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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  May 22, 2019 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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♪ tonight -- brad pitt plus leo dicaprio equals a hey jar commission in cannes. >> their star-studded new movie. >> it's official. >> how co-star luke perry left them speechless zblrjts plus a big first for brad. johnny depp's new divorce drama. his bombshell allegation against ex-amber heard. and we're with sophie turner, her message to "game of thrones" fans who hated the finale. plus -- what you didn't see during celine's epic carpool karaoke. her idea that got shut down. >> it was not impossible.
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how many kevins does it take to give a puppy a bath? how it quickly went the dogs. >> hold the dog. "entertainment tonight." brad pitt and leonardo dicaprio making history at cannes. >> i was there just four days ago with elton john. the hype for that was through the roof. the star-studded premiere of "once upon a time in hollywood" it went to another level. brad hits the red carpet first, blowing a kiss like the old-school movie star. sunglasses and the slick-back hair. the 55-year-old actor was joined by leo dicaprio and margot robbie, the trio posing with the director. the last time brad walked the red carpet in cannes was 2012.
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busy trying to shut down wedding rumors. >> we have no date. and we actually really truly have no date. >> well, a lot has happened since then. brad and angie recently became single last month. a source tells "e.t." quote, there's no more drama. all of the dust has settled. our source adds, the couple is focused on what's best for their children just hours before their photo call, the movie's official trailer dropped. >> it's official, old buddy. >> that's brad shirtless, he plays leo's stunt double as they struggle with hollywood in the late '60s. brad add-libs this line based on real life. >> hey, you're [ bleep ]. don't you forget it. >> brad tells esquire he was at a low set in the mid-1990s and told him, quit your whining. our first look at luke perry in
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"once upon a time in hollywood" which opens july 26th. the movie was the actor's last before he passed away from a stroke in march. leo and brad told esquire they were a little starstruck around luke perry. an icon of coolness. leo add another role. dicaprio is a devoted instagram boyfriend. spotted on the french rivera p taking photos of his girlfriend. back to movie for a second, it doesn't hitd theaters until the end of july. quentin tarantino asked the audience who saw the film at cannes not to reveal anything about the movie. well, one person who's refusing to stay quiet any
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longer. he's breaking his silence on his ex-amber heard. >> one time johnny was hitting me and he was hitting me hard and repeatedly. and i was screaming. >> that's heard 2016 divorce deposition claiming to be a victim of domestic violence. in documents filed yesterday, johnny now alleges that amber once quote walked into court to obtain a temporary restraining order with painted-on bruises. . the new declaration is posted of a defamation lawsuit against heard. enthough the former couple settled their divorce in 2016 for $7 million, agreed not to discuss it publicly, am before heard wrote an op-ed last year in the washington post. this year, depp sued her but amber fired back. releasing more than 400 pages of disturbing claims. depp continues to deny abusing
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her. he said, quote, she frequently threw objects into my head. he also said, quote, i contracted mrsa three times. i foord that i would lose my finger, my arm and my life. >> have you ever hit johnny depp? >> i don't know what i did. i acted defensively. >> heard's lawyer has denied depp's allegations. >> i don't know if we'll ever get the real truth from this situation. let's move on to the nonstop backlash over sunday's "game of thrones" finale. you know, over 19 million people watched. but apparently there was a large portion of that audience who hated how the show ended. now the stars have a message for all you hearts out there. starting with the queen of the north, sophie turner. >> she never wanted that iron
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throne. she never wanted to rule over that many people. >> one word -- disrespectful. that's what she's calling the 1.4 million haters asking for a season finale re-do. >> watching the finish of "game of thrones" was most satisfying ending. >> sophie hasn't seen the final episode since she's promoting her new x-men movie. she posted th eed this from the. worked tirelessly over 10 years, 11 months shooting the last season. like 50-something night sessions. kit harrington saying, critics can go bleep themselves. while there have been haters, walter bottle and coffee cup, we do love this.
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we like the easter eggs. as for emilia clarke, she really wishes she stole something from the set. >> really annoyed. everyone else is like, we took stuff. >> i hope she took at will of things. of course, she's a part of tv history. tonight, we say good-bye to the boys at least for season 16. what does that mean for newest coach john legend. maybe he can focus on daughter luna's comedy career. >> luna on "snl." a hot topic today. >> live in new york, it's saturday night. >> funny like her mama? >> she really is. she has a lot of chrissy's personality. she knows she's funny. >> not always easy being a star kid. she had a meltdown when they had to face the new york paparazzi.
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son miles is john's mini-me and he just turned 1. >> we haven't done his party yet. we're going to do it this week. the forecast was rain. we were going to have a petting zoo and we held off. >> tonight on the voice's season finale, kpop sensation bts will perform. gwen's fashion sense is rubbing off, blake was really into sophie's outfit. >> i like this. summertime sun dress. it's a jump suit. >> gwen's teaching you. >> maybe not. coming up -- how some of the biggest names in hollywood -- >> kerry washington. will ferrell. >> are re-creating iconic episodes of all this the family and the jeffersons, live, for one night only. plus, how celine's carpool
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♪ ♪ listen, don't be shocked when katie mixon breaks into song on american housewife. they turned their finale into a musical. it makes sense because katie studied musical theater in college. >> i'm thrilled. >> we're excited for that. that airs tonight tomorrow on abc, please get ready for star-studded case of deja vu. two of the greatest sitcoms ever, all in the family and the jeffersons have been re-cast only for one night. >> it's the most excited i have
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ever been about anything i have ever done. we got an unbelievable cast. so much fun. we're going to do it live in primetime. >> the jefferson. >> reporter: i'm playing archie bunker in "all in the family." ♪ those were the days ♪ those were the days >> it was jimmy's idea to do the one-night only reboot using original scripts from back in the day. >> grew up watching the jeffersons show the true fans and maybe make some new ones. >> marisa tomei will play ar archie's wife. >> anthony anderson will play the jeffersons' uncle henry and the williss will be portrayed by kerry washington and will ferrell. >> does everyone know their lines? >> jimmy is producing along with
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original creator norman lear. >> i was talking to my friend justin theroux. like, they do these live musicals on television, why not take a television show and do it live. here we are. >> think you're dead for the neck up. >> all in the family won 22 emmys and both shows were found groundbreaking. >> these shows are even more relevant now than they were. >> amen. can't wait to hear those theme songs and watch those shows. the cast alone is reason enough to watch. by the way, elie kemper is playing gloria. all right, still ahead -- celine dion, why her carpool karaoke was years in the making. >> are you excited in. and bachelorette hannah b. is here with more on the
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bottle. will smith and james corden shooting cordon's signature crosswalk outside his l.a. studio. last night it was about celine dion's carpool karaoke debut. we start with celine's alternate ending. ♪ >> whose idea was that to re-create iconic titanic pose. >> james for sure. and his crew. ♪ my heart will go on >> we never thought she would say yes to it. >> wanted to push it a little farther. but of course it was not possible. >> so how did celine want to take this epic journey to next level? well, according to aource close to production, quote, celine wanted to jump off the boat into the bellagio hotel lake.
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just the tip of the iceberg of what our source says was the most ambitious carpool karaoke ever. >> are you excited for this ♪ i'm so excited and i just can't hide it ♪ ♪ i drove all night >> you really have a song for every moment. >> oh, "e.t." has known about celine for decade and how good are you feeling now the ♪ i feel good ♪ stayin' alive >> back to vegas, they only have two hours to three hours to shoot everybody. >> you know this song "baby shark." ♪ baby shark baby shark >> celine was up for anything. even the bonus scene that didn't air, when james filled up the gas tank ♪ all by myself >> she was asked to do the
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original carpool karaoke but she turned it down because her husband was ill at the time. >> i love that celine was so game to play. >> she was magical. can we talk about kevin hart? he's back as the voice of snowball in the secret life of pets 2. kev bonded with the pet world? >> yeah, not so much. >> yeah, tell that to the dog we were trying to give a birth. >> hey, little dog. >> hold on. >> okay, all right. >> what's the dog's name. >> zoey. >> kevin, i need your help here. >> kev's not exactly what you'd call an animal lover. but the dog wasn't too thrilled
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to be there either. >> no you got to wrap the dog. you got a good bath. >> but furry friends are all over kevin's new movie, he's reprising his role as snowball the bunny. >> i'm doing superhero stuff. >> your character goes -- >> the reason my character is softer than he was in the first movie he found love. love breaks them down and lets emotions take over. >> tiffany haddish is the newest addition to this cast. explains what pets are really up to when their owners are gone. >> but back to zoey, we had to get her dried out before she headed back to the shelter where she's up for adoption. >> do you have pets? >> no. >> you got one now. >> zoey misses you --
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>> i noticed that kevin hart never touched the dog. >> thank you. for pointing that out. >> one of us worked and one of us didn't. now to bachelorette hannah b. one guy has already declared his love for her, after 24 hours. our lauren zima was with hannah b. today. luke p. said he was started to fall in love with you. >> i was like, oh, my gosh, he's saying it. he said it. at the end of the night, i started questioning it a little bit, too. >> everything i'm telling you is 100% real. >> shirtless moment last night, too. >> oh, yeah, that. >> oh, yeah that. >> sorry, dad. >> luke's declaration of love isn't the only unfolding this season.
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hannah b. it appears was sex-shamed on her own show. >> it seems like he felt judged or shamed. like, regardless of anything that i have done, that people might think, oh, well, that deserves a scarlet letter. that's not how it works. nobody's going to be judging me. i'm going to speak my mind. >> chris harrison said he wasn't sure if this season would end in proposal. >> well, look, i was in a pain in the butt to deal with and i had lot of breakdowns and it was, yeah, it was a really hard time. >> drama. drama. >> that's not good. >> coming up, our blash-ish exclusive. anthony anderson's directorial
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debut and how his tv family is not making it easy for him. ♪
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provided by -- tomorrow on "e.t." -- >> fun to do that. >> will smith steps on hollywood
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boulevard. we're with will smith at t big aladdin premiere. and we're with the agt judges. tomorrow on "e.t.." we're going to leave you now with a behind the scenes look at tonight's season finale of black-ish on abc. >> anthony anderson is directing the show for the first time you'd think the cast members would take it easy on him? >> not so much. >> action! the first time i have known my lines and everyone else's lines. >> tell us what to do and we're like -- >> nothing wrong with taking these shots. good for you, son. >> were you nervous at all is this. >> i'm not going to lie, i was a little nervous. >> yeah. >> and you know, i didn't want to mess up our brand. >> and this is the finale? >> well, maybe.
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