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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  May 21, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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you take all threats seriously and again. >>as as it pertains to this one we dtn't have any cooperating information too. >>i believe that it's true the school district is looking into this as a copycat of recent threats made at california high school threatening graffiti was found on campus on 4 separate occasions in the past month california high school we were able to identify several students involved in one of the incidents and they did face appropriate disciplinary action in that part of the message that we're trying to get out. >>is that we are taking the situation is very very seriously and students who are caught related to them are going to face serious consequences for the school district wants students to feel comfortable coming forward with any information to help put an end to the threats. >>adding that tips can be passed along and honestly in danville fleet of all kron 4 news. >>developing news tonight, teachers in union city and sell hayward continue to strike as a contract deal has yet to be reached teachers with the new haven unified school district went on strike yesterday as the contract
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negotiations broke down and right now no additional bargaining session has been scheduled. the teachers are asking for a 10% raise over 2 years. but the district countered with a one percent raise and a one-time bonus of 3% classes are still in session during the strike, howeve about 75% of the students did not attend class today, a california grand jury has indicted the accused how a synagogue shooter on a 113 counts 19 year-old john earnest. >>is accused of opening fire at the she bought of poway synagogue near san diego on april 27th on the last day of passover one person was killed 3 others injured, including a juvenile, the charges against him include federal hate crimes firearms offenses, arson murder and 53 counts of attempted murder. some of the charges against earnest are connected to the march 24th arson of a mosque in escondido.
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>>house speaker nancy pelosi staying the course despite calls from more and more democrats to take a more aggressive strategy toward the impeachment. president donald trump. speaker pelosi has made it clear that she wants to pursue a different approaches as the white house continues to disregard a man's connected to congressional investigations or grant lotus joins us now. >>with more grant can pan formerhite house attorney don mcgahn who you see here will soon be held in contempt of congress after president trump directed him, not to comply with the subpoena demanding he testify about potential obstruction of justice at the white house. the justice department now says congress cannot compel former senior white house officials to testify about their interactions with the president and republicans are arguing it's time to just put the whole mueller report behind them. the white house is resisting virtually all democratic probes into the president. prompting more democrats to say their only
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choice now is to launch an impeachment inquiry. the pressure to impeach is building across the democratic caucus. among several veteran members and freshman. even some skeptics serve softening their opposition. >>we need to. >>use every tool at our disposal to make sure we can hold administration accountable, you know if that leads us looking into impeachment. will we'll get there but it's one step at a time and i was not in favor of some of the earlier around impeachment of president creating the circumstances were may have to consider personally so much more open to it now that i was a few months ago my position. an impeachment. >>is what it has always been and that is the president of the united states of america needs to be impeached. >>house speaker nancy pelosi from san francisco, however believes her caucus should methodically pursue their
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investigations while focusing on an economic agenda. pelosi argues the strategy is getting results pointing to a court ruling that could force a trump accounting firm to turn over financial records to the house oversight committee, the fights over subpoenas is not stopping the summons from going out today, the house judiciary committee issued subpoenas to former white house officials hope hicks who you see here as well as annie donaldson, the new subpoenas are sure to set the stage for another legal clash with the white house can pay back to you frank thank you time now to get a check of the weather around the bay area and to do that are 4 zone forecast. >>chief meteorologist lazcano has more almost happening to sfo tonight major delays there again you're seeing low clouds out there we see the showers and causing all kinds of problems delays now. >>98 minutes on arriving flights at sfo that will back things up quite a bit no delays being reported oakland or also settles abc couple raindrops on the lens there too in the showers continue to fall outside most are just a widely scattered but you got
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some pockets of downpours coming through and now we'll go throughout the night tonight and in the er early tomorrow morning before things subside now once we get the middle of day tomorrow, your skies clear out nicely we're back in the mid 60's in the san francisco, 60 degrees and a least a little cool on the coastline. a little breezy there as well then we warm things up inside the bay. and those temperatures starting to turn the 60's some low 70's along the peninsula, the south they look warm tomorrow afternoon 71 degrees in campbell about 70 in cupertino 70 in santa clara, 70 in san jose 77 degrees in livermore 71 in dublin, 72 in danville about 74 in walnut creek. get the idea some nicer numbers beginning to make a return to the bay area by tomorrow afternoon but we're kind of a roller coaster ride here going to keep things on settled here with a slight chance of showers again on thursday should be dry on friday, a slight chance of showers over the holiday weekend. thank you, after a blowout loss to the blues in game 5 on sunday, the sharks are facing elimination tonight in game 6 of the western conference
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finals. >>crown forestall bellow live at a watch party at the sapd center in san jose. it's been pretty rough so far as an oil. >>he woke up this morning and put on this tee-shirt dork i didn't know maybe sending me here to that has a peace center. but i'm really glad they did because you know. seen hundreds and actually bought tickets to be here tonight here on their team altogether and though i've never been here. rowling us and serious abuse of course when things don't go their way i was 5 dollars to get in here tonight and of course is a lot of places you can be for free. what are those ice. for this game, 6. happened here tonight, especially when they've got sharkey on hand.
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everybody that you see here is a die hard. >>we want to support our sharks even though they can't hear as i know they can feel us is amazing to be here because we've been to games here and it's it's a totally different experience coming for a viewing party. i mean we've been told by a stadium. we watch games that bars here and it's just nice to see everyone coming together in the stadium where it all happens in a family 20 years so it doesn't really deserve to be where they are. everyone i spoke with says there. tonight's game of course. >>if they win tonight, they will come back re in sa the center on thursday to hopefully a fight to stay alive and make their bid to the stanley cup and we're watching the game real close here 3 to one right now so. feelings are a little low right now but i know that they're trying to keep the energy up as best as they can live in sapd noelle bellow kron 4 news all right now well.
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>>also coming up a kitten rescued from a south bay storm drains why it may have ended up trapped there and why you might want to take extra precautions with your pets when it rains and a suspect in
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>>natasha chen explains why the estimated rising sea levels could displace up to 187 million people. >>this is wall street's famous bull statue. this is what climate central predicts the same spot would look like if the earth warmed up by 4 degree celsius or about 7 degrees fahrenheit. now a new study by international researchers predict an even worse scenario. a possibility of global temperatures rising 9 degrees fahrenheit by the end of the century is a local because you bought it could happen and yes study suggests that there is a real race because ice sheets in greenland and antarctica are melting faster than we thought. >>and if emissions continue unchecked nearly 700,000 square miles around the world more than 3 times the size of california would be lost to the sea up to a 187 million people would have to move inland and we lose critical areas of food production. one of the co-authors of the study says we can still prevent this. but there's little time left last comments on to the
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same thing you know we quite an hour wind of opportunity to avoid some of the worst consequences. while some politicians stake their campaigns on this very issue 100% clean electricity. millions of new jobs, combating climate change around the world is still fraught with political infighting. >>it's also very important that policies. not just the words on the paper but also will become actions. >>in washington, i'm natasha chen, reporting. today california took the trump administration to court again this time over money for high speed
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>>the latest feud between california and the federal government is a court battle overalmost a billion dollars for the high speed rail the trump administration today over that money our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains how this battle is affecting that project. sharon. >>it was a busy day for high speed rail authority board chairman len even down to fight to first announcing tuesday the state and high speed rail authority sued the trump administration aiming to block the cancellation of nearly billion in federal funds for the project undoubted despite the potential loss of critical money project leaders at tuesday's board meeting still moving forward with plans to
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complete the first phase from bakersfield timmer said the federal railroad administration has said this does not meet the original promise for a bullet train between san francisco to anaheim some of suggest later at the capitol men down so facing lawmakers on the project even is to stay winds that lawsuit i hope we do. >>the ads for the foreseeable future if we're really going to be serious. >>as as a body as is the state legislature to to be stewards of the tax dollars. this project has to be reevaluated and i think at least at a minimum the voters should have a say to be their vote again on this project, many questions surrounding the fate of funding for the bullet train we asked of project leaders have a plan b it's not appropriate to look at other contingencies until the lawsuit. >>is resolved and so that's why we're in court now will be commenting on until 2 >>we reached out to the federal railroad administration for comment. but we have not yet heard back. according to actually zavala kron 4 news. >>state assembly has approved
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new rules for electric bikes and scooters businesses like burden spin of deployed scooters to cities across the bay area in recent years. often local governments are not set up permits or regulations for the devices with the exception of san francisco. the bill passed in the state assembly would require electric bike and scooter companies to get permits from cities. it would also require them to agree to rules for parking that bill now goes to the senate. >>in the north bay, one person injured in a police shooting and we're now learning from police it was a burglar who appeared to be holding a gun. well for sarah stinson has details from fairfield. >>the officer involved shooting stemmed from police responding to a burglary at the convenience mart behind me here on horizon drive. they're still investigating what led up to the shooting that critically injured and the suspect. we don't know much about the man other than he's believed to be in his late 40's, fairfield police responded to the burglar reported by an alarm activation at the convenience
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mart on the rise and drive at 2.10 tuesday mornings they located the suspect but when you do listen to commands it led police on pursuit down the road about a block towards western street. police say the man appeared to be holding a handgun and when he refused to listen to commands he was shot by officers. >>there were several moments there long. officers repeatedly stated on the radio the here to have handguns his hand. >>the police involved were uninjured investigators haven't released whatn circumstances led up to the shooting. i spoke with police about just how difficult it can be for officers when they're responding to a scene and they believe the suspect to be armed. >>i was a very dangerous with the ball. once again certainly don't want anyone else to get hurt. so we have a certain obligation, the community didn't try to ensure safety. so it's very challenging. >>the officers involved are most likely going to be on
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administrative leave pending an investigation which will be led by fairfield police investigators bureau plus the solano county district attorney in fairfield sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>driving trucks may soon begin delivering mail for the us postal service usps plans to launch a 2 week long test using self-driving trucks to move mail between us just distribution centers, san diego-based startup 2 simple said its self-driving trucks will be in holly male between facilities in phoenix and dallas to see how the technology might improve delivery times and costs a safety driver will sit behind the wheel to intervene if necessary and an engineer will ride in the passenger seat. if successful it would mark an achievement for the thomas driving industry and have a possible solution to postal service worker shortages. >>a six-week-old kitten was rescued from a storm drain this morning by santa clara county sheriff's deputies with help from the san jose fire department police say a woman was walking with her son in
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cupertino just after 9 o'clock this morning when she heard meow a in coming from a nearby storm drain. the sheriff deputies were able to lift the metal lid on the drain and into that empties into the saratoga creek. a deputy then crawled into the drain to rescue this little kitten police think the orange and white calico was trying to take shelter from the rain. it was taken to a local vet and given some food. >>we are seeing more rain around the bay area this evening some very scary weather tornadoes again are down another part of the cuts will have more on that coming up. >>and called for is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day if you haven't tried kron on yet, here's what you're missing. >>35 years. county oakland, san francisco and los heart. just give me a racquet and watch me go.
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>>severe storms that tore through the area yesterday and officials are warning that more dangerous weather could be approaching. omar jimenez reports >>a woman clings to a tree as floodwaters in oklahoma rush all around her just before rescuers poured a safety one of dozens of rescues from monday night into tuesday.
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elsewhere team of firefighters push a boat for people inside up a driveway that now looks more like a river. it's a a. >>probably only seen it like this maybe once or twice in the 16 plus years, i've lived here. >>it's all part of what has already been a dangerous few days of weather for millions of people in the region in some cases downing trees on just. >>try and take a breath. it was so scary. i just think god we're all ok. we have our lives. sick god for that you can replace your home when your cars. >>flooding has been a major concern but not the only one tornadoes one in 20 of them were reported across texas oklahoma missouri and arkansas from early monday into tuesday morning there are still dangers even when we don't think they're around and i don't think of the woods yet as far as weather goes so, let's be very careful. additional heavy rainfall is expected in oklahoma as
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ofpicials urged residents to seek higher ground in some locations further east damaging winds hail and even more potential tornadoes remain on the horizon. is reporting. >>another look at sfo where they're dealing with the rain and the clouds and the delays what's going on in the midwest. but we certainly have our share of weather here. yeah we've got more showers around the bay area other parts the country really severe weather in the potential for more severe weather tornadoes on the ground again tonight. you see storms just kind of rotating on through this is all part of that same system about tornadoes all the way through a texas and oklahoma yesterday more tornadic activity this evening. in fact we've got tornado watches and warnings up posted all the way into a missouri also illinois we're seeing some very strong thunderstorms rotating on through and numerous reports of seeing some tornadoes. funnel clouds all along that frontal boundary see those on the backside in red. well those are some of the reports of some of the tornadic activity some damage being done also in missouri. outside
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right now we've got a lot of clouds in the bay area more showers continuing outside is going to be on and off throughout the night tonight. we've got some thunderstorms to nothing too severe popping up in the central valley and a chance we could still see a couple thunderstorms here locally but i'm mostly just the pop-up showers now begin to shop around the bay area see some of the cells moving on through kind of sliding on by as we headed to the south a now you see more scattered showers there and just kind of hit miss as he sells kind of rotate through just north of sunnyvale the area near mount do you see a couple of scattered showers right there on 3rd child drive got some light rain drops and more that continuing parts of the east bay as well, but it just kind of hit miss pop-up showers showing up around the bay area that will be the case throughout the night tonight. we're not done though just yet you see that big rotation in the atmosphere as low pressure kind of just to the east of us that is going to rotate more moisture and not the best chance of getting rain but certainly by thursday afternoon another chance of a few scattered showers and then as we get the holiday weekend another low drops in more rain if you're going camping this
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weekend. i know a lot of folks like to the kickoff. the beginning of summer be prepared for some rain and be prepared also for some snow. some of the higher elevations behind that system it just kind of gets unsettled maybe a little wet ends of the bay area by sunday and things kind of just a sticking around with an unsettled pattern looks like over the next couple days so tomorrow, we'll catch a little bit of a break in a any chance of rain i think it should be mostly dry. temperatures should return or return closer to normal a lot of 60's and 70's and then the next couple days here you go. more unsettled weather for your for the weekend. thank you lord, thank you for being with us tonight. >>we'll see you tonight at 8 o'clock.
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did cops blow the kidnapped girl investigation. >> my daughter just got kidnapped. help me. >> how did the accused kidnapper hide the girl in a room like this, even as cops searched the room? and women traveling alone. >> i'm kind of new at the solo travel. >> acts of violence are on the rise. how to protect yourself when you're all alone on vacation. and the hidden critters, lurking in your bed. >> it's crawling. >> i don't think you're going to find any creepy crawlers in my house. >> we'll see about that. >> oh


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