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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 21, 2019 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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marvel studios' avengers: endgame in theaters april 26 ♪ tonight -- britney's new normal. >> are we going to see you perform again, britney. >> how spears is spending her days now that her career is on hold. then, from scarjo to scar-jost. the avengs star engaged. and it's game over for "game of thrones" but without not another gaffe and why emilia clarke is worried about backlash from beyonce. and a janet jackson exclusive and we're rocking out with the cast of rocketman.
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why tonight could be the crowning of james corden carpool karaoke. this is "entertainment tonight." it wouldn't be a rocketman premiere without a little extra bling from sir elton john himself. there he is making his way up the blue carpet here at the london premiere. welcome, everyone, to london. the star rocketman is here. but first, let's start tonight with video of britney spears. but the big question, how is her mental health? are you ever going to continue to perform, britney? >> any message for your fans? >> i love you guys! >> britney kept things upbeat during a weekend of outlet store shopping with her boyfriend of two years, sam asghari. >> what's your message to your fans?
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>> it was kind of a silent statement to the world that she is doing okay. just listen to her reaction to this paparazzo's question. >> britney, are you looking forward to more freedom in your life? >> "e.t." has learned britney's conservatorship is business as usual. she talks to dad jamie several times a day. our source also says there is no need to hashtag "free britney" because she already has the freedom to go where she wants. however, britney must have a security escort, and she can't go places like liquor stores. >> britney, how important is sam for you at this point in your life? >> on friday, britney rocked a crop top and low-rise jeans for their day date. the 37-year-old former "mickey mouse club" member hit the disney store before the chivalrous 25-year-old personal trainer escorted her back to her car. >> this is the car. >> our "e.t." source says, quote, sam has truly been there for britney, and is supporting her throughout her latest struggle with bipolar disorder. >> good man standing by her. >> our source says that medication is still key for britney at this point, and, quote, functioning without medication isn't an option for her.
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>> you may wonder about britney's go sons during all this. her ex kevin fedderline has custody. big news out of new york. "snl's" colin jost popped the question to scarlett johansson. and she said yes. >> this is the first time you guys have done a repd carpet together. >> i'm just excited to share this experience with him. >> why is she the one for you miss scarlett johansson? >> oh, you know, she's pretty cool. it's hard to have a lot of complaints. she's pretty awesome. >> it all started with a make-out session at an "snl" after-party in 2017. now just over two years later, the couple is engaged. no wedding date has been set but we hear he proposed in new york last week. >> i told you i have a girlfriend. >> and i told you i am not acknowledging that [ bleep ]. >> this will be wedding number three for scarlett. she and ryan reynolds were married for two years. then came a 3 1/2-year romance with romain dauriac. the exes split custody of their 4-year-old daughter rose. colin has never been married,
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but dated actress rashida jones for three years. the 34-year-old "avengers" star has said this the past, quote, marriage is a beautiful idea. when it comes to monogamy, she said, i don't think it's natural, it's a lot of work. and as for relationships -- >> i've realized that the best thing to do is just be upfront and honest in the beginning and if you like somebody call them without the games. the games are never working. >> i like it. >> well, there was also a happily ever after, depending on who you were rooting for, on last night's series finale of "game of thrones." report says that over 19 million people watched the final episode, ever. but after 8 seasons, 73 episodes and 72 hours of tv, spoiler alert -- it was not the ending emilia clarke, aka the mother of dragons saw coming. >> thank you to all the people i don't know, allowing us to keep
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playing these games and keep telling these stories. >> emilia thanked fans in a new video released today, but now we're learning how tough it was for the actress to come to terms with dany's death. >> who do you think deserves the iron throne? >> i mean, i do! >> are you happy with how things ended? >> yes. >> in a just-released "new yorker" article called "daenerys tells all," emilia says that after she read the final scripts, she, quote, took a very long walk around london in a daze, not quite knowing how to digest the news. she also talks about an oscar night meeting with beyonce, where they praised each other, but emilia thought to herself, quote, please, please still like me even though my character turns into a mass-killing dictator! please still think that i'm representing women in a really fabulous way. and remember that rogue coffee cup in this season's fourth episode? well, eagle-eyed viewers spotted another mistake last night. look right there by sam tarly's
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foot -- yep, that's a plastic water bottle in kings landing. meanwhile, last night's finale set the scene for a lot of potential spinoffs. imagine -- arya's adventure. sansa, queen of the north. and jon snow, beyond the wall. that's speculation, but we do know that hbo has five different -- three different "game of thrones" show in development right now. one of them is a prequel -- set thousands of years before "game of thrones." naomi watts will star and she told us she's catching up with the original. >> i am binging it right now and studying. it's very exciting, very exciting. the winner is coming! >> that's right, even during "american idol" last night, the gang was all about "g.o.t." more than 7 million watched their finale on abc as adam lambert and carrie underwood slayed. ♪ >> and this year's winner had a full-circle moment. >> laine hardy!
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>> it hasn't sunk in yet. i'm still processing it, but it's been a crazy ride. >> if you ain't careful you might win "american idol." >> after much praise last season -- >> laine, this is the end of the road for you. >> -- laine was later rejected. the 18-year-old didn't even plan on auditioning this time around. >> we leaned in on him to make him -- he was pretty dead set on not doing it. >> like literally. >> he did not want to do it. >> he was not there to audition. >> no? >> so, like, it was movie magic. >> it goes to show you just don't give up. never give up because you never know what will happen. >> now we know host ryan isn't giving up, he'll be back for another season. >> of course, i can't imagine not doing this show. >> but are all three judges returning? >> whoo! >> i mean i hope so. >> i hope so. we hope. we certainly -- >> we'd love to. oh, no, honestly, like, don't try and separate us. >> no, it's not going to happen. >> we're going to start really coming up -- janet jackson hits the jackpot with her sin city takeover and celebrates a major milestone.
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and then -- "e.t.'s" in london at the premiere of "rocketman" and when you're elton john you just don't walk the carpet you hitch a ride. >> elton john. plus, we never thought she'd say yes to it. >> james corden's titanic request to celine dion. >> it's quite spectacular beyond. but first, gayle king's new co-hosts anthony mason and tony dokoupil make their "cbs this morning" debut. >> i'm so excited guys, i'm not even nervous. >> i'm so thrilled i'm not a pinch-hitter. i'm here tomorrow and i'm here all week. i'm here next week. >> say that tomorrow when your alarm goes off. >> the news veterans replace norah o'donnell who makes her move to the "cbs evening news" this summer. the morning show's also got a new look -- something gayle's not too sure about yet. >> i'm trying to figure out about that big eye back there. i turn around and i go, ah, it just seems so big at this
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♪ janet jackson was in vintage form breaking out to hits and the moves this weekend. she kicked off her first-ever las vegas residency.
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and after the show, well, it didn't stop. she celebrated her 53 rd birthday at on the record. that's one amazing cake another singer with a lot to celebrate. elton john. let's head back to london and the premiere of "rocketman." elton john is having a moment, nischelle. >> he is on top of the world, nancy, and it doesn't get any better than bringing his life story home to england. ♪ >> it's amazing. it's overwhelming. it's a lot to take in. to be honest, i don't think i was ready for how, you know, massive it would be. the film that i wanted to make i woulden change one thing about it. >> crazy, right? a huge love for elton. i have a huge love for elton. >> i'm going to pretend we're best friends and we called each other and say, let's dress alike. >> yes, yes! >> the premiere shut down a london street with its blue
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carpet. ♪ rocketman >> the show captures goes from his piano prodigy to his rise -- >> you can say i'm resilient. i'm resilient. you're a performer. that's what saved my life being a performer. >> bryce dallas howard dons a dark wig to play elton's mom. ♪ rocketman >> i was so hoping you were going to have that earring in your ear tonight. that diamond earring in your ear. yeah? no? >> in fact, i think the hole healed up now. still ahead -- harry and meghan's wedding day gets the hollywood treatment. we'll take you to the set. >> oh, my gosh, i really do look a lot like you. plus, how do you make kevin hart even funnier. >> hey, hey. >> by hitting with his own --
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>> what happened, kev, what happened? and we're with james corden channeling celine. closed captioning provided by -- a flutter of butterflies awaken your senses.
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tonight. that's a nod to lizzo's hit song "juice" for the opener of his "carpool karaoke primetime special." so, how does james top that? how about getting the one and only celine dion to hitch a ride with you? our special correspondent matt cohen got all the driving with dion details. ♪ i drove all night to get to you ♪ >> you sang with celine dion in the car? like, that's an amazing experience. >> there's not many performers that have a catalog of music like that, not many performers who mean so much to so many people. ♪ when you hold me like that >> i just was kind of thrilled to be in her orbit for a few minutes, you know it was glorious. >> get ready to see james fan out. corden's primetime "carpool karaoke" special airing tonight will include a titanic-sized performance with celine in the iconic waters of the bellagio hotel. the vegas stunt even rattled the nerves of the music legend. >> i was afraid, first of all, that all the fountains were
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going to go. what if they make a mistake and they push a wrong button, what's going to happen? >> how fun. >> this boat is going to fly, okay. ♪ >> celine covered a heart song alone at some point and this song literally when i was breaking up with a girlfriend in high school made me turn around mend that relationship. >> wow. >> she has a tremendous impact on everybody. >> did you marry you? >> yeah. >> i did, i did. >> wow, no way! >> you didn't expect me to say that, did you? >> no, i didn't. >> yeah, i was driving to meet another girl, not having an affair. you can come out of this story looking way better if you leave that out. >> i was driving to get her flowers. >> no, that's worse. no one will believe that. you just have to say, i was driving away, thinking that's the end and this song came on and i turned back and i mended it and my god, we got married, and you just look like an
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absolute stud. now, we all know that you were going to see someone else. frankly, you sound like an absolute rascal. >> james corden -- you owe celine -- you know corden is good friends with the royals. so wonder if he loves these new photos of william and kate with george, charlotte and louis as much as we do? i mean, we can't get enough. kate helped design this nature garden and the kids absolutely seemed to love exploring it. also check out, 1-year-old louis wearing a hand-me-down shorts from big brother george. meanwhile, prince harry and meghan markle just celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary. can you believe it? nischelle turner's back with us from london. we love how they commemorated the occasion. >> oh, nancy, you know, i love love. so, when harry and meghan shared never-before-seen photos from their fairytale i dos, we were all in. ♪ this little light of mine ♪ this little light of mine >> the couple celebrated their first wedding anniversary yesterday, posting these intimate photos with a sweet
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detail -- the pics are set against the music of the kingdom choir, who performed at st. george's chapel when meghan and harry said i do. now, a new lifetime tv movie "harry and meghan becoming royal" re-creates the couple's special day. tiffany smith is meghan. charlie field is harry. >> the day we put the dress on and the tiara, i was so overwhelmed because i looked in the mirror. oh, my gosh, i really do look a lot like her. >> i remember coming on set and being like, whoa, like, oh, my god, that's like the most i've ever seen you look like meghan. >> this follow-up to the network's first harry and meghan movie chronicles the couple's first year of marriage, and takes some creative license with what might have happened behind closed doors. >> i'm so sorry for all of the family drama. >> oh, darling, don't fret, worse things have happened at sea. >> and a side note -- there are some real royal ties in this tv movie. charles shaughnessy, who plays prince charles, is a baron in real life. >> my dad grew up at court, they
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had apartments at st. james and windsor castle. he grew up with princess elizabeth. >> for tiffany, the biggest compliment in becoming meghan came at kensington palace when she was out on a run. >> someone comes up and is like, excuse me, are you meghan markle? and i started laughing because i was just, like, well, no, i'm not, but it would amazing if she was like, i'm going to go for a run in front of my house and be like, can you take photos of me? it premieres next monday on lifetime. let's talk about something that's not royal. not at all. average and ordinary. i'm talking about the birthday boy, yeah, you, kevin frazier. i'm sorry, that was shade that i threw on your birthday. you're in new york with another must-watch show, right? >> was that a full cup or half cup of hatorade there? anyway, tonight is a brand-new episode of "pawn stars" on history channel, and only i was invited inside the
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iconic las vegas pawn shop. where, nischelle, they treated me like royalty. >> all right, everybody, we are open for business. rick's here but i'm going to appraise stuff, too. you're in luck today. >> some days we get over 5,000 people in here. i really can't go on the floor a lot -- all business stops. >> "pawn stars" has helped make rick's shop the number one non-gaming tourist attraction in sin city. so you're going to have me appraise some stuff because i want to tell you something, clearly i have a sharp eye. >> okay, 1934. 5,000 dollar bill. >> is it real? i have never seen a 5,000 dollar bill. >> it is 100% real. >> if it is real, then that means it's worth 5,000 and 1 dollar. >> $92,000. >> $92,000. >> 16th century samurai. >> i'd say $25,000. >> $8000.
1:54 am
what did you pay for it? >> a little over $4,000, i think. >> so my appraising skills need some work, but rick's been in this business since his dad opened the shop in 1989. an all-new season begins tonight -- the first shows without richard, who passed away last year. he was affectionately known as the old man. i mean, you get little chills walking in here. it's amazing. >> if you could tell him one thing today, what would you tell him? >> the shop is still doing good, >> by the way, the title of tonight's "pawn stars" episode? "game of pawns." a limited edition of "game of thrones" item will be up for grabs. kevin hart explains to me
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travel consideration provided by -- tomorrow on "e.t." -- we're
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in cannes with leo and brad for the once upon a time in hollywood premiere. tomorrow on "e.t.." hey, hey, hey! >> kev quinn hart has 75 million instagram followers and all of them saw him go down hard on the dance floor this weekend. but here's the funny part -- kevin in true kevin fashion said it wasn't his fault. >> we were dancing in the rain and my -- the weather was bad. >> what did it say about your dancing skills, though. >> i'm a great dancer i just can't do it in defective shoes. >> blame it on the shoes. blame it on the rain. blame it on everything except on you. >> [ bleep ]. >> come on, guys, let's get professional. >> listen, you can see more bloopers when you buy a copy of
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