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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  May 22, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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>>and thank you for joining us on the crime morning news. it is wednesday may 22nd 2019 i'm robin winston we have to get a check of the forecast because we've had lots of unstable weather. so do we get more rain or are we getting a break. let's check in with john tribal good morning to you. >>well robin i think i got news that you're going to like to hear this morning. the break is here and it's going to last for a little bit this time around. golden gate bridge looking nice this morning, no fog no rain. no cloud cover just a nice com start to the day something that's nice to say after such an active weather pattern over
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the past couple of weeks looking at satellite radar there are a couple of sprinkles lingering around down in the south bay as wells up and down the peninsula just a couple of spots where you may run into a drop or 2 on your windshield besides this future cast a shown that skies are only going to clear and dry for much of the day today around 08:30am you can still be looking at just a touch of sprinkle activity down in the south bay later on today, plenty of sunshine. so that you will be enjoying i'm sure that's something we're going to see more of into thursday friday and even into the weekend too so this forecast ahead of us definitely looking at a nice break from what we had been seeing what child was more rain than we typically get for this time of year, your current temperatures will there in a range of 50's this is around the same as it was yesterday at this time open europe, 56 conquered a 53 berkeley, a 52. like you can see here really not a big difference napa one of our cool downs from yesterday down 4 degrees from the same time 24 hours ago when still a factor but not as breezy as
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yesterday was and unlike yesterday they're actually going to calm a little bit into the afternoon you remember yesterday. it was a very breezy afternoon along with those showers that continue to push across the bay area, 60's and 70's for today's daytime highs. a nice one with plenty of sunshine overhead. definitely just the start of a forecast that i think you're going to enjoy a lot more than what we had been seeing i've got the rest of your forecast still to come robin checking in on traffic. it's a lot easier to get to work without heavy rain in doubt for so. >>no major issues this morning co has a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza for those of you who have to use 80 west, it's looking good right, no delays no hot spots, no problems across the upper deck and it's moving well continuing right through downtown san francisco. we're checking in on 92 and it's already getting busy. we are looking at the drive out of hayward heading west to the peninsula that's on the right hand side that's your commute direction. so far traffic is moving well you're averaging 13 minutes to pack
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up and roll west and make it over to one on one. here's west 5.82 the return center fell bridge. we don't have any big trouble spot here why open 8 minutes from the pa gates out to highway one on one. let's check in on the golden gate, 21 looks good both directions. no problems so far smooth 19 minutes nevado to the toll plaza oh i do want to mention that we do have some high wind advisories for bridges. there's one for the bay bridge for the double garden bridge and the san mateo bridge as well so watch your speed just a little breezy on our bridges so make sure you are driving and reduced speed. >>san francisco's police chief is firing back after receiving national backlash after the department raided the home of freelance journalist, bryan carmody so the chief believes that car money is possibly a co-conspirator in the theft of public defender jeff adachi is death report. you may remember dot she died back in february. the death report said dot she collapsed in the presence of a woman who's not his wife. it
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was later found out that he had cocaine and alcohol in his system carmody has not given up his source for the information but officers brought sledgehammers to get inside his home in san francisco. >>we are investigating whether this sfpd employees conspired with mr. carmody still the confidential report and financially profit from it they believe that. the report across the line we believe that. what took a part in this and this act to end this criminal activity. >>freedom of speech advocates say that the raid did indeed cross the line the death report also found. cheese and healthy heart contributed to his death. congestion in san francisco has gone from bad to much much worse over the last few years and many blame rideshare services like uber and lyft but now one city official things that attack taxing the service could solve the issue current force taylor psaki has details. >>i think it makes sense. aaron cisco's already such an
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expensive city to live in and to work and and to commute in with the bridge tolls unit cost by all of those things over and left. >>so to add more costs to the passenger. i think that's vy unfair people in san francisco split on a proposal that would slap a tax on each of your uber and lyft fares. >>city supervisor, aaron peskin says this idea isn't anything new is not a san francisco for serve many other cities and states that do this portland oregon. >>chicago new york, the entire state of massachusetts peskin says the surcharge would help fix problems caused by rideshare programs encourage i see on hubers and this prize to help pay for some of the costs of the impacts that they have on society whether it's repaving. >>parking and traffic enforcement. stream safety improvements public transit operations and capital side. >>peskin says the plan is for 3.25 per cent surcharge on every fare dollar given the volume. >>of lyft and uber rides and that's worth about $30 million
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a year which can be used to mitigate some of the impacts from the congestion a pretty penny for the city pairs of traffic a little bit i think that might be a good thing, but others like brianna terrine t know who use lift multiple times a week. >>few the surcharge could add up how out. 3%. i mean that adds up especially if you are already wanting to tip the driver because they're good driver. >>peskin says uber and lyft are also on board with the idea and he's confident that the board will move the tax to the november ballot. now if it does move forward, san francisco be the first city in california to have the tax and san francisco taylor the psac ii kron 4 news. >>to the south and now hundreds of demonstrators in san jose joined other people in the bay area and across the nation to rally against recent abortion laws, advocates of the group called stop the bans rally just outside of san jose city hall yesterday. they carried signs calling for the protection of safe legal abortion bans on abortion have been making their way through state legislators stirs across
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the u s last week alabama's governor signed the strictest abortion law in the nation. it will make abortion illegal and almost all cases, including rape and incest it's just one of many bands prompting protest. >>making sure that plan parent and all of our clinics and our hospitals can keep their doors open to a full set of services reproductive health services is critical. >>supporters of the abortion bans are hoping to challenge the us supreme court's decision on roe v wade. well to the east bay now more police will be present at 2 schools through the end of the year following recent threats here is fully chagall with that story. >>class at diablo vista middle school went on as scheduled tuesday but not everyone showed up my pants and i should stay home the school's principal stating in a letter to the school community. she understands why some families chose to keep their kids home she shared the letter with parents after 2 students found a threatening message written on a stall in restroom near
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the multipurpose room monday afternoon. it read quote shooting tomorrow, my brother said specifically referencing this day time think it's fake but i don't know. is i don't know what it calls the danville police department assigned officers to the school tuesday. the me me feel better today. >>that they were here when you take all threats seriously and again. as as it pertains to this one we don't have any cooperating information too i believe that it's true i don't know it's just reality that we live >>the fears are everyday san ramon police have increased its presence at california high school as well and we'll continue to do so through the end of the year. >>this month alone on 4 separate occasions, threatening graffiti alluding to a shooting was found on that campus certainly the situations are very challenging. >>and very seriously. but we also understand there nature copy cat related to graffiti
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the school district says for students at cal high have been disciplined for their roles in the threatening graffiti found on campus earlier this month. >>so far it's unclear who's responsible for this latest incident. diablo just a middle school in danville fleetwood all kn 4 news. >>police in san francisco found human remains while searching for a missing person. the remains were found monday in the 100 block of del monte street. there are suspicious circumstances surrounding this death and police. have not been able to identify the remains so far they are working with the fbi on this case. well, san francisco man is facing over a year in prison after admitting to his role in the college admissions bribery scheme. venter is pleaded guilty in a boston courtroom yesterday he agreed to pay $300,000 to reagan starters s a t scores, rick singer and opposing him is his daughter as a star polar, a polar recruit to usc
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with her face photoshop right on top of an athlete's body. and the us is one of 20 parents have been charged in the scheme. he could also have to pay in and $95,000 fine. well an incredible run has come to an and unfortunately the sharks just cannot overcome the tough st. louis offense. in game 6 of the nhl western conference finals. >>they didn't do so well they lost to the blues 5 one, which means their season is over we were rooting for the most starts heading into the game without erik karlsson thomas he wasn't there. joe pavelski know joe out of the day the blues take on the first goal and scored again before the sharks can even get it some or get on board. in the second stanza starts get their goal. but that's all good in the rest of the games lose close out the series in 6 and are back in the stanley cup final for the first time since 1970, it's been a while. we'll take on the boston bruins for the cup. coming up next on the cross for money. we'll take a
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look at a new real plan from governor newson. and there could soon be new rules as for electric bikes and scooters in california. we'll have those details coming up next. before we go a little peek outside one check in on 92 hot spot free but no major issues to report and just a reminder kron four is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day with no commercials. the new services call kron on you can get caught up on the latest breaking news weather traffic. any time of the day. you want to check it out this is a chronic tva to start watching right now.
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>>to the crawford morning news. we could sure use a break in the rain it's good for the environment, good for the pollen but i'm just ready for sunshine, warmer temperatures. i know i'm not alone oh no definitely >>i do think a lot of people are ready for some nicer weather finally after this historically what may for many parts of the bay area and not
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just the bay area but state in general we are definitely on all in the same boat. everyone's looking forward to a little bit of sunshine and that's something we do have in your forecast for the day today, some talk and some good weather today, clear shot of the golden gate bridge from suture tower this morning. this who does want to load have to time but there we came through for us and has a right here also looking very clear and dry this morning and also looking down at a east bay from berkeley right here at some of the city lights in clear view right here as for current conditions across the bay most of us are nice and dry, but there are a couple of spots we've got to focus on there are so dry yet the first of all being the south bay with san jose down and eventually through 7 trees and evergreen you are seeing some light to moderate showers holding on as they have throughout the course of the evening making for some wet roadways down there happen bayat elder not along highway, one also just looking at some light showers this morning shower are going to continue to move out of the viewing
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area through the morning and by the time we work into the afternoon. it's all that sunshine we've been waiting for something we're going to see more of into tomorrow and even more yet on into friday and the start of the weekend. so really. good next couple of days ahead of us, nice chance to get back outside and enjoy. and while no rain to worry about at least for a couple of days ahead, 60's and 70's for your daytime highs across the bay area this is warmer than yesterday when as you remember we were in the low 60's for a lot of areas as for your daytime highs the next couple of days will continue to be quite warm into the mid 70's tomorrow for some of our inland areas. you will be looking at the chance of a few showers on saturday. but besides that what we've got is a nice dry forecast ahead of us all the way through memorial day on monday. robin that sounds good. thank you john. >>all right, let's check in on traffic your morning commute starting off with a look at one to one across the golden gate. you're in good shape. so far we haven't had any
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problems leaving the north bay rolling south to san francisco. so it's a great time too come on and since it's quite an hot spot free. it's only 20 minutes to make your way nevado to the tolls hnre's the bay bridge 80 west in san francisco and there's a steady flow of traffic so folks are coming in the early birds at that you do now is a great time to do just that it's quiet and smooth across the upper deck and we're only at 8 minutes to make your way to downtown san francisco. here's west 5.82. the return center fell bridge. no problems, no accidents and no role for to deal with this morning. 9 minutes and right on time to make it into the north bay. we're taking a peek at traffic tracker and some more freeways and drive times for you highway 4. usually one of our first freeways to start back backing up in the morning right now it's looking pretty good 16 minutes antioch to concord 6.80 looks good. pacheco wannacry danville alamo, san ramon, dublin, no problems continuing south. the nimitz in pretty good shape. so far rolling south as well and then from the south bay to the peninsula, one to one north is wide open. right now
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if you leave now you can make that trip in just under 30 minutes. a woman in sonoma county is accused of stabbing her boyfriend during a fight. this happened at a home on skaggs island road. the victim told police his girlfriend 40 yeao-old a daily a court has a stabbed him once in his left arm during an argument. the suspect left the home before deputies arrived, they were able to find her she was taken to the sonoma county jail. well, sacramento shares. he has been accused of sexual-abuse with a teenage boy, no charges have been filed in this case, but in the mean time. the deputy is off the job. the sheriff's office said it had to take swift action because of the severity of the allegations reporter jessica mintz has more. >>sacramento county sheriff's deputy shot a bishop is supposed to protect and serve. but now she's accused of doing just thepposite. the 5 year veteran of the force is facing allegations that she had sexually contact with a
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teenage boy. >>obviously our first responsibility in these is ensuring that a child is is safe when we have a report of this nature so that's that's our main concern which we have ensured at this point. >>the ship is on paid administrative leave as fulsome police investigate these allegations. the police department received a tip earlier this month that the alleged sexually contact had occurred at a home within fulsome city limits. no charges have yet been filed against bishop. so for the time being the department is not releasing what kind of sexually relationship may have gone on or how many instances may have occurred. >>it's not an easy thing for a family to navigate his way through and so in trying to ensure protection on that and and to keep the identity out of. >>bishop was working as a patrol deputy and volunteered with the sheriffs activity leak working with at-risk kids and teens. >>i know there have been some concerns of her involvement in the youth programs to the sheriff's department and what
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we are certain of at this point is that this does not correlate with that whatsoever that she says bishop did not meet the victim on the job and there's no reason to believe any sexually encounter occurred while bishop was on duty. >>the sheriff's office says it cannot comment on the criminal investigation. but as bishop will remain off the job, at least until the decision is made on whether to file charges. >>we will handle things administratively as appropriate depending on. >>well that was just to commit reporting false and police say they are still investigating and that could take some time will then send their findings to the district attorney who will decide whether to press charges. >>the new rules for electric bikes and scooters in california a bill passed in the state assembly yesterday. >>that will require companies to get permits from city's businesses like bird and and spend have deployed scooters to cities across the bay area in recent years aside from san
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francisco, local governments have not set up. it's and ran or regulations for those devices. the bill in the state would also require companies to agree to rules for parking and now goes to the senate. california has taken another step in allowing the creation of special banks for legal marijuana retailers. the state senate passed a bill to create cannabis limited charter banks and credit unions. the banks can accept cash deposits as well as issue special checks that kind of us retailers could then use to pay taxes rent or vendors. although marijuana is legal in california is still illegal under federal law which means most traditional banks just won't handle that money from the state's legal weed businesses. well take a look at this a crazy scene as a woman led police on a chase in southern california. yeah in a stolen rv she smashed into about 6 car. she hit a tree and san fernando valley and then at one point there's a dog in the car with or the dog
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is like hanging a sits in the driver's lap and then sort of hanging out of the window of the rv it tumbled out, but is expected to be okay 3 people were taken to the hospital with just minor injuries. a driver suspected of dui. governor has a new plan to help with the state's home. this issue. we'll take a look at the new tom. >>how about a little peek outside want to check in on the golden gate there you go traffic looks great both directions, we'll have a check of traffic weather and the hollywood minute coming up in just a bi
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>>to become for morning news thanks for waking up with us, we have plenty of movie news today, including a pair of hot new trailers, here's david daniel with the hollywood minute. >>the ballots know many that. >>i did read the 7 billion mark. the first full trailer for the downturn abbey movie has dropped with plenty of familiar faces and the promise of a pair of newcomers to the castle, the king and queen of coming to count. the royal visit and the big screen reunion of the much loved cast of the award-winning tv series debuts september 20th. the new trailer for quentin tarantino's once upon a time in hollywood shows us plenty of vintage tinseltown locales plus stars leonardo dicaprio brad pitt margot robbie and
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alpa chino the movie opens july 26 2 it broke the rules. john wick chapter 3 parabellum had a million opening weekend so get ready for chapter 4 ons gate wasted no time announcing may 21st 2021 as the release date of the 4th installment and the hyper violent hitman saga starring keanu reeves he's going to need even more guns in hollywood, i'm david dan. >>want to take a little peek outside before we go we're checking in on the bay bridge traffic looks pretty good. there is just a minor weight in some of your cash flames, you can handle that we'll be back with more traffic and weather after the break stay weather after the break stay we see two travelers so at a comfort innal with a glow around them, so people watching will be like, "wow, maybe i'll glow too if i book direct at". who glows? just say, badda book. badda boom. book now at
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>>welcome back to the crime for morning news. we're taking a little peek outside we're checking out the embarcadero right now in san francisco we've been dealing with so much rain around the bay area, it's nice little break and i was driving to work out you'll notice a little windy. we have a high wind advisory for the bay bridge, let's check in with john and see what's in store what we are looking at a windy start to the morning at much drier i think that's the key word that were ahead of us of these for a few days so a good one to get back outside not worrying so much about the umbrellas per se. >>but yeah, maybe he put the jacket on hand with the as you are getting out there. here's your look outside at berkeley right now a nice start to the morning compared to where we
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had been looking across the bay area on satellite and radar you do see a few showers lingering just south of san jose and then just a couple of sprinkles around half moon bay. overall it's a much calmer picture across the bay area than what we did have for yesterday seeing future cast. you can see those showers that we do have even lingering for the south bay really clearing out to the course here morning for the rest of the day today do expect some abundantly sunny conditions and temperatures that are going to be warmer than yesterday's now we are looking at can dues conditions this morning definitely on the cool side of things with current temperatures in the 50's. you do have a bit of a breeze out there too so keep the jackets with you like i said don't worry so much about the umbrellas just get those jackets ready to go as you're getting outside with temperatures in napa even cooler than they were yesterday down 4 degrees, san francisco happen been less noticeable difference but still even touch cooler than yesterday winds are still breezy this morning though come down at times today but you can expect a breezy one even into


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