselves above and beyond >>they're asked to do and i think that they deserve so much more than what they get. and those school will remain open during the strike many parents don't plan to send their kids we would cooperate with the teachers so we're not leave my grandson to come monday. i'm not ginna bring your and. >>because there's not enough substitutes to go around the whole district. so they're not going to be able to provide my daughter with it. the education that she needs there are 12 schools in the new haven unified school district. the strike, the impact. >>more than 11,000 students. in union city dan kerman kron 4 news. >>a murray county teenager now at the center of the latest is posting and the controversy surrounding those videos. >>plus a lot my muslim
8:48 pm
brothers and sisters in this video entitled be not afraid the 14 year-old youtuber who goes by soph where's a good job in calls herself a devout follower of mohammed making offensive statements of course i my 40 year-old husband every so often she also talks about going to san francisco to stone gays after the video went viral. it was pulled by u 2 for violating its policy against hate speech but more of what the marine county high school student calls comedy can still be found on her channel last year the singer got anything i just said the teens foul mouth outspokenness and rants against political correctness has made her a far right media darling garnered heard nearly a million subscribers. some of her comments have also made her the target of at least 2 police investigations, one concern an alleged threat made against the ceo of the allegation was set you know. the subject lugar. >>and it's. >>she knew where to seal it
8:49 pm
and she she i called and over she out of 10 minutes to drop a well. it was going to be true. >>the timber on police department determined that the threat was not credible says the 14 year-old does not have access to any firearms central more in police also investigated concerns stemming from her high school. >>and what we determined is that her speech is not a necessarily of a threatening nature to any individual to school. that her speech is protected by the us constitution students at the school say a handful of sosa classmates walked out today protesting her videos. >>does it discuss me personally i can't believe she actually said that she serious she's being funny that it's a funny and she needs to learn that it's really not fun to around police say so as parents are aware of what their daughter was up to but we're not involved outside of buying her props and cameras. >>needed for her videos. >>but they were concerned about you know the things that she was state and were quite to the office to talk to her
8:50 pm
yet a review some of the before she the stuff out. >>i reached out to so far her social media channels but have so far not gotten a response. loring kelly kron 4 news. >>a parent sitting courtside at a youth basketball game near sacramento has been asked not to return to the tournament facility. yeah it should take a look at this she's accused of some unsportsmanlike conduct and it appears she was caught in the act charmaine niro reports. >>shocking video captures the moment parents sitting courtside at a youth basketball tournament in rockland appears to stick out her leg to trip a player from the competing teams. players coaches and parents from the cornerstone basketball academy based in the travel miles away to take part in the hardwood palace tournament on mother's day weekend against the full, somaly basketball academy that the specific team is art. >>10 year-old and a new 100
8:51 pm
team. >>eugene's the lotto is the director of the valais who team he says he was first notified by his players during the game of unsportsmanlike conduct from a parent sitting on the bench as that one of the kids during one of the time out. >>hey coach. there's a parent on the sideline. it's so as a you know, i think she's wearing a pink hat is this is it. telling their kids to. >>solano says coaches and parents often record video highlights to show back to their kids. he says the same footage also showed the woman in the pink hat, appearing to stick out her foot while a 9 year-old player dribbles the ball past her. >>is this a specific incident that occurred with this you know the other parents who take. are you putting its this seriously or you would to harm
8:52 pm
>>both directors from the full somaly basketball academy issued a joint statement in response to the footage saying we have been made aware of the video and we have addressed the situation with the parent involved directly. it is our policy to manage all disciplinary matters in a way that is effective in productive, so we can eliminate incidents in the future. >>good samaritan to the rescue a man is being praised for us alan king
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
8:55 pm
county construction workers being praised for is. >>good eye and big heart for saving a woman in her 80's from an intruder came receive has the story. what you're hearing is the clear struggle between a suspected intruder a good samaritan name at >>in san joaquin county sheriff's deputies. well the footage is shaky. what's clear is that put his life the line for a stranger. >>if i had to follow him. i don't know what would happen that to you is a construction worker he says he was finishing up a job here on indiana street in woodbridge thursday afternoon. when he saw an odd man he was crazy and drugs. and you just text talked about god and jesus mchugh says the man kicked in a door at one of these units
8:56 pm
were woman in her 80's with a broken foot lit strategy by the shoulder. that's i grabbed his arm and leg you're not doing that own fear aside he follows the stranger in calls 911 the first thing he did was contact law enforcement. >>and he was able to keep himself safe and the elderly woman say until we arrived on scene mchugh says the man was unusually strong that would not let go of his leg. meanwhile, the woman tried her best to fight the stranger off she comes up with the cage starts poking him. well, know know minutes leader helpful rights deputies say they tried to pull the suspect off of math, they tried to use a taser but what ultimately work was a four-legged companion. >>he and admiral deputies say the suspect was taken to a hospital ricky oh i'm not a hero. >>and i just i don't look at it that way and now we look to 0. job left to do be sure no one else could break into the woman's home they were dental work and everything is to just go home and i was like night got to go go help fix the
8:57 pm
johor. >>that was kay receive reporting wraps up ground for news tonight at 8 taking in the aac us in catherine heat in our heroes kron 4 news tonight. thank you can pan and new at 9 o'clock the the latest local measles case has been traced to a popular upscale supermarket in the east bay, but public health officials say you should be doing if you've been there plus family and friends are still dealing with the loss of a man killed on his bike when he was struck by a tractor trailer. >>and are we done with this rain yet chief meteorologist laura's car know we'll have your full weekend forecast for news at 9. coming up next. just when you thought you were done painting...
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>>now at 9 a health alert in the city of berkeley where people may have been exposed to the measles good evening, everybody on the killer cap in for grant lotus tonight. >>berkeley health officials are saying the person with measles visited the berkeley bowl market that's on 2020 organ street. this was tuesday may 7th. khan force gayle aung she's live in berkeley with who needs to be concerned about this scale. >>katherine is a key as a very busy market during the day and


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