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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 18, 2019 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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♪ tonight -- 90210's no. >> it's totally crazy. >> big clashes behind the scenes causing a major shakeup at the reboot. we'll tell you who's out. and then kelly ripa rips into bachelor nation. >> all you women watch that gross, gross show. >> how bachelor nation is fighting back. "e.t." in cannes giving you a front-row seat to rocketman. >> our exclusive with elton john. what made him not only tear up but somebody. and winter is ending. >> trying to make me cry? >> can hollywood superfans survive. >> they tell "e.t." who really deserves. this is "entertainment
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tonight." hello and welcome to the sunny south of france from the cannes film festival. the sun, the surf and the stars are all here. no bigger star in cannes right now than sir elton john. i sat down with elton and the star of rocketman, taron edgerton. that's on the way. the movie is spectacular, nancy, and when you get a wind of some of the revelations from elton and taron you'll be blown away. >> all right. let's get started with the drama blowing up at beverly hills 90210-uh-oh. they just got back together and there already appears to be clashes behind the scenes. big enough to make some people quit. >> we have some issues. >> oh, my god, yeah. >> did "90210's" leading ladies just cause a major staff exodus?
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we're told the showrunner and several senior writers abruptly quit, days before shooting. the shakeup happened last week and yesterday, a report partially blamed interference on two unnamed lead actresses. our source believes one of them could be tori spelling. that's because we're told spelling's best friend was originally overseeing "bh90210" and was sidelined after clashing with fox over the script. >> there it is, baby, right there. >> a new showrunner was then hired, but then quickly quit. causing other writers to leave. >> i didn't want it to be another reboot. >> as news broke yesterday, tori was celebrating her 46th birthday on set. co-star and bestie jennie garth posted about it and included a very interesting message, quote, wow, we've been through some - and today was no exception. >> i'm not going to lie, it's weird. >> today, s blasted another the same villain role. please stop trying to tell your wildly inaccurate, exaggerated story of me.
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♪ here we are >> we're told with the new show runner we're told everything is running well. >> it's been 20 years in the making. a low boar of love. >> definitely a labor of love and labor. >> we reached out to tori, j jennie but they didn't respond by our deadline. another big show hit by off-drama -- the bachelorette. kelly ripping into the entire franchise and the women who appear on it. but hannah b. is fighting back. >> you know how i feel about the show? it disgusts me. >> i think kelly and i just agree to disagree. >> all you women watch that gross, gross show. >> i wouldn't be the bachelorette if i didn't believe in the process and how it has made me so empowered to be myself. >> i was like ew, ew, ew. >> kelly's cutting comments set off a firestorm of "bachelor" nation backlash. and when she came face to face with hannah yesterday it was awkward.
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>> i am very against women fighting over a guy. >> being a part of the show, it's not women fighting against each other. some of my best friends came from the show and were really supportive. i don't think anybody can really get it until you're there. >> this isn't the first time kelly has shaded the franchise. >> are you telling me you found somebody normal in there? >> yes. >> oh, come on. >> you need to run away, you need to run. what's the matter with you? >> but this time, "bachelor" creator mike fleiss bit back, tweeting, quote, easy, kellyripa, the bachor ellen pompeo tweeted, quote, we don't attack successful women on our network and men certainly cannot take credit for their success. don't get me started on your show because i'm a savage. #bachelorsowhite. >> are you kidding? >> that's insane. >> nowfleiss is backtracking.
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>> look, everybody can have their own reaction about the show. but i agree with ellen pompeo we don't come for her earning power. there's nothing but love between big bang and their fans. they stopped to sign autographs outside the set of stephen colbe colbert. 18 million tuned into the big bang finale, their biggest audience if nearly four years. now, wet go to the end of x game of tloeps. who do you think will take the iron throne? well, jon snow was the runaway winner. and it causes so much conflict.
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it's just a nightmare. just leave it be, guys. >> well, those conflicted fans aren't backing down. the petition of disappointed viewers demanding hbo re-do the entire finale season is now nearing a million signatures. even still a record number of people are still tuning each week to see who will survive. >> who do you think deserves the iron throne? >> i mean, i do. >> dracarys. >> daenarys. >> i'm going to say the mother of dragons should get the throne. >> on the last episode dany turned to the dark side when she burned down kings landing -- to a crisp! on twitter, some think that in this "e.t." interview from the emmys, emilia tried to warn us the ending might not be popular. >> and are you happy with how things ended? >> yes. >> you didn't say yes. you didn't say yes. >> are we seeing some side-eye there? and some of emilia's other
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t-stars seem it. i think everyone needs to stop being so obsessed with this bloody iron throne. >> does it matter? >> yes, ladies it does. your famous fans agree. >> i'm not really ready. i mean, but all great things must come to an end. >> we're ready but not ready. >> i'm in mourning right now. >> the end of "game of thrones." are you trying to make me cry? >> kristen and husband dax are so obsessed they made this tribute video. >> we'll probably lock the doors to our house and probably stay there for a few weeks. john legend locked chris teigen out of his man cave when he watches but she broke in. he enjoys it. but i don't care. >> someone who cares a lot -- tiffany haddish.
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>> i read all the books before it came out. i was screaming at it. now, i have no idea because they've surpassed the books. lots more "game of thrones" on the way. you may remember that richard madden was a part of the "g.o.t." cast. well, now, he stars in the movie "rocketman." it debuted last night here at cannes. it is nothing short of spectacular. ♪ and i think it's gonna be a long time till touch down brings me around again to find ♪ >> edgerton, who plays elton in "rocketman" surprised the after-partythn elton duet. it was an emotional night, the duo was in tears after the movie's premiere, overwhelmed by the cheers and a four-minute standing ovation from the audience. earlier, more love for elton and the cast, on the cannes red carpet. the 72-year-old legend wore heart-shaped glasses and a
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jacket that read "rocketman" on the back. ♪ i'm not the man they think i am at home ♪ >> the movie's out two weeks from today, and the reviews are good, especially for taron's performance. "the l.a. times" calls it "game and gifted" and "the hollywood reporter" says he's "fully committed" to the role. and coming up, a startling revelation -- elton tells kevin about his secret overdose, right before the biggest performance of his life. also a batman shocker. the former teen idol being considered for the role. and royal revelations. plus, grumpy cat remembered. the frown that made the stars smile and the multimillion-dollar fortune she left behind. but first, puppies! and the stars who love them. >> my dog is my longest boyfriend i've ever had. >> you having fun yet? >> marg helgenberger, dennis
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quaid, and 11-year-old abby ryder fortson had a lot of fun visiting with these pups from best friends animal society. their new movie "a dog's journey" is the emotional sequel to 2017's "a dog's purpose." and hits theaters today. >> how much do you depend on your dogs? >> my dog goes everywhere with me. in fact, she's in the other room right now, because she can't be around these puppies.
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ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. ♪ robert pattinson must really have a thing for bats. he played a vampire in the "twilight" series. now he's in talks to become the next batman. what does that look like? let me see. it's coming. maybe. i don't know. i can see it, too. i can see it in head. >> there you go. it's on now. >> i pictured it a little different. but that's okay. i think it will work, too. the movie is scheduled to hit theaters in 2021. meanwhile pri special tonig. sorry. >> what are the tears about for you?use i know her so
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>> meghan's had some knocks in the media in the uk. we're going to hear from her friends who know her well, who were at her wedding. >> when they were doing the family portrait after the wedding with everybody, he was on the floor just playing with the kids, and that's when i knew he's going to be the coolest dad. >> they're not trying to defend her, but they just want people to know there's a whole different side to her that people don't know. >> meghan's longtime friends, including jessica alba, are sharing an intimate look at the dutches -- from revealing she avoids press coverage of her family to just what kind of mom she'll be. >> i'm sure the baby's going to be raised definitely clean and green. >> will she be out there making her own food? >> oh, i totally see her making her own food, yeah. >> meanwhile, baby archie's birth certificate was made born at the private portland hospital in westminster. meghan's occupation is listed as "princess of the united kingdom."
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the royal couple will celebrate their one-yearo anne" airs tonight on cbs. still ahead -- what you never knew about elton john's famous adoptioner stadium performance. then, remember when will smith told us this about his aladdin look. >> i was feeling sexy about my genie. plus, from her real name to her massive fortune what you never knew about grumpy cat. now gone too soon. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ when you think of the iconic moments in elton john's life, one of them has to be his performance at dodger stadium. but what you may not know is the backstory -- that concert almost didn't happen. ♪ and i think it's gonna be a long long time ♪ >> i was in dodger stadium last week and i saw that iconic photo of you on stage in the baseball uniform, but a lot of people don't know that just days before, you tried to take your own life. >> two days before dodger stadium i was having my stomach pumped. i took an overdose. there i was two days later at dodger stadium. it was the peak of my career at that point. it was the highlight of my career to play dodger stadium, you kidding me, but i was not mentally well before that
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obviously. ♪ and i think it's going to be a long long time ♪ >> you've recorded "rocketman," but were there any other of elton's songs that kind of seeped in your soul and that you loved doing during the movie? >> i love different songs for different reasons. i have to say i think in our movie, "your song" is a bit of a triumph as a storytelling moment. ♪ it's a little bit funny this feeling inside ♪ >> i feel very, very proud of it. so i would say that moment and that song. >> listen, he's done the most phenomenal job with the music. ♪ blue jean baby >> you know it's a little ironic that our interview took place inside the carlton hotel, because it's outside that hotel and on this beach in 1938 where elton shot his "i'm still standing" video. and taron re-creates it in the movie, but elton knows he's lucky to still be standing today. ♪ i'm still standing better than
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i ever did ♪ >> my life has been a miracle. sitting here in this room now, the movie is premiering for the first tonight. it's surreal. because what i've tried to do to myself, i shouldn't be sitting here, and it took me 16 years to ask for help. to say three words i need help because i was so proud. i knew i had a problem. wow, i have a problem big time and i was very unhappy with myself so i was ashamed of myself. >> you're looking at a survivor. >> but i still feel like a little kid, too. listen, i'm 72 years old and i still feel like a kid. i still have a lot of energy and i'm the luckiest man in the world. i'm on the biggest world tour of my life. i have this film coming out. i know that we probably made the film that we set out to make and that's all that counts. >> of course, much more "game of thrones" on the way. which cast member is calling out kit harington, aka jon snow
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i'm in cannes now. last week i was in london with will smith. while we were in england talking about "aladdin," his wife jada was back home in l.a. gearing up for her new season of "red table talk." we were lucky to catch one jada and willow. >> we were just with will in london last week for "aladdin." and he told us that miss jada loved the top knot. >> she likes the top knot. i was feeling sexy about myself as the genie. >> he said being the genie made him feel like he was sexier. >> he's such a mess. i must say, i definitely thought him as the genie was a really nice look. >> okay. i sat down with jada who's celebrating the one-year anniversary of launching her whole new world -- the emmynominated facebook watch series "red table talk." there are so many bombshells
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that happened at the red table. >> we've never been we've never been swingers. >> i definitely think i had a sex addiction of some kind. >> did you sleep with tristan? >> never. >> one of the most anticipated episodes was the one with jordyn woods. how is she doing by the way? >> so good, yeah. >> you know, just once again just giving that opportunity for her to tell her story. >> who do we want at the table next? >> you know, to be honest, people usually have to come to us. like, even with jordyn. she asked, that wasn't -- >> did she? >> that was something she desired, something she wanted and yeah, that was not an ask of us. that was a little news there. i didn't know that she went to them and said i need to tell my story. jada still breaking news. all right, now to news people are having a hard time with.
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the world-famous kitty who had a smile on her face. grumpy cat just passed away. this was the viral youtube video that started it all. the internet fell hard for that frown. nearly 22 million have viewed that clip launching an empire that included 2.5 million instagram followers. a madame tussauds exhibit, a grumpy cat movie. >> boom! >> in all, grumpy cat had an enviable hollywood career that amassed a reported $100 million fortune and stars locked in to her cat. >> i love this cat. >> yes, grumpy cat was a she. she suffered from dwarfism and a severe underbite giving her the appearance of being perpetually dismayed. grumpy cat was just 7 years old. her passing was today's number one trending topic on twitter. her final tweet, some days are grumpier than others.
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