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tv   KRON 4 News at 530  KRON  May 20, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>>drama tonight between the trump administration and california this time. it is about money owed to state fire department just all comes to a head as cal fire officially declared that today. >>the start of fire season at least in some counties capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. how california bills the us forest service when it fights fires on federal land is now at the center of yet another conflict between the state and trump administration. >>the us forest service's california about million for the 2018 fire season money in question as the forest service notified california it wants to change the terms of a contract spelling out how the state deals for the services.
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california s chief brian marshall says the changes come after a federal audit of the us forest service showed it was slow to pay out nearly half of the contracts, it has for services to maintain the land but now the federal government claims california has overbilled the department. the contract reimburses california for emergencies beyond the fires. the agreement has been in effect for decades and is renegotiated every 5 years. >>the imperative you get it all we are. that we can get the job. >>it may get and so we have.
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>>this contract between california and the federal government expires at the end of this year. reporting in sacramento. ashley's above a crime for names. >>also tonight at 5.30 crowd for is always tracking local stories and here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right now as san mateo sheriffs correctional officer he's accused of molesting a girl over the course of several years. police say the crimes started before he started working at the sheriff's office. investigators say joel allies about dino used to babysit an 8 year-old girl and they accuse him of molesting that victim on 4 occasions and sending her explicit snapchat messages the a suspect was initially in court on friday. he did not enter a plea he will be back in court tomorrow. the 27 year-old is in jail tonight after allegedly impersonating a police officer. >>and pulling out a replica gun that to defer malls
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yesterday. witnesses at hillsdale shopping center told police the suspect waved a gun and said he was an undercover officer that was around 3 in the afternoon yesterday, he left before officers arrived at a few hours later another similar report came in of a man at the laura what shopping center this time police say they were able to track him down they say they arrested. alan gravel that's key. >>to the north bay now on this man was arrested for hit and run after police say he hit 2 other cars already been in an accident and then fled. police say flynn nickel acted to radically when the drivers tried talking to him. witnesses say he drove away from the scene and then got out of his car and ran but police caught up to him. nickel was arrested on suspicion of felony hit and run resisting arrest and suspected dui. >>it dozens of destructive tornadoes touching down in oklahoma and northern texas over the weekend. and many more are expected tonight and
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tomorrow, the weather services issued a rare high risk of tornado warning. that's the area. right here in dark purple reaching 95% of people there 5 million people are in that central section, including oklahoma city and wichita falls texas. tulsa amarillo, abilene and love acre also under the particularly dangerous situation watch. >>good i look at this is the height of tornado season, a pair of funnel clouds formed over oklahoma city today as schools were closed across the southern plains along with high winds. the storms baseball-sized hail. this is what it looked like in northeast oklahoma. in texas abilene was hit by an e of 2 twister over the weekend i could just say the whole out blow and the way in the tornado interrupted this weapons. >>a celebration leaving her
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homeless but not hurt which was a real. >>earned a present because at least as the landing into may 7 make 50 miles south another funnel cloud moved through the town of ballinger. >>throughout the day >>other twisters touched down in kansas residents took shelter in a local school. >>it started raining in and so we ran inside and as soon as we shut the door we heard this. >>and uprooted trees smashed into her home that is one massive tree. >>ici we're all just laura's car here to talk about these twisters. yeah, really scary time you know it's that time of year where the atmosphere is kind of starting to transition, you got a lot of cold air coming down from the north. you got that warm moist air coming up from the south so the atmosphere basically wants to turn herself upside down unfortunately that happened right over the plains and you can see part of texas i get hit hard right now heavy thunderstorms moving through. you see the yellow there those
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are all the tornado watch is up we've got some tornadoes actually on the ground now tornado warnings have been issued all along that frontal boundary you see the south here's some of the tornadoes that have already touched down or are currently active right now you can see near midland you've got tornado. that is in make up for miles east of the intersection there of 3.49 in midland continuing to the north we see more of that activity this tornado touching down as well. near howard and for the north even more so just numerous tornadoes coming down along that line reports of trees coming down near a dickens and more that activity continuing for the north and back maybe even stronger in oklahoma, some of these that are now pushing to that area could cause some serious damage as they move on through is there is the kind of situation where you get the large huge tornadoes. possibly a category 5 or larger as the systems continue to work their way on through we are going to see this a storm system just slowly work its way by and that's what's dangerous. the
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threat from tornadic activity not going to and tonight it will continue through the day tomorrow you can see right through the morning that whole frontal boundary finally making its way to the east, but it is going to cause problems all along that line and certainly a scary night ahead for many of the folks that live there. here we've got some partly cloudy skies as those clouds kind of floating on through and it looks like a some changes coming some rain is all in the forecast and some snow in the mountains, we'll talk more about that coming up in a few >>coming up at 5 the iconic eiffel tower shut down what kept people stuck at the top for hours. plus. >>fixing the streets in leaving their calling card we talk with the pothole vigilantes about their work in the east bay. a desperate cry for help from a mother after her 8 year-old is snatched from her. >>the tip that led police to a suspect.
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>>chilling moments as a mother screams for help after her 8 year-old daughter was kidnapped the girl was walking with her mom saturday when a car approached police say 51 year-old michael webb snatched her an amber alert was issued shortly after a group of a church leaders went out looking for the suspects car.
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it was their tip that led police to a hotel officers and breached the suspect's room and found the girl safe. on sunday web is being held on $100,000 bail and he's being charged with aggravated kidnapping. >>the iconic eiffel tower in paris was evacuated this morning as it closed to visitors, a spokesperson for the landmark says somebody was climbing up the tower it's not clear how high that trespasser managed to get but a team of firefighters responded. he is now in police custody, it is not the first time, someone has tried this in 2015 a daredevil climb the tower without ropes in without permission. still ahead at 5 a graduating class in atlanta shocked. but the commencement speaker tells them he's paying off all their student loans. >>and concourse now streaming on live local news 24 hours a day and if you haven't tried caught on yet, here's what you're missing. today was bad
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some are worse. stoner into the oakland hills.
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>>that left grads sky and a billionaire investor's pledging to pay off. >>the student loan debt for the 2019 class of morehouse college in atlanta like
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everybody graduating there's no student loans when you thought you had the robert f smith made that. >>commitment while delivering the commencement address at morehouse over the weekend. cnn's victor blackwell reports. >>what seemed like a typical commencement address at morehouse college. >>classmates class of 2019. >>turned out to be an unprecedented gift to graduates. >>this is my class as 2019 family is making a grant to eliminate the student. >>billionaire investor robert f smith announces that he is paying off. all of the student debt for the 396 graduates of the historically black college estimated to be 10's of millions of dollars. the stunning announcement leaves students speechless at first. they're like. >>i don't think he really said that no let's try again but then we thought about it will like. yes, yes, sir, he said it then they are rubbed in chance.
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>>the announcement even surprise of the faculty and staff on stage. >>i've seen lots of graduations i've raised hundreds of millions of dollars. and i've never seen a gift like this. >>in his speech smith stresses the importance of community, especially the many people who helped him along the way and it is in that spirit that he says he chose to wipe away the student debt. >>we be measured. but how much we contribute. >>to the success of the people. >>around us. >>graduate elizah nestle dorm taking that advice to heart, he is one of 9 children and is using his newfound freedom from student debt to help his family specifically his mother she's diligently worked. >>year after year yet the year fought for jobs year at the year, even she didn't get she came back, she said son you have to continue pushing. so now says like i can actually do that.
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>>smith also tells the students that nothing can replace hard work and encourages them to embrace the grind. >>world is getting smaller by the day. with every 2 to make it your own. >>good advice will the atlanta journal constitution reports the pledge to eliminate the student debt for the class of 2019 it, it's been estimated at $40 million forbes calculate smith's wealth at about billion. >>rich guys stepping up that is a great story as we take a live look outside right now the bay bridge toll plaza. so they see that blue sky but rain and and if you head up to the sierra snow is on the way cells like a broken record it's it's really just been coming on ending it seems like that now we're getting ready for the unofficial beginning of we've got memorial day holiday coming up here. and i think you have to be careful to head up the mountain to some camping you better be prepared for some rain and maybe even some snow some the
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higher elevations. >>outside right now we've got some partly cloudy skies we're getting ready for what looks like some more rain overnight tonight, here's a storm system off the coastline you can see kind of spin around not a ton of moisture associated with this one but we're going to get wet going to see the showers are moving in and we're seeing the rain drops are to begin to move parts of northern california. it will be some time before get service, my clouds begin to drift a little bit closer right now that rain moving a little bit later on so tomorrow we're going to see a mission or some showers on and off throughout the day you're going to see some sunshine in between those clouds it's not going to rain all day long. then you see some water in showers combine the wind's going to be kicking up around the bay area to in the end. there's certainly the possibility we could see some isolated thunderstorms. here's the very latest in the long range forecast molly can see the system coming through now bring us some more rain here more snow to the sierra nevada that continues through tuesday little bit of a break i think on wednesday as that low is going to move all the way down to the south and then a few wraparound showers possibly as we get into thursday slight chance a couple raindrops them and then we get into the
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weekend and that's when another area of low pressure actually drops in the california can see the bay area stays mainly dry. but if you're headed up in the high country be prepared you're talking about more rain up there do some camping looks like that snow up there as well that's going to be on and off right to the holiday weekend. so certainly something to watch out for alright temperatures around the bay area for tomorrow, the scattered showers going to be cool. these numbers running a good 15 maybe 20 degrees below the average for this time of year the winds will be kicking up along the coastline. some of those gusts could be as high as 30 plus miles per hour. 58 degrees unpalatable showers tomorrow, 60 degrees in santa clara with couple raindrops 59 in milpitas 64 when the warmer spots in livermore 61 in walnut creek 58 degrees in morocco you can see about 62 in play on the chance of some thunderstorms as a low kind of creeps on him but probably not till the afternoon. and then you've got some 50's 60's and a good part of the north bay so here's your seven-day forecast as we take in the unofficial beginning of summer we've got some unsettled weather for tomorrow drying out a wednesday slight chance of showers on thursday and again a slight chance of showers on
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saturday. 65 set up in taking action a couple guys wearing masks hit the streets at night. >>not to fight crime but to fix potholes.
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>>bad roads are nothing new here in the bay area in fact a study from the national nonprofit transportation group
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out that they're the worst in all of california. and it's costing us thousands of dollars every year in car repairs yet more than annoying but 2 guys are taking matters into their own hands and they're being called heroes for taking action against those potholes called for stan dorn. >>has more of the work being done by the so-called pothole vigilantes. >>among the potential bad guys you'll find on bay area roads villainous potholes reigns supreme. although they may have met their match. >>so started this say enough is enough few streets because they've been the good deed by the city for too there in our cars that meet oakland's potholed vigilantes. >>a pair of masked men who are fighting crime but they are taking care of the streets. >>it's a simple as pointing not in the poll and ever in a down and they ensured slide a 15 minutes depending on the side of the fall. >>and work out there too. like
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many vigilantes we couldn't show their faces of course we also can share their real names. it's important for them to maintain a secret identity for fear of any negative repercussions. >>worst case my gun, you know. for that we had and you know a little slap on the wrist, you know we're not concerned about it it's worth it. >>potholes are a big problem and oakland city government has struggled with a solution but by tackling one street at a time the pothole vigilante say they're swooping in and saving the city. the vigilantes find it's best to fill the past keep on holes at night. >>this way there's less traffic and it's better for keeping their cover. the dynamic duo has been added for several weeks garnering attention on their instagram and go fund me pages much of a good but regardless of the bad. big multiply they're calling it a revolution hashtag whole revolution.
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>>we're using that because we think if we had the behind as and everyone's helping out that he didn't really quickly in their first pot hold vigilante meet up. >>they supplied their followers with asphalt campers shirts and stickers they want people to become the power they seek and to fix the roads in their own neighborhoods, our goal is to essentially go out there and you know. >>with the community and the schools might call so we can and i think karen people to go out there to kind of communities and cities since this all began the duo has fixed dozens of potholes on their own. >>and they have collected thousands in donations. they're hoping with these new sidekicks they can accomplish so much more. >>we're just 2 guys year the whole community can be done. >>whether those polls that she does go out there and you know. take it upon way for the city or anyone else to do it. >>meanwhile the city has proposed a 3 year million plan to help repay of oakland's poorly condition streets.
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people are also encouraged to keep calling 3, 1 one to report any pot hole problems but you might be lucky enough to get some help from these guys. reporting in oakland, 10 thorn. kron 4 news. >>and that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 thanks for being with us this hour, we'll see you back here tonight for kron 4 news at 9 in prime time in the meantime after he didn't pay more here with the news at 06:00am vicki thanks to you both coming up next on crime for news at 6 o'clock tonight. >>east bay teachers go on strike and the children bear the brunt of it with some high schoolers given coloring books as classwork today by teachers say they will be back on the picket lines tomorrow. >>and the silicon valley shooting threat is a man drives halfway across the country with a gun tonight that man is out on bail. the disturbing details of his plan to shoot up you too. and there are new developments in the ghost ship trial as a witness now says they saw strangers the night of that fire. the
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news at 6. coming up next. ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪
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>>the first day of the strike is over for teachers and union city hundreds of employees with the new haven unified school district hit the picket lines today and they will be back tomorrow after failing to reach a contract deal with the district. thank you for joining us tonight at 6 i'm pale more and i'm katharine hayden in for can weigh in. >>the president of the teachers union says that 4 out of 5 students did not attend school today and those who did were signed with what he describes as inappropriate tasks. he says it underscores the importance of having qualified teachers. >>so those activities were not very improper for age for learning any kind of things like that it was very surprised todays shocking i've talked to some more teachers about that and they know for a fact if they're to do those same kind of activity the to government written up for providing that kind of instruction


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