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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  May 21, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>>years, i'll let you know that historic accomplishment coming up in a live report, the warriors in 4 in the nba finals. i call that are in. >>in city will be striking for the second day in a row was no end in sight coming up in a live tell you why both sides can agree on a contract. >>4 in the sweep wasn't now he's got him in the finals and we'll get to we'll in the 5th with all of that find out we thought about last night's game was falsely fun to watch. yes. it the meantime it sure is and i don't know if i or the wind or the rain but it was loud little bit of both john a little bit of all yeah, your assessments are both correct. mean we're did see some breezy conditions last night as well as why rainfall overall i have a feeling it was the winds are probably heard though because rain has been a little bit on the
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lighter side, although we did see some brief heavier showers moving to the east bay last night as for these conditions right now just a few areas of the light rainfall pushing on. >>over into the east bay right around san leandro at this moment you do see that light showers stretching right across the bay right there really from san mateo on up to san leandro elsewhere rainfall has really tapered off this morning so as of right now san mateo you've got some of the lighter stuff that does stretch across the bay and then just a few sprinkles around oakland's airport just a couple of isolated spots of rainfall out into the tri valley as well and then the head heaviest of rain we have across the bay is sitting east of gilroy now the showers are actually moving pretty swiftly now on over pacheco pass. eventually out towards the san luis reservoir out there as for conditions right now though really starting to taper off in morgan hill. look at the bigger picture we do see rainfall pushing through throughout the course here morning some of the heaviest most widespread of rainfall. it is going to be around 8,
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09:10am this morning. that's when you see the light to moderate showers making their way through the bay lot of people on the roadways at this time so do it anticipate having to to get to work a little bit earlier than you may usually do as we all know that rain can slow you down as you're getting out and about current temperatures will those are in the 50's a little bit warmer than where we were at yesterday. so it's a warmer start to the morning. it's a wetter start to the morning. but it is also a windy year starts the morning and that's something that daryn james likely heard last night we're continuing to look at wind speeds pretty breezy and actually picking up into the afternoon. winds gusting as high as 25 miles per hour at times on into the afternoon today. 50's for your current temperatures 50's and 60's into the afternoon today, lighter showers hanging on into the noon hour with some clearing skies for some spots by the time we were to 03:00pm i breaking down not just today's forecast, but also the rest of the week still to come. rob and don't forget if those why preserver on and the headlights must be on that is
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the law we're checking the drive into san francisco. >>and it's getting really right. ashley fast track lanes are all stacking up so as john said it's great advice leave a little early and then when you get out there watch your speed because we always have an increase of spinouts on the wet roads are back up your innate eagles just be on 8.80 but it's a great trip across the upper deck. no problems on 92 very quiet heading west across the 7 bridge richmond center fell bridge delay free 8 minutes right on time from the tolls to one to one and traffic tracker showing great numbers for for 6.80 the nimitz and one on one san jose to menlo park, we'll check more freeways and drive times in a bit. >>care is a big
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>>the team so once again making history as 2 brothers, seth and steph give each other a congratulatory hug at the end. and here we are once again in the finals for the thought. >>in a funny how staff and the staff brothers against brothers thing quickly evaporated i like that story line was gone and the story line really is how these warriors have been able to go from 1516 17 points up to in the combat time it's been incredible to watch fun to watch. corps will tread called and he said it before they would take it so got to give him props well you did call it right again >>i tell you a look at that scene a set of the movie 3pdevil's advocate, it's fun to be right. having a lot of fun and it's >>i think they've been a win in 4 when they planned oracle because this slim reaper kevin duran could be back actually they don't need him because steph curry and draymond green made history yesterday as the
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first 2 teammates to notch triple doubles in the same game, let's get right to the head lice the warriors like the previous 3 games. they were down double digits the trail blazers had nothing to lose they wanted to fight for pride because nobody wants to get swept in at one point there were up by 17 points up by double digits in the 4th quarter but then steph curry just simply too much straight mind green klay thompson, he pitched in with 17 points as well force the game into overtime and in the warriors won by 2 one 19 to one 17. it's more than just a when guys because the next time the warriors will take the floor will be 9 days are now so they will get plenty of rest they will see who comes out the east whether it's the toronto raptors of the milwaukee bucks in the meantime the warriors are simply enjoying. this series. >>time straight finals hasn't been done since the 60's since
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bill russell's hasn't been done for a reason it's really really difficult saw i just can't say enough about competitive desire to the group of players that we have here and the. the culture that they've built together foshay files and the historic nature, what that is. >>kind of crazy to think about we want to enjoy it. we know of for more ways to fight season win a championship. so. >>got to stay locked in. >>so the warriors are guaranteed at least 2 more games at rourke on that's important because this is the final season for them get this when they get kevin duran back because there's a good chance he will be back. he will be on the mend for at least 3 full weeks so that's good news for the warriors and demarcus cousins could be back as well just to put things in perspective. she got chicago bulls michael jordan, the only one to 3 straight finals,
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magic johnson and larry bird they went to 4 straight finals and those are all time greats and now steph curry clay dream on they joined bill russell will fall 5 straight out and then you start arguing about michael jordan because you could say what ifou didn't play. >>but baseball. well, you know they say of my aunt had wheels she'd be a wheelchair. so does it matter. those seasons say it it would matter if those a great conversations with this fund its yeah charles barkley is eating crow oh yes, he said the trail blazers would win cady with i k t b out the way is read and write being his you know these live on the internet the adversaries eating crow this morning at totally and you notice that. she just take it easy on 4 straight and they're going just. we'll test that you talk
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to other people there down 17 points hygiene point it doesn't matter klay thompson says this team is invincible. it feels like you know these 5 seasons he put into perspective. the area. he says it feels like just one long season. i'm going to go ahead and call it for it i just don't think after this. the battle tested they're down 20 to pry eating a sandwich so you bring your broom to game won is that the brain you're prone to gain lot to >>all right, thank you is going sure by the way uh oh yeah, so where is that it will last year sure yet because dick's sporting goods. this morning singing scoop up your western conference finals championship here. oh yeah they always have that ready to roll. well, here's video of the fans picking up some stuff last night in pleasant hill. it's an annual tradition for the bay area dick's stores. an annual they won they won keep the doors
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>>so the shirts. >>because you don't want to sell the shirts as will it take before they have to sell the champe be ensure shirt stages and the western conference just alluded a all right the shares 07:00am get them while they're hot and remember we are your special channel for the sharks they're still fighting it out duking it out the western conference or the stanley cup playoffs, their hope and to punch their ticket, but it's been a lot tougher for them. we will have our special at 04:30am tonight that after a special kron 4 news at 04:00pm they are in game 6. i can't really dramatic yes with the blues lives serious risk to see how it works out and right now more than 600 teachers in union city are going to be back on the picket lines is day 2 of their strength so for more on this and more on the strike and what it's all about let's get back out there cropper sarah stinson once 'gain following. >>the latest sarah what do they expect to assemble again today.
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>>well teachers are going to be at every single school all right around drop-off time as 7 o'clock is also going a press coerence with the new haven teachers association, they're going to give us an update about how they're feeling going into day 2 of the districts first ever strike though still there's no word about when teachers are going to head back to the bargaining table, you're looking at video of the strike yesterday day one. teachers say they will strike until they get a fair contract and in the meantime the district has hired some substitute teachers and has administrative staff standing in to keep classes going the whole 600 teachers and school staff are striking after negotiations failed to create a fair contract. teachers are asking for a 10% salary increase over the next 2 years. the school district's last best and final offers they say was a one-time 3% payment for this year and then a one percent reoccurring raise to their salaries now. teachers say that nowhere close they're nowhere close to
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meeting halfway and that's very frustrating for them, but the district says they simply don't have the state funding due to declining enrollment take a listen to both sides. >>it's a slap in the face you know that the percent off the is basically what a lot of us are looking at touch right it doesn't do anything for us it doesn't do anything for our colleagues it doesn't do anything for our saudis going forward. it doesn't even tie and it wouldn't tie it at 3% it wouldn't tie in to our time and we've lost a 1000 students over the last couple years and 3.50 just from last year to this year. each of those kids represents a reduction in funding. so our income every year our revenue every year is decreasing. >>now there's only 3 weeks left of the school year and this is definitely a having an impact on students one and we're only on day 2 of the strike but yesterday on day one only about 20% of students showed up to school the district says students don't show up will be penalized, but they are trying to make sure
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classes. still going we're told that students watched a movie yesterday and a lot of and leaving and some students even joined in on the picket lines with the permission of their parents of course but as i said there's a press conference with the teachers association around 7. some 15 and will be there to make sure you know the latest about the negotiations plus there's a mere rally at 1130 with to sue if the teachers are going to get everybody together at a nearby park. really just kind of phipps immunity in this time of just striking in they're all very stressed so for now i'm live in union city sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>and keeping a close eye on the radar this morning because we do have an active morning ahead of us with areas of rainfall moving their way across the
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staying with us on this tuesday morning you do have some showers work their way across the bay, although it stayed pretty light so far this morning up to this point there's your view across the bay. from berkeley right there definitely a few clouds mixed in with some dry conditions at times and then some showers at other times now do expect rainfall the pickup here in just a matter of hours where we sit right now some pretty sparse activity some more so than not you are seeing dry conditions as you're stepping outside, but a few of us are actively under a few showers right now and that includes those of you driving over 92 from hayward on over to san mateo you're driving over some a moderate rainfall currently sitting right across the bay hayward also looking at some light rainfall at this time and then just a couple of spots of rain around fremont out towards the tri valley just south of pleasanton in livermore heavier rainfall along to passes your cross and on over to from a gilroy 2 of the san luis reservoir that's where you're seeing actually some of the heaviest of showers at the time being
5:17 am
future cast shows you when that rainfall does 6 uh huh and when you can expected to pick up i should say right around 08:00am you're going to see more wide spread shower activity in embedded in these lighter showers, some areas of moderate rainfall that are going to make their way on through the bay from 8, 9, to 10:00am this morning. that's when roadways are going to the wettest and also some of the busiest times of mourning to be driving around so do give yourself that extra time to get to work as you are going to be looking at wet roadways as you're heading in after which point just a moderate sprinkle activity to be seen off and on through the course of the day today leading us into what will eventually be a drier forecast tonight and then tomorrow thursday and friday, all looking pretty good and dry as well so today you really are worst weather and compared to where we have been some light stuff to be looking at so all in all this week is not a bad one specially when you light it up next a last week temperatures in the 50's and 60's for your daytime highs cooler than yesterday was as you would expect on a rainier and
5:18 am
cloudier day tomorrow do expect warmer temperatures highs boosting back into the upper 60's by thursday and friday we've got a few 70's mixed in of cool down for the weekend with a modest increase in cloud cover come saturday and just a slight chance of a few sprinkles on that day. rob. >>all right. thank you john we're tracking your commute around the bay area and this wet weather roads are soggy. indeed so watch your speed out there we're checking in on one oh one across the golden gate there it is traffic looks great right. no major issues both directions at the limit a very quick 20 minutes nevado to the toll plaza now the bay bridge toll plaza of course much heavier we see all the headlights going back be on 8.80 spilling out to west grand. shortly it will be to and through the maze so you still have time to beat the heavier traffic which is on the way red 90 or 91 19 from 13 minutes, butlso 9.13 minutes to make your way from the bottom of the maze across the upper deck off to fremont street just don't forget drive
5:19 am
out a reduced speed and do not forget the headlights and wipers we had a minor accident in berkeley, 80 west, ashby out of the way sure freeway looks good right 17 minutes from crockett down to oakland, picking up a little bit on 1, you see a little pocket of slow traffic as you leave said martine into morgan hill but overall no major issues through morgan hill and into the coyote valley, the rest of the bay area looks fantastic 8024 5 80 and the minutes. all movie at the limit james, all right. thank you robin. >>new this morning, another horse has died at santa anita park, this is the second horse deaths in 4 days a total of 25 forces have died in racing or training at that track since december 26th. the latest horse was euthanized after it was taken off the course due to an injury. the track is set to host the breeders cup. later this year. some students at a san fernando school were taken to hospital after taking either as an ex or they're not quite sure paramedics were called to the charter school after 4 students got sick, no word on their condition this
5:20 am
morning, but we'll update you when we find out more. >>a california school is going to have more police on campus after a mother stormed into a classroom to defend her daughter who was bullied and here's video of the mom yelling at students about bullying and miguel hills middle school outside of laguna beach. the mother went on this tie right after her daughter talk to her about suicide she was so upset about the bullying. the school district banned the mom because she did not have permission to be on campus. some threats were made to the school demanding that that ban be lifted. >>i don't play much did she approach it the wrong way. yeah but i don't blame the feeling in the least. the sheriff's department determined that that threat was not credible this was just you know a desperate mom. happening today, dozens of abortion rights groups are protesting the recent abortion laws that have been passed in several states. >>more than 50 organizations in fact early holding protest in almost all 50 states. there
5:21 am
are several planned across the bay area this morning supporters of the abortion law say that they want to take their fight all the way to the supreme court. >>i hope is that someday we will see the sanctity of life are stored to the center. >>of american won't i made the choice to continue to carry my baby to term and i gave birth to stillborn baby at 27 weeks that that's a decision that not everybody can make time. >>and just really believe that i wanted to be given the choice to make a decision of whatever she too. >>in mississippi, a law that bans abortions as early as 6 weeks will now head to federal court today. >>morning news really hear from bay area man who was among the students at morehouse college that graduate, he's the one gave the students all the money is gary here we're going hear from one of them got that for you right now free sheet and they are and dressbarn is getting rid of all their
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>>satellite radar some pretty light stuff right now there's a couple of offshore sprinkles that should be working their way on to the peninsula in just a few minutes here and also some the space showers that will cement on right now that includes some light rain falls you're crossing 92 from hayward on over to san mateo and also some increasing rainfall around union city freeman's and hayward this morning. a little bit further to the east a shower or 2 just south of livermore and then as
5:25 am
you're traveling east of gilroy along one 52 also looking at some rain over pacheco pass at the time being. robin let's check in on the bay bridge traffic, the drive into san francisco. >>your backup is growing and quickly it's already stacked up here be on 8.80 starting to spill out to the west grand exit and toward the bottom of so just be prepared for this as you roll into san francisco this morning. your drive time is still under 20 minutes, so that's considered good and we don't have any major hot spots are major problems, here's 92 of soggy commute from hayward over to the peninsula more brake lights heading west. but it picks up by the time we reach the high rise and the richmond center fell bridge has not filled in yet no major delays here at the tolls word 8 minutes to make it to the north bay are you. robin 5.25 dressbarn is closing all all 650 of their stores. we don't know the exact date that the law be shattered dressbarn has been in business since. >>1962. but the clothing chain
5:26 am
has not been profitable for several years now there are 7 dressbarn locations in the bay area. >>the golden state warriors looking for a 3 feet as they put away the trail blazers going to their 5th nba finals will put the historic will put the historic perspective. all of that for unbeatable natnew nice'n easy.or. now in cream. 100% natural looking color. that lasts 8 weeks. gentle on your hair and scalp. with conditioning in every step. new nice'n easy cream. now nicer, and easier. show your gut some love. only activia has billions of our live and active probiotics. a delicious way to enjoy probiotics every day.
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>>5.28. we want to get rolling with weather traffic before you leave the house and run into something you're not prepared right like a. although we always have an increase. the hottest years of 10 out when it's raining so it doesn't tell people slow down leave early. you know they get tired of hearing it, but that's good advice in weather like this year so far no active rain there there was a sweater we still a couple spots out there but really it's pretty light right now for the most part definitely nothing super widespread at the time being berkeley looking at some dry skies overhead right now, but further south and the east bay is where you are looking at. >>just a few light showers now there's a developing line of showers that you can't miss if you're looking offshore of the peninsula just west of half moon bay. that is going make its way on to the peninsula here in a few minutes and result in an increase in shower activity. but his lead has dried out at the moment, but looking a little bit further to the east you do have a spot of rainfall, sitting right from a just west of the union just north of 90 to our south of 92 uh near the
5:30 am
down barton bridge right now looking further to the east, there's your rain around mission, san jose district and snow this morning and then just a couple light spotless pots around the tri valley, some of the heaviest of rainfall has been around gilroy although even your rainfall has died down in the past few minutes having moved to the east over to take a pass out towards the san luis reservoir at the time being rainfall is going to pick up though so even though it is lighter right now you may be looking outside being like a this isn't that bad. it isn't going to heavy rainfall. a ahead of us but rain will be picking up around 08:00am this morning. you see here on future cast 08:00am right here. a white showers continuing to push in across the bay and some isolated spots that especially for the east and south bay could be seen as moderate right around 9 in 10:00am this morning showers after that point are going to be very light and pretty sparse but still keep the umbrellas with you even though you may see dry skies from time to time there will be some rain pushing overhead
5:31 am
well into the evening tonight. temperatures right now in the 50's making for a warmer start to the morning than yesterday. it's warmer. it's wetter and it's also when deer than yesterday was you get a notice when stepping outside not just for your morning but into the afternoon gusting as high as 25 to 30 miles per hour at times. temperatures later today will peak in the low 60's for much of the day a few spots hanging on to the upper 50's though clearing skies generally later in the day, so you will see some sunshine mixed in with those showers. i'm tracking showers minute by minute all through the morning so stay with us robin all right, thank you john back to the bay bridge where it's pretty much packed leading up to the toll plaza. >>earlier it was only 2, 8, 18 oh you're back of goes beyond west granite is just about to the bottom of the maze so that line continues to fill in, but it's very quiet and you're averaging about 14 minutes after fremont street which is good so hot spots, no alerts but you should still leave a little early because roads are slick 5.80 looks great
5:32 am
livermore to dublin 17 minutes, dublin to fremont that's rolling south on 6.80 the minutes, quiet and so it's to 37 a quick 7 minutes milpitas to sonny bill james started. thanks a lot rob and 5.31 let's talk warriors and what's next heading to the nba 5. >>and for the 5th time in a row and we haven't seen that happen in 53 years and it was a sweep to a commanding victory over the trail blazers last night. >>so now that they punched their ticket to the finals us go to crawl force will tran to speculate about what might happen. can. yes, has ready for the finals. i would say you're chasing it. but i said that for the last reading this and you're right. >>i'm a measured man the reason why they will sweep. it's because their battle tested if they are playing at their very best nobody's going to beat them in the nba knows it. the next time they will play at oracle will be at least 9 games are now possibly even more so they get plenty
5:33 am
of rest. let me show you video of the warriors coming back so the bay area they traveled to and it's known as rip cds rip city but they turned it and to r i p city winning the 2 games on the road so they get to sleep a little bit on the plane ride home about hour and a half from portland. i'm sure they weren't sleeping fight hooting and hollering because they know they're back to the nba finals, 5th consecutive year for that magic johnson larry bird michael jordan, those guys they didn't do that the only person who can say that really is bill russell in 1966 because of what happened during the game, let's get right to the highlights. i watched most of the game actually daria went to bed with about 7 minutes left in the game and that's that time there were down, but i knew our warriors will pull through because they pull through all the other games being down double digits and this game they were down 17 points at one point damian lillard and
5:34 am
cj mccollum they played very well that knot. draymond green and steph curry made history, the first teammates in nba history to notch triple doubles in the same game step curry for the 4th straight game in this series. over 30 points over 35 points plus this one 37 points klay thompson pitched in 17 points as well, they ended up winning in overtime. so this probably the toughest game of the series. they ended up winning one 19 1.17 they have plenty of resta's ahead of them and that's great because kevin deer and the slim reaper could be back so daria they beat. the houston rockets without kd now they beat the trail blazers without kd out and with katie economy back arguably the best player in the world. i don't see anybody beating them in the to make it interesting but the situation is we don't know is coming back so now give me your saying without him. >>it's very likely we're so
5:35 am
now what you sweeping still are you sweeping ok. so without them this still win because they still have stepped curry duran might be the world's best player but steph curry is their most valuable player day now he's 31 without kevin durant in the lineup. so they go back to about 2015. >>moyers 2014 so they know how to play without him. kevin duran is a luxury. i mean there's still a very good. let's face it, you know sports. so it's just a luxury to have like the tech seattle in the closet. you need it. but you really don't need the tuxedo okay, they'll need that for the awards dinner at tickets think so well. >>time now is 5 35 in the south bay investigators are cracking down on the misuse of disabled parking placards dmv officials in san jose are going to be out there making sure if you're parked there. you don't have an expired placard or using somebody else's. they're conducting
5:36 am
about 2 dozen undercover stings each month across california. >>whether it's to park here and not panic. well the scene today. >>or opt holidays around targets or cost those are things like not sporting events. it's a crime of opportunity they are going to have to walk far pay money or spend a lot of time looking for parking. >>a misdemeanor citation is about $400. >>to find the man who was found dead near san jose state university a 63 year-old john. >>hasson are from san jose. his body was found in the area east of san antonio and south at 11th street yesterday. they're still investigating the cause of death. >>well a man who lived in the go ship warehouse in oakland took the stand to share what he saw the night 36 people were killed. derick almena and max harris are the 2 men on trial both charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. their attorneys say the fire was started by an arsonist adam cannon said yesterday that he saw at least 3 people leaving the building
5:37 am
just as it began to smell like smoke, and he testified that there were no fire sprinklers inside. he also said he saw local police child protective services and fire department inside that warehouse on several occasions. >>yeah, 5 to 10 visits from cbs officials. 2, 2, off-duty firefighters came in and actually attended a party there. police there at least on 2 occasions and for us that of if those people would have known him 28 year-old max harris, an art student. nearly homeless living there creating is our wouldn't have know that there was any day. >>and open planning department employee also took the stand who said that there was only one storage permit for the warehouse that was filed back in 1951. >>a bay area and is among the 400 morehouse college graduates who are now graduated from college debt, free thanks to this billionaire who made his fortune san francisco and the commencement speaker robert smith who made that big
5:38 am
announcement when he gave the commencement address to the entire class of 2019 your education is free. he's the ceo of this to equity partners and they have their office in san francisco. casey rockamore of les how graduated there got a degree in business administration was in the crowd of graduates in says he owed nearly a $160,000 in student loans. no more though and without that dead. he has lots of plans. >>after graduate knows listening in. lemonade it was saving and investing for my feature. and now one of those goals are check off so at this the world is like well is that this early from stress. so peaceful, i'm at peace right now. >>rockamore says that this is giving him opportunities that he would not have otherwise had and he plans to take his education a step further and get a masters in business. and on the morning news reaction
5:39 am
from students after a california school is a says that there's a ban on skirts girls can do it no matter how long they are no more. >>and everyone's going to be aware and their rain jackets today because we do have sprinkles in light showers already across the bay area, some moderate showers to come later in your morning commute your forecast ahead. >>i'm tracking that soggy commute around the bay area, especially the bay bridge 80 west where we have the heaviest traffic as far as bridges cisco's back just about to the bottom of the about to the bottom of the maze so it's by the laughing cow you can dunk, snap, or twirl. so however you snack, snack like you. the laughing cow.
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>>42 now and some light showers across the bay this line of showers right here moving closer to highway one along half moon bay east bay also seeing some areas of light rainfall around freeman just south of signal and then around livermore currently also seeing just a few sprinkles along highway one around dylan beach and down further south just east of point raise as far as we go later this morning rainfall is going to pick up around 08:09:10am, so do anticipate, but conditions as you're getting outside, plenty more you know when you're at ross and you find.hmmm. a price that has you, like... okay. that's yes for less. say yes to the latest spring trends at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. man, that's a cool looking hot tub. we should check on the baby. he's so sweet.
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at ross. that's owed to the state fire departments. so the us for service owes california more than $9 million for the 2018 fire season. >>the forest service notified the state that it wants to change the terms of the
5:46 am
contract. the existing contract reimburses local fire departments for emergencies be on fires. but now the federal government claims california is over billing them. >>that we can get the job. may get and so we have. >>and the agreement has been in effect for decades and its renegotiated every 5 years it expires at the end of this year. >>and let's talk weather because we've got a little more rain to talk about. >>yeah a little bit more to talk about oday after a very rainy past week eyes of this stuff is going to be lighter today so good news for those of you heard a little rain weary, but this play and then some sunshine around the corner to i got to get to see this trail off after today's that's the that's the plan let's get out there today first of all to golden gate bridge where conditions are cloudy right now but dry at the moment, looking a little
5:47 am
broader across the region need to heavy snow this morning up in the sierra nevada, it's the lighter rainfall across the bay that may make you think you can get outside without the umbrella today, but dole acts so fast on that because rainfall is going to pick up later on into your morning in fact the heaviest of rainfall is expected around 8, 09:10am this morning after which point you can expect conditions to lighten up as of right now just a few light sprinkles around free matson ol and livermore at the moment, most of us are dry out in the east bay and on the peninsula to but there is some light shower activity eyeing highway one from pacifica down through half moon bay so pretty quiet right now it's not going to stay so quiet though i could mention around 08:09:10am, this morning shower activity is going to increase and even a few moderate showers imbedded and some of those light areas of rain that are going to be making their way through showers will continue through your noon hour and then really start to lighten up after that point do expect the potential of an isolated pop-up shower all the way
5:48 am
through the evening tonight before tomorrow thursday and friday, the plan is to dry out with really nice conditions to carry us into the middle of the week and eventually into the end of your work week too, daytime highs today as you would expect quite as warm as they have been with increase cloud cover and a weak cold front pushing in this morning along with those showers temperatures have fallen back into the upper 50's and low 60's. tomorrow going to be a big bump in temperatures nearing 70 degrees and some 70's for many areas by thursday and friday expect plenty of sunshine to finish out the week before her chance of showers on saturday, but still a nice day and then monday for memorial day also looking really nice with temperatures in the 60's and 70's. robin, thank you john a busy commute across the cemetery, all bridges. >>very crowded right now heading out of hayward over to foster city and san mateo your overall drive time looks pretty good. it's only 14 minutes, so no major issues here heading over to want to what now the bay bridge 80 west your backup is growing
5:49 am
for sure it's already stacked up from the bottom of the maze and busy and stretches across the upper deck as well. this is all considered normal. no problems, no crashes 21 minutes for the drive over to the fremont street exit, here's crashes is eastbound 24 at fish ranch. so heading out over ended just got word of a crash involving a car that spun out knocked over a poll that poll may be on the freeway doesn't look like it's blocking several lanes but its backing up traffic just a tad. so eastbound expect some slowing westbound expect a little bit of slowing there. we also just got word of another accident westbound near communal pablo so still waiting for more details on that one your overall drive time looks final 12 minutes wanted creek over to oakland. i'll keep my eyes on it a slow merge on 5.80 west onto northbound to 38 it clears up before the nimitz freeway but keep that in mind 6.80 getting a little busy entering seminole but only 17 minutes total dublin to fremont and warmer slow down highway 4
5:50 am
through contra costa county 24 minutes and growing and to conquer daria. thanks a lot. it is 05:49am and today's students at california school are going to rally against a skirt ban a school a a california school. >>its cathedral catholic high that i'm talking about which is in carmel valley and last week they told the girls no more skirts you can no longer wear any skirt, the new dress code says it's pants bermuda shorts or capri's the school says this new dress code is to foster a faith-based environment where students are focused more on learning and not worried about their outward appearance. >>she had that taylor in the past because of the. >>restriction of it we spend money on that we spend money on 5 different spirit because the day than other styles. >>next year the school plans to hold boys more accountable about their facial here heres saying that that's part of the deal. >>for your health this morning, the cdc now reporting more cases of the measles 880
5:51 am
cases now been reported across 24 states, including right here in california, most of them though are in new york. measles is we know is highly contagious and officials have attributed the rising numbers, 2 anti-vaxers and misinformation about vaccines. whole foods is banning plastic straws in its stores. the new policy will start july 1st. the store says that it will also begin using smaller produce bags to help out and cut down on waste back in 2008 whole foods stopped offering disposable plastic bags now offering only paper bags. plastic straws though will still be available by request for customers with disabilities. >>let's take a live look at sfo. stop only because you are delay in love their food. you know, but i just i hate the know, but i just i hate the
5:52 am
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california.
5:54 am
>>5.54 getting closer to 06:00am and it's still just some light rainfall for those of you stepping outside at this hour, it's definitely in a payoff to leave the house early today as rainfall will become more widespread into the latter part of your morning commute. we're sitting right now just south of fremont right around union city is where you are seeing some light to moderate showers also some showers on the very southern end of the tri valley then out towards the coast. this line of showers has worked its way closer now to pacifica and half monday expect light rainfall both of these spots here in just the
5:55 am
next couple of minutes. overall though the still pretty dry for most areas so even though it is dry right now doesn't mean roadways are wet slow down just a little bit robin can tell you it is slowing people down on the roads already. >>yeah it is indeed also leading to some spent out to want to check the bay bridge to drive into san francisco. it's our busiest bridge right now the back of that you're looking at goes back to the bottom of the maze. so right now you're averaging 16 to 20 minutes which is pretty good to make it into san francisco. take a look at 24 we've had a couple of accidents, one communal pablo one is found a fish ranch and i can see that backup building westbound 24 as you head up to the caldecott tunnel so read 27 minutes and a growing with a couple of accidents. still pretty active. here's 92 quiet across the 7 tail bridge just soggy. so once again watch your speed. 14 minutes off to y one james. thank you very much robin. coming up on the problem. >>it is day 2 of a teacher strike in union city will tell you why the district says it
5:56 am
just can't meet their demands. plus the warriors heading to the nba finals once again after beating the blazers during last night's game. have details on that coming up in a live report. here's a look at the san mateo bridge again robin will be back in just a moment a complete check of your commute stay with us for that and john with your forecast as we're still forecast as we're still looking babybel: i used be a one-cheese operation, but me and crunchy here make a great team. we even finish each other's... babybel: (to crunchy)you're supposed to say sentences... crunchy: ---sentences. babybel: well not now. delicious new babybel cheese and crackers. babybel: saved it!
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5:58 am
more than 60 years ago inside an abandoned chicken coop. where our founder discovered a retired teacher living. no home. no healthcare. so she said "no" to this injustice, and "yes" to transforming lives. it's this drive, this compassion, that inspired aarp. today, we empower people to choose how they live as they age. we advocate for health and financial security. we strengthen communities everywhere.
5:59 am
we are aarp. creating real possibilities. >>local news station. >>good morning. it is 06:00am that breaking news this morning comes out of the north bay, you're looking at a map. we'll show you where an officer involved shooting occurred fairfield police now investigating this we know one person was injured. not the officers, so it's presumably the suspect that they were firing on the shooting happened in the area of clay bank road and her eyes and drive again, no officers hurt. we have a crew headed to the scene right now soon as we get there and collect more details on exactly what happened we'll
6:00 am
come back and give you the update all right now we want to give you the latest on weather and traffic before you head out the door and the roads are still a little slick shot. >>yeah, definitely still on the wet side guys as you are heading out this morning do expect continued areas of light rainfall but. >>also a bit of clear skies mixed in this is your view out the east bay right now you can see those clouds hanging out around now blow but also some clearing skies overhead in some spots that's the way today's going to be times are going to look at some sunshine and other times where there's going to be a few showers drifting overhead and we do have a few those showers across the peninsula right now between pacifica and el granada currently and out toward san mateo a couple of spots heading towards half moon bay at the moment out to the east bay we go and also some light rainfall. just south into the east of so no overall rainfall activity has been very light very spotty so far this morning, let's get to pick up around 08:00am and do expect some light showers for the most part pushing on into the bay around 08:09:10am, this morning imbedded in these lighter s


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