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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  May 18, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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>>now at 10 heavy rain is drenching the bay area tonight making it a very soggy weekend. >>this is a live look at storm tracker for radar you can see all that green there that represents rain that is currently falling in the area. it's not close to being done good evening and thank you for joining us at 10. i'm jr stop. >>and i'm just involved in the weekend storms followed a couple storms have already hit the bay area this weekend tonight. we have team coverage as we continue to track this latest round of rain crime for us. dan thorne is standing by in concord where a commencement ceremony was canceled due to the rain right now let's go to quite for us meteorologist, a breeze or adria's who is tracking the
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storm for us tonight. >> just seen a j r yeah, i'm ow throughout most of the bay area as we begin to dry out for the rest of tonight, but as you can see widespread light rain for most of the san francisco peninsula but drying out right now for those of you in the east bay seeing some widespread light scattered hit or miss showers for those of you in the south bay and that drying trend continuing right now in the north a so this storm already bringing us impressive rain totals anywhere from slightly less than a quarter of an inch of rain to more than 2 inches of rain in sonoma and marin county specifically in the higher elevations and we're not done with the wet weather just yet because the core of this storm is going to make its way over the san francisco bay area bringing us the threat of pop-up thunderstorms showers will make its way into the bay area bring us renewed threats of pop-up thunderstorms hail possible
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gusty winds and also quick heavy downpours at times throughout most of the morning, drier conditions by early afternoon with some spotty scattered showers and then a slight chance of that severe thunderstorm threat continuing by around 5 o'clock in the evening and this is certainly going to have an impact on your bay to breakers forecast because it will be severe weather impacting your early morning, but then i am tracking calmer conditions by the afternoon but remember when you hear thunder war go indoors with some more wet weather making its way for the remainder of your workweek kron in a jar back to you thank you so much for recent a rainy weather has forced an east bay college to cancel its commencement ceremony. >>that was today, state east bay students and thr families are pretty upset because now they've been told there's not going to be one that will happen at another time, it's not to be rescheduled. kron four stan dorn is live now in concord at the campus there tonight and you spoke to a graduating
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senior dan who do not let this what weather washed them out from walking the stage i love that her go get em attitude. she's got the right idea after graduating, i don't let people tell you know. >>that's right just was in quite the pomp and circumstance, but she and her found a way to make it work out now, however, the university has been heading out these fliers to students letting them know that they can actually walking a commencement ceremony tomorrow in hayward but for this student and many of her fellow graduates. they believe this simply is not going to work out well. >>a field of white seats meant for new college graduates are instead filled with puddles rainy weather forces, cal state east bay to cancel their concord campus commencement. >>i'm disappointed and hurt. >>jerry norton is getting her degree in sociology jenny says it took her 6 years of studying while working a
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full-time job. what came across this stage was going to be part of the reward for all of her head. >>and i worked really hard to get here to block and have many male out saying that it was him but this can again. >>cal state east bay is not rescheduling the concord commencement however, the university has offered students an opportunity to walk at their hayward campus on sunday. but jenny says the concord students deserve to graduate on their own campus. >>i feel like the concrete students really worked hard so we should be celebrating at our campus. >>jenny sister eleanor is visiting from los angeles. but she will not be able to see jenny walk in hayward and said for other graduates year. blocking the stage in. is what it's all about i know the degree is spent for his family, it's seen them, walk the stage. however the rain didn't stop them from doing their own commencement ceremony. we have the graduate
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we have our phones to take pictures so. we're still very proud of her. >>all right well jen and her family were able make the best sour situation and we actually just just a little while ago hayward's commencement ceremony is being delayed until 05:00pm tomorrow. we'll of course keep you up to date if anything else changes aimed terms to that graduation ceremony. that's the latest here live in concord and thorn kron 4 news, yes, we'll definitely be tracking that he it today. so you can get interactive radar and push alerts on weather events around the bay area. >>in san francisco police say a security guard is recovering tonight after being cut by a man who was trying to shoplift from a grocery store on 7th avenue in the inner richmond
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happened around one 30 today at the safeway there. the security guard was taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. the suspect was arrested. police have not released information about the charges he is facing tonight and we are continuing to work on getting more information on that shooting happened this morning and san francisco's fillmore district. police say they found a man dead with a gunshot wound kron force christina tape te'o brings us the latest. >>erlier this morning, san francisco pol shot dead. near franklin. police arrived on scene to find the victim an adult male lying on the ground suffering from one gunshot wounds, they say he died on scene officers spent all morning investigating the area collecting evidence taking photos and towing away cars involved in the homicide if you know any information please call san francisco police department's tip line. >>reporting in san francisco
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christina tetreault kron 4 news. >>oakland police are investigating a shooting that killed a man officers say they responded to the 9200 block of sunny side street a 10 last night for a report of a shooting and that's where they found a man dead with a gunshot wound. no word yet on the man's id. >>an afternoon hike turns into a dramatic rescue in east bay woman says she lost her balance and fell backwards into a steep ravine then at the last rumpus regional wilderness area. >>in san ramon and kron four is get along spoke to the survivor and her son. >>it was a trail the mom and son have taken before scary moments for the family and their 2 dogs they are thankful for the helicopter rescue team. >>starr 3 helicopters seen here carrying no return or to safety. >>i was very grateful that they showed up because i thought oh my god, how i going to add here in late april turner and her son frank went for an afternoon hike in the last rumpus regional wilderness area well in a creek bed in a steep ravine turner somehow lost her
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balance and fell backwards. she landed on her back in the head and suffered serious injuries. >>remember yelling. frankie. i was just down and i couldn't get back up frank was able to call 911 there was a scary moment, i'm at first. >>i tried to. encouraged her to move and i didn't realize how severe her injuries were after about 5 minutes. maybe we decide to call 911 contra costa county sheriff's office says star 3 arrived within minutes. >>tu rescue vehicles in steep wet and muddy to rain. >>video shows the struggle to get to the small thugh tall trees and never been around anything like that so is something you see on tv. the entire crew was so professional and they did a an excellent job. >>almost a month later. turner still have to back pains and is still recovering from her
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injuries, i'm very grateful to the rescue everybody that helped assess me with the paramedics everybody. >>no need her son frank visited the helicopter rescue team to thank them in person last week in the meantime contra costa county sheriff's office says with out a helicopter a rescue like this could take several hours in pleasant hill get along kron 4 news. >>most my rapes were not hit ou was one or 2 times of them were to consensual rates which were all terrible. >>missouri state lawmaker barry bogus claim today that most cases of sexual-assault were consensual rape. he argued in favor of the proposal that would ban abortions in the state after 8 weeks of pregnancy even in cases of incest or rape. and in a matter of days a bill banning abortions after 8 weeks will become law in
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missouri governor said he will sign. >>but as steve and i'll explains the decision comes with plenty of opposition. >>i will sign the bill is up for senate missouri governor mike parson vowing to sign an 8 week abortion bill into law is really what he didn't give a clear answer as to why he supports but for exceptions for rape or incest or a sign the bill at is a not answer a couple times now i don't want to sign the bill as it is has a piece of legislation lesser voted on i believe in the pro life side of the issue i will sign a bill earlier in the day emotions feel the house floor. protesters multiple times interrupted the debate eventually being removed from the house chamber. >>we talked to some of them who drove hours to attend. and it's trash. i think that it takes away bodily autonomy,
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clay county republican doug ritchie says he voted for this bill because it will save lives in 2017 state records show. >>more than 3700 women got an abortion at 9 weeks of pregnancy. this bill would make it illegal at a to my vote was looking at the fact that i believe this bill by itself if nothing ever happens with roe v wade saves lives meanwhile democrats say this will force women to bring children into a system they say doesn't support that we don't have any resources in missouri, we're supposed to be pro-life. i think this bill is just another of the state bills that have gone on the here. >>to try to test roe v wade and i'm ok with that just be honest about what you're for don't tell me you're for pro-life. and you're not. >>governor gavin newsome is vowing to protect women's rights in the state. he partner with planned parenthood to host a women's rally today in san diego. >>about the unborn folks that righteously talk about the unborn are the exact same
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people when those children are born. programs to support those children and their families. >>today's rally wraps up the governor's statewide healthcare tore newsom's budget aims to double funding for reproductive health services from 50 million to a 100 million. coming up the stanford blood centers dealing with a major shortage. what health officials want you to know if you're interested in donating blood. >>and dangerous storms devastate part of the us this weekend. why the threat is far from over. >>plus we continue you know when you're at ross and you find.hmmm.
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yes! that's yes for less. score the latest spring dresses at 20% to 60% off department store prices, every day. at ross. yes for less. >>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 an urgent need for donors, the stanford blood center is putting out a call across the bay area asking people with type o blood to donate the centre supplies blood to several bay area hospitals been an increase in need has left them all dealing with a shortage. >>khan for small bella spoke ays a simple blood donation changed her life. >>and never knew power that a blood donation has. >>emily johnston became a regular blood donor last year after she and her husband were struck by a car in a crosswalk. >>my husband needed a blood transfusion to stay never forget the moment, he got his first chance heejun and seen that blood hanging in knowing
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that somebody had given half hour of their time little bit of a pain for a minute, but it saves up to 3 lives with just one unit of blood we do face shortages from time to time when a gibson is the collections manager at stanford blood center in campbell. >>she says a number of traumas and hide usage of local hospitals is causing them to face a shortage because of the high demand in all of our hospital partners. we our sure to ensue a lot of different blood types but mainly r o blood types. >>on average the stanford blood center sent out about 50 units of o positive blood to each hospital every day. this week they sent out nearly 3 times that amount you have to replenish our stores and we work very closely with transfusion rvat the hospital's truly cannot describe the greatest gift i appreciate that we have that stranger. it's like the the the heroes that you never know who they are. >>as she and her husband celebrated his birthday this week. johnson says it was a reminder of just how important
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it is to give there's not many other things you can do to save a life in 30 minutes and to something really simple people can do. in campbell know, i'll mellow kron 4 news. >>the university of california is raising tuition for out of state and international students. you see board of regents approved a $762 hike on thursday. despite loud protests from students the increased amounts to 2.6% and will take effect for the upcoming school year. the board approved a nearly $1000 hike last year students coming to you see schools from abroad or out of state will now pay more than 42,000 a year in tuition and fees that's more than 3 times what students from california pay. >>this weekend much of the central us is bracing for more heavy rain strong winds hail and tornadoes from texas to southern minnesota millions are under the threat of severe
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weather. a strong weather system is making its way across the eastern 2 thirds of the country creating a significant threat for least 70 million people along the storms damaging path. it's also peak tornado season since friday morning parts of the us have already reported 34 tornadoes in oklahoma. a tornado there destroyed 2 homes and in texas, another twister caused widespread damage. today several parts of texas and oklahoma were under a tornado watch. the national weather service says too much rain too quickly is also raising flooding concerns and already heavily saturated areas and the threat is not over after this weekend. the national weather service says yet another potentially significant storm is highly likely across the plains early next week. >>very concerning whether they're in the middle of the country but we have our own concerning weather here in the bay area with all of this right so much rain and we were talking about records. what is
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this may houses may stacking up it's feeling like a pretty wet one so far one of the wettest months this year alone in this is the time of year we should be drying out. but i'm tracking pop-up thunderstorms and hail possible in our forecast. >>in addition that we could see some water spouts right off along the coast and even funnel clouds overhead so severe weather also impacting us in the bay area for 2nd half of the weekend. and rain totals already looking very impressive with this storm with more wet weather to come for your sunday starting to notice a drying trend out there right now storm despread san francisco peninsula. some dry drought most of the east bay but hayward you're seeing some light scattered showers there as is the south bay whites for light rain but we are drying out significantly for those of you in the north bay and that drying trend is going to continue during the overnight hours, but it's not going to last long because i'm tracking a line of showers arriving by around 6 o'clock in the morning impacting most of the bay area right along
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the coast, even through mid morning as well where we could see a greater chance of possible isolated thunderstorms that could bring us some gusty wind speeds and also some brief heavy downpours if any public thunderstorms do form and also hail in the forecast as well by around early afternoon. we are going to dry out but still tracking some spotty scattered showers in the forecast and even by 5 o'clock in the evening that drying trend is going to continue could possibly see a sell forming in the south bay, but overall we are going to dry out into our sunday night and monday until more wet weather rise by tuesday of next week so additional rain totals with this system anywhere from about a quarter of an inch to 3 quarters of an inch of rain and as you can see rain totals with this storm already looking very impressive we can get upwards of an inch and a quarter of rain for most of the bay area up to 3 inches for hills and mountains with gusty wind speeds but fortunately below advisory
10:21 pm
level. today's daytime highs anywhere from 8 to 22 degrees below average so feeling and looking a lot more like winter than spring out there in the bay area still tracking that storm cloud over head south market in downtown san francisco in thanks to that blanket a storm cloud cover. temperatures right now relatively mild widespread mid 50's so not that much a difference from today's daytime highs, current temperatures as you head outside and wind speeds light and breezy but oakland you are seeing the gusty us winds upwards of about 25 miles per hour or less overnight lows dipping a little bit upper 40's for parts of the north bay everyone else in the low 50's and tomorrow's daytime highs once again below average 5 to 10 degrees below normal at least downtown san francisco only warming up into the mid 50's low 60's along the coastal areas of the east bay 63 degrees for san jose and santa rosa only warming up into the low 60's. so your 10 at 10 forecast. we are going to notice, dry weather at
10:22 pm
least for your monday to start of your workweek forecast but by monday night into tuesday. i am keeping an eye on light scattered showers bringing us about a quarter of an inch of rain or less and then that warming and drying trend will continue. there is a slight chance of possible showers for your memorial day weekend. but i'm going to keep us warm and dry until then until that outlook it's a little bit closer to memorial day weekend. so just keep that in mind looks like we're not out of the woods just yet how one finger. it's good to get the rain it's nice to get a little soaking in but. >>it's like it's may in that february. i think that some of that. >>the at home and his agent had a little confused today was our after hours. or 2, i know is very dangerous weather so drive safely watch out for your bay to breakers forecast as well remember just. >>be careful out there with the severe weather. thanks to raise a here's what's coming out temperatures car exhaust and smoke from wildfires. that's what's crippling one of the world's t cities.
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how the government is responding when we come back. >>and a close call for one east bay resident after a tree takes a hard. sarah's last tuition payment, sent off. feeling good? oh yeah. now i'm ready to focus on my project. ♪ ♪ this is why we plan. ♪ ♪
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 hepatitis c kills more americans than any other infectious disease. and the number of cases and is increasing across the us. the opioid crisis mainly to blame here the hep c epidemic being
10:26 pm
fueled by needle sharing among drug use. it says cdc says the western us has the highest number of cases. >>states like new mexico in oregon hit the hardest in the region. but the crisis is impacting every corner of the country, kristen holmes travel to kentucky where health officials are hoping to use clean drug equipment to help stop the crisis. kentucky a state hit hard by the opioid epidemic as in new york for 10 years. >>and i've never seen people inject this many times the use of id drugs now fueling another crisis, hepatitis c if left untreated the virus can be deadly. he has the highest incidence of hep c in the country hepatitis c rates have gone up. it's 7 times the national rate. the state tackling the problem with clean needle exchanges open in may. but they're syringes and when they bring him back ideally their full. getting here in the lush rolling hills of appalachian is the town of hazard with the virus is rampant. we've got.
10:27 pm
>>a little over 300 individuals that participate in our needle exchange program is anonymous participants give their initials and birth date for registration card. >>but are asked to provide much more that their used needles if they're injecting 12 times and 84 syringes if a person participates in a syringe exchange program. >>research shows that there are 5 more likely to go to treatment than individuals that doubt. twyman are on the front lines of the epidemic we gave out. >>a 136,000 syringe is what goes there. >>those also in long-term recovery from addiction. >>i start injecting drugs back in the 70's. it takes over your life. >>and now they spend their time educating users on how to prevent contracting have to encouraging them to get tested the majority of our people appreciate everything that we do they thank us. what does it
10:28 pm
mean to lead to be able to do this everything in kentucky. it means everything, i'm kristen holmes reporting >>up next a graduation party turned dangerous after shots rang out during the celebration. we'll tell you where this happened after the break. >>and a winter like storm is bringing widespread rain to the bay area and snow to i know what you're thinking.
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>>the bay bridge here in san francisco and you can see on the embarcadero cars out there driving a little bit of wet weather roads are slick and even our cameras got some raindrops on it yet joined right now by meteorologist rasor adria's even the rain couldn't keep keep people out of the city tonight is the night the city, i know very busy night in a busy morning tomorrow with bay to breakers so make sure to try allay ers for bay to break this in my pajamas. some pretty good costumes though for the race, you know, how you dressed up over the years couple years makes it we're going to be well we used to cover it here on and then go live from the race and can't do that anymore. well there's a lot of naked people out there. >>a be too cold for more people dress up right and wear costumes and clothes for that matter. >>let's take a look at storm tracker board because i am tracking a drying trend out there right now in the bay rrea as this storm system makes its way to the south and east end. i also saw some snow
10:32 pm
accumulations for those of you in this year, so that winter storm watch has been upgraded to a winter storm warning in addition to that there's a winter weather advisory in effect for this year right now through sunday night so you could easily get up to 20 inches of fresh snow elevations above 8,000 feet in this year up 8 to 12 inches of fresh powder along 6,008 1000 feet throughout the sierra and gusty wind speeds as well around 40 miles per hour or less a let's take a look at your sierra forecast for the next couple of days. snow and rain showers on sunday drying out with partly cloudy skies on monday warming up into the upper 40's and then down nearly 10 degrees by tuesday with additional rain and snow showers so winter not done with this or the bay area for that matter because i am tracking a winter like storm impacting us tonight all the way through the 2nd half of your weekend. temperatures right now widespread mid 50's so pretty warm night, thanks to that blanket a storm cloud cover overhead. but
10:33 pm
temperatures will dip into the low 50's and even upper 40's and we are going to notice another day of below average temperatures 5 to 10 degrees below normal at least downtown san francisco 56 degrees for your afternoon highs, half moon bay, 57 degrees by sunday afternoon. south san francisco 58 degrees with burlingame trying to flirt with 60's but 59 degrees, widespread low 60's along the san mateo coastline with sam, a tale at 60 degrees. mountain view also in the low 60's but mid 60's for those of you in the south bay, san jose 63 degrees hayward though in the east bay 61 degrees, widespread upper 50's in the interior valleys for single and dublin. gusty wind speeds upwards of about 35 miles per hour or less at times pop-up thunderstorms in the morning and then plenty of sunshine by the afternoon with partly cloudy skies so drying out by sunday afternoon. napa 58 degrees in santa rosa, 61 degrees for your sunday afternoon highs and here's a look at your 10 at 10 forecast
10:34 pm
more rain making its way to the bay area monday night through tuesday with an additional quarter of an inch of rain or less back to gerri justine. >>thank you so much our weather coverage continues tonight in the east bay where a tree fell down and nearly missed someone's backyard. >>from forcefully should all talk to neighbors and has their reaction. >>all for at least a 150 years but with a little rain a solid just like an explosion something blew up this oak tree on valley vista road near oak grove road split falling into the canal below it in walnut creek behind pierre paulin caused so >>thousands pounds like a lot of syria. i won't say them that. >>nobody was in the contra costa county public works crews responded handing the cleanup off to a tree removal company, public works as the tree fell mostly because of rotting but the weather accelerated the snout. in hayward people without shelter willing to trespass to find cover. it didn't take long for
10:35 pm
the rose to become soaked for a saturday, fewer people were on the streets and for those who had no choice hoodies and umbrellas keeping them dry. weekly hayward farmers market went on as planned will use could we in the rain the matter was still some vendors canceled because of the weather but visitors still showed up in the crew with india gourmet says they stayed busy some does he get the lines even in the rain. it not booed in danville the consistent light drizzle resulting in ponding at businesses and on the road. >>neighbors also taking advantage of the town offering free sand outside the maintenance services department it will be available as long as the supply lasts felipe that all kron 4 news. >>in world news tonight, one of the world's largest cities is in the grips of crippling air pollution. high temperatures car exhaust and smoky wildfires are conspiring to make mexico city's air especially hazardous. mexico
10:36 pm
city officials declared an environmental emergency tuesday to the severe air pollution server aided that by wildfires, according to mexico's department of the environment. there were as many as a 100 wildfires burning in a total of 20 out of the 32 states in the country this week. some public works projects have been suspended and drivers have been asked to stay off the roads. authorities have also recommended residents avoid exercising outdoors. alcohol to graduation party spiraled out of control details of how many people were shot when we come back. >>and we'll take a look at how one school is trying to keep students safe from school shootings. >>and if you want to skip all the commercials and get more news during the break make sure you are streaming us on
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at 10 alabama authorities say a high school graduation party fueled by alcohol spiraled out of control early this morning, one person died 8 others were injured in a shooting. it happened at a community center in at more at 02:00am. police say when they arrived they found a man who was shot to death inside the building's cafeteria. his name has not yet been released. witnesses say the gunfire erupted after a fight between 2 women. police also say the word spread about the party on
10:40 pm
social media. >>i think it's a tragic now know with his to sage could get guns from and feel like the pens the to says children for than the foam. >>police say they have made no arrests at this time, but they are looking for 2 people. >>and installing bullet resistant glass in school buildings to keep students safe that is the idea being considered by some school districts now in indiana on friday school officials went to a gun range to get a demonstration of how the glass holds up. the shots fired at the glass with a handgun resulted in shattered fronts but the back of the glass remains smooths and they are 15 could still not penetrate the glass, but it did produce blow black of glass shards towards the shooter. our kids are. >>absolutely vital to us and we're going to do everything is necessary to protect thing that impressed me the most honestly was the fact that there's some blow black on that glass because i think that the that individual that might be the assailant with a
10:41 pm
weapon. >>the mentor of the glass flew in from parkland florida where 17 people died in the school shooting in february of last year. the glass is about an inch thick, it cost $150 per square foot to buy and install. a high school student is blocked from walking at her graduation ceremony, why the decision was based on what she was wearing.
10:42 pm
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>>one arizona high school student is standing up for her native american culture she decorated her graduation cap with beads that are important to her heritage but as the cold valdez reports or vice principal stopped or the door and said she couldn't wear it inside. >>so instead larissa want stood outside her family right by her si,e as her classmates arrived holding up her native flags and the cap that started it all i did have a sense of little hope that they would change their mind and let me walk with my class a tough moment for dad brian to watch seen the tears in her eyes and. >>noise issues like they said no i just gave her a big hug you us it's time to fight now she and her dad spent more than a week threading every single bead on to the edge of her kept by hand i miguel yeah. >>you know art stark wells things that we do it sits for us todren when they come published things and that's what this is it's not just because she wanted to decorate her cap and gown that's not what it was
10:45 pm
about me it's about celebrating her life. >>inside hundreds of her classmates to the one thing she could inch, but her family not alone in questioning the district's policy after weeks of fighting the a clu got involved sitting dice are unified schools of 4 page letter citing arizona's religious freedom laws and saying keeping won for walking would be unlawful and someone tells unknown. >>they should be able they should fight for what's right so even though she's not going to walk across the stage. she's going to take what she's learned over the last 4 years and she's done already doing something really great with it. >>that was the cold valdez reporting the school district responded to the acl use letter and called the policy a reasonable restriction. officials said wong could wear an eagle feather in her hair or underneath per gallon instead. that's the warriors broom and it looks like a
10:46 pm
sweep could be on the horizon after golden state took a commanding 3 nothing. >>series lead over the blazers tonight, let's get right to the highlights ever since katie went down step curry has a run-in everyone that he is a 2 time mvp in his own right meanwhile, dame lillard still trying to get going in this series corley came out the gate strong meyers leonard if that ray leonard had all 16 of his points in the 1st half well led by 13 at the break 3rd quarter places of 12 step curry knocked down the tray 3 contact warriors within 9 after the free the closing moments of the 32 point game now curry again warriors overcome an 18 point deficit and take the lead 4th quarter warriors up have a tie game but the dubs slowly and surely snatched a blazer so i thinwe the arena. right there after that 30 left game pretty much over. but the warriors still hustling klay thompson with the block on
10:47 pm
evan turner. the warriors go on to beat the blazers won 1099 your finals warriors can close it out and complete that four-game sweep on monday. let's hear from steve kerr after the game. a lot of big games. and we've been down. >>in many games, you know by pretty big margin, sore guys know we have a an excellent defensive team and we've got some explosive score. so our guys know that they've been through it and i'm so when we were down we we knew we we could get back in it and again the defense. it's what allowed us to do that. >>to the ice we all know the blues had the blues after they felt that game 3 was snatched from them by the rest, but we didn't know is if they would channel the anger positively or negatively well we found out they posit channel it positively right away. blue scored on their first shot of the game and did not look back. they went on to win 2 to one. turtle with the sharks loans player to get on theoan j
10:48 pm
for game 5 on sunday. let's hear from the captain as the shark prepare for sunday's showdown. let's hold over to oracle park, a giant hosted the diamondbacks tonight we go right to the top of the 8th, inning giants of 64nd pablo sandoval he just unloads on that won his 6th homer of the year. the giants to go on to win this 1, 8, to 4 your final. now on to some mace baltimore baseball the a's in the motor city taking on the tigers. top of the 3rd no score former giant connelly says one right field that warning coming back that's just over the wall hunley with
10:49 pm
his first homer of the season is go out in front 2 to nothing. first taste 2 to juror ex-im profar he's going to hit this one into the gap in left center field robbie grossman comes all the way into school or profar into second with an rbi double great baseball. now let's go to the top of the 7th a's leading 3 to one had pinned her to the lead also one that's high and deep to left field stewart. you can tell that when the mike pender with his 5th homer of the season a's. tigers 4 to one your final a's looking for the sweep tomorrow. that is your look at sports. that's all i have. thanks so much jason and stay tuned right after our newscast for the kron four hoop session. >>jason do mohsen i have a look at the golden state warriors another local bay area basketball teams. all tips off tonight at 11 o'clock in just 10 minutes or so and we'll be there happening tomorrow, thousands of runners will hit the streets in san
10:50 pm
francisco for the annual. >>bay to breakers race, it's one of the largest foot races in the world with 40,000 people participating and more than 100,000 spectators and because of rain in the forecast for tomorrow, the starlink or als will now open at 06:30am here though is a map of the race runners will take off from pier, 35 at 8 in the morning and then cross the finish line at the ocean beach parking lot that's right near jfk drive and lincoln way could see that map there on your screen it goes from the bay to the breakers at the ocean right now some streets around the city are closed because of the race and more will continue to close overnight. and you can find a full list on our website kron four dot com just look for the story and we will have coverage who are for you right here on crime for good times all. >>in entertainment news tonight, arnold schwarzenegger got kicked in the back while he was in south africa. but he took it all in stride, 71 year-old actor was in south africa for arnold classic africa. the multi-sport event is held in johannesburg, each
10:51 pm
may. a video shows the former california governor on the sidelines. recording a rope skipping competition on the phone. schwarzenegger turn back around to hand the phone over to someone. a man ran from behind and jump kicked him in the back security quickly stepped in grabbed the man and took him away. now take a look at this surveillance video out of houston showing a violent and terrifying robbery at a verizon wireless store in april one robber manages to disarm a police officer and then forces her to the ground. another start snatching cell phones from store shelves. the officer was working security and it was her first day on the job. both suspects took off in a car driven by a 3rd person. there was a police chase that ended in the arrest of the 2 suspects. but another got away officials say the police officers gun and several stolen cell phones were recovered. >>and screaming saying. i'm having a baby. ok will be
10:52 pm
without a hostile right now saying having right now. >>right now up next to parents find out they were getting a lot more then they expected
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
>>welcome back to kron 4 news world together but for 2 babies in santa ana. a very
10:55 pm
quick labor meant the siblings had very unique birthing experience. yeah, one at home the other in. >>dillon elgey we're explains. here's baby. >>i delivered so happy. >>they're healthy some near rye is still reeling from the big surprise this morning when he jumped in and play doctor after his ife jasmine went into labor in their tustin home my wife is yelling and screaming saying i'm having a baby. >>ok will be without a hostile right now saying having right now dad guided the baby out but knew right away he needed help. >>because his s me just 2 weeks ago the rise, we're shocked believing they were only having one baby. back home as the delivery played out a neighbor called 911. the orange county fire
10:56 pm
authority rushed to the house to pick up jasmine ri still in labor with baby number 2. it couldn't wait either and came out feet first in the ambulance. risky in the best of circumstances. it was a life threatening emergency for the baby. >>they were able to create an airway for the baby to the mother could push the baby completely out for the child birth. so our paramedics did a wonderful job today they actually probably save this child's life. on that. those michelle julie reporting the mother is in critical, but stable condition at a san and hospital but officials say she will. and then she's got a lot of work on our hands. 2 twins i mean a spectacular ending so it's all smiles after look great. >>she and healthy and good luck to that. slight the story i know we're almost out of time, but it's still coming
10:57 pm
out there yet is tracking some light to moderate showers making its way into parts of the bay area specifically. >>out of the san francisco peninsula and into the east bay. >>and i am tracking some possible pop-up thunderstorms to start out your bay to breakers but calmer conditions by the afternoon. >>export show got to toxins session is up. jason dome on fridays through these dr
10:58 pm
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forecast. we do get a little bit of a break from the wet weather on monday light scattered showers arrive on tuesday. maybe even
11:00 pm
as mo you are watching kron 4 hoops session . >> it is my favorite time of the week. welcome to another edition of hoops session. i am jason dumas this is j.r. stone. they overcame another double digit deficit. they are one win away from another fifth street nba finals. >> they have proved again they are the champions. they are a great team. they are not just a good team, they are a great two second- half comebacks. the way they did it was impressive, as well. >> let's get right to the highlights and see how it all transpired. ever sincewent down,


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