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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  May 21, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>>makers from both parties were holding out on supporting the deal until the president lifted tariffs on steel and aluminum we have a generational opportunity. to help american farmers compete and to thrive. >>pennsylvania, republican congressman lloyd smucker saves congress. >>alys that was held. rob. >>that's right. they can read of course as you said it was billed as a national day of action some 400 rallies in all 50 states including a very animated when here earlier this afternoon in san jose city hall couple 100 people showed up for that at the same time other abortion-rights supporters are working behind the scenes to help planned parenthood. >>advocates of a nationwide effort stop man's rallied outside san jose city hall tuesday. where they carried signs calling for the protection of safe legal abortion. many of crashing driver home.
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>>and for mental health care for women to be available. >>the nationwide day of action rallies were sparked by recent action restricting access to abortions in alabama and other states. there were also dire warnings about the impact of the trump administration's cuts in title 10 federal funding to planned parenthood. >>and what it means is that we won't be able to provide access to people who don't have access to otherwise. it means that more people will go without care and it means of her health outcomes for communities should accord county supervisor cindy child is on tuesday. >>calling on her colleagues on the board to consider funding services to low income and others who rely on title 10 supported providers like planned parenthood. >>making sure that plan parent and all of our clinics and our hospitals can keep their doors open full set of services reproductive health services is critical.
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>>our right to abortion is under attack said one woman at the city hall rally signs read my body my choice we won't go back and it's a woman's right to choose i have 3 either family members or friends who have actually. >>their cancers sound bite planned parenthood they do more in just a portion, i'm here because i believe that all women regardless of color orientation anything. >>should have the right to choose what to do with their bodies and i was around in the 60's one that was the when it was the back alley and it was an awful thing and we don't want to go back there we do. you may have noticed that at least one of the women here at the protest today was dressed like a handmade from the tv show handmaid's tale. >>there are also several signs that said what this really is the war on women live in san jose writes lot kron 4 news.
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>>thank you rob. another big story tonight, the oakland mayor joining governor, newsome announcing a new task force on homelessness calling it an epidemic of statewide concern just last week oakland officials reported a 43% jump in homeless residents in just the past 2 years. >>governor new son is now outlining a series of steps that leaders up and down the coast will take to combat the issue, our first charles clifford explains. >>well a few weeks ago governor gavin newsom in his budget proposal set aside $1 billion to deal with homelessness across the state today. he announced the creation of the homeless and supportive housing advisory task force will be co-chaired by sacramento mayor darryl steinberg a los angeles county supervisor mark ridley thomas on tuesday, the governor said that california has failed to address homelessness even as the number of homeless people has increased dramatically and he says it's time to own up to that problem everywhere i go people are outraged, they're angry. >>about what's happened or not happened on the streets. it's no longer coastal issue. this
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defines the state of california grass valley and meet the mayor what's your number one issue homelessness and riverside there what's the number one issue homelessness and fresno what's your number one issue homelessness is not santa monica it's not san jose is not san francisco's not l a it's not any longer this is the issue that ultimately defines our failure as a society to ultimate manifestation of our failure. and we must do something about it. >>now the task force is said to me several times across the state is a gathers ideas that will then submit a report to the governor newsom also said today that he plans on expanding the task force as time goes by. oakland charles clifford on for news. >>now to developing news is the ghost ship fire trial today focus on who's to blame where the fire started and if our son could be to blame kron four stan herman was back in court today, he joins us live in oakland. dan certainly
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our hearts go out to the victims and their families an enormous tragedy here but from the sheer legal standpoint, this is a fascinating trial. >>and what's happening here is the prosecution is presenting their case trying to indicate that the 2 defendants are the ones responsible. each time the defense gets up they trying to chip away at pointing the finger others who they think are more responsible or are are solely responsible. tuesday more testimony about who i% at fault for the ghost ship where. >>house fire. oakland building and planning official david harland testified the only permit application. they had for the ghost ship warehouse was from 1948, when it was a storage facility. harlan also testified it was a come define the owner of the building for the 10 and to get a permit. if they were doing any alterations to the property. but during cross examination defense attorney said elise defended eric elmen assigned showed a different address from the one the city had for the go ship they say that
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implicates the building's owners who are not on trial. it's clear that. >>from from the timeline that family subdivided that fly into about 7 or 8 different rentable space is never told the city about it never had one inspection never got one permit polled. and so ultimately if there was if there's any liability for these deaths because nobody pulled apart it should be family later former oakland fire investigator maria 17 he testified. >>based on 3 credible witness accounts she determined the fire started on the first floor in the rear of the warehouse along the back wall between a trailer and the kitchen. she says the cars however remains undetermined though they found no signs of arson the defense has suggested arsonists lit the blaze possibly with a molotov cocktail but 17 he testified she has never seen such a device. he is to start a fire indoors. nor did she find any evidence suggesting a molotov cocktail was used. she also
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testified that she had been to the ghost ship warehouse once before in september of 2014 to investigate a sofa fire that was outside the building. she says she never actually entered the building. >>but the defense takes issue with that we have information and evidence and will present to the jury that she's been in the white house that she's lying about that and i saw her when she testified she was asked that she took big giant gold and then said no. >>now defense is telling the truth that she was not telling the truth about being in the warehouse. they make the case that she's doing this because they feel like she should have done something she would have been inside she would have seen the conditions of the warehouse in 2014. and she should have issued violations regarding the fire code and that was never done again her position is that she had never been inside the warehouse until after the 2016 live in oakland dan kerman kron 4 news. >>all right dan kron four is following the go ship trial
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each day court's in session you can also track major developments in a special section we haven't kron four dot com. there you can find witness testimony about the night of the fire, including a witness who describes the moments he tried to save people. you can also read the final text messages victim sent to loved ones. it's all in kron four dot com and our kron four mobile app lower 10 was expected to diablo vista middle school in danville today. >>this after threatening graffiti was found on campus there yesterday. warning of a shooting today. our first collegiate all reports that investigators are taking the threat seriously despite finding no evidence to believe it's credible. >>class at diablo vista middle school went on as scheduled tuesday but not everyone showed up my pants and i should stay home the school's principal stating in a letter to the school community. she understands why some families chose to keep their kids home she shared the letter with parents after 2 students found a threatening message written on a stall in girls restroom. near the multipurpose room monday afternoon. it read
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quote shooting tomorrow, my brother said specifically referencing this day i think it's fake but i don't know. i don't danville police department assigned officers to the school tuesday in the me feel better today. >>that they were here when you take all threats seriously and again as as it pertains to this one we don't have any cooperating information too i believe that it's true i don't know it's just reality that we live >>the tears, there everyday, san ramon police have increased its presence at california high school as well and we'll continue to do so through the end of the year this month alone on 4 separate occasions, threatening graffiti alluding to a shooting was found on that campus certainly the situations are very challenging. >>and very seriously. but we also understand there is a nature copy cat related to graffiti the school district says for students at cal high have been disciplined for
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their roles in the threatening graffiti found on campus earlier this month. >>so far it's unclear who's responsible for this latest incident. diablo just a middle school in danville felipe for news. >>i'm meteorologist large karnal been another active day weather wise showers continuing, but the thunderstorms popping up and down the san joaquin valley right now in the rain continues to fall locally to you see some of those showers showing up around the bay area now some heavier downpours making the way through parts of san jose. so certainly the chance of a few lightning strikes for us too as the weather stays on settled rainfall totals not huge with the storm system but not expected to be over a 3rd of an inch of rain the and or end over a 3rd of an inch also mill valley napa checking in over 10th to tents in the san francisco, almost a quarter of an inch in oakland and 1600's in the san jose. we're not done just yet we've got more showers expected overnight tonight in fact maybe even a couple more thunderstorms going to rotate to the bay area tomorrow morning when you wake up should be mostly dry. and i think we see a lot more
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sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. but we're not with any rain in the forecast we'll have more on that coming up in a few minutes. >>the sharks are not done, but it is do or die time tonight sharks need to beat the blues to stay alive in the western conference finals. we're live at a watch party talking to some nervous fans. >>a handful of famous comedians on the steps of san francisco city hall today, how they are coming together with city leaders to try and save punchline comedy club from addiction plus teachers in the east bay still on strike and tonight we're learning. >>just how many kids are not going to school because of it. and if you want to skip the commercials and get more news during the break make sure you are streaming us ♪ flintstones! meet the flintstones. ♪ ♪ they're the modern stone age family. ♪
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>>developing story tonight, teachers in union city and hayward continue to strike is a new deal has not yet been reached to teachers with the. >>new haven unified school district went on strike yesterday contract negotiations broke down. and right now no additional bargaining sessions have been scheduled. the teachers are asking for a 10% raise over 2 years. but the district is countering with a one percent raise and a one time, 3% bonus classes are still in session during the strike. but about 75% of students did not attend classes today. >>i happening tonight, it's down to the wire. the sharks are facing elimination in game 6 of the western conference got a win tonight, the sharks got blown out at home in game
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5 on sunday tonight, the sharks are in louis from forza well bell is at a watch party at safety center. in san jose. no well all the not watching new i guess they're watching the big screen. any action yet. >>actually you know the blues actually scored just a minute. >>but they do know they have a couple of players. there are injured. to this watch parties. clive and behind me and
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>>i've never been to just live showing the for all of them that bin is a live game years old and the shark tank surrounded by all these people as they face a full at this rate all i can do is just believe that the sharks can win. that's all you can do know superstitions know past trends. let's just focus on what we got. in this game 6. >>game to get their ticket to the family finals will be watching here all night, salt >>all right no well well you never like to hear >>least the least with the tear around a bit. all right by now the whole of a areas got a case of warriors fever, the dead to clinch their 5th straight trip to the nba finals with a sweep of the portland trail blazers whoa whoa they did it to get
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tickets for the public officially went on sale just over an hour ago for the nba finals cut forces iq than you in talk to us him diehard dubs fans hoping to snag a seat for a finals game. >>it is the day after the golden state warriors clinched the western conference titles, making this their 5th consecutive appearance at nba finals, it will be the last time here at oracle arena in oakland. >>these di cave year to buy game tickets and merchandise with that in mind. i got the wars of course makes it more special coming open to. >>oracle arena, it's not going to be here next year so making my last purchase or go. >>given the fact that his allies are in oakland, which is kind of a there's reconsideration i mean i love the team. i've always loved them. i don't i do know they're being from oakland. so it's going mean excited that the in the final on tuesday
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presale tickets little tell for season ticket holders at 10:00am. >>followed by 2 additional presale opportunities tickets for the general public were available 6 hours after the pre cell. >>but for my family and to try to get some tickets for. >>with a few discounted lori is man stood in line for hours hoping there would still be tickets available to the public here at the oracle to get but they sold out. >>for sure that she would have 2 available. it wasn't that many people line as you can see earlier but i guess everybody was doing what you do there. do now make sure that big screen watch at all enjoy it. it's 2 for the war. >>in oakland has it that you run for 2. >>take a look at our big screen here to sutro cam not very clear though kind of fuzzy but that shot overlooking downtown san
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francisco, somewhere down there we need a bigger big screen. hard to see anything there all that what is it great got some record of mps call. >>around the bay area. there's not a look free and you can see a toward the golden gate bridge continue see some showers popping up around the bay area now it has been an active day once again is another late season storm system really just works its way through the bay area say the low still up to the north here still spinning around so there's a ways to go it's going to be dropping all the way to the south overnight tonight. >>that will keep the showers on and off throughout the night not a huge storm system but enough to see pop-up thunderstorm you see him into the central by the sacramento valley there near chico and for the south more scattered showers around the bay area but we do have some downpours showing up along the peninsula along the coastline are seeing some of those raindrops moving on through some low sell sliding on by one just near stanford near palau to some rain continue to move along the one along so certainly making for some wet driving conditions if you're out there into san jose catch a little bit of a break but then you see that next storm system just east of milpitas now
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bringing some heavier amounts of rain as a downpour continues, certainly there's a chance we could see some thunderstorms around the bay area, scattered showers continue in a little more unpleasant in a few rain drops in oakland as well the north they just some widely scattered showers this week until the polls moving through right now but the winds have been kicking up its own blustery around the bay area today, some 20 some 30 mile an hour gust, specially near the coastline, but every water you're seeing some of those winds for this evening, not tonight. re are going to see scattered showers continuing. slight chance of some isolated thunderstorms tomorrow, partly cloudy and then becoming mostly sunny and warmer into the afternoon as we get a little bit of a break but yeah this low looks to be dropping to the south of medicine start kicking east but as it moves further south, we'll keep things a little bit active for tonight. i think if you sleep in just a little bit past 6.30 or so you're back some sunshine. it looks like a mostly dry day at least for tomorrow guys back to you. >>or and still ahead the trump administration is sticking by its plan to crack down on undocumented immigrants living in public housing. but democrats say not on their
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watch the latest on the fight unraveling on capitol hill. >>plus famous comedians leading the charge to say punchline the legendary san francisco comedy club is set
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>>comedian dave chappelle another comics came to the steps of san francisco city hall to get serious they are trying to keep a punchline comedy club open the 47 year-old club is facing eviction when its lease expires in august. our first
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marine kelly talk to chappelle explains what makes that spot. so special. >>the holding signs reading displacement is no laughing matter. comedians on the steps of city hall got serious when speaking about the importance of the punch lines, including stand-up comic and tv host to w come out belle it is important legendary things happen have happened there over the years you want the place to be there because it helps to find the cultures city it also is a very public place that says the arts are important in a season is losing people who do not have the deep pockets of places like the punchline. >>we need to prioritize the art especially in this time with everything is going in america dave chappelle whose plane 3 sold-out shows they're starting tonight. >>cold secret ground we like burning down the loo. >>or selling the move to somebody and it is it's beautiful art is going up in the city. you can't just put it in another room that rooms special. i don't feel like it will be much to save it. it's not a matter of money, but i
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don't know what i don't know what the city can do what if they can do 70 be saving literally what i consider historical landmark in addition to chappelle robin williams and other big name comedians have played the small club. >>which is closing because they've been unable to renew their lease. >>supervisor aaron peskin says the board of supervisors has nominated the punchline as a legacy business. he plans to hold talks with the landlord morgan stanley and the company planning to move in which he says is likely google i want to say to google really really do no evil has been is also introducing a zoning moratorium legislation that would keep non nightlife entertainment businesses. >>from moving into that space. >>that set to go before the full board for a vote on june 4. maureen kelly for news. >>rays now streaming live local news 24 hours a day with no commercials. the new service is called kron on get caught up with the latest breaking news and weather any time of day visit kron on dot t v to start watching now.
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next at 5.30 a police shooting is under investigation in fairfield hear why officers say they opened fire on a burglary suspect. >>students in paradise are still coping with devastating loss after the entire town was nearly wiped out by the campfire see how celebrities made their from little more special this year. >>and the battle over financing for the state's high speed. rail is switching tracks. it is now headed for federal court. the latest on the fight between
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>>our top story tonight at 5.30 the latest in the feud between california and the federal government a ba court over nearly a billion dollars for the high speed rail project to the status sued the trump administration today over the money, our first capitol bureau reporter asey zavala explains how this is affecting the project. >>it was a busy day for high speed rail authority board chairman len even down to fight to first announcing tuesday the state and high speed rail authority sued the trump administration aiming to block the cancellation of nearly billion in federal funds for the project that is project just man and a political >>termination of his undoubted despite the potential loss of critical money project leaders at tuesday's board meeting still moving forward with plans to complete the first phase from bakersfield timm


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